Tuesday, 7 October 2014

'The Spank Shop 48 - Carl'

Yes, Seegee and the Spank Shop are back. We're steadily inching our way towards the half century mark. Enjoy the 48th instalment.

From Clare Spanks Men. Andrea and her paddle lay in wait for the unsuspecting client.

The tall, slender teenager with the shoulder length soft brown wavy hair, and wearing the name tag Georgie on the breast of the uniform she wore in her work as a waitress at the pleasant little patisserie on Clarkstown’s High Street, ferried two coffees through the shop and set them down in front of the young couple seated next to the street facing window.

“Your coffee, Constable Wheeler, Jennings,” she said politely.

“Thanks honey,” Constable Tania Wheeler said with a bright smile, and the girl went about her business, and left the two police officers to their refreshment.

Carl Jennings poured some sugar into his drink and watched it sink slowly through the foam.

“It’s really not that bad, Carl,” Tania said mildly, sipping her coffee.

“You said it hurt,” Carl told his petite blonde partner.

“Well, it does, that’s kind of why it’s a punishment,” the blonde girl reasoned.

“I guess,” Carl murmured, trying his own drink. “You’re sure I can’t get out of it?”

“You can, but you know what the Sarge will do if you try that.”

“Yeah,” the tall, darkly handsome, well built young officer sighed. “Recommend that I be suspended and maybe even be drummed out of the force.”

“You’ve always wanted to be a policeman, you told me that yourself,” Tania said.

Carl nodded slowly.

“Isn’t a spanking a small price to pay for realizing a lifelong dream?”

“It’s not your butt she’s going to spank,” the young man said gloomily.

“Not this time, but I’ve been in that position.”

“What does it feel like?” Carl asked.

Tania’s blue eyes registered mild surprise. “You said it before yourself, Carl. It hurts.”

“Is that all?”

Tanis licked froth off her lips as she thought about how to answer the question. “I can only speak for myself, it may feel different for others, but it hurts like it’s meant to. There’s been times when I literally thought my rear end was going to catch fire, but after you feel sort of relaxed and calm inside. It’s kind of like you’re starting life with a clean slate.”

“I guess I was pretty dumb and I do deserve this. Maybe it’ll be the kick up the pants people say I need.”

“That’s the spirit!” Tania encouraged her partner. Then she looked at the chunky watch she wore on one slender wrist. “Oh wow! Look at the time. Finish up your coffee and we better get going. Aunty hates it when people are late.”


A pretty, petite blonde girl stood at her desk and glared daggers at a brunette who looked to be of a similar age. The darker haired girl had her lips compressed into a thin line, and spots of colour stood out on her cheeks. “That is not true!” the blonde said, her voice clipped and tight. “Take it back!”

“I will not!” the brunette retorted.

“Girls, stop it now,” a commanding voice ordered. This belonged to a tall willowy woman with piercing green eyes and a mane of luxurious chestnut curls.

“She started it, Aunty Andrea,” the brunette protested, pointing at the blonde behind the desk.

“Amanda Denise Tanner,” Andrea said firmly, fixing her niece with those flashing emerald eyes. “I do not care who started it. I am finishing it. You will go to your room now, and if I see so much as a toe out of it before I call you then you are going to be one very sorry young woman.”

Mandy very nearly stamped her foot, but managed to stop herself at the last moment, turned on her heel with a pout, and disappeared through an open door, her footsteps could be faintly heard as she stamped her way up the stairs to the room she occupied in her aunt’s combination residence and place of business.

The blonde allowed herself a small triumphant smile and sank into her chair again. “Thank you, Aunty,” she said to Andrea. “She was being a real brat, fancy saying that Evan…”

“Kimberley Susan Kennedy,” Andrea said, using the same tone of voice to her receptionist as she had with her niece. “This is a place of business and you are an employee. If you and Mandy want to fight outside of here then please do so, I can’t very well stop you, but I will not have it in reception, do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl murmured, very much abashed.

“I will be speaking to the both of you about this later and you may want to bring your hairbrush to that meeting, young lady.”

Kimberley’s eyes went wide, she opened her mouth to protest, then shut it with a snap, knowing that it would be a futile argument.

Andrea turned to Tania and Carl, who were both a little surprised at the argument between the teenagers, and Tania knowing that it was likely two young bottoms would be glowing later on.

