Tuesday, 10 December 2013

'The Spank Shop 40 - Jason and Kelly'

Forty? Oh my goodness! This is the 40th Spank Shop tale. Who knew it would last so long? Another bottom blistering episode of the humble little shop for you all to enjoy.

Kelly performs over Aunty's lap.

From Dreams of Spanking. Jason clearly doesn't appreciate his spanking apron.

Jason does the overlap crawl under the butter pat.

Kelly has just met the tawse. I don't think she enjoyed it very much.

“You really don’t think they overreacted?” the attractive blonde girl said to her tall dark haired male companion as she pushed open the door to the rather innocuous looking shop and stepped inside.

The young man was about to reply, but was stopped by the merry tingling of the bell above the door and the bright greeting from the shop’s stunning blonde receptionist. “Good afternoon! Welcome to the Sp….Oh it’s you Jason, and that must be Kelly with you.”

“Hi Kim,” Jason said, offering the girl a rather sickly smile.

Kimberley Kennedy’s lips pursed briefly, then she reminded the newcomers, “Because you’re both here for punishment I’ll have to insist on you using Miss Kimberley or ma’am unless Aunty Andrea says otherwise.”

“Oh yeah, sorry Ki…I mean Miss Kimberley,” Jason corrected himself.

Kelly turned shocked light blue eyes on Jason.

“Just go with it,” he muttered to his workmate.

“As you’re both first timers,” Kimberley went on, holding out clipboards with paper and pens attached. “There’s some paperwork to fill in. Miss Andrea is just finishing up with a client. By the time you’ve done that she should be ready for you both.”

Jason accepted the clipboards and gave one to Kelly.

Kimberley motioned at two empty seats by the fireplace, which had a small fire burning in it to ward off the unexpected early spring chill in the air.

Kelly sat down slowly and stared with wide eyes around the room. There were softly sobbing people, wearing neck to knee aprons displaying bright red bottoms standing in each of the room’s four corners.

As Jason turned to sit and fill in his forms, Kimberley motioned to him and whispered, “Kelly’s a little overwhelmed, isn’t she?”

“Uhhh…just a bit I think, Ki…ma’am.”

Kimberley nodded, her obsessively cared for shining golden locks shining as the light caught it. “I’ll let Miss Andrea know before you go in.”

“Jason,” Kelly hissed at him as he sat down next to her. “This can’t be real. Please tell me I’m dreaming.”

Jason had to hide a smile. Kelly was normally so composed and rarely lost for words. He couldn’t say he was happy to be here, but he’d never thought anything could shake Kelly like this, not even a visit to Clarkstown’s famed and feared Spank Shop.

As he scanned the form in front of him and started to fill it in, Jason said, “You knew about the place when you moved back here after college to work.”

“Yeah, but knowing about it and actually seeing it are two different things,” the girl said then jumped as they heard a loud bang from another room and a full- throated female howl.

Kimberley watched the quartet of glowing bottoms in the corner flinch at the noise and sighed, “One of these days I’m sure Belinda is going to shatter the windows in Aunty’s parlour.”

Kelly’s hands shook so badly that Jason had to help her out with filling in the form. “Do you think if I apologise they’ll forget about this?” she asked in a soft voice.

Jason shook his head. “Probably not. They’ll fire you. We got reported by Mr Kennedy. That’s Kimberley’s Dad you know?”

“Oh awesome!” Kelly muttered sarcastically.

“At least it doesn’t sound like we’re going to get Mrs Kennedy,” Jason sighed as he signed his form.

“Wait,” Kelly said. “His wife works here too?”

Jason nodded.

“Why would she be so bad?”

“Have you ever met Mrs Kennedy?”

Kelly shrugged. “Mum has, I’ve seen her when she’s come to see her husband at the office.”

“Would you want to be spanked by her?”

“I don’t want to be spanked by anyone!”

“She’s just different,” Jason said, his face colouring.

Kelly examined her work mate. “Are you scared of her?”

“No!” Jason tried to deny it, shifting in his seat.

“Yes, you are!” the girl accused, regaining some of her usual sass.

“She spanks hard,” Jason admitted, dropping his head.

“She spanked you?”

Jason nodded, his thick dark eyebrows drawing together in a frown. “It was a church picnic. I was a kid.”

“Every time someone from here tells me stories about this place I am so glad I didn’t actually live here, just came for the occasional visit during school holidays.”

“It’s a nice enough place,” Jason defended his hometown. “We just do things a little differently.”

“You two done with the forms?” Kimberley asked, judging that if they were talking they must have finished.

Jason nodded and was mirrored by Kelly.

Kimberley came out from behind her desk and held her hands out for the clipboards. “I’ll just take these through to Aunty.”

As Kimberley disappeared behind a shut door, from which Jason and Kelly noted the bloodcurdling noises from earlier had seemed to emanate, Kelly asked, “Why does she keep calling her boss Aunty? Is this a whole family business?”

Jason laughed. “No. Everyone calls her Aunty Andrea, she just has that sort of vibe about her.”

“I’m not going to call her Aunty,” Kelly vowed.

Jason shrugged. He’d been brought up to call older family friends aunty and uncle, so it was no big deal for him. He knew people who had attended The Spank Shop, though. Some of them had made the same promise that Kelly had just voiced and they said that they had wound up calling her Aunty Andrea at some point during the session, though.

