Sunday, 5 January 2014

'The Spank Shop 41 - Jackson, Trudy and Dexter'

I need to say a few words about this little Seegee gem of the adventures of my humble shop before presenting it. First it's number 41! 41, who would have ever thought? I do hope we can see number 50. And no, Aunty hasn't taken leave of her senses there are actually three names up there. We've seen triple spankings before at the shop, but this one is a little different. To be totally honest the story could have been broken into two parts, however it isn't, so it is quite long. I'll need to speak to my faithful chronicler about that. The words are by Seegee and Phil very graciously consented to source the images for me.

The first image is from Ann Madison and Mike and Maddie get to gleefully see their tormentor get his comeuppance over Kim's lap. In the second picture Jackson learns that you mess with a Kennedy at your own peril.

From Clare Spanks Men. Dexter finds himself in a sticky situation at the Spank Shop.

From Spanking Dollars. Trudy cries as she is dealt with by Aunty Gabrielle.

It was a pleasant Sunday late spring afternoon in Clarkstown and Kimberley Kennedy had a plan for her perfect relaxing afternoon. Her parents were out having lunch with friends and wouldn’t return until early evening. Her boyfriend Evan was on a golf weekend with college friends. Younger sister Chelsea was spending the afternoon at her boyfriend’s house and even the twins, nine year old Madeleine and Michael, known by all as Maddie and Mike were outside playing. She was going to get some sun and enjoy the time reading.

Kimberley didn’t worry that the two younger ones were out the front of the house. Clarkstown was the type of town where everyone knew everyone else and they all looked after each other. The twins probably had about ten friends close to their own age within shouting distance. They were as safe as they could possibly be playing out in the street.

The petite eighteen year old padded out to the patio, set a tall glass of iced tea down on a table next to her sun lounge, seated herself and was just about to open her book when a distressed shout came from outside.

Clouds scudded across Kimberley’s sky blue eyes. That was Maddie’s voice. The eighteen year old knew her sibling’s voices well enough to distinguish between noise for the sake of it and genuine distress. This was the latter. Kimberley sighed, put her book down and left the patio to meet the little blonde girl running down the driveway.

“Kim! Kim!” the girl shouted, tears running down her face.

Kimberley caught the little girl in her arms and asked her, “Maddie? What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“It’s a big boy!” the girl sobbed. “He took my Frisbee and when Mike tried to get it back he knocked him down!”

“He what?” Kimberley said, disengaging from the embrace and rising to stalk out to the front of the house.

Madeleine had been telling the truth. Mike was on the nature strip. A larger boy stood over him, he held a Frisbee in one hand and as the smaller boy tried to rise he was shoved roughly back down to the manicured grass.

Seeing her little brother treated like that made Kimberley’s blood boil. “Hey!” she shouted.

The bully turned to look at the short blonde girl advancing on him. Her blue eyes blazed, her hair fanned out around her face, the lips were set in a compressed pink line and her fists were clenched.

Kimberley was not a tall girl for her age, but she still had a few inches on the eleven year old tormenting the Kennedy twins. The boy didn’t know her, but she was clearly an adult and she had him in her radar, he took to his heels. Kimberley gave chase.

The boy looked back, the girl was gaining on him. Kimberley had been head cheerleader in high school, she played tennis at the local club on a weekly basis, she jogged regularly, she worked out and she swam, she also rode horses when she could. She was a fit strong young lady and a match for any pre teen who dared to push her little brother and sister around.

The bully tried a desperate tactic. He stopped for a second and flung the stolen Frisbee at his pursuer. His aim was off and Kimberley didn’t even pay the hardened plastic disc any mind as it whizzed over her head, she didn’t see her brother gleefully pounce as he retrieved his stolen toy. The teenager didn’t break stride and her quarry had lost ground when he stopped.

The boy tried, but he couldn’t evade Kimberley. Her arm snaked out and she grabbed him by the ear. He attempted to twist out of her grip, but that only earned him a painfully tweaked ear. The blonde reeled him in and she loosened her grip on his ear only to march him back to her house holding him by the elbow.

“Leggo! This hurts! Not fair!” he whined, squirming to try and break the hold she had on him.

“Not fair?” Kimberley repeated incredulously. “Taking my brother and sister’s toy then beating up a smaller boy isn’t fair either, young man.”

“I didn’t mean it…” the bully started unconvincingly and insincerely.

Kimberley shook her golden head. “I don’t know if that works on anyone, mister. It certainly isn’t going to wash with me. Who are you anyway? I don’t recognize you.”

“His name is Jackson,” Maddie answered for the sullen boy in Kimberley’s grasp.

“Jackson what?” Kimberley asked

Both Maddie and Mike shrugged and Jackson didn’t look like he was going to answer either. Kimberley rolled her eyes. Kids! “Say sorry Jackson,” she ordered.


Kimberley smacked the seat of his shorts hard and said, “I’m not going to repeat myself.”

“Sorry,” Jackson muttered at his shoes, not looking at either of the grinning Kennedy twins.

Kimberley sighed. “You really want to do this the hard way, don’t you? Well, my fine young friend you’re about to find out exactly how we treat thieves and bullies in Clarkstown.” She dragged the struggling eleven year old down the driveway and onto the patio. Kimberley sat down on the sun lounge and held Jackson in place.

“What are you gonna do, Kim?” Mike asked eyes wide.

Kimberley didn’t answer her brother, but pulled Jackson’s shorts to his knees and flipped him over her thighs.

“Oh wow!” Mike breathed.

“Madeleine, can you please get my cherry wood hairbrush, darling?” she asked her sister. “It’s in my room on my dressing table.”

“Yes!” Madeleine exulted, running into the house to fetch the hairbrush her big sister had christened Mademoiselle Cherry.

Jackson protested loudly as Kimberley hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and began to lower them. “Oh don’t be such a baby!” the girl scolded. “A spanking is not a proper spanking unless it is given on the bare bottom.”

“I bet he’s never been spanked before,” Mike said scornfully, not taking his eyes from his tormentor’s humiliation over his big sister’s more than capable lap.

“You hush,” Kimberley said affectionately to her brother. “Unless you’d like to take Jackson’s place when I’m done with him.”

“No, Kim,” Mike said respectfully, lowering his eyes.

“Good boy,” Kimberley said to him, turning her attention back to the struggling young man she had pinned over her thighs.

SMACK! Kimberley’s palm impacted firmly on one white cheek. Jackson answered it with a howl. The sound of that indignant yell was dying away on the air when Kimberley spanked the other buttock.

The blonde teenager worked methodically, Her hard experienced hand first smacking one rapidly pinkening cheek then going to the other. That spanking hand went up and down the length of the wriggling behind over her lap. The upper thighs, sit spots, crowns and slightly higher. Jackson was not only yelling, he was kicking and crying, although Kimberley had twisted his underpants around his knee hollows to cut down on the struggles a little.

Madeleine’s blue eyes showed her disappointment as she appeared at the entrance to the patio, clutching her sister’s feared hairbrush in both hands. “Oh, you started without me,” she accused the older girl.

