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'The Summer of Jeremy and Leeanne' - Guest Fiction

One of the things I really enjoy about this blog is the opportunity to nurture and present new authors to people. Today I present the first story from ruteawakening, which recounts a very hot summer for his young protagonist Jeremy.

From Ron Wilson. Jeremy and probably any other young man after an encounter with The Stingray.

Some much needed aftercare.

Leeanne goes to work on her playmate's backside.

Introduction: This story was told to me by my roommate in college.  It is mostly factual, but some portions have been embellished or fictionalized in an effort to improve the content and quality of the piece.

Jeremy and I attended college together in the Midwest, wound up enrolled in the same English Composition 101 class, became friends, and were roommates for over two years. 

Over the years we shared numerous stories with each other usually aided by the help of ‘truth serums’ that college students typically use and/or experiment with.

We were a lot alike.  We both hailed from relatively small towns.   My hometown is located in the Midwest, while Jeremy's is located in the Southeast.  We both experienced corporal punishment on more than one occasion while we were growing up. 

Jeremy's dad left when he was 11, which forced his mother back into full-time employment to help support herself and Jeremy. 

After his father left, Jeremy just had to push the envelope and test the limits with his mother.  When his mom realized that hand spankings were losing their effectiveness with Jeremy, she bought The Stingray. 

It was a laminated boat oar made of a combination of ash and fir wood.  His mother cut off about half to two thirds of the handle so she could have more accurate swings with it. 

Whenever Jeremy, the Stingray, and his mother would have a discussion he would typically be fully clothed and never receive more than five swats.  He did tell me than an F on a progress report would result in five swats with The Stingray on Jeremy's tighty whities, and use of the F word brought about swats with only underwear serving as protection for his backside.  He did receive six once for saying the F word that rhymes with trucker.

After school and during the summer, Jeremy spent most of his time at Miss Jennifer's house.  Miss Jennifer lived about a block away from Jeremy's house.  Miss Jennifer and Jeremy's mother became friends when they frequently played bridge games before returning to full-time employment. 

When she started watching Jeremy after school and on the weekends, Miss Jennifer's bridge activity dwindled significantly.  She used to play 2-3 times a week and that was reduced to once every 4 to 6 weeks. 

Jeremy had quite the sensual summer when he was 13, and Miss Jennifer's bridge activities increased dramatically.  Both of these events occurred courtesy of the arrival of Leeanne, Miss Jennifer's 16 year-old granddaughter. 

Evidently, as is typical with most 16 year-old girls, Leeanne and her parents were having difficulties getting along so Leeanne was sent to Miss Jennifer's house to spend the summer.

Jeremy was infatuated with her at first sight.  She was 5' 4" tall with sandy blonde hair, a pleasantly plump, but firm gluteal region, and perky breasts. 

Due to Jeremy's father's departure at about the worst time for a developing male, age 11, Jeremy was uninformed regarding concepts such as erections, wet dreams, and masturbation. Leeanne helped to educate him about those. 

Considering their age difference, Leeanne treated Jeremy very well from the start.  I think it was due to the fact that Jeremy by his own admission was quite tall and handsome for his age, and Leeanne may have figured a younger friend is better than no friend at all. 

When Miss Jennifer saw how well that Jeremy and Leeanne got along, she must have been quite pleased because now she could resume some of her bridge playing activities and leave Leeanne in charge of Jeremy.

Leeanne never acted bossy or demanding.  Instead she used fun activities in conjunction with her good looks to cajole Jeremy into doing what she wanted or needed. 

It all started on a Wednesday around 11 a.m. when Miss Jennifer informed Jeremy and Leeanne that she was getting ready to leave to play bridge and should return around 5 p.m. She said that Leeanne was in charge, but was to be kind and benevolent, that Jeremy was to show her the same level of respect that he showed to Miss Jennifer, and that neither of them were not to leave the yard. 

Jeremy never gave Miss Jennifer much of a hard time.  If he started to act up or get sassy with her, she had a way to guilt him back in line.  Jeremy told me that Miss Jennifer had a way of saying, "Oh, I'm just so disappointed  that such a nice, sweet young man would act this way." Miss Jennifer’s statement made him feel like running to his house and bringing her The Stingray to use on him.