The door opened again and Kimberley breezed out. “Miss Andrea won’t be too long,” she told Jason and Kelly. “Would either of you like a glass of water or something? Just to settle the nerves.” Her eyes were fixed on Kelly.

The girl licked her lips and said in a small nervous voice, “Could I please, Miss?”

Kimberley nodded. “Of course. Jason?”

Jason frowned, come to think of it he was kind of parched. That usually happened to him before he was called up to the principal for a carpeting at school. Most of his spankings had been quick affairs that he didn’t have to wait around for like this one. “Yes, please Miss Kimberley,” he said.

“No problem, I’ll be back in a jiffy. Can you just make sure no one in a corner moves and let me know if they do and I’ll reheat their posteriors for them.”

There were sighs from two of the corners as Kimberley went to the kitchen for Jason and Kelly’s water and one of the girls shuffled her feet in a vain attempt to relieve the burning sting that Kimberley’s mother Gabrielle had expertly implanted in her pert hind end.

Kimberley came out again and handed two glasses of clear cold water to Jason and Kelly. Kelly accepted the glass and gulped at it greedily. She wasn’t all that thirsty, but it gave her something to do with her hands and took her mind off those corners filled with freshly spanked bottoms.

The door to Andrea’s parlour opened and a college aged girl appeared in it. Her soft brown hair hung around her face and there was evidence that she had been crying. Her hands were clamped to the seat of her tight skirt and she minced over to Kimberley’s desk.

“I don’t want to see you here for at least another month Belinda Anne,” a soft cultured voice drawled from inside the room.

“Yes Aunty Andrea, ma’am,” Belinda whimpered and approached the receptionist.

“It’s okay, honey,” Kimberley told the sorority girl. “Ms Stormwood already paid for you. She said that it would be taken out of your allowance. Your Mum will probably have a ‘chat’ about today when you go home for the holidays.”

“Oh wonderful,” Belinda sighed, feeling the fires in her bottom rekindle at the mention of her sorority’s strict housemother and the promised discussion with her mother. A discussion that would more than likely involve significant participation from the sorority paddle that belonged to the girl’s mother from her own college days.

Kimberley smiled and held a sheet out to Belinda. “I just need your autograph on this, so I can put it in your file.”

Shifting her weight uncomfortably and knowing that she was going to eat her supper tonight standing up and spend a few evenings sleeping on her stomach, Belinda took the pen Kimberley held out to her and scrawled her signature on the punishment sheet. The blonde receptionist waved goodbye to Belinda’s departing back and said to Jason and Kelly, “You two can go in.”

Jason stepped up to enter the parlour and Kelly hesitated. “She won’t bite, I promise,” Kimberley said encouragingly to the concerned blonde. “It hurts, but it’s all over and done with quickly and you really do feel much better afterwards.”

Kelly gave the girl a skeptical look, but followed Jason into the parlour.


“Close the door behind you, dear,” the tall willowy woman with the chestnut hair seated in an armchair by the small fireplace, which had a cheerful and fragrant blaze kindled in it, requested.

Kelly did as asked, and although the door shut with a gentle click it sounded like the knell of doom to the blonde.

One of her workmates, who had attended the Spank Shop, although not for a work related offence, had tried to word her up about the place. Kelly found this welcoming, cozy parlour completely at odds with her friend’s story. That was when she saw the sorority paddle laying on the coffee table near Andrea’s chair and a hairbrush on an end table. A hairbrush was an innocuous household item, Kelly had more than one herself, but it just didn’t seem to fit in the parlour, plus the girl knew that Andrea didn’t just use them for brushing those luxurious chestnut locks.

“Take a seat please,” Andrea invited, gesturing at the empty couch.

Jason and Kelly looked at it and then exchanged glances.

“If I were you two,” Andrea said. “I’d get all the sitting you can done while you can still sit.”

Jason gulped and sat down quickly. Kelly let out a long steady breath and seated herself more elegantly, not taking her eyes from Andrea’s face.

Andrea lifted a steaming cup of tea to her lips and took a delicate sip. “Now what brings you here on this unseasonally cool afternoon?”

Kelly frowned. “Didn’t work tell you?”

“Yes, Kelly they did,” Andrea answered. “I like to hear my client’s side of things. It can alter your fate. Oh Kelly, sweetheart while you’re here I will have to insist on Miss, ma’am or Aunty. Respect doesn’t cost anything and I’ll let it pass this once.”

Kelly took in a breath and let it out slowly, saying, “Yes ma’am.”

Andrea hid a smile. She was defiant. It would be interesting to see if she remained that way once she had her bare bottom pointing at the ceiling and it was being thoroughly and competently reddened.

“You said it can alter our punishment, Aunty Andrea,” Jason said, a note of hope in his voice. “Does that mean if we tell a good enough story you won’t spank us?”

Andrea set her cup down and laughed, a deep throaty chuckle. “No, Jason, darling. Both you and Kelly WILL be spanked, but what you tell me about exactly why you find yourselves here may change how soundly you are spanked.”

All the colour drained from Kelly’s face. They’d been skirting around the issue up to now. Avoiding calling it spanking, but Andrea had just put the cards on the table and Kelly felt like she was going to wet herself, she suddenly regretted the glass of water.

“What did work say we did, Miss?” she asked in a weak voice.

“Well, it appears that you are rather fond of practical jokes Kelly,” Andrea said looking at the contents of a folder in her lap, one that had Kelly’s name lettered neatly on it. “On one occasion you arranged the contents on Jason’s drawer so that when he opened it, everything fell out.”

