Sunday, 29 June 2014

Glowing Globes

Hello to everyone! The end of another month and so we have a new face or bottom to add to the ranks of this year's SotY. It was both well nominated and well voted for, so I thank you one and all for that. However there can only be one winner and while nearly everyone got a vote one way or another Gwyneth Paltrow managed to lead all comers.

Many thanks to Phil K for suggesting Miss Paltrow (as she is divorcing her husband musician Chris Martin, I guess we can call her that again now). She apparently made some ill advised comments regarding the military on a talk show. As she seems to quite readily put her foot in her mouth, maybe my hairbrush should be applied to her bottom.

See the many faces of Gwyneth below:

She looks rather regal here and maybe even a bit stern, but even then there's something about her face that just begs to have her bottom smacked.

I like this one, casual, free to make up, although I'd like to put some roses in her other cheeks.

In Elizabethan get up for Shakespeare in Love the role which really made her name. I think fellow actress Cate Blanchett would have liked to spank her after she lost the Oscar to Gwyneth in another Elizabethan themed film in which she played the young Virgin Queen.

Gywneth pretending to be a boy for the same film. Back then ladies weren't allowed to perform on stage. If they'd gone for real authenticity maybe Joseph Fiennes as William Shakespeare could have made her globes glow when he discovered the deception.

And finally in one of her more recent roles as the cheeky relief teacher Holly Holliday in the TV show Glee. Maybe her co star Jane Lynch could have taken her over her track suited knee and really made her sing. I'm sure she'd be more than capable.

So far with the SotY we've got a few female bottoms, one male, but only two female spankers and one male one. Someone has to spank these girls and I'd like a few candidates to choose from. Besides the celebrities just don't seem to misbehaving much this year. So for July your task should you choose to accept it is to nominate a female spanker.

See you in July!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

'The Spank Shop 46 - Julia'

Seegee is still at it and yet another episode of the long running Spank Shop series featuring yours truly has flowed from his pen.

These pictures from Spanked Call Girls, My Spanking Roommate and Spanking Sorority Girls are a little like what took place that morning in Aunty Andrea's Spank Shop. I wonder if the recipient regretted making the appointment?


Kimberley Kennedy ran a brush through her waves of honey golden locks and placed the hair care implement back on her drawer, being careful not to mix it up with her cherry wood spanking hairbrush Mademoiselle Cherry, it wouldn’t do to get the two confused if she needed to use Mademoiselle Cherry later in the day.

A door off one side of the comfortable reception area with the cheerful fire crackling in the grate opened, and four boys trooped out of the parlour, where the Spank Shop’s owner Andrea Mahony held court.

As the boys approached her desk and headed for the door they waved to Kimberley, and the eighteen year-old receptionist reflected on how much the quartet had been changed by their experiences at the shop.

Nicholas with his long, curly black hair and wispy starter beard and moustache was the nephew of local judge Sandra Thornley. His aunt had brought him to the shop to punish him, and hopefully cure him of his graffiti habit. Both Kim, and Judge Thornley’s assistant Melanie, had been allowed to help punish Nicholas, and now he was still into art, but not illegal street art, and was studying graphic design with a view to making a living out of his talent.

Kimberley had grown up with Cameron Worth, The blond boy was the same age as her, but had left school two years earlier than the oldest Kennedy girl, to take up a carpentry apprenticeship. His hair was now short and neat, it was a great contrast to the weird dreadlock arrangement he had been wearing when he attended the shop to have his backside warmed for a party that turned into a riot, and had been plying minors with alcohol and recreational drugs. He’d really turned his life around. He was doing well at his job, he had a girlfriend, and he had even made a caning horse at work for Andrea as a birthday present to the disciplinarian.

Ryan was behind Cameron. When he first arrived in Clarkstown the young drifter had an obsession with ladies underwear, going so far as to steal the garments off people’s clotheslines. Kimberley herself, with the assistance of Constable Tania Wheeler of the Clarkstown Police, had apprehended him red handed. They had then made him red bottomed. He was working for Veronica Dixon-Thompson as her apprentice gardener. Kimberley was helping him study for his high school equivalency so that he could do a part time horticulture course. He was going out with one of his employers maids, and while he had a few follow up appointments at the shop after his initial transgression, and his therapist Dr Rosalie Sutcliffe had referred him for some overlap treatment once, he’d kept his nose pretty clean.

The final member of the quartet, Trent Neilsen, was the one Kimberley knew best. Her first encounter with the boy had been when he was serving out a house arrest for some juvenile delinquency at his previous place of residence. Kimberley had to spank him that night when he tried to sneak out, and while he had spent time over both Aunty Andrea’s lap, and that of Kimberley’s mother Gabrielle, since, he was essentially a decent kid. Kimberley had tutored him and helped him to pass high school, he would be graduating soon, and was looking at attending Clarkstown University. He occasionally needed some motivation from a paddle or a hairbrush, but he was a lot better than the rebel without a clue Kimberley had first met.


