Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July Update from Kimberley Susan

We're more than halfway through the year! Had the Winter Solstice (Summer for you lucky ducks in the Northern Hemisphere) and Christmas seems just around the corner.

We're quite busy at the shop. Winter always seems to increase our business, although we don't get as many complaints about a hot bottom in the cold weather.

I want to have a little rant about something I saw on CF Shots.

I'm going to post two pictures from it and give my thoughts.

I don't know what the owner of this hand did, but this is WRONG! Applying a ruler, a cane or even a strap to a hand can do real damage. There are small bones that can easily be broken. I know Aunty has done it sometimes with a tawse or short strap and it's one thing that we vehemently disagree on.

Now this is better. I think the yardstick (it's longer than the normal ruler) is being held a bit far down, but it is being administered to a bare bottom that is pinkening up nicely. Bottoms have lots of upholstery and they are the perfect place to spank, those and the upper thighs. I honestly don't know why anyone would choose to spank anywhere else.

Okay rant over and back to what is happening in the world of Kimberley Susan. July is Wimbledon month and as everyone here knows Mummy, Aunty and I are very keen tennis players and followers. So here's a picture of maybe why we like the sport so much.

That rather reminds me of what Seegee said Aunty did to Miss Dixon-Thompson after she broke the glass in the clubroom door at the tennis club following a fit of temper. (see Spank Shop #33).

The other thing that happens this month in the sporting world is the Tour De France. I don't ride a bike. My little brother and sister do to school, but I've kind of out grown it. I tend to watch the Tour for the scenery and the wonderful commentary of Phil Ligget. Here's a bike race of a different sort.

Aunty wants to remind everyone that July is the month to nominate another female spanker for the SotY. We already have one nomination, so keep them coming in. Last month was wonderful on the SotY front.

There will be stories and maybe an article or two. I'm hoping we can tempt Aunty Maria to write something for us.

Kimberley Susan


  1. Hi Kim,

    I agree with you about the ruler to the hand (and in the other case). I really like the bike picture. In fact, it's one of my wallpapers (it's from a Queen album cover) and has an abundance of feminine pulchritude... This is the only kind of bike race I would watch, I find most of them as boring as watching paint dry. Sorry... ;-)

    I'm curious as to Aunty Maria's contribution. Can't wait!


    1. Oh Kim and I don't watch the Tour for the bike racing, we do it for the scenery, which is often more interesting than the race unless there's an exciting race for the line at the end.