Thursday, 19 June 2014

'Spank Me Karen'

Seegee has been at it again and this time he has a new take on an old story.

An advertisement for the film version of the stage play that Karen and Hudson performed at school.

Graham Stanley looked out at all the eager faces seated in front of the stage. He was always surprised and gratified by the turn out he got when he announced the plans for the school’s annual musical. So many students wanted to be involved and he never had problems filling roles, from those who designed and built the sets to the stars of the show.

“I guess you’re all eager to hear what we’ve decided to stage this year as the musical,” he addressed the crowd.

Heads nodded all throughout the assembled students.

“As we had so much success with Oklahoma! last year I thought we’d do another classic.”

Some grins were exchanged among the seniors. Most of them had been involved last year, some in key roles, although following accepted policy the lead roles of Curly, Laurie and Jud had gone to seniors. As those students had now graduated the lead roles for whatever Mr Stanley had decided to stage this year were up for grabs amongst the seniors.

Hudson Kendrick had played one of the secondary roles of Will Parker in Oklahoma! and his girl friend Karen Grant had played the object of Will’s affection Ado Annie. That was in fact how the two had started going out together. They were both multi talented, being able to sing, dance and act and were largely a shoe in for the leads this year.

“Before I make the announcement I’d like to propose that Hudson and Karen play the romantic leads. I’m confident that they can handle the roles successfully.”

Hudson and Karen high fived each other. It may have seemed unfair that they didn’t even have to formally audition, but both had been performing in the musicals since their freshman year. They’d started off in the chorus and progressed to lead. Mr Stanley knew how good they were and how well they worked together.

There were a few grumbles amongst the freshmen and the sophomores, but the juniors and the seniors knew how the system worked and if Mr Stanley thought Hudson and Karen could handle it, then they could. In all the time he’d been putting on the productions he hadn’t made a casting mistake with his policy and it wasn’t like Hudson and Karen hadn’t paid their dues over the years.

“Every other role is up for grabs and auditions will be held in the theatre after this meeting…”

“Can you let us know what it is already, Mr Stanley?” Alison MacKenzie, another senior called out cheekily. “We’re dying back here.”

The teacher rolled his eyes at the brunette, but it was good natured. Alison was another girl he’d worked with in the past and she was best friends with Karen.

“As I said given how well Oklahoma! worked last year, I looked into the classic musicals of the 1950’s and came up with Kiss Me, Kate.”

Blank looks were exchanged amongst many of the students.

“Is this because you’re also an English teacher?” Alison queried. She was one of the few people present who had seen the film starring the legendary Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson, and she also knew the classic Shakespearean play that the musical was based on having seen the 1967 film version of Taming the Shrew, starring Elizabeth Taylor as the shrewish Kate and Richard Burton as the no nonsense Petruchio.

Graham Stanley blushed and cleared his throat, but admitted, “Yes, Alison that may very well have influenced my decision. But the musical stands on it’s own. The songs were written by Cole Porter. It’s fun and bright, has plenty of good routines and some excellent roles. You’d be well advised to try out as Lois.”


“Have you ever heard of it before?” Karen asked Hudson as they lounged in a chair out in the foyer of the theatre, waiting for Alison to finish her audition.

‘No,” Hudson said. “I like the sound of it. I was going to google it on my phone, but I didn’t get the chance.”

“I hope the title means we get to do a lot of on stage kissing,” Karen giggled and then kissed her boyfriend.

They were breaking the kiss when Alison appeared in the foyer. “Would you two get a room?” she quipped to announce herself.

“How did you do?” Karen asked her friend, bouncing up off Hudson’s lap.

Alison wrinkled her nose. “I’m not sure. He likes me for Lois, but there’s a lot of dancing involved in that role.”

“I can help you out with that,” Karen offered.

“How do you guys feel about the scene at the end of Act One?” Alison asked playfully, twining a strand of dark brown hair around a finger and waiting for the response.

“We don’t know anything about it other than the title,” Hudson admitted.

“Rent the DVD and you may also want to read Taming of the Shrew,” Alison advised.

“What’s Taming of the Shrew?” Karen asked.

“Seriously, girl, do you ever read anything other than scripts and assigned work?” a slightly exasperated Alison asked.

Karen shook her head.

Alison sighed. ‘It’s a play by Shakespeare, the musical is based on it. You can get films of the play, but you really should read it, there are slabs out of it in the musical.”

“Sounds like we have some watching and some reading to do,” Hudson decided, slinging his backpack over a shoulder and twining his fingers around his girlfriend’s.