The four had been at the shop to try and talk some sense into Jeremy Richards after the high school senior had been caught vandalizing the school with three cohorts. All four had been spanked, but Jeremy had offered physical violence to Kimberley when she tried to put him in a spanking apron prior to his chastisement, and his parents had asked Andrea to try and talk some sense into him. She thought that seeing four Spank Shop ‘graduates’ may assist with that.

The first three disappeared out the door and Trent was about to join them, when Kimberley called, “Trent!”

He stopped, turned, asked the other three to wait for him, and sauntered back to the blonde girl’s desk, which he leaned on and asked,  “Yes?”

“How did it go?”

Trent frowned. “Jem’s pretty stubborn, but I think he may be coming around. He doesn’t talk about leaving town the entire time now. Aunty Andrea’s just following up with her own ‘chat’.”

The sound of a firm palm striking a tender bare buttock followed by a lusty male yell floated out of the parlour.

“I see,” Kimberley said, her eyes going to the closed door.

“See you at the graduation ceremony?” Trent asked as he exited the door.

“Oh just try and keep me away, boy!” Kimberley shouted cheerfully at his back.


The receptionist kept one ear on the spanking in the parlour, one eye on her computer monitor and the other on the two clients in the room. Well, it was one client and one guardian. A girl and her mother.

The phone rang loudly and Kimberley snatched it up halfway through the second ring.

“Spank Shop, this is Kimberley, how may I…Oh hi Professor Harrison!”

“Good afternoon, Kimberley,” the smooth cultured voice on the other end said.

“Miss Andrea’s kind of busy at the moment, ma’am,” the girl apologized, “but I can get her to call you back afterwards.”

“That’s quite all right, Kimberley. I don’t need to speak to Andie today.”

“You’re making an appointment?” the girl asked, bringing up her appointment spreadsheet. ”Is it for one of your students?”

There was a brief pause on the other end, and then Julia Harrison’s voice lowered as she confessed, “It’s actually for me, dear.”

What the college professor had said didn’t register on the girl right away and she started to say, “For you, okay. I think we can…for you, ma’am?”

“Yes, Kimberley,” Julia confirmed. “What do you have open?”

“Well, I’ve got a slot tomorrow morning just before lunch, will that be okay?”

“Yes please,” Julia said quickly. “I’d prefer to get this over and done with as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” Kimberley said doubtfully as she entered the details onto the screen. “You’re booked in. See you tomorrow at eleven.”


Kimberley was still pondering the sheer weirdness of that conversation when a loud whack came out of the parlour, followed by a blood curdling howl from the unfortunate Jeremy Richards.

“Aunty must be caning him,” Kimberley said to herself, recognizing the sounds for what they were.

The girl sitting with her mother burst into tears.

Kimberley’s lips pursed, she rose from her seat and went to the little girl. She knelt down in front of her and proffered a tissue. “Hey,” she said gently. “What’s with the waterworks, honey?”

The girl took the tissue, began to dab at her eyes and looked fearfully at the parlour door.

“Oh,” Kimberley said in an understanding tone. “That’s a big boy, he was very naughty, so Aunty Andrea had to cane him. She won’t be caning you. In fact you won’t even be seeing Aunty Andrea. You’ll see Aunty Maria.” She turned her attention to the mother. “What did you bring her in for Mrs Parker?”

“A spanking,” the tall blonde woman said concisely.

Kimberley grinned. “I know that ma’am, but why?”

“Talking in class all the time. Talkative Tammy we call her at home.”

“Tammy, you know you shouldn’t talk when the teacher is, don’t you? That’s just not good manners. Now Aunty Maria will give you a good hard spanking over her lap, and you won’t do that again, will you?”

Still clutching the damp tissue, the girl nodded, her eyes wide.

“We didn’t know what to do,” Deidre Parker admitted. “Shyla’s mother said that Gabrielle has worked miracles with her.”

“Shyla’s a cutie,” Kimberley smiled. “Mum’s not working today, but I think you’ll like Mrs Sculiatta, she’s got four of her own and they were all raised with smacked bottoms, she’s very motherly.”

“Can I go in with Tammy?” Deidre asked.

“Absolutely! We like that with first timers and young ones. Things will change once little Tammy has a nice hot glowing situpon.”

As Kimberley reassured the woman the door to the parlour that Maria Sculiatta used on the two days she worked at the Spank Shop swung open, and the maternal Italian woman stood in it beaming out at reception. One hand was on a wide hip and it had an olive wood spoon in it. “Tammy?” she asked.

