Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tough love

It's near the end of the month and that means it's time to reveal the nominees for this month's SotY so that everyone can have some time to think and vote.

This month I asked for female spankers. This is what you suggested for us to decide, I've also added one of my own because I felt she needed to be there.

Red Rump, who has many fine examples of female spankers at his own wonderful blog gave me the below lady, if memory serves she has also been nominated as a spankee in the past.

Beyonce, owner of possibly the world's most famous bottom along with JLo and Pippa Middleton. She's a superstar, a mother and a wife, although recent reports suggest that she may like to turn her husband Jay Z over her lap at present. I'm sure she'd be a star at spanking the same way she is at everything else she turns her mind and talents to.

Phil looked at the political arena and came up with a mover and shaker on the world stage.

Angela Merkel, the leader of recent World Cup winners Germany. She's looking less than impressed here and given the recent phone hacking scandal she may be thinking of spanking the American ambassador the next time they meet.

Heniel had a rather controversial selection.

Second generation Hollywood royalty Jane Fonda has aged well and presents the picture of a elegant mature matriarch, and she's been cast that way in recent films.

However that wasn't always the case and her earlier anti-war stance and actions during the Vietnam War earned her the nick name of Hanoi Jane after she posed with an anti-aircraft gun.

My French friend recommended my own namesake Andie MacDowell, and I think everyone will have to agree that she makes quite a formidable spanker.

Age seems to have leant Miss MacDowell some gravity, and I can easily see her taking a recalcitrant young lady or gentleman over her lap and scorching their impertinent posterior.

This last one is my addition and she's very much in the news these days.

US First Lady Michelle Obama, she's a mother of two girls and at times it seems like she has to fill that role for her husband as well. Most recently when he said that the pies the White House chef bakes were so good that he must put crack in them. Michelle had to step up and say that there was no crack in the pies and the look she gave her husband suggested that was not the end of the conversation.

So there we have it 5 ladies, all equally deserving of the honour.

The choice is now in your hands. I'll announce the winner at the end of the month.


  1. So many choices! I think Beyonce may want to also consider taking her sister Solange over her lap for some correction after that little contretemps in that hotel elevator not long ago. Jane Fonda is far more deserving of getting a spanking than giving one. What she did in Viet Nam was, and is, nothing less than despicable. I'm sure your namesake is more than capable of administering a proper spanking. She IS, after all, a Southern lady, born and bred. And, whatever else you might think, Michelle Obama has "the look" and frankly, her husband richly deserves it.

    I'll still have to go with my original choice, Angela Merkel. She looks like and old-fashioned German grossmutter and can probably dish out an old-fashioned spanking to match... ;-)


    1. So many choices and so many reasons to choose them.

  2. Well, if it's allowed, I vote for my own nominee, too. Who would not want to find themselves hauled over Beyonce's shapely lap?

    1. Of course you are allowed to vote for your own nominee, after all you nominated her for a reason.

  3. I'm going to have to go with Jane Fonda this time around, though both Miss. MacDowell and Michelle Obama are close seconds for me.

  4. I failed to nominate many great ladies (some only famous in my own eyes) but (other than you, Andrea) I'll vote for Beyonce. From what little I've read she's a really great person and totally has it together. While I can't compete with Jay Z, if I was her husband I'd much rather she spank me over something I'd done to upset her than have her cry over it. Plus she's in great shape and has great stamina so she'd totally get to decide when to stop. She can bring tears to my eyes singing "Amazing Grace" so if she ever wanted to try alternative methods she'd be more than welcome!

  5. Andie all the way but man would I love for Mrs. President to spank my bottom!