Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'The Spank Shop 44 - Mandy'

Never let it be said that I don't keep my promises!

I do apologise for taking so long to get this up here, but better late than never.

The ambitious Miss Kennedy spots another business opportunity.

The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer stands in for Andrea here as she takes her naughty niece to account.

And Mandy kicks as Aunty Andrea's palm begins to sting.

Kimberley Kennedy looked at the rain drumming the Spank Shop’s glass door and sighed. Winter had only just begun, and the weather was already this cold and nasty. The blonde eighteen-year old receptionist was a summer child, and she preferred long sun drenched days and balmy nights. Her employer, the owner of Clarkstown’s Spank Shop, Andrea Mahony, liked to look on the bright side of things and claimed that winter was perfect spanking weather, it creating toasty bottoms and generally being an indoor activity, although Andrea herself was rather partial to taking clients out to the verandah at the back of the shop or even the garden to redden their posteriors when the weather permitted.

At least the fire in reception and the rosy red warm bottoms that often decorated the corners of the room kept it comfortable inside, Kimberley reflected as she ran a brush absent mindedly through her obsessively cared for golden locks. She took her eyes away from the dreary wind and rain swept streetscape and back to her computer monitor.

The girl had recently discovered a product called Penelope Paddle’s Corner Time Cream, which purported to soothe the well-spanked bottom. The jar featured a glowing red set of buttocks, with white panties arranged below the recently scorched globes. Kimberley was researching the item to see if it were real, and if so, how she could obtain a sample.

The ladies in the shop often soothed the bottoms that they had spanked. Generally they used cool water, lotion, talcum powder or cold cream, but having a cream tailor made for that very purpose would be ideal. Kimberley had read about such things in the now defunct webzine Bared Affair, but had been informed by Andrea that the ‘zine, while entertaining, had been entirely fictional.

Kimberley was an ambitious girl, and had visions of expanding Andrea’s business beyond the boundaries of Clarkstown and branching out into things other than just spanking. She already sold a range of signature hairbrushes, which featured replicas of the Spank Shop’s employee’s favourite spanking hairbrushes, from Andrea’s iconic Mrs Ebony to the newest addition; Maria Sculiatti’s koa wood brush, which the woman herself had christened Contessa K. Kimberley also embroidered cushions with names and dates, which she sold to spankees as mementoes of their visit to the shop. She’d started to look into designing and producing a Spank Shop apron for use when they spanked clients wearing one of the humiliating spanking aprons. Now she had encountered this cream. If it was real she’d get a sample and test it out on a client, then look at having it made specially for the shop, she was positive she could sell pots of it at a tidy mark up to clients.

The phone rang, jolting Kimberley out of her daydream about corporate domination. She snatched it up and trilled, “Good afternoon, Spank Shop, this is Kimberley, how may I help you?”

A soft gentle, cultured voice floated over the other end. “May I speak to Andrea, please?”

Kimberley frowned. She didn’t know the voice, so it wasn’t a local. The girl knew everyone local. She and her mother made it their business to know everyone in Clarkstown. The last time Kimberley had picked up the phone and had an experience like this, with someone unknown to her asking for Andrea, it had been Andrea’s friend Joelle Clemenceau. The eventual conclusion of that episode had been a painful and humiliating spanking for Kimberley at the hands of the arrogant Frenchwoman for insolence to her. She and Joelle, or Mademoiselle Clemenceau as she preferred to be addressed, had kind of buried the hatchet, but they weren’t friends by any stretch of the imagination.


Andrea had recently finished a session, the recipient was sobbing in a corner of reception, their stop light red buttocks lighting it up, and her next client was not due for another fifteen minutes. “May I say who is calling?” Kimberley asked politely.

“Oh of course,” the other lady replied warmly. “It’s her sister-in-law.”

Kimberley’s eyes widened and her mouth went dry. She knew that Andrea had been married before moving to Clarkstown, most people were aware of that. However Kimberley had also been taught that it was rude to pry and Andrea never volunteered information about her husband or his family.

“Uh hold on,” she stammered, put the woman on hold and rang through to Andrea.


The phone in the parlour rang. Andrea picked it up. “Yes, Kimmy?” she said. “Is my next appointment early, darling?”

“No ma’am. I’ve got a lady on the phone who says she’s your sister in law!” Kimberley gasped.

“Petra?” Andrea asked.

“She didn’t give her name, ma’am. Should I ask her? How many sisters-in-law do you have?”

“Just the one, Kim. Put her through, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Andrea hung on the line and heard Kimberley say, “Putting you through now, ma’am,” then there was a faint click and the call was transferred.


“Andie?” that same soft voice Kimberley had encountered asked.

“Petra, how are you, dear?”

Andrea had actually gotten along very well with her sister-in-law, her husband’s older sister. They had similar interests and the age gap wasn’t huge. The two had often gone shopping together and Petra had also been a good tennis doubles partner. The two ladies had regularly teamed up and ‘whipped’ their husband’s ‘butts’ on the court. She had always meant to keep in touch, but after the divorce she left a cooling off period, and then had tried to decide what to do with her life, moved to Clarkstown, started a business and before she knew it years had elapsed and it just seemed too late to reconnect with Petra.

“I’m well, and you?” Petra answered genteely.

“Thriving,” Andrea replied, and then thought she should cut to the chase, the only reason she could really think of for Petra to call her would be if something had happened to her ex-husband. That would be unfortunate. While things hadn’t worked out with him for a number of reasons, she bore the man no ill will, and was sad to think that he had been hurt or taken ill. “Is Tony okay?”

The thought seemed to amuse Petra. “Tony?” she asked with a laugh. “He’s fine. Got a new girlfriend. Did you think I was calling about him?”

“Yes,” Andrea said firmly.

“Oh goodness no, dear. I’m sorry if I upset you there, it’s actually about Amanda.”

“Mandy?” Andrea asked. Petra had a daughter, she was already in her teens when Andrea married the girl’s Uncle Tony, and Andrea had been kind of the girl’s ‘cool aunt’, often shopping, taking her to movies and the occasional stage show, they’d attended a fashion show once and the ballet. Mandy, or Amanda as her mother preferred to call her, had been genuinely upset when she and Tony announced their divorce. “What has happened to her?”

“Nothing as such,” Petra answered. ‘She’s at college…”

“Mandy’s at college? Did she get early admission?”

“No, she’s old enough…”

“She can’t be!”

“She is, Andie,” Petra reassured her sister-in-law.

“Oh my goodness, Petra. It has been far too long since we spoke.”

“I agree, darling. Amanda is attending school at Clarkstown University.”

“She’s going to school here and I didn’t even know. I am a terrible aunt!”

“Oh you weren’t to know, Andie. I really should have let you know when Amanda decided to go there.”

“She’s doing well, I trust?” Andrea probed.

“She was to begin with,” Petra said rather uncomfortably. “Henry and I had noticed her grades drop just recently then I received a phone call from a Professor Harrison…”

“Julia,” Andrea provided the academic’s first name. “She’s an old school friend and she teaches at Clarkstown U.”

“Yes, she did say she had met me. I didn’t remember.”

Andrea nodded. “You would have met her at the wedding and probably my bachelorette party, but you wouldn’t be expected to remember that.”

“True, anyway, she wanted to discuss Amanda’s recent poor form at school and as we spoke it came about that she knew you and that you were based nearby and running a shop, which if she was to be believed, dispenses spankings to deserving bottoms.”

Andrea laughed at the description of the shop, accurate though it was. “That is true. Would you like me to intervene for you with Mandy and see if I can get her back on the straight and narrow?”

“I would very much like that, Andie,” Petra sighed. “I do hope it’s not asking too much.”

“Of course not!” Andrea said firmly. “You’re family. I’ll need to have a chat to Julia, if she’s got some sort of interest in Mandy’s academic progress and find out what’s going on, then meet up with Miss Amanda and see if I can’t get to the bottom of this.”

“From what Professor Harrison said, the bottom of it is exactly what you’re going to get to, Amanda’s bottom to be precise,” Petra said in rather grim tones.

“I’ll see what is needed, rest assured, Petra and I’ll keep you updated,” Andrea promised.

