Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August Update from Kimberley Susan

Hello everyone! It's your favourite receptionist and discipline consultant (at least I hope I'm your favourite!) Kimberley Susan here again with another monthly update.

This is a little bittersweet. Sweet because Aunty and I are going on holidays! And bitter because Aunty and I are going holidays, and we won't be able to entertain you while we're off enjoying our hard earned break.

I'm heading for somewhere like this.

Sun, sand, water, hot boys in bathing suits. Mmmmm...

And Aunty is going here.

She's not staying in the Tower, or at least I don't think she is. She's also venturing out of London, but you get the idea.

As I don't have a lot to say about upcoming posts I'll have to find something else to discuss for a bit.

I've had a few questions about what I do when I'm not answering phones, making appointments or spanking naughty bottoms here at the shop.

It's not really a hobby as such, but after I met Trent (Spank Shop #30) I realised that I could help Clarkstown youngsters out by tutoring them. I also helped Ryan (Spank Shop #36) get his high school equivalency and I'm apparently booked in to assist Jeremy Cameron (Spank Shop #45) graduate next year (he didn't pass I'm sad to say), so what sort of tutor am I? Well the young lady in this picture explains it quite succinctly I feel.

I normally only have one student at a time, so I don't have an audience, but I do spank and paddle for tardiness and cheek, amongst other things.

If you're booked in for a session with me this image from Someones Gonna Get It is probably a fair approximation of what you'll be greeted with when you arrive at class.

Maybe that will fire Seegee's fertile imagination (hint hint) for an upcoming Spank Shop story.

I'll leave you with this image from Spanking Toons.

As Kimberley said it's goodbye for now from Andrea, Gabrielle and Maria.

But we'll be back in September, so until then be good and if you can't be good remember we're all waiting at The Spank Shop.

Andrea, Kimberley, Gabrielle and Maria.


  1. Have fun. And don't do anything I wouldn't do (that's setting the bar pretty low). ;-)


    1. By the way, Kimberly dear, I think you mean you're booked to tutor Jeremy DANIELS, right? Wouldn't want you to subject the wrong boy to your tender mercies, would we? ;-)


  2. Have a lovely time...we just came back from a place like that and Aunty in London, very nice, boy she would be perfect in London, a city of spanking!!

    Best wishes,