“Tania, Carl, I’m pleased to see you both. Please come on through to the parlour.”

The police officers went past Andrea to enter her parlour, Andrea followed them, taking the time to shoot her golden haired receptionist a savage look, under which Kimberley visibly wilted, before closing the door firmly behind herself.


“I do apologise for the display out there,” Andrea said as she took a seat in her armchair by the fire, which in deference to the pleasant weather outside did not have a blaze kindled in it.

“That’s okay,” Tania said to put Andrea at ease. “Girls will be girls. When I remember some of the fights I had with my friends over the silliest things…”

“Never the less,” Andrea said. “It was highly unprofessional and created an unpleasant atmosphere for you to walk into. Rest assured both girls will be dealt with. Now, would either of you like coffee or tea?”

“Oh we’re good, Aunty Andrea,” Tania said brightly. “Carl was a little nervous, so we had a coffee next door before we came here.”

“Very well,” Andrea smiled at Carl reassuringly. “Then we can get down to brass tacks. Why are you here, Carl?”

The young man in the plain white t-shirt looked confused and answered, “Wasn’t all that in the file that the station sent you, ma’am? I filled in your forms.”

The smile slipped from Andrea’s lips and they compressed into a tight line. Tania raised her eyes to the ceiling and kept her mouth shut.

“Yes, it was,” Andrea replied, smoothly picking up a folder from a table beside her chair and holding it up so that Carl could see it. It was a plain manila folder with his name neatly stenciled on the cover. “However I find that hearing things direct from the person involved puts me more in the picture than simply reading it. When I ask a question in here, young man, I expect it to be answered without being questioned. Is that understood?”

Carl gulped and nodded slowly. Tania dropped her head to hide her grin. There was something about Andrea that simply reduced grown men and women to naughty children when she spoke to them.

“So you are here, because?” Andrea invited Carl.

Carl winced, his brown eyes growing contemplative as he thought about the best way to explain things to the composed, elegant stern woman seated by the fireplace in the cosy parlour.


“Before I joined the force,” Carl started, his deep voice soft and low. “I supported myself by stripping.”

“I did read that,” Andrea said, referencing the information in the folder. “It wasn’t elaborated on. Exactly what sort of stripping did you do?”

“What sort?” Carl sounded confused.

“Did you deliver telegrams to offices and parties?  Did you work at a club as a dancer? Were you a solo act or was it a group? Did you take everything off or were you still partially covered at the end of the performance?”

“Oh okay,” Carl said. “I didn’t do strip-o-grams. I worked in a club with a group, and, yes we were the ‘full Monty’.”

Andrea’s eyes looked Carl up and down. Even sitting down she could see how long and strong his legs were in the jeans he wore and the t-shirt, while not tight or brief, hinted at a wide chest and the biceps that were partially covered by his short sleeves were not unimpressive, he was also quite tanned. Andrea wondered if it was an all over tan.

“I imagine you were quite successful,” she murmured.

Carl blushed and ducked his head. “I did okay, ma’am.”

“Don’t be falsely modest. You’re a very attractive young man, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that.”

“Thank you, Miss Andrea,” Carl said.

“So how did you and your troupe do things?” Andrea probed.

“Do things?” Carl repeated, he clearly didn’t know what the disciplinarian was getting at.

Andrea fought down a sigh. Carl was a pretty boy, but not the brightest crayon in the box. “What sort of act did you have? I’ve seen strip groups at bachelorette parties and the like, they often play roles, dressing up like The Village People, embodying certain professions.”

“Aunty!” a scandalized Tania exclaimed at the thought of the sophisticated Andrea Mahony attending a performance by a stripper.

“Oh Tania!” Andrea scolded the young policewoman. “I’m a grown woman, and while I may be older than you, I am far from being a crotchety old spinster.”

Carl grinned at the conversation. He didn’t say anything, but he thought that both Tania and Andrea would be surprised by just how many ‘crotchety old spinsters’ lined up to put money in the waist bands of the g-strings that he and his fellow strippers wore during performances.

“We had costumes, ma’am,” the young policeman answered Andrea’s question. “I was a policeman.”

The ends of Andrea’s generous red lips twitched upwards in a smile. “Why am I not surprised? That doesn’t really explain why you found yourself here with your sergeant recommending that I scorch your rump so that he didn’t have to take further action to avoid embarrassing the station, though.”