“It’s not just me, is it?” Karen asked, looking doubtfully at the cover of the DVD that they had just rented.

“What do you mean?” Hudson queried, turning on the Grant’s DVD player as the girl went into the kitchen to microwave some popcorn.

“The picture on the cover,” Karen called from the kitchen over the popping of the bag in the microwave.

“You mean how he’s spanking her?”

“Yeah. You’ve got to admit that’s a weird thing to put on the cover.”

“Maybe it’s a deleted scene.”

“Maybe,” Karen said doubtfully, coming out of the kitchen with a big bowl of steaming popcorn in her hands.

The two of them settled down on the couch and Hudson pointed the remote at the screen and pressed the play button as they both stuffed hands full of fresh popcorn into their mouths, watching the MGM lion roar on the screen.


Hudson pressed the pause button at the end of Act One as the next scene was starting. He and Karen looked at other, their mouths dropped open and they said, “So it wasn’t a deleted scene.”

“That had to be what Ali meant.”

“Little witch!” Hudson said.

“Do you think Mr Stanley will want us to do that?” Karen asked softly.

Hudson frowned. “I dunno.”

“What don’t you know?” another voice asked as a tall girl, slightly older than Karen, but unmistakably one of the Grant sisters judging by her facial resemblance to the pretty Karen.

“The school musical, Diana,” Karen said to her older sister.

“Don’t tell me you guys didn’t get the leads?” the older brunette asked.

“Oh no, we got those,” Hudson answered. “It’s just that we’ve only just seen the scene at the end of Act One.”

Diana’s eyebrows drew down in a frown and she asked, “What are you doing?” then her eyes fell on the DVD cover, she picked it up, looked it over and said with interest, “Oh ho!”

“You know it, Di?” Karen asked.

Diana nodded. “We had the musical society do it at college last year. Let me guess. You just saw the spanking scene?”

Karen and Hudson nodded.

“Do you think Mr Stanley will want to include that?” Karen asked her sister, her blue eyes concerned.

Diana didn’t know the teacher as well as her younger sister. Her only real contact with him had been a year of sophomore English and a brief career in the chorus of the musical The Pajama Game one year. She wasn’t as into theatre as Karen. “I’d be surprise if he didn’t, Kaz. It’s a pretty famous scene. What has got you worried about it? I’m sure Hudson won’t go that hard on your behind.”

Hudson blushed.

“No, that’s just it, sis!” Karen insisted. “If he doesn’t do it properly then no one will believe it.”

The younger girl favoured the method school of acting. It drove her boyfriend, her teacher and some of her fellow cast members crazy at times, but she was adamant about genuinely feeling things.

“It’s not like Lilli doesn’t deserve it either,” she continued to argue. “She hits him in the face again and again, even though he warns her not to and tells her what he’ll do.”

Hudson wisely decided to stay silent.

“So you want Hudson to actually go to town on your behind?” Diana asked, a smile playing across her face.

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” Karen demurred. “I’ve never been spanked before, so I’m not sure if I’ll react right.”

“Hey,” Hudson broke in. “How many girls do you think I’ve spanked?”

“We don’t know, Hudson,” Diana said, her voice clearly amused. “How many?”

“None,” Hudson muttered, his face reddening and his gaze lowering.

Diana was silent for a moment, looking at her little sister and her boyfriend. They were so cute. “I’ll tell you what. Go to rehearsals tomorrow or whenever they are, find out what Mr Stanley wants to do about the spanking and come back and see me. I may be able to help.”


The first rehearsal after school that day was really just an announcement of who had what part and newcomers being introduced. The principals did a quick read through of the script.

“No way!” gangly junior Tim Randall exclaimed as they got to the end of Act One and the fight between Fred/Petruchio and Lilli/Kate.

“Yes Tim?” Graham Stanley asked, lowering his script and looking at the boy over his spectacles.

“It says ‘spanks her’ here,” Tim clarified. “Is Hudson really going to spank Karen?”

“It’s a key part of the play,” the teacher said. “Do either you or Hudson have an issue with it, Karen?” he asked his two leads.

“Ummmm…no,” they both mumbled blushing.

“Oh Karen is prepared to suffer for her art!” Alison laughed, feigning a swoon, putting one hand to her head and holding the hand with the script over her heart.

“Idiot!” Karen said to her friend, flinging a wadded up piece of paper at her.

“Did you see that Hudson?” a mock affronted Alison asked. “She’s already developing Lilli/Kate like tendencies.”

As the rehearsal broke up Graham Stanley spoke to Karen and Hudson in a corner. “I can take the spanking out if you really aren’t comfortable with it.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Karen assured him. “Ali was just being stupid.”

