Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Good Spanking - Hair Raising

Yes, this is A Good Spanking post and it is a different picture, but it's also a different author today.

I do like this time of day. It's just before the after school rush and I can hear Aunty blistering a naughty girl in the parlour, it gives me time to do other things, like catch up on book work or fiddle with the Hairbrush website or write a post that Aunty has wanted me to do.

The post and the Hairbrush website dovetail nicely into each other. I've decided to concentrate on the humble hairbrush and show you how prevalent it is in spanking, both in and out of The Spank Shop.

The hairbrush is far and away my favourite implement and Aunty Andrea, Mum and Aunty Maria all agree with me. I think Seegee prefers to write about hairbrush spankings here at the shop as well. We like brushes so much that we all have our signature models and even sell them from the shop. To refresh your memories here are our 4 signature hairbrushes.

The grand old lady that began it all. Aunty Andrea's Mrs Ebony.

Mrs Ebony was followed by Mum's Mama Mahogany.

Then I acquired Mademoiselle Cherry. I did at one stage experiment with a rosewood model, but I preferred Mademoiselle Cherry.

Then when Aunty Maria came on board not all that long ago we added the koa wood model she christened Contessa K to the range. I do admit to being rather envious here. She is just so beautiful.

Mums, aunts, babysitters, big sisters and their male counterparts everywhere use hairbrushes to chastise naughty bottoms. I find that the brush seems made for a female hand although as the selection images below will show a man can certainly blister a bottom with one.

We have a veritable cornucopia of some of the best known spankers and websites out there represented above all delivering hot and hard brush spankings. I'll go through them in order and give some thoughts.

1) That's from Exclusive Education by Clare Fonda. The spankers are Snow Mercy and Lana Miller. Every girl in that shot got a good hard hairbrush spanking over those stern laps. I believe Clare herself also joined in. Absolutely delicious and an example of how teachers can use hairbrushes to both teach and maintain classroom discipline.

2) The lovely and strict Dana Kane playing Aunty to a naughty niece and giving her a good bedtime spanking with a brush. They're excellent for that purpose too. Just ask my siblings.

3) This one is from Girls Boarding School, now while it's obvious by the colour of that young lady's bottom that she has been very soundly spanked I think the picture is a good demonstration of why a hairbrush is better suited to the hand of a lady. The brush has been choked a little and you get less snap and crack that way.

4) Clare and I do believe that is Amber Wells bawling over her lap. A classic hairbrush spanking. The picture speaks for itself.

5) Dana Specht gives her naughty 'daughter' Sarah Gregory a good old fashioned over the lap spanking with a hairbrush. I know this sounds silly, but looking at that picture I almost want to swap places with her. Almost.

6) An example of a 'paddle brush' at work from Punished Brats. You get the best of both worlds there a paddle and a brush. I'm on record as saying paddle brushes are horrid and I still believe it. Although from the point of view of the spanker they are anything, but horrid.

7) That's from Sarah Gregory, although she's brunette and on the other side of the brush this time. However she girl over her lap really should have at least had her jeans pulled down. Jeans are good thick denim and while you'll still really feel it, because a hairbrush in the hand of someone who knows how to use one will always sting, it will hurt that much more on a bare or partially covered back end, plus there's the embarrassment factor. Putting a nice tight pair of jeans on over a freshly spanked behind however will keep you simmering for hours.

8) No series of this sort of image here would not be complete without at least one image from the lady Aunty Andrea regards as the Queen of Spankers. The marvelous Miss Chelsea Pfeiffer from Good Spanking.

Many of our favourite artists like to depict hairbrush spankings and here are some pictures from JPC (not easy to find, he's not a fan of the brush, he prefers the bare hand or rather stick like items such as birch bundles, riding whips, canes, and rulers), Endart (this is of Wonder Woman spanking someone and that was a childhood fantasy of mine, being spanked by Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman costume), Ron Wilson, JayEm (who does a lot of work featuring the humble hairbrush) and lastly, but certainly not leastly the immortal Sassy Bottoms.

Now don't be disappointed boys I haven't left you out. The hairbrush is a multi functional implement and can as easily light a fire on a male bottom as it can a female one. There are also plenty of wonderful women out there ready to prove that point.

The Hunteress Cassie Hunter doing what she does best, Audrey Knight for Clare Spanks Men and Miss Chris as the long arm of the law, swapping her night stick for a good old fashioned hairbrush.

I hope you've all enjoyed this and it's given you something to think about.

Looking at the clock and keeping an ear outside I think school is out and the floodgates are about to open here.

Toodles, love Kimberley Susan.



  1. Dear Kimberley Susan. Thanks for the post about Good Spankings .Its lovely to see how well a hairbrush works to spank both girls and boys backsides cherry red . A hairbrush can make grown women and men toe the line too after getting a well deserved hiding over the lap . Job well done Kimberley Susan .Keep up the good work young lady. Love. Heniel

    1. Kimberley thanks you Heniel, and she will definitely try to keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Kim:

    Wonderful post and very informative with a lot of great pictures. I have only one real quibble and that's the photo of "Mama Mahogany". I don't know what wood that is (and it's very handsome) but it's not mahogany. Mahogany is known for its straight, even, fine grain and uniform reddish-brown color. It's excellent for furniture and paneling but it's not known for having much, if any, figure. Perhaps your Mum was told it was mahogany as I'm sure you and your siblings are quite familiar with that brush, but someone lied to her. It's not. I'm sure it works just as well as a real mahogany brush would work for heating naughty bottoms, but it looks like you'll have to rename her...

    BTW, re: the Dana Specht/Sarah Gregory pic: You said you were tempted to "swap places with her" for a moment. Which one, Dana or Sarah?... ;-)


    1. I've spoken to Kim about the error, Phil. She got interrupted while she was writing this and had to look up another brush for a client and wound up positing a picture of the wrong one.
      She wanted to be Sarah of course!

    2. Aunty,

      I figured as much, about both the pic of the brush and the one she "wanted to swap places with"...

      Now how about you? Which one would YOU like to swap places with?


  3. You know, Kimberley and ultimatly Aunty, this is just a total classic post, so well written and thought out with some just awesome adn yes hot pictures to match your god I will read this again and again. I love it. I will tell you one thing, I would love to hate a trip over your or Aunt's knee to feel the ebony, nver had the pleasure or displeasure but I have also heard a trip with the ebony is more than memorable.
    Some total classic pictures, thank you.
    Wow, this post blew me away
    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much Ron. Your response put a smile on both of our faces.