Thursday, 27 February 2014


If the title doesn't give it away it's time to announce our Spankee of the Month for February.

I didn't receive many formal votes, but the overwhelming consensus seemed to be that our very first ever male Spankee of the Year nominee should be none other than Justin Bieber.

When the world first encountered the YouTube sensation he looked like this.

It's not hard to see why young women all over the world fell in love with that fresh face. He's so incredibly cute. You just want to take him home and mother him. His hair also sparked a worldwide craze among young men trying to emulate him.

As he grew up both voice and features matured. He changed his hairstyle to something more grown up and even I can't deny that he is a very good looking young man. This particular pose is rather reminiscent of a young James Dean.

Following the path that so many other young stars have trod (Last years winner of the SotY Miley Cyrus immediately springs to mind) he attempted to distance himself from the earlier clean cut image. He changed the hairstyle again, got himself a bunch of tattoos and has recently been arrested on DUI charges. It is very sad and no doubt images like this one:

are what earned him the rather dubious distinction of being our first male SotY nominee.

I find it rather sad, but I do think that given his age (he's 20) and confused state of mind that a good long session over the laps of myself or one of our other capable spankers (Gabrielle, Maria and Kimberley) may be able to put him straight. Being spanked by young Kimberley Susan may very much be a wake up call, considering that she's two years his junior.

Aunty Andrea XXXX

P.S: next month I'm looking for a spanker (female), so get your thinking caps on and nominate some famous lady with a strong right arm and a hard hand to set some of these naughty young celebrities straight.


  1. I daresay if you give the nod to Kimberly in advance, you'll likely have a fight on your hands. Even though I agree completely with your observation, I would imagine the other ladies would all be quite eager to get young Biebs over their laps for some correctional therapy. Perhaps all four could take turns (with different implements. I'll bet a lexan paddle would make a "good impression") or maybe you could have a contest, winner take all and Biebs wouldn't sit for a week. Maybe arm-wrestling to see who has the strongest arm? ;-)


  2. A worthy choice.... I nominate both of the very athletic and strong armed Williams sisters. I'm sure a tennis tanning or two would bring the miscreant back to his proper size britches.....

  3. Thank you both so much. I think he's a very worthy nominee. Be lovely to see him side by side with the equally naughty Miss Cyrus howling as they're both taken care of.