Thursday, 13 February 2014

'The Spank Shop 42 - Maria'

Just in time for Valentine's Day Seegee has a gift for everyone. The 42nd Spank Shop story. The shop gains a new employee.

Young Brandon meets the shop's newest spanker.

A beautiful koa wood hair brush. I wonder what it will be named?

Maria gives a lesson in employee relations.

Maria Sculiatta smiled at the glowing red bottom in the corner, used a tissue from the box next to her chair to mop her perspiring forehead, and then settled back to admire her handiwork on the buttocks of the freshly spanked boy.

It was at times like this that the mother of four, and part time medical receptionist, reflected on the sheer unbelievability of her second part time job, and the existence of the place that employed her.

Where else could one get a job spanking naughty bottoms of people you barely knew? Where else other than Clarkstown, with its strangely old fashioned morality and values and deep sense of community could a place like Andrea Mahony’s Spank Shop even exist?

The shop and its existence did bring to mind a story Maria’s mother had told her about a young Canadian woman in the early years of the 20th century who had agreed to chastise the buttocks of deserving children for a fee. Maybe Andrea had heard the same story and that was what inspired her to open her rather unique business.

It was interesting that Maria wound up working for Andrea, even on a part time basis, because she had never used the shop’s services. When Andrea had first hung up her shingle, the devoted wife and mother had been dismissive of the businesses chances of even surviving. It had not only survived, it thrived.

At home Maria handed out the spankings to her four children, two boys and two girls, she had no need of Andrea’s services. Her attitude towards the shop, although she had no intention of patronizing it, changed a little when Gabrielle Kennedy started working there three days a week.

Gabrielle was a respected pillar of the community in Clarkstown, and like Maria, if any of her four, from the pre teen twins Maddie and Mike to the older girls sixteen year old Chelsea and even eighteen year old Kimberley, needed some old fashioned discipline Gabrielle provided it in the form of a very hot bottom over her lap.

The Kennedy family’s association with the Spank Shop started when eldest girl Kimberley accepted a job as receptionist, although Gabrielle and Andrea knew each other from the tennis club and church prior to that. Even once Gabrielle came on board, and with Kimberley assuming some bottom tanning duties when her very capable mother wasn’t available, they still struggled to keep up with demand.

All four of Maria’s children occasionally came home with tales of one or the other of their friends being sent to the Spank Shop for some misdeed and the reports from the parents of said young miscreant were generally very positive about the experience. Maria still turned her four over her ample lap and applied the maternal hand of correction to their little bottoms when it was required, rather than farming the duty out to the Spank Shop’s trio of spankers for hire. Maria did have to admit as her kids grew it became a much less frequent occurrence and chastisements decreased from a weekly event to a monthly or even less.

When the youngest of her four entered his teens Maria realized that she wasn’t needed at home so much and decided to get some part time work. It would give her some money of her own, something to do, people that weren’t connected with her family or her kids in some way to talk to, and she could even help with the household expenses, which up until then had been the sole responsibility of her husband as the family breadwinner.

Before marrying Maria had worked as a receptionist in a dental office, but the Clarkstown dentist was well provided for as regards a receptionist, in fact the girl was also a qualified nurse, so no luck there, but that was when Dr Rosalie Sutcliffe’s receptionist got married and moved away.

Rosalie Sutcliffe was a psychologist and required a receptionist for three days a week, she spent the other two out of the office, visiting patients that couldn’t attend sessions in her office. She and Maria hit it off well at the interview and the maternal Italian woman was duly hired.

Patients liked her too, and that was how she once again became aware of the Spank Shop. One of Dr Sutcliffe’s regular patients was a lovely man by the name of Malcolm Deveson. Part of his therapy was attending the Spank Shop every so often. Maria didn’t know exactly what it entailed, but she assumed Andrea spanked the man. Maria had even been asked on more than one occasion to make the appointment for him.

Her experience of the shop had been positive. Kimberley had always been a responsible and intelligent girl, she had babysat for the Sculiatta kids on more than one occasion, and that had given Maria a high opinion of the level headed teenager. She was much the same as a receptionist, efficient, helpful and polite.

On one occasion when Maria rang she had sounded flustered, and Maria asked what the problem was. Kimberley had confessed that without her mother in that day the shop was run off its feet, and Kimberley didn’t know how she was going to manage reception and fit a few clients in just to help Andrea, who she generally referred to as ‘Aunty’, out.

