Tuesday, 29 April 2014

'Where There's Smoke'

The LSF beat me to this one. If anyone here follows both my blog and the LSF you'll probably have seen this story there already. It's the 3rd of Seegee's stories to feature Ferris Hammond, and I think the young lady may have finally matured.

The enticing product that started all the trouble.

This was the fate young Max envisioned for himself if his stepsister told his mother about the cigarettes. Drawing by Zerte.

And the incomparable Sassy Bottoms shows us what happened when Ferris took matters into her own hands.

“Hey Max,” Ferris Hammond called.

No answer. The sixteen year old’s brow furrowed. Where on earth was her nine- year old stepbrother? It was a Friday night, her parents, Max’s mother and Ferris’ stepmother Rebecca and her father and Max’s stepfather Hank, were on a rare ‘date’ out, having dinner at a local restaurant, and she had been left in charge of her stepbrother.

Ferris had matured a lot from the sulky, rebellious fifteen year old that she had been when her father first married Rebecca, and at sixteen both her father and stepmother, who she now called ‘Mum’ without hesitation, had judged her responsible enough to look after Max for an evening. It wasn’t even dinner time and she didn’t know where he was.

Max couldn’t be out of the house. It had gone dark as it was late autumn, and she remembered seeing him come in from playing with his friends at a nearby park, just before Rebecca and Hank left. The girl wandered from the kitchen into the living room, on a night like this, freed from parental control, and with Hank not home to commandeer the TV set and watch the news or a sports program, Max should be playing X-box or something. Nope, he wasn’t there.

“Max,” Ferris tried a little louder, even as she set foot on the stairs. Maybe he was in his room, but if he was that was just weird. He generally only spent time in there when he was doing his homework or sleeping, and she didn’t know any nine year olds who would willingly do either of those activities on a Friday night when they didn’t have to. Then again he had been spending a lot of time in his room, recently. Ferris hoped he wasn’t sick. She could deal with a healthy Max just fine, get pizza for dinner, play some X-box or watch a DVD, then send him to bed a bit later than usual, but if he was sick, what did she do then? She could of course call her parents, they both had phones on them, but the first time she’d allowed to babysit and she winds up having to call for help before they even ordered dinner, that wouldn’t be at all ideal, and wouldn’t instill confidence in either Hank or Rebecca about how grown up she really was.

Max’s door was closed and Ferris paused. Her general rule to Max was ‘if my door’s closed then you don’t enter!’ She knocked gently and there was still no answer. Ferris was still loath to just walk in, but he hadn’t answered when she called and he wasn’t responding to the knock, what if he really was sick? The girl took a deep breath, opened the door and said, “Max, you okay? I wanted to know what type of pi…”

Ferris stopped midway through the word pizza. Max was at the window, he had something in his mouth that smoked, and as soon as Ferris walked in and spoke he coughed, tossed whatever was in his mouth out the window and said, “Hi Ferris!”

“Hi you, too. What did you just throw out the window?” she looked around and saw an opened package of cigarettes sitting alongside a box of matches on the boy’s bed. “Were you smoking?”

Max let out a laugh that even to Ferris’ untutored ears sounded highly suspicious. “Me? Smoking? No of course not!”

Ferris shook her head, her stepbrother was the world’s worst liar. Even if he hadn’t left the evidence laying out in the open on his bed, she still would have known. His denial was all wrong.

“Oh really?” she said, crossing to the bed, picking up the cigarettes and the matches and holding them in front of the boy’s guilty face. “What are these then?”

“Oh…I…ummm…I dunno…”

“Max!” Ferris barked. “I know I’m blonde, but I am not dumb! Neither are you. I’m going to go outside and pick the cigarette you just flicked out the window out of the garden and throw it in the bin. Mum would have a fit if she’s weeding the flowerbeds and finds it amongst her pansies. You are going to go downstairs, sit at the kitchen table and then you and I are going to have a discussion about smoking.”


“So why Max,” Ferris asked the boy as she placed a glass of fizzing soft drink in front of him and sat across from him. She took a sip from her own drink as the boy considered the question.

“Why what?” Max asked innocently.

The girl sighed. “You can drop the innocent act, kid, it won’t work. It doesn’t with Mum and it won’t with me. I know you were smoking what I want to know is why?”

