Sunday, 25 May 2014

May Nominations

I really don't know where my time goes these days. I have a post I want to do for A Good Spanking, a story from a follower and I haven't even been able to post Seegee's most recent Spank Shop here.

After having a little whine about getting no nominations for May's SotY a few of you came through and I have a decent selection for you to sift through now.

Now you may remember that I had an open slather month. Spanker, spankee, male, female, anything goes.

People do seem to prefer spanked females, so the 6 nominees (one is mine) are all female, and one is a spanker as opposed to a spankee.

First up Heniel nominated Jennifer Anniston.

I was actually a little surprised to realise that this was her first nomination. She was involved in Seegee's Bared Affair article for the Hot Bottom award, but was as a spanker, not a spankee. In the spirit of this contest Heniel didn't have a reason other than he would really like to see her spanked. A sentiment I echo, there is something about her facial expression that just begs to have a hot bottom.

I think this is the second time the highly talented Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated, and then as now, it's my nomination. I can hear people asking why. She recently did an interview speaking about getting completely wasted at an Oscar's after party and emptying the contents of her stomach into the gutter, with an interested Miley Cyrus watching on. Now when even Miley Cyrus thinks you've crossed a line then maybe it's time for some overlap therapy.

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Yulia Tymoshenko. She's the former Prime Minister of Ukraine and is a well preserved 53.

Now why did John MacLeod want her spanked? Well she was found guilty of embezzlement on quite a grand scale and also abuse of political power. I don't like people who do that and while she was imprisoned I don't think she ever realised the full magnitude of what she did and how it could have hurt her nation and its people.

John had two nominations and he also nominated a spanker.

I don't think the Queen of the Kitchen, Nigella Lawson really needs any introduction. For those of you who don't know her, she has a very successful cookery show as well as cook books. She's a voluptuous lady with an ample and welcoming lap. I'm sure she could quite capably turn someone over it and take to their bottom with a handy wooden spoon in her kitchen.

Richard is one of my regular nominators here and he too found a more mature spankee.

Edie Brickell is close to 50 now and a performer in her own right. She's married to Paul Simon and the two recently went through the courts before resolving a domestic violence spat. Apparently Edie was the one who hit Paul. As she's both bigger and younger than the diminutive singer it could be seen as a case of spousal abuse, although they do seem to have patched things up since.

I'm sure everyone here knows Phil and he also had a nomination for May.

Like Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry is a regular appearance in this. She was nominated for last year's award and I had her as a spanker for her comments on Miley Cyrus.

It was images from this cover shoot that prompted the nomination. She's got an impressionable fan base. In her defence she does seem to have toned things down recently, she was at least wearing a bikini for her Roar film clip and shoot.

So there we have it, 6 nominees, let the voting commence!


  1. Dear Aunty Andrea out of all the nominees I still vote for Jennifer Aniston and would like to have her visit your shop and get a hot and sore bottom spanking .I agree with you her facial expression begs for some quality overlap treatment to get those eyes all tearfull . Best regards to all the ladies at the Spank Shop .Keep doing a great job. Heniel

  2. Dear Aunty Andrea
    I would like to see you spanking every single one of the above nominees., including Nigella Lawson. Have you seen Nigella's eminently spankable arse? On the grounds that all the others might be nominated again if they don't win this time I'm going to plump for Yulia Tymoshenko. If she was guilty of the offences for which she was imprisoned then she certainly earned herself a whole series of good hidings (although there is widespread suspicion that the charges against her were drummed up by her political opponents). Even if she was not guilty I would still love to see her getting her comeuppance from you because she has a lovely face and an even lovelier, broad, womanly, Slav arse which simply cries out to be spanked. Thank you for this opportunity to think about the arses of the six women above.

  3. Aunty,

    I still prefer Katy as she seems rather in desparate need of a hot bottom (not that she doesn't already have a "hot" bottom). I am intrigued by Jennifer Lawrence as I was very disappointed to find her on the talk show recounting her chundering all over some famous dude's front porch (don't recall HIS name) and I've always been of the opinion that Jennifer Aniston, at least as "Rachel" on "Friends", should have been taken to task by "Ross", if not her roommates...

    I also agree with the above comment that Nigella Lawson has an "eminently spankable arse".


  4. Thank you all for your votes. It could be a close race this time with at least 3 entrants all getting a vote each.

  5. I am going to vote for Nigella Aunty. She does indeed have an eminently spankable ar...err...bum! But I do wonder if Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, should be a late entrant yet again since she has been exposing her lovely bum to all the world??!! What do you think, Aunty?

    1. Nigella's in there as a spanker, not a spankee, darling. I know how desperately you want to see Princess Kate spanked, and I love her dearly, but I'd rather not have her nominated every month.

  6. I will vote for Jennifer Lawrence please Aunty.