Kimberley laughed musically and held Jackson easily over her lap as she continued the spanking without missing a beat. “You haven’t missed much,” she told the girl. “Young Jackson’s got a long way to go before I’m done, darling. Just keep holding Mademoiselle Cherry. I’ll ask for her when I need her.”

“Look how red he is,” Mike advised his sister as she stood beside him.

“He’s started crying already,” the girl said, her eyes shining as she watched the punishment with glee.


Kimberley brought the boy’s hand spanking to a scorching climax with six ringing smacks, three on each now glowing globe. “I hate the stingers,” Mike confessed to Maddie.

The blonde girl nodded. “Me too,” she agreed.

“He deserves it, though,” the boy added.

“Oh yes!” was the other girl’s enthusiastic reply.

“Maddie,” Kimberley said, raising her voice a little to be heard over Jackson’s sobs. “Can I have the hairbrush, please sweetheart?”

The girl stepped forward and handed the brush to Kimberley, who accepted it from her sister with an encouraging smile.

Despite the fact that Jackson had taken their toy and roughed Mike up, the twins winced once Kimberley had the dreaded Mademoiselle Cherry in hand. Both of them had felt it and they knew exactly how soundly Kimberley could spank with it. They weren’t sorry for Jackson exactly, but they knew what he was about to endure, and they wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


Through the rushing of blood in his ears from his upside down position and the focus that his mind had on his stinging rear end Jackson heard the word hairbrush. While he had never been spanked before, he had listened to friends since moving to Clarkstown and more than one of them had a mother who used a hairbrush to spank their bottoms. There were also hushed and awed stories about someone they referred to as Aunty Andrea and her ebony hairbrush.

“No!” he shouted and struggled over Kimberley’s lap as he realized what was about to happen.

“Jackson,” Kimberley said firmly and clearly, tightening her grip. “If I have to ask Mike or Maddie to bring me something to secure you, the belt from a dressing gown works, I will. I’d prefer not to do that, so why don’t you be a big boy and show Aunty Kimberley how bravely you can take a well deserved smacking?”

Jackson prided himself on his toughness, although in typical bully fashion it really only applied when his victim was both younger and smaller than he was. Kimberley’s scornful words had stung his ego every bit as much as her hand had done the same to his aching backside, so he stopped struggling, grit his teeth and determined not to give her the satisfaction of yelling or squirming.

That particular resolution lasted for exactly three searing spanks from Kimberley’s hairbrush. Jackson had thought the teenager’s hand was hard, but it was nothing as compared to the feel of that unyielding polished piece of cherry wood smacking into his pre warmed rear end. He felt like it had caught fire, he threw his head back and howled.

He never saw the faces of Mike and Maddie Kennedy, who were openly dismissive of his lack of control, both were firmly of the opinion that they took their spankings far better than the older bigger boy. In fact Mike claimed that their friend, the eight year-old neighbour Emma, had handled an equally hot session over their mother’s formidable lap with her signature brush Mama Mahogany better than Jackson was currently doing with Kim and Mademoiselle Cherry.

After what seemed like an eternity to Jackson and felt like he had been dipping his rear end in a lake full of boiling hot lava, he heard Kimberley’s voice say gently, “Up you get, sweetie.”

“Up?” he blubbered.

“We’re done, sweetheart,” Kimberley let him know.

Jackson didn’t wait for her to change her mind, but hopped up and began to dance around furiously rubbing his backside, trying to extinguish the fires that her hand and hairbrush had ignited. Kimberley sat back and watched, a smile flickering across her lips. The reactions after a good old-fashioned bun burning were generally quite amusing. Jackson had been protesting about her baring his bottom before, now he was dancing on the spot, rubbing his burned behind, heedless of the fact that everyone present could see him bare from below the waist. At length the boy became aware that he was partially nude and dragged his underpants up over his sore bottom. Kimberley held his shorts out to him. He had kicked them off during the spanking and Maddie had retrieved them and given them to her sister.

“Is he going to get corner time, Kim?” Maddie asked as Jackson struggled back into his shorts wincing at the contact with his battered backside.

“I’d like to,” Kimberley said. “I really should. Jackson, why don’t you give me your parents phone number and I’ll pop you in a corner inside until they come to get you.”

Jackson stopped and looked at the short blonde girl like she was some sort of alien life form.

“You’ll find it more comfortable bare in the corner. It lets the heat out,” Mike told the other boy.

Jackson’s eyes flicked around and he saw that he could make an escape. He took the chance, he shot past an astonished Mike and Maddie, and ignoring the pain in his bottom pounded up the driveway and onto the street.

“Kim!” Mike protested. “He’s getting away!”

“I know,” Kimberley sighed. “You got your Frisbee back and he got spanked, so that’s something.”

“We would have gotten corner time, bare!’ Maddie insisted.

“I know, sweetie,” Kimberley said to her sister, ruffling the girl’s blonde hair fondly. “Why don’t we go out and play some Frisbee? I think I know where Mum has some ice cream and if you two behave we can have it afterwards.”

With a happy shout of, “Yay! Ice cream!” the two children followed their older sister out onto the street for a game of Frisbee.


“That little brat will know better than to tangle with my girl again!” Bruce Kennedy said proudly that evening when Kimberley and the twins related details of their adventure after their parents arrived home.

Kimberley blushed to the roots of her impeccably cared for blonde mane and said, “Thank you Daddy.”

“I wish I’d been here with Dustin,” Chelsea said softly. “He wouldn’t have let that kid get anywhere near Mike and Maddie.”

“True,” Bruce agreed grudgingly. He didn’t totally approve of Chelsea’s eighteen year-old boyfriend after he’d nearly gotten the girl involved in an illegal street race, but he had taken an intense punishment from Gabrielle and her employer Andrea Mahony for the incident and kept his nose clean since. What Chelsea had said was also correct, the boy could look after himself physically and he was quite protective of the youngest Kennedys. “Maybe we should look at getting you some boxing training or karate lessons, Mike,” Bruce suggested to his son.

“Oh cool, Dad!” Mike agreed enthusiastically, the boy’s head filled with images of himself as some sort of junior Chuck Norris.

“You weren’t able to get the boy’s surname, Kimmy?” Gabrielle asked.

Kimberley shook her head. “He wouldn’t tell me. Mike and Maddie knew his first name, but not the surname.”

“That’s a shame,” the blonde woman said. “I’d like to meet his parents. I’m sure they’d be interested to hear what sort of things their son gets up to when he thinks they don’t know.”

“We’d get spanked if we did anything like that,” Madeleine said firmly.

“Yes, you would, young lady,” Gabrielle confirmed. “If I had anything to do with it there would be two spankings, one from the mother of the children involved and one from me.”

Madeleine’s eyes widened and her hands went reflexively to the seat of her skirt.

Chelsea hugged her little sister. “There’d never be any need for that, Mum,” she assured her mother. “Maddie is too much of a sweetie for that to ever happen.”

Gabrielle smiled at her daughters and was nodding her head in agreement when the doorbell rang.