“Because,” Max said rebelliously, and took a sip from his glass.

“I stopped saying that when I was five years old. It isn’t an answer, Max.”

“I bet you smoked,” Max accused his stepsister. “I heard Mum telling Mrs Sandilands how you and Jenny got busted drinking booze.”

Ferris blushed as she remembered that particular escapade with her best friend Jenny Sandilands. Neither girl had more than a mouthful of the tequila they’d managed to coerce a college kid into buying for them before they had been caught by Brenda Sandilands, and had to endure a painful and humiliating spanking at the hands of their respective mothers. What had made it worse was that Brenda spanked Ferris and Rebecca had dealt with Jenny.

“Yeah, well that was stupid of us, and we won’t do it again,” Ferris replied, pushing a lock of her dirty blonde hair behind an ear. “However it wasn’t smoking, and for your information I have never smoked. It’s a filthy dangerous habit and not something I want my little brother doing.”

Max looked slightly dubious, but Ferris was telling the truth. Her paternal grandfather had died from a smoking related illness, the girl had seen him in hospital not long before he passed and it had not been a pretty sight. She determined then and there that she would never smoke, no matter how cool people said it was. She later discovered that smoking could discolour teeth, prematurely age the skin and some people even got dirty yellow fingers from where they generally held the cigarette. Ewwww! If she hadn’t been turned off the habit before, that did the trick permanently.

“Where did you get the cigarettes from?’ Ferris asked, looking at the near full packet on the table between them.

“I bought them,” Max replied stubbornly.

“You did, huh?” Ferris asked, a smile playing across her face. Max was a real baby face. Even when he was of age he was going to be asked to provide identification when he wanted to go into a club or purchase alcohol, as it was no one would have sold him nicotine across the counter. “So you just went up to the kiosk and said give me a packet of cigarettes and they simply handed them over?”

Max squirmed a little, “Not exactly,” he said.

“Who gave them to you?”

“I’m not a tattle tale,” Max answered hotly.

‘Max, there are times when you shouldn’t tell tales,” Ferris reasoned. ‘This is not one of those times. You’ll be doing whoever it was a favour.”

“A favour?” Max queried.

“Max, smoking is a filthy and expensive habit. If one of your friends has taken it up and this stops them, then they’re going to save money and probably live longer. Who was it?” the girl crossed her arms over her chest and looked sternly at her younger stepbrother.

“Jason,” Max mumbled at the tabletop.

Ferris searched her memory banks for a kid called Jason and came up with it. He was a blond kid who considered himself tough. Neither of Max’s parents was thrilled about the friendship, but Jason hadn’t broken any rules that they knew of, despite his reputation. Ferris knew the boy’s older brother; Ian. He was two years below her at school, but had the same sort of reputation amongst his peers that Jason enjoyed amongst his.

“He sold them to you?” Ferris asked.

“Yeah,” Max admitted.

“Where did he get them from?”

“I dunno,” Max insisted, although Ferris could tell that once again he was lying.

“Max?” she probed.

“His brother,” the boy sighed.

Ferris nodded. She was willing to bet that Ian didn’t know they’d gone missing, or if he did, he wasn’t aware that his brother had taken them. Ian was the sort of kid who would beat up his younger brother for taking them. Ferris now had to decide on a course of action. There was no point in telling Ian, he’d only beat up Jason and the other boy may in turn take it out on Max, but she still had to do something.

“What are we gonna do about this, Max?” Ferris asked seriously.

“Don’t tell Mum!” the boy begged.

“Smoking is pretty serious,” the teenager said earnestly.

“Mum’ll kill me!” Max wailed.

Ferris chuckled, “I don’t think she’ll do that, but she will be annoyed.”

“Ferris, please!” Max was near tears.

Ferris sighed. She had to do something, but telling Rebecca right away may not be the best course of action. The girl could still remember her stepmother’s reaction to her attempt to get away with a bottle of Tequila between her and Jenny Sandilands not all that long ago, every time she sat down. Admittedly that spanking had been administered by Jenny’s mother, but Jenny, a veteran of many more spankings than Ferris, had been spanked by Rebecca and confirmed that Ferris’ stepmother was world class when it came to tanning a tail. Thinking about what Rebecca would do to Max over this started a thought in her head. “I need to think about this, Max. Let’s get some pizza and we’ll discuss it after, okay?”