‘Yes,” Deirdre answered, standing and taking a reluctant Tammy with her by the hand to the waiting parlour and the welcoming spanker.


Kimberley looked up at the clock. Things were going according to schedule. Aunty Andrea had finished up with her last client of the day, and Maria Sculiatta was almost done with her final appointment. She would be able to get out of the shop on time. The receptionist had completed most of her tasks for the day, including sending the following days list of appointments to Andrea’s email. Andrea liked to have a heads up so she could plan her day around it and fit in any unexpected ‘surprises’.

Kimberley’s phone rang, and a quick glance at the display told her that it was Andrea. The blonde frowned. She didn’t know why she would be getting a call from the parlour this late in the day.

“Kimmy?” Andrea’s voice said over the earpiece.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley answered politely, scowling when she heard the childish diminutive of her first name that both her mother and Aunty Andrea insisted on using, even though they knew she didn’t care for it.

“Can you come in here for a moment, please dear? There’s something on tomorrow’s schedule that I’d like to ask you about.”

“Yes, ma’am. Aunty Maria is finishing up and we’re done for the day out here.”

Kimberley put the phone down and scrawled a quick message for Maria Scuiliatta just in case she was still in with Andrea when her appointment was over. Maria sometimes filled in for her on reception, so the receptionist was confident that she could sort everything out with her charge, including taking payment.


“Miss Andrea?” Kimberley asked gently.

Andrea Mahony was seated at the desk in her parlour, her eyes on the screen of an open laptop on it.

“Hi Kimmy. I just wanted to ask about the eleven o’clock tomorrow.”

“Eleven o’clock?” Kimberley echoed, trying to remember off hand who she had scheduled for that time.

“Professor Julia Harrison,” Andrea prompted her, reading from the spreadsheet on the computer screen.

“Oh yes!” Kimberley said brightly.

“So, it’s correct?” Andrea probed, her green eyes narrowing a little.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You’re saying that Julia booked in for a spanking herself?”

Kimberley’s top teeth worried her bottom lip and one hand crept to the seat of her skirt, these were both signs that she was worried. “I’m not sure exactly why she booked an appointment, but she did ask that it be an appointment and said that she didn’t need to speak to you.”

Andrea frowned. “It’s not for a student?”

“No, it’s definitely for her, ma’am. I asked her that, she was very clear on that point.”

“Curiouser and curiouser,” Andrea murmured, a smile playing across her generous red lips. “Thanks, Kimberley, you may go now, sweetheart.”


The bell above the shop’s door rang merrily as a clearly nervous Julia Harrison pushed it open. The dark haired college professor looked around and was relieved to see that reception was empty of clients.

“Good morning Professor Harrison!” Kimberley said brightly from her desk, and gave the woman one of her gleaming smiles.

“Good morning, Kimberley,” Julia greeted the teenage receptionist.

“Aunty Andrea is expecting you,” Kimberley said. “You can go right through.”

Julia nodded and headed for the parlour door. Before she could reach it, the door opened and a pretty girl with curly brown hair, carrying a backpack, exited.

The girl stopped dead at seeing Julia Harrison, and said, “Hi, Professor Harrison.”

Julia blushed beetroot red to the roots of her black hair, and said nervously, “Good morning, Mandy,” she went past the girl and slipped quickly into the parlour.

A slightly dazed Mandy Tanner stumbled towards Kimberley’s desk, her eyes still on Julia’s back as the door closed behind her.

“That was Professor Harrison, right?” she asked Kimberley.

Without taking her eyes from her monitor, Kimberley nodded and murmured, “Uh huh.”

“What’s she doing here?” Mandy asked.

“She’s friends with Miss Andrea, you know that, Mandy,” the blonde answered evasively.

“Yeah, but that’s after hours,” Mandy continued, her tone speculative. “This is during business hours. Come on, Kim, spill it!” she urged.

“I can’t tell you what I don’t know, Mandy,” Kimberley said. “She made an appointment, and that’s as far as it goes for me.”

“Oh my God!” Mandy said. “She’s come here to get her bum smacked.”

Kimberley shrugged. “I don’t know, Mandy. If Miss Andrea wants to share what Professor Harrison is here for and the Professor is okay with it, then she will. Speculation will only get me a sore bottom, and you too if Aunty Andrea finds out about it.”

“Sure does make me wonder,” Mandy muttered, looking at the door.

“Me too,” Kimberley agreed, “but I like sitting down too much to spread tales.”

“Okay,” Mandy sighed, shouldering her bag and going out the door.


“Julia” Andrea smiled warmly as her friend entered the cosy parlour. She indicated the coffee service on the table in front of her and asked. “Coffee?”

