Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'The Spank Shop 45 - Jeremy, Kitty, Steven and Zoe'

We can always rely on Seegee to keep our winters nice and hot down at The Spank Shop.

Get yourself a cuppa (it's long) settle in and enjoy the 45th Spank Shop adventure.

One of the girls does her post spanking corner time.

Jeremy gets his bottom warmed.

And so does Steven.

More corner time from Punished Brats. She better hope she's not caught rubbing.

A framed poster in Andrea's sun room. It really could be the shop's motto.

From Spanking Sorority Girls. Yet another girl ponders the error of her ways.

The eighteen year old with the short curly brown hair seated herself behind the computer monitor at the desk and looked up expectantly at the petite blonde girl who stood behind her.

“Okay,” Kimberley Kennedy said brightly. “I’m sure you know how to turn on a computer and use Excel, right?”

Mandy Tanner nodded.

“Sweet,” Kimberley answered with one of her trademark thousand watt smiles. “I’ll just bring the shop records up for you. If you get a call, select the appropriate workbook and put the entry in. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. I’ll fix it up later, just so long as we have the details in there, like name, phone number to refer to for later.”

“I can do that, Kim,” Mandy assured the other girl.

“Of course you can,” Kimberley reassured the college student. “That’s why we put you on reception to fill in for me. We don’t have anything scheduled, so you shouldn’t have to do any more than take the occasional phone call. If you get anything you can’t answer, just take down the caller’s details and let me know. I’ll either call them back or get the appropriate person to do it. You’re good with that?”

“Yeah, I think so. What if we get a customer?”

“You mean a walk in?” Kimberley asked for clarification.

“Uhh yeah I guess so.”

“Same thing as with the phone. Just let them know we’re busy and we’ll contact them back or see if they want to come back later when we’re not booked. You’ll be fine,” the little blonde reassured the her friend. “It should be really quiet. You can study or surf the ‘net if you want.”

The bell above the door tingled merrily and four glum faced teenagers entered, being driven into the shop by an elegantly dressed older lady with an annoyed expression on her normally serene face.

“Mrs Johnson!” Kimberley exclaimed. “If you want to take the kids through to the sunroom you’ll find Miss Andrea, Gabrielle and Maria waiting there for you. I’ll come in with tea in a moment.”

“Thank you Kimberley,” Sharon Johnson, the headmistress of the local high school said to the receptionist. “Come on you four,” she barked at the teens with her and lead them into the sunroom at the back of the shop.

“What did they do, Kim?” Mandy asked as the girl turned to go to the kitchen and make tea for the shop’s client.

Kimberley shook her head and said simply, “Muck up day.”

“What? Just those four? They’re being spanked for muck up day. Wow! This is one strict town.”

“No,” Kimberley giggled. “Muck up day is tolerated as long as it doesn’t disrupt classes and only affects the students about to undertake exams. We had the biggest water balloon fight on the oval last year when I did it.”

“So what happened with them?” Mandy asked, and indicated the four senior students that Sharon Johnson had taken into Andrea Mahony’s parlour.

Kimberley sighed. ‘They broke into the school the night before, vandalized it and the two boys took a whizz into the pool.”

“They what?” Mandy blurted and then giggled.

“It’s not funny, Mandy!” Kimberley insisted, but was fighting an attack of the giggles herself. “They had to drain, clean and refill the pool.”

“Are they going to have any skin left on their behinds by the time you and Aunty Andrea and your Mum and Mrs Sculiatta are done with them?” Mandy probed, having first hand experience of how strict her aunt could be when she felt a bottom needed spanking.

Kimberley wrinkled her nose and fluffed her honey blonde hair self-consciously. “I don’t think we’ll be that cruel, but they won’t want to sit down for a few days when we’re done. I have to go and get the tea or I may be joining them over the laps. You’re good with everything now?”

Mandy nodded. “I think so, Kim.”

“Cool. If you’re really in a bind just buzz me and I’ll come out as soon as I can.”


The four eighteen year old seniors stood in front of the four seated ladies and their headmistress who sipped tea calmly as she watched proceedings.

Three of them were first time visitors to Clarkstown’s famed and feared Spank Shop. Kitty Toscanno was the exception. The girl with the long dark hair and Mediterranean good looks had made her maiden voyage over Andrea’s lap for getting a tattoo without parental authorization. She didn’t like getting spanked, in fact it sucked big time, but she didn’t seem to be able to stop herself from doing things that earned her one. Things like breaking into the school and vandalizing the staff room.
Zoe Pallas was a good girl. She did well at school and was rarely ever involved in so much as the smallest of classroom disruptions. At least that was before her senior year at high school and becoming friends with Kitty Toscanno. Kitty was fun and had wicked ideas and she helped Zoe break out of her goody two shoes image. Zoe’s current short, peroxided blonde haircut had been Kitty’s idea. Her parents had hit the roof when she came home sporting it. In fact her mother had burst into tears. However it was too late to do much about it by then and they consoled themselves with the knowledge that her hair would grow and also regain its original colour in time. She was now seriously questioning the wisdom of going along with Kitty when she urged on that fateful night a week ago. “C’mon, Zoe! It’ll be fun.”

Jeremy Richards was a smooth talking, attractive young man with ambition. Although he got by with low marks the boy was not stupid, far from it. He just had ideas that didn’t involve college, so only did as much study as he needed to pass his classes. As soon as he graduated he was hitting the road and aiming for the stars. The only reason he was still at school was because his father had said if he didn’t graduate he could either get a trade apprenticeship or move out. He didn’t have quite enough money to move out, he would after graduation, and he wasn’t about to become stuck in a dead end job, working for other people.

Steven Mueller had been Jeremy’s best friend ever since the Richards family moved into Clarkstown. The beefy blond boy liked the quick thinking Jeremy. He’d saved the other boy from more than one beating. Steven wasn’t at all violent, but he could defend himself if pushed and his efforts on the sports field had gained him respect from his fellow students. He nearly always followed Jeremy into his mad schemes, but he was starting to wonder if this time they had gone just a little too far. Peeing in the pool had been funny at the time, at least until the lights came on and the school’s caretaker had been standing in the doorway staring at them.


The four students were standing in the sunroom, shifting nervously as they wilted under the stern eyes of Andrea Mahony, Gabrielle Kennedy and Maria Sculiatta. There was also their headmistress Sharon Johnson present in the room as she had agreed to act as witness.

Kimberley entered the room bearing a tray with a gently steaming teapot, a cup on a saucer, containers with milk and sugar and a small plate of biscuits. She set the tray down on a table next to Sharon’s chair and was about to pour when the headmistress stopped her with a soft, “I can pour for myself, Kimberley. You can sit and get down to the business of dealing with our four vandals.”

Kimberley smiled at the blonde woman and took a seat next to Maria.

Andrea began proceedings directing a question at the four teenagers before them. “Do the four of you know why you are here?”

Feet were shuffled, toes were examined and at least two of the teens murmured, “Yes, ma’am.”

“I suppose it would be too much to hope that you’d like to explain it to us,” Andrea said severely.

Jeremy rolled his eyes and drawled, “We went a bit overboard on muck up day, was all…”

“A bit overboard?” Andrea repeated. “Is that what you call it?”

“It was for muck up day,” the boy insisted, running a hand through his dark brown curls. “It’s traditional.”

“It is traditional to vandalise the school, destroy property and foul the pool, is it?” Andrea asked. “I don’t remember doing any of that on muck up day when I was at school.”

The four adolescents raised eyebrows at hearing Andrea mention the custom from her own school days.

Andrea had to fight not to grin at the reaction, and said, “Yes, we did have muck up day all those years ago, when I used to put a saddle on my dinosaur and ride it to school.”

Both Maria and Gabrielle snorted laughter as Andrea mentioned riding a dinosaur to school.

“I went to Clarkstown High last year,” Kimberley spoke up. “I was involved in muck up day and we didn’t do any of that. I would have had great difficulty sitting down if I had. Besides you didn’t do it on muck up day, you did it the night before and you had to break in to do it.”

