Monday, 23 December 2013

Three Merry Christmasses

As I am sure you all know it is Christmas. I'd like to extend my best wishes for the season to you all. The shop will close for a few days between Christmas and New Year, although posts may still be made here, while we enjoy the time with family and friends.

As a nice way of wishing you all a Merry Christmas each one of us (Gabrielle, Kimberley and I) have found an appropriate image and will post it here with a few words. I'll go first as it is my shop and my blog.

This one from Spanking Sarah sees a young lady who has clearly made Santa's naughty list. I always wondered what Santa did to those on the naughty list, because it didn't really seem to matter if you'd behaved or not, you still got presents all the same. Maybe if a few more Santa's spanked we'd ensure good behaviour all the time and especially leading up to Christmas Day.

Andrea seems to have somehow made me a regular contributor to her blog, clever lady that she is. Here is my seasonal picture.

That's a very unhappy elf over Mrs Claus' lap. By the time the lady is done I'm betting the little elf's bottom will be the same colour as her tights. I've often wanted to do this to Santa's helpers. You see them in the malls all the time, they rarely have their minds on the job or the lines of children and are content to chat to each other about their plans for the money they're being paid, not to mention those scandalous little green outfits they parade around in!

Despite Mum's unkind and frankly alarming words about elves (I think I may need to slip something a little stronger into her egg nog) I've aways liked them and wanted to be one. Chelsea actually applied at the local mall this year. Seeing what Mum wrote she's probably lucky she didn't get the job. I have what I think is the best image ever.

You know I'm not sure whether to be envious of her or not. One the one hand she's getting spanked by Santa, although there's plenty of presents under that tree, so she's not missing out, but on the other hand she is wearing the most adorable onesie. It's even got feet! So so cute! No, the obsession hasn't gone and I'm hoping I can add to my collection this year. Don't tell them, but I got the most adorable pair for the twins this year.

A very Merry Christmas to you all from Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley Susan as well as the rest of the gang at the Spank Shop.


  1. Wishing you and the gang at the Shop the most Merry and Cherry Red Xmas ever, Aunty!



  2. Gah! Red beat me to it! Oh well, Merry Christmas to all you lovely (and strict) ladies at the Spank Shop: Aunty Andrea with her "spanking Santas" (as you know Aunty, I'm something of a fan of Santa spankings), Aunty Gabrielle spreading cheer wherever she goes and Kimberly and her fondness for "onesies" (something tells me your little brother and sister won't be quite so appreciative of their gifts as you might think, though, if they know what's good for them, they won't show it).

    I do agree though, that if spankings from Santa (or others) were as well distributed at Christmas as the presents are, there would a lot less bad behavior and the world would be a better place! ;-)

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  3. Hope yours was just lovely

  4. Dear Aunty,

    Still trying to catch up after my highly inebriated Xmas AWOL.

    I agree with your earlier post that the Spank Shop really needs an Xmas episode. I suggest adding it to Seegee's list of New Year's resolutions.

    Professor Mahoney's December emergency summons to Hogwarts as substitute Muggle Studies professor and to deal with a troublesome trio of two young wizards with a gift for habitual rule-breaking and their insufferable little Miss Know-It-All accomplice would be a welcome treat (Although the Weasley twins might be brought to regret selling all of those tickets to Draco Malfoy's legendary meeting at the school Xmas party with Santa Andrea and scantily-clad elf Kimmy.).

    Just a thought.