“Thank you so much, Andie. Even after this please don’t be a stranger,” Petra offered. “Now we’ve reopened the channels of communication I’d like it to stay that way. You always were my favourite sister-in-law.”

“I’m your only sister-in-law!” Andrea laughed richly.


“Coffee?” Julia Harrison asked Andrea as the professional disciplinarian settled herself into a chair on the other side of the professor’s desk.

“No thanks, Julia. I have it in mind to take my niece out for coffee after this meeting,” Andrea demurred.

“Your niece?” Julia queried. “I take it that is Mandy Tanner?”

Andrea nodded, then asked her friend, “Was that April Chang I saw in the outer office?”

With a smile the teacher replied, “Yes. She does some office work for me a few days a week. Most students like to have some work to provide extra money, and it also helps her understand my classes better.”

“I thought she wasn’t going to continue with your course after her first semester?” Andrea asked, remembering the time she had spanked the girl and her boyfriend (one of Professor Harrison’s post graduate teaching assistants) at the shop for trying to cheat on an assignment.

“That was the case initially, but she changed her mind after the afternoon at the shop.”

“Aside from my birthday party we haven’t seen her back there,” Andrea remarked.

“No,” Julia agreed, “but she knows it’s an option if I have a problem with her work in the office or during class. The thought certainly keeps her on her toes.”

Andrea laughed lightly, remembering how the girl’s tight little buttocks had reddened up over her lap under her hand and hairbrush.

“Did, Mandy’s mother tell you exactly why I rang her?” Julia asked, opening a drawer in her desk and removing a folder with Mandy’s name on it.

“Not exactly,” Andrea admitted. “We had a lot to catch up on, she did say that Mandy’s academic standards and lifestyle had altered recently, and I said that as I was your friend I felt that I could get a better picture of what was going on if I spoke to you direct.”

“Yes, that is a happy coincidence,” Julia said. “I didn’t know when I first made the decision to contact the Tanners that Mandy was in fact your niece. When I took a better look into her background that became clear.”

“So what has Mandy done?’ Andrea asked, her brow creasing in concern. “She was always a bright girl and I can’t believe that she’s under performing because she simply doesn’t understand the material. Has she over reached herself with her course?”

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Julia told Andrea, opening Mandy’s file and scanning it. “Her entrance scores were high, and initially she performed very well. She was here for a semester before things started to change. I believe it may have to do with her living conditions.”

“Oh please tell me she’s not in a sorority,” Andrea begged. “Some of the SOB girls come to me as clients, but I can’t believe their housemother would let anything get to this point before booking her in, that is if she didn’t take care of it herself.”

“Yes, Valerie Stormwood is a bit of a martinet, or so I’m told,” Julia said, referencing the sorority’s strict housemother.

“I don’t envy her trying to keep order with a house full of spirited young women,” Andrea defended the lady.

“Mandy’s not in a sorority.” Julia said with a shake of her head. “In fact being a member of SOB, with Valerie keeping an eye on her, may be rather beneficial. Mandy’s in a dormitory.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Andrea asked.

“It varies from student to student, Andie,” Julia explained. “Most of these kids are experiencing their first real freedom from parental control. Some handle it successfully and others get a little carried away with it. Mandy started out fine, but then I think she fell into the latter category. The dormitory concerned has a certain reputation. I believe they once held a party because the day ended in a y. It went on for a week before it was stopped.”

“I see,” a thin-lipped Andrea answered tightly.

“She’s not an idiot, Andie, and I think she’ll do just fine. She just needs a short, sharp shock to get her back on track and maybe some closer supervision until she can learn that attending college is a privilege, not a right or an excuse to party on her parent’s money.”

Andrea nodded.

“I think you’re the ideal person to provide that shock,” Julia said, pushing the file across the desk for Andrea to read.

Andrea flipped the file open, and noticed how like it was the ones she kept at the shop for her clients, she allowed herself a little smile as she realized that Julia was using the word ‘shock’ as a euphemism for spank.

Julia rang through to the outer office and asked for coffee. April entered soon after with a steaming mug, which she set down next to Professor Julia Harrison. Julia lifted it, blew on it to cool it, and then sipped. April hovered. Andrea raised her eyes from the file and regarded the girl, ‘Yes, April?” she asked.

April’s tongue licked her lips nervously. Andrea had that effect on her, every time she encountered the woman her mind went back to that afternoon that she had been spanked with her boyfriend Marc and how she had sworn while over Andrea’s knee and had her mouth washed out with soap like a foul-mouthed pre teen. “Do you want coffee or tea, ma’am?” she managed to squeak out.

“No, thank you, dear,” Andrea said softly, her attention returning to the open file in her lap.

“She may need your assistance in finding Filmore House later, though April,” Julia murmured.

April’s eyebrows rose in an unasked question at the comment, but she didn’t say anything before making her way out of the office. It was not lost on Julia Harrison that the girl’s hands went reflexively to the seat of her skirt as she turned her back on Andrea.


“This is it, ma’am,” April said pointing to the large building that had students filing in and out as they went to and returned from classes.

Andrea assessed the innocuous looking building and nodded.

“Do you need anything else, ma’am?” April asked politely.

“No,” Andrea said. “I should be fine from here, thank you, dear.”

“Goodbye ma’am,” April bid Andrea farewell as she hastily took her leave. She actually quite respected Andrea, but the woman was so composed and stern a lot of the time that the petite Asian university student was overawed when in her presence.


“Excuse me,” Andrea said softly, stopping a young man with dreadlocks poking out from under a shapeless woolen hat that sported the colours of the Jamaican flag.

The boy’s eyes focused on her and went wide. “Whoa!” he said, drinking in Andrea’s appearance.

Andrea clicked her tongue in annoyance and prevented herself from rolling her eyes with effort. “Would you happen to know where I can find Mandy Tanner’s room?”

“Mandy?” the boy asked slowly.

“Tanner,” Andrea added, her voice becoming clipped. “She’s a brown haired girl. First year.”

“Uhhh…” the dreadlocked boy searched his mind for information slowly. “First years are on the second floor.”

“Thank you,” Andrea answered brusquely and left the boy in her wake, making her way to the building’s second floor.


The doors on either side of the corridors were decorated with slogans and posters, and importantly to Andrea the names of the occupants. She didn’t have to search for too long before she saw the name Mandy on one of them. Of interest to Andrea was the fact that the other name of the door, Mya, had the sticker of a marijuana plant under it.

Andrea knocked on the door and to her surprise it swing open under the knock.

“Hey,” a vague voice greeted her.

Andrea stopped in the doorway, took a few steps into the room and looked at a slender blonde girl curled up on a bed against one wall, she had a self rolled cigarette dangling from her lip. Andrea’s nose twitched as she caught a whiff of a pungent, sweet smell from the smoke and realized that it was not tobacco. Her eyes flashed and she asked sharply, “Mandy?”

A slow smile spread across the blonde girl’s face and she replied, “No. I’m Mya. Mandy’s out. Who are you?”

“I am Amanda’s aunt,” Andrea answered firmly, glaring down at the girl as she took another hit from the joint in her fingers.

“You want some?” she offered, holding the joint out to Andrea.

“No, thank you,” Andrea replied, her voice stern. “You do realize that’s illegal, young lady? I should report it to your RA.”

The girl giggled and slurred, “Who do you think gave it to me?”

Andrea took a deep breath and raised her eyes skyward. If Mandy was rooming with a girl who spent time getting high and the building’s resident assistant, generally an older student who was meant to be responsible for students who had questions or issues that they didn’t want to speak to a teacher about, was handing out grass to residents then no wonder her niece’s academic performance had nosedived of late.

Mya’s eyes focused over Andrea’s shoulder and she said dreamily, “Hey, Mandy.”

Andrea whirled and confronted the young woman with short soft brown curly hair.

“Aunty Andrea!” the girl exclaimed, a pink flush entering her freckled cheeks. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see how my niece was getting on, young lady, and it would look as if I arrived in the nick of time,” Andrea retorted.


The two women, university student and professional disciplinarian, found themselves a deserted table in an on campus coffee shop that was a short walk from Filmore House.

