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'Ebony Whole - Part 4' - Guest Fiction

I present to you the fourth and final part of Ebony Whole or Nicole Buys a New Hairbrush by Gemma Smith. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed presenting it and hoping that we can all see some new work from Gemma in the near future.

Nicole adopts formidable poses and looks to deal with her naughty husband.

Ebony Whole or Nicole Buys a New Hairbrush Part 4

The alarm had barely chirped when Justin had it shut off and was sliding across the smooth sheets to "capture" Nicole in an embrace, her hand slipping under her at the waist, the other arm wrapping over and pulling her to spoon against him.  Enjoying feeling her husband from head to toe, she didn't choose to open her eyes at first though she was soon fully awake.  She felt his breath beneath her ear and knew he was still turned on, at least a little.

"Hey babe," Nicole said at last, "Ready to start behaving?"

"Hey yourself," came his reply.  "Ready to make me?"

A shiver ran through her and she bit her lips to savor the reverberations.  Such a challenge made her wonder if he'd be so cocky tomorrow morning, or next time.  Still, she more than admired his enthusiasm; she relished it and wanted it to continue as much as she wanted to curb his brashness.  "I'm just about ready to start making you, yes, since you ask, though I've already told you it will be this evening."  She wriggled her bottom into his lap shamelessly, the panties she'd donned sometime during the night diminishing the effect not a bit.  Bright Cherry with Pinky Cheeks, she said to herself, nearly giggling, which would not have struck the right note at all!

"So what is it that I used to do," Justin asked, "that I won't be doing any more?"  Was his speech as breathless as she was hearing?  Was hers?

Turning over to face him Nicole chose to finally end the suspense.  "As I said, it's only a little thing, a less serious behavior to get us started.  But plenty to spank you good for, believe me, and don't give me this 'something I used to do.'  I don't doubt that you'd be doing it again before I knew it if I didn't deal with it."

"Okay….?" was all he replied.

"I've mentioned it before more than once.  You know the way, in the morning, usually, when you use a spoon for your coffee or a knife to make a sandwich and you just leave it on the counter for me to clean up after you?"  He left before her in the morning, most often while she was still in the shower and it was not all that rare for her to find an unnecessary mess on the kitchen counter when she was trying to get out the door.  "I've told you that I don't appreciate it and you've promised to stop doing it.  And you don't do it as often as you used to, I expect the paddling did some good.  But I didn't want you to just cut down, I wanted it to stop."

"Oh," Justin said, thoughtful.  "I didn't even realize I was still doing it, I guess."

"Well you are."

"A lot?"

"No, not a lot.  But enough for me to want you to stop.  And I'm going to get you to stop by taking the hairbrush to your naughty buns tonight," she informed him.  Justin had little to say to that.  Nicole hoped that words like "naughty" helped remind him that this was more than half "game," that she wasn't seriously upset, despite the fact that he'd be getting a serious spanking.  "You're getting a serious spanking," she said.

"Ah, yes.  If… if that's what I need, I guess…"

"That is definitely what you need.  And the fact that you do it without realizing it only concerns me more."  She heard him gulp loudly.  "Now get up and get in the shower before you make us late," she ordered.  She knew he was getting excited again, as he did last night, and so was she, but she wanted to maintain a serious attitude until he'd gotten his spanking, and a morning romp, no matter how tempting, would not help that. 

Rising as he did Nicole headed into the walk-in closet as Justin moved himself toward the master bath.  Normally she'd snooze until he got out then shower herself (while he busied himself with dirtying up the kitchen, apparently) but today she wanted to lay her clothes out first.  Pulling up the indigo-and-white flowered comforter, she arranged her navy suit and whitest blouse on top of it, adding her 3-inch black pumps on the carpet below.  She'd be overdressed since she didn't have any important meetings or appointments, but she wanted Justin to be visualizing what she was wearing along with imagining himself over her gabardine-covered lap for his first experience with The Correctress.  She'd also come home wearing her glasses but she couldn’t figure out how to let him know that now.  Much as she wanted to see the look on his face, she preferred to be in the shower already when he came out and saw her outfit, or uniform, or costume for the day.