That set Maria to wondering as she set the phone down. Her oldest was now seventeen and more than capable of helping out a little more around the house as well as marshaling her younger siblings to do the same. Maybe Maria could work full time. Rosalie only needed her three days a week and by happy coincidence her two days off were the same ones that Gabrielle Kennedy didn’t work at the Spank Shop.

She discussed the move with Rosalie and also her husband, both approved. Admittedly her children were more than a little nervous about the prospect. Would it put Mamma in a spanking mood more often? However they did all agree that Maria was an extremely sound spanker as their own ‘culos’ could attest.

It hadn’t taken long before Maria arranged an interview with Andrea via Kimberley. Maria had been surprised that the teenager seemed a little put out that Andrea was considering hiring another spanker, after all wouldn’t that make her job a little less busy? The interview with Andrea herself had been rather illuminating.

“So why exactly do you want to help pick up some of the slack in The Spank Shop?” Andrea had asked Maria, sipping the tea that had been provided by Kimberley.

Maria sipped from her own cup to try and hide her discomfort with the question. Every interviewer asked these sorts of questions and Maria often didn’t know how to answer other than ‘for the money.’ On this occasion it wasn’t for the money, she made enough from her work as a receptionist to help cover the household expenses as well as give her a bit of personal spending money. So why did she really want to do this? The answer came to her in a flash of inspiration.

“I’ve seen how what you do makes a difference in the lives of people like Mr Deveson, and there’s that young man Ryan, who would have followed a very different path in life if he hadn’t been sent here.”

“I can respect that,” Andrea said. “We probably wouldn’t start you off on people like Malcolm and Ryan, though, you do understand that, Maria?”

“Oh yes totally,” she answered. “It’s a little like being the office junior. Have to walk before you can run.”

“Exactly,” Andrea smiled. “We’ve never seen your children here. Kim tells me that you have four, is she correct?”

“Yes she is,” Maria beamed, thinking fondly of her children. “Kim’s sat for them from time to time.”

“Since I started the shop there have usually been a few reasons why I don’t see members of a family. One is that the parents don’t believe in spanking as a form of discipline, now as you have applied for the position of a part time employee at The Spank Shop, that can’t be the case with you, Maria. Another is that the children are just too well behaved to be sent here. I don’t want to cast any aspersions on your motherhood, but as Kim claimed you have four, the youngest of whom has recently entered their teens, I doubt that they could have behaved well enough to not earn themselves a spanking or two, so that leaves me with option number three and that means you spank them yourself at home and as such don’t require my helping hand.”

Maria didn’t answer, but the grin that spread across her face told Andrea all she needed to know.

“So you’re a spanking mother, Maria?”

“I am indeed, Andrea.”

“If you can raise four high spirited children and spank them across your lap that tells me all I need to know. Welcome to The Spank Shop!”


Once Maria had the terms and conditions of her employment laid out to her, Andrea called through to Kimberley in reception.

“Maria’s agreed to join us on the days your Mum doesn’t work, Kim,” Andrea told the girl as she cleared up the tea things. “Can you make sure she has the forms to sign, please?”

The girl sniffed and looked near tears.

“Did you hear me Kimberley Susan?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley sighed.

“Is there something else you wanted to say?” Andrea put to the girl.

“She can’t have Roger!” the girl burst out angrily, spots of bright colour standing out on her cheeks. “He’s my client!”

Andrea’s green eyes flashed and her lips pursed. “Kimberley Susan,” she said to the girl severely. “We all have our own preferred clients. I’m sure in time Maria will too. You need to remember, young lady, that you are eighteen years old and allowed a good deal more latitude than many junior employees would be, am I understood?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea,” Kimberley said rather sulkily.

“I do apologise Maria,” Andrea said. “Can you see yourself out please? It would appear that Miss Kennedy and I need to have a discussion about inter office behaviour.”

The teenager’s blue eyes widened and her hands crept to the seat of her skirt. Maria hid a smile, she had seen similar behaviour from her children, it was usually just prior to a good old-fashioned bottom scorching over her lap.

“Ummmm…reception, ma’am,” Kimberley said quickly.

“What?” Andrea snapped.

“There’s…ummm…no one to watch reception if I’m in here. Your next appointment is due in a few minutes…”

“You’ve won a temporary reprieve, young woman, but rest assured that little outburst will not go unacted on in the future, my girl.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley said softly, all the earlier fire gone from her. Maria, who had been last spanked by her own mother at about the same age as the girl, did feel some measure of sympathy for her. “If you’ll follow me Mrs Sculiatta, I’ll get you your employment forms.”