A girl with short blonde hair dressed in a waitresses uniform caught Mandy’s eye, and wandered over with her order pad at the ready. “Hey Mandy, what can I get you?”

“Just the usual, Angel.”

“Okey dokey,” the blonde girl said, jotting something down on her pad, then turned her attention to Andrea, “and you ma’a…?’ the words died on her lips as Andrea’s green eyes fell on her and she finished off with a stunned, “Aunty Andrea?”

“Angelica?” Andrea said, her red lips curving upwards in a smile. “What did you do to your hair, darling?”

Angelica blushed and her hand went self-consciously to her recently cut and coloured hair. The girl had always been a blonde, but when she cut her hair she had the colour emphasized so that it was now almost ash blonde. “I just thought it was time for a change, Miss.”

“It makes you look older,” Andrea told her. “I almost didn’t recognize you from the young lady who was under my paddle not so long ago.”

The sorority’s girl’s blush deepened until her cheeks were almost the same shade of red that Andrea had painted her bottom and those of two of her sorority sisters following a party that got out of hand. “Ummm…thank you, ma’am. What can I get you?”

“You work here?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea. Just part time. It pays well and I can use the money. Your order?”

“Latte, please, darling.”

“Thank you,” Angelica breathed, writing the order down and dashing away to get it filled.


Mandy’s brown eyes watched Angelica’s retreating back and then went to her aunt. “Aunty Andrea?” she asked.

“Yes, dear?”

“No, I mean Angel called you Aunty Andrea.”

Andrea smiled warmly. “A lot of my clients do that. It seems to make everyone more comfortable.”

“Clients?” a slightly confused Mandy asked, then understanding dawned on her. “Oh my God! You spanked Angelica?”

“Along with two of her sisters in SOB, yes,” Andrea said calmly. “Angel’s been a good girl since that day, but I’ve seen the other two more than once after it.”

Mandy’s eyes narrowed. “I thought you were that Andrea, but I didn’t really know for sure.”

“You don’t come into town often?” Andrea asked.

“Not really and when I do I don’t go to that shopping strip. I do most of my shopping at the mall.”

“Ah yes,” Andrea sighed. “The ubiquitous mall. It’s a wonder I am and my fellow small business people can still make a living.”

The thought seemed to amuse Mandy and she giggled. “I don’t think they have a Spank Shop at the mall, Aunty.”

“No more’s the pity,” Andrea said and both ladies stopped talking as Angelica arrived back at the table, she placed two freshly made, steaming lattes down in front of Andrea and Mandy.

“Thanks Angel,” Mandy said to her gratefully.

“Thank you, Angelica. I’ll be sure to mention to Valerie next time I see her that you’re doing a very good job here.”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea,” Amgelica murmured, fighting the urge to curtsey before leaving the table and taking another customer’s order.


Andrea selected a paper sugar straw from a container in the middle of the table, shook it, then ripped off the end and tipped it into her coffee, the action breaking the apple that the barista had drawn in the foam of the drink. Keeping her eyes on her aunt, Mandy copied the move, then picked up her latte, blew on it to cool it and took a sip.

While sipping her own coffee, Andrea regarded the girl across from her and marveled at how much she had grown up in the past few years. Here she was at college, ordering and drinking coffee like a grown up. The last time Andrea had gone to a café with Mandy, she had ordered coffee for herself, but Mandy had a chocolate milkshake.

For her part Mandy wondered about the woman she called Aunty Andrea. She hadn’t really changed much physically in the years since she’d divorced the girl’s Uncle Tony, but she was a little different. She seemed somehow even more assured and elegant, still very attractive. The girl tried to equate her Aunty Andrea who had taken her shopping, to the cinema, stage shows and even the ballet, to the woman she heard tales about from other students, the woman who spanked naughty bottoms for a living.

Mandy wasn’t totally unaware that Andrea had a certain reputation of strictness. She’d possessed that even when she was married to Uncle Tony. Andrea’s nephew and niece claimed that sometimes if they misbehaved when Aunty Andrea was babysitting them that she had spanked them. Mandy believed that as a teenager she was immune from that treatment, plus her parents weren’t believers in spanking, although she knew her mother had been spanked growing up according to her grandparents. Despite that, her mother had always warned her when going out with Andrea to be on her best behaviour, but she’d just seen that as a ‘Mum’ type thing to say. She did recall one time in a food court when she’d gotten just a little bit too cheeky Andrea fixing her with one emerald eye and saying sternly, “Watch your mouth, young lady. Don’t think you’re too old for me to put you over my knee.”

She hadn’t challenged Andrea at the time, not because she thought she’d follow through on the threat, but more because she was enjoying the day and didn’t want to spoil it by making her favourite aunt cross at her.

Now, knowing that her Aunty Andrea was the same Aunty Andrea that some students talked about in hushed tones, those little hints all made sense. With a shiver down her spine she realized that Andrea’s niece and nephew had been telling the truth and that their Aunty Andrea did spank them if they were naughty, and that she had not been regarded as too old for a good spanking and if she’d pushed it that day she would have been spanked.

From what she had overheard about visits to the Spank Shop, the spankings were very traditional. They were administered in the time honoured over the knee position, they were given on the bare bottom, and usually Andrea’s hand was backed by a paddle or a hairbrush.

The girl’s eyes went to Angelica’s pert rear end under her skirt as she made her way across the café to fill another order and she started to wonder what it had looked like bare, arranged over Andrea’s lap and with that stern palm cracking across it and turning it from a pristine white to a hot rosy red…


The girl blinked and stared at Andrea.

“I’ve called your name three times,” Andrea said. “What sort of wool gathering were you doing there?”

Mandy took a deep breath and realized that her cheeks felt hot and she was actually perspiring. She had never thought she was gay, but the thought of her Aunty Andrea spanking Angelica’s pretty rear end had actually made her wet down there. She wasn’t soaking, but she could definitely feel that she was moist from arousal.

“Oh sorry Aunty Andrea,” she said breathlessly. “I guess my head was somewhere else.”

“Well, get it back here!” Andrea said brusquely. “I looked at your file in Julia’s office…”

“Professor Harrison?”

“Yes, she’s a friend. You know she rang your mother about her concerns around you.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“She did,” Andrea continued, “and after seeing your recent grades and comments about your performance and lack of attendance I can see why. My visit to your dormitory didn’t do anything to allay my fears, either. The only reason I could tell that there was a floor in the room you share with Mya was because I didn’t fall through to the one below it. It was covered in filth and rubbish. Would your mother have ever allowed your room at home to get to that state?”

“No, ma’am,” Mandy said, lowering her head and feeling herself blush again.

“So if it’s wrong at home, why isn’t it here?” Andrea demanded.

“I don’t know, Aunty Andrea,” Mandy admitted weakly, sipping from her latte to cover her embarrassment.

‘It’s not good enough, Amanda Denise Tanner,” Andrea’s voice barked, using her niece’s full name.

Mandy’s heart sank. Even though she had never been spanked she knew that when someone like Andrea used all three of your names you were in major trouble, and the consequences were never good.

“No Aunty,” she murmured softly.

“After hearing about Filmore, visiting it and meeting your room mate I think can see the root cause of the problem, but the next question is what are we going to do about it?”

“Ummmm...I’ll make sure I get to class on time and study harder,” Mandy stammered, nervous at being put on the spot.

“Well, I suppose actually making a commitment to attend lectures and tutorials is an improvement from not bothering to turn up at all,” Andrea commented archly.

Mandy choked on a mouthful of coffee. She hadn’t been spoken to like this since she left home to come to college, and Andrea saying it had the same effect as her mother would have.

“I will,” Mandy promised, setting her cup down.

“So what happens next time they throw a party at Filmore and everyone else is whooping it up? You’ll just stay in your room and study, even though you can hear what’s happening just outside the door?”

Mandy didn’t answer, but her mind went back to the last party Filmore had, they were thrown on a weekly basis, and most weeks you could count on three or even four a week. Mandy had actually stayed in her room that time, but that was largely because she and Mya had hosted it from their room.

“I doubt you can even study effectively in those conditions,” Andrea continued.