However distracted Justin might have been throughout the day, Nicole couldn't claim to be any better.  Usually they would e-mail or text once or twice after lunch, or call if they needed to make arrangements on the way home from work but she simply couldn't bring herself to wait.  "Sitting pretty?  Wonder what tomorrow will be like," she sent mid-morning, receiving "I guess we'll have to see.  Are you expecting trouble?"  Regarding this cavalier attitude as hardly suitable she replied "With the trouble you're in I expect that YOU will be having trouble sitting tomorrow, yes.  I am not expecting any trouble in getting you that way."  She was very disappointed when she didn't hear back right away and despite assuming that he was in a meeting she wrote again anyway.  "You're choosing a very bad time to be ignoring me.  Very bad indeed."

It wasn't yet lunchtime when she got his answer, merely, "Oh?  This lady really spanks hard, does she?  More effective than hardly spanks, no doubt."

Nicole considered this level of bravado to need turning down a bit.  "You may think that your lady hardly spanks, but my lady will have no problem spanking hard.  In fact, she has a problem doing anything but.  You sound like you will take a lot of convincing but we ladies can accommodate that quite nicely."  She sent it right when she knew he'd be leaving for lunch so he could read it on his phone but wouldn't have much of a chance to respond.  Before she went to lunch herself she followed up with "Ignoring me again?  I'll see if I can't hold your interest better this evening."  With that she joined her friends Angela and Stephanie to eat, resolving to forget her naughty threats until she returned, at least.

Easier said than done, of course.  Even tomato-basil soup and a quartered grilled cheese sandwich couldn't keep her mind off the subject entirely and she had to fight the urge to constantly check her phone.  Her friends' complaints about men's behavior, Angela's husband and for Stephanie, who was single, boyfriends of the past, present, and future, only aggravated the situation.  When they admired her French braid, which she'd chosen in preference to an old-fashioned bun, Steph asked if Justin liked it that way.  Angela claimed that Troy, her husband, would not even notice but Nicole responded truthfully that she had "done it for him."  And she was sure he would notice.

Back at the office the correspondence started up again immediately.  "Maybe I can put you in a better frame of mind" Justin's waiting e-mail offered.  Nicole countered with "Business before pleasure, you bad boy," only to be asked "Oh?  New rules now?"  This gave her a chance to be very clear.  "Yes new rules.  Hairbrush rules.  You're living under hairbrush law now," she wrote.  She loved the concept of "hairbrush law," even if she had no intention of enforcing it.

Never able to forego a bad pun, Justin asked, "Oh?  Does this hairbrush tame more than un-rule-ly hair?"  This encouraged a reply of, "The only cheeky response I want from you is bright and then dark red. And if you start one more sentence with "Oh" it'll be double!"  At last she got a more appropriate response in return, a simple. "Yes, ma'am.  Understood."  While Nicole assumed that meant that her husband would be busy until quitting time (and that she shouldn't expect any more banter), at least he ended on a satisfying note.

An end to the banter brought on a complete change in mood.  What if he actually did hate it, so much that she had to stop using it?  Everyone said that a single "trip" was plenty but she and Justin had gone ahead and bought it planning on multiple uses.  Ms. Mahony said she even corrected grown men with her "Mrs Ebony," why had Nicole insisted on an even larger spanking-brush that was, in the shop's receptionist's estimation at least, a lot heavier?  Maybe she should have gone with a smaller choice or at least started out that way.  Of course she couldn't return it, even if it had never been used.  She didn't know if you were even allowed to return a personal hygiene product but, rightly or wrongly, she wasn't the type to do that sort of thing under any circumstances.  But she forced herself to remember how excited Justin always got when she scolded him and how hot he'd been for her these past several weeks, not to mention last night.  She didn't have to recall last night very much at all to want to continue on the path they were on.

As usual Justin was home when Nicole finally got there ("finally" in the sense that the day had seemed interminable), surfing the sports a bit before dinner.  They could make an enjoyable meal out of a large Cobb salad, especially with grilled chicken, when it was tossed with enough dressing, though that went a long way in lowering the "healthy" aspect of it.  He even offered to grill the chicken but she preferred to do it, sort of wanting to pamper him a bit (plus he'd made dinner last night).  Neither of them brought up the subject of his pending spanking but Nicole almost had to laugh at his extreme good behavior and solicitousness, which served as a reminder as effective as anything verbal might have.  If he only knew, she mused, how many swats are in this glass of wine I'm having, would he have poured the bottle down the sink?  She expected it to steel her resolve for being strict, which did not come at all naturally despite her stern appearance, along with encouraging her to have fun and worry less, which she could also often use some help with.

In the end it made no difference.  They capped the bottle and returned it to the fridge before spending an hour in front of the television.  As the show ended Justin clearly looked to his wife for direction.  Would they watch for another hour and end up getting to sleep late (after his spanking) or start now and be in bed a bit early?  Nicole had no problem with the decision.  She could barely recall what they'd just seen.

