Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Good Spanking - The Three S's

Andrea started the ball rolling, which seeing as this is her blog seems reasonable, but then she asked me to write the second proper post in this little initiative.

In case your memories have failed you:

Yes, it's me Gabrielle Kennedy or as I prefer Aunty Gabrielle.

Andrea calls the three stages of a spanking the 3 C's. I've always preferred the term the 3 S's. I think that gets the heart of the matter better. One of the respondents on the introduction even mentioned two of my S words.

It begins with this:

Yes, it's a good scolding. Scolding and spanking go hand in hand. It's an absolute must. A good scolding can have your naughty little one in tears before you even bare their bottom or get them over the lap. I don't think the three girls in the image from Triple A are taking it very seriously, hopefully once they're under the paddle or over the lap they'll think about things a little more.

When to scold is also an interesting question. I prefer to do it directly before the spanking. Some people like to scold when the spankee is undressed others prefer to do it before baring the bottom. That's a matter of personal preference. Sometimes if you're already bare you tend to concentrate on that more than the words being spoken however. I don't personally favour scolding during the spanking. Andrea likes it, though. If you scold while the spanking is in progress you often have to raise your voice to be heard over the sounds hand/implement meeting bottom and the yells of the naughty one over your lap or bent over for their paddling. I find this cuts down on the effectiveness. Some like to pause the spanking to lecture, but by doing that the spankee often concentrates on the rest they get and can actually try to prolong that, so are not taking in the impact of the telling off they're getting.

Now we get to the:

Yes, the spanking! Both of these are in my favourite otk position and they're both using an implement, which to me means that the bottom has already been warmed by hand. I am in complete agreement with the young woman in the top image. Tears during a spanking are a very good thing. Nothing at all wrong with a good hard cry.

To me the actual spanking generally contains two parts to it. Firstly the warm up which is by hand and then the implement. I prefer Mama Mahogany my old hairbrush, but I'm not at all averse to a good leather strap or a freshly cut and prepared switch. Seegee's stories may have mentioned that when it comes to switching I am regarded as the shop's resident expert. I never knew those switchings I got from my mother would teach me such a valuable lesson and a fast disappearing skill. By the end of the spanking what you want is a tear stained face and a glowing red behind.

Those are the sort of results I'm talking about.

Once the spanking is over, the dance has been done, the corner time is over, the tears have abated a little and the snotty nose has been wiped, then comes the final part of any good discipline session.

The wonderful JPC has provided us with one of his incredibly cute and elegant images to illustrate my point, but the above poster is absolutely perfect. After any good spanking some soothing is in order. That may take one of the suggestions in the poster or a combination. Anyone I spank ALWAYS gets a cuddle after. Depending on how I feel, who it is and what they've done lotion may be applied. Kimberley's a great one for lotion afterwards. Andrea likes to give her clients a nice hot drink.

I hope you've enjoyed my musings on this subject. I wonder if we can coax a few words out of Kimberley next time.


  1. Nice to have another POV here. You and Andrea's styles are certainly different, but still get the same results. Perhaps the comforting after is more of a product of your having children of your own and a desire to show how much you love them even if it's been necessary to discipline them soundly. I'm certainly an admirer of your work and of yours personally. Nice article and I agree with all your principals and methods, if that makes any difference to you.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. FIRST!... ;-)


    1. Gabrielle and I both appreciate the comment, Phil. We do have contrasting styles and I think in part that is what makes us good at what we do.

    2. Well, Aunty, you are both certainly formidable spankers that leave a lasting impression (pun intended) on many naughty bottoms.

      I don't know if your attractiveness would make it better or worse for someone to get a spanking from either of you. I imagine for males, at least older ones (adults) it might make it worse...


    3. Thank you Phil. Maybe knowing that after the spanking they receive some comfort from a caring and competent lady helps to make it a little easier to accept.

  2. I love the care and comfort, simply the best when your bottom has been set on fire, great post from a terrific and loving lady. Well done.

  3. Great information!

    Are you going to collect these in an instruction manual?

    Will target areas be discussed?

    Does it really hurt more on a wet bottom? I wouldn't know, I've never been worth this much of any lady's time or effort, yet.

  4. Gabrielle -

    How nice to have your input! Scolding is certainly a topic that could fill at least one psychology text but I'm sure that even a little bit of experience goes a long way and there are few evasion and rationalizations that you and Andrea haven't already heard. A bit intimidating to think of either of you ready with a response that indicates even more trouble!

    I wanted to ask – have you ever had a situation where you were well into a spanking and felt that your spankee still completely disagreed with you on the error of his or her ways or was merely trying to wait – in a state of great discomfort - for the spanking to be over?

    Phil, I'm not sure that being chastised by an attractive woman – in some aspects more enjoyable – would be any more intimidating or embarrassing. I think the strength of character that Andrea and Gabrielle exhibit is what provides this reaction and a less attractive woman could also do so. To be told in no uncertain terms what is right and what is wrong and what will be done about it is probably all it takes!

    What I am wondering is whether I would be more embarrassed to be punished by a married woman or a single one – assuming I'm not attached to either. In that case attractiveness might become a factor.