Mandy remembered that she had actually tried studying at first, but Andrea was right, it was next to impossible to do. She and a couple of other conscientious first year students had gone to the library, but you got back late and the walk could be scary, and more often than not there was a party on, so you got to bed really late. Then after Mya suggested a joint every so often to just relax and mellow out she gave up on the regular library visits.

“Have you smoked any of that weed your room mate was inhaling?” Andrea asked.

Mandy was about to reply, no, she hadn’t, but then remembered something else about her aunt. Andrea had a knack of knowing when people were lying. The girl had no idea how Andrea did it, but she was next to impossible to lie to. She remembered Andrea’s niece, her sister’s daughter, telling a fib at a family barbecue. Mandy hadn’t seen the entire incident, but the outcome had been a rather teary Hayley emerging from the house afterwards. Mandy had overheard the girl telling her mother that Aunty Andrea had washed her mouth out with soap for lying, the girl’s mother had also promised her a smacked bottom at her earliest convenience, which had sent poor Hayley off into another crying jag. Although she was an adult now: a college girl, she turned into a young teen with Andrea, and had the feeling that if Andrea discovered her in a lie she would be eating a soap sandwich. “Ummmm…yes…sometimes…” Mandy mumbled down at her cup.

“I see,” Andrea said crisply. “I’m sorry Mandy, but I simply cannot allow you to remain in that house. It’s as much part of the problem as anything.”

“I can’t move out!” Mandy wailed, feeling herself start to cry. “Where am I going to live?”

“I have an extra room in my house,” Andrea said. “I think it would be quite suitable.”

“But its not on campus,” Mandy protested.

“I fail to see why that is a problem, Amanda,’ Andrea told her niece.

Mandy took a deep breath and tried a gamble, this wasn’t lying, not totally, she just hoped Andrea saw it that way. “First years, unless their family live locally, have to live on campus. Even if you’re in a sorority or fraternity you have to get a special dispensation to live in the frat or sorority house.”

“It’s fortunate that I am your family, Amanda,” Andrea said, and the girl’s heart sank, that had been her last chance.

“I’m an adult,” Mandy tried saying with a good deal more confidence than she felt. “I can make my own choices about where and in what conditions I live.”

Andrea sipped her coffee and nodded, “Yes, you are Mandy and you can,” she agreed, removing a mobile phone from her pocket and dialing. She held it up to her ear.  Mandy watched and listened.  “Hello Petra? It’s Andie. I’m with Mandy right now, she’s a little reticent to move out of her accommodation and in with me, even though I think her dormitory situation may be at the heart of her recent issues. Yes, of course you may speak with her,” Andrea held out the phone to an ashen faced Mandy, saying, “It’s your mother, dear. She wants to speak with you.”

Heart pounding Mandy took the phone from Andrea and held it up to her ear cautiously.

Andrea sat back and sipped her coffee as she watched and listened to the one sided exchange. Petra didn’t spank, but her scoldings could peel the paint off the walls.

Mandy didn’t say a word, Andrea couldn’t hear exactly what Petra was saying to her daughter, but she could hear the tone through the phone and it was evident that Petra Tanner was steaming mad and laying down the law to her adolescent daughter.

“Yes, Mummy,” Mandy said softly and respectfully.

‘Mummy.’ Andrea thought. ‘Petra must really be getting through to her. She only calls her Mummy when that’s happening.’

“No, Mummy,” the girl said in answer to a question on the other end of the phone, fighting tears.

“Yes, Mummy,” she said politely, took the phone away from her ear, and tears standing out in her brown eyes sobbed, “She wants to speak to you Aunty Andrea.”

“Did it go well, Petra?” Andrea asked.

‘Probably better for me than young Amanda,” Petra responded. “She’ll do as you tell her and move in with you, or her father and I will have her out of that college and back under our roof so fast it will make her head spin. I understand that she’s relishing her independence, but I simply will not spend money just so that can go to parties.”

Andrea took a deep breath and decided not to tell Petra about the marijuana, she felt she could guarantee that Mandy had smoked her last ever joint. “She’ll have to stay the night at Filmore and then I’ll arrange for her to move out tomorrow.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Andie,” Petra said gratefully. “How much do you want to put her up?”

“Nothing,” Andrea said simply.

“Oh Andie, that’s so generous, but we can’t expect you to…”

“You are family,” Andrea cut across her sister-in-law firmly. “If I hear one more word about this paying rent nonsense I may have to go out there and put you over my knee, young lady!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Petra replied smartly, but Andrea could hear the laughter in her voice.

“I’ll call you again tomorrow once we have Mandy settled in.”


“Is this all going to fit in the convertible, ma’am?” Kimberley asked the following afternoon as the two ladies packed Mandy’s room up into boxes and bags.

“I think so, Kimmy. We’ve got the boot and the back seat.” Andrea told her assistant.

“It would help if Mandy was here,” Kimberley grumbled as she opened up another box and began to put things in it.

“I agree, Kim, but she had a class to attend and given how many she’s missed recently I thought it was better that she started to make up for lost time.”

“She’s got a lot of Beauty and the Beast stuff,” Kimberley remarked, looking at a special Blu-Ray release of the Disney animated classic.

“Oh yes,” Andrea said, opening the girl’s closet and looking through the clothes in it. “Mandy loves Beauty and the Beast. I took her to see the live stage musical. Petra and I thought she may turn out to be a bookworm like Belle.”

“She isn’t?’ Kimberley asked, trying to keep a note of jealousy out of her voice. She considered herself to be Andrea’s niece even though the two weren’t related by blood, but this Mandy girl was the real deal. She wished Aunty Andrea had taken her to musicals when she was a younger teen, of course she hadn’t known Andrea then, though. “She’s got a lot of books,” the teenager pointed out, indicating a box full of them.

“That is true,” Andrea admitted. “I’m hoping this was just a bit of a blip on the radar and once we can get her under my roof…”

“And over your lap!” Kimberley smirked.

“Yes, probably that too,” Andrea agreed. “We can straighten her out and get her back on track.”

“If anyone can do that, Aunty, it’s you,” Kimberley complimented her much loved surrogate aunt.

“Thank you sweetheart.”


“Oh!” Mandy exclaimed entering the room and seeing the two ladies moving her out. “I didn’t think you’d start without me, Aunty.”

“Well, I had all the paperwork done, and you were at class. I’ve had to take time away from the shop as has Kimberley, and I thought it best to use the time productively. I’ll just take these down to the car and leave you and Kim to continue.”


Once Andrea had left the two girls looked at each other. Kimberley smiled at Mandy and stuck her hand out. “I’m Kimberley.”

Mandy took the extended had and shook it saying, “Mandy.”

“You’ve got a really cool aunt,” Kimberley told the other girl as they both set about the task at hand.

“People here say that about her,” Mandy admitted. “Mya’s scared of her, that’s why she’s not here now.”

“Who’s Mya?”

“My room mate.”

“Oh the one with the weed!” Kimberley exclaimed, remembering Andrea’s story about her visit to Filmore House the previous day.

“Ahhh yeah…” Mandy murmured.

“Just as well she’s not here. Aunty doesn’t like drugs, Mya’s butt may have been at risk, literally.”

“You call her Aunty too?”

“Lots of people do. She’s like that.”

Mandy considered it and had to admit that Andrea did indeed have that Aunty feel about her, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising. “Has she ever spanked you?” Mandy asked shyly.

Kimberley nodded.

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen, nearly nineteen.”

“And you’re okay with being spanked?”

“Well, I don’t actually enjoy it,” Kimberley admitted, “but sometimes I deserve it.”

“But you’re an adult.”

“Just because I’m eighteen?”

“Yes!” Mandy almost shouted.

“That’s just an age, Mandy. I think that if you act like a kid you’ll be treated like one, and that means spanking.”

“She’s going to spank me, isn’t she?” Mandy asked, feeling her backside tingle uncontrollably.

“Probably,” Kimberley confessed. “You might be able to talk your way out of it, but I doubt it. Once Aunty has made up her mind, your botty gets smacked good and hard. If I were you I’d plan on sleeping on your tummy tonight.”