Unsurprisingly Max was quiet while the two ate pizza and he also took one less slice than he usually would have. Ferris put the left over pizza on a plate, which she covered and then put in the refrigerator. Max tossed the empty box in the trash and they sat down on the couch, wondering how to broach the subject that had hung over them ever since Ferris had entered the boy’s bedroom earlier.

“Max turn off the TV, please,” Ferris requested.

“But this is the episode that…” the boy protested, pointing at the screen, which was showing a repeat of a sitcom that both Ferris and her stepbrother enjoyed.

“Turn it off,’ Ferris repeated firmly. “We need to talk and we can’t do that with a laugh track in the background.”

Max did not argue, but turned off the TV with a bad humour, and then faced Ferris with a pout.

Was I ever this bad? Ferris wondered, then remembered some of things she had done just before her father met and married Rebecca and after, until her stepmother gave her the good old fashioned spanking that her behaviour had been crying out for, and came to the conclusion that compared to her Max was a positive angel.

“Mum will spank me if you tell her,” was the first thing Max said to his stepsister.

“Don’t you deserve it?” Ferris asked.

Max looked at the carpet and drew a pattern with his toe on it and mumbled, “I dunno. I only got one puff before you busted me.”

“There were two cigarettes missing from the pack,” Ferris pointed out.

“Jason smoked that to show me how,” Max explained.

Ferris shook her head. This Jason kid was a real piece of work. He stole the cigarettes from his older brother, sold them to Max and then managed to get Max to give him one on the pretext that he was showing his friend what to do. “I see,” was Ferris’ reply as she swallowed the giggle that threatened to bubble up to the surface.

“What are you gonna do?” Max asked anxiously.

Ferris bit her lip as she debated how to answer and exactly what she was going to do. She had been considering the issue ever since she’d seen the cigarettes and the matches on the hoy’s bed. Her first thought was that she had to tell her parents, and she still knew that she had to do that, but they’d put her in charge because they thought she could handle looking after Max, and this was all part of that. She was sixteen years old, she was responsible, and if she didn’t take some sort of autonomous action then that was tantamount to saying that she wasn’t ready for this yet, and she felt that she was.

“Mum would spank you, right?”

“Uhhhh…yeah,’ Max answered cautiously.

“I have to tell her and Dad, Max,” Ferris said.

“But you just said she’d spank me,” Max protested. “She’s spanked you. You know how much it hurts. Can’t you do something else?”

Ferris gathered up all her courage and came out with her alternative. “I could spank you.”

“You?” Max’s tone was extremely dubious.

“Yes, me!” Ferris asserted indignantly. The boy hadn’t said it out loud, but he clearly didn’t think Ferris could or even would carry out the sentence.

“Have you ever spanked anyone?” Max asked, and Ferris felt like John Candy in the McCauley Culkin film Uncle Buck, when the boy grilled his uncle about his child minding credentials.

“No,” the teenager admitted, “but I’ve been spanked, and people say that experience is the best teacher, so I think I can do the job.”

“Are you still gonna tell Mum and Dad?” Max pressed.

“I have to, Max. They’ll want to know. If I spank you, though Mum won’t give you another one,” the girl was tempted to add ‘I don’t think so,’ but knew that Max would never agree if she said that.

Ferris had mixed feelings about the spanking itself. Part of her argued that she’d been spanked, and that Max deserved a sore bottom for this stunt, but another part questioned how qualified she was, and even if she had the rights to do it.

Her parents had put her in charge of Max, but hadn’t specifically said that she could spank him. Then again they probably weren’t expecting him to pick this night to take up smoking, either.

If she rang Rebecca or Hank to ask permission then they may think that she didn’t have the confidence or the maturity to do the job in the future. Rebecca had said recently how proud she’d been of Ferris since the alcohol incident with Jenny, and if she didn’t punish Max for this herself Rebecca may not be at all impressed. Her stepmother had said part of growing up was taking responsibility for others and that’s one of the reasons she had let her look after Max rather than asking someone outside the family to sit for him.

