Wednesday, 16 April 2014

SotY's in the news

Hello to everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the lead up to Easter.

I've seen some of our much loved SotY nominees over the past two years in the news of late, and thought I'd share some pictures and news with you and give you my own thoughts on the events. I'll also take the opportunity to remind everyone that nominations for April are still open. I'm looking for a male spanker this month. I've only had two nominations so far, and there's still time.

The lovely Princess Kate is rarely out of the news, but with her and Prince William's, along with the adorable baby George, tour of New Zealand and Australia, coverage has reached saturation levels in this part of the world.

A little background is required before I post this sequence of three photos. Next year Australia and New Zealand will cohost the World Cup of cricket, and cricket is a game that is played throughout the Commonwealth. As the sport originated in England they are strong supporters of it and Kate and William were shown one of the grounds near the city of Christchurch and coaxed into playing a shot or two.

Judging by her dress (her lovely skirt suit was red with black accessories as those are the colours of the Canterbury province) and those five inch heels I don't think Kate was expecting to be handed a cricket bat and expected to hit a delivery or two. William was the bowler. He prefers rugby and soccer, but he attended Eton so he must have had some experience of cricket.

In the first frame Kate is ducking under a head high delivery that whizzed inches over her head and very nearly had her dirtying the seat of that crimson skirt by falling over onto her backside. The second frame has Kate wagging her finger and telling her regal husband off for his actions. He gave her a gentle full toss in the final frame, she managed to hit that into the infield and then it was William's turn to bat, he had to face a proper bowler, though.

As readers know I've always seen Kate as the one who dominates that relationship and I do wonder if William paid for that errant delivery later on by having his pants removed, being laid across his wife's  lovely lap and having her turn his backside the same colour as her outfit from the day.

Now SotY number two, and this actually features not one, but two of our former Rogues Gallery, is not a real picture, but rather a clever mock up. I'll post it and give some explanation.

For those of you who don't recognise these two, firstly shame on you, but secondly I'll name them. The lady in the red dress is Katy Perry and the poppet over her lap is Miley Cyrus. Now as any follower of the SotY knows, young Miley won the honour last year.

Now why exactly is Katy spanking her fellow pop starlet? Some time ago the two shared a very public kiss, even though it was on the lips it was a publicity stunt of sorts. While Katy was recently on tour in Australia, Miley for reasons known only to her, decided to make a comment on Twitter about the kiss that painted Katy in a negative light.

Katy took exception to the comment and tweeted as well as making a comment on an Australian TV talk show that Miley needed a spanking and even promised that she was going to give her a BIG spanking the next time the two met.

I wasn't aware I had started a trend amongst celebrities when Miley won the SotY last year.

Hope this little bit of silliness put a smile on your faces.

Aunty Andrea


  1. Dear Aunty,

    Never thought I'd be defending Miley but it was actually Katy that started the "feud" by tweeting that she withdrew from the infamous kiss when Miley wanted to give her tongue. "I mean, who knows where that tongue has been?" (Katy said). Then Miley responded with a remark about Russell Brand (and where his tongue might have been) and Katy responded with her threat to give Miley "such a spanking". I hope she does and I hope it's televised (or at least on YouTube)... ;-)


    1. Sorry. John Meyer, not Russell Brand. My bad... >:-(


  2. Wow, post after my own heart....anything Kate does is awesome, not sure of you saw the most recent "down under" pictures of her in the blue dress but all in all....please spank me Kate!!

    Love it and you all


  3. Aunty,

    Her visit to your country has totally blown me away with the lovely and classy dresses and outfits, may she please take a brush to my bottom.