Miss Jennifer backed her silver Grand Marquis out of the driveway and headed to her bridge group.  Leeanne pulled the curtains to ensure that she was departing successfully and completely.  Then she asked Jeremy if he wanted to play a game. 

He said, "Sure!  Which one?"

Leeanne answered, "Truth or Dare.  I'll go first.  Truth:  Have you ever been spanked? Or  Dare:  Take a spanking."

I can only imagine the look on her face and what was going through her mind when Jeremy answered, "Both!" 

Jeremy told me that he was not all that surprised at her game selection and initial question.  Whenever her grandmother was out of earshot, Leeanne was frequently referencing spanking or sneaking in questions like, "Have you ever been spanked at school?" or "If you called your mom the B word, what would happen?"

Evidently she was as cool as the other side of the pillow because she told Jeremy, "Perfect answer, good job.  Tell me about your spanking first, Jeremy."

Jeremy told her about the F word incident.  He had been talking to his friend on the phone, and they were both discussing a teacher that neither of them admired.  Thinking that his mother was out of earshot Jeremy said, "He is such an annoying f* (the word that rhymes with trucker)." 

Jeremy almost leapt into the ceiling when his mother tapped him on the shoulder and made hand signals to Jeremy to wind up the conversation and hang up the phone.  She then presented Jeremy with two options:  (1.) Take 6 swats with The Stingray while bent over the arm of their living room sofa plus no dessert for 6 days (2.) For 6 days, he could not play his Atari, could not watch any any television, was not allowed to use the telephone, and no dessert for 6 days.

Jeremy chose option 1.  He knew the drill.  He went to fetch The Stingray, which innocently hung up on the peg board out in the garage.  If anyone gave it a close inspection, they might wonder why half the handle was missing.  Lost it fighting a Florida alligator would be my guess. 

He placed The Stingray up against the arm of the couch where the punishment was to occur.  He unbuckled his belt, slid his britches down to right above his ankles, and repositioned his white Fruit of the Loom size 16 boys’ briefs to hopefully cover as much gluteal surface area as possible.

His mom reiterated to him that he chose the punishment and that he was to never use such foul language especially that filthy word whether she was around to hear it or not.  She reminded him that dirty words only sound big, strong, and important to those with small minds.  She then stated to him that he probably did not feel very big himself right now having to bend over the sofa of the couch. She reminded him to keep his hands inside of the couch during the punishment that they were in no way to touch his rear end and try to interfere or block.  She reminded him to remain as still as possible so as not to have to repeat any of the swats.

Jeremy knew he was about to get his seat really heated when his mother stated, "You are all set.  Let's get started."

She had great ability with swinging The Stingray.  In Jeremy's mind it was like having Major League Baseball's MVP winner Dale Murphy swinging The Stingray that Sunday afternoon in the living room. 

5 swat paddlings were worse because his mom would start low and finish low.  She did exactly the same thing with the 6 swatter.

The Stingray landed right at the sit spot on both the first and second swats, which was a first for him, and even worse because he was in his Fruit of the Looms only.  The Stingray and a lot of skin made contact.  The contact areas turned a healthy shade of red.  He winced both times, shook a little, but not too much, and kept his hands inside the sofa.  Tears formed immediately and began to form a small reservoir right above the cheek. 

The next two strokes were higher up, landing right in the middle of both his butt cheeks.  They still stung, but thankfully were slightly protected by the white cotton of his Fruit of the Looms.  Number 5 connected slightly lower than 3 and 4, and then number 6 landed loudly, sharply, and ever so painfully right back on the same spots as the opening 2 swats, coloring that area so red that it nearly matched a beet.

Jeremy was in agony but thankful it was over.  He buried his face in the arm of the sofa to let all of his tears out.  His mother told him to stay right there as long as he wanted.  She was going to put The Stingray back in its place in the garage and would be right back. 

She came back to the sofa and Jeremy was still right there as she left him with pants down to his ankles and all.  She began to rub his back and shoulders, which she frequently did after a thorough hiney heating. 