“Kimberley seems to be in possession of the actual facts,” Andrea told Jeremy. “I don’t know you, young man. What is your name?”

“Jeremy,” the boy answered with a put upon sigh. “Jeremy Richards.”

“As you’re a Spank Shop virgin, Jeremy,” Andrea began. Kitty had told her three friends about Andrea’s euphemisms and how she referred to people who had never been spanked or attended her shop as ‘virgins’ so Jeremy didn’t give her the reaction that many clients did when she used the term. Zoe did however blush and look a little sick. “I’ll let your informal tone of address slide, but if I don’t hear you start referring to either myself or any of the other ladies here as ma’am. Miss or even Aunty, then one bottom is going to get burned twice. Have I made myself totally clear, Jeremy?”

The boy tried and failed to meet the disciplinarian’s piercing green eyes, he dropped his own brown eyes and said softly, “Yes ma’am.”

“Good,” Andrea said firmly. “All four of us have been furnished with the facts of what happened that night and why you are here, so if you can stand there like good little boys and girls and listen to the charges, then maybe if you all behave, I’ll let you plead your own cases.”

Zoe looked close to tears. Kitty was resigned to her fate. Steven stared at the floor. Jeremy’s eyes were still defiant.

Andrea nodded at Kimberley.

The petite blonde opened a folder in her lap and began to read. “For a start we’ve got breaking and entering.”

“Hey!” Jeremy protested. “We didn’t break in, that window in the science block was already br…”

“Jeremy!” Andrea said sharply. “I will not ask you again. If you open your mouth unasked for once again you can go out to the garden with Aunty Gabrielle to cut a switch for her to use on your thighs and bottom.”

Jeremy’s face went white and he looked as if someone had slapped him. Zoe started to cry and Kitty silently prayed for Jeremy to listen to Andrea and stop provoking her, because she would make good on the threat about the switch and Gabrielle really knew her way around one.

“Mr Richards is technically correct,” Sharon provided, putting her steaming teacup into its saucer with a gentle click. “There was a broken window in the science block through which he, Steven, Katerina and Zoe gained entrance to the school and they didn’t break it, although how it got broken in the first place, because it was recent is still a mystery,” the woman’s eyes bored into Jeremy and he looked away. “It has since been replaced.”

“They shouldn’t have been there in any case,” a somewhat put out Kimberley sniffed, before she handed over to Maria.

“Once in the school,” the matronly Italian woman said, “our four bambini cattivi,” Kitty blushed and winced at the Italian phrase for ‘naughty children’, “proceeded to the janitor’s supply closet, which was locked. One of them broke the lock and removed rolls of toilet paper. They used these to festoon classrooms until they ran out.”

“Teepeeing a classroom isn’t really that bad,” Kimberley commented. “We did that last year.”

“Oh it’s not the ‘decoration’ they’re in trouble for, Kim,” Maria pointed out. “It is breaking the lock on the cupboard. It had to be replaced and locksmiths don’t do things for the love of the job. Gabrielle,” she handed over to the regal blonde lady sitting next to her.

“After that they went to the roof and that was where they painted a slogan along the lines of Senior Class Rules, with their initials of J K S & Z and then added a caricature of male genitalia.”

Steven sniggered. That had been his idea.

“I doubt you’ll find it quite so amusing, Steven,” Gabrielle said coolly, “when you’re doing the overlap tango, my boy and when you and your three friends are spending some of your summer holiday cleaning the graffiti off.”

Steven went quiet and dropped his eyes again. He’d once done something naughty at a church camp that Gabrielle had been involved with. She had spanked him for it and it remained clear and painful in his mind.

Andrea picked up the thread from Gabrielle. “After their artwork they split up. Zoe and Kitty went to the teachers lounge where they broke a coffee maker and painted some extremely unpleasant things about the teachers on one wall and across a table.”

Zoe began to cry.

“I’d save your tears if I were you, young lady,” Andrea said, her voice stern. “I think you’re going to need them.”

Kitty glanced across at a framed picture on one wall that featured a woman saying ‘I’ll give you something to cry about’, took a tissue from a pocket and handed it to the weeping Zoe, who tried to stem the flood of tears.

“The boys went to the pool,” Andrea continued. “I’m not sure what possessed them in there, but boys will be boys so they began to urinate in it.”

Steven sighed, but Jeremy let out a snigger.

“You think that’s funny, Jeremy?” Sharon asked and before the boy could answer, went on. “We had to drain the pool, clean it and refill it. Do you know how much that costs, Jeremy? We do it at scheduled times, but having it done on an impromptu basis puts quite a strain on the school budget. I can guarantee you that while some of your younger school mates may have thought you and Steven were pretty cool when they first heard about it, they won’t be so forgiving when some of their activities have to be cut due to a lack of funds.”

Steven’s face went red and he dropped his head. Jeremy tried to brazen it out, but those hard female eyes on him forced him to follow his friend’s example.

“Any arguments?” Andrea asked, although the question was directed at Jeremy and her eyes were daring him to argue. He started to open his mouth then shut it and fumed silently.

“Excellent!” Andrea said with a smile, bringing her hands together. ”Before I send you boys off with Kimberley to get into aprons I do have a question for Steven.”

The boy’s head came up. “Miss Andrea?” he asked uncertainly.

“What happened to your hair, sweetheart?” Andrea asked, her eyes looking at the blonde boy’s Mohawk haircut.

“My hair?” Steven stammered, his fingers unconsciously stroking the strip of hair down the centre of his head.

“The Mohawk?” Andrea clarified. “Was that all your idea?”

“Ummmm…Jem….Jeremy said it would be cool, ma’am.”

“I see,” Andrea answered cryptically. “Off you go with Miss Kimberley,” she dismissed them.

Kimberley rose from her seat, she held her hands out to the boys and said, “Hold hands.”

Steven seemed to pick up a little quicker than his friend and put his hand out, which Kimberley took in one of hers. Jeremy gave the room a ‘you have got to be kidding’ look. Kimberley’s lips pursed and her toe started tapping. Seeing that he was without an ally, Jeremy took the girl’s proffered hand.

Everyone watched as Kimberley lead the boys into the bedroom, one on either side of her, each holding a hand as she swung them on the way.


“Why don’t the two of you go tinkle while I get your aprons out?” Kimberley said as they entered the room.

Jeremy frowned at the petite blonde. “Tinkle?” he asked. “What the h…”

“She means pee,” Steven answered for his friend.

“Yes, I do,” Kimberley agreed. “You go first Jeremy. I’m sure you know how. We have a toilet, not a swimming pool, though. Just make sure your aim isn’t off.”

Jeremy seemed about to argue, but suddenly seemed to become aware that he really did need to relieve himself and stomped off to the bathroom.

“Be sure and wash your hands,” Kimberley called after him. Then she turned to Steven and said bluntly, “Strip!”

“Completely, ma’am?” Steven asked. He seemed a little stunned by the command.

“Yes,” Kimberley said firmly.

“Ummm…but you’re…Miss Kimberley…here,” the boy stammered.

Kimberley blew a long breath out and rolled her eyes. “Steven you do not have anything I haven’t seen.”

The boy’s face went bright red.

Kimberley decided to cut the boy a little slack. Despite being a couple of years ahead of her little sister Chelsea at school, and one below her, the younger Kennedy girl knew Steven well, due to the fact that he was a team mate of her boyfriend Dustin Morris and he was easily led by the likes of Jeremy Richards. The stupid haircut was evidence of that.

“I’ll tell you what,” Kimberley said reasonably as she heard the tap running in the bathroom. “Take your top off and you can put the apron on, then get your bottoms off under it, is that okay?”

Steven had heard stories of how strict Kimberley could be from Dustin, and the girl’s sister Chelsea and realized that this was probably going to be as good as it got. ‘Yes, ma’am.”

“Good boy.” Kimberley said with an encouraging smile.

