Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Good Spanking - Will it Ever End?

In this post of A Good Spanking I'd like to speak briefly about how long a spanking should be. I don't generally have an arbitrary number of spanks in mind, certainly not with my hand or hairbrush or even a small paddle. I do this with a strap, taws, large paddle and the cane, but those are often administered after application of one or more of the other things I have at my disposal in the 'war chest'.

I started to wonder about this after someone sent me a picture of this plaque.

I know it's meant as a bit of a joke, but it is true. It does in some part depend on why you're spanking and what sort of spanking you're delivering. If it's a fun one or for some sort of sexual foreplay then it really often only warms the cheeks and it's rather playful, but if it's for discipline or punishment then the above most certainly does apply.

In the above two spankings, one from Miss Lina and the other from Strict Women the words on the plaque do definitely apply. Miss Lina has taken the message to heart and spanked the bottom over her knee until it has visible welts and then spanked on top of the welts themselves! Miss Gia from Strict Women is really giving the naughty young man over her lap a going over with her hand. You can see that she's giving big full armed swats and has him glowing merrily from the top of buttocks down almost to his knee hollows and knowing Strict Women this is probably just the warm up!

Momma Dana from Momma Spankings knows just how to deal with naughty young ladies. Spank them, spank them hard. Until their bottoms are glowing rosily, they are crying steadily and just wishing that it was over. She's got them displayed nicely here and I think they're a long way from done, either.

This shot from My Spanking Roommate also illustrates what I'm talking about. This girl was spanked, spanked so soundly that even the thought of sitting on her freshly spanked posterior is painful. That's what you really want to administer when someone has earned it. A Can't Sit Down Spanking.

Spanking Dollars has also got the right idea. That young woman's bottom has clearly been soundly spanked as it is quite red, hot to touch and clearly sore, yet her chastiser is just about to administer the slipper. She'll be fervently wishing it was over almost before it starts.

The final word is from CFShots.

Look at that face. Teeth clenched, grimacing, the tears will soon be rolling down those flawless cheeks and no doubt her nose will run as well. Her tormentor is clearly enjoying herself too much to stop any time soon and the grip she has her 'friend' in by the hair suggests that she's settling in for a good long session.

Hope this has all given you something to think about and also brought a smile to your faces


  1. Dear Aunty,

    I imagine all (or at least nearly all) the miscreants over your knee at the Shop wish fervently that the spanking was already over even while you're just using your hand and, if they've been there before, they know that that's just the beginning and I also imagine the other Shop ladies follow your example to the letter. If there was an official "Spank Shop" philosophy, that might encapsulate it very well... ;-)


  2. It is a bit of an unofficial philosophy really. If I ever collect these into a book it may make for an operating manual.

  3. Amazing post......and I was spanked the other day, was not endless but I asked for more and got it but wow, no it should never end but it does, thankfully!