Max bit his lip and looked at his stepsister. Ferris was pretty and she was fun. He had taken advantage of her by trying this when she was sitting for him on the grounds that being not that much older than him he may be able to get away with it. “Okay,” he said.

“Okay for me to spank you?” Ferris probed.

Max nodded.

“Good,” Ferris said, trying not to sound nervous. The boy was looking expectantly at her, like he was waiting for her to make the next move. Ferris recalled her own spankings and how Rebecca had handled them. The first time had been the morning after she and Jenny had been caught joyriding with an unlicenced driver. Rebecca had ensured that they both slept and spoken to her in the morning, before taking her into the living room, pulling down her pj pants and then administering a sound spanking over her bare seat draped over the maternal lap, she’d also included a session with her hairbrush that time.

She didn’t really know how Rebecca handled Max’s spankings, as he hadn’t earned that many since she married Hank. She knew he’d been spanked, she just hadn’t witnessed any of them. “Go upstairs,” Ferris ordered, her voice as stern as she could make it. “Put on your pajamas and come back here.”

“My pajamas?” Max asked.

“You’ll be going to bed after your spanking, so you may as well put them on now.”

Max frowned and looked briefly like he was going to argue about it, but stopped, stood up and ran upstairs.


Ferris’ reasoning for the change into bedtime attire wasn’t just because she intended to put her little brother to bed after his tanning, but because pj bottoms were so much easier to remove than the jeans he had been wearing. That was one point that all the people she knew who either gave or got spankings agreed on. It must be administered at least wholly or partially on the bare bottom.

The teenager wanted to call her best friend Jenny. Jenny had never given a spanking, but she sure knew plenty about it from the other side, and she could probably give Ferris some good pointers. Actually Jenny’s mother Brenda would be even better, but calling Brenda Sandilands for advice would be the same as calling her parents and admitting that she couldn’t handle this. Her finger hovered briefly over Jenny’s number in Ferris’ contacts on her phone, but then she shut the device off.

That was when she remembered the times Rebecca had spanked her the hairbrush had been used. Max was younger than her and probably had a tenderer tushy, but this was serious. She made her decision and was soon on her way to her parent’s bedroom to locate Rebecca’s rosewood hairbrush. Ferris had hairbrushes of her own, but they were plastic and nowhere near as sturdy as Rebecca’s was. Max would probably laugh if she spanked him with one of hers, and she wanted him crying, not laughing.

Ferris didn’t put the brush in plain sight. If Max saw it he may try to back out of what was coming. The girl had the impression that Max was partially accepting this treatment from his sister because he felt it was a lot better than what his mother would give. While Ferris had no illusions that she was her stepmother’s equal when it came to burning bottoms, she did intend to make this a serious punishment that the boy would not want to repeat, besides if Rebecca felt he wasn’t punished sufficiently she might add one of her own on to that, she may even spank Ferris for not doing a good enough job and no one wanted that.


Hearing Max on the landing, Ferris called up, “Are you in your jimjams?”

“Yes, Ferris,” Max sighed.

The girl bit back laughter, she could almost see his grimace at her jimjam reference. Rebecca used childish talk with him sometimes as a bit of a joke, Ferris had also taken to doing it just to tease. She felt it was appropriate for the current situation. Max had behaved like a younger child, so he was going to be spoken to and treated like one.


Once an obviously discomforted Max appeared in the living room, wearing his pajamas Ferris called him over and invited him to sit beside her on the couch.

The teenager could see that her stepbrother was nervous about the spanking, even though she knew he was taking this option because he thought it would be easy compared to Rebecca, she was willing to bet his buttocks were twitching under his pajama bottoms. Hers always were when she got spanked, and knowing how it felt only seemed to heighten that anticipation, because your muscles could remember that stinging burning pain.

One thing Rebecca always did was talk to the miscreant, explain what they did and give a reason or reasons as to why they were soon going to be sporting a glowing hot posterior.

Ferris turned on the couch and tucked one foot under her other thigh, she reached out and took Max’s hands in hers, then she looked into his eyes and asked, “You know what you did was wrong, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ferris,” Max admitted, his cheeks colouring a little with a mixture of embarrassment and shame.