Kelly tried not to smirk at the memory and failed.

“You put salt instead of sugar in his coffee.”

Kelly fought not to laugh, but snorted a giggle as the image of Jason’s face when he sipped the coffee and tasted the salt in it.

“You put ink on his headset, so that when he took it off there was blacking all over his ear.”

Jason rolled his eyes and sighed. He had to admit that when it came to childish pranks in the workplace Kelly had it all over him.

“Is all of this true, Kelly?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kelly said with a nod.

“Given all of that are you really all that surprised that you’ve been sent here?”

Kelly dropped her eyes and studied the tops of her shoes. She was actually surprised to find herself here, but then again she was surprised that the shop existed at all. She sensed that the correct answer was no, so went with that and murmured, “No, ma’am.”

Andrea nodded, closed the girl’s folder and then turned those jade eyes on Jason. “Your turn, young man.”

Jason swallowed, licked his lips to moisten them and started to speak, “Miss, ma’am, Aunty Andrea,” he started, clearly nervous.

Andrea fought down laughter. Gabrielle had told her about the boy. He was nice enough, a little persistent and awkward, but he tried to behave, just made some bad choices. Kimberley’s opinion was that he was what she referred to as a ‘try hard’. It had something to do with him finding it hard to accept a girl saying no to him and trying harder and harder to impress them.  “Any one of those will do, sweetheart. Now why do you think work has sent you here to be spanked?”

“I…ummm…spend a bit of time mucking around.”

“That is one way of putting it,” Andrea said coolly, glancing at the records the local electricity company, Kelly and Jason’s employers had given her. “You’re a good worker, Jason. You establish a good rapport with the clients on the phone, yet despite having been there for some time you’ve never risen above your current junior position. Correct so far?”

“Ummm…yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“I…uhhh…like it where I am,” he ventured uncertainly.

“Well, that’s probably true,” Andrea agreed, flicking a lock of chestnut hair back behind her ear. “It may also have something to do with the fact that you have regularly been observed putting clients on hold or even transferring calls so that you can conduct conversations or tell silly jokes to others.”

Kelly smiled. That was very Jason. He usually did it to bother her, generally an attempt at asking her out.

“I’ve also got three complaints from work mates. Julie, Susannah and Caterina.”

Jason’s cheeks coloured. Julie was a friend, but yes he had pestered her for a bit before Kelly started working there. Susannah was his supervisor, he’d never asked her out, but he did make comments that he supposed she could take offence at and Caterina was in another section, but the two fenced verbally all the time and yes he probably had said something that was off colour on more than one occasion.

“Did you know that they’d complained about you?” Andrea asked.

Jason nodded. “Not in so many words, ma’am, but Sue….I mean Susannah threatened to once.”

“You’ve skated very close to the edge, young man. One more complaint like this and you’d probably be getting fired, not spanked.”

Kelly frowned. Jason could be a pain at times, but he was fun and he took her pranks in the spirit they had been intended. She was suddenly glad she hadn’t gone ahead and reported him for hassling her to go out with him. He kept asking, but he never got creepy about it and she was a little flattered that he tried so hard. Work would be a lot less fun without him there.

“It’s a combination of all of this that has landed you here,” Andrea said. “You managed to bounce a call from a client between yourselves and then at one stage you thought you had her on hold and she wasn’t, so heard your conversation.”

Two sets of cheeks flamed bright red. Both Kelly and Jason remembered that particular incident.

“Clearly you remember it,” Andrea continued. “What you failed to realize was that the lady you did that too was a friend of Gabrielle Kennedy, who is married to Bruce Kennedy, who as I am sure you know is in a senior management role at your company. She told her good friend, who reported it to her husband and here we find ourselves.”

“Is there another option, Miss?” Kelly asked gently.

“To what, Kelly?”

“Being sp…spanked ma’am,” the girl stammered.

“There is as a matter of fact,” Andrea said and Kelly immediately sat up straight and listened intently. “I can inform your employer of your refusal to accept correction and they can take action, which I think you have already been informed is termination of employment. I’m sure you were told that when you signed the permission slip for The Spank Shop.” Andrea located a form in Kelly’s folder and held it up.

Kelly looked at it, recognized her signature on the bottom and sighed, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Now, I think you’ve both delayed more than long enough and we need to get started. Kimberley tells me that you’re quite nervous about this, Kelly and Jason being a Clarkstown native is more of an old hand at being spanked, so we’ll send him to get into an apron and I’ll have a little chat with you about what is going to happen to see if we can set your mind at ease. A cup of hot sweet tea can often help to settle jangling nerves. Off you go Jason,” Andrea finished, waving her fingers at the boy.


Jason closed the door behind him and looked around at the changing room. It was like a bedroom, complete with the bed. He could see a wooden wardrobe on one wall and briefly wondered what it contained, before his attention was taken by another door opening, and Kimberley breezed in.

Ordinarily being alone in a room with Kimberley Kennedy would have made Jason nervous and he could feel butterflies in his stomach now, too, but for completely different reasons.

“Oh Aunty’s sent you in a little early,” the girl said, surprise in her voice. “I thought I’d have some time to pick out an apron for you. Have you been to the loo yet?”

Jason shook his head wordlessly.

“Well, why don’t you do that and I’ll see if I can find an apron for you?”

