Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Good Spanking - On Display

Spanking isn't just about the act itself. That is the most important part, granted, but there's more to it than that.

The spanking starts well before you bend over the knee or across a table or over a bed, it also continues after you've had your naughty bottom well reddened.

Today I'm going to discuss the immediate aftermath of the scene that provides our banner for this series of articles.

A lot of people, not all mind, but a lot, do like to display the bottom post spanking. There are a whole host of reasons as to why this is done. It gives the freshly spanked boy or girl time to ponder their actions and punishment it earned them. It allows them to settle down a little after what is generally an emotional and dramatic experience. It lets the bottom cool down. There also other reasons.

The accepted form is with the recipient sobbing quietly facing a corner or a wall. I like to ensure that the nose is pressed against the wall and people have their own methods for ensuring this. Some draw a circle on the wall where the naughty one is supposed to press their nose into. I've never really liked this, one you have to draw on your wall and secondly it doesn't allow for differences in height and you don't really know if they're complying. I used to use a coin and make them hold that on the wall with their nose, it makes a sound if dropped, but they put pressure on a nose and you have to have a small enough coin handy. I've taken to using a bell attached to a ribbon. If the ribbon drops, the bell rings, and I know that a reheating is needed, also if the ribbon gets a little messy (snotty noses do run), then it's easily and inexpensively replaced. Kimberley used to complain that handling the snotty coins was 'disgusting'.

I'm going to show a number of different poses and ways that freshly spanked bottoms can be displayed. My first three are from JPC. They're not drawings, either. Among his talents JPC can count photography.

He's run the gamut here. We have two girls seated after their spankings. Both have their bottoms on full display as one is sitting on a piano stool (I do have to wonder if she was spanked for not learning her scales and arpeggios) and the other is on a hard wooden stair rail. The third is of two girls who have been bent at a slight angle that pushes their rosy red rumps out fetchingly and the lady with them seems to be enjoying herself by squeezing gently and feeling the heat.

The two girls who have been seated bring up another issue of post spanking display or punishment. The girl on the piano stool has a slightly padded surface to rest her behind, but the girl on the stair rail has a double issue. One the surface is quite hard, wooden and unforgiving, two is that she has to keep her posture so that she doesn't topple off her precarious perch. I may have to see if the foot of the stairs at the shop would be suitable for this.

Sitting and standing aren't the only way to do this, though:

Sarah from English Spankers has been kind here, after spanking the girl she has allowed her to rub her freshly scorched cheeks, although she has made her stand in the middle of the room, which can be highly embarrassing.

This one I find interesting, it's of an in progress spanking, and you can see the girls administering it have pulled those tight panties up to get more bottom to spank. I assume she'll be required to stand there after, still wearing them. Displaying after, while wearing panties or even a nice tight pair of jeans or slacks is not unheard of. It does still display a pert rear and what having snug underwear or pants on does, is keep the heat in. That can be both pleasure and pain. Also having to squeeze into tight jeans or even a girdle can compact freshly spanked flesh and that is excruciating and exquisite.

I really like this one from Sarah Gregory Spanking. After having her bottom soundly spanked by Daddy this girl has been required to kneel on the couch with her red bare bottom facing the room. There's a few things going on here, too. She has to listen to her friend or sister being spanked, but can't really see it, because she has been made face the wall. Hearing someone else get it really does heighten your senses and it's hard to try and forget about how much your own behind hurts when someone else is right there in the same room having it done to them and you can hear the slaps landing and her or his cries of distress. Kneeling is actually a very effective punishment. This girl is kneeling on a couch, so she won't feel it as much in her knees as when you kneel on the floor. It also helps with posture, your bottom has just been spanked, so if you try and lower down and rest your backside on the back of your calves that hurts too, so you tend to kneel up straight.

Our lucky last from Spanking Experience is very traditional. Three freshly spanked young ladies, stripped nude, they actually look like their bottoms have been oiled or wet down prior or post spanking as they're all shiny clean, standing in the corner, glowing red rears on display, hands on head. Lovely.

That concludes this episode of A Good Spanking. Post spanking, think about it.


  1. A lovely post, and quite thought-provoking, although you didn't mention one aspect, that is, to my mind, an essential aspect of the post spanking display; in the corner or otherwise, hands on head or allowed to rub, forced to hold up the ribbon with your nose or otherwise and that is additional humiliation and embarrassment. It's embarrassing enough to get spanked (OTK or otherwise) on your bare bottom, like a child, to sobbing submission but the additional humiliation of public display heightens (or deepens) the whole experience, the shaming if you will.

    I notice in the last picture that their bottoms appear to be oiled and we're all aware of what an oiled bottom means at the Shop (that the oil increases the sting and seals in the heat of a paddle or strap), but it doesn't appear that they've been very soundly spanked at all. Perhaps they've already had their post spanking "aftercare"? ;-)


    Ps: First! ;-)

    1. First and only thus far. Sigh. I am actually wondering if this is between spankings. They get a warm up, cornered, oiled and then back over with a strap or a paddle.

  2. Oiled and then the Love this post Ma'am, just terrific view of the spanking scene.
    Thank you