The blonde matriarch looked at the old-fashioned mantel clock above the open fireplace and said, “That must be Andrea for dinner. I’ll get it.”


Gabrielle had expected to see the tall, willowy form of her employer; the owner of the town’s most unique business the Spank Shop. However she was confronted not with Andrea Mahony, but a couple she did not know. A woman of average height and build with straight shoulder length light brown hair and muddy brown eyes stood on her doorstep accompanied by a slender bespectacled man with short dark hair. Gabrielle’s first thought was: ‘I really hope they’re not Jehovah’s Witnesses.’

In between the couple was a heavyset boy with a rebellious look in his eye. “Is that her?” the woman asked the boy.

He shook his head and said, “No, she was younger and shorter.”

The pieces were falling into place for Gabrielle, she arched an eyebrow and asked, “And you are?”

“Trudy Conway,” the woman answered aggressively. “This is my husband Dexter, and I believe your daughter assaulted my son earlier today.”

“Assaulted?” came an indignant cry from behind Gabrielle’s shoulder. “Did he happen to mention he stole my brother and sister’s Frisbee and beat up Mike when he tried to get it back?”

Trudy dismissed the accusation. Jackson gave an ‘as if’ look to his mother, but Dexter Conway frowned, that unfortunately did sound typical of his son’s behaviour. He then took a step backwards as Bruce Kennedy loomed up behind his wife. Dexter wasn’t a short man, but Bruce Kennedy towered over him and he had him covered for width as well.

“Is there a problem?” the big man asked.

“I want to sue your daughter for assault,” Trudy insisted.

“Gabrielle?” Bruce asked calmly. “Is Tania on your speed dial?”

Initially Gabrielle seemed a little confused, but then she smiled and answered, “Yes, dear I think Constable Wheeler’s number is programmed into my phone.”

The colour drained from Dexter Conway’s face and he tugged gently at his wife’s sleeve. “Honey, maybe we should just let this drop. It’s not like Jackson got hurt that badly.”

“Not hurt?” Trudy Conway said incredulously into her husband’s face. “Did you see his bottom? He’ll have to sleep on his stomach tonight. She hit him with a hairbrush!”

“Yeah Dad!” Jackson said loudly, rubbing the seat of his shorts to illustrate his point.


The fight was prevented from escalating by a soft cultured voice drawling from behind the Conways, “Have I arrived at a bad time?”

The Conways were introduced to Andrea, and Dexter was hard put not to ogle all of the women present. The town of Clarkstown certainly seemed to have more than it’s fair share of attractive females. Nearly every second woman Dexter Conway had seen since moving with his wife and son here could have doubled as a catalogue model for high fashion.

“I don’t want to presume on the Kennedy’s hospitality,” Andrea said once she had been apprised of events, “but maybe we’d all be more comfortable discussing this inside, rather than airing our dirty laundry in front of the street.”

“I agree,” Gabrielle said, and she and Bruce stood aside to allow everyone else to enter.

Gabrielle pointed out seats, and to Kimberley, Mike and Maddie’s amusement, Jackson elected to stand.

Once everyone, apart from Jackson, was sitting down Andrea suggested, “Maybe it would be best if everyone involved gives their own version of events,” seeing everyone open their mouths, Andrea continued, “Let’s start with Kimberley.”

“Mike and Maddie were playing out front. I was going to read on the patio,” Kimberley started. “Then I heard Maddie calling for me. She said that a big boy,” the girl shot a dirty look at Jackson, “had taken their Frisbee and knocked Mike over when he tried to get it back.”

“If Jackson took this Frisbee,” Trudy said acidly, “where is it now? He doesn’t have it.”

“Ummmm…I picked it up,” Mike broke in gently. “He threw it at Kim.”

“Oh that’s convenient,” Trudy said in a tone that indicated she clearly didn’t believe the story.

“Are you calling my son a liar?” Gabrielle demanded.

“Your daughter is a bully,” Trudy shot back.

“No, that’s your son!” Chelsea jumped in.

“You weren’t even there!” Jackson said to the sixteen year old.

“You little brat!” Chelsea turned on the boy. “Kim’s not the only one that can spank in this family.”

“People,” Andrea said firmly. “This really isn’t getting anyone anywhere. Can we please let Kimberley finish her story?”

Blushes were exchanged and Trudy’s lips tightened.

“Thank you, Aunty Andrea,” Kimberley said.

“Aunty?” Trudy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“All of our children have been taught to use aunt and uncle as a term of respect when addressing older friends of the family,” Bruce explained.

Trudy’s dismissive sniff showed what she thought of that custom.

“When I got outside,” Kimberley continued her story, determined to ignore Trudy Conway’s rudeness, “Mike was on the ground and Jackson was standing over him. I shouted and he ran. I took off after him and dragged him back here.”

“That was when Kim gave it to him good,” Maddie broke in excitedly.

“Where did you administer the spanking?” Andrea asked.

“On the patio, ma’am,” Kimberley answered respectfully.

Trudy shook her head and muttered, “She actually sounds proud of it.”

For his part Dexter seemed embarrassed. This wasn’t the first time he’d fielded complaints about Jackson’s behaviour, but it was the first time someone had taken decisive action over it. He wanted to back his wife and son, but everything the small blonde girl had said sounded right to him and if she was telling the truth then Jackson deserved the scorched rear end she’d given him.

“Now, young man,” Andrea said, turning her emerald eyes on a squirming Jackson. “Do you have anything to add? Does Miss Kimberley’s version of events tally with your own.”

“Sort of,” Jackson whispered, using the toe of his sneaker to poke at the Kennedy’s polished wooden floor.

“What was that, Jackson?” Andrea asked. “Speak up, sweetie. Not everyone could hear you.”

“Yes!” the boy said bitterly.

Andrea’s lips pursed and her eyes flashed at the tone, but she let it pass. “So Jackson has agreed that he took something that didn’t belong to him and hit someone smaller than him when they tried to retrieve their property. I think a spanking is an entirely appropriate response.”

The Kennedys nodded their heads and even Dexter found himself agreeing until he caught his wife’s furious glare and stopped himself from nodding.

“I can’t believe this!” Trudy hissed.

“Well, Kimberley probably should have contacted you first,” Andrea started.

“I couldn’t find out his surname, ma’am,” the girl said.

Trudy opened her mouth to argue further and Andrea saw the battle lines form. This was escalating badly and the Conways were outnumbered. Jackson’s behaviour needed to be discussed and the Conways needed to be shown how things worked in Clarkstown and that they could take an active hand in reforming the boy’s behaviour, but the Kennedys house was not the place to do that.

“May I suggest we discuss this further at a later date when tempers have cooled and we can do it on neutral ground,” Andrea said.

“Where?” Dexter asked with interest.

“I have a shop in town…” Andrea started.

“Oh you’re that Andrea!” Dexter exclaimed.

Andrea blushed gently. “It would seem my fame has preceded me.”

“What?” Trudy asked her husband. “Dexter how do you know this lady?”

“You know the shop in town. The Spank Shop. We’ve both seen it. I’ve heard people at work discuss it.”