“Finished?” Andrea asked as she appeared at the door again.

“Yes, Aunty!” Kimberley replied brightly.

“I’m done,” Mandy sighed.

“Are we going to be able to fit everything in?” Kimberley asked as the three of them exited the dormitory and she saw the back seat of Andrea’s red convertible piled high with Mandy’s belongings.

“It’ll be a bit squeezy,” Andrea said as she opened her door and slid in behind the wall.

“That’s okay, I’m little. I don’t take up much room,” Kimberley said cheerfully as she slid in next to Mandy and squished in.

“Everyone breathe in,” the blonde teenager advised as she closed her door.


“Are you okay to still handle reception, Maria?” Kimberley asked as the three women entered the Spank Shop’s waiting room.

The matronly brunette behind the desk beamed and said, “Yes. That will be fine Kimberley.”

“Cool, I just have to put Mandy’s stuff in the back. You don’t have any bottoms that need smacking?”

“No,” Maria answered. “Your Mum is finishing Kevin off with the ruler and he’s our last appointment for the day. His mother will give him corner time at home. If you’re back here soon you can deal with his fee.”

“Okay,” Kimberly said and caught Andrea’s keys as they were thrown to her. The bell on the front door tingled merrily as the petite blonde was out it again.

Andrea smiled at Maria and said, “Thank you for filling in on reception, Maria. I hope we weren’t too busy.”

“It was Gabrielle who had to come in on her afternoon off. We did have one period where there were two clients at once.”

“What did you do then?”

“Gabrielle roasted young Matthew’s hams in her parlour and I took care of Caitlyn out here.”

“You spanked her in reception?”

“There was only Caitlyn’s mother here, and to be honest she seemed to enjoy the show. Catie is quite a demonstrative little lady. She doesn’t have any love for Contessa K,” the motherly woman laughed.  “She looked absolutely adorable in the corner after, though. Winnie the Pooh apron and her little buns were a shimmering scarlet. I almost suggested using them to boil the kettle for Cheryl’s tea afterwards.”

Andrea laughed warmly and Mandy’s mouth dropped open as her face turned the same shade of red as she imagined the unfortunate Caitlyn’s bottom must have been earlier in the day.

Andrea put her arm around her niece’s shoulders and led her gently into the parlour. The teenager stood in the room, looking around it, and finding it rather cosy, although she doubted many of it’s occupants felt that way about the place, while Andrea closed the door behind her with a gentle click.

“Hi Aunty,” came a cheerful voice down the stairs.

Both Andrea and Mandy turned in the direction of the voice and saw a beaming Kimberley descending from the building’s upper floor. “I’ve put Mandy’s stuff in her room. Do you need me for anything else, ma’am?”

“No, I think we’re done, darling. Can you let Maria go, finish up anything that needs doing and lock up for the night, please?”

“Absolutely,” Kimberley agreed. “I think Maria has it all in hand. Night ma’am. Mandy.”


Once they were alone in the parlour Andrea looked at her niece and asked, “First impressions?”

Mandy looked at her aunt. “It’s nice,” she admitted. “Kind of homey. I did like the dormitory, but it was a bit cold at times.”

“Oh, I don’t think my house could ever be accused of being cold, darling and I do have a warm welcome planned for you.”


Mandy caught the meaning behind the words and her bottom tingled. She didn’t know exactly what her mother and Andrea had discussed or even if she’d had a longer conversation with Professor Harrison, but she had made some enquiries about her aunt and how she worked in this shop. The general consensus was that Aunty Andrea thought most everything could be fixed with a soundly smacked bottom, and that she looked upon things like smoking weed and partying excessively very dimly. The girl had spoken to Angelica and her two sorority sisters Tara and Belinda, as well as Carlie Edwards and Misty Kendall, even Professor Harrison’s part time office assistant April Chang, and all had agreed that a spanking from Andrea was to be avoided, but in Mandy’s situation it was unlikely.

“Would you like to see your room?” Andrea invited.

Mandy nodded.

“Come on then,” Andrea said, going up the stairs.

Mandy followed her aunt’s back up the stairs, she caught a glimpse of the sunroom as she did so and thought that it may be pleasant to sit there and read or even study on a nice day.

Andrea stopped in a doorway and gestured for her niece to enter. Mandy stepped in and looked around. The room wasn’t quite as big as her dorm room, but she wasn’t sharing it with someone else.  It had a big double bed and a desk for studying.

“What do you think?” Andrea asked.

“It’s nice, Aunty,” Mandy said approvingly.

“You can decorate it how you want within reason, darling, but I will expect you to keep it tidy and there will be consequences if you do not do so,” Andrea sad her voice gaining a touch of sternness.

Mandy felt a frisson of fear run down her spine and through her buttocks as she listened to that voice and looked at those emerald eyes.

“Do you want to put some of your things away and I can explain how things will work?’ Andrea asked, looking at the boxes and clothes that Kimberley had put in the room.

Mandy nodded again.


“I understand that this has all happened very quickly and you’re probably a little shell shocked, Mandy,” Andrea said as the two ladies folded and put away the college student’s clothes in the wardrobe in her new bedroom.

“Kind of,” Mandy admitted with a blush.

Andrea smiled. “Because this is a business as well as a house we’ll need to set a few ground rules.”

Mandy nodded and continued to fold her clothes neatly.

“You may enter or leave through the shop if you want, although you’ll need to come through my parlour, and if there’s a session in progress I’ll want you to be quite and quick and simply pass through and not reenter or leave that way.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You seemed a bit embarrassed by the reception earlier and during business hours it will be attended, and I’m quite likely to be spanking a naughty bottom then too, so you may want to come in and leave by the back way.”

“Yes,” Mandy breathed, nodding fiercely, her cheeks flaming.

“Okay,” Andrea said, her tone amused. “You have the run of the house, but during business hours you may prefer to stay up here and study in your room. There’s also a converted attic with a TV and a stereo. I like to read up there sometimes. You can use it, but if it’s during the day please try to keep the volume down. Does that all sound straight forward?”

“Very ma’am.”

“Oh come on, Mandy, darling it’s Aunty Andrea. Would you like some dinner?”

“Yes please, Aunty,” Mandy answered, she had been too nervous to eat at lunchtime, so was now ravenous.


“I’ll do the dishes, Mandy,” Andrea told her niece as they finished dinner. “You can have a shower and put your PJ’s on and we’ll have a little chat in the parlour.”

“Thank you, Aunty.”

“My pleasure, darling. Off you go.”

As Andrea scrubbed the dishes she smiled as she heard her niece showering and mentally reviewed what she had planned for Mandy for later. A good sound spanking was a must, and while tonight would be extensive given that the girl had by her own admission run right off the rails, and used an illegal drug, and it was her first ever spanking, Andrea hoped that it wouldn’t be a regular occurrence and that she could go back to being the ‘cool aunt’ fairly soon.


Andrea made some hot cocoa and added marshmallows, she knew it was a little childish, but Mandy had always liked marshmallows in her hot chocolate when she had been younger, and the two had some good girl to girl conversations over mugs of steaming hot cocoa when Mandy was growing up.

Mandy padded on socked feet into the parlour. She saw the steaming mugs on the coffee table, her nose twitched as it smelled hot chocolate and she inspected her hot beverage. “You remembered the marshmallows!” she said with a laugh.

“Of course I did,’ Andrea said, seating herself on the couch and picking up her mug, taking a sip from it.

Mandy copied her aunt, settled on the couch and cradling the steaming mug in both hands, lifted it to her lips and sipped with genuine pleasure. Aunty Andrea always made really good cocoa.


Andrea looked at her niece over the rim of her mug and thought of how young she really did look, sitting there in her pajamas, freshly washed, face scrubbed clean of make up and sipping hot chocolate. If you didn’t know her actual age you could have been excused for thinking she was a few years younger. Her choice of pajamas hadn’t helped with a grown up image. They were an old well worn pair of flannel ones, and they were unsurprisingly for Mandy, covered with Beauty and the Beast images.

“This is nice, Aunty,” Mandy said.

“Thank you, Amanda,” Andrea replied. “So, it’s not really so bad staying with your fuddy duddy old aunt?”