“I hope Andrea isn’t too hard on you, dear,” Maria said gently as the girl sat down at her desk and handed some papers over to Maria.

“Thank you, ma’am. If you can get those back to me by the end of the week we should be able to get everything organized for when you start next week when Mum has her days off.”


That had been a few weeks ago now. In fact this was the end of Maria’s second week of working at The Spank Shop. She had to admit she enjoyed it. Most of the kids who came into the shop knew her as Mrs Sculiatta, or even Aunty Maria, so had no problems accepting her as a rather maternal type of disciplinarian.

In fact the boy who was currently cooling his steaming buns off in the corner of the parlour had an older sister who was friends with her son. When she’d heard what he’d been sent to her for she was hard put not to laugh.

Brandon was a high-spirited boy and had a fondness for pranks that could land him in hot water. This time one of those jokes had gone a little too far and one of his female classmates had wound up with gum in her hair.

Maria knew from personal experience just how difficult it was to remove chewing gum from a child’s hair and the girl it happened to had been quite distressed.

The teacher involved had taken care of her, and reported the incident to the girl’s parents. They insisted that the boy be punished, and his parents were contacted. Both worked and wouldn’t be home until later. The girl’s parents wanted it dealt with post haste, and so The Spank Shop had been contacted, and the boy had been sent there. As Brandon was a serial offender there had been no need for the usual release forms to be signed as Kimberley already had copies of them in his file.

It had been a rush job for those reasons, and that suited the way Maria worked at the shop down to the ground. Brandon was what Kimberley referred to as an ‘easy spank’, in that he knew what was required of him and did so, and also had a fair idea what was coming to him.

Maria had a small surprise in store for him regarding what he had coming and that was reflected in her choice of implement. Andrea, Gabrielle and even Kimberley had all spanked the boy at times and each time they had used a hairbrush.

If pushed on the subject Maria’s weapon of choice was also the hairbrush. Unlike her coworkers, though, Maria’s brush was also used to brush her long curly jet-black locks. She didn’t bring it to work with her. Andrea and Gabrielle had ensured that the cupboard in the secondary parlour was well stocked with everything a spanker would require, from a small selection of paddles to two canes. One of the things in there was a good-sized wooden oval hairbrush. It was broad and heavy and it fitted Maria’s hand well. On this occasion, so that Brandon would remember what putting gum in a classmate’s hair earned him every time he sat for the next few days, Maria had borrowed an item from the larger cupboard in Andrea’s parlour, or ‘spanking room’ as many of the clients referred to it.

That cupboard had a few names: chamber of horror, war chest, arsenal. They did fit as Andrea tended to keep what she referred as ‘the big guns’ in there. Things like the feared and intimidating strap known as The Igniter, and her own hairbrush, the famed Mrs Ebony. What Maria had wanted was a ping-pong sized paddle made out of lexan. It would easily span one of Brandon’s cheeks, and she had been told that the material stung like fury and created a raging hot fire on a naughty bottom, but did not bruise. She’d seen it first hand on her first day at the shop, and could attest that the lady who it had been used on had a bottom that resembled two overripe tomatoes, by the time the wicked little paddle had been set aside.

Brandon’s tears, roars and struggles over her lap when she put the lexan paddle to him satisfied Maria that she had made the right choice. She would have to look into seeing if she could get one made a permanent addition to the cupboard in the parlour she shared with Gabrielle Kennedy. She’d need to ask Kimberley about it. The girl did all of the ordering for the business.

It suddenly struck Maria that spanking a vigorously struggling young man soundly had given her quite a thirst.

“Brandon,” she said clearly.

“Yes, Aunty Maria,” the boy answered softly.

“You may turn around now, sweetie,” she gave her permission.

Brandon sighed, removed his hands from his head and turned to face the maternal looking woman seated across the room from him. Maria grinned as she saw his hands move towards his superheated rear end and said with a nod, “Yes, you may rub now, darling.”

Gratitude flooded the boy’s tear stained face and he rubbed his backside thoroughly, sighing with relief as his hands took away some of the sting and burn that the paddle had implanted there.

“Now are we going to put gum in other people’s hair again?” Maria asked, keeping her voice stern, although standing in front of her, hands massaging his freshly spanked bottom, and dressed in a Peter Pan neck to knee apron that was almost too cute for words, the boy looked rather comical.

“No ma’am!” Brandon said fervently.

“I should hope not,” Maria agreed. “If you’re sent to me for the same thing young man, I will ensure that the roasting you just got will feel like a playful paddy whacking. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Aunty Maria.”