Since getting home she'd removed her suit's jacket but had not even slipped out of her shoes.  Rising from the soft brown cushions she announced, "You know what it is time for now, Justin."  Her husband's mouth opened but no words came out.  "Very good," she praised him, knowing that he had been about to say "Oh?" and had to suppress a smile.  "I'm glad to see that your situation can influence your behavior, or your words in any case.  Now.  I'm sure we're clear on what actions have gotten you into this trouble.  What you're going to do next is go into the bedroom, take off your trousers and underwear to get ready for your spanking, and wait for me."  They had never used or even considered "corner time" but she assumed that it might be good to be sure Justin was in a receptive frame of mind and her experience was that he became more and more receptive very quickly once he'd been notified that he'd be spanked.  "While you wait you'll have the chance to consider your behavior and, while it won't lessen your spanking any, you could truly impress me by being able to tell me why you're getting such a bad spanking, a punishment spanking, for something as seemingly trivial as leaving a bit of silverware here and there."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, looking particularly dejected.  Clearly not knowing what else to say, he concluded with a mere "I'll do that."

"And," Nicole interrupted his exit one final time, "you might see The Correctress on my vanity."  Actually, her vanity was merely her half of the twin faux-marble sinks in the master bath.  She'd been trying to figure out how to get him a glimpse of his new nemesis.  "You may look, from the doorway, but not touch, understood?"  Justin nodded three times, quickly.

Nicole's other reason for wanting Justin in the bedroom alone for a few minutes was to give herself a chance to remove her pantyhose without being too obvious.  Of course he'd find out at some point, but at the moment she was sort of enjoying playing the strict, scary, official-seeming woman.  Pantyhose would be fine (however uncomfortable) until his spanking was over, but she knew that when it was she'd want them off, immediately.  Better to strip down in their powder room and re-dress now.  Also, it gave her a chance to clean up a bit.  Her husband was fully aware of how messy she could get while spanking him and he always encouraged her to be comfortable or even happy with it, as he appeared to be, but what would he think if he knew it had started that morning and lasted all day?  Better to take a moment now.

Despite trying to move slowly, on the chance that reflection was doing Justin any real good, Nicole was ready to proceed far sooner than she intended.  A few deep breaths and a lot of pacing helped soak up the extra time.  Two minutes to undress, ten to think? She asked herself, an eye on the oven clock.  She hoped Justin was half as nervous as she was.  Heading at last for the bedroom herself, she wished they had wood floors in the hallway to make her heels click ominously.  The white, six-panel bedroom door was barely ajar but not closed.  Pushing it open she was greeted by the inspirational and reassuring sight of her husband, facing away from her, half-clothed and waiting for his wife to come punish him.  Nicole let a large unseen smile light her face.

"I see you got the undressing part right," she said, causing him to turn and face her.  He covered his groin with one hand despite his shirttails and Nicole realized it was to keep his erection from sticking straight out.  She turned and entered the bathroom, the porcelain tiles producing exactly the click she wanted in the few steps to where her new hairbrush waited.  Picking it up she couldn't help but give a long exhale that was almost a whistle.  What a blistering Justin was about to get!

She would have preferred taking a seat on the bed and beckoning her husband to her but Justin had positioned himself where he belonged in anticipation, in front of her nightstand, to the right of where she would sit.  She approached quite close to him, wordlessly reaching past and turning off the bedside lamp that he'd turned on.  She wanted his bottom shining brightly but not the light shining brightly upon it.

As she settled in on the bed Justin knelt by her side.  Setting the hairbrush down beside her she reached out and stroked his hair, saying, "So, Justin, can you tell me what this spanking is for?"

He acted eager to respond.  "For leaving spoons and knives out on the counter for you to clean up.  Um, repeatedly.  After I've been asked not to."

"And spanked for it," she reminded him. 

Justin winced slightly.  "I know."

"But not enough.  Apparently.  But that is a behavior we can, and will, correct."  Nicole told herself that she was doing very well.  "And as for my other question, what progress have you made on that?  Can you tell me why you're going to get such a serious spanking for this?"

"Ah, I think so," he started tentatively.  "Like I said, a lot of times I don't even realize I'm doing it, but I can see how it would make you feel that I don't respect your time or what you do around here to keep the house nice.  I swear I don't think that, certainly not consciously, but I can understand how you might see it that way."

