Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Update from Kimberley Susan

I'm all in a tizz this time! We seem to have lost some time along the way. I always thought that it was February, not April, that was the shortest month!

Firstly Aunty was a little late in getting the nominees for the SotY up, so that will be announced next week, rather than at the very beginning of the month, like usual. I'm rather torn about who I'd vote for if I had one. Rafa is such a hunk, and as Aunty said just look at those guns! However Liam Neeson was also nominated and oh my goodness! I know I'm only young and he's quite old in comparison, but there's just something about him that makes me go positively weak at the knees and being spanked by him...oh my!

Then, we were busy and now it's the 3rd, it's the weekend and here I am doing the monthly update. Grrrr!

Aside from the announcement of the very first male spanker of the month we'll have other things happening.

Seegee's working on a new Spank Shop. Aunty has a post about artists in mind and we'll also try and do some A Good Spanking articles.

There will be a May SotM and this time we're going back to how we started and that's for a naughty young lady that needs a spanking. With nominations for lady and male spankers we're also looking at matching our naughty boys and girls up with someone at the end of the year, so when nominating keep in mind that the winner may get to spank someone in a story, like how we did Miley collecting her award from Aunty Andrea last year. I'll let Aunty explain it once the April winner has been chosen.

I just want to close with a couple of reaction shots. One is from Girls Boarding School and features a young woman reacting to the strap. I sympathise with her, that strap looks a little too much like The Igniter for my comfort and the other is from Spanking Dollars. It's a freshly spanked young lady soothing her battered bottom in bed and again I know that scene well, I've both been the girl and watched Chelsea react the same way after an encounter with Daddy's strap.

Love until next month
Kimberley Susan XXX


  1. Hi Kim,

    Sounds like a lot of good stuff coming up this month. I can see why you might go "weak in the knees" at the mention of Liam Neeson. Frankly, both his deep voice and demeanor remind me of certain Mr. Kennedy (at least as I picture him)... ;-)


  2. Yes, Kimmy's Dad is a little like Liam Neeson at least physically and in demeanour.