Still blushing, Steven stripped off his t-shirt and Kimberley couldn’t help but admire the boy’s impressive chest. She turned to the closet and began to look through the collection of neck to knee aprons that she had hanging up in there.

Jeremy sauntered back in, saw his friend shirtless and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I’ll extend you the same courtesy I did to Steven, Jeremy,” Kimberley said, her back to the boys. “Take off your shirt and you can put the apron on before losing your pants and underpants.”

“My what?” Jeremy demanded.

“Just do it,” Steven advised.

Jeremy was dropping his top on the bed as Kimberley turned, two aprons in her hands. One was patterned with Superman logos and the other had the Batman symbol on it.

She looked at the two boys. Steven definitely had the better physique, but Jeremy had nothing to be ashamed off. In her minds eye she could see him in an apron, those long slender legs kicking as Aunty Andrea spanked fire into every inch of that firm, tight young backside.
“I think Steven’s more of a Superman boy,” the petite blonde said, handing the blue apron with the familiar red and yellow symbol on it to the blond with the Mohawk. “So that makes Jeremy Batman.”

With a scowl on his face Jeremy accepted the apron.

Kimberley stood and waited while the boys slipped the aprons on over their chests and let them hang down to their knees.

“If you both want to turn around I’ll do you up,” she offered.

Steven and Jeremy exchanged a look and then turned their backs to the small blonde. She tied each apron with a neat bow and treated herself to a good look at the firm young backsides under their tight jeans. She’d be busy during their spankings. It had already been decided beforehand that she and Maria would be attending to the girl’s buttocks while the more experienced and possibly stricter women in Andrea and Gabrielle would have the boys over their laps. However Kimberley promised herself that she was definitely going to try and get a good eyeful of the boys as Andrea and her mother roasted their rears.

“Okay,” Kimberley said, patting each bottom playfully. “You can turn around and get your jeans and undies off.”

“The underpants?” Jeremy asked, his eyes widening. “What for?”

“Jeremy,” Kimberley said seriously. “Are you hard of hearing?”

“What? No, why?”

The blonde cocked her head to one side and regarded the boy through hard icy blue eyes. “I could have sworn that Aunty Andrea told you in the parlour that you were to call the ladies ma’am, Miss or Aunty. I may be younger than the others, and I may be little, but I still demand to be treated with the respect that I deserve, and I will make you regret it if you don’t.”

Steven felt a shiver go through him at the words. Despite her size there was something genuinely scary about Kimberley when she got annoyed. Her sister had it a little too, but not like Kim.

Jeremy sighed and said slowly, “Why ma’am?” he made it sound like an insult.

Kimberley’s lips pursed, but he had at least said the words, so she had to answer the question politely.

“You’re going to be spanked and a spanking is not proper unless it is administered to the bare buttocks.”

Jeremy turned shocked eyes on Steven. The blond boy nodded. He hadn’t been spanked often, but he had heard Chelsea speak about her mother’s mantra and Dustin had told him the same thing about his own visit to the shop when both Andrea and Gabrielle had a good go at his bare backside.

Wordlessly Steven slipped his shoes off and began to remove his jeans and underpants. Jeremy stared at him.

“Come on!” Kimberley snapped. “We don’t have all day. Quick sticks!”

Stung by the words, Jeremy sullenly followed his friend’s example.

Once their jeans and underwear were in piles of cloth on the floor Kimberley picked them up, folded them and placed them neatly on the bed, then she looked down at the boy’s apron covered groins and frowned. The material was noticeably tented.

“That just won’t do,” Kimberley said, her eyes on the very evident bulges under the aprons.

There was a challenge in Jeremy’s brown eyes.

“You’ll have to get rid of it,” the girl said firmly.

“How the fuck are we supposed to do that?” Jeremy asked.

“Steven,” Kimberley addressed the blond boy. “Could you please go to the bathroom and look after your little problem,” she emphasized the word little, which made the boy blush.

“But…I…I…” he stammered.

“Steven, you can either get rid of it yourself or you can take the risk of going over Aunty Gabrielle’s lap like that and having something happen. Can you imagine how cross Mummy will be if there’s an accident and you had the opportunity to get rid of it, but didn’t take it. What do you think Mummy will do? Have you ever been switched?”

All the colour drained from the boy’s face and he fled to the bathroom.

“Let me know when you’re done,” Kimberley called after him. “Please try not to get any on the apron and make sure that you wash your hands after.”


Then she turned to Jeremy. Although he knew it was stupid, she was shorter than him by a bit, he outweighed her and she wasn’t that much older than him, he was still a bit scared of her and genuinely intimidated.

“We have three issues to deal with here, young man. Firstly there’s the inappropriate form of address to me. I can tell Aunty Andrea about that, but I think I can handle it here. Then there was the matter of the ‘f’ word. I’ll look after that once Steven is finished in the bathroom. Finally there is that,” she pointed at the erection. “I think I’ve got a cure, though.”

Kimberley took a towel that had been lying on the bed, and as she sat down on a stool, spread it over her lap. She reached out and encircled Jeremy’s wrist. He realized what she was planning to do and tried to pull away, but she was a lot stronger than she looked and hauled him in, tipping him over her lap in the process. He struggled, but she hooked a leg over the back of his and effectively pinned him in place.

The girl didn’t waste any time. She started to slap his white buttocks hard and fast, scolding as she did so. “You are to refer to any lady in the Spank Shop as Miss, ma’am or Aunty! You do as you are told, when you are told and you don’t whine and argue about it. You decided to break into the school, to vandalise the roof and urinate in the pool. You broke the law and you have inconvenienced other students and the community in general. I won’t have it, do you understand?”

There was no answer from Jeremy.

“I’m done Miss Kimberley,” came Steven’s voice from the bathroom.

“Good boy, sweetie,” Kimberley said. “Did you get any on the apron?”

“I don’t think so,” Steven answered a little uncertainly.

“Excellent, just wash up and come back out here, darling,” the girl commanded. Then her attention went back to the bubblegum pink bottom over her lap. “I said do you understand me, young man!” she repeated herself, underlining each word with a stinging smack from that hard little palm.

Jeremy grunted, but defiantly refused to answer the girl spanking him.

Steven appeared at the doorway of the bathroom and his mouth dropped open as he watched Kimberley Kennedy apply her hard little hand to his best friend’s bare unprotected behind. She was such a tiny thing that she didn’t look like she could do much damage, but the colour of Jeremy’s bottom and the pained look on his face said that the spanking was definitely hurting.

“I asked you a question Jeremy Damian Richards,” Kimberley said, “and I expect an answer. Do you understand me?” each word was followed with a loud smack.

“Yes!” Jeremy yelled, his legs starting to wave as much as Kimberley’s overlocking leg would let him.

“Yes what?” Kimberley demanded applying a few stinging slaps to his sit spots.

“Yes, ma’am!” Jeremy ground out from between gritted teeth.
Continuing to spank hard, Kimberley asked, ”What do you understand?’

“That I have to call you and the other ladies ma’am and that I do what I’m told, when I’m told.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Kimberley asked, resting her hand on one hot buttock.

“No, Miss Kimberley,” Jeremy sighed, hating himself for giving in.

Kimberley removed her leg from over the boy’s and sat back. Jeremy unfolded himself and immediately began to rub his scorched behind. Kimberley’s lips pursed and her hand twitched, but she stopped herself. He was a ‘virgin’ after all and they hadn’t told him about the no rubbing without permission rule.

“That seems to have fixed two problems,” the girl said with a smile as the boy stood in front of her, both hands massaging his rear end.

Jeremy gave her a quizzical look.

“You have now had the correct form of address impressed on you and the other problem seems to have gone away,” her eyes went to the front of the apron.

A hot red blush spread across Jeremy’s cheeks as he looked down and realized what she meant.

“That however,” Kimberley said firmly, standing up, “still leaves us with the final issue.”

Before Jeremy could do or say anything, Kimberley had taken a firm grip on his ear, between thumb and forefinger. With the boy protesting she dragged him into the bathroom. A curious Steven followed.