“Or in other words being Ali,” Hudson added, which earned him a giggle from his girlfriend.

The teacher nodded wisely. “Okay, I knew I could count on the two of you, you’re troopers. To make things a little easier on you and Karen’s butt, there won’t be any actual spanking until the first performance.”


“That kind of settles that,” Hudson said to Karen as they left the school.

“Yeah, do you want to come over for dinner tonight? Diana is making spaghetti and meatballs.”

“Your parents should go to visit sick relatives more often!” Hudson said. “Your sister is the best cook.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”


“So, I’m guessing Mr Stanley still wants to go ahead with the spanking in the play?” Diana asked as she loaded her plate with pasta and meatballs.

Karen nodded and Hudson mumbled yes around a mouthful of spaghetti.

“You said you could help us out?” Karen asked, winding spaghetti around her fork.

“We’ll discuss that over dessert,” Diana promised.


“Seriously, Diana,” Hudson said as he attacked the dish of ice cream in front of him. “You feed me better than my own parents do.”

Diana loaded up her own spoon and laughed. “Whenever Karen says you’re coming over I make more. You love your spaghetti, kiddo.”

“The spanking?” Karen prompted her sister.

“You’re like a dog with a bone when you get an idea in your head, sis,” Diana complained mildly.

“It’s important!” Karen whined.

“Okay, okay,” Diana gave in. “How much do either of you know about spanking?”

“Karen’s meant to be over my knee in the play,” Hudson volunteered.

“You get them on the butt,” Karen added.

Diana smiled and nodded.

“Mum kept threatening to give them to us, but never did,” Karen also said as a childhood memory surfaced.

“You’ve both got the basics,” Diana admitted, “but there’s a bit more to it all. Now Hudson is expected to give you a believable spanking in this play. You’re meant to kick and carry on like he’s setting your backside on fire to help him sell it, Karen.”

Both Karen and Hudson agreed and nodded at the older girl’s words.

“The thing is,” Diana continued. “It’s really hard to give or receive a proper spanking if you don’t know anything about them. The best way to learn about something is to see it and experience it, with spanking that’s probably from both sides, the giving and the getting.”

“Why do you sound like you know about it, sis?” Karen asked. “You were spanked as often as I was and that means not at all.”

Diana looked at her younger sister. “You know I was in a sorority at college?”

“Yeah,” Karen answered, then her mouth dropped open and she said, “Oh no! You don’t mean? But isn’t that just like a swat or two for initiation?”

Diana laughed. “It is in most sororities and fraternities, but mine was a little old fashioned. They paddled us for initiation, yes, but we had it for other things.”

“Isn’t that illegal?” Hudson asked, he remembered reading a news article about colleges cracking down on things like hazing.

“Strictly speaking, yes,” Diana admitted, “but there are ways around things like that.”

“What sort of ways?” Karen asked, worrying her lower lip with her upper teeth as she tended to do when she was concentrating hard.

“Well, we had to agree to it. Sororities, even the ones that don’t use corporal punishment do punish the girls if they break the rules. In most houses it’s things like extra chores around the house, bur with us it was paddling. It was entirely voluntary. If you didn’t want to be paddled then you didn’t have to sign the permission and you’d get stuff like chores or lose privileges.”

“So you let them paddle you?” Karen asked, and Hudson’s eyes were very interested as he pictured Diana bent over with her rather lovely bottom thrust out to be whacked with a sorority paddle. The girl had her paddle hanging in her room, he knew he was never going to be able to walk past the room and see it hanging there and look at it the same way ever again.

“I did,” Diana admitted. “There were degrees, though. Bad things got the paddle from the housemother, and let me tell you that woman knew how to paddle. Smaller things got you a trip over one of the big sisters knees, sometimes with a paddle and other times with the hand, my big sis had a hairbrush and boy could she use it!”

“So you got spanked in front of everyone?” Hudson asked, licking suddenly dry lips.

Diana shook her head. “I did hear stories of that happening, but you had to do something majorly wrong to get a public one unless you wanted it that way. Generally it was given in private, but spankings are pretty loud, so even if the door was closed everyone in the house knew someone was getting their butt set on fire.”

“So you know about being spanked,” Karen challenged. “That doesn’t mean you know how to give one.”

Diana’s eyes took on a predatorial glint. “I was a big sister last year and I had a very naughty little sister, Karen. Believe me I know about spanking from both sides of the knee.”

“In the play,” Hudson reasoned. “My character spanks Karen, and she gets spanked, we don’t do things the other way around, so I only have to know how to spank and she only has to know how to get spanked.”