“Good boy. Now come and give me a hug and a kiss and let me clean up that face of yours.”

Maria settled Brandon down and used a tissue to clean his face, she ordered him into reception to collect his clothes from ‘Aunty’ Kimberley, and said that he could wait for his mother to collect him on her way home from work. The boy ran from the room with a loud ‘ouch!’ as Maria planted a firm smack on his inflamed hindquarters to send him on his way.


Maria waited until she felt Brandon would have redressed and then depressed a button on the phone on the table beside her ‘spanking chair’, as it had been christened by a recent visitor.

The phone had hardly rung in Maria’s ear before Kimberley’s voice trilled, “Yes, ma’am!”

Maria winced, she had tried in vain to get Kimberley to call her Maria, as they were sort of equals at the office, but the girl insisted that Andrea had told her that she was to call Maria, ma’am, Miss, Mrs Sculiatti or even Aunty, but never Maria. That was not apparently allowed. It made Maria feel a little uncomfortable because she didn’t know she was ever going to break the ice with the girl, who clearly resented her presence at the shop.

“Could I have some tea, please Kimberley?” she asked.

“Of course, Mrs Sculiatti. I’ll bring it in right away.”

Maria frowned as she hung up. Kimberley wasn’t exactly rude, but it was clear that she didn’t want to talk to Maria more than she absolutely had to.


Kimberley entered the parlour bearing a steaming pot of tea, and she also had something in her other hand, but Maria couldn’t quite see what it was, she set that down on a table near the door and handed Maria the pot.

“Thank you Kimberley,” Maria said, accepting the hot beverage. She didn’t even need to taste it to know that it would be perfect. According to Andrea, Kimberley was incapable of brewing a bad cup of tea.

“Who is my next victim?” Maria asked lightly, as she sipped her tea, savouring that first mouthful.

Kimberley looked a little uncomfortable and that surprised Maria. Kimberley Kennedy was many things, but rarely uncomfortable when it came to her job. The girl took it very seriously and she always had information and the file belonging to the client ready before they were turned over the lap of their designated spanker.

“That would be me,” Kimberley said softly, dropping her head.

“What, dear?” Maria asked, raising her own eyes and looking at the pretty blonde in front of her.

“I’m your next job,” Kimberley clarified.

Maria joked on her mouthful of tea. “You’re what?” she asked incredulously.

Kimberley raised her cornflower blue eyes to the ceiling and let out a long breath. “You’re going to spank me, ma’am.”

Maria was confused. “What about reception?” she asked.

“Aunty Andrea is out there. We don’t have any other appointments scheduled, Miss Maria. Brandon is waiting for his Mum and Aunty was giving him the scolding of his life when I came in here. It was a quiet afternoon. The Sullivan twins just had their seats heated.”

Maria had to smile at the mention of James and Courtney Sullivan. The blonde twins were adorable. She wouldn’t have minded spanking them herself, those bottoms must be gorgeous, but they were both ‘special’ clients of Andrea, as was their vivacious mother Donna. To be truthful the Sullivans were two of the better behaved children that Maria could ever remember encountering, and she didn’t know why they were such regular customers of The Spank Shop, but it seemed to work for the family, so she wasn’t about to interfere with an arrangement that appeared to be beneficial to everyone concerned.

The woman was still confused about why Kimberley had said that she was to receive a spanking over her lap, though. Kimberley seemed to sense it and she picked up one of the things she had placed on the table when she entered.


Maria looked at the white box in her lap, neatly wrapped with a red ribbon and bow.

“Go on, open it,” Kimberley urged, and she couldn’t keep the smile off her lips.

Maria frowned, but undid the ribbon, opened the box and then stared down at what was nestled inside. ‘It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed.

Kimberley nodded eagerly and began to explain. “It’s made out of koa, that’s a Hawaiian wood.”

“But why are you giving me a hairbrush?” Maria asked.

Kimberley winced. “It’s not actually my idea, ma’am. Aunty noticed that you didn’t have your own hairbrush…”

“Kimberley,” Maria said seriously. “I do have a hairbrush…”

“You don’t bring it here, and Aunty told me that you said to her you use it for brushing hair,” the girl sounded rather scornful.

“Well, they are called hairbrushes young lady,” Maria informed the girl sternly.

