Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Nominations

I'm a little later than I intended to be with this, but we had Easter, and then last week also had another public holiday down here (Anzac Day) so time got away from me, but it also allowed me to receive two late nominations.

Now for those who were unaware I asked for a male spanker for this month. I kind of thought that given my readership seems to be mostly male I was probably unlikely to be deluged with nominations, but I did get 4, which is better than some other months where I've wanted nubile female spankees. So here they are.

John McLeod (a name I am sure many recognise from comments) suggested Liam Neeson.

This is a picture of him with his late wife, the actress Natasha Richardson.

You only have to look at that picture to understand why John suggested him. Tall, distinguished, handsome. He is also very talented and is masterful. I could just hear that lovely Irish accent saying: 'You're going to be spanked, young lady. Over my knee.' I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Another faithful follower, Phil suggested Mark Harmon, although he used the name of the character he plays in NCIS, so he may have been more thinking of the character than the person.

Very handsome when he was younger and those eyes are both stern and commanding.

He aged both well and gracefully and I think it's wonderful that he let his hair change colour naturally rather than dyeing to create the image of eternal youth. It quite suits him and says that he's secure in his own skin and probably wouldn't hesitate to hand out a good old fashioned spanking if he thought it was warranted.

Barbara loves tennis, so I was not surprised when she suggested one of the world's elite: Rafael Nadal.

Rafa, as he is often known, probably appeals more to the younger generation, but he has oodles of talent and lots of Mediterranean sex appeal, and just looking at those guns (look at them!) makes me think that he'd give a spanking no girl would forget in a hurry. Your bottom would wind up the same colour as his shirt or the clay on centre court at Roland Garros.

Richard came up with another actor. Not one that would immediately spring to mind for me personally, and that's Brad Pitt.

I can't deny that he's attractive and talented, and in recent years age has given him an authority he lacked when he was younger, but I can't help picturing that sexy little boy smile and wanting to turn him over my knee. He's also with Angelina Jolie and I see her as very dominant.

So there you have it, 4 handsome, gorgeous men. One young gun, 3 actors, all mature. The choice is yours. Ladies, who would you most want to be spanked by, and gentlemen who would you most like to see spank the lady of your choice?

I deference to the fact that I was a naughty Aunty and took so long to post this I'll leave voting open until this time next week.

Let the voting commence!


  1. Well, as I suggested him (even as Agent Gibbs) I'll have to go with Mark Harmon but I can see Liam Neeson as well ("I have a very specific set of skills...). ;-)

  2. Maybe a double act featuring Liam and Mark? I can see that creating a very sore and sorry bottom.

  3. OK, now I may not be totally into this but I love Mark Harmon as the proposed lap....he is specatcular as his role as Gibbs and is a total spanker to me in that role.

    Now how about the country classic performer and Idol judge Keith Urban spanking his lovely wife?

  4. I vote for Mark Harmon aunty Andrea .I think he would make a good spanker.He looks like the type of man who wouldnt think twice about spanking a naughty female bottom untill its very hot and sore. Best regards to all the Spank Shop staff including you aunty Andrea. Love. Heniel

  5. "I don't know where you've been and I don't know who you were with. If you thought I wouldn't be concerned about you coming home at this hour dressed like that, I can tell you that you were gravely mistaken. I don't have your mother's patience for your childish behavior. What I do have very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a long career as a teacher. Skills that will prove a nightmare for bratty little bottoms like yours. If you tell me where you were tonight right now, that'll be the end of it. I will not tell your mother, I will not ground you. But if you don't tell me, I will put you across my knee, I will lift your skirt and lower your panties, and I WILL spank you."

    If it's not too late, I'd like to add a vote for Liam Neeson. I'm a huge fan, and he's near the top of my own *very* short list (as you might guess!) of guys that I can imagine as spankers. (plus I wanted an excuse to write 'Stepdad Liam' above! :P )

    Oh, and I agree... Brad is totally a 'sub', IMO (and a lucky one). :)

  6. Votes will still be open for a few days yet. By my count we've got 3 for Mark Harmon, and 1 for Liam Neeson and if you include my thoughts along with Banjo's 2 for Brad Pitt to be spanked, presumably by the more than capable Ms Jolie.

  7. Hmm, can I vote for ME to be spanked by Ms Jolie instead of li'l Brad? :)

    Although Brad does deserve an epic blistering for the travesty that was 'World War Z'... had he let someone else buy the rights, we just might have got a more faithful adaptation of the wonderful book!

  8. well, you know my vote - and even with Rafa's guns, the voice is very important. While not much of a voyeur, I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Harmon spank Polly Perrette until, I suspect, she climaxed...

    While I think of most actors as bottoms, my experience has tended to be that toppy women bottom to their husbands and I suspect it's the same case with Angelina Jolie (leaving her free to spank me, I suppose). Brad Pitt does at times show the control a top should have (though it might just be an act) and if she were my wife, I'd rather it be my hand, her bottom rather than vice-versa. but then, everything's negotiable, isn't it?