“Ahhh if it were only that simple, my dear Hudson,” Diana sighed. “My big sister at college explained it very succinctly to me when I expressed a desire to know how to give a spanking as well as get one. She said that any prospective spanker needs to do three things.” The girl held up three fingers and began to lower them one after the other as she recited. “You have to see a spanking, you have to get a spanking and then you have to give a spanking.”

“So you want to spank us?” Karen asked slowly.

“Will that satisfy your method acting little heart?” Diana asked her.

“Yes,” Karen said softly, lowering her eyes.


“I guess.”

“Honey,” Diana told the boy gently. “You have to be sure. What I’m proposing to do will hurt, I won’t sugarcoat that, and it will probably be a little embarrassing.”

“Why embarrassing?”

“You’re going to have a bare bottom.”

“I’m what?”

“It’s for your own safety, that way I can tell whether I’m spanking too hard or not hard enough. My own dear big sis said that bare was best, too.”

“Come on, Hudson,” Karen begged. “It’ll be an adventure.”

“Glad you see it that way sis, because you can go first.”

Karen gulped looking at her older sister, suddenly aware that Diana was both taller and broader than she was. “Ummm…when are we doing this?”

Diana shrugged. “If neither of you have any objections how about right now?”

Karen and Hudson looked at each other and nodded.

“Okay,” Diana said, clapping her hands together. “I’ll just put the dishes in the dishwasher and get myself a cup of coffee. You two can go into the living room, remove everything but your undies below the waist and I’ll be in soon.”


“You’re sure you’re okay with this?” Karen asked Hudson as the boy removed his jeans.

“Are you going to be happy about the performance if we don’t?” he asked.

“No,” Karen admitted as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, to stand in front of her boyfriend in her pretty pink panties.

“Then we have to do it,” Hudson decided firmly.

Diana entered the room, a cup of coffee in hand, she looked at the two teenagers, walked past them, sat down on the couch, sipped her coffee, then set it down on the table in front of her.

“Now Karen,” she said to her little sister. “You’re okay with Hudson seeing this?”

Karen licked her lips and nodded quickly.

“Even though you’re going to be bare bottom over my knee?”

“Umm…Di,” Karen said in a small voice. “Does he have to see my front, too.”

“No, honey, he doesn’t have to. I can wait until you’re over and then just lower your panties in back, is that okay?”

“Yes,” Karen whispered.

“Once you’re up you can put your skirt back on,” Diana offered. “I’m sure we can trust Hudson to be a gentleman and avert his eyes when we need him to, can’t we Hudson?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Hudson said, barely aware that he had started calling Diana ma’am.


“Okay, sis.” Diana said, smiling and patting her lap. “Over you get. Hudson, you stand in front of the table and pay attention.”

Karen wriggled in her big sister’s lap, trying to get comfortable and get into the spot where Diana wanted her. She’d never been properly spanked before, a couple of swats from her father when she was little, but that was it. She and Diana were playing house one day and Diana threatened to spank her, they’d even got as far as her being over Diana’s lap before their mother found them and put a stop to the game.

“Comfy?” Diana asked, one hand resting lightly on the girl’s soft white bottom and the other around her waist.

“Uh huh,” Karen answered, thinking it was an odd question, given what Diana was planning to do to her.


The first slap landed. A pink handprint blooming on the snow white globe nestled into Diana’s lap.

“Owwww!” Karen squealed, her whole body jerking and then the second spank struck the other cheek.

Hudson’s eyes grew wide. He had wanted to see more of Karen’s body for some time, he just hadn’t ever thought that this would be how it happened.

After she had administered her opening salvo of twelve smacks, Diana settled into a steady rhythm. She had been surprised by how quickly Karen had coloured up. She supposed she was the same the first time, but she was a little darker than her sister. The first girl she’d ever spanked had gone to a school that had allowed paddling, and she admitted to being a brat at times, so was a little more used than the delicate Karen to having her backside pounded on.

Karen could feel that she had gotten tears, snot and saliva too on the ends of her long brown hair, but she didn’t care. Her world had focused to the raging fires Diana was lighting on her upturned buttocks. That was bad enough, but when her sister hit where she sat and on her upper thighs, that was beyond painful, fortunately she didn’t give too many there. Karen’s legs scissor kicked and she didn’t care that Hudson could probably see everything.