She rubbed his back and shoulders while asking him to please make better vocabulary choices in the future.  She told him that he may want to take a bath to help him cool off and recollect himself.  He took her up on that suggestion almost immediately.

Leeanne's eyes almost popped out of her head as Jeremy related the story.  She could identify with Jeremy's plight, as she was no stranger to stinging sensations being rapidly applied to her buttocks, and she also wanted to know what it felt like to be Jeremy's mother that day.  However, she did not see herself using something so severe as The Stingray.

Leeanne said, "Well, Jeremy, you certainly did very well on the truth part.  Now, we need to conclude the dare.  We need to go to your house so I can see The Stingray."

Of course, Jeremy initially protested quite vehemently reminding her that Miss Jennifer had stated that they were not to leave the yard.  Leeanne wore him down with constant cajoling, some mild teasing regarding chickens, and stating that if he successfully completed the dare she promised to make it worth his while, and they still had practically the whole summer left for her to fulfill her pledge repeatedly.  She finally convinced him when she stated that if they ever played Truth or Dare again that she would never ask him to accept a dare that knowingly violated one of his mother's or her grandmother's rules.

Down the sidewalk, over the cracks, under the low hanging tree limbs to Jeremy's house they went.  There was no horse and no sleigh, but the sight to see was The Stingray. 

When Leeanne saw the Stingray, she was quite relieved.  It was not nearly as medieval and fierce looking as she had pictured in her mind.  She asked Jeremy to take it down for her, and he willingly complied. 

She inspected the blade for blood and was greatly relieved to see none.  She grabbed like she was ready to swing it and was surprised to experience that it was also lighter than she imagined.  She had no intention of using it on Jeremy.  First, she knew that it would be virtually impossible to convince him, and since it was 2 p.m. now that she only had about two hours left to safely and securely wrap everything up. 

She figured her grandmother would return around 5 p.m., but wanted an hour length time cushion.  Secondly, she did still think The Stingray was too intense for what she really wanted to accomplish, but thanks to The Truth part of the game she had a pretty good idea of Jeremy's tolerance level.

Jeremy hung The Stingray back on its resting place and hoped that he would never have it bring it down again.  He was rather puzzled as to why Leeanne would be so interested in The Stingray. 

They went back to Miss Jennifer's house.  Jeremy was relieved that Leeanne's grandmother's car was nowhere in sight.

They went inside the house.  Leeanne made sure that all of the doors were locked, and that she and Jeremy were both alone. 

"Now for role play," Leeanne informed Jeremy.

"What is that?" Jeremy asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Jeremy, it is like a play in school, but you do not have to remember a script.  I want to role play with you where I am your babysitter who heard you say a filthy word."

Jeremy looked scared to death.  In some ways, this game seemed like fun.  Spending time with Leeanne touching his butt (and other things?) and maybe he would get to lie over her knee as well did seem like fun.  But....what if it hurt?, what if he got one for real at home? Would that one hurt more? Would his mom figure about this role play deal and really tear up his hindquarters but good? Would she ground him for the summer instead? Would she do both a serious spanking and grounding? Would she come up with something new and worse?

Leeanne calmly and confidently said to Jeremy, "Don't worry, Jeremy.  I promise that I won't seriously hurt you.  If you cry or say stop, I promise I will right then and now.  I want to play and have fun not to tear you up.  I like you.  You are a good friend.  You cooperate with me.  You have never tried to peep on me or be just goofy and stupid like most 13 year-old boys.  I want you to have fun, too.  All you have to do is say, stop, and I will, stop, and that is it.  We will never do this again if you do not want to.  Based on your Truth, you sound mighty tough to me.  I am only going to use my hand.  You can keep your jeans on if you want, but I was hoping to spank you on your underwear.  I can't wait to see what is under those jeans of yours."

After that speech, especially the tough guy part, Jeremy was inspired, "OK, how do we get started?” he asked.

"Go into the living room, Jeremy.  I will stay in the kitchen.  You get to start the game.  When you want to start, just curse.  Make sure you check out the windows first to make sure no one is coming and that my grandmother is not coming home early.  It is a little after 2:30 now so we better get started," Leeanne instructed.

