Thursday, 13 March 2014

'Phi Gamma Beta 9'

Clearly Seegee thought it had been too long since readers read about the exploits of the girls at the paddling sorority PGB, so wrote and sent me this tale of their most recent adventures. The girls learn the perils of accepting spiked drinks and letting birthday celebrations escalate out of hand.

A group of relaxed sorority girls with paddles not unlike those favoured by PGB.

A selection of items that caused some of the trouble.

From My Spanking Roommate. Naomi takes Sally's bottom to task with her hairbrush.

From Firm Hand Spanking. Jessica assumes the position while one of the big sisters watches.

Amy Mathieson stared into the stern eyes of Phi Gamma Beta housemother Stevie, then looked around nervously at her three fellow first years; the pretty strawberry blonde Emma Casey, the tall slender brunette Jessica Sterling, and the willowy blonde Sally Fairweather, all of whom had just worn the rough side of Stevie’s tongue.

The little redhead wondered how when her nineteenth birthday had gone so well yesterday had they ended up here in Stevie’s inner sanctum being royally told off and no doubt waiting for a severe punishment?


Amy’s big sister Naomi had brought her breakfast in bed yesterday, and then once she’d finished she’d been turned over the volleyballer’s knees and given a playful birthday spanking on the seat of her pretty pink pj’s. Twenty swats, nineteen for her newly attained age and one to grow on. In Amy’s case the one to grow on had never really worked, because she’d always been quite short.

She had met up with her boyfriend Colin; a first year member of the sorority’s brother fraternity Phi Sigma Tau, before their first class of the day, and he had presented her with a bunch of flowers, a card, and the most darling pair of earrings.

Fortunately she’d had a light class load for that day, because she really couldn’t concentrate, and they had a special birthday dinner planned at the house, which would have been ruined if she’d had a late lecture or tutorial, as was the case with some other days.

Dinner had been wonderful. Generally the girls were expected to help with the preparing and serving of the meal as well as the cleaning up. Often the sisterhood’s four big sisters were excused from this duty, but everyone else had to pitch in. However yesterday Amy had been waited on and allowed to take the night off.

After dinner she had been presented with a cake, lovingly baked and decorated by PGB’s resident chef Heather. She had stood there blushing in the flickering light from the candles on the cake as the rest of the girls, Stevie included, had serenaded her with a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’.

Following the blowing out of the candles, the cutting, serving and eating of cake had been a round of gift giving. Once Amy had opened her presents it had been birthday paddling time. The girl had bravely gone to the couch, pulled down her pants and knickers and ‘assumed the position.’ Paddlings at Phi Gamma Beta were usually no laughing matter.

Stevie paddled hard and everyone got a spanking on Friday night. The big sisters dealt with all the girls and were then in turn paddled by Stevie. All went to bed with wet eyes and hot sore bottoms. Birthday paddlings were a little different.

Amy was a veteran of birthday spankings. She’d been getting them for as long as she could remember, so this was expected. Some girls had never received one before arriving at the sorority.


“Amy, honey,” Stevie said warmly, her dark eyes dancing. “I do commend you on your initiative, but you’re getting a slightly different experience.”

“Different?’ a confused Amy asked as Stevie seated herself on the couch.

The statuesque woman patted her thigh and said, “Over Aunty Stevie’s lap, child.”

Amy frowned at Naomi, who grinned at her. The girl obediently lay herself over Stevie’s broad lap. The woman patted her twitching globes and explained, “As you know I generally give the over the knee birthday spanking after your sisters have administered their paddle swats, but your mother as you are aware is a former sister and a very good friend of mine expressed regret that she couldn’t be here to give you your birthday spanking. I suggested that I could act as her proxy.”

“Oh,” was all Amy could say.

“Naomi,” Stevie said to the tall brunette.

The girl nodded and hit a button on a conference call device that was seated on the coffee table.

“Are you there, Carla?” Stevie asked.

Amy’s mouth fell open as she heard her mother’s voice coming through the speaker on the device. “Yes, I am Stevie. Is Amy over your lap?”

“She’s snuggled in nicely, Carla. Can you hear me okay?”

“Oh yes, clear as a bell. How are you Amy, sweetheart?”

“I’m good, Mum,” the girl replied.

“Lovely,” Carla Mathieson said richly. “Have you had a good day, darling?”

“Yes, Mum. Naomi gave me breakfast in bed and a birthday spanking. Colin gave me a present and flowers. We just had cake and all the girls gave me gifts.”

“Oh my big sis gave me a birthday spanking when I was there,” Carla remembered fondly.

“Jade gave me one on my birthday, Mrs Mathieson,” Naomi spoke up. “I thought I should return the favour.”

“Good girl, I do hope Amy appreciated it.”

“I think she did, ma’am. She thanked me after and gave me a kiss.”

Amy’s face was bright red hearing this exchange between her mother and big sister, not to mention that every girl in the sorority was also present.

“Now how is she spanked for her birthday at home, Carla?” Stevie asked, pulling the conversation back on track.

“Well, her age of course and then one to grow on.”

“I always got that one for luck,” Stevie smiled, continuing to stroke Amy’s bottom gently. “How hard?”

“Oh not very,” Carla instructed. “She should be nice and pink, a little warm, but not crying.”

“I think we can do that,” Stevie said, resting her hand on Amy’s right cheek. “I’ll start then, can you help the girls count, Carla?”

“Oh delighted, Stevie!”


Stevie obeyed her old friend’s instructions to the letter. She doled out nineteen firm, but not particularly hard, smacks. Amy’s cute little derriere had a nice pink flush and she could feel the heat rising from her seat, but her eyes were dry and it was actually rather pleasurable. She ouched on the one to grow on, because Stevie had put some bite into that one.

Amy lay over Stevie’s lap and let the housemother give her bottom a bit of a rub.

