Sunday, 29 June 2014

Glowing Globes

Hello to everyone! The end of another month and so we have a new face or bottom to add to the ranks of this year's SotY. It was both well nominated and well voted for, so I thank you one and all for that. However there can only be one winner and while nearly everyone got a vote one way or another Gwyneth Paltrow managed to lead all comers.

Many thanks to Phil K for suggesting Miss Paltrow (as she is divorcing her husband musician Chris Martin, I guess we can call her that again now). She apparently made some ill advised comments regarding the military on a talk show. As she seems to quite readily put her foot in her mouth, maybe my hairbrush should be applied to her bottom.

See the many faces of Gwyneth below:

She looks rather regal here and maybe even a bit stern, but even then there's something about her face that just begs to have her bottom smacked.

I like this one, casual, free to make up, although I'd like to put some roses in her other cheeks.

In Elizabethan get up for Shakespeare in Love the role which really made her name. I think fellow actress Cate Blanchett would have liked to spank her after she lost the Oscar to Gwyneth in another Elizabethan themed film in which she played the young Virgin Queen.

Gywneth pretending to be a boy for the same film. Back then ladies weren't allowed to perform on stage. If they'd gone for real authenticity maybe Joseph Fiennes as William Shakespeare could have made her globes glow when he discovered the deception.

And finally in one of her more recent roles as the cheeky relief teacher Holly Holliday in the TV show Glee. Maybe her co star Jane Lynch could have taken her over her track suited knee and really made her sing. I'm sure she'd be more than capable.

So far with the SotY we've got a few female bottoms, one male, but only two female spankers and one male one. Someone has to spank these girls and I'd like a few candidates to choose from. Besides the celebrities just don't seem to misbehaving much this year. So for July your task should you choose to accept it is to nominate a female spanker.

See you in July!


  1. Gwyneth would definitely not have been my first choice - like a lot of contemporary celebrities, she seems one step ahead of anorexic. However, to each their own. For my part, I would nominate Beyonce (has no one else suggested her yet?). Now she's got a lap worth baring one's bottom for.

  2. Hi

    Gwyneth was so different in Glee, almost a lap but would love to see her in The Shop with Kim warming her up for you Aunty