Monday, 2 June 2014

June Update from Kimberley Susan

Here we are in June already. The year is half over. You lucky people in the northern hemisphere have your summer and we've just entered winter.

I'm not entirely sure what's planned for June. I believe Aunty has A Good Spanking post and she's muttered things about writing a story featuring a special guess. I don't know if she'll do it or not, but it's got me on tenterhooks wondering who the guest will be.

Seegee is working on a new Spank Shop story as well and we may be lucky and get the odd guest story or two.

We announced our May nominee for the SotY yesterday and I thought in honour of that I'd do a run down on who has won so far just so we don't get any double ups.


As far as Aunty is concerned January is Australian Open month here and as a result our January SotY nomination was the lovely Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard. Her good form from Melbourne Park has continued and she's set to contest the quarter finals of the French Open later today.


February was nominate a male spankee month and it was no surprise when the young man picture above won it easily. He was kind of cute back then, though. He's recently managed to confirm his reputation as a brat by using a racially offensive term in a conversation with a friend. Admittedly it is old footage, but what's that saying about a leopard and spots?


In March we wanted a female spanker and we had a tie. The stunning and commanding Dana Delany and the always gorgeous and gracious Princess Kate.


April was our first ever nominate a male spanker and the dishy Mark Harmon took that out. The eyes in this shot just smoulder.


We just had May. It was a nominate anyone month and a female spankee in Jennifer Lawrence won. She looks almost too pretty to spank here.

This month we're looking for either a male or a female spankee. If we get enough nominations maybe one of each. It's only early and my list already has 5 names, 4 are female.

I'll love you and leave you with a couple of images.

This is an old Leda image. The boys just don't get it often enough in these pages for my tastes. You know that could even be Aunty and Miss Maria giving a dual spanking.

Does this remind anybody of someone who works here? I haven't ever seen that dress, but the expression, the brush and the pointing finger are very familiar to me.

Kimberley Susan


  1. Hello Kim,

    Nice post. Can't wait to see Aunty's story. And are you implying the last photo is your Mum? It DOES look rather familiar but I can't see her wearing that dress. It covers her legs and she's normally rather proud of them, isn't she? It looks very old-fashioned for her. Perhaps she's dressing up for a costume party?


  2. I'm so pleased that Jennifer won the SotM. She is lovely indeed but lovely girls still need their bottoms spanking, don't they Aunty? I do hope you write about the punishment you give to Jennifer's bottom..

  3. Thank you for the comment is I would love for Kate to spank me......hope all is well. I have been swamped and out of my head, but I so love the double spanking picture, thank you.