“Well done, Stevie!” Carla congratulated her friend.

“She’s done a really good job, Mrs Mathieson,” Naomi assured her little sister’s mother.

“Oh I’m sure of that. Is our little girl okay?”

“Yes, Mum!” Amy said brightly.

“Happy birthday darling! Remember Daddy and I will be there next weekend and we’ll go out for a family dinner.”

“Yes, thank you Mum. I’m really looking forward to that.”

“I’ll let you enjoy the rest of your special day now them. Toodleoo!” Carla sang and there was a click as she cut the connection.


Naomi helped the petite redhead to her feet and led her around to the back of the couch. “Now you can bend over and get those pretty little cakes of yours good and high for your birthday paddling,” she told the younger girl.

With a smile Amy did as she was told and she even waggled her seashell pink bottom provocatively at the rest of the room once she was in position. All the girls had armed themselves with their personalized sorority paddles and everyone got to give one swat to Amy’s upthrust buttocks.

The birthday paddlings were nothing like a Friday night paddling or one administered for punitive reasons. Some swats stung a little, but that was once a few had already been given so Amy’s backside was more sensitive and it wasn’t done on purpose. Stevie watched the paddling very carefully and if anyone gave a swat she thought was over the top then the paddler found themselves replacing the birthday girl and the swats Stevie gave were not at all playful or gentle. None of the first years had ever actually seen that happen, but the seniors told stories about former big sister Nicole. She had been a little too enthusiastic with another sister’s birthday paddling and wound up taking a hard paddling herself.


By the time Amy got up from the couch her bottom was simmering a little, but she wasn’t in any distress. She wouldn’t admit it to the other girls, but she actually didn’t mind a small spanking that just warmed her globes a little. In fact Naomi gave them to her every Friday prior to their weekly paddlings, she found that they made it a little easier to take and she enjoyed the closeness with her big sister. Amy didn’t consider herself gay, and her boyfriend Colin would agree with that assessment, but she did have a slight crush on Naomi and always had.

Stevie was once again seated on the couch as Amy stood bent at an angle in the middle of the room and the girls took turns in feeling how hot her bottom was and giving it little rubs. Stevie settled herself and smiled at the scene in front of her. This was what sisterhood was all about to her. She had always enjoyed a birthday paddling at Phi Gamma Beta, both as a member of the sorority herself and now as the housemother of the girls.

“Come on Amy,” she said cheerfully, patting her lap. “Time for your birthday spanking from Aunty Stevie.”

With an impish grin at the imposing black woman Amy lay herself over that broad lap, she wriggled to get in position.

“Now while I give Amy her whacks why don’t the rest of you exercise your lungs and sing Happy Birthday again to our birthday girl?”

The girls lifted their voices and as the sound of Stevie’s palm striking a rosy bottom rang out in the room it was joined by the words “Happy Birthday to you!”

Amy wasn’t sure if Stevie laid her second lot of birthday spanks on harder or if it was because her bottom had already been lightly spanked and paddled, but she fancied this one hurt a bit more than the first one. The girl suspected that it was a combination of both factors. She didn’t cry, it didn’t hurt that much, but it did wring a few yelps from her, especially the last one for luck as Stevie referred to it. She hopped up as soon as the twentieth smack fell and did a little dance bouncing around and rubbing her gently glowing buns. No one reproved her for dancing without permission, the rules were different for birthday spankings and everyone knew that Amy was only playing. After a brief dance and a vigorous rub, Amy went back to Stevie, thanked her and gave her a kiss.

Stevie hugged the girl the rest of her sisters referred to as the ‘house angel’, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Happy birthday, Amy darling!”


The four first years: Amy, Emma, Jessica and Sally, ran upstairs helped each other dress and were downstairs again just as the doorbell rang and their dates for the night arrived. Each of the girls had developed relationships with the four first years from their brother fraternity Phi Sigma Tau.

Colin the shy bespectacled science student had always appealed to Amy. Pony tailed art student Matthew was with Jessica, they never actually said that they were girlfriend and boyfriend, but they were. Jessica had quite a dominant streak with the young man and no one was in any doubt about exactly who set the rules in their relationship. The lean stubble jawed dance major Patrick had an open relationship with the bubbly blonde Sally. The two said that they were free to date others, but they never did so, which led observers to believe that they were a little more serious than they let on. Emma told her demanding mother that her relationship with the cocky gymnast Gordon was purely a tutoring arrangement, but he was the driving force behind the girl’s recent interest in lacrosse and they spent a lot more time together that any other tutor and student that most of the girls had heard about.

The right young people had gone to a club near the campus and that was where the trouble started. The girls made sure that they only ordered soft drink or water. Birthday or no birthday the girls were expected back to the sorority house before curfew – although Stevie had generously extended it to midnight, rather than the usual eleven for this one night – and completely sober. The memory of what had happened when Sally first joined the sorority and they hadn’t being drinking, but had partaken of the inhalation of illegal vegetable matter, and arrived back at the house well after curfew, was still strong with the four first years. The incident had been kept from Stevie, due to drugs being involved, but all four girls had been put through their paces by their big sisters the following morning and had spent the rest of the week sitting as little as possible.

The boys were equally careful. They had been warned before going out that if they broke curfew or were suspected of being drunk or high then they’d have an appointment with their housemaster Howard’s paddle or strap at his earliest convenience. The Friday night sessions were bad enough that not one of Colin, Matthew, Patrick or Gordon wanted to add to them if at all possible.


Amy really should have said something earlier, she reflected now. Her drinks had tasted odd right from the start and she realized she was getting drunk fairly early on at the club. She still didn’t know who had done it, but she suspected one of the barmaids.