Trudy’s eyes widened. “That’s you?” she asked Andrea. “You run that place?”

“Aunty owns it,” Kimberley said proudly.

“Yes, Kim is my receptionist and Gabrielle works for me part time.”

“Oh dear God!” Trudy said. “How do you see that as being neutral?”

“It’s about as close as you’ll find,” Bruce reasoned.

“It kind of is for Jackson,” Dexter said to his wife.

“Oh God! All right Dex, you make the arrangements.”

Dexter Conway nodded and gave his cell phone number to Kimberley. The girl input the details into her own smart phone and said, “I’ll call you with a time later Mr Conway.”


“Dexter!” Trudy hissed at her husband as Kimberley ushered them into Andrea’s sunlit parlour. “That girl out there had just been spanked!”

“Yes, her bottom was rather red,” Dexter agreed.

“She had to be at least twenty,” Trudy continued.

“Charlie is actually twenty three,” Andrea said.

“And you spanked her?” a stunned Trudy asked.

“Guilty as charged,” Andrea smiled, indicating a leather paddle with small holes in the surface that lay on the coffee table. “The silly little minx maxed out her father’s credit card without telling him. It’s a little immature, I know, but she won’t do it again in a hurry.”

“I’ll bet,” Dexter said.

“Please sit,” Andrea invited. “I’ll have Kim bring in some tea and get Gabrielle in here and we can discuss the events of Sunday.”

The Conways settled on a couch and looked at each other, while Andrea picked up a phone and requested, “Could we have some tea please, Kim and ask Gabrielle to join us.”


Gabrielle entered the room bearing a tea tray and a smile. She set the tray on the coffee table and arranged the pot, cups, a plate of biscuits and milk and sugar on the table and put the tray aside. She spotted the paddle and asked Andrea, “Would you like me to put that away, Andie?”

“Oh you’re a love Gabrielle, thank you very much. I’ll pour.”

Gabrielle carried the fearsome looking paddle to a large double door cabinet that dominated one wall. Dexter and Trudy watched curiously as Andrea poured tea. Colour drained from their faces as they glimpsed the array of paddles, straps and canes inside the cupboard while Gabrielle put the one in her hand away, before joining Andrea in a chair across from her by the fireplace, which in deference to the warm weather had not been lit this day.

“Thank you, Andie,” Gabrielle said with a smile, accepting the steaming cup from the chestnut haired woman and blowing on it to cool it before sipping.

Once everyone had been furnished with a cup of tea Andrea began the discussion.

“What happened with Jackson the other day, was that an isolated incident?”

“You mean does he go out to play and return home with a bruised bottom?” Trudy asked sarcastically.

Dexter rolled his eyes and shook his head despairingly. “Trude,” he chided his wife gently. “Don’t be so confrontational. No, Andrea it is not the first time Jackson’s been accused of bullying.”

“They were misunderstandings,” Trudy defended her son.

Dexter did not say anything, but his eyes went towards the ceiling.

“Does Jackson have a lot of these ‘misunderstandings’?” Andrea asked, sipping tea and keeping her eyes on Trudy Conway.

The woman didn’t answer, but sighed.

Andrea and Gabrielle exchanged a look and nodded.

“You must have other spirited kids here,” Dexter suggested diplomatically.

Andrea nodded. “You’re correct, Dexter.”

“Call me Dex, please,” the bespectacled man requested.

“Dex,” Andrea amended with a polite smile.  “We have a particular way of nipping anti social behaviour in the bud here in Clarkstown. Jackson experienced it firsthand at Kimmy’s hands…”

“Kimmy!” Trudy Conway snorted. “You make that little blonde horror sound so innocent.”

Gabrielle’s eyes flashed and she opened her mouth, but was quelled by a sharp look from Andrea and the realization that even if she was doing it unconsciously Trudy Conway was trying to provoke her. She’d clearly dealt with people accusing her son of things before, but never run into someone like Kimberley who was willing to do something about it.

“Kimberley was protecting her siblings in much the same way that you’re protecting Jackson, Trudy,” Andrea said to the woman. “To answer Dex’s question, Clarkstown is not immune from the scourge of bullying, although in most cases we can stop it before it becomes a problem.”

“So, a good spanking solves everything, is that it?” Trudy asked.

“How very perceptive of you, Trudy,” Gabrielle answered. “In my experience, and I have four children, children’s needs are few, but chief amongst them are love and discipline. Jackson clearly gets plenty of the first, but not enough of the second.”

“Now wait a minute,” Dexter interjected. “Jackson is punished.”

“Was he punished for the other day?” Andrea asked.

“Well, no, Miss Kennedy had already spanked him, so Tru…uhhhh…we thought it was enough.”

“How is he punished?” Gabrielle asked. “Clearly he doesn’t get spanked.”

“He’s sent to his room,” Trudy answered.

“So he stews in his room about what he’s done?” Gabrielle posed.

“Well, no, it’s not like that…” a flustered Trudy tried to explain.

Dexter let out a short bark of laughter. “He doesn’t stew at all.  He’s got a video game console set up in there. Last time I couldn’t even get him to come out for dinner!”
“I think we’re agreed that whatever is currently happening isn’t working,” Andrea said decisively.

“I’m not!” Trudy insisted.

“Do you like it when people come to you about ‘misunderstandings’ Trudy?” Andrea asked. “Are you proud of the reputation your son seems to be developing?”

“No,” Trudy said, lowering her eyes to stare at the surface of her tea.

“Jackson’s far from the first person to come to Clarkstown without discipline and be straightened out,” Andrea continued. “In fact he’s younger than some others and could be a really good boy if we have some productive discourse here.”

“Younger?” Dexter asked. “You don’t think that by eleven the behaviour is ingrained?”

“Oh not at all!” Andrea said. “There was a thirteen year old at the local high school who was terrorizing his classmates and we sorted him out.”

“Eric’s a lovely boy, now,” Gabrielle agreed. “Ryan’s in his twenties and was reduced to stealing before we got him here.”

“Another young man was close to embarking on a career as an illegal graffiti artist,” Andrea added.

“Don’t forget young Dustin,” Gabrielle said.

“And Trent was under house arrest when he and his mother moved here to Clarkstown.”

“And you spanked all these kids?” Dexter asked, the eyes behind his glasses wide.

“Well, I dealt with Eric the first time, Ryan was a bit of a group effort, Nicholas was my client, Dustin encountered both Gabrielle and I, and Kimberley was Trent’s initial disciplinarian. She tutors him now. He looks like getting a good pass when he graduates.”

“All of their behaviour has improved, even the kid under house arrest?” Trudy asked, interested despite herself. She was genuinely fed up with being contacted and having to defend Jackson’s behaviour.

“Oh yes,” Andrea assured the woman. “Sometimes all a parent needs is to be given some encouragement and positive reinforcement.”

“Positive reinforcement?” Dexter repeated.

“Children aren’t the only ones who need smacked bottoms,” Gabrielle said firmly.

The dark haired man’s eyes narrowed. “Surely you’re not suggesting that we be spanked?”

