Sunday, 2 February 2014

February Update from Kimberley Susan

February already? No, that won't do! I absolutely refuse to accept this! What happened to January?

It will be Valentine's Day before we know it and they already have Hot Cross Buns in the shops now. Here at The Spank Shop we have Hot Cross Buns all year round, though, they're just a little different to what you'd think.

An actual Hot Cross Bun. That makes me hungry too.

The other sort of 'Hot Cross Buns' from Momma Spankings. Now my palm is itchy.

I'd better get on with it or Aunty will get cross and make my buns hot. We've got the usual line up this month. Seegee should have a new adventure of the shop, featuring our newest employee. We have a new author debuting and Aunty says that should happen later this week. We'll also have more A Good Spanking articles as we get time and inclination to post them.

Now, we'll also have another nominee for the SotY. This time we're asking you to nominate a deserving male celebrity. The stipulations are as usual, the person needs to be be a genuine worldwide celebrity and can be nominated for any reason, even if you just want to see their bottom spanked. I have someone in mind already, his name starts with Justin and ends with Bieber, but please don't let me influence your decision.

Aunty has asked me to stress that she (and I) really want your participation in this. It's your award as much as it is ours.

What happens when you forget to nominate an SotY and Aunty catches up with you as this young lady  is finding out to her eternal regret.

That's about all from me. We are as usual horrendously busy. Until next month keep on spanking!

Kimberley Susan XXX.


  1. Hi, Kim,

    Well aren't you full of good news? I suppose it's a waste of time to nominate JB, although I honestly can't think of anyone else who REALLY needs a good spanking as much as he does.

    I still haven't read "Partners in Crime" or the four-part "Hairbrush" one and you propose to saddle me with more reading? AND commenting? Here's wishing you some hot crossed buns of your own... ;-(

    Just kidding...


    1. I think the recent heat got to young Kimberley a little bit. Am I to take it that you're nominating young Justin for February, Phil?

    2. You bet! And of course, I would NEVER wish anything untoward happening to Kimberly's buns, hot or otherwise... ;-)


  2. So my dear Kimberley, it has been a long time since we read about you getting your bottom warmed......or warming a bottom