“I never thought that, Aunty Andrea,” Mandy answered. “It’s just that you have a certain reputation.”

“Oh?” Andrea asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mandy blushed into her mug and said softly, “You know, you…” she faltered.

“Yes, I do know,’ Andrea said firmly. “I spank naughty bottoms for a living.”

“Yeah, that,” Mandy whispered.

The two: aunt and niece, finished their drinks in silence, each wrapped up in their own thoughts.


“Are you done with your cocoa, Mandy?” Andrea asked.

Not trusting herself to speak Mandy nodded.

Andrea reached across and took the mug from the adolescent’s hands and placed it on the table next to her own.

“Do you think you can take those out to the kitchen, rinse them out and put them on the dish drainer to dry?” she asked.

Mandy nodded again and did as Andrea had asked her.

When the girl returned to the comfortable parlour there was something else on the coffee table that had not been there before. It was an old fashioned wooden hairbrush. It had an oval head and it was made of a jet black wood. It looked quite expensive. Although Mandy had never seen it before she knew what it was, and she even knew its name. The other girls she’d spoken to had mentioned it. That could only be the famed and feared Mrs Ebony. Andrea’s ‘weapon of choice’ when it came to administering bare bottom discipline.

Andrea smiled at her niece and patted the couch cushion next to her.

Mandy licked her lips nervously and seated herself gingerly next to the elegant woman with the bewitching green eyes and luxuriant mane of chestnut hair.


Andrea took Mandy’s hands in her own and looked into the girl’s brown eyes. “Mandy,” she said in a gentle tone. “Look at me please, sweetheart. We need to have a little chat and explain how things are going to work.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mandy said with a gulp.

“Aunty, please,” Andrea reproved her. “I think it will be easier if you call me Aunty, darling. You knew what was going on at school was wrong, didn’t you?”

“Wrong, Aunty?”

“I think you understand me Amanda Denise,” Andrea said her voice stern, “but I’ll spell it out for you. How many parties did you go to on average a week, and please do me the courtesy of telling the truth.”

Mandy shrugged. “I’m not sure, Aunty. Some weeks there were more than others.”

“On average,” Andrea repeated herself.

“Three maybe four,” Mandy offered.

“These can’t all have been on the weekend. There’s only two nights; Friday and Saturday.”

“Ummm…no they weren’t, Aunty.”

“So what did you do on the mornings you had lectures or classes?”

Mandy took a deep breath. “Sometimes I went, other times I didn’t.”

“If you only went to class sporadically how did you keep up?”

“I guess I didn’t, Aunty,” Mandy confessed, feeling tears prick her eyes.

“It can’t have been that way from the start, though sweetheart. Julia…Professor Harrison said you did quite well to begin with.”

“I did,” Mandy agreed, remembering.

“So you got a bit seduced by the lifestyle without Mum or Dad to prod you at times?”

Mandy nodded, feeling her cheeks suffuse with heat.

“You must have known it wasn’t sustainable.”

“I guess I did, but I was having so much fun,” Mandy admitted, feeling ashamed of herself.

“You smoked marijuana at times?” Andrea probed.

Mandy nodded, squeezing Andrea’s hands reflexively.

“You knew that was illegal?”


“What do you think Mummy would have done?”

“I don’t know, Aunty. Shouted I suppose.”

“Grounded you?”

“Yeah, probably that too.”

“Do you know what my mother would have done, darling?”

Mandy closed her eyes and then managed to whimper, “Sp…spanked you?”

Andrea nodded. “Yes, she would have bared my bottom, put me over her knee and spanked me until my bottom was sizzling hot and as red as a fire engine.”

Mandy felt her heart skip a beat with Andrea’s descriptive words.

“Do you accept that you were doing something against the law and wasting your parent’s money?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Mandy whispered.

“Will you undertake any work that Professor Harrison suggests you need to catch up on what you’ve missed?”

Mandy nodded.

“Do you agree that when someone is naughty, even if they’re eighteen they need to be punished?”

“Yes, Aunty,” the girl said, feeling the tears start to flow and her bottom tingle uncontrollably. “Does it….does it….have to be a…sp…spanking?” she stammered, knowing what was going to happen and feeling helpless to stop it.

“It doesn’t have to be,” Andrea answered, surprising her niece. “However I think it should be. I could ground you or make you do extra study or give you chores around the house, but that inconveniences me almost as much as it does you. I have to keep an eye on you and your schedule at school may not allow for a particularly effective grounding. If I give you extra work around the house I have to first show you how to do the work and then inspect when you’re finished to make sure that you did a good job. If I spank you however we get it all over and done with tonight. I won’t lie, it will hurt and at your age it’s going to be quite embarrassing, especially considering that it’s your first ever spanking, but I do think it’s appropriate and will be effective. You won’t like it and you’re going to have a sore bottom and you won’t sit comfortably for a few days, but the slate will be clean and we can both get on with life. It’s entirely up to you, Mandy. I’ll sit in the armchair by the fire while you think about it. If you accept the spanking you will stand up, come to me in my chair and say ‘Will you please give your naughty niece a good old fashioned spanking, Aunty Andrea?’ Do you have that?”

Mandy nodded.

“Very well then,” Andrea said, she released the girl’s hands and went to sit in her chair. She picked up a book and began to read through it while Mandy made her devil’s choice.


Mandy sat and thought, occasionally biting her bottom lip in concentration. She knew that she’d been falling behind in school, but it was just so much fun to go to the parties, have fun with the boys, some of the fraternity guys were really cute, share an illicit joint with Mya sometimes just to take the edge off. Going to the library was boring and so was sitting in her room, over her laptop or a bunch of tedious text books. She hadn’t expected her student advisor Professor Harrison to call her parents, she knew they’d lower the boom when she went home at the end of the semester and saw her grades. There was really no alternative to what was going to happen here. Her mother had said that she either moved in with Aunty Andrea and did as she was told until her attitude and grades improved or she would be hauled out of school back home and have to either attend a local school or get a job, she couldn’t support herself otherwise and Mandy knew that she wasn’t ready to try and strike out on her own without the financial and emotional safety net that her parents provided.

Aunty Andrea had said that she didn’t have to accept the spanking, she could be grounded or have chores to do, but then she’d have a disapproving aunt to deal with. Aunty Andrea had always had this knack of making you feel really guilty about things and kids, especially girls, strove for her approval. Mandy had forgotten that about her aunt, but she still had that air about her. The girl had seen it in the receptionist, Kimberley. She’d kind of liked the petite blonde and wondered why she wasn’t at college and if they could be friends. If she was living in the town and commuting to college she’d need a friend in the town and from what she’d heard from others there were advantages to being friends with Kimberley Kennedy. The family was well known and highly regarded. If Mandy elected to be grounded or given chores she doubted she’d get much respect from Kimberley and that would close another door for her. She’d been burning too many bridges of late. Better to have a burned bottom. What was it that April Chang had said Professor Harrison told her not that long ago? Children learn when bottoms burn.

Mandy looked across her aunt, calmly sitting by the fire, one long shapely nyloned leg crossed casually over the other. A book in her lap as she read. No indication at all that waiting for an eighteen year old college student to ask her for a spanking was anything out the usual at all. Given that both Tara and Belinda were older than that, and according to Angelica both could easily qualify for frequent flier miles over Andrea’s lap, for her it probably wasn’t that odd.

The girl took a deep breath, used her hands pressed down on the couch to stand up and crossed to Andrea in her armchair. Andrea didn’t look up from her book initially, she finished the page she was reading, used a strip of intricately tooled leather to mark her place, set the book down on a table next to her chair, removed her spectacles and placed them lenses up on top of the book and looked up at Mandy standing before her.

“Yes, Amanda?” she asked expectantly.

Mandy licked her lips, tried to remember the exact wording of the question and hesitantly stammered, “Will you please….please ummmm…give me a…ggood hard sp…spanking, Aunty?”

Andrea’s lips curved upwards in a warm and generous smile. “It may not seem like it right away, darling and I’ve no doubt you’ll probably be regretting it later tonight when you lay down to sleep on your tummy, but you’ve made a wise decision, and Aunty is proud of you.”