A gentle pink flush crept into Kimberley’s creamy white cheeks. “Yes, ma’am,” she said respectfully, “but here we use them for spanking only. See, we all – Aunty, Mum and me – have our own signature hairbrushes. Aunty’s is Mrs Ebony and she’s made out of ebony wood, Mum’s is Mama Mahogany, she’s made out of mahogany and mine is Mademoiselle Cherry, made from cherry wood.”

“I see,” Maria murmured, taking the brush out of the box and feeling it’s weight. “You referred to the brushes as ‘she’?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley agreed. “All hairbrushes are she’s.”

“They are?”

“Yes, kind of like boats.”

“Why?” Maria asked, genuinely intrigued.

Kimberley shrugged. “They just are. We actually have a website that sells them and we also do it here from the shop, too. The signature line is very popular.”

“Signature line?”

“Oh yes. We sell more Mrs Ebony’s than anything else, although Mums tend to like Mama Mahogany, younger spankers, babysitters, that sort of thing prefer Mademoiselle Cherry.”

“And you’ve given me a hairbrush because…?”

“You didn’t have one, Miss,” Kimberley answered as if it were self-evident.

Maria shook her head, she liked Andrea and Gabrielle and even Kimberley, but they were among the more unusual people she had ever met. “It fits my hand. How did you know?”

“Aunty watched you. I think she’s wanted to get a koa brush for ages, because they are really nice,” Kimberley couldn’t keep a note of envy out of her voice, “but had to have a good reason and when you didn’t have a preferred brush it was perfect. It’s kind of a welcome to The Spank Shop gift.”

“I’m not normally in the habit of naming spanking implements, Kimberley.”

The blonde pouted. “I…I mean we…will sell more if it has a name. People seem to prefer named implements.”

“I see. I’m to christen it on your bottom?”

Kimberley frowned. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Why is that, sweetheart?” Maria had wondered, and she had to admit Kimberley was a very pretty girl with a pert bottom that could more than likely take a sound spanking and colour up prettily, but like her part time employer she didn’t like to spank just because. She’d never had a run in with Kimberley before, she could vaguely recall a couple of long ago incidents where a young Kimberley may have sassed her, but everyone knew that Gabrielle kept her children in line and that Kimberley Susan Kennedy’s bottom would pay dearly over her mother’s knee for what her mouth did.

“Do you remember when Aunty hired you, ma’am?” Kimberley asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you remember that I was there?”

“You came in later, yes.”

“I was rude to you, Miss,” Kimberley admitted, blushing again and looking at the toes of her shoes.

“I do recall a small outburst.”

“I shouldn’t have said it. That’s one of the things Aunty says I need to work on.”

“Andrea didn’t spank you for that?” Maria had definitely got the idea that’s what would happen not long after she left the shop that day.

“She was going to, ma’am, but then she thought this would be a better idea. We kind of started you on the younger spankees. This is the end of your second week, so Aunty thought you could move up and I guess I’m the test.”

“I see,” Maria said. “Well, if that’s the decision that has been made. Maybe we’d better get started.” She patted her lap.

Kimberley blushed. “I need to explain a few things, Miss Maria.”

“Are you stalling me young lady?” Maria asked. She had noticed some clients could be like that, anything to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Being a veteran of many a painful spanking, Kimberley was likely to be an expert at the delaying tactics.

“No ma’am!” a shocked sounding Kimberley exclaimed. “It’s just that there are certain rituals that have to be followed.”

“Exactly who is administering this spanking, Kimberley Susan?” Maria demanded, her voice taking on the scolding tone that she seemed to adopt pre spanking.

“You are, ma’am,” Kimberley answered, spots of colour on her cheeks flaring crimson. “Aunty Andrea always makes me put on an apron.”

“Oh yes the aprons,” Maria said. Apparently they were Andrea’s idea and had originally been adopted to preserve modesty when spanking two people of opposite genders together, but according to Andrea. Gabrielle and Kimberley also heightened embarrassment and put some clients in the right frame of mind to accept their bottom smackings.

“I have my own,” Kimberley said hesitantly, picking up something else from the table where she had placed the box with the hairbrush.

Maria sat back and watched as Kimberley held the item out in front of her. It was one the shop’s neck to knee aprons, but she had never seen it before. The colour was a soft pastel pink and it was free of decoration, but for the neatly embroidered script in scarlet thread, that read: Kimberley’s Very Own Spanking Apron.

A smile spread across Maria’s face as she read the apron and spied the furiously blushing face behind it. The garment was extremely humiliating, Kimberley’s relatively grown up manner must have made it even worse for her to have to wear it when she was spanked by her employer. “Did you do the embroidery, dear?” Maria asked, she knew that it was one of the girl’s hobbies.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley whispered.