“Why?” Ferris asked. ‘Why was it wrong?” That was another of Rebecca’s techniques that she had appropriated. Rebecca made her children look at their behaviour and not only admit it was bad, but the reasons why, she had almost asked for her own spankings, she assumed that Rebecca did the same thing with Max and his expression after she asked the question told her that she was correct.

“Cos smoking is bad,” Max whispered.

“It is,” Ferris agreed seriously. “I’m not sure you realize exactly why, though, sweetie. It gets all this black, icky, tarry stuff on your lungs, it makes it hard to breathe, your teeth go all yellow and it makes your breath really really bad.”

Max stared at her, his eyes wide. “Really?” he breathed.

“Really,” Ferris confirmed.

“So why does it look so cool?”

Ferris smiled. “A lot of things that aren’t cool, look that way, Max. I thought drinking was cool, but Mum’s hairbrush taught me that it wasn’t at all.” The truth of the matter was that Ferris had been spanked by her best friend’s mother for the drinking stunt, but Mrs Sandilands had been using Rebecca’s hairbrush, so it wasn’t a total lie, and Jenny had been howling her lungs out right alongside Ferris as Rebecca painted her backside crimson with Brenda Sandiland’s hairbrush. Max knew that Ferris had been spanked, but he wasn’t aware of the daughter swap and Ferris didn’t need to confuse him by complicating things and trying to explain that.

“You have to spank me, don’t you?” Max sighed.

“Yes, honey,” Ferris said with a nod. “Come on up you get, we’ll take your pj bottoms down and get this over and done with.”

Max stood up and started to fumble with the waistband of his pajama trousers. Ferris gently slapped his hands away, gave him a reassuring smile and pulled him closer to her. “Let me do that, sweetie.”

Again remembering how Rebecca had calmly and swiftly lowered her pajama pants to her knees before turning her over the knee for the smacking, Ferris hooked her fingers into the waistband of the boy’s loose soft pajama bottoms and whisked them down over his backside and down his legs. Max let out a gasp and his hands shot to cover his privates once they were exposed to his stepsister’s gaze. Ferris averted her eyes modestly and told Max to move his hands, he did so reluctantly after she slapped his thigh smartly and her eyes flashed with annoyance. Once that was done Ferris wasted no time in tipping the boy over her lap.


Once Max was over her knees, Ferris took the opportunity to take a few deep breaths to calm herself, and appreciate the situation. She had instinctively seated herself in the middle of the couch, so Max’s body was completely supported and she was balanced. She placed her hands on the boy’s waist and urged, “Scoot up a little.”

Max wriggled across the couch and his stepsister’s thighs so that his buttocks were centred in her lap. Ferris had never seen a boy’s naked bottom cheeks before. She’d seen Jenny’s, and other girls in the showers at sport at school, but this was the first male, although Max was a boy, not a man. His bottom was round and white and while it was beginning to firm up a little it still retained vestiges of childish puppy fat. Curiously Ferris reached out a finger and poked one cheek experimentally. Max squeaked and jumped. Ferris frowned, shook her head and said to herself, “Get it together, girl. You need to do this and do it properly.”

The girl raised her hand and left it there, trying to line up the bottom in her lap, she put the other arm around Max’s waist and held him in tightly. If her experiences were anything to judge by once he’d taken a few slaps he was going to wriggle and kick, she always had.

Ferris’ hand came down and smacked down sharply right across the tight double bulge of Max’s rear end. She watched fascinated as the area she had struck flattened, then filled out again with pink roses replacing the white on either side of the crack. “Wow!” the girl breathed, then Max squealed and bucked. Ferris held firm and scolded. “Oh come on, Max! That was one smack.”

“It hurt!” Max retorted.

“Good. It was supposed to,” the girl told her stepbrother and quickly smacked both cheeks, one after the other. They too flattened under the impact of her hand and then filled out with pink handprints. Again Max yelled and his legs kicked, as Ferris was winding up for another spank the boy put a hand back to shield his globes.

Ferris checked her swing and said sternly, “Move the hand, Max.”

“No!” the boy said defiantly.

The teenager thought of invoking Rebecca’s name again and threatening Max with dire consequences if she had to tell their mother that he hadn’t cooperated, but then realized that she couldn’t keep falling back on that. “Okay, play it that way, you little brat!” Ferris muttered, she released her hold in the boy’s waist and instead grabbed his wrist, pushed his hand up his back and held him pressed down.