Julia raised her dark eyes to the ceiling and answered in a relieved tone, “Yes, please Andie.”

The professor settled herself in a chair across the coffee table from Andrea, while the chestnut haired woman poured a cup of coffee and added milk and sugar to match Julia’s preferences. She handed the steaming cup across.

Belaying her nervousness Julia immediately sipped from the cup and burned her lip in the process.

“Julia!” Andrea cried. “Be careful, darling. That’s a fresh pot and very hot.”

Blinking back tears, Julia set her cup down and whispered. “I know that now.”

Andrea sipped her own coffee and said, “I must confess you’ve really got me wondering what all this is about.”

“I’m sorry about the secrecy, Andie,” Julia answered. “I bumped into Mandy on the way in, and that made me nervous all over again. No one from the university knows I’m here.”

“Mandy knows better than to spread tales, and if I hear that she has, then the Clarkstown Fire Brigade will be called down here to put out the fire that I will light on her behind. I’ll also see to it that she apologises to you for doing it in the first place. Your private business is exactly that; private, and it will remain that way if I have anything to do with it. Now unburden yourself, dear.”


“It started the other day.” Julia began her story. “We had a faculty function, there were also some important alumni, as well as some of our bigger financial backers in attendance. I had to give a speech, and I was very nervous about it. It was also a very busy day for me. Nerves and lack of time meant that I didn’t have much to eat, and once I’d given my speech I partook rather liberally of the open bar. The wait staff kept circulating with champagne filled trays.”

“Oh Julia,” Andrea said sympathetically. “You know better than that.”

“Yes, I do and I shouldn’t have kept drinking, but nerves got the better of me. I don’t remember an awful lot of the night, but I’m reliably informed that I made quite the spectacle of myself.”

“So you’ve come to me to make restitution?” Andrea guessed.

Julia nodded wordlessly.

“This is entirely off your own bat?” Andrea asked. “No one suggested it?”

“No one said so openly, but the dean did say that maybe I should ensure that there was not a repeat performance. I’m not tenured yet, you know.”

“How do you think being spanked will help, sweetheart?”

“It’ll give me a very tangible reminder every time I sit down for the next few days…” Julia started.

“Oh, it will do that,” Andrea promised, rather ominously.

“And the feeling that I did something rather silly and needed to be treated like a naughty little child will remain with me for a long time after that.”

Andrea sipped her coffee, sat back in her chair and looked at her college friend. “You’re decided then?” she asked.

“Yes,” Julia replied firmly, her eyes hard.

“Very well,” Andrea said. “I’ll just ask Kimberley to lay out an apron for you…”

“Oh, do we have to, Andie?” Julia pleaded. “They’re so embarrassing.”

“Would you rather do it in the nude?”

Julia’s blush returned.

“I thought so,” Andrea said and picked up the phone.

Julia sat and sipped her coffee and worried as she listened to the conversation on the phone.


“Yes, she is here for punishment, dear. Can you please lay out an apron in the change room?” there was a pause and then Andrea said, “You’re better than me at picking them out.” Another brief pause and Andrea’s delighted voice, “Oh yes! That one would be perfect! I’ll send Julia in soon.”

Andrea turned her attention again to the rather mortified Julia Harrison. “While Kimberley is setting that up we may as well get the other business done.”

“Other business?”

Andreas produced a form, and laid it out on the table, with a pen.

“That’s my standard release. I’m certain you’ve seen it before. Look at it, and if you’re satisfied, sign it.”

Julia bit her lip, picked up the pen and poised it over the document as she scanned it.

Just as she placed the tip of the pen to the paper Andrea spoke again, “Once you sign that you’re past the point of no return. It will also alter the dynamic between you and I for the duration of the spanking.”

Julia turned questioning eyes on her friend.

“We’re not Andie and Julia, friends from college. You’re Julia the naughty little girl who drank too much and needs a jolly good spanking, and I am Miss Andrea, the lady who is providing that discipline. I will also accept ma’am, and even Aunty if you’re comfortable with it.”

“Yes, Miss,” Julia sighed, as she signed the release feeling like a schoolgirl called up in front of the headmistress.

Andrea took the form, looked at it to ensure that Julia had signed in the right place and tucked it into a folder. She would have to have Kimberley make up a file for Julia later in the day.

“Finished your coffee yet?” Andrea asked.

Julia looked down at her almost empty cup and nodded.

“Excellent!” Andrea said with a smile. “You go into the changing room. If you encounter Kimberley, please remember to be respectful. Do let me know if you think she’s at all rude to you, though. Occasionally her position can go to her head, and I like to nip that in the bud if I can.”

Julia nodded and stood up.