“It’s very good,” Maria complimented her.

“Thank you, Miss Maria.”

“And Andie has you wear that every time she spanks you?”

Kimberley nodded.

“Does she spank you often?”

Kimberley grimaced. “Often enough, ma’am.”

“Very well, you can put it on. I also think we’re going to do something else this afternoon.”

“Something else, ma’am?” Kimberley asked as she began to undress and fold her clothes neatly as she did so.

“What do you call Andrea when she spanks you?”

“Call her, miss?” Kimberley queried, slipping the apron on over her underwear, and then removing her panties and bra underneath it and placing them on her small pile of folded clothes.

“Ma’am, miss, Aunty?” Maria gave the options.

“Oh, Aunty of course!” Kimberley answered.

“I thought so,” Maria said.

“Can you do me up please, Mrs Sculiatti?” Kimberley requested, turning her bare back to the woman so that the ties in the back of the apron could be fastened.

As Maria’s nimble fingers went to work on the trailing ties she spoke to Kimberley. “You’re polite to me, Kimberley, but that’s as far as it goes. I’d like you to call me Aunty for the duration of this. I hope we can be friends after this afternoon. I think we can learn a lot from each other. I understand you occasionally spread your wings a little and spank clients, is that correct?”

“Yes, ma…I mean Aunty Maria.”

“I don’t want to take that away from you. Maybe on the days I’m here we can do a swap every so often and I can watch reception while you discipline a client. I’m sure you would have done a marvelous job on young Brandon.”

“Oh yes, Aunty!” a slightly less nervous Kimberley answered, turning around. “He can be ever so naughty. I’ve babysat him and he nearly always earns a spanking before bed.”

“There we are,” Maria smiled. “Now get your pretty little caboose over Aunty Maria’s lap and we’ll see if we can’t light a good hot little fire in it.”

Kimberley shivered at the words as she lay herself across Maria Sculiatti’s ample lap. She had brought this on herself she reflected. It wasn’t like Aunty Andrea hadn’t said she wanted another more mature person to help out when Kim’s formidable mother Gabrielle wasn’t in, and Maria was perfect for the job, but then she had to go and behave like a jealous little brat, and as Aunty Andrea always said, naughty little brats get their naughty little bottoms smacked good and hard. Curiously, despite Clarkstown being the sort of place it was, and people being so close and spanking privileges being shared amongst parents, this was the first time in her life she had ever been spanked by Maria Sculiatti. Her younger sister Madeleine had been spanked by the Italian lady at least once when on a play date with some of the Sculiatti kids, though.

As Maria ran one palm across Kimberley’s firm round mounds she examined their milky smoothness and was reminded of when she had spanked the girl’s younger sister. Madeleine had been a very demonstrative and animated spankee. Maria wondered if the older girl was also. She stopped fondling as she felt the buttocks relax a little. She gathered Kimberley Kennedy’s lustrous blonde locks up in one hand and used a ribbon to tie them back from the girl’s face.

“Such lovely hair,” she murmured. “Be a shame to get it all messy with snot and tears.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Kimberley replied softly, laying over the firm lap and trying to keep herself loose. The girl had spoken to most of Maria’s clients after their sessions, and the reports were that Aunty Maria spanked hard and made it really hot for them. Kimberley told anyone who asked that she was doing an employee survey, the reality of the matter was that she had known since the afternoon Andrea had hired Maria that she would be in this position and wanted to get some sort of idea what she was in for to prepare herself mentally.

The tying back of the hair was a nice touch and it told Kimberley that Andrea had chosen correctly when she decided to appoint Maria. It was a small detail that not everyone thought of. Kimberley herself had forgotten to do it on at least one occasion, when she spanked Misty Kendall. That little omission had been noticed and earned her a warmed seat from Aunty Andrea. They did it because when you got spanked it hurt, and it hurt a lot. A good spanking should make the recipient cry, and at the end of it their nose was running like a tap and they were drooling, the hair could also get a little sweaty. It was fine if the spankee’s hair was short, but if it was long like Kimberley’s it could get really nasty by the end of the paddling. Kimberley was intensely proud of her hair and cared for it obsessively, so to have it tied back out of harms way during her spanking was something she appreciated.

“There we are,” Maria said gently, and continued to stroke and fondle the silky skinned buttocks nestled in her lap.