This was better than Nicole had imagined.  She expected Justin to find some kind of greater reason for the spanking he was about to get but nothing as big as this.  Still, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she went with it.  "Honey, I know you don't really think that way about me."  She stroked a strand of hair back from his forehead.  "But imagine how it might be making me feel, each time that you do it."

Justin stared at her lap and nodded glumly.  "I know.  I'm sorry.  Very, very sorry."

"Well now you'll have something to help you remember not to do it, whether consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously.  Let's see if we can't get you a spanking you're sure to remember."  Moving her arms out of the way signaled him to climb over her lap.  He had to nearly stand to do so since her was still fully excited and he needed to arrange himself somewhat on his way down.  So much for glum and dejected, Nicole reassured herself.  She sat at an angle to the bed, one thigh against the edge of the mattress.  Justin laid himself over this leg, torso on the comforter, and wrapped his arm behind her.  Nicole pinned his knees down with her right leg and held the wrist of his outside arm behind his back.  This would not only help to keep him in place while she spanked him, but would let him know that his spanking was far from over if she paused.  When it was time for her to genuinely finish she'd put him over her whole lap, his head near the floor, supporting himself on an elbow.  Then, she always told him, she'd make him truly sorry.  Except that on this occasion she expected it to be true.

Nicole had let her skirt ride up her right leg in putting Justin over her left.  Now, the contact between their bare skin, the inside of her right thigh against the backs of his, as she sought to diminish his kicking was electrifying.  Holding the hairbrush there was no ignoring how heavy it was and its shiny surface looked every bit as hard as it had felt.  She'd considered starting slowly, maybe with her hand or the paddle, but this was supposed to be a punishment spanking, or a "correction" as she was now mentally calling it.  With the paddle her best results had come from starting hard and staying hard, not letting Justin adjust to that spanks, but she was hesitant to do that now.  She still hadn't completely decided when she landed the first swat.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!" came Justin's response.  He fought to stay in position and Nicole was forced to adjust her grip.  Okay, that was about ten times harder than I'd intended, she worried, but her need for symmetry demanded that she land a matching swat on the near cheek and another across the middle.  "Jeez!" Justin cried out, but forced himself more into position rather than less.  Balance restored, she tried spanks that weren't quite so severe, spreading six across the lowest part of his bottom.  Even without the lamp she could see the redness blossom on his cheeks.  She did it again, with two extra in the center.  "God!" he exclaimed, climbing the theological hierarchy.  His leg muscles were rock hard against her thigh and his manhood already wasn't.

Justin's strangled protests (which were quickly getting less and less strangled) and his efforts to keep himself in position were having as much effect on Nicole as his bare thigh flinching and shaking between her legs.  She could see how difficult his was for him but he was clearly trying not to resist any more than necessary and the less he resisted (or the harder he tried not to) the more gratified Nicole found herself.  She knew that she was spanking too hard to keep this up as long as she wanted and intended to and too hard to attack his tender thighs so, not wanting to ease up quite yet, she focused set after set on the lowest part of his bottom, hoping to give him something to feel tomorrow (and maybe even after that!).  As such her one unlucky little target got a good full spanking even before her first pause.

She stopped momentarily and could feel Justin try to force his hand down to console his blazing cheeks even as she easily held his wrist in place.  He gave a bit more voice to his protests with a serious of "ah's" and "oh's," continuing to squirm.  Behind her, his left hand had gotten a death grip on the waistband of her skirt and he did not relax it a bit.

"Are we off to a good start, baby?" she asked him, wanting to make sure he stayed engaged and didn't try to "zone out" on the pain.  He nodded rapidly but didn't answer.  "Starting to get the message?" she asked to more nods.  "So what will you be doing differently in the future?"

After another moment or two of gasping, Justin managed to say "Clean up after myself" and, after catching another breath, "Not leave a mess in the kitchen."

"Not even a little one, right?"

"Not even a little one," he parroted.  "And…"

This ought to be good, Nicole thought with a private, inner smile as she rested the hairbrush against his buns, which had already taken on a dark red hue.

"And respect your time and the effort you make and make sure I show it."  Instinctively his buttocks tightened.

"No, no, no clenching.  Don't want to make me spank harder, do you?" Nicole warned and Justin tried to relax a little without doing more than a poor job of it.  "That's it, respect.  That's the sort of thing that can really require a serious spanking, isn't it?" she continued.  Again his buttocks clenched but Nicole didn't wait for him.