Mandy felt her heart rise when Andrea said that she was proud of her. “Yes, Aunty,” she said softly.

Andrea rose from her chair and took Mandy’s hand. “Now let’s go to the couch and get this smacking underway, sweetness.”

The girl allowed her aunt to lead her to the couch, which had seemed so comfortable and welcoming when they were drinking hot chocolate on it. Now it had taken on the aspect of a gallows or an executioner’s block.

The hold on Mandy’s wrist was not released as Andrea seated herself in the middle of the couch and arranged her skirts around her, she used one hand to turn up the end of the skirt and expose her stockinged thighs. Mandy frowned. The stockings were the old fashioned type that ended high up on the thighs and were secured with a garter. The thought of her aunt wearing a garter belt was both amusing and exciting. Mandy had never gone in for sexy lingerie, but she may have to investigate it if Aunty Andrea wore that sort of thing.

“I think your Mum will also be very proud of you, Amanda, for making such a mature and sensible decision,” Andrea told her.

Mandy felt her cheeks catch fire again, she didn’t say anything, but wondered how her mother would see her as mature and sensible when she was about to be punished in a way that most people stopped experiencing in their pre teen years and that it was her own childish and irresponsible behaviour that had landed her in this position in the first place.

“Now first we need to clear the decks,” Andrea said, coolly, hooking her fingers into the waistband of Mandy’s pajama bottoms.

“What?” a startled Mandy asked, then gasped as her pajama trousers were swiftly lowered to her ankles.

“A spanking is not a spanking unless it is delivered to the bare bottom,” Andrea told the girl soberly.

Mandy’s hands immediately went to cover the landing patch of dark hair that covered her front and Andrea chuckled. “No need for that sort of modesty, sweetheart, we’re all big girls here. You don’t have anything, Aunty hasn’t seen before, and you’ll soon be sunny side up over my lap.”

Andrea slapped Mandy’s hands away smartly, encircled one of her wrists and tugged, propelling the girl in an ungainly tangle of long bare legs over her lap. “There we are!” Andrea cooed. “All ready to have your little botty smacked up good and hot.”


The baby talk helped to consolidate how childishly Mandy had behaved and how humiliating that this had to be done was to the girl. It was a method Andrea had always used on the people she spanked, their age was immaterial to her, and in her experience it had a profound affect on them emotionally and put them in the perfect headspace to receive a good old fashioned smack bottom.

Now Mandy was in what was for her an unfamiliar position she found herself trying to deal with it and fight the nerves down. “That’s it, darling.” Andrea purred, her long fingers gently stroking and fondling the silky skin of Mandy’s creamy white buttocks.

Despite the intensely humbling experience Mandy felt herself relaxing under Andrea’s sure and soothing massage of her tense gluteal muscles. “Good girl,” Andrea breathed and the warmth given out by the crackling fire and the comfort from Andrea’s thighs under her own she felt herself close to nodding off.


The slap rang out in the quiet room, Mandy’s eyes, which had been half closed, opened wide and she immediately tensed up. Then the sting flooded through one cheek.

Mandy had gone out with a boy who had been fond of smacking her affectionately on the behind, she’d broken it off with him when she realized that he and his Neanderthal friends did it as a form of ownership of their partners, sometimes he’d popped her a little harder than he intended and this felt a bit like that, only harder and those hadn’t been on the bare bottom.

She had just been getting used to the sensation when Andrea implanted another sting on the opposite side. She got four more stinging cracks spaced well out. Two across the crowns, and two lower down, right where she sat. One of the girls Mandy had quizzed about this experience had mentioned something called the sit spot, she had to be referring to being smacked there. Those ones had really hurt.

Then Andrea settled into a steady rhythm, sprinkling firm, sizzling slaps across the entire surface of her niece’s rapidly reddening bottom as well as the upper thighs which really made Mandy squeal and wriggle.

Mandy squirmed, rubbing her legs together as the temperature started to rise. She tried to guess where the next slap was going to land so she could prepare, but gave it up as a hopeless job when she found that it was next to impossible. Andrea knew her job far too well for that to work.

‘We’re getting nice and warm,” Andrea announced cheerfully. “Time to turn the flame up a little.”

‘Up a little?’ Mandy wondered, what did that mean? Surely she couldn’t make it hurt more now, could she?


The question was very quickly answered with a resounding ‘Oh yes she could!’ Andrea picked up the pace, her hand rising and falling fast and hard. Mandy opened up her lungs, bucked and jerked as she felt her rear end and upper thighs catch fire under the assault, then her floodgates broke and the tears started to fall.

“That’s my girl,” Andrea encouraged her. “You have a good hard cry for Aunty.”

Mandy didn’t hear Andrea through the waves of heat and pain that were flooding through her blazing bottom, but she took her advice all the same and bawled steadily.

Andrea gazed down on the pulsating, rolling, rosy globes and smiled. Mandy was at long last getting the spanking that she had probably needed for a very long time. Although she’d never said anything to Petra she felt that eighteen was far too old for a girl or boy to be getting their very first proper spanking. Once Mandy had been introduced to this form of discipline subsequent smackings wouldn’t be quite so difficult to accept. Andrea was under no illusions that this maiden journey over her lap would be Mandy’s final one. Andrea flipped her hand and tested the temperature of the girl’s bottom. “Oh lovely!” she exclaimed. “They’re simmering. I’ll just let you lay there and cry for a bit, sweetie.”

The words penetrated through to Mandy and she sobbed, “Is it over, Aunty?”

“The hand spanking is, darling,” Andrea said.

Mandy heaved a big shuddering sigh and sagged into Andrea’s lap, blubbering. Andrea rubbed her buttocks brusquely, enjoying the feel of the hot resilient flesh under her palm, it was also soothing it a little. Mandy’s bottom was a little tenderer than many she spanked, but she slapped hard and that could take the toll on one’s hand, this was letting life come back into it as well as easing Mandy’s pain.

Andrea felt her niece relax and heard the sobs slow. “Can you get up off Aunty’s lap, darling?” she asked softly.

“I think so, Aunty Andrea,” Mandy said without crying.

“Okay, then, slowly and carefully,” Andrea said.

Mandy eased herself off the thighs under her and winced a little at the fresh waves of pain the movement sent through her toasted buns. Her hands immediately flew to her bottom and stopped when Andrea’s voice cut through into her consciousness. “No rubbing,” she warned. “You only rub when Aunty gives you permission. Unauthorised rubbing gets you extra spanking.”

Mandy did as she was told, but her eyes were quizzical.

“I didn’t go to all the trouble and effort of heating up your little situpon only to have you rub it all away in a few seconds,” Andrea explained in a businesslike manner.

Mandy nodded as if she was in a lecture hall and vaguely wondered if her aunt wanted her to take notes on this experience.

“Turn and look at the coffee table, Amanda,” Andrea instructed.

With a frown Mandy obeyed.

“Tell me what you can see on it,” Andrea requested.

“A magazine,” Mandy said.


“There’s what looks like an ashtray with bells in it.”

“What else?” Andrea asked, trying to keep the smile out of her voice as she realized Mandy had just described the bells she used to enforce corner time post spanking.

Clouds crossed Mandy’s eyes as they fell on the final item. “There’s a hairbrush,” she forced out.

“Can you tell me a little more about it, please, sweetness.”

‘It’s your brush, you should know what it looks like,’ was what Mandy was tempted to say, but experience with her aunt told her that this would be an unwise course of action at this precise moment, so she contented herself with describing the brush. “Black, oval, looks old, looks heavy.”

“Expensive too,” Andrea murmured. “You spoke to some of my other clients before I moved you here, didn’t you, Amanda?”

There seemed to be no point in denying it, so Mandy shrugged and answered, “Yes, Aunty.”

“Who did you speak to, dear?” Andrea probed.

With all the thoughts that were running through her head along with the throbbing and aching of her freshly scorched rear end Mandy found it hard to remember who she had spoken to, but she offered, “April.”

“April Chang?” Andrea asked for clarification.

“Yes, Aunty.”