Hudson was breathing shallowly and he could feel his erection pressing insistently against the thin material of his briefs. He kept trying to will it away, because he was sure that Diana was aware of it, but to do that meant closing his eyes, and he could not take his eyes off Karen’s gorgeous, glowing strawberry red ass. He hoped Diana didn’t ask questions, because he was sure he couldn’t answer them.

Diana gave her sister’s behind one last hearty slap and said, “You’re cooked!”

“Oh thank God!” Karen gasped and began to hop off her sister’s lap.

Diana held her down and flicked her fingers at Hudson. “Turn around.”

“Oh yeah,” the boy muttered in a slightly stunned sounding voice as he turned his back on the two girls.

Karen didn’t much care, she went hopping around the room, her hands desperately rubbing her fiery hot cheeks.

Diana watched the scene with a smile. Seeing anyone do the spanked bottom boogie, or the hot butt shuffle as one of her sorority sisters had termed it, was always entertaining.

“Come here, sweetie,” she said softly.

Hands still clutching her steaming rear end, Karen shuffled over to her sister. Diana cleaned her tears away and wiped her nose, then held out her skirt. “Here. Put that on. You can leave the panties off and still rub if you want, but it’s time for Hudson’s hot heinie.”


“I’ll do the same for you as I did for Miss Karen,” Diana said as Hudson stood by her knee, looking down at her lap. “Actually,” the older girl paused and looked at her sister, “can you toss me a towel, Kaz?”

The brunette frowned, but picked up a towel and threw it to her sister.

“Thanks,” Diana said as she spread the towel out over her lap. She saw Hudson’s quizzical look and answered the unasked question. “You’re obviously a little excited, honey. I know you can’t help it, but if you have an accident over my lap I’d rather it go on the towel and not stain my skirt, besides if nothing goes wrong you can use the towel the way Karen is using her skirt to preserve her modesty.”

Understanding dawned on Hudson’s face and he rather awkwardly lay himself over Diana’s towel covered lap. She put her arms around his legs and lifted them onto the couch with a grunt and the explanation, “It’s better if your entire body is supported, you’re less likely to fall off that way. Now Karen, stop concentrating on those hot little cheeks of yours and watch me spank Hudson.”

Karen nodded quickly and trained her eyes on her boyfriend’s bottom upturned over her sisters’ lap, but she didn’t stop rubbing her own peaches.


The first slap landed and it took Hudson’s breath away. It wasn’t so much that it hurt, although it did, but more the shock of it. Diana must have learned a thing or two at that sorority of hers, because she could really hit.

After the fourth smack the sting had started to settle in and Hudson felt his erection shrivel.

Diana kept her eyes trained on the boy’s reddening bottom and concentrated on where to plant her spanks. There were a few lies by omission when she had spoken to Karen and Hudson about spanking. She had been spanked and she had given spankings, her big sister at college had in fact given her the same advice she gave her sister and her boyfriend, but she’d never before spanked a boy and she had definitely played on her younger sister’s mania for getting things exactly right when it came to her acting. She had played the younger girl like a violin in getting her to agree to this chastisement.

While she had contrasted the appearance and tenderness of Karen’s bottom with the other girls she had over her knee, she was finding Hudson’s backside entirely different. His rump was larger, rounder and firmer. The boy was an alternate on the school gymnastics team, so was a fit and well muscled young man.

Hudson was becoming aware of what Karen had gone through over Diana’s warm comfortable lap. Once she’d given her opening salvo of spanks, the older girl picked up the tempo and the force. Hudson could barely register the sting of one blow before another seared a different area of his backside and very tender thighs. His yells of pain mixed with the loud claps as Diana’s hard and accurate palm crashed into his hot pulsating rear again and again.

Karen’s eyes grew wide as saucers as she watched her boyfriend writhe and squirm helplessly over her sister’s lap. A part of her mind idly wondered what she had looked like to his eyes when Diana spanked her, but most of it was taken up with the spectacle unfolding in front of her. This was the first time she’d ever seen Hudson’s bare bottom, but she had seen it in briefs and tight jeans, as well as squeezed it or smacked it playfully from time to time, so she knew how firm it was, but seeing it like this was just wonderful. It was full and white and it had gone from pink to a hot glowing red as Diana steadily spanked away. He’d only sort of jerked when she started slapping, but now he was wriggling, and his bum pumped up and down madly under that punishing palm. Karen had forgotten her own aching and throbbing backside and was now using all her will to not start playing with herself, this was turning her on in a way she would never have guessed at before.

