Monday, 26 May 2014

A Good Spanking - Presentation

Hello my lovelies! It has been some time, probably too long since I did A Good Spanking post, so here we are.

I think, and I suspect many of you do too, that there is more to a good spanking than the actual act of spanking, no matter what you decide to use on the naughty bottom over your lap or bent over in front of you.

It's an experience and it consists of a lot more than just being smacked. One part of it is presentation and with that in mind I found a number of images that did more than just spank the bottom, they showed it in all it's bare red glory. I've tried to represent both ladies and men here.

The images below come from various points of the spanking and I like how they present the centre of their attention; the naughty bottom.

This one from AAA Spanking is very interesting. From the redness around the edges of the girl's bright white briefs we can see that they've already been spanked and the older lady is in full scold mode. I can't tell if they're taking their bras off or putting them on. I don't see why they'd need to be off for the spanking, so it's probably a moot point. If they're putting them on then the spanking is more than likely over, if however they are taking them off then the panties will be next and it's an additional humiliation to pile onto the smacking that their pert rear ends are going to endure.

This is from one of CF Shots Exclusive Education bottom smacking extravaganzas. This is corner time post spanking, the redness of the bottoms is evidence of that. I do love the variety of bottoms in that line, all shapes and sizes and interesting variation of skin tones, from dusky brown to pristine white. At least two of the girls have kicked their panties off altogether and the others have them around their thighs where they were pulled down during the chastisement.

Mistress Lina knows how to paddle a bottom and she also knows how to display it to the camera. She's almost framed it with her hands. I'm sure she also started with those pants around the ankles too. It's quite red, but it can get a good deal redder and I'm certain that's what Miss Lina is going to do with that wicked little Spencer paddle in her hand.

I really liked this one from Girls Boarding School. It's so traditional. Given in the kitchen for a start and then the girl has been bent over the kitchen table, panties bunched up halfway down her thighs. If I were her parents this would be after the hand spanking and just before the strapping. Lovely tight round bum, though.

One of the ladies from Strict Women gets to work. She's done quite a number on that backside already and it will be well marked when she's finished the job. Give it a day or so and those very vivid red marks will be black and blue.

I'm going to finish off with two that I really love. One is a drawing by an unknown artist and I just wanted to use it somewhere, this is as good as any place. It's called Bad Kids, Bad Parents.

Although that absolutely wonderful teacher hasn't done it deliberately she's presented the two bottoms under her care excellently. You can clearly see the ruler marks on the lady writing on the board and they're coming up nicely on the girl over her knee, getting the ruler. You can't quite see it from the drawing, but the lines on the board read 'I have to do a better job raising my kids.' The title indicates that it's a mother daughter duo, although I like to think both ladies; the one nursing a freshly rulered behind and the one kicking over Miss' lap are mothers of the teacher's students and that they may pass the lesson onto their offspring following the parent teacher meeting. It's so cute.

This is the one that made me think of this post when I first saw it.

I found it on a tumblr, although the watermark indicates that it's from a site called Spank That Brat. It is however the most gorgeous and inventive post spanking presentation I can ever remember seeing. The colour of the bottoms of both girls one with panties, one without, indicates that they have been soundly spanked and I love the way they've been posed one laying cross ways over the other, this presents their rosy red bottoms beautifully and is at the same time rather artistic.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of A Good Spanking and I will endeavour to post more regularly in the future.


  1. Aunty,

    Lovely piece. I like the variety of pictures and, like you, I think the two spanked ladies in the "Bad Parents, Bad Kids" one are mothers of two of the teacher's particularly unruly students. And so the sins of the fathers (or mothers in this case) shall be visited on the children. Or so one would hope... ;-)


    1. It's one of my favourite drawings. I wish more teachers now were like her. In most cases it's more the parents than the students who deserve the spankings.