“You’re very perceptive, Dex,” Andrea complimented him.

“No,” Trudy said standing up. “It’s bad enough Jackson got spanked. You’re not spanking Dexter and I.”

Andrea shrugged. “That’s your decision, Trudy. Things can stay as they are, but I think I’m not overstating things when I say that I don’t think anyone is going to be the winner out of that long term.”

“Why do you want to spank us?” Dexter asked, keeping a hold on his wife’s wrist to stop her from storming out of the room.

“I don’t know if it’s so much a case of want to as feel we have to,” Andrea replied calmly.

“Have to?” Trudy echoed.

“We’re agreed Jackson needs to be reined in. Kim’s not the only one in this town who won’t be afraid to spank him if he bothers their offspring. If you’re going to start disciplining him more effectively….”

“Spanking,” Gabrielle clarified, her blue eyes studying the Conways.

“Yes, spanking, then you need to know how that feels, physically and emotionally. You don’t have to do it yourself. All three of us, Gabrielle, Kimberley and myself, would be happy to accept him as a client, but you do need to know how it feels and as I’m getting the impression that neither of you were spanked…”

“I wasn’t,” Trudy admitted.

“I got a few swats on the seat of my pants as a kid, but nothing like what Kimberley did to Jackson on Sunday,” Dexter confessed.

“The best course of action is to spank the two of you and let you know how it all works.”

Trudy looked at her husband and tears brimmed in her brown eyes. “We have to do this,” she whispered.

He nodded.

“It’s for Jackson,” Trudy said to herself.

“So when would this be done?” Dexter asked.

“Well,” Andrea said. “We’ve got you here now and I believe Kimberley cleared enough time for everything to be taken care of this afternoon. Does that suit?”

Trudy nodded numbly and Dexter found himself copying his wife, saying to himself. “I took the afternoon off work to get spanked. Unbelievable!”

“Jackson will appreciate it, Dex,” Gabrielle told him gently. “The three of you can have a good family discussion this evening about how things are going to be different now.”

“Payment? I heard that you do get paid for this,” Dexter queried.

“I do,” Andrea confirmed. “Kimberley looks after all of that. My rates aren’t particularly steep, though. Spankings are meant to hurt the bottom, not the back pocket,” the beautiful chestnut haired disciplinarian joked.

“You’re still okay with this, Trude?” Dexter asked his wife, who had gone very quiet.

Trudy nodded quickly, her upper teeth worrying her bottom lip.

Gabrielle produced two sheets of paper with pens and set them in front of the Conways. The couple looked at Andrea, the questions in their eyes.

“It’s a disclaimer,” Andrea said. “It basically says that you’ve agreed to this of your own free will and you won’t file an assault charges against me. I and any of my staff also abide by it in that we take every care to punish you firmly, but not abuse you.”

“Sounds fair,” Dexter said, looking over the form. “It also looks above board.” He then signed it quickly. Trudy watched her husband and then affixed a shaky signature to her own after Dexter’s had been signed.

Andrea gathered up the forms and said, “Gabrielle and I will retire to reception while you and Trudy prepare.”


“Get undressed,” Andrea explained. “Just down to underwear to begin with. There’s a bedroom and a bathroom though that door,” she pointed to a door off one side of the room. “You may feel the need to use the bathroom and it would be appreciated if you avail yourselves of the facilities. Accidents can be both embarrassing and messy.”

With their eyes wide the couple nodded.

Andrea and Gabrielle smiled at them and left the room, closing the door gently behind them.


Kimberley was bidding Charlie a cheerful farewell. The girl walked stiffly from the shop, a pained look on her face.

“Did they go for it?” Kimberley asked her mother and employer, her eyes shining with anticipation.

“Yes, Kimmy,” Andrea said, giving the signed permission forms to her receptionist. “They’re just getting ready in the parlour now.”

Kimberley nodded happily, accepted the forms, and picked up a hairbrush beside her computer keyboard, she ran it absently through her mane of golden hair in a reflex action. Gabrielle and Andrea shared a smile at the behaviour. Kimberley’s obsession with her hair could be amusing at times and Gabrielle had no idea where it came from. She looked after her hair, which was similar to her daughter’s, but was nowhere near the girl’s levels of concern about her own lustrous locks.

“You already had folders made for Trudy and Dexter Conway?” Andrea asked as Kimberley slipped the permission forms into two manila folders that were neatly labeled with the couple’s names.

“Uh huh,” Kimberley nodded, making some notations on one of her meticulously kept Excel spreadsheets.

“What if they hadn’t agreed?”

“Well, it doesn’t take long to label up a couple of folders and we have loads of them. Besides, Aunty, it was you and Mum they were talking to. You’re very persuasive when it comes to spanking.”

Gabrielle laughed and gave her daughter a quick hug. Andrea blushed and said, “Your faith in me is touching. Kimberley Susan.”

“Love you, Aunty,” Kimberley smiled. She opened her desk drawer and withdrew two hairbrushes. One was made of a dark dense wood called ebony, it was Andrea’s famed and feared Mrs Ebony. The other was made from mahogany. Gabrielle called that one Mama Mahogany, it had been her mother’s before her and had now warmed three generation of disobedient derrieres. “You’ll be needing these,” Kimberley said, holding them out to Gabrielle and Andrea.


“Are we insane?” Trudy asked Dexter after the two ladies had left the room.

“I’m not sure,” Dexter replied.

“Should we do it?”

“Do what?”

“Get undressed like Andrea said.”

Dexter winced. “We signed her form. I guess we better.”

“I don’t feel right about sending Jackson here to be spanked,” Trudy confessed.

“You do agree that he could use an occasional smacked bum, though?”

Trudy sighed. “Yes. It was just after what happened to me as a kid…”

“I know, hon’,” Dexter said, enfolding his wife in his arms.

“I thought if Jackson just stood up for himself he wouldn’t have to go through that.”

“Yeah, I think he took that message a little too far,” Dexter told Trudy. “To be totally honest I’ve thought he needed a spanking for a while. I know my parents would have if I’d done some of what he does.”

“Do you think this will help?”

“Well, it’ll give us some idea of what he’s in for. You don’t have to send him here. It seems like people in Clarkstown believe that the occasional sore bottom is good for kids.”

“If it’s given with love…”

“It will be, darling, it will be,” Dexter assured his wife.

“I need to visit the loo,” Trudy said, turning to the door Andrea had said led to the bathroom.


“Do you want me to get the tea things?” Kimberley asked in reception.

“Oh yes please, dear,” Andrea told the girl. “You can check on Dexter and Trudy while you’re in there, too.”

“No problem,” Kimberley said with a grin as she went into the parlour to clean up and get an idea of how things were progressing with the shop’s two newest customers.


Dexter had just removed his shirt when Kimberley entered. He looked across startled and went red when he saw that it was the little blonde receptionist. “Where’s Trudy?” the girl asked as she placed cups and saucers on the tray.

Dexter inclined his head to the door.