Kimberley relaxed under the soft touch and was totally unprepared when Maria’s heavy broad hand landed with a loud smack across her right cheek. The girl’s eyes opened wide as the sting settled in and a similar sensation spread across the left buttock and was then joined by another one in the middle. Oh wow! Maria really knew what she was doing. Kimberley felt a small moment of pity for the young recipients she sent into the parlour for Maria’s attentions.

Maria started slowly, she liked to have the entire bottom and upper thigh area covered by hard measured swats and give each one a little bit of time to settle in before she upped the tempo and got into a steady rhythm.

Kimberley’s grunts turned into high-pitched squeals and her legs started to wave around. “Feeling this are we, young lady?” Maria asked, raising her voice a little to be heard over the girl’s yelps.

“Yes, Aunty Maria!” Kimberley gasped.

“Good,” Maria grunted, without missing a beat and continuing to slap the eighteen year old’s rapidly pinkening and heating hemispheres. “That’s exactly what young girls who forget their place deserve. What you’re getting my girl is exactly what my Anna could expect if she behaved the same way.”

Kimberley thought better of pointing out that Anna Sculiatta was seventeen years old and still a high school senior and merely answered with a loud “Owwww!” as a particularly hard spank sizzled into one of her sit spots.

Despite, what she had said, and that Kimberley seemed to think she was doing this with ease, Maria was actually finding the girl quite hard work. Kimberley took the chastisement well and did her best to remain in place and keep the histrionics down to a bare minimum. Maria suspected that was one part adolescent stubbornness, one part natural pride and a third part that was used to being in this position over the years.

Kimberley for her part, when she wasn’t ouching and owing over the treatment Maria was handing out to her upturned bottom, compared the Italian woman to her mother and Andrea. Maria didn’t spank as hard as Andrea or even Gabrielle, but she had a wider hand and it was heavier too. She cleverly kept her recipient guessing the whole time by sprinkling the spanks out randomly over the entire surface and she stoked that temperature steadily. Kimberley could feel the mercury rising on her buttocks and she was pretty sure that they were simmering. Maria had also seared her upper thighs and they stung abominably. She had tried to hold the tears back, but when a concentrated volley sizzled her thighs and sit spots the floodgates broke and the tears started to trickle down her cheeks.

Maria heard the tears start and praised the writhing blonde pinned over her broad maternal lap. “That’s my girl. You have a good cry Kimmy, let it all out and Aunty Maria will take care of that naughty sassy bottom for you, sweetheart.” She brought the hand spanking to a blazing crescendo with a series of hearty full armed spanks that landed all over Kimberley’s brightly burning bouncing bottom.

Maria kept Kimberley on her lap and let her cry, while rubbing the hot buttocks gently and whispering soothing encouraging words to her. Kimberley gasped and tried to get her breathing back under control and stop the tears, which continued to roll unchecked down her face. She sniffled miserably and Maria smiled. It didn’t matter if they were eight or eighteen they looked ever so cute with their faces all red from yelling, tears trickling down their shiny cheeks and nose all runny, just like a toddler who needed their nose wiped.

The plump woman reached across Kimberley to pick up that exquisite hairbrush. She could feel the heat from the teenager’s freshly heated rump emanate up and gently warm her full round breasts under the old fashioned cardigan she wore.

As Maria picked up the brush she felt it’s weight and marveled at how natural it felt and the way it just seemed to fit her hand. Andrea certainly knew what she was doing if she had picked this brush out by just watching Maria in action a few times, but then again this was what the woman did for a living, so she must have picked up some interesting skills over her time in spanking bottoms for a livelihood.

She smacked the back of the brush into her hand loudly and winced at the sting. Kimberley jerked reflexively. Maria reached down and gave her bottom a rub saying, “It’s okay, sweetheart. Not yet. Aunty Maria was just testing out her new brush. You’ll feel it soon enough darling.”

Kimberley frowned and sniffed. She had taken receipt of the koa wood hairbrush. It hadn’t arrived in that box. After Aunty Andrea and her mother had looked at it and cooed over how beautiful it was Kimberley had boxed and sealed it with the bow for presentation to Maria. She hadn’t been able to stop herself from giving it the briefest of road tests. She had smacked her thigh and her bottom with it just once. It packed quite a wallop. This was going to be a long afternoon for her.

Once she felt the new brushes smooth polished back gliding across her toasted cheeks Kimberley couldn’t help flinching a little. That technique was how she, her mother and Andrea always prefaced a good old fashioned scorching with their favourite hairbrush in hand.