Kimberley turned the tap on with her free hand and ran a washcloth under the stream of water.

“Steven could you hand me that bar of soap, please?” Kimberley asked.

“What?” Jeremy yelped as he realized what Kimberley meant to do. “No!” he attempted to get away, but the grip on his ear was too strong.

“Jeremy,” Kimberley said sharply. “I can’t do this with you carrying on like that.”

The boy continued to struggle.

“Oh very well,” Kimberley sighed. “If you’re going to be like that, we’ll just have to do it the hard way. Open up,” and she pushed the bar of soap at him.

Jeremy kept his mouth shut and shook his head violently.

Kimberley rolled her eyes. Clearly the boy thought he was the only one who had ever resisted a mouth soaping. She dropped the bar of soap in the basin, smacked his bottom hard and as he opened his mouth to yell, she scooped the bar of soap up and shoved it in the boy’s open mouth.

“It’s not ideal,” Kimberley complained as she kept her fingers on the bar of soap that protruded from Jeremy’s mouth as he desperately tried to eject it, “but it will do. You’re lucky Aunty Andrea isn’t doing this. She’s stronger than me and you’d be getting a soap sandwich you wouldn’t soon forget the taste of. Fancy using that nasty word!”

When Kimberley was satisfied that Jeremy’s mouth was sufficiently soapy she removed the bar of soap and dropped it back in the sink, she released the boy’s ear and said, “Rinse.”

Jeremy’s face contorted with rage and his fists clenched as he made for Kimberley. Alarm showed in the girl’s face and she took a step backwards. She wasn’t greatly concerned if he did attack her. Her father had given both she and her younger sister Chelsea self defence lessons and she was confident that she could defend herself. Steven interposed himself in between the petite blonde and his friend.

“No, Jem,” he said placing one thick fingered hand on the other boy’s chest.

“Did you see what she just did to me?” Jeremy raged.

Steven nodded.

“She put soap in my mouth and she spanked me!”

“You don’t hit a girl,” Steven said firmly.

“She hit me!” Jeremy reasoned.

“She spanked you,” Steven explained reasonably, “and you deserved it. We all do - you, me, Zoe, Kitty. We were dumb, Jem. It’s okay for you. You’re leaving after graduation. We’re not. We have to stay here. I want to get a job. Who do you think is going to hire me if I’m the kid who vandalized the school then didn’t have the guts to take my punishment like a man? Just rinse, dude and get this done with, okay?”

Jeremy’s face said that as far as he was concerned it was very much not okay, but he also knew that he wasn’t getting past Steven for his revenge, so he stuck his mouth under the running tap and rinsed savagely a few times.

“I did mean for you to use a glass,” Kimberley sniffed, and then said with a bright smile, “Thank you very much Steven. You were a real gentleman.”

The blond boy nodded his ridiculous haircut. “Don’t suppose it will mean Aunty Gabrielle will take it easy on me?”

“I’m afraid not, sweetie,” Kimberley replied. “How did you know you’re with Mum?”

Steven shrugged. “You said it before when you sent me to the bathroom. I still haven’t forgotten the time she spanked me at church camp.”

Kimberley giggled. “That was years ago! You were a kid!”

“Your Mum spanks real hard, Miss Kimberley.”

“That she does,” Kimberley said with a nod. “I better get you two back out there, Aunty will be wondering where we’ve gotten to.”


“I was just about to send a search squad for you and the boys,” Andrea sad to Kimberley as she reentered the parlour with Jeremy and Steven in tow, but she was smiling as she said it.

“We had a slight communication issue, ma’am,” Kimberley explained as she directed the boys to corners and ordered them to press in.

“I see,” Andrea answered, eyeing off Jeremy’s pink bottom.

Zoe and Kitty exchanged a look. Kitty rolled her eyes and Zoe looked frightened.

“Nothing you couldn’t handle, Kimmy?” Gabrielle asked, her attention also on Jeremy’s bright posterior.

Kimberley blushed gently at her mother’s use of what she considered a childish diminutive of her first name. “No, Mum,” she replied confidently.

“Maria, Gabrielle,” Andrea said, taking charge of the situation. “Why don’t you get Zoe and Kitty into aprons and Kim and I will get things ready for the smackings?”

The two ladies nodded and each rose and took a girl by the hand. Maria paired up with the tall Kitty, while Gabrielle took the extremely nervous and skittish Zoe.


Once the ladies and the girls had disappeared behind closed doors Andrea asked her young apprentice, “What happened with Jeremy, Kimberley Susan?”

Kimberley sighed. “He wouldn’t show me proper respect and he swore at me, so I spanked him and then washed his mouth with soap.”

“Oh bravo!” Sharon said approvingly. “I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I could do things like that with some of my students.”

“Is that all?” Andrea asked, sensing that there was more to the story.

Kimberley looked a little uncomfortable, then answered quietly, “Jeremy didn’t react well to the mouth soaping and threatened to hit me.”

“He what?” Sharon said, sitting up straight, and concern also entered Andrea’s green eyes and they flashed. She was very fond of Kimberley and didn’t like the idea of the girl being threatened by a client.

“Oh, it’s okay,” Kimberley said calmly. “He never got to do it. Steven stopped him. He was very gallant.”

Andrea looked at the boy with partially shaved head and had a growing respect for him in her eyes.

“Besides,” Kimberley added. “Daddy would have snapped him in half if he had actually hit me.”

Sharon sighed unhappily. “Andrea, I am sorry about this. To be honest if it had been just Jeremy who was involved I would have handled this through the courts and asked Sandra to throw the book at him, but unfortunately because the other three were part of it I couldn’t separate them and it was one in, all in. Kitty has her moments, but she’s essentially a good girl, as we’ve seen Steven also has a strong sense of what is wrong and what is right, and up until this I’ve never had any trouble with Zoe at all.”

“Oh, it’s quite all right, Sharon. I rather thought young Mr Richards may prove to be a challenge right from the start. I hadn’t thought I’d need my caning horse today, but I may have a customer for it this afternoon after all.”


Further conversation on that matter was cut short as Maria and Gabrielle came out of the changing room with Kitty and Zoe in tow. Both girls looked thoroughly miserable and both were wearing Spank Shop aprons. In keeping with Kimberley’s love of all things Disney, the aprons were themed.

Zoe’s petite form was covered from neck to knee in an apron that had all sorts of images of a frolicking Minnie Mouse and the words: ‘Naughty but Mice!’ Kitty was dressed in an apron, which had an image of the spirited Merida from the movie Brave over the knee of her mother Eleanor, who was using a hairbrush to turn the princess’ backside the same shade of red as her fiery hair.

“Don’t you both look absolutely adorable?” Andrea exclaimed, clapping her hands.

Sharon beamed at her students.

“Do a twirl, so we can have a good look at you,” Andrea ordered.

Kimberley licked her lips as Zoe turned and she was presented with a pair of plump, pristine white cheeks. Even though the girl knew it was probably a little mean of her, she simply couldn’t wait to get those buttocks over her knee and turn them a hot blushing crimson. Generally when Kimberley spanked anyone close to her own age or older they were bigger than her. Zoe was a small girl and while she may have had a little bit of height over the receptionist it wasn’t by much.

Kitty’s cheeks flamed as she turned and gave everyone in the room, except for the unfortunate Steven and Jeremy, a good look at her pale half moons. “You know dressed like this, Kitty,” Andrea pointed out. “We can all get a good look at your tattoo and seeing as how you suffered for it you should be proud to show it off.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kitty sighed, remembering the painful and humiliating time when her older sister Lexie had brought her to the Spank Shop to have her backside tanned for getting that tattoo without parental permission and for being only seventeen when she managed to convince her then boyfriend, the son of a local tattooist, to do it for her. He’d been spanked for doing it and that had ultimately led to their break up.


Having displayed themselves to the audience the girls were placed in the room’s two free corners and that ensured that four bottoms were in corners and showing themselves off to the room.

“Kim?” Andrea asked. “Do you have the forms that everyone signed just to make sure that this is all above board?”