There was an apron laying out on the bed in the change room. It was mostly bright red with neat white lettering that read Carry On and Keep on Spanking. Julia remembered seeing it at Andrea’s birthday party. It had been a present, it came with a tea set, and Julia thought it was something Kimberley and her mother had given to Andrea. Andres herself had broken in the apron that day when it came time for her birthday spanking. Julia had never thought she would one day find herself wearing it.

“Hello Professor Harrison,” Kimberley said brightly, and Julia looked up in surprise. She had been so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she had not realized the perky receptionist was even in the room. “Do you like the apron?”

“Ahhh…yes, it’s….quite…uhhh…apt…Ki…I mean Miss,” Julia stumbled through the words.

Kimberley beamed, she had wondered how this might go. Aunty Andrea must have worded the college teacher up about how to address her. Some of the adult clients were good about calling her Miss or ma’am, but plenty weren’t and the teenagers close to her own age were even worse. “If you want to take your clothes off and visit the loo I can stay here and help you on with the apron.”

Julia felt her cheeks heat up again. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, she actually felt that she was quite well preserved for her age, but it was a little embarrassing being told to undress by an eighteen year old, who was in fact younger than many of her students.

“I’ve got some tidying up to do,” Kimberley said, letting Julia know that she wouldn’t be watching her undress or take much notice even when she had.

Quickly Julia began to shed clothes, she was careful to place the garments neatly on the bed. She had been told that Kimberley usually folded them up and kept them somewhere until they were required by the client again. Once she was nude, she padded into the bathroom attached to the changing room.

As Julia lowered herself gently onto the toilet seat, she winced and thought about Andrea from her college years. From what she knew Andrea had been raised with relatively regular spankings at the hands of her parents, who were by all accounts quite old fashioned and very strict.

The last time Julia could remember being spanked she had been twelve years old, and it had not been what Andrea would call a spanking, consisting of a few open handed swats across the seat of her school dress from her mother, and she couldn’t even remember what it was for. If pressed she thought it may have been whining about a pair of shoes her mother refused to buy for her.

Being a spanking veteran, Andrea had been a great source of curiosity amongst her peers, many of whom had only read about traditional, old fashioned, over the knee spankings in books. Julia knew that she had spanked at least one roommate, and suspected that there had been other girls and boys during her college years that had wound up over Andrea’s knee somehow.

Although the first people she’d referred to her old friend had been her student April Chang, and her boyfriend, and Julia’s teaching assistant Marc Blosic, they had been far from the last. One of her students; a British exchange student by the name of Roddy Mackay-Stevens, regularly attended the shop to have his backside caned by Andrea to help him focus on his studies, and there had been others. Indirectly Julia was responsible for Mandy’s current living arrangements with her aunt, and she knew the girl had experienced at least one journey over Andrea’s lap.

Just thinking about Andrea’s experience as a disciplinarian made Julia’s bottom tingle madly. She flushed and washed her hands before going back into the change room.

“Feels better once you’ve done that, doesn’t it?” Kimberley asked her. “Did you wash your hands?”

“Yes and yes, Miss Kimberley,” Julia answered weakly.

“Lovely,” Kimberley smiled, she picked up the apron and held it out. “Come on, in you get.”

Julia let the girl wrap the garment around her.

“Turn,” Kimberley ordered.

Obediently Julia showed Kimberley her very vulnerable feeling and bare back and bottom. She felt Kimberley’s nimble fingers competently tie the apron in a bow at the back. “Excellent, pretty enough to put on a cake!” she pronounced and gave Julia a gentle pat on her bare derriere.

“I’m done, ma’am?” Julia asked hesitantly.

“In here you are,” Kimberley told her. “You get out there and show yourself off to Aunty Andrea. When she’s done with you ask her to let me know, and I’ll make sure that your clothes are here waiting for you.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“My pleasure darling, now off you go!” Kimberley sent Julia towards the door and the parlour outside of it with a smack that stung a little.


“That actually rather suits you, sweetheart,” Andrea said as Julia stumbled into the parlour, dressed in the novelty apron.

Julia looked at her toes, the nails of which were painted a bright green.

“Do a turn for me,” Andrea commanded.

Julia sighed and obediently twirled for Andrea.

‘So, so cute,” Andrea approved. “You do know that I don’t allow the wearing of makeup in here, don’t you Jules?”

Julia closed her eyes. She remembered telling Andrea about her parents pet name for her, No one ever used it now, but it had the desired effect of making her feel all of six years old.

“I…uuuhhhh…ma’am?” Julia stammered, confused by the makeup comment, she had deliberately neglected to wear any this morning, knowing Andrea’s rule regarding it for about to be spanked clients.

“Your toes, dear,” Andrea pointed one red lacquered nail at the emerald toenails. “Or are your toenails normally bright green?”

