Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Good Spanking - All Dressed Up or Down

After another hot and busy week here we are again with some more of Aunty's musings on various aspects of spanking with another A Good Spanking entry.

I prefer to spank bare and as many know I often like to have my recipients dressed in neck to knee aprons that I call spanking aprons. These preserve modesty, but at the same time humiliate the recipient and put them in what I feel is the right frame of mind to accept their chastisement.

This picture from Femme Fatale illustrates that:

However not everyone spanks on the bare bottom right from the get go. Some don't even bare the bottom fully. Here we have a rather fun example from the always entertaining Sarah Gregory:

I do wonder exactly why the groom is spanking his bride. If he looked older I'd think it may be her father and they're recreating this scene from Father of the Bride.

This particular shot of the lovely Elizabeth Taylor over the lap of her father (Spencer Tracy) appeared on publicity stills for the movie, but never made it onto the screen. I've now done exactly what I warned Kimberley against recently and gone off track. Maybe there are two spankings needed here. One for me and the other for whoever did the publicity for the film and probably enticed more than a few people into seeing it with false advertising.

In both cases, and I believe in Sarah's her dress was eventually lifted, spanking over a wedding dress is an exercise in pointlessness. There are a lot of layers to those things and you'd have to spank very hard and very long for it to make much of an impact on a naughty young bride.

Other people like to spank on panties. I know my faithful follower NJSpank is very much an advocate of panty spankings.

Illustrated here by CF Shots:

Now these wonderfully tight little shorts are also the perfect colour for a good spanking and the spanker is doing the right thing by spanking as low down as she possibly can. That pert posterior will be nicely reddened by the time those bright red pants are peeled down.

Then of course there is bare. If you're like me bare is best, but there are degrees of bare.

There's nude like this scene from Girl Spanks Girl:

I quite like that one, but that's probably because I'm rather partial to a spanking with both participants nude.

Then there's this one also from Girl Spanks Girl that someone else made me include. When you see it, you'll know who:

Just like with the panty shot, the pretty pj's are the perfect colour, they act as a wonderful colour guide. The one problem I have with drop seats is that, while they are really super cute and the flap allows easy access for spanking any time, unless they're quite baggy and loose it's not all that easy to give the upper thighs a good going over and as readers here know that's an area I insist gets a good bit of attention.

You also have this sort of bare from Premium Spanking:

This shot featuring the marvelous Rosaleen Young is the very picture of a proper school girl spanking. She's come home with a bad report card or something similar and Mummy has pulled her over the lap, lifted her skirt, used the bottom of her blouse to hold her in place, lowered the regulation white school knickers and administered a good old fashioned bottom reddening.

While I tend to start bare, you can have your cake and eat it too, as this layered spanking from Red Stripe Films demonstrates:

It begins over those snug jodhpurs (this seems to be filmed in a stable, hence all the hay bales, so it's reasonable to assume she's wearing riding clothes).

They come down and it continues over panties. You can see some tell tale redness around the edges.

And finally she's as bare as the day she was born. Getting nicely red too.

I hope you all had as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

If I may get a quick plug in, too. This is our first month nominating a deserving male as the SotY. Still plenty of time to get votes in, but do remember that February is a shortened month.


  1. Well, it goes without saying (or it should) that I agree with you, Aunty. Bare is the ONLY way to spank a deserving bottom. Of course, getting there is half the fun. That last one with Sarah Bright and Ten Amorette is quite involved but satifying in the end (pun intended). ;-)

    I still have not seen any male (yet anyway, maybe the Olympics will provide us with one or more examples) that it more deserving of a good hiding than that little punk Justin Bieber. He remains my nominee...


  2. Oh my dear Aunty,

    Yes I am a true lover of a long panty spanking but I do understand the need for the bare bottom to be tended too. I just enjoy for me the build up and I find a pant or dress spanking to start as just so lovely but a long time over the panty for me is the initiative to get to the bare bottom. But must admit, I always bring the panty back up for a warm down finish.......just who I am.

    Love this post, thank you

  3. Thank you both for commenting, and if there's anything you'd like to see me discuss please let me know and I'll see what I can do.