“Oh yes, ma’am!” the girl answered, flicking open the folder that she had read from earlier and removing some forms.

Andrea accepted them and scanned them. “They seem in order. We’ve got the parents signatures, their offspring and yours as well Sharon. All except for Kitty, but I already have a file on her, don’t I, sweetness?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Kitty mumbled at the wall.

“Kim,” Andrea again addressed her assistant. “Can you please put those forms in the appropriate files and give them to Mandy, then we’ll get started.”

Kimberley nodded and proceeded to place the forms in the correct files. She already had a folder for Kitty who had visited the shop more than once, but she’d needed to make new ones for the other three. She doubted she would ever need to use Jeremy or Zoe’s files again, but she was not so certain about Kitty or even Steven.


Mandy looked across from the computer screen as Kimberley entered the parlour. “All okay in there?” she asked, surprised to the see the blonde girl.

“Oh yes,” Kimberley said with a smile. “It’s been quiet?”

“Like the grave,” Mandy told her.

“Can you flle something for me?” Kimberley asked the brunette, holding out the four files.

“Sure,” Mandy agreed, taking the folders from Kimberley.

“Just put them in the cabinet,” Kimberley explained. “There are hanging files for each letter.”

“I’m pretty sure I can handle that, Kim,” Mandy assured the other girl. How seriously Kimberley took her job was a source of mild amusement for Mandy, but she didn’t tease the girl about it. She was justifiably proud of how well she did what she did.


“Mandy will put them in the right files,” Kimberley told Andrea and the other ladies as she made her way back into the sunroom and seated herself in a chair next to Maria. There was a small table in between Maria and Kimberley and the girl noted with satisfaction that both her cherry wood hairbrush and Maria’s koa wood one had been placed on the table for use when the ladies wanted them. A quick inspection of a similar table in between Gabrielle and Andrea showed the girl that both Gabrielle’s mahogany hairbrush and Andrea’s beloved ebony one were ready for when they were needed.

“Now that we’re all here and you four are in aprons, and Aunty Gabrielle and Aunty Maria have made sure that you two girls tinkled,” Andrea announced. “I think we can get started. Earlier amongst ourselves we decided who was going to deal with who, so when I say your name you are to go to your designated disciplinarian. Is that clear?”

There were some less than impressed mumbles at the wall in assent.

Andrea rolled her eyes. “Well, that was just pathetic. Come on, you four! Big boy and girl voices: ‘Yes, Aunty Andrea, we understand you.’ Let’s try that. Is that clear boys and girls?”

Over at one of the big glass windows, Sandra smiled into her teacup. Before she decided that she wanted to concentrate on teaching students of high school age, she had done some time as a student teacher with younger age children, and Andrea sounded exactly like many primary school teachers, with her coaxing and mention of boys and girls.

“Yes, Aunty Andrea, we understand you,” came firmly from the corners, if somewhat less cheerfully than Andrea herself had said it.

“Much better!” Andrea beamed. “Okay, we’ve got Zoe with Miss Kimberley.”

Blinking back tears, Zoe came away from the wall and shuffled over to Kimberley. The girl placed her hands on Zoe’s hips and moved her so that she was standing by her knee. “Okay, sweetie,” she smiled up at the trembling teenager, “you just stand there like a good girl and we’ll soon have you warm as toast over Aunty Kimberley’s knee.”

“Kitty,” Andrea said. “You’re with Aunty Maria.”

Kitty sighed and went to where a smiling Maria sat. Her parents and the Sculiattas were good friends as they shared a heritage. Kitty had always been aware that Aunty Maria, as she had been taught to call Mrs Sculiatta, spanked her kids, but she had somehow managed to escape it when over at her house and playing with the Sculiatta kids. Despite being sent to the Spank Shop a few times, as Maria was a fairly recent employee she hadn’t yet been over the lady’s knee.

Maria was impressed by the way that Kitty came her and knew where to stand. She reached out and putted the girl’s pale oval half moons gently and appreciated the way goose flesh popped up where her hand had been. The girl and her oldest; Rosa, had been close when they were younger, but she was secretly relieved that it wasn’t a relationship that continued to be as close as they got older, because Kitty had an attitude and while she wasn’t bad as such, her impulsiveness and rebellious nature could lead her feet astray, as this latest incident proved. If she and Rosa had remained good friends, it could have been young Miss Sculiatta who found herself upended over Kimberley Kennedy’s knee, not the apprehensive Zoe Pallas. Maria determined to really make Kitty burn for this.

“Steven,” Andrea called out the blond boy’s name and before she had announced Gabrielle’s name, he was out of the corner and headed towards the Kennedy matriarch. By the time Andrea had said, “Your disciplinarian is Aunty Gabrielle,” Steven was by Gabrielle Kennedy’s knee.

“Well, aren’t we an eager little beaver?” Gabrielle said, a little shocked by the speed of it all.

“I guess, ma’am,” Steven mumbled at his toes.

“You’ve been over my lap before, haven’t you, darling?” Gabrielle asked.

“Yes, ma’am The church camp.”

“I remember,” Gabrielle said with a nod. “Your little botty positively glowed. I could have just about roasted marshmallows on it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Steven answered, his hands going to his very vulnerable feeling buttocks.

“Uh uh,” Gabrielle warned with a wagging finger. “Put your hands on top of your head if you can’t think of anything else to do with them, and I think we can dispense with the ma’ams. From now on I am Aunty Gabrielle. Is that understood Steven?”

“Yes ma’a… I mean Aunty Gabrielle,” Steven said with a faint blush as he folded his hands over his Mohawk.

“That rather means you’re with me, Jeremy,” Andrea said, a predatory smile flickering across her lips.

Jeremy felt a sick sliding sensation in his stomach as he turned and saw that smile on Andrea’s face and the glint in those green eyes. Did she know that he had threatened Kimberley? What was it Kitty had said? She treated Kennedy like she was a niece or even a daughter. It could have been worse, it could have been Gabrielle Kennedy and one of her switches.

With as much composure as he could manage Jeremy straightened his back and went to stand by Andrea’s lap.

“Nice,” the chestnut haired woman purred. “ A bit of spirit, I like that. Horses are more Kimberley’s interest than mine, but I believe it can be quite challenging to break a new colt.”

Jeremy was not sure what the ‘breaking’ comment meant, but he knew that it could not possibly be any good for him.


Andrea continued to lead the session. “Now as everyone is in position we’ll get them all over the knee together. One, two, three!”

Hands were placed on hips, wrists were encircled and four teenagers found themselves laying across laps in the time honoured traditional spanking position.

There were some comments along the lines of ‘Scoot up, sweet heart,’, ‘Lift your hips, darling,’, ‘Upsa daisy!’, ‘There we are!’ as Kimberley, Maria, Gabrielle and Andrea got Zoe, Kitty, Steven and Jeremy exactly where they wanted them for the spanking.

“As I know that three of you are first timers,” Andrea said. “I’ll explain one thing to save some confusion. This hand spanking is by no means all you are going to get. It is just a warm up, an entrée to the main course if you will.”


Dangling over Maria’s lap, Kitty just sighed. She’d been through this before. She doubted any trip to the Spank Shop was over with just the hand spanking. The others may have been too nervous to pick up on it, but she’d seen the hairbrushes on the tables in between the spankers. There was a reason that they were there and it wasn’t to brush hair.

Zoe whimpered at Andrea’s pronouncement.

“It’s okay, Zoe, sweetheart,” Kimberley tried to reassure the girl, rubbing her back gently. “I’ll get you through this okay.”

Steven flexed his legs nervously.

“Oh yes,” Gabrielle purred. “You know how hard and long Aunty Gabrielle spanks.”

Jeremy didn’t say or do anything, but wondered if Andrea’s comment applied to him, as Kimberley had already spanked him earlier.


Hands were raised in the air and poised over twitching white, or in Jeremy’s case pink, bottoms. Catching the eye of her co spankers Andrea counted down silently. ‘Three.’ ‘Two.’ ‘One.” As Andrea mouthed the word ‘One.’ The hands fell and the spankings commenced.

