Thursday, 3 April 2014

April Update from Kimberley Susan

Welcome to Autumn or Spring depending on your location.

I'm a little late with this update, but that's due to Aunty wanting to wait for the reaction to the dual SotY's for March, and also getting over the foolishness of April 1st. We always get an influx of attendees after that. Some people find out that we don't joke around at the Spank Shop!

Now what's on our plate for April?

I know there's a Seegee story coming up quite soon, another Spank Shop adventure, so I hope everyone will enjoy that.

Nominations for the April SotY are now open and this month Aunty has decided that in the interests of equal opportunity it's going to be a male spanker. Same rules apply as usual.

Due to the success of posting the nominees a few days before the announcement Aunty has said that she'll do that this time as well. I think this will be how it works from now on, too. I quite like it and I know Aunty was very pleased with the response. You can all pat yourselves on the back and take a bow for that.

I'll leave you with a few photos.

This one I think would make a great advertisement for our range of signature hairbrushes. I'm pretty certain that's a Mrs Ebony she has in her hand.

I found the above picture a little unusual in that the 'Strict Miss' has a slipper in her lap. You don't often see a slipper in commercial pictures. They're quite effective as they're supple and stingy and cover a good bit of the surface area, but they can be difficult to hold due to the lack of a handle. The lady with it looks a little like me too, so I was predisposed to like it.

She'd make another good advertisement for the signature range, but I can't tell what sort of brush she's holding, she needs to display it better. I also found it interesting that the picture is captioned The English Governess and I've never associated hairbrushes with British governesses. Slippers, straps and canes, yes, hairbrushes no. This could be just me.

I love this one from Shadowlane. Always nice to see ladies enjoying what they do and these two are having the time of their lives. I don't think their smiles could be any wider.

Love until next month,
Kimberley Susan


  1. Now that you mention it, Dear Kim, the lady with the slipper does look a bit like you (perhaps a tad older) and she doesn't look particularly pleased. Woe betide the miscreant whose turn it is to go over her lap, although, by your own admission, you prefer the hairbrush...

    On another note, the "English Governess" lady also seems to bear a more than passing resemblance to your dear mother. I don't see her as a governess though; she likely doesn't have the patience for that job... ;-)


    1. Thank you Phil. Kim is pleased by your comment.

  2. Love the brush picture, thanks Kim