Monday, 9 June 2014


Last week one of our followers sent a little joke to Aunty, at least I hope it was a joke.

Aunty liked it and thought I should post it here.

Aunty and Mum may say that I have a license to be sassy, we call it cheeky down here, although I think that's more Chelsea than me.

If I were sassy here I'd not find myself sitting down very often. I think my sass level is non existent. However sassy girls and guys are what we're looking for when we think of SotY nominations.


  1. Dear Kim,

    I think the license is a bit of a joke but also a literal expression of Aunty's intent to tolerate a small amount of respectful disagreement from her intern without negative consequences. Not so sure about your Mum, but she seems to have accepted that you're a "well-reared" (pun intended) mature young lady now. At least, I hope that's the case... ;-)


  2. KIm

    Well no doubt you know how to is cute however.