Sunday, 22 June 2014

Spoiled for choice!

This is the pre SotY nominee post, as it's only a week before the month ends and we find out who June's spankee will be.

My pleas for people to participate and nominate have not fallen on deaf ears and we have a plethora to pick from.

Here is this month's Rogues Gallery:

This is Amy Adams. I'm not exactly sure how she found herself here, but she is attractive and I'd like to see if I could make the colour of her bottom match her hair.

Again I don't know what Scarlett Johansson did to get nominated, but she is very talented and absolutely gorgeous in a dress that matches her name. I did lick my lips and flex my fingers in The Avengers when she treated the screen to a view of her pert posterior in tight black pants.

I've long thought Gwyneth Paltrow could use a good spanking, if for no other reason than that ridiculous name she saddled her first child with. Happy to see her nominated.

I don't know why but I always see Charlize Theron as the spanker, not the spankee, but this month she is the latter.

I'm quite a fan of tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, so I'm quite pleased that her ex fiancee golfer Rory McIlroy was nominated for breaking off their engagement via text message!

Many people enjoy Will Ferrell's frenetic over the top brand of humour. I'm not one of them, so I'd only be too pleased to see his reaction on encountering a sturdy wooden hairbrush.

I've always liked cute as a button Ellen Page, but there is something about her that just screams spank me!

Kim Kardashian, or is she West now, is often talked about for her 'booty'. Very much on display here. There aren't many young ladies more deserving of a spanking than this entitled heiress.

Do I really need to introduce Rihanna? She's very talented, but seems headed down a dangerous path. I wonder how she'd feel about donning a spanking apron? They cover more than this extremely expensive designer collection of sparkly cloth.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. 9 very deserving bottoms. Choose wisely. Vote early and vote often. The winner will be announced at the end of June.


  1. So many bottoms, so little time! If I can only vote for one, I'm kind of screwed here as IMO, both Gywneth and Charlize very much deserve a spanking for foolishly and irresponsibly comparing being a celebrity and putting up with the rude remarks from the public to being a soldier in combat. I find that incredibly disrespectful to the men and women of our Armed Forces...


  2. I would love nothing more than to get my hands on Scarlett's gorgeous arse, but the fact remains that of those nine, nobody is anywhere as near deserving of a thrashing as the arrogant, entitled, and quite dementedly out of touch with reality Miss Paltrow. Not a word leaves her mouth that isn't offensive to someone in its stupidity, small-mindedness and self-regard. Make her squeal, Auntie.

  3. I vote Kim Kardashian .Her booty needs a good hiding from aunty Andrea

  4. The two top candidates imho are Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson both of whom are neatly packaged and have great arses. I would love to see, or read about, both of them getting their just desserts over Aunty Andrea's lap. If I can only choose one I'm going to plump (sic) for Scarlett so that her delighfull arse can truly live up to her name. Give her a good hiding Andrea!