Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The brush off

It's been some time since I did a post apropos of nothing in particular, so the time has come. As any regular reader of this blog knows my hairbrush is near and dear to my heart, I did name her Mrs Ebony after all, so in honour of that I have a number of pictures of hair brushings, which I'll post and offer a few comments on.

The ones above from Boys Boarding School, Cassie Hunter, Clare Spanks Men and Dana Kane are all strong spanking women with men helpless over their laps as they ply their hairbrushes enthusiastically to brightly glowing buttocks. I may have posted the Clare Fonda one before, but it's such a perfect picture of domestic maternal discipline that it bears a repeat.

I have to admit I'm not entirely keen on how the one above is posed. I see it as two friends having fun really. The girl is sort of bent over a thigh, while being trapped by the upper leg. Be more comfortable for everyone if the spanker was seated somewhere and had her friend arranged over her lap.

Two very different approaches from Miss Lina. One is very traditional and the other is the exact opposite of that. She's definitely making sure that her victim has a well scorched behind, though. Using her weight to hold him down and spanking with two brushes, one for each cheek.

This one from Momma Spankings is lovely. A naughty school girl crying over Momma's lap as her skirt is lifted, panties lowered and hairbrush applied firmly.

My Spanking Roommate has one girl spanking the other and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween they're both dressed in some sort of costume.

Snow Mercy gives that most lovely of all spankings a good bedtime brushing, with the recipient in pyjamas, minus the bottoms. Her sister looks on from the door way.

From Strict Women. By the looks of that pink bottom this one has a long way to go before he's cooked.

I hope you've enjoyed my musings on the pictures. Yes, I did deliberately go heavy on the boys this time. They're so often ignored.


  1. Nice pics Aunty. I'll have to disagree with you on the boys being "ignored" so often on the blog. That has definitely not been my experience since I've been visiting here... ;-)


  2. Bravo Aunty, we all truly love to hate the brush.....the boys boarding school pic is an amazing vidoe, the lady with the brush has been on the other side many times and the spanking she doles out it classic.....but all the pics are amazing...and yes I would truly love the trip from NJ to your country knowing your ebony is waiting....love it....thank you