Monday, 3 March 2014

March Update from Kimberley Susan

The problem with the month starting over a weekend is that I'm nearly always late with my update. I suppose I could come in on the weekend, but who really wants to do that? Then of course when you do get back to the office it's Monday and I don't know about all of you, but for some reason Monday always seems to be my busiest day of the week.

Now what's been happening and what is going to happen this month at our humble little blog? The shop got a new employee! I hope you all read Seegee's account of Maria our new part time spanker. She bridges the gap between when Mum is in the office and the two days she takes off.

This picture of Miss Chris in a 1950's Mum outfit seems to fairly accurately capture our very own Aunty Maria.

We had our first male SotY last month and it was the very deserving Justin Bieber. Just a little reminder to you all that we're looking for votes for March and this time we want a spanker, not a spankee. A female spanker is what I believe Aunty asked for. So put on your thinking caps and give us lots of nominations.

We'll have stories. I think Seegee is working on a new PGB story. There will also be A Good Spanking posts. We may be able to prevail upon Maria to share some of her thoughts with us on that subject.

That's pretty much it from me for now. So I'll leave you with my traditional pictures to enjoy and ponder.

I found this on Consensual Spanking. It's so apt.

This is an alternate for A Good Spanking too. Maybe Aunty will use it in the future.

Hugs and Kisses until next month
Kimberley Susan


  1. Oh, Miss Chris is a very good image of what I imagine Maria looks like. And appealing on her own too. I noticed Aunty suggested that you might be appropriate for the "attitude adjustment" of young Justin and wish you all the luck in securing that appointment, although I think your co-workers are all going to give you a run for your money... Good luck. ;-)


  2. Thank you Phil. If young Justin gets the nod at the end of the year I'd have to give some thought as to his fate. As you aware I'm also taking nominations for spankers, so one or more of them may be able to see to Justin.

  3. Hi

    Nice post, and no do not come in over the weekend, you need downtime!

    Justin seems to be a slam dunk, I conversed with Aunty and the lovely Kate Middleton would be a perfect guest spanker, from my pint of view.

    Look forward to the stories.

    1. Kimmy thanks for your concern about her relaxation time, Ron. Can I accept this mention of the Duchess of Cambridge as your March nomination? If she gets the nod then she's going to achieve a distinction as being nominated both as a spankee and a spanker. I know it may be against the rules, but Aunty has a nomination of her own for March and that's Oprah Winfrey for her recent attempts to mentor Lindsay Lohan. I think she deserves a medal for even attempting to do that.