Kimberley nodded. “If you’re at all nervous,” the girl said to the man. “Then you should go too. I don’t know what it is about being told you’re going to get a spanked bottom, but it always makes you want to go. Aunty also gets very cross if anyone wets over her lap and you really don’t want her mad at you, especially when you’re being spanked by her.”

“Uhhh no…quite right,” a clearly embarrassed Dexter Conway agreed, casting nervous glances at the bedroom door. To his immense relief it opened and Trudy emerged. His wife had taken time to undress down to her bra and panties after relieving herself.

“Oh thank God, Trudy!” Dexter gasped and raced past his wife to visit the bathroom.

“He must have really needed to go,” Kimberley remarked benignly as she picked up the tray. “They’re nice underthings, Mrs Conway,” she complimented the woman.

Trudy blushed, but said, “Thank you, dear.”

Kimberley rolled her eyes, so many of the adults were like this. They simply didn’t realize that once they signed the form the dynamic changed and she was no longer an eighteen year old receptionist, but someone that they had to treat as a person in authority. “It’s Miss Kimberley until Aunty or Mum say otherwise, Trudy. The bra and knickers are good. They’ve got some decoration, so they look cute, but they’re not at all scandalous. I think Mum and Aunty Andrea will approve, young lady.”

Being told that she had to call a teenage receptionist who was almost young enough to be her daughter, Miss and then being called ‘young lady’ by that very same girl was both annoying and humiliating for Trudy. She still couldn’t forget that Kimberley had spanked her son without permission just a few days earlier. However there was something in the little blonde’s blue eyes that told her arguing was not only futile, it could also prove to be a considerably foolish course of action.

Trudy swallowed hard, fought down her indignation and murmured, “Yes, Miss, thank you.”

Kimberley allowed herself a small victory smile and said, “Aunty and Mum will be in soon. They may be pleased if you’re in a corner facing the wall when they enter.”


“Dexter is in the bathroom,” Kimberley told her mother and Andrea when she came back into reception. “Trudy’s already in her bra and panties, she’s visited the loo, as well. I’ll go in and collect their clothes and make sure they’re ready and waiting for after their smackings.”

“What was their mood like?” Andrea asked the girl.

“Dexter is okay, a bit embarrassed, but that’s normal. Trudy’s a little defiant, although she called me Miss when I told her to. She’s got nice undies.”

“Oh really?” Gabrielle asked her daughter.

“Yes, they’re pink and white. The pink is around the edges and the straps, it’s kind of lacy. The rest is white.”

“They’re decent?” Andrea asked.

Kimberley made a face, which she hid from Andrea. She’d never quite understood her employer’s issues with racy lingerie. She knew a thong would get her spanked at home, and she found them pretty tasteless anyway, but there was nothing wrong with some sexy underthings. They made her feel good wearing them and her boyfriend definitely appreciated them. “Yes, ma’am,” she answered politely. “If you get a chance can you or Mum ask where she got them? I’d like a set.”

Gabrielle giggled and mimed spanking Kimberley, saying playfully, “Naughty girl!”

“Mum!” Kimberley exclaimed with a bright blush.


“Corners already?” Andrea asked as she entered her parlour, ebony hairbrush in hand and saw that Dexter and Trudy Conway dressed only in their underwear were standing in opposite corners, facing the wall. “We’re off to a wonderful start.”

Gabrielle put her mahogany hairbrush down on the coffee table with a gentle click, she saw Dexter’s discarded shirt on the back of the couch, picked it up and ferried it into the bedroom for Kimberley to collect and fold, then she settled herself down on the same sofa.

“Ki…uhhh…Miss Kimberley,” Trudy started softly. “Said we should get…ummm…in the corners, ma’am.”

“Miss Kimberley was very right,” Andrea said. “You have pleased Aunty by taking her well meant advice and behaving in a mature and obedient manner, but we still have a couple of little bottoms to get good and hot this afternoon.”

Dexter felt his cheeks catch fire and his member spring to attention at Andrea’s words. He’d never thought that the idea of being spanked would turn him on, but something about the tall, willowy woman’s words and the way she said it was definitely pushing his buttons.

“You may both turn around and face us. We can tell you a little about what we have planned.”

The Conways turned at the command. Trudy looked across and saw the tell tale bulge in her husband’s briefs. “Dexter!” she hissed.

He dropped his head and whispered, “I can’t help it!”

Andrea looked at the highly embarrassed man and said, “I do understand Dexter, in fact I’m a little flattered, however I don’t want a lap full of semen, now you have a choice to make here. If you think you can prevent yourself from losing control over my lap we can just see how things go. I will let you know at this point, though, if you fail to control yourself I will be most displeased and I will take out that displeasure on your bottom. Alternatively you can visit the bathroom and take care of it yourself.”

At about the same time Andrea said how displeased she would be if he exploded while on her lap and that she would take her annoyance out on his defenceless buttocks Dexter sighed in relief and shame as his erection shriveled rapidly.

Andrea smiled.  “Lovely.”

“I wish it was always that easy,” Gabrielle said softly.

“Now as you can see there are two of us, and by happy coincidence two of you. After a little discussion between ourselves, Gabrielle and I have come to an agreement about how best to do this. Dexter, you’ll be with me, sweetheart.”

“That means I’ll be taking care of you, I’m afraid, Trudy,” Gabrielle said to the young mother, who felt her knees go a little weak at the thought of putting her tender backside at the mercy of the tall, extremely fit looking Clarkstown matriarch.

“Come to Aunty,” Andrea said to Dexter and he shuffled over to her side. “Good boy.”

Trudy licked her lips nervously and made her way carefully to Gabrielle’s side. “Good girl,” Gabrielle complimented her. “We’ll soon make a proper Clarkstown Mum of you, darling.”

Trudy turned her head at a soft noise and saw Andrea take hold of Dexter’s wrist, place a hand in the small of his back and expertly turn him over her thighs. She put an arm around his waist and leaning close to him, whispered something congratulatory in his ear, then lifted his legs up onto the couch, so that he was fully supported. “Scoot up a little,” Andrea urged gently as she shifted the man into position on her lap so that his bottom was centred.

“Over Aunty Gabrielle’s lap,” Gabrielle urged Trudy.

Awkwardly Trudy draped herself over the tall blonde’s knees. “Now we’ll just lift you up,” Gabrielle cooed, lifting the other woman’s legs easily. “Kim wanted me to ask you, Trudy, where did you get the underwear? She was quite taken with the set. I have to admit it is rather nice.”

The bizarreness of the situation hit Trudy. She was a grown woman with a husband and a child, yet she was over the lap of another woman not that much older than her, she was dressed only in her underwear and the woman who was going to spank was asking her for the name of shop she had purchased the lingerie from because her eighteen year old daughter wanted to get a set like it! Then she added in the little fact that her husband was in the same room and over the knees of another woman not that much older than him about to get his behind smacked like a naughty pre teen. She tried to stammer a reply, she couldn’t think of anything coherent, let alone remember where she bought her underwear and she burst into tears.