She was too drunk to be sure of it, but she thought she had seen one of the girls from the sorority’s sworn enemies Gamma Gamma Sigma behind the bar. Plenty of the double Gammas were still nursing a grudge against PGB for winning the charity stall at the fair earlier in the year and getting to paddle the bottoms of the other sorority.

Despite being suspicious that their drinks were being spiked, Amy thought it was her birthday so she should loosen up and have some fun. Her sisters already accused her of being a goody two shoes and too uptight now. The end result was that the girls had wound up quite tipsy by the time they stumbled out of the club. The boys had been concerned about them, but as they hadn’t received spiked drinks didn’t realize exactly what the trouble was.


Two years before Amy and her friends arrived at the college and joined PGB, the roofs of the sorority and fraternity houses had been quite popular places to relax and socialize during parties and one of the PGB big sisters; the studious Denise, said that she found it a nice quiet place to study away from the organized chaos that was the sorority house a good part of the time. One sorority had regularly held ‘tanning parties’ on their roof, where the girls laid on out on towels in their bathing suits and worshipped the sun gods.

Unfortunately some foolish horseplay on one of the roofs had resulted in a girl falling off. She hadn’t died, although it had been a near run thing, she was however going to spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair. Following that incident the roofs had been put out of bounds, especially at night.


Amy didn’t even remember how she, Jessica, Emma and Sally wound up on the house’s roof, they just had. She didn’t know why Sally had a flare or even how she’d managed to get it, but Sally was good at acquiring things like that. They’d made enough noise to wake the dead getting onto the roof, then Sally screamed ‘Happy Birthday!’ and set the flare off and even then they may have not been in quite so much trouble if Emma had not chosen that moment to lurch over to the edge of the roof and be violently ill over the side, and with unerringly accurate aim hit Stevie with the contents of her stomach.


The four girls knew they were in for it and in for it big time, but Stevie had at least postponed the inevitable until the morning. The girl’s big sisters; Naomi, Shauna, Denise and Veronica, had absolutely scorched the girls ears before letting them get some sleep and had promised serious retribution in the morning.

Breakfast had been a rather silent and subdued affair, with the whole meal having the atmosphere of death row on execution day. The girls had been ordered to wash and dress after eating and to put their pink Phi Gamma Beta t-shirts with the sorority’s name in bright red across the chest, pink pleated skirts and panties on before appearing in front of Stevie in her study.

“Do you realize that you represent the sorority every time you appear in public?” Stevie thundered from behind her big desk.

“Yes, ma’am,” the girls mumbled at their toes.

“I’ve just got off the phone from the Dean,” the housemother told her charges. “She is not at all happy. The board will ask question as to why members of a sorority were on the roof of their house…”

“Ummm…Stevie?” Sally said softly, raising her hand.

‘Yes, Miss Fairweather?” Stevie asked from between tightly pursed lips.

“How would any of the board know we were on the roof? It was pretty late and…”

“Someone,” Stevie said tightly, looking directly at Sally. “Let off a flare on the roof.”

“Oh,” Sally said, her face going bright red.

“The Dean will have to go for bat for us again. You four are lucky that the new Dean is an old PGB girl, her predecessor may not have been so forgiving. She did however ask me to paddle the four of you into next semester.”

The four girls winced. That did not sound good for them at all.

“You do realize that we have a policy about alcohol, do you not girls?” Stevie asked, her voice dangerously low.

“Yes, Miss Stevie,” the girls chorused.

“Then why exactly did you decide to flout it so flagrantly last night? And the first person that says because it was Amy’s birthday will be over my lap right now telling her story to Miss Sting and she can count on getting the cane on top of the paddling I intend to administer.”

All four girls knew from what Stevie was like that it was probably a rhetorical question. Emma decided to get in first to hopefully save them all from what was sure to be a long and testing punishment. The strawberry blonde raised her hand.

“Yes Emma?” Stevie asked in slightly dubious tones, knowing that the girl was likely to have some sort of protest prepared.

“Our drinks were spiked,” Emma said and the other three girls nodded to agree with her.

“That’s quite a serious accusation, young lady,” Stevie informed the girl.

“They were, ma’am,” Amy insisted.

That surprised Stevie. If Amy was saying it then it was more likely true.

“Wait a minute,” Denise requested from where she sat with the other three big sisters on a couch. “You got that drunk on one spiked drink?”

The girls exchanged looks. “We had more than one drink,” Jessica admitted.

“At what point did you realize that your drinks had been tampered with?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, I picked it up early,” Sally said in her usual bright manner. “It totally did my head in, but I was getting a good buzz on.”

Stevie sighed. “So you all knew that you were being given drinks that had alcohol in them, but you continued to drink them?”

The four girls nodded glumly.

“Did the boys from Phi Sig have anything to do with it?” Naomi asked, her eyes hard.

“Howard will have the skin off their backsides if they did,” Stevie muttered ominously.

“Ummmm….no, I don’t think so,” Amy said.

“Colin’s not that dumb,” Naomi agreed.

“Matthew doesn’t have the guts,” Shauna murmured.

“Pat’s not an idiot,” Veronica exonerated the dancer.

“Gordon would think of it, but he wouldn’t do it to the girls. He knows what we’d do to him if he did,” Denise said, running a hand through her mop of dark curls.

“So who?” Stevie asked.

“I saw a girl from the Double Gamma’s behind the bar,” Amy volunteered.

“Which one?” Naomi asked.

“It was Madison,” Jessica made the identification.

“Oh yeah, this would be that bitch’s style,” Shauna said.

“Shauna!” Stevie scolded. “Language! I’ll let it go this time, but if it happens again you’ll be getting me a bar of soap and the first behind that gets paddled will be yours.”

“Yes, Stevie,” Shauna said obediently with a blush.