“April was a brush girl,” Andrea recalled. “Did she tell you about the item on the table?”

Mandy nodded.

“Did she tell you her name?”

“Her name, Aunty?” Mandy asked, surprised that Andrea had allocated the hairbrush a gender.

“Oh yes, all hairbrushes are ladies, at least that’s what Kimberley tells me,” Andrea explained.

“April said she was called Mrs Ebony,” Mandy said, her voice faltering.

“She is indeed,” Andrea agreed. “She’s made out of a dense hard wood, which due to its colour is called ebony. She and I have been friends for a long time. In fact I’m sure you’ve seen her before, Mandy.”

Mandy could indeed recall seeing the hairbrush on her aunt’s dressing table in her bedroom. She always found it odd, because while she had seen Andrea brush her thick lustrous locks she’d never seen her use the ebony hairbrush to do it. “I don’t think you ever brushed your hair with it, Aunty.”

“No. I didn’t. Mrs Ebony isn’t for hair, she’s for bottoms. Can you please pick her up and bring her to me. She and you are going to become very closely acquainted quite soon.”

Mandy took a deep breath and fought down the desire to bolt from the room. She started to shuffle towards the table, her feet hobbled by the pajama pants tangled around her ankles. Andrea clicked her tongue maternally and smiled. “Take the pjs off, sweetheart, they’ll only get in the way and stop you from kicking and once Mrs Ebony starts talking to you, you will want to kick.”

With a wince Mandy stepped out of her pajamas.

“Pick them up and hand them to me, Mandy. I’m not sure how things worked at the college dormitory, but here you’ll be expected to wash and look after your clothes as well as keep your room clean and tidy. If that doesn’t happen you can expect to be having another chat to Mrs Ebony,” Andrea informed her, voice firm.

Mandy handed the flannel pajama bottoms to Andrea, who folded them neatly and put them aside, she doubted Mandy would want to put them back on tonight.


Holding the hairbrush gingerly, Mandy held it out to Andrea. “Thank you, darling,” Andrea said as she accepted her much loved spanking implement. Then she patted her lap and invited. “Back over you get.”

Mandy had hoped to escape with a hand spanking, but she had the feeling that would not happen. Everyone else said that Andrea rarely let a bottom out of her parlour until it had been thoroughly scalded and she didn’t often feel that had been accomplished with a hand spanking, especially for an adult spankee like Mandy.

The girl lowered herself over Andrea’s lap and let her lift the legs up, so that they were supported by the couch.

“If I were you, sweetie,” Andrea advised. “I’d put my hands on the arm of the couch and try to keep them there. I don’t tolerate reaching back and I’d rather not have to secure them. I know how much this hurts from experience, Amanda. Mummy had a hairbrush too and she never hesitated to use it to light a hot little camp fire on the behinds of Sarah or I if she felt we needed it.”

“Even at eighteen?” Mandy asked, her voice slightly muffled by pressing her face into the couch cushion.

“Yes, even then,” Andrea answered firmly.


Mandy howled as the brush struck her backside with a meaty splat. In no time at all as the brush danced up and down her chubby little hams she was doing the spanked botty dance over Andrea’s lap. Her legs crossing and uncrossing, her legs kicking steadily, rolling from side to side, buttocks pumping up and down frantically, anything to escape the brushes wicked burning sting.

Andrea kept her eyes on the task at hand. Mandy’s backside had gone from a soft glowing red to a deep rich scarlet and she had ensured that the upper thighs matched. This was a very sound spanking for a first timer, but she felt that Mandy had to make up for lost time and her recent behaviour had proven that she really needed a firm reminder of what she was at college to do.

“I’m sorry, Aunty!” Mandy wailed miserably.

Andrea cracked the brush down twice across Mandy’s sit spots, which drew a fresh flood of tears and a wet little sniffle.

“What are you sorry for?” Andrea asked, brush poised in midair.

“For neglecting my studies and smoking weed with Mya,” Mandy answered.

“That’s a good start,” Andrea told her wayward niece, administering another sizzling volley to her glowing cakes. “Are you going to apologise to Mummy and Daddy for wasting their money?”

“Yes, yes, Aunty!” Mandy howled.

“I’ll hold you to that young lady,” Andrea promised with another scorching round to Mandy’s upper legs, which made her roar. “You’ll sit on this spanked posterior of yours, on a hard chair, and you will write a letter of apology to your parents.”

“When, Aunty?” Mandy blubbered, thinking that there was no way known she could do that after this spanking.

“Tomorrow,” Andrea told her. “You won’t be sitting down tonight, darling. I think you’re done. Up you get, go over to the corner, hands on head and remain there until I call for you.”

Mandy sniffled and still sobbing she minced her way to a corner and pressed in.


Andrea rose from the couch and put Mrs Ebony on the table again. She admired Mandy’s shimmering crimson hindquarters, smiling as the girl’s sobs made them jiggle fetchingly. Satisfied that the girl wasn’t going to try and rub, and had accepted her authority Andrea turned her back on her niece and opened a large double doored cupboard on one wall. She looked at its contents for a moment and then selected something from inside.

“You may turn around Mandy,” Andrea said to the sobbing brunette.

With a deep sigh and swallowing further sobs Mandy turned around, but left her hands laced over her head.

“Do you know what this is?” Andrea asked, displaying the object she had in her hand.

“It’s a paddle,” Mandy answered, tears still trickling down her face.

“It’s a sorority paddle to be exact,” Andrea elaborated. “I thought it was fitting as you are a college girl.”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Can you see the marks on tape on the floor, near the wall?”


“Place your feet on them, put your hands on the wall and push your bottom out and up, nice and high for me, sweetness.”

“Haw many, Aunty?” Mandy whimpered.

Andrea took up position behind the girl and examined her blazing sit me down. “This is just a taste, so not many. Once I’m done I will tell you and then you can do the hot bottom boogie and have a little rub, okay?”

“Okay,” Mandy said as firmly as she could.


Before the girl could protest or say anything else Andrea brought the paddle swooping across the girl’s half moons.

“Oh my God!” Mandy howled. “That really hurts!”

“It isn’t quite as bad when you haven’t already been well spanked and I wouldn’t generally do this, but I think for the first time we need to establish where things stand between us when you’re due a spanking, young lady.”

While Mandy was still digesting that, Andrea crossed sides and swung the paddle down again.

“Aaaaarrrrhhhhhhh! Owwwww! Aunteeee!” Mandy screamed as all the nerve endings in her back end ignited at once.

“I think that’s enough of a taste for one night, Mandy,” Andrea said firmly.

She stood by watching with a smile playing over her face as Mandy straightened up, her hands desperately and vigorously massaging her fiery hot bottom and dancing around without a care for how she looked, tears still rolling down her face.


Andrea put the paddle on the table and then said, “Mandy, I want your hands back on your head, sweetie.”

Mandy nodded, wiped her tears and her nose with the back of a hand, which got an indulgent smile from her aunt. She started to go to the corner again and Andrea stopped her with, “No, in the middle of the room.”

“The middle?” Mandy echoed, her face reddening. “But it’s in the open.”

“There’s no one here.”

“I haven’t got anything on below my waist.”

Andrea shrugged. “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. If you want to argue over simple commands this isn’t going to work out, Amanda. I’d like you to stand in the middle of the room with your hands on your head and wait for me. Do you think you can do that for me?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Mandy sighed and put her hands on her sweat sodden brown locks and stayed where she was.

“Good girl,” Andrea told her and went into the kitchen.


Andrea returned with two steaming drinks. One was full of coffee for her and the other contained fresh hot milk for Mandy. Andrea sat on the couch again and called Mandy over. The girl curled up in her aunt’s lap, wincing a little as her superheated bottom came in contact with Andrea’s skirt. Andrea smiled and pulled the girl’s head down onto her bosom. Mandy let Andrea use a tissue to clean her face and wipe her nose. She sipped her milk while Andrea stroked her back and bottom, played with her hair and whispered soothing things into her ear.

When Mandy had finished her milk, Andrea helped her to her feet, led her up the stairs and tucked her into bed with a gentle kiss on the forehead and the reminder that tomorrow would be the start of a new life for her.

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