Jason was still speechless, so he nodded and made for the door that Kimberley had indicated was the bathroom.


“I bet that’s a relief,” Kimberley said as Jason exited the bathroom.

“Uhhh…yes,” he replied and then became aware that the girl was glaring at him.

“Jason,” Kimberley said in a stern voice. “I thought we covered this earlier. Am I going to have to pull down your trousers and spank you over my lap to reinforce the lesson?”

Jason’s brown eyes showed momentary confusion and then he remembered that while he was here for punishment he was supposed to call her Miss or ma’am. “Oh, I’m sorry Miss Kimberley.”

The little blonde was all smiles again after receiving what she regarded as proper respect from a client. “Much better. I hope you don’t forget it again, young man. Now I’ve picked out aprons for you and Kelly. What do you think?”

Jason’s eyes went to the two insubstantial garments the girl had laid out on the bed. They were both neck to knee aprons. One was predominantly blue with little red and gold Superman logos all over it.

“Is that mine, ma’am?” Jason asked putting his finger on it.

Kimberley nodded cheerfully. “I think it’s pretty cute. You’ll wish you really were Superman too, once Aunty Andrea goes to work on your bottom.”

Jason felt a shiver go down his spine and his bottom tingled uncontrollably. He wondered how far he would get if he bolted right now.

“Do you think Kelly will like this?” Kimberley asked, holding up the other apron, which was covered with pictures of Minnie Mouse.

Jason wondered about how to answer and not drop Kelly in it as he examined the apron. It was kind of cute, but it really didn’t matter how sweet it looked Kelly would hate it because it was embarrassing and she was going to be spanked while wearing it.

Jason decided that discretion was the better part of valour and said uncertainly, “It’s really nice Miss Kimberley.”

Even though it hadn’t really answered her question it seemed to satisfy the diminutive blonde and she said, “If you want to get your gear off I’ll help you into that one and do it up for you.”

Alarmed Jason’s eyes went wide. She expected him to get naked in front of her? There was a noise from outside in reception.

“Oh darn!” the girl exclaimed. “I’ll have to attend to that. Just strip and put the apron on. Leave your clothes on the bed and mind you fold them. You can have them back after Aunty’s spanked you.”


Andrea and Kelly were both seated on the couch when Jason, dressed in the humiliating apron, reappeared in the parlour. Andrea held the blonde girl’s hands in hers and they spoke softly. Kelly had been crying and she turned wet eyes to Jason as he entered the room.

“And look,” Andrea said brightly. “Here’s Superman! Come to Aunty, Jason and I’ll do you up, sweetie.”

Jason did as he was told and looked at Kelly questioningly as Andrea turned him around and began to tie the apron up in back. He was aware that the beautiful brunette was getting a good look at his backside, but he was concerned for Kelly.

“She’s fine, Jason,” Andrea reassured the boy. “We’ve had a good chat and a little cry before a spanking can do wonders to settle the nerves. Especially as Kelly is a virgin.”

The blonde’s face flared red and she opened her mouth to protest.

“She’s what?” a shocked Jason blurted.

To both of their astonishment Andrea laughed. “I don’t mean in the traditional sense. Kelly has never been spanked. To us here at The Spank Shop that makes her a virgin…a spanking virgin, but we’ll soon have that pretty pert posterior a hot blushing red. Now, Jason you can have some thinking time in the corner while Kelly puts on her apron and I get things ready for the smacking.”

Jason went to the corner. This had been a common punishment at his house growing up, although it wasn’t usually coupled with a spanking as it was going to be here in Andrea’s cozy parlour.

“Kelly,” Andrea said to the blonde girl as she opened the change room door. “You may want to wash your face just to freshen up a little. You can also remove your make up, your tears have streaked it in any case, darling.”


Keeping his nose in the corner Jason could hear Andrea moving around the room. He did not dare look, but he used his peripheral vision. The willowy disciplinarian picked up the items that had been left on tables, presumably from the unfortunate Belinda’s discipline session earlier.

The young office worker heard doors open. From where he judged Andrea was she had to be opening that large cupboard on one wall. He had been too busy concentrating on the coming spanking to properly make the connection earlier. That cupboard had to be what friends of his who had attended The Spank Shop had named the ‘torture chamber’. It was where Andrea stored her implements of correction.

Andrea made a noise of satisfaction and said softly to herself, “Yes, perfect.” Jason’s ears caught the soft click of wood on wood as Andrea placed whatever she had found in the cupboard on the table.


“Here’s our naughty little mouse!” Andrea exclaimed as Kelly entered the room, blushing hotly. “Do you need me to do you up, sweetness?”

“No, ma’am,” the girl whispered.

“Kimmy was in there?”

“Yes ma’am, she tied my apron in the back,” Kelly confessed, her blush deepening at the humiliating memory.

“That was nice of her,” Andrea remarked. “I do hope you thanked her.”

“Yes, Miss Andrea,” Kelly answered respectfully, blinking to hold the tears back.

“Lovely,” Andrea said, clapping her hands. “Why don’t you take Jason’s place in the corner and you can think about what’s brought you here while Aunty spanks him. Hands on head please, sweetie.”

As he came gratefully out of the corner Jason chanced a look at Kelly’s bottom. The girl had a golden tan, but it wasn’t all over as her tender rear was pristine white. Jason sighed as he looked at it and he stopped on his way to Andrea on the couch.