“I’ll have that looked into,” Stevie said. “If it’s true then Madison will lose her job, and I will personally see to it that she has great difficulty sitting down in the near future, but there is to be no further retribution from any of you, do you understand?” her eyes swept around the eight girls in the room.

There was a gentle knock of the door and a redheaded girl carrying a tray with cups and a pot of tea appeared at the doorway.

“You and the big sisters wanted tea, ma’am?” the girl asked.

“Yes, thank you Heather,” Stevie answered the sophomore. “Just set it down on the table, please dear.”

Heather set her burden down and withdrew from the room, exchanging a ‘see you, wouldn’t want to be you’ look with the four first years as she did so.

Denise poured tea for herself, Stevie and her sisters, then they went back the business at hand while the four younger girls squirmed.

“Now, while your drinks may have been tampered with and you can’t be blamed for that,” Stevie said, sitting back and stirring her tea. “The matter has not been fully dealt with yet. You were on the roof, and before anyone says anything inadvertent drunkenness is not an excuse. Someone let off a flare and I don’t even know what that is about. You also realized that something wasn’t right about your drinks right from the start, you kept drinking them. You didn’t tell anyone about it as you should have. If you’re right and it was Madison, then you were more than likely her only target, the double Gamma’s are still holding a grudge about the paddling you were all allowed to give them after the Pie Stall at the fair, but if you aren’t then whoever was doing it got away with it, and it may have affected or even injured someone else because you were as Miss Fairweather so eloquently put it ‘getting a good buzz on’.”

The girls all wilted under the withering scolding. Jessica briefly wondered if there was some sort of class that housemothers attended to learn how to scold, because she’d undergone more of them than the other first years and Stevie was seriously world class.

“Does that mean we’re still getting spanked, Miss Stevie?” Sally asked softly.

“Oh yes it definitely does mean that, Miss Fairweather. I want the four of you to turn and face the wall while I and your big sisters discuss exactly what is going to happen to you.”


Cheeks burning and buttocks twitching Amy, Emma, Jessica and Sally stood lined up, staring at the wall, trying not to listen to the earnest conversation Stevie was holding over tea with Denise, Naomi, Shauna and Veronica.

“Madison would seriously do this,” Shauna said about the drink spiking.

“I agree,” Naomi said. “She’s got a mean streak a mile long.”

“Oh rest assured ladies,” Stevie told the girls. “She will be dealt with. However what do you think should happen to our four? Bear in mind that they did get on the roof, which is forbidden and could have been dangerous, they let off a flare…”

“I’m pretty sure that was Sal,” Veronica sighed. “It’s her sort of thing.”

“And they continued to drink even though they were all aware that they were being given spiked drinks,” Stevie wrapped up.

“I don’t think they should get public paddling,” Denise put in her opinion. “If they’d gotten drunk on their own I’d actually say yes and let the other sisters help, but with what did happen I think we can handle it in here.”

“I tend to agree,” Naomi said.

Stevie nodded. “Ladies, so do I. Now we just have to decide exactly what we’re going to give them.”


“As they didn’t deliberately set out to get drunk I think we should moderate it a little,” Veronica said from the outset as the five ladies huddled together over tea.

“I’m with Ronnie there,” Shauna backed her friend up.

“Make that three of us,” Naomi added, with a sympathetic look at Amy, trembling with anticipation as she kept her eyes on the wall in front of her.

“However they did all realize that their drinks had been spiked and didn’t say anything,” Denise said. “So I think that needs to be taken into account.”

“You all have points,” Stevie said. “I was initially going to strap all four of them, I even had my strap ready and oiled for it.”

All four big sisters shuddered at Stevie’s mention of the strap. Only Shauna had ever actually felt the long, wide, heavy length of black leather, but all had heard stories about it and it sent shivers of fear down spines. The switch, or Stevie’s cane aside, the strap was one of the housemother’s ultimate sanctions.

“However,” the housemother continued, “with the revelation about the drinks I think we can dispense with that. I’ll be investigating the claims made against Madison, and if she was doing that then I’ll be taking my strap to a meeting with Hilary and Miss Madison’s bare bottom.”

The four big sisters nodded. It was only what the girl deserved if she was guilty of what their little sisters had accused.

‘They have to be hand spanked,” Shauna declared firmly, shooting an icy glare at Jessica’s back.

“Oh yes,” Stevie agreed. “All four of them will spend time over your laps and under your hands girls.”

“Anything else?” Denise added in a tone that indicated she felt a simple hand spanking was in no way sufficient punishment.

“The hand spanking is just a warm up, although it’s not one of those games of patty cake you play with Amy on Friday night, Naomi,” Stevie said.

The tall volleyballer blushed. She knew that the other girls were aware of the Friday night pre paddling warmups she gave to Amy, but it wasn’t referenced as directly as Stevie had just done.

“A proper spanking,” Naomi sighed. “I get it.”

Stevie nodded her head with its short fashionable cut. “Now we have the matter of the flare and the invasion of the roof. They’re separate incidents and should be treated as such, with clearly defined punishments.”

“The flare was probably Sally’s,” Veronica admitted.

“I also think that,” Stevie said, “but the girls tend to stick together, so I’ll put it to them.”

Along the wall four backs stiffened and four sets of ears pricked up.

“Girls,” Stevie called.

“Yes, ma’am,” the quartet chorused.

“What do you think we should do about the flare? Is one of you to take the heat for it, or do you all get punished for it?”

Looks were exchanged and Sally started to frantically mouth, “Don’t!” before the other three said, “We’ll all take it, Miss Stevie.”

“Sally?” Stevie asked, not hearing her voice amongst the agreement.

“Yeah,” Sally sighed. “I’ll get whipped for it, too.”

“Very well,” Stevie said. “You all have an appointment with my paddle for that incident.”

The first years winced. Stevie paddled hard.

“What about the roof?” Denise asked.