“I kind of retired,” Carl confessed. “When I got into the academy, and was then posted to Clarkstown.”

“Kind of retired?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Then I got a call from Mickey, one of my team members. He’s running the show now and they move around a bit. He wanted me to do a few jobs with them. The money was really good and that was before tips.”

“So you came out of retirement?” Andrea guessed.

Carl nodded wordlessly.

“How exactly did this come to your sergeant’s attention? You didn’t tell him, did you?”

Tania snorted at the thought of someone confessing to her crusty old sergeant that they were moonlighting as a stripper.

Carl shook his head. “No, ma’am.”

“You couldn’t have performed here in Clarkstown,” Andrea said. “We’re a little old fashioned and strip acts don’t fly here, not semi permanent ones. Not even The Shamrock will book them and that’s the most ‘dangerous’ club we have here.”

“A couple of the sororities have had parties with strip acts,” Tania murmured.

“That was one sorority, it was one party, and the young ladies who arranged it were dealt with,” Andrea informed the cheeky blonde.

“Oh really?” Tania asked, ready for gossip. “Who were they?”

“That is between I, their housemother and the girls, Tania. It’s been a while since you were here for an attitude adjustment, maybe I need to have Kimberley pencil one in for you,” Andrea said primly.

Tania took the hint and leant back in her seat with an abashed, “Yes ma’am.”

“It was the next town on, Ridgeway,” Carl admitted.

“Then how did it get found out about here?” Andrea asked.

Carl shrugged. “I’m figuring some locals saw the show and it filtered down to the Sarge and the next thing I knew I was in his office being read the riot act.”

“I must confess I would have been a little torn, Carl,” Andrea admitted. “You’re an adult and what you do on your own time is your affair, however I’m sure it was made clear to you that what you do outside of work can reflect positively or negatively on how you and your station are seen within the community here.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Of course the stripping isn’t the only thing in that file, is it, dear?”

“No, ma’am,” Carl sighed.

“Do you want to explain the other thing?”

Carl in costume and with the rest of his group.


“I don’t much like paperwork,” Carl muttered.

Andrea sighed, and her long red lacquered fingernails tapped gently against Carl’s folder. “We all have to do things we don’t like, Carl, even me, that however isn’t an excuse for not at least trying to do our best.”

“No, ma’am,” Carl agreed.

“Incorrectly filled out paperwork causes other problems, too, with our job,” Tania elaborated. “It hasn’t happened with Carl yet, but clever lawyers can get people off if all the i’s aren’t dotted and the t’s crossed.”

“Tanis is quite correct, Carl. You do see why your rather slapdash approach to your paperwork was dimly viewed by your superiors?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll try to do better. I promise.”

“It is amazing how many naughty boys and girls make that exact same promise when they’re here and faced with the moment of truth. Be that as it may, and I don’t doubt your sincerity, darling, it’s too late to shut the gate once the horse has bolted. Do you understand me?”

‘Yes, ma’am,” Carl said with a slow nod. “It means that you’re still going to spank me.”

“Indeed it does, sweetness. Now given your previous line of work I know that you’re probably not shy about being undressed in front of Tania or I, but I think in the interests of preserving Tania’s modesty maybe it would be best if you donned an apron for what is to come.”

“Aunty!” Tania protested.

Andrea turned cool green eyes on the young constable. “Who was it exactly who was scandalized by the knowledge that I have attended male strip revues, Tania?”

“Me, Aunty,” the blonde girl admitted.

“Then hush up,” Andrea advised. “You’re lucky that I’m allowing you to remain as a witness, young lady. You’re getting me much closer to making the decision about whether or not you require a bit of attitude adjustment, miss.”

A flush crept up Tania’s neck and into her cheeks, she felt her bottom tingle and wondered if she would find herself over those firm, toned thighs in the very near future.


“Apron?” Carl asked.

“Didn’t you tell him about them, Tania?” Andrea asked the policewoman.

‘I may have mentioned them, but I didn’t spend much time on them because I thought he’d be in the buff. He was a stripper after all.”

Carl sat and listened to the exchange, none the wiser and it showed on his face.

