Monday, 21 April 2014

Bunny Season!

Well possibly not down here, because we're into autumn and all the sensible bunnies are sleeping in the burrows and staying out of the rain, fur takes so long to dry.

I had such a busy Easter that I didn't get time to post during it, so I'm doing a silly little one now.

Last year Kimberley uncovered an odd custom in Eastern Europe where people 'whip' each other playfully for Easter. I found another one this year. It doesn't involve spanking, but it does involve bunnies.

Apparently in the Czech Republic they run floppy eared bunnies over miniature steeple chase courses at Easter.

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? Kim and I both squeed at this. I did some research and while it didn't mention the Czech Republic, it did say that rabbit racing is quite popular in Scandinavian countries like Denmark. You have to get the right sort of bunny, too.

Because this is a spanking blog there's an Easter themed picture on that too.

I'm not sure what happened here and they both look more like Playboy Bunnies to me, but maybe the one being spanked delivered the eggs to the wrong house and is being disciplined by shift supervisor.

And this one just because I like Amber 'Pixie' Wells. and this is just such a natural shot and I wanted to share it all with you.


  1. Hi

    Happy Bunny day, hope all is well.

    Ah awesome shot of the bottom Amber but trust me if you see her new work and site....she has transformed into an amazing and strict lap...hope all is well.

    Much love always

  2. The "bunny" thing is very cute (I mean the bunny steeplechase or whatever you'd call it). I imagine training wabbits to jump over hurdles might be difficult though. "Squeed"? I do hope that's not a portmanteau of "squealed" and "peed"... ;-)

    The second "bunny" in the second pic is Veronica Ricci, I believe. Not sure about the spanker...

    Happy Easter!