“How do you want to handle it?” Stevie asked the seniors. “It reflects on the four of you, as well as the rest of the girls.”

“If I did something like that at home,” Shauna said, “Mum would take her spanking stick to me.”

The rest of the girls smiled at the ‘spanking stick’ reference. Shauna’s mothers ‘spanking stick’ was in fact a small paddle that could be easily applied with the culprit over the knee.

“Well said, Shauna,” Stevie congratulated her. She contemplated the four girls looking at the wall and said slowly, “You get to apply the ‘spanking stick’ to Emma.”

Emma grimaced. She hadn’t felt that little paddle before, but Jessica had, and her stories about what Shauna could do with it were not encouraging.

“I’d get the big wooden spoon,” Veronica mused.

“I think Amy would respond quite well to that,” Stevie said.

Amy sighed. It could have been worse. The spoon from Veronica would be no picnic, but there were harder spankers in the house.

“Slippering was what Mum always did to us,” Denise said.

“You hear that Jessie?” Stevie asked the tall brunette rhetorically. “You’ve got an appointment with Miss Denise’s slipper.”

At least it wasn’t Naomi, Jessica thought. All four seniors knew how to spank, but having been spanked by all of them, Jessica judged Naomi as the soundest.

“That leaves me with Sally,” Naomi said. “I have a hairbrush with her name on it.”

Sally doubted her name really was on Naomi’s hairbrush, but resigned herself to her fate. It had been her flare after all, so it made sense that she went through the most testing ordeal.

“Ummm…Miss Stevie?” Emma asked, raising her hand, but keeping her eyes forward.

“Yes, Emma,” Stevie answered, sipping her tea.

“Will you be telling our mothers about this?”

“I rather feel I have to, does that answer your question dear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Emma sighed. She had been afraid of that. She could hear her mother’s scolding voice and she was positive that would be followed by an extended journey over her lap either the next time she went home or the next time Elle Casey came to visit her daughter at college.

The other girls were going through similar thoughts. Amy knew that when Carla Mathieson found out about the incident she’d want retribution and the earliest time she could administer discipline would be the following weekend when her parents came to visit. Amy was pretty sure she’d be spending that weekend sleeping on her tummy.

Jessica wasn’t certain what her stepmother’s reaction would be, but she’d become a hands on disciplinarian since the sorority’s mother daughter weekend. Sylvie didn’t hesitated to hand out spankings at home now to her teenage step daughter when she felt they were needed, and Sylvie would probably think this needed one. If she didn’t initially, she would after Stevie had spoken to her. At least the semester break wasn’t due for a while and Sylvie couldn’t visit before then.

Sally didn’t know if her big sister Nancy, who had been her mother surrogate for years, while her mother was in a home suffering from dementia, would spank for something she’d already been punished for, but she too had wholeheartedly embraced Stevie’s discipline philosophy since the mother daughter weekend and may think this required something special. The flare had actually been hers too.

Denise set her teacup down with a click and asked, “How are we going to arrange this? If we do them one after the other it is going to take forever and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to spend as much time studying for midterms as I can.”

“The girls are important too, Denise,” Shauna pointed out to her friend, her cheeks colouring a little with indignation.

“She does have a point, Shauna,” Veronica said. “It is going to take a long time.”

“Why don’t we just spank them together?” Naomi suggested. “The room is big enough. If we get a few chairs and use the couch, why couldn’t we spank all four of them at the same time?”

“I rather think Naomi’s suggestion has some merit, ladies,” Stevie said. “Beneficial as it may be for the girls to hear each other’s roastings, for the purpose of saving time I think what Naomi has said may be the best way to handle this. Like Denise I have other things to with my time than spank naughty little girls. Once you girls have spanked and administered your chosen implement I’ll have our four miscreants bent over for the paddle. You don’t all have to remain for that,” the housemother agreed, but then looked directly at Denise, “however I would prefer it that you do.”

Denise sighed and nodded. Stevie rang for Heather to come and clear the tea things away while the four seniors went to their rooms to collect their weapons of choice.


“Girls,” Stevie said clearly and firmly. “Please turn around and face the room.”

Although all four first years were relieved to look at something else other than the featureless wall, this also meant that their spankings were that little bit closer and this promised to be a very testing time for the young women.

Shauna was sitting on the couch. Stevie leaned against her desk. The chair from behind it had been brought into the room and Naomi was sitting on it. Denise and Veronica had taken the other two chairs that visitors to the study sat on.

The seniors fixed their little sisters with hard eyes, and in the case of Naomi beckoned to the younger girls with a crooked finger. Amy took a deep breath and went hesitantly to the tall, olive skinned big sister.

“You know what I want, young lady,” Naomi said.

Amy blinked back tears and nodded, then lowered herself across the other girl’s firm, muscular thighs. “Good girl,” Naomi said, patting Amy’s tender trembling cheeks under the pleated skirt gently. She watched and waited for Jessica, Emma and Sally to get into position over the laps of Shauna, Denise and Veronica. Stevie’s hard dark eyes watched the scene impassively, her strong face betraying no emotion.

At almost the same moment Naomi, Shauna., Denise and Veronica lifted the skirts covering the girl’s quivering buttocks and accepted safety pins from Stevie to secure them to the sorority t-shirts the girls wore so that their animated reactions to their spankings would not inadvertently allow the skirts to cover their pantied bottoms.

The four seniors exchanged looks with each other and at a nod from Stevie they raised their hands and commenced the spankings. Slaps and squeals rang out in the room.


The occupants of the room did not know it, but the spankings taking place within it were of great interest to the sorority’s other members and nearly all of them were gathered in the house’s common room where they could hear some of what was going on.

“So is anyone saying anything?” Johanna asked Heather, who was kneeling by the door with a glass pressed against it and held to her ear.