“Oh sweetheart,” Gabrielle said in warm maternal tones. “It’s all got to you, hasn’t it? That can happen with first timers, no matter whether they’re six years old or thirty-six. You just relax over Aunty’s lap and I’ll give you something to cry and think about. A fierce little warm up on the seat of your pretty panties should do you a world of good. We all need to let go and cry once in a while.”


Dexter’s initial thoughts about spanking were that it wasn’t so bad. He was over the lap of a very attractive woman, he could feel her firm, muscular, warm thighs under him and she was gently squeezing and fondling his cheeks under his briefs. Dexter had never felt a desire to be spanked as such, but he did have one babysitter that he had a crush on. He wasn’t a badly behaved kid, but he did occasionally cheek her, she playfully threatened to spank him, but never followed through. He wasn’t the only local kid she sat for and a couple of them had said she did spank them if they were naughty. Apparently their parents agreed to it. He stayed over at the house of one of those friends one night when the girl was sitting for them, and before her parents went out for the evening, his friend’s mother said to the babysitter, “You know where the hairbrush is and what to use it for.”

His red-faced friend had confessed that she spanked him with it. They’d both behaved that night, but even all these years after some small part of Dexter wished they’d made the girl use his friend’s mother’s hairbrush.
A dull smacking sound and the feel of a hard feminine palm impacting on one of his cheeks brought him back to the here and now. The sting of the opening slap had just started to be felt when Andrea delivered a second one. He tried to ready himself for the third spank when Trudy’s outraged yell hit the air.


For the next few minutes the cozy parlour was filled with the sound of stern palms smacking down hard across tight buttocks in pink and white panties and plain white briefs.

The other sound was the reactions of the occupants of Gabrielle and Andrea’s laps. Trudy was crying even before Gabrielle started spanking, once the slaps began to fall, stinging her tender derriere, she began to yell and wail, her legs kicked wildly and she bucked up and down.

Gabrielle had to admit that she was a little surprised, although she shouldn’t have been. Trudy Conway had never before been spanked, and apparently her son was quite a baby when he’d been over Kim’s lap, at least that was what the twins had told her scornfully.

The tall blonde shook her head, but said, “That’s it darling, you have a good hard cry. Just give in to it all. You can struggle all you like, but you’re not getting off my lap until I think you are well and truly roasted young lady, and while this is happening you can think on how helpless you are and that more than a few of your son’s victims have probably experienced that same feeling.”

The next blistering volley from Gabrielle’s palm set off a flood of tears from Trudy, and a few wet sniffles signaled that her nose was also running. Gabrielle smiled, she looked down at the desperately writhing woman over her lap and could see red peeking out from the edges of her panties, and knew that heat and sting was building nicely.


“I don’t mind if you cry, you know,” Andrea told Dexter as she paused briefly to gauge the heat coming through the thin material of his underpants. “I rather expect it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dexter gasped, trying to recall if anything had ever felt like this before. His rear end felt like he’d been given an entire course of injections in it. He pitied the local youngsters that came her for Andrea’s ministrations, but at the same time he was thinking that Jackson’s behaviour had gotten him and Trudy into this and if he had anything to do with it the young man would be making a journey to the shop in the near future to meet with Andrea on the same intimate terms.

“You can call me Aunty, too,” Andrea informed her client. “Many do, it sounds so cozy. I quite like it.”

“Yes, Aunty!” Dexter yelped as she attacked the seat of his briefs again with a rapid-fire series of spanks, those ones had really stung and he knew that she’d put something extra into them.

Andrea heard the grunts as Dexter worked to control the pain and she saw the scarlet stain spreading from his bottom to his legs just beneath the snug briefs and went after his upper thighs. That broke the floodgates and started the tears flowing, it also put a broad grin on Andrea’s face.


Gabrielle slipped a hand under Trudy’s panties, ignoring the woman’s startled squawk and felt the freshly spanked cheeks. “Oh yes,” she sighed. “They’re simmering nicely.”

“Yes, I think Dexter is just about done, too,” Andrea said, delivering a few more ringing slaps to the wriggling buttocks over her thighs.

“It’s time to dispense with these,” Gabrielle announced, and began to slide Trudy’s panties over her hot pink backside and down her legs.

“What?” Trudy yelped, but to her credit did not try to prevent Gabrielle from baring her bottom.

“That was just the warm up, darling,” Gabrielle informed the distressed woman as she twisted the panties around Trudy’s knee hollows. “Now we’ve got you nice and hot it’s time for the real spanking to begin and that has to happen on the bare bottom.”

“Bare bottom?’ Dexter said with concern as Andrea began to lower his briefs.

“All proper spankings are administered to the bare bottom,” Andrea said calmly, her hand curling around the handle of her favourite ebony hairbrush.

Gabrielle picked up her own mahogany hairbrush and told Trudy, “Kim spanked young Jackson on his bare bottom.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Trudy said, feeling gooseflesh rise all over her glowing situpon. “He told us that.”

“We let you keep your underwear on for the warm up,” Andrea said, raising the brush, “because you’re new to all this and you are adults, but normally I spank on the bare from the get go. Now you’ve been properly primed it’s time for the hairbrushes to do what they do best on unprotected flesh.”

“Hairbrush!” was all Dexter and Trudy had time to exclaim in alarm before the hard flat backs of Andrea and Gabrielle’s favoured weapons of choice cracked smartly across their now bare cotton candy pink bottoms.


Andrea and Gabrielle spanked steadily, the brushes rising and falling in tandem. The counterpoint to loud cracking and smacking of Mrs Ebony and Mama Mahogany was the yelling and howling of Trudy and Dexter Conway as they were given a truly memorable introduction to Andrea and Gabrielle’s very good friends.

In no time at all both Trudy and Dexter’s hindquarters had gone from a bright hot pink to a shimmering scarlet. They kicked and squirmed and wailed like two naughty adolescent brats being given a long overdue tanning.

As she suffered under Gabrielle’s brush Trudy wondered if this was at all similar to what Kimberley did to Jackson, she also reflected on all the times that she’d had to defend her son’s behaviour and that they both deserved what had befallen them.

Dexter roared and bucked and squirmed and tried to think of anything to quench the fires that Andrea was stoking on his burning buttocks. Like his wife he felt in some ways that he had only himself to blame for this. He had seen what his son was turning into and he hadn’t said anything or tried to stop it from happening He had buried his head in the sand and hoped that the problem would go away. He was now being taught by the formidable Andrea Mahony that this course of action rarely worked and could have painful consequences.

Andrea caught Gabrielle’s eye and the two women nodded at each other. That was the signal for them both to go after the sit spots and upper thighs with their brushes. Trudy and Dexter howled as the fires in those tender areas had just begun to die down before Andrea and her partner in crime reignited them.


At length Andrea and Gabrielle set their brushes down and let the occupants of their laps sob and come to the realization that this portion of their punishment was over. Dexter was the first to realize what had happened. He twisted to look up at Andrea through eyes blurred by tears.

“Yes, darling boy,” Andrea told him warmly. “You’ve been well hairbrushed. Now you can get up and have a little dance then go into the corner.”

