Wednesday, 5 March 2014

(Wo)Man or Machine?

Ever since the industrial revolution in the 18th century we've been trying to find ways of assigning work that was once done by manual labour to the 'hands' of one piece of machinery or another. I had thought that Aunty's humble profession (spanking naughty bottoms) was safe from that until I stumbled across this post by Penelope Hasler the Naughty Little writer.

I've never been a great proponent for spanking machines. They often look awkward and can only be the stuff of science fiction or an over active imagination, although I will admit this selection from Endart caught my eye and do look rather plausible as well as effective.

Unusually for this sort of thing there's even one for the naughty boy in there.

It's not only the province of art and fiction either. There are spanking machines on the market available for use. One was featured in young Penelope's post and Aunty found this rather convenient little item on the internet.

Fun as they may be to contemplate I doubt that one of these will ever replace any of the Spank Shop's dedicated employees as they and I are of the opinion for a whole host of reasons that the very best spanking machine is this as presented by Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Hug, kisses and spanks,
Aunty Andrea


  1. Thanks for the mention and for the lovely post, Aunty! I do like the pictures... and very much envy the people in them. I think I like the second machine the best :)

    And, as neat as spanking machines might be, I know deep down that there's nothing quite like a nice warm lap and a firm Aunty hand.

    Now I'm thinking of Aunty being mean while spanking and pretending to be an Aunty-bot, stuck on 'super strict' spank setting. xoxo

    1. My pleasure Penny, it was after all your post that inspired this one and I have to give credit where it's due. I rather like the first and the 4th of Endart's machines myself.

      I wonder if there would be a market for an Aunty-bot, maybe I can clone myself.

  2. Love this post.....funny this is something growing up we always "heard" about and threats, now the nuns spanked us just fine but even they would allude to a spanking maching. I remember a non spanking show, Leave it to Beaver that had a scene where the kids get stuck trying to sneak into the school to look at the spanking it.

    1. That's an interesting story about an allusion to a spanking machine. I did see a picture of one in an old picture book many years ago, it was a steam powered device that administered canings to naughty boys.

  3. I find the subject of spanking machines to be fascinating; so much wishful thinking going on. It's interesting that the stuff of science fiction or pure imagination is now a reality. There are real "spanking machines", though how efficacious they are, especially for afficianados of the traditional OTK spankings.

    I have to admit my favorite pic in this post is the pert posterior of Sarah Gregory being properly tended to by Miss Chris... Sarah as a redhead is another revelation; she's been blonde and brunette, so why not? ;-)