Sunday, 1 December 2013

December Update from Kimberley Susan

December! How did that happen? I nearly passed out from surprise when I came in to work today, flipped my desk calendar over to Monday and realised that it was December. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and when I get a free moment or two today (ha!) I'll have to start Christmassing up the shop.

Before doing anything else I have some advertising Aunty wanted me to do for her.

Our friends over at the Library of Spanking Fiction have been busy and put together more Christmas spanking themed anthologies than you can shake a candy cane at. Along with all the other wonderful stories contained within there are contributions by the Spank Shop's very own Seegee (under the pen name of Frank Limadere) and Phil (who often comments here).

Here's some information from the editorial team at LSF as well as a link to purchase one or all of them:

LSF Publications have released seven brand spanking new volumes of
Christmas spanking stories. With a total of 222,500 words, there is
something for everyone ... there are 5 M/F books, 1 F/F and 1 F/M. So
stuff your Christmas stockings with the following titles:
The Best Christmas Present Ever (M/F)
Blue Christmas (M/F)
One Last Christmas (M/F)
The Christmas Sprit (M/F)
Christmas at Woodbridge Manor (M/F)
Christmas Spanking F/F Femdom Tales
Christmas Spanking F/M Femdom Tales

All titles are professionally produced and very reasonably priced.
They can be bought from LSF Publications or Amazon. Further details,
including links to all the Amazon marketplaces are available here:

Seegee's contributions are in these two volumes:

Aunty also wanted it noted that one of the stories has never been seen anywhere else, not even here!

Great stocking stuffers!

We'll have a new Spank Shop story as well this month, too. Not Christmas themed though :(. I must get Aunty to speak to the author about that.

Aunty has also been toying with the idea of putting together a Spanking Primer with illustrations and text and devoting the occasional blog post to it. Sort of a Spanking for Dummies. She has a bit more time at present, so hopefully that will come about. I'll also write for it and we may even be able to convince Mummy to help out there.

Hopefully my boyfriend Evan's letter to Santa is like this:

Yes, I'm not totally nice and a little bit naughty.

If I don't see you all before the man in the bright red suit makes his way down the chimney, have a happy and healthy Christmas.

Kimberley Susan



  1. A lot to look forward to this Christmas. And another Spank Shop story too! Can't wait!

    My Christmas story is in the same F/F Femdom ebook that Seegee's is in. It's called "Maddie's Christmas Surprise" and I'm credited as "Philip Bogart", which seemed to be a nice nom de plume.

    Also can't wait for the "Spanking Primer". Sounds very interesting. I hope there's lots of pictures (I'm a simple guy... ;-)).


  2. Thank you my dear, I will look into getting my hands on these stories, thank you for the referral qnd yes "primer" sounds terrific.

  3. Thank you both and congratulations Phil for getting a story in the anthology. We three ladies here have our heads together trying to work out this 'primer' idea now.