Zoe squealed and kicked as Kimberley applied her palm firmly to the girl’s tender nates. Zoe was a wriggler, so Kimberley had to ensure that she had a good hold on the other girl’s waist to keep her over the knee, but because she was a small girl, it was easier to make sure she didn’t wriggle herself out of the line of fire. Kimberley spanked Zoe methodically. High right, high left, middle right, middle left and so on until she had gone all the way down to the tender and creamy upper thighs. Kitty was tanned all the way up to where her bikini bottoms began, Zoe was not such a child of the sun, so was still quite fair all over. Once Kimberley spanked both upper thighs she worked her way up again, keeping a close eye on how rosy and hot the girl over her lap was getting.

Maria had a different technique. Prior to beginning work at the Spank Shop she had never really considered methods of spanking. She just bared bottoms, put them over her knee and spanked them until they were red hot and howling. Spanking multiple bottoms two days a week and watching and talking with her co workers like Andrea and Kimberley she was coming to realize that there was a bit more to it all. Of the four students they had over their laps. Kitty Toscanno was by far the most experience spankee. She had a tougher behind and it was going to take something special to get tears out of a simple hand spanking from this girl. Gabrielle had confided that even she found Kitty a bit of a challenge.

Maria decided to move downwards in the way Kimberley had, but she only spanked the right side until she got to the thighs and Kitty had not expected that. Maria was pleased that the tall girl grunted and gasped her way through the first set, then continued to do so as Maria spanked up the left side, then went down the left side and up the right.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Kitty wailed. She had counted herself lucky not to have gotten Andrea or Gabrielle, but Aunty Maria could really spank! She had new respect for her old friend Rosa Sculiatta if this is what she went through every time her mother felt she had gotten too big for her britches. Which in the Sculiatta household merited a spanking, with those same britches around the ankles.

Steven was a strong boy, even as a youngster that had been evident. Some years on at the edge of manhood his bottom was firm and round, it was essentially a muscle and the boy exercised it regularly with frequent sport.

Gabrielle gave it a good going over and it clearly hurt Steven, he was quite fair so reddened up quickly, she paid special attention to the thighs and sit spots because she knew they were tender and hurt more when they were slapped. Steven’s reactions told her that. Gabrielle was also rostered on to work the next day and didn’t want to bruise her hand on Steven Mueller’s ‘buns of steel’.

“You’ve been warmed up nicely, Jeremy,” Andrea told the squirming boy over lap as she spanked steadily away. “Aunty Kimberley does good work, doesn’t she?”

Gritting his teeth against both the regular stinging pain Andrea’s experienced, hard and laser accurate palm was implanting into the nerve endings of his rear end, and the humiliation of having to call Kimberley Kennedy, a girl who had only been a year ahead of him at school and was his age, ‘Aunty’, Jeremy grunted out, “Yes Miss Andrea.”

“Yes, she does,” Andrea agreed, a spank landing on each word. “As she toasted you nicely earlier why don’t you open your legs nice and wide for Aunty Andrea, and we’ll get you well done all over?”

Being an inexperienced spankee Jeremy was not entirely aware of how excruciating being spanked on the inside thighs and buttocks actually was. He also didn’t realize that if he spread his legs it was impossible for him to cross and uncross his ankles, like a wailing Zoe, a crying Kitty and Steven, who was fighting hard to hold back the waterworks, were to ease the pain a little.

“Oh f…!” Jeremy howled as Andrea’s palm exploded on one soft inner thigh.

Andrea paused the spanking. “I believe Aunty Kimberley has already soaped your mouth out, Jeremy?” she asked.

Blinking back tears Jeremy admitted that she had.

“If you want me to complete the rest of this spanking as well as what you and your friends have coming with a bar of soap in your mouth, by all means finish what you were about to say. If not I would suggest you either find an alternative, or try not to say it. I don’t know. Young people these days, unable to express themselves without resorting to profanity.”


When all four of the students were crying steadily and their bottoms were glowing prettily Andrea decided that they had been warmed up sufficiently and brought the hand spankings to a close.

“Oh yes, simmering nicely,” Andrea purred as she rested the back of her hand on Jeremy’s scorched orbs.

“Lovely and toasty warm here, Aunty Andrea,” Kimberley reported brightly, feeling Zoe’s tomato red globes.

“Kitty’s ready to go on the high flame, too,” Maria agreed, admiring the girl’s roasted hams.

“Steven reddened up right away, took me longer to get him good and hot, but he’s ready for Mama Mahogany, now,” Gabrielle admitted, running her hand over Steven’s blazing red hemispheres.


Andrea’s eyes went to the table next to her and they sparkled as she spotted Kimberley’s hand reflexively reaching for the handle of Mademoiselle Cherry, she nodded, and with a grateful smile Kimberley picked up the hairbrush.

Maria realized that the signal had been given and Contessa K was soon in her hand. As always she marveled at natural the hairbrush felt in her hand, like it had been custom made for her, which she knew was not truly the case.

A slow smile spread over Gabrielle’s face as she poised Mama Mahogany over Steven’s ruddy simmering orbs.

Andrea rested the flat back of Mrs Ebony on Jeremy’s now scarlet hindquarters and grinned as he flinched at its touch. “Do you know what that is, Jeremy?” she asked, not moving the brush, but keeping her hand on the handle, and tightening her grip a little around Jeremy’s waist.

‘It’s got to be that fucking hairbrush’ was Jeremy’s thought as he remembered conversations with Kitty prior to the visit. Knowing what sort of response that answer would provoke, he wisely kept his thoughts to himself and said quietly, “I think it’s a hairbrush, Miss Andrea.”

Jeremy could not see it, but Andrea’s mouth turned down in a small moue of disappointment. “Did Kitty tell you about Mrs Ebony, Jeremy?”

Before answering Jeremy considered how to do so, would it be throwing Kitty under the bus if he said yes?

“The truth would be appreciated, young man,” Andrea added sternly, taking the initial silence as an attempt to fabricate an answer.

“Yes, ma’am,” he sighed.

Kitty winced at Andrea’s next words. “Wasn’t she a naughty little thing? You know Aunty likes for her boys and girls to have small surprises don’t you, Kitty Kat?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea,” the girl said in a shaking voice, tears spilling out her eyes as her buttocks trembled while Maria rubbed the back of Contessa K over her lightly scorched globes.

“How does that feel, Steven?” Gabrielle asked, using Mama Mahogany’s bristles to gently rub his bottom.

“It’s a little scratchy, ma’am,” he said, trying to keep his voice under control. Gabrielle’s hand hurt enough, she could probably do a good deal more damage with a hairbrush.

“It’s okay, darling,” Gabrielle said warmly. “Aunty Gabrielle will soon have that tight little hind end as hot as hot can be. I’ll be able to boil the kettle on your naughty sitmedown by the time Mama Mahogany and I are done here. So don’t try to be brave, just lay over Aunty’s lap and have a good hard cry.”

As Steven let out a shuddering breath, Kimberley was speaking to a constantly crying Zoe softly. “I know it hurts, honey,” the blonde teen said reasonably, “that’s what spankings do, it’s why they’re so good for naughty boys and girls. I’ll take my time with Mademoiselle Cherry and really light a nice hot little campfire down there, but I’ll be careful about it, okay. You just keep on crying for me. A good long cry really helps sometimes. I know you feel bad about what you and Kitty and the boys did and how much it hurt your parents, but the slate is all clean after this afternoon. Just hang on tight.”

“Yes,’ Andrea said firmly, lifting the ebony hairbrush off Jeremy’s bottom. “Excellent suggestion from Kimberley Susan there. You all hang on tight,” and she raised the brush in the air.


For the next five or so minutes the room filled with the sound of wooden hairbrush backs cracking across four glowing, writhing adolescent bottoms and the squeals, howls and sobs of the miserable recipients.