Andrea rolled her eyes and smiled, he was such a boy! Despite finding it rather sweet and a little predictable she still had a job to do here and while she thought Jason and Kelly made a rather attractive couple she had to spank them both soundly before she could think of any matchmaking attempts. She hid her smile and pursed her lips, then said sharply, “Jason! I want you by my knee, immediately, young man!”

Startled. Jason tore his eyes away from Kelly’s magnificent bare backside and hastened to Andrea’s side, his blush returning.

Andrea looked up into the boy’s face, her lips twitching upwards. “You’ve been spanked before, haven’t you, Jason?”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Who was that from, darling?”

Jason cast his mind back, he hadn’t been a bratty child as such, just cheeky, as a result it wasn’t a short list. “Ummm…Mum, babysitters…”

“How were you spanked?” Andrea interrupted, sensing that they could be there for some time if she let him go on.

“Bending over, sometimes when I was younger Mum had me standing up.”

“What about the traditional way?”

“Traditional, Aunty?”

“Over the knee,” Andrea clarified. “I believe Mrs Kennedy spanked you once and I can’t believe that she would spank a naughty boy any other way.”

Jason felt his bottom tingle as Andrea’s words brought back memories of that church picnic. It wasn’t just that Gabrielle Kennedy spanked hard, although she was the hardest spanker he could ever remember, it was that she’d bared his bottom and turned him over her knees in front of the entire parish. He could still remember Kimberley standing there, she couldn’t have been any older than four years old, watching as her mother lay him over her lap and let him have it.

His ordeal hadn’t been over after she’d painted his bottom a bright blushing scarlet, either. With his pants still around his ankles she’d led him to a tree and ordered him to stand there hands on head until she told him he could rejoin his friends. He’d spent a lot of that afternoon cooling his aching rear end down in the lake.

“Uhhh…no ma’am she spanked me over her knee,” he admitted to Andrea.

“I bet she did,” Andrea said with a grin. “So you know how to get over the knee, then?”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Good boy,” Andrea complimented the young man, then said to Kelly, “Kelly, can you please turn around, dear. I want you to see this, so you know what’s expected.”

Although Kelly wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to be seeing and it sounded ominous she was still grateful that would at least have something to look at and concentrate on other than the featureless wall in front of her nose.

Jason looked down at the lap beneath him and tried to concentrate on the pattern of Andrea’s skirt so that he wouldn’t think about those firm, smooth toned thighs. This afternoon was embarrassing enough without his own body betraying him.

“Come on, sweetness,” Andrea urged gently, patting her lap.

It had been some time and Jason had been smaller the last time he’d done this. He lowered himself over Andrea’s waiting lap. Her hand encircled a wrist and another one was placed on the small of his back as she guided him into position skillfully. “Move up,” she urged as she arranged him with his bare buttocks centred on her lap and pointing at the ceiling. She examined how he was laying and how his legs and arms were. “Excellent,” Andrea breathed. “You may turn around again please Kelly. Hands back on head, dear.”

“What?” the girl burst out. “You wanted me to turn around for that? This is st…”

“Kelly,” Andrea interrupted the girl. “If you do not turn around and get your nose back into that corner by the time I count to three I will soap your mouth out before I spank your bottom.”

Kelly balled her fists on her hips and adopted a defiant stand, not realizing how silly being dressed only in the Minnie Mouse apron made her look.

“One,” Andrea counted clearly.

Kelly wavered a little, but did not turn.

“Two,” and Andrea’s eyes hardened.

Kelly took a deep breath and the colour faded from her creamy cheeks.


Kelly’s resolve broke and with fresh tears threatening to cascade down her face she spun and faced the wall.

“Hands,” Andrea reminded her.

Grumpily Kelly laced her hands over her golden locks.

“I may need the tawse for her,” Andrea said softly to herself as she ran her hand over Jason’s taut buttocks and tickled the backs of his legs gently to get him to relax the muscles.

Jason squirmed and then loosened his glutes and thighs.

“Lovely,” Andrea sighed and then a loud smack rang out in the room.

Jason jerked and let out an involuntarily “Owwww!”

“Yes, it stings to begin with,” Andrea said, as she delivered a matching smack on the opposite cheek.

Jason’s answer was a grunted, “Ouch!”

Andrea tightened her grip around the boy’s waist and concentrated on landing one good solid slap on every area of the pinkening buttocks and upper thighs. Once she’d done that she settled into a nice steady rhythm.

Andrea picked her spots and aimed sharp concentrated volleys on the one area. Jason kicked and squirmed and howled and wriggled. To Andrea’s pleasure he cried easily and early.  While tears for her were a must and every visitor over her lap cried sooner or later she liked to get a good flow happening early, and before the implement was an excellent start.

Jason had a nice firm bottom, not too muscular, but just right and it could take a good long hard spanking. She wanted him glowing like a stop light before she reached for what she had retrieved from her cupboard.

Jason had forgotten exactly how much a sound spanking delivered by a determined woman could hurt, and Gabrielle Kennedy aside, he had never been spanked by someone who knew their business as well as Andrea did. His rear end was on fire and he felt certain that it would soon burst into flame if she didn’t stop.

“Please, please Aunteeee!” he bawled.

“Please what, darling?” Andrea inquired, continuing to dole out the sizzling slaps.

“Please stop!” Jason wailed.