“They’re a neck to knee apron,” Tania explained to her partner. “Aunty uses them when she has people of different genders in here and they also tend to heighten embarrassment.”

Carl’s expression told Tania that he didn’t believe his situation could be any more embarrassing.

“You go through to the change room, Carl,” Andrea directed the young policeman, pointing at a door on one wall. “Kimberley should have laid an apron out for you. Put that on, and you may want to visit the loo. Many of my customers do. There’s a bathroom in there as well.”

Andrea watched Carl stand and go to the door. It gave her a good view of the boy’s tight, firm backside under his snug jeans.

“He’s so going to regret putting them on again after you’re done, Aunty,” Tania remarked, seeing Andrea admiring her partner’s rear end. “I did tell him to put on sweats, but he’s a metrosexual, so gets concerned about how he appears in public.”

“So vanity is another failing?” Andrea asked, as Carl closed the change room door behind him.

Tania shrugged. “I think it’s an occupational hazard with what he used to do. I met some of his stripping buddies one night, they’re all pretty full of themselves. Carl’s probably the most modest of the bunch.”


A slow smile spread across Andrea’s face as Carl reappeared in the parlour, wearing his apron. Despite her current annoyance with Kimberley for her public spat with Mandy, she had to admit that the girl rarely went wrong with the aprons she picked out for clients. Carl was wearing a white apron that had a chequered blue and while police line design on it. It was absolutely perfect for Carl.

Tania sniffed. “It’s better than the Mr Plod one I have to wear.”

Even with his situation Carl had to grin at the thought of Tania wearing an apron like his, but with a design featuring the toy policeman from Enid Blyton’s Noddy series for children.

The other thing that made Andrea smile was seeing some more of Carl’s body. He was a very well put together young man, and quite handsome, too.

“Turn for me, darling, Aunty wants to see that bare botty,” she requested.

Carl didn’t blush as most of Andrea’s clients did when she asked them to show her the parts of their bodies that the aprons had been designed to display.

The boy had one of the prettiest bottoms Andrea had seen on a male customer, it even surpassed Samuel Jensen’s; the young college athlete she saw on a regular basis, and she had not thought that possible. This was going to be a highly enjoyable session. He also did not have an all over tan and his bottom was startlingly, but pleasingly white, against the rest of his deeply tanned body.

Even Tania couldn’t stop herself from murmuring, ”Nice,” at the sight she was confronted with.

“You even managed to do it up at the back,” Andrea said approvingly.

“You get used to changing in a hurry in the stripping business, ma’am,” Carl explained.


“As you’ve already signed the form, there’s nothing more to be done than to get those gorgeous little cheeks all hot and bothered over Aunty’s lap,” Andrea said with a wide smile. She evicted Tania from the couch and replaced the girl, settling herself into the middle cushion and patting her lap invitingly.

Ordinarily Andrea was used to assisting ‘virgins’ (her word for first time customers or debut spankees) over her lap, but Carl lay over her thighs without any help or prompting, and he actually put his firm, young backside exactly where she wanted them to smack.

“You’ve been spanked before, Carl?” Andrea asked in surprise.

“No, ma’am,” he admitted.

“Then how did you know how to do that?”

“We get all kinds in the stripping business and some of the bachelorettes and twenty first guests of honour like to pretend spank us.”

“I see,” Andrea said. “Let me assure you that this will not be a pretend spanking my boy.” She underlined the statement by landing a very hard and very loud slap across the boy’s alabaster white right cheek, which quickly bloomed into a pink handprint and elicited a surprised ‘Ouch!’ from her lap’s occupant.

Tania sighed happily and watched the spanking progress. Andrea’s hand was hard and the palm flat. Tania knew from bitter experience that the woman knew just how, where and when to slap to get maximum effect from her blows.

Carl was, as Tania had said, quite justifiably proud of his appearance, and although he was no longer in the business of showing his body off for other’s pleasure, he did still keep himself in shape by jogging, swimming and working out with weights regularly. This had the effect of making his backside into a tight, round muscle. At the present time it was a muscle that was enduring a great deal of pain.

Andrea took a brief pause to examine her handiwork on Carl’s rear end, and was pleased to see that she’d produced a lovely rosy flush. Carl wasn’t crying, in fact Andrea wondered if he would at all, not everyone did, he was however grunting and gasping with each firm smack, and his backside was moving around involuntarily as Andrea’s hand continued it’s searing assault. That was when she attacked the upper thighs and sit spots.

