Sunday, 11 May 2014

In public

Hello! Recently you may have noticed that I've published a few drawings by a French artist called Zertes. All thanks to Jean-Jacques for alerting me to his work. After browsing through Zertes blog I found that he has something in common with another of my favourite artists; JPC.

Both seem to like depicting their spankees being spanked in front of an audience or somewhere rather public. I'm going to post a few examples of both for you to enjoy and think about. As both Zertes and JPC speak French if there is any text it will be in French, so sorry for that. Otherwise enjoy. I may put a few words of my own to go with the images if I feel it's appropriate.

This is a recent JPC (most of these are quite recent) and it's in a very public setting. I do wonder about the relationship between the young lady with the rosy red cheeks and the ladies responsible for them.

Zertes tends to like very traditional setups and this is no exception. A mother spanking her daughter or her son's playmate after she's had the young man over lap and reddened his behind.

Now this is an odd one from JPC. It's very public and the girl seems to have been caned with a ski stock (ouch!). I suppose given the setting she at least does have a toasty warm bottom.

Now this is very typical of Zertes. A young man misbehaves while shopping with his mother and rather than waiting until they get home, Mum puts her shopping and her bag down, pulls down her son's pants and turns him over her knee for an on the spot spanking. Other mothers and I suspect some of the boy's classmates take the opportunity to watch the humiliation.

 Drawings like this are why I love JPC. It's so simple and elegant and you can really draw your own conclusions. His spankers always seem so composed and his spankees generally have two sets of glowing cheeks.

Being spanked at the bus stop by Zertes and not only does she get publicly spanked, one of her school mates happens to come by at the exact wrong moment.

I'm not sure what the setting is here. They could be school girls on a field trip and the girl with her panties at half mast has displeased Miss, or maybe it's even on school grounds. Possibly they're not even school girls, but business or office ladies. It does look like the girl with the bare bottom is going to run the gauntlet of women armed with wooden rulers, though. I can still remember the sting of those on bare flesh from my own school days.

Looks like someone has upset the babysitter and Mum and Dad have come home to find their darling turned over the sitters knees, being spanked on the stairs.

More public scolding and caning from JPC. I fancy the blonde who has not yet lowered her panties may take it a little more stoically than her freshly caned brunette friend.

I posted this one from Zertes because the second image put me in mind of the Kennedy girls. Now they could be Kim and Gabrielle or even Kim and Chelsea double teaming a client or even a babysitting job.

Jean-Jacques was kind enough to do some image manipulation and put yours truly in a Zertes drawing. So this is here just for fun.

Note the name of the town, apparently it's a real place. It's spelled differently, but it's said the same way.

Aunty Andrea


  1. Dear Aunty,

    Thanks very much for sharing the works of Zertes. Of course I know of JPCors and you and I are both fans of his. I am captivated by the work of Zertes, whose eye reflects my own interests very well. I'll have to check out his blog.

    As to the last one, I can see it happening but I have difficulty with the concept of you not having the trusty Mrs. Ebony in your hand whilst chastising the young miscreant... ;-)


    1. My assumption is that Mrs Ebony is safely packed away in my luggage and this is just an impromptu road side spanking to hold the young man until we arrive at our destination and his bottom and Mrs Ebony can have a long discussion.