Julia winced. The bloody nail polish! She had applied it for the faculty dinner when she had briefly considered wearing open toed shoes, which she had decided against before the event. She’d forgotten to remove it when she got drunk and hadn’t gotten around to it since that.

“No, ma’am,” Julia murmured.

“That gets you a little extra, young lady,” Andrea said sternly.

Julia nodded slowly.


“You know that I’m going to spank you, don’t you?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, Miss Andrea.”

“Why am I going to spank you?”

“Because I went out and got drunk and made a fool of myself,” Julia replied softly.

“Well, that’s part of it,” Andrea allowed, “but it’s not entirely why I’m spanking you. Now, again why is Aunty Andrea going to put your little bare bottom over her knee and spank it until it’s bright red and glows in the dark?”

Julia gulped and was really glad she had gone to the toilet before coming back out here. She knew Andrea was a world class scolder, but seeing it was one thing, experiencing it was another altogether. Hearing Andrea describe her imminent punishment so clearly and descriptively was unsettling, and had she not relieved herself she was sure she would have wet herself.

“Because I let having too much to drink get to me. I made a fool of myself. I put myself in danger, ma’am.”

“Yes,” Andrea said approvingly. “That’s why my little Jules needs her naughty botty smacked good and hard.”


The tall willowy woman rose gracefully and settled herself into the middle of a couch. She patted her lap and invited, “Get yourself comfy over Aunty’s lap, Jules.”

Comfy? Julia thought as she lay herself over Andrea’s thighs. That was an odd choice of word considering what Andrea intended to do to her. She couldn’t imagine she’d be feeling very ‘comfy’ quite soon.

“Lovely,” Andrea purred as she lifted Julia’s long tanned legs up onto the couch and advised her to use the head of couch to support her upper body.

Julia shivered a little as she felt Andrea’s smooth palm glide across her tingling cheeks.

“Cold?” Andrea inquired. “You shouldn’t be. It’s not that cool outside and there is a fire in the grate.”

The dancing flames in the fireplace leant truth to Andrea’s words.

“Never mind,” Andrea said. “We’ll soon have you toasty warm.”

The cheerful sounding words were just sinking into Julia’s mind when the first slap landed.

It cracked loudly in the room and initially the brunette felt a solid, but not really painful impact, then the sting registered and she yelped. Andrea continued to spank the one area, the crown of Julia’s right buttock over and over.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Julia howled.

“He can’t help right now,” Andrea informed her. “Would you like me to spank somewhere else?”

“Oh yes, please, Andi…Miss,” Julia caught herself in time.

“Very well,” Andrea answered in a tone that sounded just like she’d asked if Julia wanted more sugar in her tea. She was as good as her word, though and began to spank the crease where buttock and thigh joined, it was referred to as the spank spot or sit spot, because it was right where someone rested their weight when they sat down. Julia had heard that being spanked there was quite painful and she was now finding out first hand that it was in fact very true.

As with the opening of the spanking Andrea stayed in that one spot until the burn and sting had become in Julia’s mind almost unbearable. She twisted futilely in Andrea’s strong grasp to try and avoid the laser accurate smacks.

“Are your thighs ready, Jules?” Andrea asked calmly.

Anything to get her stop spanking my sit spot Julia thought desperately, so answered loudly, “Yes!”

Unfortunately for the college professor the upper thighs were even more tender and sensitive than the juncture of thigh and buttock. Her howls hit the air about the same time as Andrea’s hard palm struck that creamy expanse of flesh.

Once Andrea had the left thigh a hot smarting red and Julia had begun to cry, tears streaming steadily down her cheeks, she switched sides and made the right leg match the left one.

Julia was simply trying to get away and catch her breath, so Andrea continued to make each area shimmering crimson by doling out smack after smack on the one spot until Julia felt that the spanked area was about to burst into flames.

“Yes, that’s got you simmering nicely,” Andrea said, she used the back of her hand to test the temperature of her friend’s steaming backside. “I think it’s time to put you on the high flame, darling.”

High flame! Julia thought, her eyes opening wide in surprise. What on earth did that mean? Wasn’t she already roasting?


Trapped over Andrea’s lap, Julia squirmed and sniffled miserably and heartily wished she had confined herself to lemonade the night of the university function. She was focused on the stinging burning pain in her rear end and thoughts of how silly and childish she must look over her friend’s lap, wearing the silly apron and with a bright red bum.

“One of the things I do like about the apron Kimmy’s put you in, Julia,” Andrea said, “is that it is predominantly scarlet in colour. I find it a marvelous guide to the shade of red I want your bottom, sweetheart. I have a dear old friend here with me who I think will help me accomplish just that.”