No amount of working out could really make those tender areas any tougher, and Carl felt that stinging volley more than any of the spanks to his tight buttocks.

“Ow! Ow! Owwww! Aunty!” he burst out, kicking his legs wildly.

“Yes, darling?” Andrea asked softly, without stopping her hand, which kept dancing across the upper thighs, taking on a dusky hue under the tan.

“It hurts!” Carl complained.

“Well, it’s a spanking, darling, that’s what they do,” Andrea replied calmly, still spanking steadily away. “Open those legs for me, please.”

“My legs?” Carl gasped. “Why?”

Andrea’s lips pursed, she looked at Tania. “Tania?” she asked gently. “Is there a clear ping pong shaped paddle on the table next to you, just under Carl’s file?”

Tania lifted the file and saw the small, round lexan paddle and nodded.

“May I have it please, dear?”

With a twinkle in her eye, Tania picked up the little paddle and handed it to Andrea.

“You will open your legs, Carl, because I told you to,” Andrea said, underlining each and every word with a crisp spank from the little paddle, which on top of his warm up spanking, stung Carl’s hindquarters abominably. Andrea continued her lecture, paddling after every word. “You do not ask questions, young man. You do as Aunty tells you. Are you going to open your legs or do I have to ask Tania to hold you by the ankles and pull them apart?”

“No, ma’am,” Carl said softly, blinking rapidly to hold back the tears. Damn! That paddle had hurt!

“Good boy,” Andrea cooed, setting the paddle down as Carl’s legs were parted, allowing her access to the protected, milky white inner thigh and buttock areas.


Carl had made a few noises during his warm up, but they were nothing to the howls that hit the air when Andrea blistered his inside thighs.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” he roared.

“Yes, it does smart, doesn’t it?” Andrea asked conversationally, raising her voice a little to be heard over the young man’s bellows of pain.

Tania shook her head and murmured softly to herself, “He’ll be doing the penguin walk out of here.”

“You may close them again, young man,” Andrea said primly, shaking her hand, the boy had a hard behind, she was thankful she’d reddened and warmed his peaches to her satisfaction, because any more hand spanking and she may have needed to ice the hand afterwards.

Carl closed his legs, and Andrea grinned as he then rapidly crossed and uncrossed his ankles in a vain attempt to ease some of the dreadful aching sting. Andrea herself knew that very little other than time did anything to ease the pain of a soundly administered spanking from a determined punisher. The rookie policeman seemed to realize that at least part of his spanking was over, because he gave a small sigh and went limp over her knees.


“Seeing as Carl is so comfy over Aunty’s lap,” Andrea said to the room. “It seems a shame to get him up, but I’m not done yet. Can you be a love and go to the cupboard, Tania?”

“Yes, Aunty,” the blonde girl said, rising and crossing to the large rather forbidding looking wooden cupboard that dominated one wall of the parlour. She stood by it, regarding it curiously. Carl turned his head, so that he could also see what was going on.

“Open it,” Andrea instructed.

Tania placed one small hand around the handle of one door and pulled gently, it swung open, then she repeated the action on the other door. Her eyes shone as she beheld the contents and Carl’s breath hissed inwards sharply.

This was Andrea’s ‘war chest’, what many of her customers referred to as her ‘chamber of horrors’. It contained her full dazzling array of spanking implements. There were canes, straps and paddles, wooden spoons, hairbrushes and slippers. If it could be used to spank a naughty bare bottom them Andrea most likely had at least one of the item in her cupboard.

“Middle row,” Andrea said clearly. “Second from the right.”

Tania’s hand hovered over the medium sized wooden paddle with holes drilled along its blade. “This one?” she asked uncertainly.

“Yes, Tania, that one.”

Tania’s eyes widened and she swallowed hard. It was a Spencer paddle, now she had it in her hand she could feel that it was fairly heavy, very solid and thick. The holes made the paddle more aerodynamic and they also allowed for greater grip and impact. They could also cause blistering, although Tania doubted Andrea would do that. She’d been spanked with a stiff leather one that was smaller, lighter and not as thick as this one and it really hurt.

The girl handed the paddle to Andrea with a whispered, “Please don’t hurt him too bad, Aunty. He needs to walk the beat with me tomorrow.”

