Sunday, 26 October 2014

Naughty Girls

Now we haven't done this for a little while, what with me gallivanting here there and everywhere and then being rather busy when I returned. I'm a little late, but just as well, because I got two more nominations last minute.

Yes, it's time to vote for October's SotM. I wanted girls/ladies to be spanked this time. So we'll see what you came up with. Because I'm late in getting this post up, I'll allow time and announce the winner determined by you in early November.

Little Brat nominated model, actress and View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck for general behaviour and attitude. I don't watch The View, so I don't know about that, but she does look quite spankable in the image above.

Both Phil and Richard nominated actress Amanda Bynes:

I think the above image with the caption illustrates why. She seems to be going down the Lindsay Lohan path. Maybe a visit to the shop can straighten her out before it gets to that point.

Phil also put forth Rosie O'Donnell:

He finds her loud and obnoxious, which she frequently is, but I believe that's how she made her name as a comedienne and in that business when you find something that works, you stick with it.

Richard too had a second nomination this month.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's been nominated at least once, it may even be twice before. She does look quite spankable.

I had one of my own this time. I do hope people don't think I'm cheating.

That rather fetching derriere belongs to British singer, actress and presenter Amanda Holden. I did nominate her for showing off and quite shamelessly displaying some of her assets quite publicly and then pretending that it was unintentional. Oh yes, I didn't meant to tweet my backside everywhere! It just happened. She does have a point though, when you've got it why not flaunt it?

Barbara mentioned the lovely South African born actress Charlize Theron:

No real reason other than she'd like to see that lovely long lean form laid over a lap for a spanking. I have to confess I agree, and she does seem to be asking for it in this picture.

Stephanie's nomination of Maria Sharapova is no stranger to these pages, in fact she was my very first SotM. Again there isn't a reason and other than wanting to see that lovely bottom turn bright red there doesn't have to be.

So what say all of you?

I'll allow a week or so for voting and post the 'lucky' winner then.

Love and happy voting,
Aunty Andrea


  1. Dear Aunty,

    My vote definitely goes to Rosie O'Donnell. Her personality may have contributed to her career but I still find her hateful and loud. I'd love to see her humbled right proper. I can see why YOU might not want to spank her (probably has a big, fat ass to match her mouth) but I think you should. Amanda is a second but I think she might have mental problems so that could disqualify her. The others are all worthy contestants but more for their appearance than their actions. So be it...


  2. Gee Aunty, can I spank them all..? (Except for Rosie O'Donnell....?)

  3. Dear Aunty,

    Sorry, Ma'am, I should have given you much more information on Ms. Hasselbeck's qualifications for this long overdue, in her case lifetime bratchievement award. I hope now to avoid Kimmy booking me in for sloppy, late and incomplete homework, Ma'am.

    Ms. Hasselbeck first rose to fame by backstabbing her way to the top of one of the very first seasons of the 'reality' show "Survivor." While I don't watch that reality crap myself and know none of the details, her deviousness was apparently Machiavellian.

    [Having Kimmy investigate those details and report them to you as well as naming her your "Chief Investigator" in all of your discipline cases might help mitigate some of the sting from her recent demotion from part time fill in for her mother on her off days by your hiring Maria. To Kimmy it had to seem as though her performance in that role had lost your confidence and in your eyes she couldn't 'handle it' to your satisfaction. That had to be a savage blow to her pride! No wonder the girl was in tears! She worships you! I'm surprised she hasn't quit and gone off to college yet where she belongs! And now your 'real' niece arrives to further drop her down the Aunty Andrey food chain to add to her list of 'enemies.' The poor girl has to be ready to explode, Ma'am!!!]

    On Ms. Barbara Walter's "The View" Ms. Hasselbeck was for a decade until her recent long overdue firing a shrill and obstreperous champion for the oppressed rich and chief apologist for the bush administration including his "Enhanced Interrogation" [It's not really TORTURE if you give it a nicer sounding name! Yes Aunty, Americans really are that stupid! They re-elected him after that! That's one of many reasons I am ashamed to be an American Veteran now! We didn't used to do that crap!] policy.

    She has also frequently let her carefully hidden inner bigot slip out on the air on numerous occasions. Watching her rationalize her hate was almost amusing! As obnoxious as Rosie O'Donnell could be, she at least possesses a heart and was repeatedly provoked by Ms. Hasselbeck.

    However, as much as I would love to watch each and every impact of Ms. Ebony on Ms. Hasselbeck's alabaster spoiled brat bare bottom and hear her screaming like a banchee in reply to each and every single one, I must swing my vote to young Amanda Bynes. That young lady is WORTHY of your efforts, Ma'am, and equally worth saving!

    Sincerely and Respectfully Yours, Ma'am,

  4. Hi Aunty

    Ms. Hasselback all the way, she is just a bit of a snob and her attitide on tv is just so asking for a nice long session on your lap, ebony please.

  5. It has to be Amanda Holden for me. Ms Holden is a mature woman who should know far better than to tweet photos of her bare bottom even though I agree she does have a lovely bum. Even more reason though Aunty to put her over your knee. She does more presenting than singing at the moment but I think you will be able to make her sing Auntyas you redden her bottom for her!