“No, no Ferris!” Max protested, struggling. Rebecca did this too and he wound up with a sore bottom and an aching arm.

“Can I rely on you to take this like a big boy and not reach back?”

“Yes,” Max said softly.

Ferris released the hand and Max put it out in front of him. “Grab onto the couch,” Ferris advised. “I like to have something to hold onto when I get it.”


Initial power struggle won, Ferris settled into a nice steady rhythm. She smacked hard and at regular intervals, she was careful to cover the entire surface of Max’s buttocks and ensured that the crease between thighs and backside, what Rebecca, Jenny and Mrs Sandilands all referred to as the ‘sit spot’ got a good going over, she also slapped his upper thighs until they were glowing a bright hot pink. He really yelled, writhed and kicked when she did that and while his fists and feet beat a tattoo on the couch he did not try and reach back to prevent Ferris from doing it.

Max had a nice rosy flush from about half way down his thighs to where his bottom met his hips and Ferris could hear sobs mixed in with the incoherent yells before she thought about stopping. Rebecca said that the bottom had to be hot to the touch before someone had been properly warmed up. The girl thought she could feel waves of heat rising off the glowing set of boyish buttocks settled in her lap, but that could also be because spanking was remarkably hard work and she was even perspiring from the exertion. She frowned down at the reddened cheeks, then flipped her hand over and felt them with the back of it. “Oh yes,” Ferris cooed, quickly lifting her hand as she felt the heat from the scalded hemispheres. “Good and hot.”


Max lay over his stepsister’s lap, she hadn’t said he could get up, but she wasn’t hitting, so maybe it was over. It had hurt, but it was way better than one of his mother’s spankings. For smoking she would have used the brush for sure and she always seemed to go on forever.

Still staring down at the red bottom over her lap Ferris reached around for the handle of the brush behind her. During the movement of the spanking, the brush had worked its way between the cushions. If she had spanked much longer it probably would have gotten lost down the back of the couch and that wouldn’t have been good at all. Ferris reflected that she had just learned something about giving spankings that she hadn’t expected to.  This was why Rebecca made sure her brush was close by, but not actually on the couch when she used it.

Ferris dragged the brush out from between the cushions and felt it in her hand. This was the first time she’d even had it in her hand. It felt strangely natural. Max was wriggling a little, the girl took that as a sign that he thought his punishment was over and wanted to get up.

“Oh not yet,” she muttered and then lay the back of the brush on his scorched globes.

Max stiffened as he registered the feel of the brush on his battered backside.

“Is that Mum’s hairbrush?” he asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes, it is, darling,” Ferris confirmed, starting to glide the rosewood brushes flat back across the boy’s still steaming hemispheres.

“Ferris!” Max wailed, his voice breaking.

“Yes, Maximilian?” Ferris asked, using a pet name the family had for him when they wanted to tease him a little. The boy’s full name was Max, it wasn’t short for anything, he always blushed when he got called Maximilian.

“You’re gonna spank me with the brush!”

“Yes, I am,” the girl answered. “Max, you were smoking. Do you think Mum would just let you off with a hand spanking for that?”

“No,” Max admitted forlornly.

“Then,” Ferris said, lifting the brush, “a hairbrush spanking it is then.”



The brushes flat broad back exploded across the centre of the boy’s well warmed up buttocks and he howled.

Ferris took her time and picked her spots. After her opening swat she delivered one across each cheek and she made them really sting.

Once those opening three had been given Max started to kick vigorously. Ferris tightened her grip a little and watched the waving legs. She wondered if she did that. She totally lost it when she was spanked, so was unaware if she carried on the same way Max did, and that time she and Jenny had been spanked together she had been too concerned with the spot fires Mrs Sandliands was lighting on her behind to study what her friend was doing.


That one hit dead centre on Max’s right sit spot and he screamed. She lined up the left side and let him have it there, it got a similar reaction.

“How dare you smoke Max James Hammond!” Ferris scolded, and moved the brush methodically down his thighs, first one side then the other.

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” Max wailed, bucking up and down over his stepsister’s lap, but she held him tight and didn’t let him off.

“You had better be, young man!” Ferris continued attacking the fullness of his glowing scarlet cheeks.