“Oh Tania!” Andrea said with a smile. “He’ll get what he needs, no more and no less. He’ll sleep on his tummy for a few days, but I hope you know me better than to think I’d damage your partner too much.”


Carl hadn’t got a good look at the implement Tania had retrieved from the cupboard, but he did hear the conversation between his partner and the professional disciplinarian and it worried him enough that he began to struggle over that firm lap. In response Andrea tightened her grip a little and spanked the sit spot smartly.

“Oh stop it!” she said scornfully. “Tania was being melodramatic. If you keep that up I’ll have to lock my leg over yours, or ask Tania to hold you down and I don’t think either of us want that, do we?”

“No, Aunty,” Carl murmured, but he couldn’t stop the insistent tremors that went through his backside.

Andrea placed the paddle’s surface on Carl’s glowing buttocks and dragged it across the flinching surface gently. She lifted it and gauged the distance, modifying her grip and swing accordingly.


The paddle exploded across Carl’s pre warmed bottom and reignited all the fires Andrea’s competent palm had kindled. Carl Jerked and stiffened as the paddle struck home and he bellowed, “Oh fff…”

Just in the nick of time he opened his eyes, looked up saw Tania frantically mouthing, “No Carl! Don’t swear!”

The paddle landed again and this time it took Carl’s breath away completely.

The third searing stroke had the legs kicking madly.

Number four got the ankles crossing and uncrossing frantically.

A wide-eyed Tania watched and couldn’t understand how Carl’s bottom didn’t literally combust into flames when Andrea laid that paddle on.

The girl had thought the young policeman’s bottom was red before Andrea started in with the paddle she called Mrs Spencer, but now it was a shimmering scarlet. She couldn’t see how Carl wouldn’t be sporting a few bruises by the next day.

Both Carl and Tania lost count of the strokes Andrea laid on, but it went into the double figures. Tania had renewed respect for how tough her partner was. She would have been a blubbering mess, he was obviously in pain, but he hadn’t cried, although he was reduced to whimpering for mercy by the time Andrea decided she’d done her work with the paddle and laid it aside.

Andrea allowed the boy to lay over her lap and get his breath back for a moment or two, before giving his cooked rear end a slap and saying, “Up you get.”

Wincing and murmuring in pain Carl managed to get up off Andrea’s lap as gracefully as possible.

‘’Tania, can you take him to the back of the couch and bend him over it, please.”

“Bend over the back of the couch?” Tania said in a numb sounding voice.

Andrea glared at her. “Is there an echo in here? Do you want to join him?”

“No, ma’am!” the blonde said quickly.

“Then I will thank you to do as you are told!”

While Tania spoke gently to Carl and arranged him over the couch, the back of it pressing gently into that hard, muscle ridged abdomen and the blazing bottom facing the door to reception, Andrea replaced the wicked paddle in her cupboard and looked around for something else.

She removed a bottle of baby oil and tossed it to Tania. “Lather that on, you know what I want.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tania said, pouring some of the lotion into her hand and applying it in a thin film to Carl’s hindquarters, which when she was done looked like they’d just had a fresh coat of crimson shellac painted on them. She’d oiled bottoms up in the parlour before. Andrea generally did it before administering a strap, sometimes the paddle. The oil made it sting even more than without it.

Tania’s mouth dropped open when she saw the item Andrea held in her hands. It was a thick, medium length black strap. It was known as The Igniter, and it was something to be avoided at all costs.

“Ummm…Aunty,” Tania said softly. “Do you have to? I mean…The Igniter?”

Andrea’s lips pursed. “Tania Natasha Wheeler,” she said firmly, using all three of the girl’s names and making her feel all of ten years old. “You have repeatedly queried my decisions during this session. I do not appreciate it, young lady. I AM the disciplinarian here. I make the decisions, is that understood? Have I ever over punished anyone in your estimation?”

“No, ma’am,” Tania admitted, studying the toes of her shoes.

“No, I have not. Let me explain something to you. Carl retired from stripping, then went back when the money was too good to refuse. He knew that there was a possibility he could be seen by a local, the gig being in nearby Ridgeway, although it was unlikely, yet he still took the risk and he likely knew what your sergeant’s reaction would be. By your admission, and his, he regularly does a poor job of his paperwork and that could lead to a criminal getting off on a technicality. Does he deserve The Igniter or not?”