The reactions to the none too delicate attentions of Mademoiselle Cherry, Contessa K, Mama Mahogany and the revered Mrs Ebony from Zoe, Kitty, Steven and Jeremy were loud and animated.

Cherry red rears pumped frantically up and down, they rolled from side to side and they wriggled and twitched madly. Legs kicked, ankles crossed and uncrossed desperately. Mouths opened in full throated roars and bellows of pain and shock, the spanks to the sit spots and tender upper thighs tended to really open the lungs of the four teenagers over the determined laps of Kimberley, Maria, Gabrielle and Andrea, four of the Spank Shop’s finest.

The hand spanking already had Zoe crying and her nose running, she drooled and hiccupped her way through the hairbrushing, Kimberley paused occasionally so that the girl could get her breath back. Kimberley had spanked some clients she considered babies about their spankings in the past, some of them older than the girl over her thighs now, but Zoe had jumped to number one on her list for her maiden overlap performance this afternoon.

Kitty’s eyes and nose were also leaking. She’d started to sniffle at the end of the hand spanking, Aunty Maria spanked hard! The brush was new and Maria knew how to use it. It was putting pure fire into every inch of where she sat, and she wasn’t at all ashamed of losing it and crying and her nose dripping like a tap. At least Aunty Maria had tied her hair back and she wasn’t going to get it all mucky.

Steven had tried to hold out. He’d bawled his head off the last time Aunty Gabrielle had spanked him, but he’d been a scared little kid then and it had just happened without any warning. He was older, stronger and he knew this was coming, so had been able to prepare for it. He’d tried to be tough, but once Gabrielle had started with the brush he hadn’t been able to help it. He squeezed his eyes shut tight and the tears streamed down his cheeks.

The dual spankings had been pretty bad. Kimberley’s was more embarrassing than painful, it had also been comparatively brief, Andrea’s had really stung, and Jeremy thought he’d be either taking his dinner standing up or sitting on a pillow this evening, but that brush. That freaking brush! It wasn’t just how much it hurt, it was where Andrea hit with it and how. Through the searing pain, as the tears coursed down his face, his nose started running and spittle flew from his mouth, he wondered if she’d taken a course in how to use it and exactly where one could go to take such a course.


The brushes stopped their relentless rise and fall and the four recipients lay over the laps and sobbed as they slowly came to the realization that the ordeal was over.

Andrea set her ebony hairbrush down on the table next to her and caught Sharon Johnson’s eye. The headmistress had been enraptured by the sight of the four bobbing sizzling red bottoms in front of her and her cooling tea sat forgotten by her side.

“Sharon,” Andrea said softly, her eyes going to the box of tissues that was nearby. “Would you mind?”

Sharon blinked and then understanding dawned on her face. “Oh of course!” she said, picking up the tissues and jumping to her feet, she went along the line of spankers, proffering the box. Each lady plucked a tissue or two and used them to wipe across their perspiring brows and dabbed at their slick wrists.

“Is everyone able to get up?” Andrea asked, pitching her voice a little louder to be heard over the soft crying coming from some of the freshly spanked teens.


Steven answered the question by painfully levering himself off Gabrielle’s lap and standing awkwardly. His face was tear stained, but dry and he did have a pained expression. Gabrielle saw the hands straying towards his rear end, she grabbed his wrists with a quick, “Not until Aunty says so, naughty boy!” she punctuated the warning with a sharp smack, but then rubbed his steaming cheeks brusquely for him. She turned him in the direction of the corner, and pushed him gently, with the order, “You know where to go and what to do. Get in there, press in tight, hands on head.”

As Steven was doing what he had been told Jeremy was hissing in pain. He had attempted to get up from Andrea’s lap unaided, overbalanced before he had his feet and landed hard on his aching back end. Andrea bit back a laugh. Just spanked boys could be the funniest thing. She held out a hand to him, which he accepted and was surprised by the ease at which she pulled him to his feet. She was tall for a woman, although not as tall as Gabrielle Kennedy, and she was quite strong as Kimberley had said.

“You heard what Aunty Gabrielle said to Steven,” Andrea told him. “You go back to your old corner and get in there, and if you rub you can go back over my lap for another dose.”

Jeremy had been considering defiantly rubbing his backside, but those stern definite words took a lot of the fight out of him.

Kitty allowed Maria’s strong arms to set her on her feet and looked at the woman through tear blurred eyes. “Corner?” she blubbered.

“Yes, darling,” Maria confirmed.

“You’re not done yet, are you, ma’am?”

“No, Tesoro,” Maria answered kindly.

Kitty sighed and made her way stiff backed to the corner before pressing in with a miserable little sob.

“Zoe?” Kimberley said to the still blubbering girl over her lap.

“Yes?” Zoe hiccupped through her tears.

“We’re done with the brush, sweetie. Can you get up, or do you want Aunty Kimberley to help you?”

“Help, Aunty,” was the rather pathetic reply.

Kimberley rolled her eyes and clucked her tongue in annoyance. She knew it was the girl’s first spanking and that she was usually a well behaved girl, but honestly all this carry on! If Zoe had been eight and not eighteen she could have understood it, maybe, although she was sure her younger sister Madeleine, who at nine was a spanking veteran, would have put a younger version of Zoe to shame there, too.

Despite her personal feelings on what an enormous baby Zoe was being about this all, she put her arms around the girl’s slender waist and held her as she eased her upright. As soon as Zoe was on her feet her hands flew to her fiery hot rear end and began to rub furiously.

Kimberley’s blue eyes flashed, she grabbed Zoe’s wrists and held them firmly to her sides. The girl wriggled and her own brimming eyes stared at Kimberley. “I’ll let that pass because you’re a first timer, Zoe and because you’re obviously quite distraught, but you do not rub your bottom unless you are given permission.”

“But it hurts, Miss Kimberley!” the girl wailed and very nearly stamped her foot in frustration.

Andrea spoke up. “It is meant to hurt you silly little girl,” she said sharply and her voice cracked like a whip in the brightly lit sun room. “How do you think your teachers felt when they arrived at school after your little rampage to find their staff room damaged and hurtful things about them painted on the walls? What about your parents when they were informed of what you and your three cohorts had been up to?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Zoe said quietly, dropping her head and starting to cry again.

Andrea shook her head. “Kimberley please escort Miss Pallas to the corner and give her a good hard slap from each of us, that includes Headmistress Johnson,”

“Yes, Aunty,” Kimberley said brightly, rising her to feet and taking a blubbering Zoe to the corner. Once she had her there, she administered five bottom sizzling slaps to the girl’s twitching, scarlet half moons, each loud smack eliciting a high pitched squeal from the miserable Zoe.


“Where’s the oil, Kim?” Andrea asked once the four miscreants were simmering and sobbing in their corners.

“I took it out when we came in, ma’am. It’s on the coffee table. It would probably be warm enough in the cupboard, but this will make sure of it.”

“Oil?” an intrigued Sharon Johnson asked.

“Baby oil,” Gabrielle explained.

“Oh, I’ve heard of it,” Sharon said, “but never seen it done. Does it really make a difference?”

“Oh yes,” Andrea explained as Kimberley rose to retrieve the bottle from the parlour. “Intensifies the sting a good deal. You can use it with everything from the hand to a cane, but I find it’s most effective with a strap like The Igniter or a spencer paddle.”

“The holes really make it burn, but you do have to be careful not to blister’ Gabrielle added.

“We won’t be using either of those today, but on top of a hand spanking and a hairbrushing what I have in mind should be more than sufficient.”


Interested eyes turned to the entrance from the parlour as Kimberley appeared in it, a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a large solid rectangular paddle in the other. One side of the paddle had the words Board of Education stenciled on it in bold black ink and the other side bore a number of signatures done in black marker. The paddle itself had been covered in a coat of clear lacquer to ensure that the writing would not fade.

“Is that the paddle we gave you for your birthday, Andie?” Sharon asked, topping up her teacup and sitting back.

Andrea nodded.

“You’ve had a use for it?”