Maria watched those gorgeous glowing globes jump as she ran the brushes back in teasing circles over the nicely pre warmed surface. Kimberley Kennedy’s bottom was about the nicest she could ever remember seeing. She started to see the appeal this business had to Andrea.


Kimberley jerked and howled. Oh God! That brush really stung.

The girl kicked her legs wildly as a sizzling volley landed. Maria paused to examine the damage. Where the brush had spanked flared redder and the girl’s histrionics said that she had really felt it.

“Does it sting, Kimberley?” she asked.

“Yes, Aunty Maria!” Kimberley sobbed. “A lot.”

Maria unleashed the brush again and made sure to include the upper thighs and sit spots this time. That really opened up Kimberley’s lungs and she tried to levitate off the lap.

“Oh not quite that easy, young lady,” Maria grunted, firming her grip on the teenager’s slender waist.

“Sorry Aunty,” Kimberley sniffled.

“Does it hurt more than Andrea’s brush?”

“How do you know I’ve felt Mrs Ebony?” Kimberley asked.

“Call it motherly intuition, darling. Does it?”

Kimberley frowned and tried to think of ice-cold water to dampen the fires raging through her hindquarters. “I think it’s about the same, Aunty. They’re different.”

“Open your legs, sweetie,” Maria requested politely, tapping gently in between them with the brush to encourage the girl.

Knowing what was coming and wincing in anticipation of it, Kimberley did as she was told. If she ever had difficulty getting someone to comply with that command she called in her mother or Aunty Andrea to ‘help’ and as well as getting extra, it was also incredibly embarrassing. Kimberley felt that if she didn’t do as she was told and accept this spanking with some sort of grace she would embarrass Aunty Andrea and probably be treated to a second dose with Mrs Ebony.

Maria smiled as she saw the creamy white inner thighs. They’d be very tender and could do with a good roasting. Kimberley was a good girl overall, but there were times when Maria, even in her brief time at the shop, had seen her behave a little too big for her britches and when Maria saw that happen those britches came down and their owner got her bottom spanked good and hard.

Kimberley roared, tears streamed down her face, her fists beat the couch arm, and her legs kicked frantically. She writhed and squirmed, but didn’t attempt to bring her legs back together, although she really wanted to. “I’m sorree, Aunteeee!” Kimberley wailed. “I didn’t mean to be rude. I won’t do it again!”

“I believe you, Kimberley Susan,” Maria said kindly, the brush poised in mid swing. “You can put your legs together now and Aunty Maria will just finish you off.”

Kimberley cried and lay obediently over Maria’s lap as she got one more searing round with the brush that really sealed the heat in and kept her bottom on the high flame.

Maria put the brush down on the table beside her and held Kimberley on her lap as she cried and tried to get her breathing under control. When all she could hear were quiet sobs, Maria lifted Kimberley into a sitting position on her lap. She used a tissue to dry her tears and clean her face, let her blow her nose like a naughty toddler. Maria rubbed the girl’s back and even gave her hot cheeks a brisk rub to soothe them a little. She told Kimberley that all was forgiven and that they could start with a clean slate. The teenage receptionist thanked the new disciplinarian and was allowed up off the lap to serve some corner time and let her hot bottom cool off a little.

Maria poured herself some fresh tea and picked up her new hairbrush. She turned it over in her hands and said, “I think I do have a name for this lady. From now on I’m going to call her Contessa K.”


  1. Good. It looks like I'm first again. ;-)

    Of course, I LOVE this one, containing, as it does, some of my favorite elements (and TWO spankings!) Poor Kimberly. But she has no one but herself to blame, I guess, getting her nose out of joint and behaving poorly at the news of another spanker at the shop. I think Aunty Maria will be a splendid addition to the Shop and beneficial to its clientele, especially with her extensive experience spanking naughty children (and even older teenagers who get too big for their britches).

    Sorry Kim, hope you're feeling better soon and now you know better than to tangle with Aunty Maria... ):-(


  2. Very good story as always aunty Andrea, Nice to see a new disciplinarian at the Spank Shop .Young Kimberley Susan had that sound spanking coming for being so rude!!!! Can't wait to read more of the newest aunty at The Spank Shop. Best Regards to all at the Spank Shop And Kimmy behave young lady!!!! Thanks. Heniel

  3. Oh my goodness.....a new lap, serious and sexy and a long story about my girl Kimeberly getting a long hard and long deserved spanking and amazing, a true classic. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your comments. Young Kim thinks she was a bit hard done by this time, but I think she was taught a valuable lesson.