Jeremy went into the living room and took his shoes off.  Should he start kicking during the future, unknown events, he did not want his shoes on, which might make it worse for her.  He did also think to himself that the kitchen housed a lot of wicked instruments that could heat up a bottom with the spatulas, wooden spoons, and cutting boards.  He did remember Leeanne promised to use her hand only.  He was nervous and excited and could feel more excitement down below.  "Why does that thing do that?" he asked himself.  He tucked his shoes under the coffee table and made sure the coast was clear.  Here goes he thought.

"Oh, holy shit!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Jeremy, you know that such rude and filthy language is not tolerated.  You come with me right now, young man."

Leeanne locked Jeremy's right arm with her left arm and led him up the stairs to the bathroom at the top of the stairs.  She set down the toilet seat cover, and now the toilet served another purpose as a spanking stool.  It was perfectly located for OTK spankings because there was ample distance between the toilet and bathtub.  This was perfect because she could have Jeremy bend over the bathtub first and then finish up OTK while sitting on the fuzzy top of the toilet seat cover.

"Jeremy, bend over the tub in the middle and place your hands firmly on the base of the tub, " Leeanne ordered.

"No way, that is gross, people's dirty butts have been in that tub," Jeremy retorted.

"You can either bend over that tub right now, Jeremy, and take this spanking like a man with my hand, or you can argue and I will use the bathbrush," Leeanne offered.

"I'll bend over the tub and place my hand in the tub like you say.  No more sass.  No more sass.  Please don't use the bathbrush or any brush."

"Well, let's have no more sassing, lots more cooperating so that those brushes can wait," Leeanne directed.

Leeanne made sure that Jeremy was bent safely and securely over the tub.  She did not want him to fall and potentially seriously hurt himself.  She planned to do only 6 jean clad hand slaps and then get down to over the knee over the fuzzy top.

Jeremy was not sure but thought that he had better start to work on getting his pants down.

"Hand back on the tub, Jeremy.  When I need you to do something, I will tell you.  Place your hands back firmly on the base of the tub.  Stick that fanny out, Jeremy.  Quit trying to hide it and tuck it in to avoid your deserved punishment."

Jeremy stuck his Levi clad butt as far out as he could while having his feet and hands firmly on the ground so he can maintain his balance.  Leeanne landed hand swats 1, 2, and 3 briskly on his right cheek.  She adjusted her position and landed 4, 5, and 6 on his left butt cheek then directed him to stand by the bathroom door.

Jeremy stood by the bathroom door.  Leeanne told him to make a quick security check and hurry back, any arrival later than 3 minutes would result in extra punishment.  Jeremy returned within the time limit announcing that everything is fine.  He noticed that while he was gone, Leeanne had placed a towel over her lap.

"Bend over my knee, Jeremy.  Keep your hands and feet firmly on the floor at all times.  I am proud of you for taking off your shoes.  You still however deserve a sound spanking for using that awful, awful language," Leeanne stated. 

Jeremy was surprised at how cold the bathroom tiles felt to his hands even though it was summer time in Florida.

Leeanne positioned him across her knee.  She liked grabbing his belt loop on his Levis and sliding him slightly back and forth.  Jeremy liked it too by what was happening in the front side of the Levis even though he did not utter a word.  Leeanne was pleased.  She began a rapid fire assault to the bottom of Jeremy's jeans.  Although she was doing her best to imitate a windmill, between the Levis, Fruit of the Looms, and Jeremy's toughness it was having very little effect.

"Jeremy, I do not think my message is getting through.  I need you to push up with your hand and feet so I can free your pants so I can pull them down to your ankles.  You deserve a thorough spanking.  Now, lift up, "Leeanne directed.

Jeremy lifted with all his might, and this was perfect because as Leeanne unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans while sliding them down to his ankles, his thing was at full attention. 

Leeanne promptly delivered 10 hard, full smacks to Jeremy's underwear clad bottom right where the leg line runs out and bare skin begins.  This made Jeremy gasp.  She gave him 10 more like before only a little higher up. She could tell Jeremy was dripping some and gave him 10 more 5 a piece to the direct center of each butt cheek.  She told Jeremy to use his hands and feet and rock his body back and forth across her lap.  Jeremy started to object because he could tell something and for him something different was about to happen.