Tania nodded. “I guess so, ma’am.”

“See,” Andrea smiled. “Aunty knows best.”


“Carl,” Andrea said, taking up position and lining up his backside with her formidable and feared strap.

“Yes. Aunty,” Carl said, his voice muffled by the couch’s cushions.

“I’m going to strap you. Tania is going to stand in front of you and hold your hands to help you through it and count the strokes out. Be brave for Aunty and don’t be afraid to cry.”

Carl nodded and took Tania’s outstretched hands.

“Just keep your eyes on me okay, honey?” Tania said to her beat partner.

“I’ll try,” Carl agreed.

Then a loud whack rang out in the room. Carl roared and his backside contracted violently. Tania winced as her hands were squeezed tightly and she counted out, “That’s one!”

Andrea swiped the paddle twice more across Carl’s upturned backside, eliciting howls both times. Carl had never thought anything could sting and burn so much. Tania was close to crying, not in sympathy, but because Carl was squeezing her hands so hard.

Andrea prowled to the other side of Carl’s dancing cheeks and measured the distance from the opposite side.

“Four, you’re doing really well,” Tania ground out from gritted teeth, and she saw a tear slip out from one of Carl’s eyes and trickle down his cheek.

Stroke five got the other eye leaking and Tania kept encouraging Carl to get through the strapping. The oil must have dried by now and that would help a little.

“That’s half a dozen!” Tania sang out as the sixth stroke landed, this time Carl didn’t bellow, but simply sagged across the back of the couch. Andrea eyed off the buttocks pointing at her, and nodded. She dropped the strap on the couch in front of Carl.

“Oh thank God!” Tania sighed, then whimpered as Carl released her hands and the blood flowed painfully back into the white fingers.


Andrea walked Carl into the corner, rubbing his backside as she did so. Once he was there, she placed a small bell on a ribbon on the wall, told Carl to put his nose on the ribbon and place his hands on his head and if the bell dropped then he was going back over her lap.

Andrea rang for tea and Kimberley brought it in. She and Tania took tea while Carl stood in the corner, concentrating on not letting the bell drop, it did at least take some of his focus off his burning bottom.

After the ladies had finished their tea and Tania had managed to massage feeling back into her fingers, Carl was released from the corner and told he could change back into his street clothes.

Tania couldn’t help but smirk as a squawk of pain came from the change room. “I bet he’s trying to squeeze back into his jeans.”

Andrea chuckled warmly. She handed a small pot to Tania and the girl’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “What’s this?”

“Kim calls it paddle cream, it’s supposed to soothe battered backside. She found it somewhere on the internet.”

“What do you want me to do with it?” Tania asked.

“Well, you can give it to Carl and he can put it on, or you can apply it if you like. It’s rather hard to rub cream into your own behind. I speak from experience.”

“Why would I want to rub it in?”

“Don’t you think he’s cute?” Andrea asked.

“It’s kind of hard not to, because he is.”

“I think he likes you.”

“Really?” Tania asked.

“I’m no expert, but yes that’s how it looked to me. You’ve seen him at his most vulnerable and besides putting the cream on would be a nice thing to do for him, especially after you were the one who oiled his bottom.”

“Does the cream work?”

“I have no idea,” Andrea said. “Carl’s going to be a bit of a test case. It certainly won’t hurt. If it does give some relief Kim has ideas to market it to clients.”

Tania looked at the little pot of white cream and giggled. “She’s going to take over the world one day.”

“You may be right there, Tania, but she’s going to spend the rest of today sitting on a pillow.”

Tania remembered the fight between Kimberley and Mandy that she and Carl had walked in on and nodded soberly.


A silent and subdued Kimberley took payment from Carl and watched he and Tania leave from cloudy blue eyes. She removed her signature hairbrush Mademoiselle Cherry from her desk drawer and sighed resignedly as Andrea’s stern voice floated from the parlour, “Kimberley Susan Kennedy and Amanda Denise Tanner I want your two cheeky little bottoms front and centre in my parlour, NOW!”


  1. The world of reading so heavenly....we are taken so far and so wonderful into the intial spanking. Just hot and terrific but then wow, talk about leaving us on the edge of our seats...spanked or otherwise, simply one of the best and well let's all agree now there better be another chapter coming with that ending....well done, simply terrific reading.