“What?” Julia squawked, trying to twist on the lap. “Friend? This was just meant to be you and me, An…ma’am. You even said so…”

“Eyes front, young lady,” Andrea said sternly. “You’ve never met this friend, but you have seen her.”

Although Julia probably knew more about Andrea and her unusual business than most casual clients she wasn’t working out what the woman was talking about with her riddles about unknown, but not unseen friends. That was until a cool flat surface made contact with her bottom. She flinched a little, but this wasn’t a smack, whatever it was had just been laid on her sore rump and was sitting there. She let out a groan as the pieces fell into place.

“Ahhhh yes,” Andrea cooed. “My little girl has worked it out, hasn’t she?”

The weight was removed from Julia’s simmering hindquarters and then smacked swiftly down. Julia howled and her legs kicked convulsively.

“Mrs Ebony nearly always gets results,” Andrea said in positively joyful tones as she spanked away steadily with the heavy oval hairbrush.

Julia didn’t answer, but lay there and cried. She sobbed and wailed and told herself and anyone else who could hear how sorry she was, and crossed and uncrossed her ankles frantically as she desperately tried the relieve the waves of heat that the brush was imparting into her tender bare rear. The bottom was bad enough, the sit spots were even worse, but the thighs got screams of pure anguish. As she tried to endure this world of stinging hot pain Julia silently vowed to go home and tip every bottle of alcohol she could locate in her house down the sink.


The named hairbrush eventually stopped it’s rain of fire and was set aside. Julia let out a sigh of relief and squirmed a little as she felt Andrea’s long fingers massage and rub her sore buttocks.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Andrea asked warmly.

“Oh yes,” Julia said softly, closing her eyes in bliss. “So very nice.”

“When we’re done I’ll give you a bit of soothing then,” Andrea promised.

Julia’s eyes snapped open. Done! They weren’t done yet?

“Ma’am?” Julia asked softly.

“Yes, dear,” Andrea answered with her cultured drawl.

“You’ve spanked me with your hand and your hairbrush…”

“Yes. I have, sweetheart.”

“Ummm….isn’t that all, Miss?”

“Well,” Andrea said, setting the brush aside and stroking Julia’s fiery posterior, “if you were the one who decided on how you should be spanked it clearly would be, but you aren’t, are you?”

“No ma’am,” Julia whispered, hanging her head and feeling the tears start to come again.

“No, you are not!” Andrea said firmly. “I am the Aunty here and you are the naughty little girl, who chose to get roaring drunk and make a fool of herself in front of her colleagues and school supporters, and then had to ask her Aunty for a good hard smack bottom.”

“But…but I’ve been spanked,” Julia sniffled.

“Yes, you have Jules, but that was for the drinking. When you first came out here and showed me off your pretty apron what did Aunty comment on?”

Julia tried to remember what had happened before she’d gone over Andrea’s lap and bit back her irritation at Andrea’s habit of referring to herself as Aunty in the third person. “I….uhhh…you….the nail polish…” her answer turned into a despairing moan.

“Yes, the nail polish,” Andrea confirmed. “I promised you extra, young lady, and I ALWAYS keep my promises. Why exactly did you have it on, anyway?”

“I put it on the other night for the party, but I forgot to take it off, Miss,” Julia confessed.

“Forgot or just couldn’t be bothered?” Andrea asked rhetorically. “So we can add laziness to your sins.”

Julia did not get a chance to reply with anything other than a squeal and a kick of her legs as a thin slat of wood smacked into her scarlet thighs.

“What I like about the old school ruler,” Andrea said as she competently moved the light length of wood up Julia’s writhing, pulsating backside, “is that it’s almost like a little paddle, but they’re cheap, easily available and not at all hard to replace. They also bring back fond memories of my own school days.”

Julia bawled in response.

“You probably weren’t ever spanked with a ruler at that silly progressive school of yours, Jules,” Andrea mused, lifting her voice a little to be heard over her friend’ histrionics as the ruler lit fires all over her flaming backside. ‘I was, it made me behave myself. They didn’t spank bare bottom of course, not that our school panties gave us much protection and then Mummy always followed it up at home. That was on the bare.”

A sizzling volley, which Julia screeched and kicked her way through, brought her spanking to an explosive crescendo.


Andrea let Julia sob over her lap for a few moments until she realized that her spanking had come to an end and composed herself a little. She reached out and picked up the phone. “Kim?”

The girl answered with her usual perkiness, “Yes, ma’am!”

“Can you bring in a bowl of water, a couple of towels, some cotton balls, lotion, cold cream and talc please.”

“Is Professor Harrison finished?”

“Yes, she’s been very well roasted.”

“Your twelve o’clock is here too, ma’am,” Kimberley informed her employer.