A slow smile spread across Diana’s face as she heard a sob from Hudson. She gave a few extra hard smacks, right on his sit spots and upper thighs, which got squeals and fresh sobs. Tears were what she had wanted. Her big sister had said a spanking wasn’t over until the spankee was crying real tears, whether from pain, shame or just an emotional release. She would have felt like a bit of a failure if she hadn’t got Hudson crying. The boy probably didn’t even know it himself, just like Karen hadn’t realized either, but they both needed the emotional release that a good cathartic cry from a sound spanking over a loving lap allowed someone.

Diana gave the steaming scarlet cheeks nestled in her lap a bit of a rub and then a playful slap, saying, “Up you get, sweetie.”

Hudson took a deep breath and got off Diana’s lap as gracefully as he could manage, he even dragged his underpants up before either of the girls got much of a look at the front, although he hissed in pain as the material scraped across his battered buttocks.

The boy managed a bit more grace than Karen. He did however shift uncomfortably from foot to foot and had both hands thrust down the back of his briefs as he tried to massage the sting and heat away.

Karen gave him a hug and he returned it, then used a tissue to wipe away his tears and swipe across his runny nose.

“Did that satisfy some curiousity?” Diana asked, sitting back and sipping her coffee.

Two heads nodded.

“Do we get spank each other now?” Karen asked, her eyes shining.

“Do you want another spanking, sweetie?” Diana asked, her own eyes regarding her sister over the rim of her cup.

“Well not really,” Karen admitted, her hand creeping up under her skirt for another brief rub. “But you said…”

“I know what I said,” Diana agreed. “You’re always so eager to do everything at once, Karen. I want the two of you to sit down, right now.”

Karen and Hudson looked at each other, then chose armchairs to sit into. As soon as they settled their weight even into padded chairs they both rose up with small cries of pain.

“Uh huh,” Diana said. “Now imagine sitting on those well spanked tushes of yours and having someone else’s weight settled over your knees, with them wriggling and squirming like you just did, Not too comfortable, eh?”

Karen and Hudson nodded, their mouths twisting at the thought.

“When’s the play?” Diana asked, setting her cup down.

“A couple of months,” Hudson answered, remembering Mr Stanley’s schedule, which he privately thought was a little aggressive.

“So we have plenty of time,” Diana said. “Both of you will sleep on your tummies tonight and be sitting carefully tomorrow. I say we meet back here in a couple of days and give the first of the turn about spankings.”


Hudson stood in front of the Grant’s door and tried to slow his hammering heart with his finger poised over the doorbell. It was so silly, he reflected. The last time he’d been this nervous at the Grant’s was the first time he had taken Karen out on a date, and met her parents on home turf rather than neutral ground. That time he hadn’t known exactly what to expect. This time he did know, but he didn’t know whether he would spank Karen’s beautiful bare butt or would she spank his rear end? One thought made his member twitch and the other set up a tingle in his backside. The bell rang, sounding louder than usual to the boy’s heightened senses.

Karen answered the door. “Hi!” she beamed.

“Hey,” Hudson said and leaned forward so that their lips could touch.

“You’re right on time, Hudson!” Diana called from the kitchen. “I’m just serving up.”


The meal, while delightful, Diana was a talented cook and it wasn’t just spaghetti and meatballs that she could do, was consumed largely in silence and the older girl noticed that the two teens, especially Hudson, didn’t eat as much as normal. Nor did either of them want seconds or mention dessert.

Diana couldn’t resist smiling down at her plate as she watched the two nervous high school students. The atmosphere was a little like that at the dinner table in the sorority house when the house knew that someone was getting paddled after dinner.

When it was obvious that both Hudson and Karen had finished eating, Diana suggested, “I’ll clear up, you two go into the living room and we’ll start the fun.”


“Fun isn’t exactly what I’d call it,” Hudson said as he and Karen made their way into the comfortable lounge room.

“I guess it kind of depends and who spanks who,” Karen giggled.

“Your sister sure knows a lot about this stuff,” Hudson said to his girlfriend.

“Doesn’t she?” Karen agreed. “I don’t think we’ve ever opened up as much to each other about our feelings since the other night. I guess the spankings at the sorority are a pain in the bum, quite literally, but I think if I can I’m going to pledge it. Diana’s membership makes me a legacy.”

“So what are you two discussing?” Diana asked as she entered the room silently making the young couple jump.

“Greek life,” Hudson answered.

“Oh yes,” Diana said, curling up in an armchair. “Karen wants to pledge to my sorority if they have a chapter at her school.”

“So who spanks who?” Karen asked eagerly.

“Oh for God’s sake Karen!” Diana exclaimed. “If you’re not careful I’ll let Hudson spank you and then take my sorority paddle to your behind!”

The brunette pouted.