    1. Okay, ummm dude, you understand that this is spanking fiction and not "Lord of the Rings" right?

      And yes, Aunty Andrea, you can have Kimmy book me in for a double weekend session for this one!

    2. My dear, someone needs to teach you the reality of reading, getting lost in a story......perhaps Aunty and Kim will assist.....BRAT you are!

  2. Another extremely well-realized (and well-described) spanking story from Seegee. What can I say? Carl knew the risks, at least as far as getting in trouble with the sergeant and he wound up paying for it. I'm a bit mystified why Tania was there as a witness, but of course it adds to the punishment, doesn't it? I'm guessing if she needs a "refresher", Carl won't be accorded the same privilege? I'd also love to know what the arguement between Kim and Mandy was about...

    I suppose Carl is better off walking a beat the next day rather than having to sit in a patrol unit most of the day... ;-)


  3. I wonder why Kimmy hasn't quit yet, Ma'am? First, you bring in Maria to take over her disciplinary (like you don't trust her to handle them!) and part of her receptionist duties and then your "real" niece shows up on her doorstep? Seriously? While this has to be the world's longest "year off before college," Kimmy's got to be feeling your boot prints on her backside out the door of the Spank Shop by now, Ma'am.

    1. While I find myself in agreement with some of your observations (I think Kim kind of gets a raw deal sometimes but I think there is a genuine affection for Kim on Aunty's part and a genuine admiration for her on Kim's part. Makes me wonder how Gabrielle feels about that though...), I think your quarrel is with Seegee, who writes the stories and is the originator of the whole concept of the Spank Shop. I'm sure Aunty will let him know of your observations though. ;-)


    2. You make good points, smuccy, and while I agree with all of them, I do know that its Seegee who writes the stories. However I like to pretend that the Shop is "real" and my "quarrel" is with no one. I'm just pointing out that no woman is going to put up with the crap clearly shoving her out the door, (And frankly baby bird NEEDS to get her "discipline consultant" butt off to college where she belongs at this point, I think!) that Kimmy's absorbing at present and I'm just wondering if Kimmy leaving the Spank Shop is coming in the next few installments? And who replaces her for the next four years? And does she go off to that sorority of Seegee's?

  4. Not likely. If I know anything about this series or Seegee, time moves VERY slowly. Everything is set in the present and the Shop hasn't really been in business that long. Remember, this is a fantasy, alternate universe where this kind of behavior is normal and children are raised expecting to get spankings at home or elsewhere and adults are "conditioned" to accept this kind of thing too. That was one of my original issues and Seegee had to remind me not to let logic or reality rear their ugly heads in his "Spankoverse". Kim's still eighteen and will remain so for quite awhile, as well as being Aunty's protege, or intern, or whatever. "Discipline consultant" is kind of an indulgence Andrea lets her get away with sometimes. Mandy will likely remain Aunty's "houseguest" for awhile and Kim won't be going to University anytime soon. Just for the record, I posited that Chelsea might replace Kim eventually but again, time moves at glacial speed in Clarkstown. Just enjoy the stories for what they are. It's the only way not to drive yourself crazy... ;-)


  5. Boys! Does Aunty have to ask Miss Kimberley to fetch Mrs Ebony?
    Phil's done quite a good job of explaining things, but I'll put my two cents in. Clarkstown and the shop are set in a world where openly having a shop that dispenses spankings in a domestic environment makes total sense and is not at all odd. Although the stories have been appearing for over a decade barely a year has passed in Clarkstown. I believe Seegee's intention is to have Kim or 'baby bird' as little brat so delightfully called her, turn 19 fairly soon. However she will not leave the shop, it may have been mentioned in passing, but she wants to do a business degree part time at Clarkstown U, so she can continue to live at home and work at the shop. Chelsea, Mandy and Maria can help out if Kim is otherwise engaged with academic pursuits. PGB from what I understand kind of exists in the same universe, but I don't know if there are any plans to do a crossover.

    1. Just 'splainin' things, Aunty. No need to get your knickers in a twist... :-)


    2. Aunty,

      Maybe the ebony needs to do some "splainin"!

    3. Mind your own beeswax, mate...