The new swats weren't quite as hard and she spread them out more but even so Justin was louder and less restrained in his reactions.  Nicole didn't mind, knowing that he couldn't help it and appreciating the effort.  His thighs had always been tender and she was a bit careful with them, easing up even more and keeping to the very top, but he still suffered visibly.  She'd never been good at slowing down the swats very much (nor getting done very quickly) and by now even the lighter spanks on the sorest lower part of his buns made him thrash about, so Nicole suspected that the second phase of Justin's spanking was every bit as challenging as the first.

Nicole had adopted a style of giving three-part spankings and Justin was well aware of this. He also knew that the final portion would require that his bottom be higher and his head lower.  His initial movements when the second interval concluded were not in the direction of repositioning himself and Nicole chose not to hurry him.  He took several moments of continued motion to settle down enough for her to release him (albeit temporarily) and even then she had to keep a hold on his hands.  Still, she didn't see this as disobedience but rather a testament to the effectiveness of The Correctress.

She knew that Justin's bottom was burning terribly and she'd made sure it was sore deep and sure to stay that way.  Even so Justin crawled gingerly into position.  His excitement had completely vanished and Nicole took this as a warning sign, even considered going easy now.  She set the fearsome hairbrush done for the moment and rubbed Justin's well-spanked buns, causing as many gasps of sensitivity as sighs of relief.

"That's my good boy, let's get this bottom up nice and high for me," she encouraged him, smiling to see him respond as best he could.  "I'll bet you wish we were done and honestly, Justin, I do, too.  But I have to be very sure this is all dealt with, don't I?"  Once again her question was met with a series of rapid nods.  "I don't want to have to do this all again and I know you don't, either, do you?  I thought not," she told him in answer to emphatic head shaking.  Despite the state of his poor bruised buttocks she thought she detected him stirring a bit against her lap.  She delivered a pair of sharp smacks right where he looked tenderest and he momentarily leapt upward.  "But when you don't show proper respect for me," she warned, her voice deep and serious, "I have to deal with it."  Her hand caressed the spots she'd smacked, massaging them as he whimpered a bit.  "And I will deal with it, just like this."  By now she definitely felt him growing again under her scolding words.  "I'll spank this little backside of yours, good and hard, and if you forget I'll spank it again."

With that she moved his wrist upward, lowering his head, and hooked her leg over his heels.  He hadn't been able to stifle his protests in the middle portion of his spanking and even with his face nearly at the floor he complained loudly from the first firm, evilly-targeted spanks.  Now she worked quickly, harder swats on his buns, lighter on his thighs, and the heavy hairbrush carried a solid stroke with little effort even with the faster smacking.  Content with the extent of his soreness Nicole flicked the brush (as best she could) but Justin responded every bit as emphatically to the super-stinging spanks as he did the deeper ones.  While she knew he was continuing to struggle to stay in place (she couldn't have held him if he wasn't) he wasn't all that successful and this is what tired her the most and the quickest.  It even indicated that she'd better stop, before they both ended up on the floor.  He'd feel terrible about that and making him feel terrible wasn't really the point at all!

"Wow," she said on her husband's behalf when the smacks finally stopped falling, "That was some spanking.  I sure hope you learn to behave yourself, for your sake as much as mine!"  He continued to gasp and moan, extended perhaps by her massaging his poor sweet oh-so-sensitive and extensively chastised buns once again (this time without the extraneous slaps).  "Think you're ready to get up?"

His wrist released, Justin raised his head, lowering his still-wriggling buns as he did.  Rather than rising before her he slid to Nicole's feet, his hands running up her thighs, his thumbs raising her skirt.  Nicole had to do little to help.  Usually she preferred the slow, deliberate approach with stroking, kisses and nibbles, and had never completely come to accept spanking as the sum total of foreplay, but as Justin laid her back he must have sensed the depth of her immediate need.  He circled her button with his mouth, sucking her toward him, flicking her lightly with his tongue.  She pressed her thighs to him as she responded instantly, surprising even herself.  He backed off only slightly as her satisfaction raised her sensitivity to unbearable levels but he never broke contact, never changed position.  His lips brushed the insides of her thighs, the creases between leg and body, barely touching her melted core.  Slowly his tongue, wide and flat, covered and spread her, the tip tasting the sweet spicy tang down below.  Then he, and she, began again and he lapped her with broad slow strokes.  Inside, the bottom of her stomach dropped away and she began to soar once more.