Diana produced a coin from a pocket and held it up. “I think the fairest way to do this is by chance. I’ll flip the coin, you two call, and whoever guesses right gets to spank the other. Any objections?”

Karen and Hudson both shook their heads.

Diana tossed the coin in the air and as it spun end over end, its edges glittering in the firelight said, “Call it!”

“Tails!” Karen said and couldn’t suppress a giggle at how apt it sounded.

“Heads!” Hudson countered.

Diana caught the coin as it fell, then slapped it on the back of her hand, she lifted her palm and peeked at it. “Heads,” she announced and Karen groaned.


“Hudson you sit on the couch,” Diana directed the boy. “Sit in the middle, that way Karen’s body and legs will be supported, you can hold her easier and concentrate more on burning her tush than her struggling.”

“How do you know I’m going to struggle?” Karen asked her sister.

“You’ve had one spanking in your entire life, little missy,” Diana told the girl. “That behind of yours is still pretty tender and Hudson’s a big strong senior, he’s got muscles built from all that gymnastics he does. Come over here.”

Once Karen was standing in front of her big sister Diana slipped her hands up the younger girl’s thighs under her skirt and lowered her panties to her ankles. Karen blushed and stepped out of them. “Turn around,” Diana commanded, while Hudson watched wide eyed and dry mouthed. Diana gave the seat of Karen’s skirt a smack, then lifted the back of it, displaying a pert bottom to the room, it was still a little pink from the spanking Diana had given it two nights earlier, but Karen was walking and sitting without any visible discomfort now. Diana pinned the skirt to back of Karen’s blouse, and with another smack sent her to Hudson with the order to get over his lap.

“You okay, Hudson?” Diana asked, a smile playing across her lips. “You don’t need a towel over your lap?”

“Ummm…no…” Hudson answered, licking his lips to moisten them and staring at the lightly flushed buttocks in his lap.

“Do you remember what I did to Karen the other night?”

“Uh huh,” Hudson nodded.

‘Then that’s what I want you to do to Karen. Go on, and don’t be afraid, you won’t break her butt.”


The word ‘butt’ seemed to bring Hudson to life and he began to vigorously slap his girlfriend’s bottom. Karen accepted the first few spanks without much fuss, although her boyfriend was stronger and hit harder than she had expected, however she bore them stoically, grunting and refusing to cry out.

As the spanking continued and Hudson’s hard young palm began to move up and down Karen’s reddening rolling hillocks, she started to gasp and her legs waved around in a futile attempt to dampen down the fires that the firm smacks were kindling. Hudson’s grip around her waist tightened to hold her securely in place, but his spanks remained every bit as sound and the tears started to flow.

“Hudson! Please! Stop! It hurtssss! I’ll be good! I promise!”

Confused by the pleas from Karen, Hudson’s palm stopped its downward descent, and he looked at Diana. The older girl held up four fingers and nodded. Hudson applied four further smacks, he landed these on the crease where thighs and buttocks met and on the girl’s tender crimson thighs. Karen lay limply over his lap and bawled.

“Think you can convincingly portray a spanked girl on stage, sweetie?” Diana asked.

Karen sniffed, wiped tears from her eyes and nodded.

‘Hudson, lift her up, give her a cuddle and rub those steaming hot cheeks for her. We’ll have you over her lap for her revenge in a couple of night’s time, when she can sit down again.”


“My turn this time!” Karen joyfully announced as she pushed her empty plate aside and all but ran into the living room.

A silent Hudson helped Diana clear the table and stack the dishwasher. “I appreciate the help, Hudson,” Diana said fondly to the boy and even ruffled his curly light brown hair. “Putting it off doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though.”

“Yeah,” Hudson sighed, the nerve endings of his backside remembering how Diana had worn it out less than a week ago.

Diana put an arm over the boy’s shoulders and led him into the lounge room. Karen was already seated in the middle of the couch in spanking position, a broad smile on her face.

“I’ll just get Hudson’s jeans down, “ Diana offered. “You put a towel over your lap and once he’s in position you can lower his briefs.”

Once the boy’s jeans were off Diana couldn’t resist giving them a quick squeeze and smack before sending him to get himself over Karen’s eagerly waiting lap.


As she shifted Hudson into position and skinned his briefs down to expose that firm round white behind, Karen felt almost dizzy. This was so surreal. She had acting to thank for so much and now it had somehow given her a genuine sexual experience and made her boyfriend and her closer than ever before. All by complete and total accident too.