“Well, I will eventually,” Andrea said, searing his upper thighs, which made him buck and kick. “However I have to judge that you are genuinely remorseful and I don’t think you are, sweetie. Are you going to apologise to Susannah, Julie and Caterina?”

“Yes, Aunteeee!” Jason howled.

“All of them?”

“Yes, yes ma’am!”

“What about Kelly? I suspect that she’s largely here because some of her pranks were as a direct result of your actions.”

“Yes, Aunty. Her too!” Jason promised fervently.

Andrea grinned and let her hand rest in the air over the boy’s twitching glowing mounds, she flipped her palm and felt the heat radiate from the simmering buttocks onto the back of her hand. “Oh yes, nicely primed,” she said with satisfaction.

She leaned over the sobbing Jason and her hand curled around the item she had placed on the table earlier. She picked it up and then one side of it rest gently on Jason’s battered backside. “Can you feel that, darling?”

“Yes, Aunty,” the boy whimpered.

“What does it feel like?”

Jason sniffled and angrily wiped his nose with the back of his hand. “I don’t know, Aunty.”

“Oh come on, Jason. Humour your Aunty. Think, sweetheart.”

“It feels kind of funny,” Jason mumbled.

“Funny how?”

“Well, it’s a paddle, isn’t it, ma’am?”

“Sort of,” Andrea clarified. “How does this differ? Have you been spanked with a paddle before?”

“No, Aunty, but I’ve seen them and this one isn’t flat.”

“Very perceptive, darling,” Andrea congratulated the prone boy over her lap, picking up the light paddle and poising it to strike. “This is a butter pat.”

“Owwww!” Jason yelped and jerked.

The paddle had felt light, although he knew it would sting, the ridged side really added to that, though and especially wielded by someone like Andrea.

“The ridged side,” Andrea as she lectured and watched the boy’s hindquarters roll and buck as the paddle burned it, “is designed to create ridges in the butter when you shape the pat, but I find it does a very good job on bottoms too.”

Jason had to agree, or he would have if he hadn’t been too busy trying to desperately avoid the horrid paddle as the ridged side of it assiduously stoked the fires that Andrea’s palm had expertly kindled on his bottom.

Andrea kept a careful eye on the crimson globes nestled in her lap. She wanted Jason nicely marked up from the ridges, she’d then seal that in with the flat side, but she didn’t want to bruise him too deeply either. His supervisor had said it was hard enough to keep him sitting at his desk without having a sore bottom to try and sit on.

Jason threw his head back and howled as the flat side struck home. “Now are we sorry, Jason?” Andrea inquired, going to work on his upper thighs.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Auntteeee! It hurttssss!”

‘It’s a spanking you silly child, that’s what I want it to do,” Andrea told the miserable young man over her lap, as she hooked a leg over the backs of his legs to keep him from wriggling right off her lap.

“I’m sorreee, Aunteeee!” Jason bawled as Andrea continued to scorch his derriere with that merciless butter pat.

“Well, it’s not me you need to say that too, darling,” Andrea said, underlining her words with more stinging swats from the light paddle. “When you get back to work I want to hear that you went to Susannah, Julie and Caterina and apologized for your behaviour to them, and you had better be very sincere about those apologies young man or we are going to be having this conversation again and if that happens I may just have to bring Mrs Ebony or The Igniter into our chat and I’m sure you do not want that.”

“No, Aunty, no I don’t,” Jason sobbed frantically.


In her corner Kelly had to admit this Andrea woman knew what she was doing. It was bad enough knowing that you were going to be spanked. Then she just piled on the humiliation. The apron. The enforced time standing in the corner like a naughty six year old. Being able to hear what Jason was going through as she broke him down, but not being able to see it, it all heightened the anticipation.

This was all after she and Andrea had had a brief heart to heart over a cup of hot sweet tea to calm her down and explain what would happen. Kelly knew she was going to be spanked over Andrea’s knee with her hand and she’d heard about the butter pat too. She had also been told there would be something extra if she didn’t dial down the attitude a little.

The scolding was world class too. At school they had a teacher who could reduce even senior girls to tears with her scoldings. Andrea was her equal and she had the added impact of a spanking to go with it. One of Kelly’s classmates had once confessed after a scolding from Mrs Chandler that she was happy the lady didn’t have the authority to spank them as well. The scoldings were bad enough, she couldn’t imagine taking a spanking like her mother gave on top of them.

Kelly’s ears had pricked up over mention of Mrs Ebony and The Igniter. The Spank Shop was a strange new world to her. Aunties that weren’t relations. Eighteen year olds that insisted on being called Miss. These horrible aprons. And it was all done with a smile and a polite genteel attitude. Then there were these weird code words. They sounded like they were something to be avoided at all costs. Whether or not they were going to be used on her this afternoon talk of them had definitely set up an almost continuous tingle in her shapely rear end.


“You’ve had a good little dance, sweetheart,” Andrea said gently to Jason, standing and putting her arms on his shoulders. “Let’s swap you and Kelly over, while Aunty heats her cakes up for her.”

Kelly came out of the corner and saw Jason’s bottom. “Oh my God!” she said in a soft voice.

Andrea put a maternal arm over the girl’s trembling shoulders. “It looks worse than it really is, Kelly. I won’t sugarcoat it sweetness, it does hurt…a lot. You’ll sleep on your tummy tonight and probably for a few nights after that. You’ll walk stiffly for a few days and sitting will be quite an uncomfortable activity for the next day or two. If you’re nice to your workmates maybe they’ll get you a pillow to sit on.”