Just as she began to come down he rose at last, filling her deeply and completely with a single stroke, his arms pinning her own to her sides.  Driving her further onto the bed he covered and pressed her, his mouth found her neck, his nose nuzzling behind her ear.  Pulling herself against his chest brought her own mouth to the hollow of his throat.  She gripped him, with her arms and inside, too and hooked her legs around his so much differently than earlier.  Coupling.


When the alarm went off Justin tried to slip out of bed without waking his wife but she was having none of that.

"Hold on there, big boy.  Let me see," she demanded.

"I don't know, maybe you should wait a few days," he suggested, backing away.  When she'd first used the paddle he'd been marked and she'd seriously worried though she had soon gotten used to it.  He was very fair and marked easily and they both knew this would be a lot worse.

"No way.  I can take it.  Lie down, here, now."  She edged the sheet down, not wanting to rudely rip it off of him (she hated it when he did that to her) and soon had him buns peeking out.  Dark red at the top, sore-looking but to be expected, that part was fine; however, lower down the colors added purple with definite bruises toward the bottom and the center was a bit worrisome.  That has got to be really sore, Nicole assumed with real sympathy.  The backs of Justin's thighs had a similar dark red hue, some lighter, but it was marked with black-and-blue crescents from the curved edge of the brush where it had landed half-cheek, half-thigh.  Nicole found herself slightly disappointed.  Somehow she had hoped for a comically bright red bottom that inspired further spanks, even if they were only by hand.  Those type of thoughts and these type of marks caused her "evil" concerns to return.  He needs to feel this today, but I'll have lotion for him after work.  And at bedtime.  She smiled inside, knowing where that would lead.

Her face, however, showed concern.  "Wow, the brush really did a job on you.  Do you feel corrected?"  Truth was, she was sincerely concerned.  Had she way overdone it?

"Oh God, do I.  You weren't kidding about that being a serious spanking."

"I told you it would be."

"And you said that was something light?"

This was what Nicole had been expecting to hear.  Justin often accused her of anticipating criticism or hearing it when it wasn't there, but she had reasonably expected him to lodge some sort of complaint.  "I might have overdone it some, relative to the reason I gave you," she admitted.  "I know that brush spanks really hard."  At least, I know that now if I didn't before.

"Well, it's important for you to express how you feel, I know that.  And, um, communicate when something I do is bothering you," Justin told her reassuringly.  Did she hear a "but" coming?

"But I meant it when I said that I honestly don't do those things from a lack of respect," he continued.  "And if I forget or slip up and do it again sometime, I hope you don't think that I don't value all you do around here."

"Oh Justin, no, of course I won't think that.  I know you appreciate me."

"Mmmm, in all sorts of ways.  I just don't want your feelings hurt."

Feeling playfully strict again, Nicole warned him, "You sound like you're getting ready to forget again.  Well if you do now you know what to expect."

"What?  No way will I be forgetting anytime soon."

"I should hope not.  You had me wondering there."  Actually, the idea of Justin "forgetting on purpose" appealed to Nicole immensely.  "I may have overdone it a little.  I'll make it up to you on your next spanking."

"But for something serious," he started, hesitating to finish.


"It'll be worse?"

Nicole answered with a stern look, letting a second and then another click away.

"I guess it'll have to be," Justin concluded at last.

"Let's try not to find out to often, shall we?"  At this Nicole closed the subject to further discussion.

With Justin finally in the shower Nicole pulled herself out of her squirm-inducing imaginings and looked around the room, aware that she should get out of bed a bit early.  When she was single she'd never had one of those mornings where it was a challenge to find her clothes, not even with Justin.  One shoe had been lost when she was pinning down her husband's legs and the other, she assumed, soon after she'd stopped spanking him.  Thankfully all the lamps were still intact.  Her jacket was out at the dining table with her panties and hose in the pocket and the skirt was on the floor but headed to the dry cleaner.  Maybe I'd better try to deal with it first, she thought.  Her glasses were somewhere and she didn't need them today, her blouse and bra were on the floor next to the bed, having come off somewhere in the night, replaced not by a sexy negligee but by an oversized flannel sleep shirt.  Justin's shirt was up above the pillows.  Next time I'll have him take it off, she told herself.  She remembered wanting to watch the muscles in his back.  She held it up to her face, inhaling deeply.

The shower stopped and she changed places with Justin, already mentally typing e-mails throughout the morning.  So how's sitting? she'd ask him, or maybe kitchen clean this morning?


  1. Thank you, thank you......just an incredible series, just amazing, thank you for sharing. Lucky husband by the way.

    1. Thank you Ron. I know the author will appreciate it.