Leeanne scolded, "You are a sweet boy, Jeremy, but you need to do a better job of listening and cooperating. We will talk lately.  Now, you rock back and forth like I said.  You rock while I spank.  Do not worry about anything but rocking back and forth across my lap."

She felt Jeremy's erection subside a bit so she began to mix her spanks all around his bottom starting first on the underwear line and up toward the middle.  She tugged at him giving him a mild wedgie and then realized the soldier was back again at full attention.  She began softer, repetitive smacks to his mid to lower rear end while scolding him what a naughty boy he was and that he needs to work on his language, that it is disrespectful to women and himself.  The combination of the rocking, the scolding, and the spanking led to Jeremy having first first climax, which nearly scared him to death.

"Oh my God,  Leeanne.  We need to stop.  I am so sorry.  I think I just peed on you.  I am so sorry.  You will never want to do this again.  You will never want to see me again.  Oh everyone is going to be so mad, " Jeremy said with extreme worry in his voice.

Leeanne was going to try to have a mature talk with Jeremy when he blurted out, "Oh my god, my pee is thick and white like milk.  I need to see a doctor....right now."

Jeremy's naivety caused Leeanne to virtually roll on the floor with laughter.   Jeremy thought that she had lost her mind to be laughing so hard when he might actually be dying and here he thought that she was so nice and fun.

"Jeremy, you dear, sweet boy.  Please relax and calm down.  You are fine.  Everything that just happened is perfectly natural.  When your penis gets hard, it is because it is in the process of making that white stuff.  The reason I had you rub back and forth was to create friction so that you could release the white stuff.  The white stuff is caused sperm.  When you release it by creating your own friction, that is called masturbation.  That is why I placed the towel over my lap.  I thought that you might make the mess you made.  Everything is fine.  Since you are a guy, you can practically do that yourself anytime you want, but never in public and always with the door locked.  You understand, Jeremy?"

Jeremy replied, "I am just so glad that I am not going to die.  I have to say that I did have a lot of fun."

"I had fun, too, Jeremy.  Now, you have to make sure that you are extra good for the next week.  That way, if you like, maybe we can do this again," Leeanne promised.  "I have a pair of underwear for you to change into."

"Leeanne, I can't wear your underwear, "Jeremy said.

"Well, I am glad to hear that, buddy.  Silly boy, these are new, and they should fit you rather well.  I bought them when my grandmother loaned me her car.  I'll get rid of your wet ones.  The sperm is going to stain those pretty well so remember that.  If my grandmother leaves for bridge next Wednesday, then all you have to do to let me know that you want to role play again is to wear the pair that I will give you today.  If you want, try to come up with a role play yourself." 

Jennifer handed Jeremy a pair cotton and polyester blend JC Penney tighty whites with the double red waistband, a true classic of the 80's.

As for Jeremy, he did behave very well for the next week and was so glad to know when his thing acted up that it was not acting up at all.  He was just having a normal, healthy, although typically ill-timed, erection.

Miss Jennifer's car pulled in her drive at 5 p.m. When Leeanne's grandmother walked in, she found Leeanne and Jeremy sitting on the couch laughing at a rerun of MASH thinking that Jeremy had that huge grin on his face because of the comic genius of Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson, and Jamie Farr.


  1. Well, that was QUITE a story! I really liked it, especially the mischievous nature of both Jeremy and Leeanne. I can really identify with Jeremy's uh... predicament. The only quarrel I might have is with Jeremy being unaware of, apparently, the nature of orgasms and of masturbation itself. Thirteen? The boy is definitely a late bloomer. But it looks like he's got a very pleasant start... ;-)


  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words, Phil.

  3. This story was very much a turn-on, imagining I was in Jeremy's place with his sexy babysitter. Please tell us more about this summer of awakening.

  4. If ruteawakening has any other stories featuring Jeremy and Leeanne I'd be more than happy consider publishing them here, Styxman.

  5. Wow.....great and erotic