Dexter painfully clambered off Andrea’s lap and did a little dance on the spot, while he rubbed his superheated rear end. Andrea hid a smile. She always felt she had done a good job if when the boy got off her lap to dance he didn’t even think about the fact that he was completely exposed to her and only wanted to rub the bottom she had just roasted.

“I think that’s enough, sweetheart,” Andrea said as she saw Gabrielle assisting a weeping Trudy to her feet.

With effort Dexter removed his hands from his battered behind, knowing that to not do so would elicit a response from Andrea that he wouldn’t find at all pleasant. Andrea reached into a dish on the coffee table and held out a ribbon with a small bell attached to it.

Dexter’s eyebrows rose as he wondered what this was. “Now, Dexter,” Andrea said primly. “Aunty wants you to place this on the wall and then put your nose on the ribbon. If it drops, I will hear it ring and then you and I will go outside to cut a switch. Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dexter said, nodding vigorously. Cutting a switch to be used on his backside was about the last thing in the world he actually wanted to do. He also doubted that Andrea would let him pull his underpants back up before going out to cut the switch either.


Trudy stood across from Andrea, both hands clamped to her own blazing buns while Gabrielle alternately lectured and used a tissue to clean her face and the ends of her hair which had snot and saliva in it and some strands had been stuck to her cheeks. It was a common occurrence during a sound spanking. Gabrielle was a little annoyed with herself for forgetting to tie Trudy’s hair back before getting her over the lap.

Gabrielle cleaned the ends of the hair as best she could, then took a ribbon from the dish that held the bells and spun Trudy around, she couldn’t help having a feel of the woman’s boiling rear end and even told her playfully that she could fry eggs on them. She tied the hair back so that it wouldn’t become further fouled and gave a belled ribbon to Trudy with the same instructions as Andrea had given Dexter.

Both ladies smiled as once their charges had hobbled across the room to the corners, their progress impeded by the twisted underwear around their legs as well as their aching bottoms, they pressed into the corners and sobbed quietly while they concentrated on holding the ribbons in place as they did not want to cut switches.


“I think that’s sufficient cool down time,” Andrea said firmly. “You may both turn around.”

Trudy and Dexter obediently did as told.

Gabrielle noticed hands going towards bottoms, she rose from the couch, took the bells from the couple and then ordered, “Hands on heads. Aunty Andrea and I did not go to all the trouble of heating your little posteriors up just to have you rub it away.”

Both the Conways winced, but obeyed Gabrielle, she had not said she’d punish further if they didn’t follow her orders, but they were in very little doubt that she possibly would. Dexter became acutely aware that he was nude and fully exposed, at least Trudy still had her bra on and she was a woman like Andrea and Gabrielle, for him it was more embarrassing.

Andrea motioned to two items on the coffee table. They were clear plastic paddles. They were rectangular in shape and small enough to still be used over the knee. The hairbrushes lay nearby. Trudy and Dexter were almost willing to bet that those large ovals shaped objects were probably still steaming from what they’d done to their still aching rear ends.

“Would either of you like to hazard a guess as what Gabrielle and I have added to the table?” Andrea asked.

Trudy dropped her head.

Dexter cleared his throat. “They’re paddles ma’am.”

“Very good Dexter,” Andrea said.

“Do you know what they’re made of, dear?”

“Plastic, miss?”

“A type of plastic,” Andrea agreed. “It’s called lexan. It’s a light material, but very dense. It’s become a popular material for spanking paddles for a number of reasons. It’s light, but dense, so you can really swing it hard. It creates a stinging, burning bottom, but because it is so light it lessens the chance of bruising. They also come with holes in them, those can blister if not used carefully. You both need a little more, but you don’t required blistered behinds, so as you can see the paddles on the table are solid. They come in various colours, but I tend to prefer the clear ones because I can see the effect it’s having as I spank and I do like seeing the red through the paddle, it’s rather novel.”

“Ummm….why are we getting the paddle, ma’am?” Trudy ventured. “Jackson didn’t say Miss Kennedy paddled him.”

Andrea regarded the woman with the tear stained face and answered, “That’s not really a bad question, Trudy and I admit it probably does seem a little unfair. I’ll explain a little about my own spanking philosophy, darling. Most people who are sent here get a warm up by hand and then have an implement used. I prefer a hairbrush, but as you can see I have a number of things at my disposal; wooden spoons, straps, even canes and of course paddles. Variety is the spice of life and there will be times that someone like young Jackson is sent to me and instead of the hairbrush I may decide he needs a taste of the paddle. This size lexan is ideal for a boy like Jackson. I won’t give anyone something I haven’t personally experienced at least once and I think it’s good for the parents to have that same experience.”

“You expect us to send Jackson here, ma’am?” Trudy asked.

“That’s up to you, Trudy,” Gabrielle answered for her friend and employer. “Jackson does need firm discipline. If you think you’re up to it, then by all means I encourage you to spank him when his behaviour warrants it, but he’ll get a proper tanning here and as you and Dexter now know Andrea and I are only too capable of providing that, Jackson’s already experienced Kim’s lap. It does a child good to have experience of more than one spanker.”

“It couldn’t hurt that next time Jackson needs it we get another lesson on how to best go about it from Andrea or Gabrielle, Trudy,” Dexter said to his wife.

“Do we have to go back over your laps for the paddle, miss?” Trudy asked as she thought about what her husband had said. After what had happened to her this afternoon she was thinking that her son was in for a rude awakening next time he stepped too far out of line.

“I think that would be best,” Andrea said decisively and patted her own lap.

Trudy and Dexter obediently lay over the laps of Gabrielle and Andrea and tried to relax their still steaming hindquarters for those evil looking paddles as Andrea and Gabrielle picked them up and poised them for action.

“I’d like it if you would both count,” Andrea said, admiring the firm twitching rump in her lap. “We don’t want to lose count and paddle you too much.”


“One!” Dexter and Trudy wailed.

Gabrielle and Andrea brought those lexan paddles swinging down to smack firmly across the mature cheeks and had the married couple bawling and blubbering like naughty children and their buttocks blistering hot.

Once the Conways had roared and sobbed “Twelve!” Andrea and Gabrielle put the paddles aside and gathered the crying adults up into their laps and held them and rocked them and even rubbed their burning bottoms soothingly before allowing them up and letting them go to wash their faces and dress again.


“Where do I get a brush l like yours, Andie?” a wincing Trudy asked as she was accompanied to the door of the parlour by the chestnut haired disciplinarian.

Andrea smiled as she watched Dexter pull his credit card out of his wallet and hand it to a smiling Kimberley. “Ask Kimmy, she handles things like that. I think she may be able to source something if not the same will be of comparable quality.”

“Can I bring it for use on Jackson when it’s needed?”

“You most certainly can. A few of our mothers do that. We even have some who send their naughty darlings with their method of execution.”

Trudy nodded and murmured, “You may be able to add a new client to your books quite soon, Andie.”

“Oh, I look forward to my lap making the acquaintance of that bottom. I think young Jackson’s bullying days are numbered.”


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