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'Detention with Miss Collins' - Guest Fiction

I recently posted a small poem, which was a little bit of homage to moi. The same follower also sent me this story about an encounter with a favourite teacher in his school days. I quite liked it and I'm sharing it with you all.

From School Mistress Fantasy. Miss Collins in her element.

Joe sauntered slowly along the hallway, in no hurry to reach his destination. It was such a drag having to stay after school for detention, and Miss Collins would just have to wait for him to get there!

It was ridiculous, anyway, getting detention just for throwing a spitball in class.  OK, so it did hit Miss Collins in the butt while she was writing on the blackboard, yeah, that part was kinda bad, but hey what did she expect when she was constantly sashaying around the classroom with that gorgeous bubble butt of hers practically busting out of her tight, little mini-skirt? How could anyone resist a target like that?

Joe wasn't actually that upset about getting detention, since it would mean spending an hour alone with the luscious Miss Collins.  Miss Collins was the hottest teacher in school, petite and stacked and curvealicious in every way, with dark brown eyes and dark hair and the afore-mentioned gorgeous behind, which even when she was standing straight up really was barely contained by her micro-mini skirt.  And she was only in her early 20's, just out of college and barely older than the students in her class. She was a walking wet dream, and not just for the teenage boys in school, either.

Plus, after he hit her with the spitball she had the option of sending him straight to the school office for a paddling from the vice-principal, and if that had happened his parents probably would have found out, which would have meant having his bare behind get reacquainted with his dad's belt at home. Nothing was worse than the belt, and just thinking about it made Joe give his rear end a quick little involuntary rub.

But lucky for him Miss Collins was the soft-hearted kind, so his fanny was skating scot free and all he'd have to do is pretend to apologize and promise not to do it again and then spend 58 minutes staring at Miss Collins’ delightful body. At that thought Joe suddenly felt his pace quicken, and he wondered why he had been so upset about having this detention in the first place!

In just a few moments he was at the door of her classroom and he strode right in, ready to profusely "apologize" for his behavior, but he didn't get a word out of his mouth before Miss Collins cut him off, sharply and to the point.

"Young man, where have you been? Do you want your punishment to be any worse than it's going to be already? Do you, seriously?"

"Wha..what do you mean "punishment" Miss Collins? I'm just here for detention, that's all, and I'm sorry I'm late, I'll make up the time, I promise."

"Well, you are here for detention, young man, and I do intend to use every second of the time allotted to deal with the situation at hand.  But if you think you're just going to give me some lame apology and then sit here ogling me for the rest of the hour you have another thing coming!

"You need to be soundly punished for the way you've behaved in my classroom, not just today, although heaven knows that was the most egregious incident yet, but during the entire semester!  You're going over my knee, young man, and you are going to get the bare-bottom blistering of your young life, and I don't mean maybe!"

"B..bb. bare bottom blistering," Joe barely was able to say. "Oh, no, Miss Collins, no, you can't do that, no, you can't, its against school rules.  Only the vice-principal can paddle us!"

"Well, young man, I happened to have a little chat with Mr. Brown and he is more than happy to have me handle this matter myself.  He is rather sick and tired of paddling you to no effect, and we both agree that perhaps someone else should try to make an impression on you.  And I assured him that I am going to make quite an impression on your bare little behind, quite an impression indeed!

"Now get your fanny over here right now and pull your pants down and get your behind over my knee!  I said RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN!"

Joe stood stock still, he couldn't move and he could barely breathe.  He quickly realized that he wasn't going to be getting out of getting a licking, after all, because he knew that if he walked out of that room that Miss Collins would be on the phone to his mom before he even got out of the school, and he knew what that would mean...but still, he just couldn't bring himself to comply with Miss Collins’ demand.  He couldn't just pull his pants down and let her blister his bare bottom right in the classroom, for everyone still in the building to hear, he just couldn't do...

Suddenly he felt Miss Collins’ surprisingly strong hand on his arm and before he knew what was happening she was dragging him over behind her desk, and then she was unsnapping his pants and his pants were down to his knees and then she pulled him down firmly over her lap.  And then he could feel her fingers on the elastic of his underpants and before he could say a word she slid them right down over his bare white buttocks and his behind was completely bared and ready to be spanked…

And then Miss Collins picked up the 18-inch wooden ruler that he just realized was laying on top of her desk and she started to spank his bare bottom, and spank it hard.




"Oh, please, Miss Collins, please, please don't spank me anymore.  I'll be a good boy from now on, really I will, I promise, I'll never misbehave in your class again...”

SPANK! “Well, I'm not so sure about that, young man,” SPANK! “Not yet, anyway!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!"

"I think you need quite a bit more motivation to make sure that you never misbehave again, and I'm going to make sure that you get that motivation right now!"


Joe kicked and cried and howled and squealed, and he didn't care anymore if anyone in the building heard him.  Every inch of his bare bottom was burning like fire, and he was bawling like a baby, truly sorry for what he'd done and truly determined never to do it again - because he never, ever wanted his bare behind to get a blistering like this again!

And still Miss Collins kept spanking him, and spanking him, and spanking him, until finally she stopped and let him slide off her knees and collapse in a heap next to her, sobbing and bawling and shaking and absolutely spanked within an inch of his life.

And then suddenly her arms were around him and she was stroking his head and comforting him and telling him that it would be alright now, now that he had learned his lesson and would be a good boy from now on...

"You will be a good boy from now on, won't you, Joe?” she said in a soft, almost seductive voice.

"Oh, yes, ma'am, yes Miss Collins, oh I'll be a very good boy from now on, you'll see, I promise," Joe said, still eyeing that wicked ruler that Miss Collins had just been wielding with such expert effect.

"OK, then, let's get you up now and let's pull these pants up...ok, now, do you feel like you can make it home okay?" Miss Collins asked with some mild concern, since Joe seemed a bit unsteady on his feet.

"Oh, yes, Miss Collins, I'm okay, I can walk home," Joe replied, although the truth was that he knew that every step of the way home was going to be that stiff-legged, bottom-burning walk that would let everyone watching know that he just got his behind blistered.

"Okay, then, well go ahead, and just remember that you better be a good boy from now on.”

But as she watched him walk gingerly away down the hallway Miss Collins couldn't help thinking to herself, "But not too good, I hope..."  and with a small smile on her lips she began to daydream about what implement she would use on his cute little behind the next time he misbehaved...

From Hard Spanking Vixens. Maybe Joe got that paddle next time he hit Miss Collins with a spitball.

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  1. Dear Aunty,

    Nice little story. If it means anything (to you or the author) I know exactly why he just couldn't voluntarily submit to her and I sympathize with him. Taking a spanking from both his mom and dad (and maybe the vice-principal as well) would be preferable for him rather than submitting to the object of his affections (and the inequality of their relationship that that would entail). THAT kind of humiliation is much worse, but, of course, she couldn't know that and certain didn't reciprocate his feelings for her and so she spanked him like the naughty little brat that he was. A very hard lesson for a concupiscent, teenaged boy to learn. In more ways than one... ;-)