Max was cried out, he simply lay limply over Ferris’ strong young thighs as she continued to stoke the burning fires on his hindquarters industriously. He got one more stinging volley across both cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs before Ferris thought he had enough and lay the brush down. She was breathing heavily from both exertion and excitement. Even though she loved her younger stepbrother he had been really naughty and had deserved that spanking, she just hoped Rebecca and Hank thought she’d done a good enough job.


After letting Max sob and hiccup over her lap for a few moments, Ferris put her arms around his waist and maneuvered him on her lap so that his sizzling back end was nestled gently in her lap and she could feel the heat through her jeans. She put her arms around the sobbing boy and he lay his head on her shoulder and cried. She stroked his sweat soaked hair and rubbed his bottom and back, while whispering soothingly into his ear.

When the teenager judged that he had calmed down a little Ferris helped Max to his feet and walked him into a corner. “You just stand there with your hands on your head, sweetie,” she ordered.

With a wet sniffle Max folded his hands over his head.

“Good boy,” Ferris complimented him, then held a tissue up to his nose and advised. “Blow.”

Max blew his nose into the tissue and stood obediently by as Ferris disposed of that tissue and used another one to clean his face of the snot, tears and saliva that had covered his cheeks during his spanking.

‘Ferris?” Max asked softly.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Can I have a glass of water, please?”

“Of course,” Ferris answered and went to the kitchen to get it. She should have thought of that. Rebecca usually had a drink ready for after corner time, it helped settle the just spanked person down a little.

Max was thirstily gulping his water and Ferris went upstairs to put her t-shirt, which had Max’s snot and tears all over the shoulder now, in the dirty clothes basket, and change into her pajamas.

She curled up on the couch with a magazine and kept an eye on Max, making sure that he didn’t try to rub and served out his corner time. After the clock on the wall told her that enough time had been done in the corner and he had stopped shaking, his cute little red bottom jiggling with the sobs, Ferris took him out of the corner, led him upstairs and tucked him into bed with a kiss on his forehead.

“So you spanked him?” a surprised Hank Hammond asked his daughter after the arrived home and had been told about Max’s adventure.

“Yes, Dad,” Ferris answered a little nervously.

“What did you use, Ferris?” Rebecca Hammond asked coolly.

“On his but…bottom?” Ferris asked for clarification.

“My hand and your hairbrush.”

“My hairbrush?” Rebecca asked, her eyes widening.

“Yes, Mum,” Ferris replied, tongue flicking out to moisten her lips in a nervous reaction.

“You spanked your brother with a hairbrush over your knee on his bare bottom?” Rebecca pressed.

“Yes,” the girl said, her finger playing with a strand of dirty blonde hair.

“Don’t do that, dear,” Rebecca told her. “I’m not angry. I’m actually pleased that you took what you thought was the right corrective action.”

“It wasn’t?” Ferris asked.

“I’d need to check Max’s behind before answering that, but I don’t think spanking him soundly for smoking is at all inappropriate Ferris, love.”

“I would have been in trouble if you were my big sister,” Hank remembered.

“You smoked, Dad?” Ferris asked with interest.

Hank nodded slowly. “Kids can be stupid, darling. I gave it up when I met your mother, she didn’t like it.”


Ferris and Rebecca carefully opened the door to Max’s bedroom, turned on the light and peeked in. What they saw made them both smile.

The boy lay on his stomach, he had kicked off the duvet and skinned his pajama bottoms down, a still strawberry red bottom pointed at the ceiling. He murmured in his sleep and reached to give the glowing buttocks a gentle unconscious rub.

“Oh darling,” Rebecca whispered fondly. She switched off the light, closed the door and turned to her stepdaughter.

“Did I do the right thing?” Ferris asked expectantly.

“You did wonderfully!” Rebecca answered warmly, her eyes shining and then she enfolded her stepdaughter in an embrace, thinking of how much the girl had grown up in a few short months.


  1. Hi

    Been too long and I am sorry but just too much happening in the real world but wow what a welcome back, simply terrific story and my goodness, he asks if it is the brush he is about to feel...oh my, thank you aunty.

    1. Thank you Ron. It is appreciated. Did you ever get busted smoking as a kid?