“I dunno,” Heather answered. “They’re getting spanked now and the only thing I can hear is slapping and yelling.”

“We can all hear that, Heather,” Georgette, a petite dark haired junior told her redheaded friend. “It’s not like Stevie’s door is that thick.”

“I wonder if they’re going to get any out here,” Shania, senior doing medicine wondered.

“Maybe not the tannings,” Johanna said, “but I bet they get some bare corner time out here.”

“Remember that time you whacked Jessie?” Heather asked the broad shouldered blonde swimmer.

“Oh yes!” Johanna said with a laugh.

“That was a smacking and a half!” Georgette remembered. “She got it from you, Stevie with Miss Sting and then had her mouth washed out with soap and had to stand in the corner bare bum glowing.”

“I heard she got it from Shauna again when she got home that night, too,” Heather said.

“Well, she deserved it!” Johanna retorted. “I asked her to get something from my room and she told me to eff off! If I did that at home I’d have been over Mum’s knee so quick my head would have spun.”

“Hey, Heather can I get some coffee?” Shania asked, sitting back in her chair and looking at one of her medical texts.

“Your legs painted on or something?” Heather retorted, sitting on the couch next to Johanna. “I’m not a first year or a pledge anymore Shania.”

“It was worth a try,” Shania said with a grin and padded out to the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee.

“So glad it’s not me,” Georgette said, casting her dark eyes at the closed door and wincing as a particularly loud slap and yell floated through it.


Being experienced spankers the four seniors knew how to build a spanking and really stoke the fires in a deserving posterior. Generally spankings at PGB were given on the bare bottom from the start, but this one had three parts to it. There was the ‘warm up’ hand spanking, followed by an implement and then finished off with Stevie’s sorority paddle. For that reason the hand spanking was given over panties. The thing underpants provided very little protection from four hard palms and as they kept the rising heat in, it may have been preferable to actually have had them removed before the spanking commenced. The girls had started off slow and steady and were now delivering the finishing salvo hard and fast, the smacks sounding like a fusillade of gunshots as the girls wriggled and wailed over the knees of their chastisers.

Stevie could see that the redness created by the spankings was creeping out from the bottom of their girl’s tight panties and spreading down their upper thighs. That was a sign that they were having a definite effect and she could imagine that the entire quartet were smouldering nicely under the snug underwear. The writhing and kicking bore testament to that as well. The shouts had turned into pained squeals and grunts and the housemother could see that Amy at least was in floods of tears.

The housemother pushed herself into a standing position and went to the middle of the semi circle Denise, Shauna and Veronica had created when they moved the chairs around to face the couch Naomi sat on in order to spank the girls. From this position the black lady could see the faces of the girls. All of them were red in the face and Emma was fighting hard to hold back the tears, the rest of them were crying steadily. “Denise, if you can wring some tears from young Emma I think the girls will be sufficiently warmed up.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Denise said and redoubled her efforts. The slaps rang out hard and fast and Emma howled, then to her frustration she started to cry, she tried blinking the tears back, but she simply couldn’t stop them from falling.

“Lovely,” Stevie said richly. “Now I think we can bring the implements into play. Girls, go to your designated spanker now.”

Confusion followed because in their distressed states the four first years couldn’t remember who had elected to spank each of them.

Veronica rose, took hold of Amy by the upper arm and dragged the repentant first year to stand by her side. Without saying anything she pulled the girl’s panties off and had her step out of them before, she flipped the redhead over her knees and attacked her already glowing backside with the flat of her long handled wooden spoon.

Emma had been the only one who actually retained the presence of mind to go to the big sister who had been given permission to spank her. Shauna smiled up at the strawberry blonde who presented herself at the tall willowy blonde’s side. “Aren’t you a honey?” Shauna said warmly, reaching for the small, thin paddle she referred to as a ‘spanking stick’. “Why don’t you get your panties down and get over Aunty Shauna’s lap?”

Emma was a little surprised that Shauna allowed her to bare her own bottom, it wasn’t something Denise or her first big sister Nicole had ever allowed. In a small way she appreciated it, and she did accept that she and her three sisters had brought this upon themselves. The girl skinned her pants down, wincing as they scraped over her scorched bottom. Denise always spanked hard. She lay over Shauna’s lap. The cheerleader poised her paddle over the bright red buttocks and said, “Time to really turn the heat up, young lady.”

Denise didn’t leave her seat, but called Jessica over. The brunette’s hands were massaging the seat of her panties and she could feel the heat radiating through them as she rubbed. “No rubbing,” Denise scolded, wagging her finger. “You know that’s not allowed without permission. Let’s get these panties out of the way,” she said as she lowered the underwear revealing a bright hot red bottom. Jessica had been spanked more than any of her fellow first years and as a result she had felt Denise’s slipper on her bottom before. It hurt a lot, just like any spanking, but at least it wasn’t the hairbrush from Naomi. Sally had really drawn the short straw there.

Naomi saw Sally standing around with her customary rather vague confused look on her face, hands down under her panties, busily trying to quench the fires that Veronica had lit on her haunches. Naomi grabbed hold of her, caught her wrists, dragged her hands up and smacked her bottom while scolding, “Aunty Veronica did not go to all the trouble of bringing your naughty little bottom to the boil just to have you rub it all away, young lady!” She hauled a protesting, crying Sally to the couch and dragged her panties off, then turned her over the knee and laid into her with the hairbrush.


Stevie couldn’t help but smile. She could still remember Denise, Naomi, Shauna and Veronica as first years themselves wailing under the paddle or over their big sisters laps for some youthful misdeed or another. Amy’s older sister Jade had been a particularly fierce spanker and she had taught Naomi well.