Andrea looked at the clock on the mantel. “Mya? Already? She’s very early.”

“She’s also really twitchy,” Kimberley said with a smile in her voice.

“As she should be.”

“I’ll ask Mrs Sculiatta to watch reception while I get the other things. Mya may bolt otherwise.”


Once Andrea had helped Julia to her feet, the woman went into her war dance. She didn’t care what she looked like, hopping around the room, rubbing her scorched cheeks, tears still rolling down her cheeks. Normally Andrea didn’t allow much of the smacked bottom boogie before installing the miserable client in the corner, she certainly wasn’t going to extend this courtesy to Mya, who had done her level best to turn Andrea’s niece Mandy into a habitual pot smoker, but Julia was a different client. She was Andrea’s friend and the same age. It was also rather amusing to see this mature composed successful woman acting like a freshly smacked child.

“My goodness, that’s quite a dance!” Kimberley exclaimed as she entered the room with the things Andrea had requested. “The last time I saw one like that it was Maddie after she got up off my lap.”

Andrea grinned at the teenager. Kimberley put the water and other things down and left the room.

“Julia,” Andrea said firmly.

The woman gave no sign she had heard her friend’s voice.

“Julia!” this time her tone was stern.

Julia turned red swollen eyes on Andrea.

“Back over my lap,” Andrea ordered, pointing at her lap.

Julia’s face fell. “Oh no, please,” she begged. “I can’t take any more. I only got drunk once. I’ll never ever do it again.”

“Did I say I was going to spank you?” Andrea inquired sternly.


“Then please do as you are told. Lap. Now!”

Julia wasted no time in doing what she was ordered.


Andrea regarded the steaming globes nestled in her lap and thought that with Julia trembling in the fear that she was going to be spanked all over again that they rather resembled two moulds of jiggling raspberry jelly.

Julia gasped as a generous dollop of cold cream was slapped onto her hot cheeks. Andrea began to gently rub it in. Julia sighed and purred. She turned shocked and grateful eyes on her friend.

“Yes, this is the soothing, darling. You can call me Andie again by the way.”


Not all that long after, redressed, her bottom throbbing under her skirt, fortified by a cup of coffee, Julia minced her way to Kimberley’s desk, removing her purse from her handbag.

“Professor Harrison?” a slightly dreamy voice asked.

Julia turned to look at the speaker and to her chagrin recognized Mya, one of her students, although until recently the girl was seen so rarely in class that Julia actually wondered if she was still enrolled at the school.

“What are you doing here?” Mya asked the professor.

‘Never you mind that, young lady,” Andrea’s stern voice said. She stood in the doorway to her parlour. One hand was on her hip, and a thick medium sized black leather strap dangled from the other. Mya’s already pale face lost another shade of colour at the sight of the fearsome Igniter strap in Andrea’s hand. Andrea crooked her finger at the girl. “Get your tail in here, miss. You and I, and my friend The Igniter, have a long overdue discussion to have.”

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Spoiled for choice!

This is the pre SotY nominee post, as it's only a week before the month ends and we find out who June's spankee will be.

My pleas for people to participate and nominate have not fallen on deaf ears and we have a plethora to pick from.

Here is this month's Rogues Gallery:

This is Amy Adams. I'm not exactly sure how she found herself here, but she is attractive and I'd like to see if I could make the colour of her bottom match her hair.

Again I don't know what Scarlett Johansson did to get nominated, but she is very talented and absolutely gorgeous in a dress that matches her name. I did lick my lips and flex my fingers in The Avengers when she treated the screen to a view of her pert posterior in tight black pants.

I've long thought Gwyneth Paltrow could use a good spanking, if for no other reason than that ridiculous name she saddled her first child with. Happy to see her nominated.

I don't know why but I always see Charlize Theron as the spanker, not the spankee, but this month she is the latter.

I'm quite a fan of tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, so I'm quite pleased that her ex fiancee golfer Rory McIlroy was nominated for breaking off their engagement via text message!

Many people enjoy Will Ferrell's frenetic over the top brand of humour. I'm not one of them, so I'd only be too pleased to see his reaction on encountering a sturdy wooden hairbrush.

I've always liked cute as a button Ellen Page, but there is something about her that just screams spank me!

Kim Kardashian, or is she West now, is often talked about for her 'booty'. Very much on display here. There aren't many young ladies more deserving of a spanking than this entitled heiress.

Do I really need to introduce Rihanna? She's very talented, but seems headed down a dangerous path. I wonder how she'd feel about donning a spanking apron? They cover more than this extremely expensive designer collection of sparkly cloth.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. 9 very deserving bottoms. Choose wisely. Vote early and vote often. The winner will be announced at the end of June.