The opening slap rang out in the room, Hudson stiffened at the impact and the still unfamiliar sting of a hard female hand. Karen watched her hand print fill out with pink on the alabaster orb then laid the second one on. Once she’d smacked each designated area; crowns, sit spot and upper thighs, she settled into a steady rhythm, carefully making sure each area had the same general colour before moving on. Diana had told her about that technique, she said it served as a good colour guide. She could barely her Hudson quietly sobbing over the sound of the slaps, but she could feel him wriggling quite vigorously and knew by the glowing red of his cheeks and the heat she could feel emanating upwards from them that she had delivered what Diana called a ‘butt buster’.

“Hudson, honey?” Karen said softly, leaning down and enjoying the heat that flower upwards from his bottom to her breasts.

“Yes?” he said, his voice hitching with a sob.

“It’s over, baby. Why don’t you get up and have a good rub and I’ll go get you a glass of water okay?”

Hudson nodded and painfully got himself off his girlfriend’s lap, making sure he took the towel with him and wrapped it around his waist, massaging his aching rear through the thick material.

By the time Karen returned with the water, Diana was cleaning Hudson’s face and wiping his nose.

Before he left the house that night with a throbbing rump, Hudson made sure that he thanked Diana for all her help and the invaluable lessons. Both he and Karen were sure that it would help to give them an A grade performance.


Girls and boys sat in chairs in front of mirrors having makeup applied and hair done, others struggled out of their street clothes and into their stage costumes.

Graham Stanley stuck his head into the dressing room. “Curtain time soon, ladies and gentlemen,” he reminded his cast with a smile.

The speed of preparations increased with the reminder.

“May I have a moment with my leading lady and man?” the teacher asked.

“I’ve got a couple of minutes before my hair gets done,” Karen agreed.

“I’ve just had the make up put on,” Hudson said.

“Wonderful,” Graham Stanley smiled, steering them both into a quiet corner of the dressing room.


“Is there something wrong, Mr Stanley?” Karen asked, her brown eyes anxious, she was always a bundle of nerves on opening night.

“Not really,” the teacher said, a little hesitant. ‘It’s about the scene at the end of Act One.”

“What about it?” Hudson asked. “We know we haven’t done the actual spanking in rehearsal, but we’re okay with it.”

“Are we ever!” Karen whispered, remembering those nights with her sister, and rubbing her shapely backside.

“I’m pleased to hear that,” Mr Stanley said, “but we’ve had to change it.”

“Change it? How?” Karen and Hudson asked together, their eyes wide.

“Certain members of the parent teacher association feel that the scene makes light of domestic violence…”

“It what?” Karen blurted.

“I know,” Mr Stanley agreed. “It’s quite ridiculous.”

“You’ve had to drop the scene?” Hudson guessed, his heart sinking.

“Oh no!” Graham Stanley denied hotly. “I wouldn’t do that. It’s a part of the play, when people go to see Kiss Me Kate they expect a spanking.”

“What are you going to do, then?” Karen demanded, her eyes blazing.

“I arrived at a compromise. The sound guys said that they can do a very convincing smack sound and I’ve checked that out, they can do that. What we’ll do is as Hudson gets you over his knee is drop the curtain, start up the sounds and all you have to do, Karen is scream like you’re being spanked. You can do that, can’t you?”

Karen nodded slowly and said, “Oh yes, Mr Stanley, believe me I can do that!”

 A live version of the famous scene.

Another production reversed the roles. Both of them appearing to be enjoying it. 


  1. Another excellent and imaginative story. I'm not surprised Seegee managed to work in a couple of F/m spankings as well as the expected M/f one and that, of course is what makes the story his. Diana seems to have worked things out to her own advantage too. It must have been very serendipitous for her to have an "actress" for a sister who just happened to be in a play that involved her character being spanked. I can imagine her, in private, holding up her fists, saying "Yes!!!" and doing the happy dance at her good fortune... ;-)

    I must confess to being a bit disappointed that, after all that preparation, Karen didn't actually get spanked onstage but the ending is very much appropriate.

    Another great job from Seegee.


    1. This is a fun one. Of course turnabout is fair play, so both Karen and Hudson needed to get and give the same amount of spankings. I rather feel that the onstage spanking would have been a bit anti climactic following their 'rehearsals'.

    2. Dear Aunty,

      I'm going to have to disagree about the "anti-climactic" part. Certainly as far as the story is concerned, yes, but the on-stage spanking is very much a part of the production.

      Is it just me, or does the male actor in the first pic bear a more-than-passing resemblance to Curly Howard of "The Three Stooges"?


    3. Only rather superficially, and Petruchio is somewhat buffoonish at times.