The housemother kept a close eye on the state of the rapidly reddening buttocks squirming madly over the big sister’s laps. Some bruising from this had to be expected, but she didn’t want blisters and she had to bear in mind that the girls had also been promised a testing time under her paddle following their spankings.


Sally was getting the worst of it. Before arriving at the sorority she had never been spanked, now she was a veteran, but even a veteran would have trouble when faced with the prospect of Naomi and her hairbrush. The girl was a world class spanker and Sally was certainly learning that. She was roaring and writhing, kicking, sobbing and begging. Her nose ran and she drooled as she desperately tried to get her breath. This was the second time Sally had been spanked with a hairbrush over Naomi’s knee and she wasn’t enjoying her second experience any more than she had her first.

“Legs apart,” Naomi commanded sternly.

That penetrated through the rest and Sally pleaded frantically, “No! Please Naomi! Not that! It hurts so much! Please no!”

“You can either do as you’re told or I will ask Stevie to take your ankles and pull them apart, believe me it will be worse if I do.”

“If you make me do that, Sally then bearing in mind that I’m positive the flare was actually yours I’ll add a session with Miss Sting to your paddling,” Stevie told her.

With a defeated sob Sally spread her legs reluctantly, granting the back of Naomi’s heavy hard hairbrush access to her tender unspanked inner thighs and between her well spanked buttocks. She threw her head back and screamed as Naomi attacked those areas with the brush.  “Yes,” Naomi said, raising her voice to be heard above Sally’s noise. “I’ll make your entire back end hot enough to light a flare from!”


Amy winced as Veronica brought the spoon splatting down firmly across her stinging red cheeks. The little redhead was no stranger to being spanked by a wooden spoon, it had been a favourite of her mother’s and Carla had two wooden spoons in her kitchen.

One lived in a drawer and was used for cooking. The other was usually on a bench and got used when she thought either of her girls needed a little attitude adjustment. However as the girls got older Mrs Wooden Spoon went into retirement and her job was taken by Mrs Hairbrush, something else Carla had two of, only one of which was used for it’s intended purpose.

Amy hadn’t encountered the spoon again as an item of corporal correction until she arrived at Phi Gamma Beta, and even then she’d only got the occasional swat with the big one they had in the kitchen. She’d also never been spanked by Veronica. She had actually been a little scared that the chemistry major may elect to use a wicked little tawse she had, and getting the spoon may be slightly preferable to that. Right at the moment she didn’t think her bottom could get any hotter or sorer no matter what was being used, so it was a bit of a moot point.

Veronica watched Amy’s glowing plums wiggle over her lap and continued to apply the base of the spoon with fast, hard, short swats, enjoying the sound it made when it connected and how the girl’s buttocks flared briefly when it hit.

Having a smaller surface area than a paddle or even a hairbrush the spoon tended to localize and intensify the pain where it hit, in some ways Veronica would have preferred to get swatted with something bigger and broader because it spread the impact out. Amy was so obedient that was rather enjoyable to spank. She couldn’t help kicking and squirmlng or yelling, but she was a small girl, so fairly easy to hold, she never attempted to put her hands back and did what she was told when she was told.


“Owwwww!” Jessica wailed as Denise slippered her determinedly.

“You’re such a baby, Jessica!” Denise scolded scornfully.

“I can’t help it!” Jessica blubbered. “It hurtssss!”

“Maybe you should have thought about that before accepting drinks you knew were tampered with and then climbing onto the roof!” Denise reminded her, scything the slipper’s supple sole across the backs of the brunette’s legs to really make her howl and buck up and down wildly.

“I was drunk!” Jessica whined.

As Denise tightened her grip around the girl’s slender waist and continued her assault, Stevie spoke up, her normally gentle voice hard. “Oh do not use that argument young lady. You have all admitted that you knew there was something in your drinks and yet you elected to continue to consume them and not tell anyone, because you were enjoying the sensation. I will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, accept that as an excuse. If anyone uses it again I’ll get the strap out and you can receive it bent over the back of the couch in the common room in full view of all the sisters present.”

Jessica cried and wiped a forearm angrily across her nose, which had started to run during Denise’s very sound slippering. Prior to coming to school here and joining the sorority Jessica had thought the only pain you could get from an item of footwear was caused by blisters from an ill fitting pair. Denise had showed her that slippers could also produce blisters; they were just on a different part of the anatomy than the girl would have ever thought.


Shauna looked so sweet and she could be so vague at times Emma reflected ruefully. That was until it came to two things. One was cheerleading. The girl was captain of the cheerleaders and it was a position she had won by dint of her talent and a fierce competitiveness. The other was spanking.

The blonde cheerleader knew that a lot of her sisters thought she was a bit of a ditz at times. Denise didn’t even bother to hide it most of the time. Shauna had grown up with paddling. Her mother had no compunction about using one on the butts of her and her siblings. Her school paddled and a meeting with the Board of Education at school meant another appointment over Mama’s lap at home. She’d also been aware of PGB’s policy before she joined and in fact that had played a part in her decision to pledge to the sorority. The double Gammas had courted her as well, but something about Stevie’s maternal manner appealed to her. She knew she needed motivation to succeed and felt that PGB’s paddle happy culture would feed that requirement. She had determined early on that if she was going to fit in and thrive at PGB then she had to give really good spankings as well as accept them gracefully. Jessica could attest that she had succeeded in that endeavor and now Emma was finding that out first hand as well.

Shauna wasn’t as vicious as the strawberry blonde’s first big sister at PGB Nicole had been, but she was relentless. Emma was a fit young girl and her interest in lacrosse had firmed up her previously plump physique including her buttocks.

Once Shauna settled into a rhythm with that paddle, the innocuously named ‘spanking stick’, she just kept on going. Swat after swat, landing with metronomic regularity and despite that she seemed to be able to pick random spots so the poor unfortunate over her lap could never really settle into any sort of rhythm.