Kelly couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jason’s angry red throbbing buttocks, she was willing to bet that they were swollen too. As Andrea led her to the couch she was blinking back tears and silently vowing to never be naughty enough to wind up here in this deceptively welcoming looking parlour ever again.

Andrea sat in the middle of the couch and kept a hold on Kelly’s wrist. Andrea had never had a bolter before, the aprons actually helped on that score, but there was a first time for everything and just keeping her hand around the shivering blonde’s wrist ensured that she wouldn’t be able to get away if her nerve did fail her.

“I am pleased to see that you’ve tied your hair back,” Andrea said gently, looking at the girl’s neat ponytail.

“I always wear it this way for work, ma’am,” Kelly answered, then asked, “Why?”

Andrea chuckled richly. “When I spank, I spank hard. A hard spanking makes you cry, your nose also runs and you drool,” Kelly’s eyes grew wide. She anticipated tears. Julie at work, who had visited Andrea had actually said seriously, ‘It’s not a spanking unless you cry’, but the runny nose and the drooling was new. “It’s quite natural. Now with boys they generally have short hair, so they get a messy face, but nothing else. You’ve got lovely long hair, Kelly, I’m sure you don’t want to get it all nasty with tears and saliva and snot, do you?”

Kelly’s face lost another shade of colour and she shook her head vigorously.

“Of course not,” Andrea replied very matter of factly. “Now you saw what Jason did when he went over my knee. Do you think you can do that for me, too, Kelly?”

“I can try, Aunty,” Kelly answered.

It didn’t strike the girl until she was being settled in Andrea’s lap that she had called the woman Aunty. She had vowed not to, but it had just slipped out and it seemed so natural.

“You fit like you were made for my lap, darling,” Andrea said happily, her hand resting lightly on the girl’s tender buttocks.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Kelly answered.

“You can go back to Aunty if it makes you feel more comfortable,” Andrea said. “Many, in fact most of my clients, do. I like it. Creates an intimate atmosphere, and I think most of us would rather be spanked by a caring Aunty, than some sort of strict Miss.”

Kelly swallowed hard and twitched as Andrea’s palm glided over her silken hillocks.

“Yes, there we are, there’s my cheeky little girl getting all ready to have her botty smacked good and hard,” Andrea cooed as Kelly relaxed over her lap.

“Oh my God!” Kelly yelled as the sting of the first smack registered, and she tried to rise up involuntarily.

“I don’t think He is going to help you, dear,” Andrea commented mildly, placing a hand on the small of the girl’s back and pushing her back down gently while continuing to sprinkle stinging kisses with the palm of her hand across the girl’s cheeks and upper thighs.

Kelly was crying into the couch by the time Andrea said approvingly, “Yes, that’s a lovely rosy glow. You’re crying very prettily too, darling.”

Andrea had kept an ear out for the girl’s tears. She had cried very early, but they hadn’t really been from the pain of the spanking until Andrea established a steady rhythm and felt her own hand start to hurt just a little. Kelly had waved her legs around, uncaring that she was displaying herself quite shamelessly. Then Andrea heard a wet little sniffle and knew that she was bringing the girl to the boil quite nicely with her hand. It was time for the butter pat.

As Andrea raised the unusual punishment implement, ridged side down, she remembered Kelly’s reaction to being told that she was going to be spanked with it. She’d never heard of one before, very few people these days had, when Andrea explained it to her, she had almost choked on her tea and became even more incredulous when she realized that Andrea was serious and had let out a nervous laugh, one that bordered on the hysterical.

“That really hurts!” Kelly wailed as the ridged side of the pat smacked down across the tight double bulge of her rear end.

“Of course it does,” Andrea said, without missing a beat and admiring the hot crimson ridges that were forming over the previously unblemished skin. “That is my intention, child. What happened to Aunty or even ma’am?”

“Owwww!” Kelly squealed. “Aunteee!”

“Much better,” Andrea said approvingly, flipping the pat and sealing in the ridged sting with the flat side, which got more howling and kicking from Kelly.

“Stop! Stop Aunteee! It hurtssss!” Kelly bawled. ‘This is so unfair and stupid!”

Andrea sighed. Not one word of apology. She had hoped she wouldn’t need to use anything else, but Kelly simply didn’t understand why this was happening and what it was intended to do. She put the butter pat down and reached for another item that had been sitting under the little paddle.

Kelly tried to rise and was pushed back down again. “Oh we’re not done, young lady,” Andrea said sternly.

Kelly saw what was in Andrea’s fist and began to struggle vigorously. She had never felt a tawse before, she’d actually never seen one, but she had seen straps and she knew that in the context of this parlour seeing one, even a short one, held by Andrea was bad news for her bottom.

Andrea tightened her grip a little and said firmly, “Kelly if you do not stop struggling I will stand you up bend you over the back of the couch and stripe that rump of yours with The Igniter. If I have to I will ask Miss Kimberley or Miss Gabrielle in here to hold you. Is that understood?”

Kelly stopped her writhing and said softly, “Yes Aunty Andrea. What’s The Igniter?”

“It’s a longer, thicker, wider version of what I have in my hand, without the split ends. You don’t want to encounter it my girl, but if I don’t hear some genuine apologies and you don’t start thinking seriously about what landed you here you may very well have that meeting. Now hold on tight and get ready to think about what you say next.”