“This is by no means its first outing, Sharon. It’s highly effective and I thought in this case very appropriate as our four little vandals have not yet graduated.”

“You may leave the corners, now,” Andrea told the four glowing bottoms in each corner of the sunroom. “You can turn around, but if anyone rubs their bottom they can have a free ride over Aunty Andrea’s knee before we finish off.”

The warning was sufficient to ensure that all four high school students obeyed the stern disciplinarian, although Jeremy’s twitching fingers and the way a still blubbering Zoe shifted from foot to foot told everyone that those two were finding it hard not to rub their sizzling hindquarters.

Kitty’s eyes crossed nervously to the paddle Kim held in her hand. She had been paddled at the shop before, not with that that exact paddle, but it had been a very testing time for her. She looked across to Zoe and was a little concerned that the girl may go into shock. Andrea scared her a little, and so did Gabrielle. She doubted Kim would be particularly sympathetic, but Aunty Maria may be. “Aunty Maria?” she asked, putting her hand in the air.

“Yes, little one,” Maria said kindly.

“May I speak with your privately for a moment, ma’am?”

Maria’s face looked confused. Andrea shrugged. “We’ll just get the other three into position along the wall while you and Kitten have your chat.”


Maria took Kitty into the parlour and then looked her in the face asking, ”What is this about, young lady?”

“You’re going to paddle us aren’t you, Aunty?” Kitty asked.

“You’re a perceptive girl,” Maria complimented her. “I do hope you’re not trying to get out of that. You were just as guilty as the other three.”

“No, no, Aunty Maria,” Kitty was quick to deny. “It’s Zoe.”

“Zoe?” Maria asked, her eyebrows drawing down in a frown.

“This is her first ever spanking, and she’s kind of delicate. I know we all need to be paddled, but can you somehow go easy on her, please, Aunty? She’s totally freaked. She may go into shock.”

Maria’s face broke into a smile, “What a loving child you are, Katerina. I don’t think it will come to that, but yes I’ll do what I can to ensure that her strokes are a little lighter, is that acceptable?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Kitty sighed.

“Very well then,” Maria said, putting an arm around Kitty’s shoulders. “Kimberley and I will swap for the paddling.”

‘Wonderful!’ Kitty thought to herself. ‘Zoe gets off a little easier and I get my butt scorched by Kennedy!’


When Maria and Kitty reentered the room, Kimberley was gleefully slathering oil on three pushed out sets of buttocks. Even from her less than wanted vantage point Kitty had to admit that the out thrust globes positively shone under their thin coating of baby oil.

Without being prompted Kitty took position next to a still weeping Zoe and pushed her bottom out provocatively. She gasped as Kimberley slapped a handful of oil on it, then coated it on. Despite knowing what was coming she had to admit the initial sensation was rather soothing. She felt some slender fingers questing for her own and took Zoe’s trembling little hand in her own, then squeezed it reassuringly.

“We’ll get things underway with Miss Pallas,” Andrea announced.

Zoe’s eyes snapped wide open in panic. “What? Me? Please no! Please!”

Kitty squeezed her friend’s fingers. “Just chill. I’m right here, honey. Be over before you know it.”


Maria stepped up, paddle in hand and gave four swats, hard and quick. Zoe started off with a high pitched squeal and kept up the earsplitting screech for the entire quartet of paddle spanks. Kitty winced as her hand was squeezed tightly.

Zoe sagged as she realized it was over and let go of Kitty’s hand. The tall brunette gasped as the blood returned to her fingers. She was dimly aware of a sobbing Zoe being taken into the parlour and a couch by Maria.

Then she heard Kimberley’s bright voice. “My turn.”

Kitty grit her teeth and waited for it. The little blonde did not disappoint. There wasn’t much of her, but she could really swing a paddle. She knew exactly where to hit and how to swipe the paddle across the oil covered orbs to make it sting the most. Kitty threw her head back and howled after the second stroke, it felt like someone had actually lit her bottom on fire. She straightened up after the fourth stroke and heard Andrea say, “You may rub, Kitty, you can join Aunty Maria and Zoe in the parlour.”

Kitty didn’t need to be told twice, clutching her fiery hot red buttocks she fled the sunroom. She heard Andrea tell Kimberley. “Well done, darling. You can go to the parlour too. Maria can help you get the horse in place.”

Kitty didn’t know what the horse was and she didn’t much care, all she wanted was for her backside to stop burning. Zoe was stretched out over Maria’s accommodating lap and the matronly Italian lady was soothing the roasted globes gently with lotion and water. Zoe had even stopped crying.

“Would also like some Mama Maria loving, Kitty Kat?” she offered kindly.

“Oh yes please, Aunty Maria,” Kitty gushed.

Zoe hopped up, and her little red bottom wagging under the Minnie Mouse apron, scurried off to the change room to get dressed.


As Kitty luxuriated and purred under Maria’s gentle ministrations, she could hear the bang as the paddle landed and Steven’s answering howls. She bet Aunty Gabrielle was wicked with a paddle on an oiled bottom, even a tough one like Steven’s.

The boy was brought into the parlour by Gabrielle. He was crying, one hand was rubbing his bottom and the other was held by Gabrielle. As Kitty got up off Maria’s lap and went to join Zoe in the change room she couldn’t help thinking how much like a naughty little boy Steven looked. A naughty little boy Mummy had just spanked.

Gabrielle replaced Maria on the couch as Maria helped Kimberley move a curious piece of furniture out of the corner and into the middle of the room. Steven was soon face down over Gabrielle’s lap as she used lotion, water, cotton buds as well as her fingers and her soft words to soothe the aching buttocks and battered ego of the boy.

Now redressed, the girls passed a red faced Steven as he was on his way to the change room. Andrea stood in the parlour with Jeremy next to her and Sharon Johnson on the other side. “Once Steven is out here can you ladies take he and the girls out to reception and if you can organize payment and the like please Kim.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley agreed. “What about Jeremy?”

“Oh Mister Richards and I have some unfinished business to attend to,” Andrea said in a rather ominous tone.


As Steven reentered the room, his eyes widened as Andrea was placing his friend over a piece of wooden furniture, He was bent well over it, his face was in a padded aperture like those found on massage tables, his legs were spread and Andrea had fastened straps around his ankles.

As Sharon, Kimberley, Maria and Gabrielle ushered the three teenagers out of the parlour they looked over their shoulders and saw Andrea standing behind Jeremy, she stood tall and proud, her luxurious chestnut locks tumbled around her shoulders and down her back and she flexed a cane in her hands.

As the door shut behind them Andrea’s voice could be heard saying, “This is what happens to ANYONE who offers physical violence to a member of my staff.”


  1. Dear Aunty Andrea
    This was a lovely story .A job well done to all the spankers of tth Spank Shop .Those 4 teenagers sure got well spanked ..Thank you very much.

  2. Hi

    Wow, loved it, especially the Kimberley parts, love when she lends a hand to say the least, also the brushing were so wonderful and memorable. Loved it and topical as recently some teens trashed a high school as part of a senior prank, bet if this happened in NJ, word would spread and no one would dare try that again.
    Thank you, love it

  3. Thank you Heniel and Ron. Seegee did tell me that the incident you mentioned Ron was in fact the inspiration for this storyline.

  4. Wonderful! Four real miscreants well punished and unlikely to forget their punishments any time soon. Especially since they'll be working at the school fixing some of the damage they did. It's a good thing school's out for the summer so all the trashed classrooms and hallways will remain undisturbed for them to do their penance.

    Jeremy seems to be an exceedlingly foolish and, there's no other word for it, BRATTY young man. He deserves everything Aunty Andrea will give him and, hopefully, Kim will have a turn too and he won't be able to sit for some time, at least without wincing visibly. The cane is a wicked implement...

    Another superlative story from Seegee. I don't know how he does it so consistently.


    1. Seegee and I both thank you. I know these stories can be quite long and sometimes hard to read due to length, but I think he does a wonderful job and has kept the continuity and variation throughout the length of the series.