“Shauna,” Stevie’s voice said, pitched up a little to be heard over Emma’s incoherent protests. “Shauna!”

The paddle paused in it’s inexorable downwards motion and Shauna looked up, focus returning to her bright blue eyes. “Yes, ma’am?”

“I think Emma’s had enough, sweetheart. She’s still got an appointment with my paddle and we don’t want her bottom to burst do we?”

“No, Stevie,” Shauna agreed with a giggle and a fond pat to Emma’s tomato red hemispheres, and even that made Emma wince a little.


Shauna was the last of the girls to stop spanking. She had gotten a little carried away, but Emma had deserved it. In fact all four girls had. They were lucky that Stevie had erred on the side of mercy this time and decided to paddle them soundly with her sorority paddle rather than add the strap to their discipline.

“The colour of those bottoms and the tears that I can hear and see tell me that you have all been soundly spanked and are sufficiently primed for the attentions of my paddle,” Stevie said confidently. “You all know what I want now. Assume the position, girls.”

With winces and expressions of pain the four first years eased their ways off the big sister’s laps and while the older girls sat back and watched with broad grins on their faces, Amy, Emma, Jessica and Sally limped to the wall.

“Sally,” Stevie warned. “Keep those hands away from your bottom, young lady. If you rub without permission you can have a chat with Miss Sting over my lap when I’m done paddling your sisters.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sally whimpered, slowly taking her hands away from her superheated rear end. Like every girl in the sorority she had been paddled with Stevie’s wicked little rubber paddle, Miss Sting, before and she had no desire to renew acquaintances any time soon.

The girls stood at the wall, positioned their feet slightly apart, bent forward and placed their hands on the wall, then straightened their legs and pushed their blazing rumps out.

“Good girls,” Stevie cooed, her hand curling around the handle of her personalized paddle. “Now get those bottoms up nice and high and make Aunty Stevie proud of you. Take your licks like PGB girls.”

The four girls exchanged looks, licked their lips, took deep breaths and willed themselves to do as Stevie had commanded.

As Stevie stood behind the girls, watching the wiggling red posteriors she lined up Amy’s pert rear end and requested of the four seniors, “Can you keep count, please girls. I want these four punished, but I don’t want to overdo it.”

“Yes, Stevie,” Denise, Naomi, Shauna and Veronica chorused dutifully.

“Miss Stevie,” Jessica said in an unsteady voice.

“Yes, Jessie?” Stevie asked, raising the paddle.

“How many?”

“That my darling child,” Stevie said in honeyed tones, “is for me to know and you to find out.”



The paddle came sweeping down, connected solidly with Amy’s bottom, forced her up onto her toes and elicited a loud and painful squeal from the petite redhead.

“One!” Naomi called, sitting back and crossing one long leg over the other.

Once Stevie had asked for a count the girls had come to a quick agreement that that they would each count for their little sister. That way as the punishment proceeded they could encourage their own ‘little’ to get through it personally.


Emma hissed and waved her burning backside around as the paddle branded it again.

“Two!” Denise said clearly, sharing a smile with Naomi.


“Oh  my God!” Jessica wailed, desperately telling herself that she would not break position, despite the fires that were roaring through her hindquarters.

“Three!” Shauna sang out merrily. She didn’t necessarily enjoy seeing Jessica get it, but she did deserve this and her actions reflected on her big sister.


“Woohooo! Stevie!” Sally bellowed. The girl was sure that Stevie had really put her arm into that one. She knew she’d been spanked harder by Naomi and she was positive that she’d drawn Naomi as her spanker because everyone knew that Naomi was the soundest spanker of the four big sisters once she had her hairbrush in hand. She felt like Stevie was giving her just that little bit extra.

“Four!” Veronica counted firmly. Her own opinion was that Sally was getting off a little easy, because she had been worse than the other girls with the addition of the flare, who Veronica couldn’t understand why Sally had taken it in the first place, but the workings of Sally’s mind were not only a mystery to the tall brunette. She determined to give Sally another warm up at her earliest convenience when they were alone.


When Stevie had been deciding on the punishments she thought that twenty  swats apiece from her paddle would be both apt as the girls had been celebrating Amy’s nineteenth birthday and it was a nice round number. It was basically nineteen for the birthday and the traditional one for luck. This paddling however was not for fun in the way Amy’s playful birthday swats had been.

The paddling had started out quite briskly, but the pace slowed as the swats increased. It took longer for the recipients to recover from each one and more encouragement and coaxing to get them back into proper position with each successive whack from the swinging paddle.


“That is a world class scorching,” Naomi remarked to Emma after counting out swat number twenty to Amy, but stroke seventy seven in total.

Emma nodded and counted out, “Seventy eight.”

Shauna got ready to call seventy nine for Jessica and then Veronica called out to Sally, “Legs straight, bottom up, Sally Elizabeth,” using the girl’s first and middle names to get her attention.

The eightieth stroke fell, Sally threw her head back and screamed. Stevie stepped back, and laid her paddle down on the desk with a faint click. Only Emma’s keen ears picked that up and she asked softly, “Is that it?”

“Yes, Emma,” Stevie told her. “It is over.”

“Oh thank God!” Jessica breathed and sagged against the wall.

The seniors laughed and went to their little sisters, helping them upright and holding them, gently rubbing their steaming rumps and telling them how proud they were and how well they had taken their punishment.


The four younger girls were once again laid out over their big sister’s laps and had their bottoms rubbed and soothed with cream, lotion and cool water. Following that they were escorted, still bare below the waist, to the common room where they were stood in corners as a warning to any other sister who may have a desire to so flagrantly disobey the sorority’s rules.


  1. Nice and lovely story.....ah for the old days of sorority paddlings.....nice

    1. Thank you Ron. I know you enjoy reading about the girls.