Kelly howled as the wicked little strap exploded across her already burning nates. The divided end of the tawse seemed to spread the sting out further than it would have if it were solid.

The area of the bottom that had been striped with the tawse flared redder than the rest of the girl’s very sore behind and Andrea smiled with satisfaction.

“Was playing silly jokes on Jason a good idea, Kelly?’ Andrea asked, with the strap raised and ready.

“No, Aunteee, no it wasn’t!” Kelly bawled.

Andrea brought the tawse scything down again and even Jason in his corner jumped at the loud bang it made when it connected and at Kelly’s blood curdling scream. “No it was not!” Andrea repeated. “It was disruptive and unnecessary. What about the salt in the coffee?”

“Owwwww! That was silly, Aunteee!”

Andrea swept the tawse upwards, it caught Kelly right where she sat and she rose up onto her toes and wailed. “It was also cruel,” Andrea said when Kelly’s noises had died away and she was getting settled back over the lap.

“Yes, yes, yes, ma’am,” Kelly agreed, both eyes and nose streaming freely.

Andrea cracked another stroke right across Kelly’s crowns and girl sobbed again. “Do you think he deserves an apology?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Kelly gasped.

“Go on then. He can’t see you, but he can hear you.”

Kelly tried to get her breathing under control and swallow her sobs, “I’m sorry Jason about the coffee…and the other stuff.”

Andrea rolled her eyes and said, “It could have been phrased a little more delicately. The other stuff, honestly. What do you say Jason?”

‘That’s okay, Kelly,” Jason said. “I was pretty annoying too. We both got spanked for it.”

“Well, Jason,” Andrea said as she slapped the tawse twice more across Kelly’s scalded situpon, one stroke backhanded. “I think you’ve learned something here today and I think young Kelly may have also.”

“Thank you Aunty,” Jason said, wincing as his bottom throbbed.

“You may leave the corner and get dressed Jason,” Andrea told him as she helped a blubbering Kelly to her feet and held her while she cleaned the girl’s face with a tissue then sat down again while the girl hopped around the room, tears rolling down her cheeks and her hands furiously rubbing her blazing backside.

Andrea put her arms around Kelly and whispered in her ear gently, “That’s enough sweetie. Aunty didn’t go to all the trouble of bringing your bottom to the boil to let you rub it all away. Into the corner with you, sweetheart. Hands on head.”

While Kelly steamed in the corner Andrea poured herself a fresh cup of tea and rang through to Kimberley for some warm milk for Jason and Kelly.


A steaming glass of milk awaited Jason when he limped out of the bedroom, dressed again in his work clothes.

“I bet you’re glad those slacks are light,” Andrea said with a smile from her chair, indicating the couch for Jason to sit.

The boy regarded the couch warily, then saw that there were large fluffy pillows on two of the cushions. “Kimberley thought you might appreciate the comfort.”

Jason picked up his milk, sank gratefully onto the pillow and sipped the warm drink.

“Kelly,” Andrea said to the girl in the corner with the glow in the dark bottom. “You may change as well. You can have your milk when you come back out.”


Jason’s head turned as he heard a pained squeal from the bedroom.

Andrea grinned. “I think Kelly’s skirt is a little tighter than she bargained for.”

“Oh,” Jason said.

“You like her, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jason answered, blushing a little.

“You don’t have to call me that now, sweetheart,” Andrea let him know.

“Ummm….it’s okay. Aunty suits you, ma’am.”

Andrea laughed. “Thank you, darling. At least I think it’s a compliment. I think Kelly also likes you a little more than she lets on, too.”

“But the pranks…” Jason protested.

“Oh come on,” Andrea pleaded. “That’s the older equivalent of a girl punching you on the arm and running away giggling.”

Jason smiled at Kelly and patted the pillow next to him as she minced out of the bedroom with a pained look on her pretty face.

“Now,” Andrea said, fighting not to smile at the two, who were the very picture of freshly spanked youngsters, sitting gingerly side by side, sipping from their milk. “Am I going to see the two of you again any time soon?”

“Never, ma’am,” they chorused fervently.

“Never is a very long time,” Andrea said with a smile playing across her generous lips. It wasn’t her imagination, they were sitting closely. Shared spankings could definitely kindle a relationship. “You understand why you got extra, Kelly?”

“Yes, Aunty,” the girl said, sipping her milk. “I didn’t say sorry.”

“You didn’t say sorry and mean it until I put the tawse to you, darling and that’s a must here at The Spank Shop,” Andrea corrected.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“If the two of you finish up your milk I’m sure Kimberley has some paperwork to take care of and you have to go back to work. You’ve still got some time to finish out I believe.”

Jason and Kelly shared a rueful look at the last comment of Andrea’s. They weren’t being made to pay for their chastisement, but they would have to make up the time.


Andrea stood at the door to her parlour and watched Jason and Kelly leave. As they exited she saw Jason put an arm over the girl’s shoulders and to her pleasure Kelly seemed to welcome the gentle contact. She did so love the side effects of what she did on her clients.


  1. Allow me to be the first to praise this story here. Always like Seegee's stuff. Love the illustrations too... ;-)


    1. Being first is becoming a habit for you, Phil. The stories do sometimes take a while to get a comment, because they're long and take time to read and absorb, at least I hope that's the reason.

  2. Another great one Aunty!

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    The 40th is a classic and one I will enjoy re-reading in a minute, thank you and so well done on so many levels, wow.