Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Five strong ladies

Yes, Aunty is late again with her SotM. I am sorry, I just never seem to have the time and energy that I once did.

If you can remember I asked for female spankers this month, some of my loyal followers answered the call, and we have five strong ladies, who are also strong contenders for the title. I can imagine many of you would regard going over these ladies laps with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Without further ado November's nominees are:

Little Brat nominated Jennifer Garner because she is a 'strong woman', and I agree. The shot above is both sexy and strong. She also once played a whip wielding leather clad dominatrix in Alias, the show that shot her to fame. A worthy contender.

Richard suggested a countrywoman of mine: Nicole Kidman. She has the look, and this picture displays that, a sort of icy cool that sends a shiver down the spine. She also once administered a spanking on screen, in the film Dogtown.

Stephanie asked for tennis player Ana Ivanovic to be included. She's a powerful lady, both on and off court, she's also super model attractive and this picture displays both qualities.

Barbara double dipped and made two nominations. One is Sheryl Crow, largely over an admission that she was spanked by an athletics coach growing up. She's certainly radiating attitude in the above shot. I wouldn't want to be that microphone. The second was Madonna, and given her profile, I am surprised she hasn't been nominated more often. She has admitted in song that she likes being spanked (although she did later recant that) and she's been a dominatrix in more than one film clip. I quite like the above picture, although it's definitely been touched up, but those hot eyes just promise retribution.

So there we have it. Five ladies, all strong, all powerful and successful. The choice is now yours. I'd like to have them all to be honest.

Aunty Andrea


  1. Jennifer Garner is indeed a "strong woman" though I confess she's fallen out of favor with me recently. Nicole Kidman is a worthy candidate; her eyes can be quite icy when she wants them to be. Perhaps she's angry about the bad plastic surgery she had fairly recently... Don't know much about Ana, but she certainly stong enough if she's a professional athlete. I always kind of fancied Sheryl Crow, although she had surgery that made her look completely different (not as bad as Renee Zellweger though). She looks a little dommy in this picture. Madge is more of a catcher than a pitcher in my opinion although she has done some dominatrix stuff in music videos. IMO she's more of a poseur than a spanker.

    In sum, I'd have to go with Jennifer (her husband could certainly use a spanking), then maybe Nicole and Sheryl.


    1. Jennifer is a popular nomination for this and I have a feeling she's going to carry the day on this occasion.

  2. dear Aunty -

    I saw Madonna in concert from very close up and she's the most charismatic I've ever seen – I could really believe she was performing directly for me – so I don't doubt that if she wanted to take a crop or cane to me I'd gladly let her. And I really admire her body of work. She's far from my ideal, though, for many reasons – she's tiny and has zero body fat – her whole body has that shiny hard look of her face in the picture – and I prefer a little more curve in a woman (a problem with almost all of the celebrity women). And I get the idea that she's into gender-bending and a lot of anal play whereas I am not. She's probably not an OTK fan and prefers the relative remoteness of the crop or cane – and may want to make a performance out of it, which I dislike even without an audience, and would definitely object to with one.

    I met a woman, briefly – a singer/ musician performing in West Hollywood, in fact, and definitely not Sheryl Crow – but she looked very much like her, right down to the expression in the picture. And if that expression wasn't permanent, it was certainly long-lasting. She was kind of surly and hostile - toward "life," not just toward me - and had a dark, bleak outlook. I understand if someone is upset when they spank you, but as a personality trait that doesn't do it for me. For one thing, I want a woman who spanks to be in control of her own world - as much as possible – and that attitude makes me think she doesn't feel like she is. Maybe a normally-happy Sheryl Crow who's just pissed off at me at the moment.

    Ana Ivanovic is beautiful and I'd love to watch her spank Penny, who – as you know – is very naughty. While she's strong enough and tall enough to put me over her knee, it would be hard for me to take someone that young very seriously, despite how successful she's been – and this would be accentuated by her being a little unsubstantial. I know you make a great spanker with a lovely willowy figure but I suspect that is more through force of personality.

    Speaking of lovely willowy figures, I'm sure Nicole Kidman would be almost as good as a visit to the Spank Shop – at least if it was impractical to visit for real.

    Your first nominee, Jennifer Garner, gets my vote as a proxy for a lovely lady I met recently – amusingly also named Jenny. What made me think of Ms. Garner, however, was the physical resemblance. She had similar bangs with straight reddish hair framing a rectangular face and – while her bust was decent enough – nice legs but no hips or bottom to speak of. She was a nurse and I met her while she was working but even in scrubs she was attractive though hardly glamorous. I'd call her figure "athletic" if that didn't usually translate to "flat-chested."

    She was in control without being domineering and seemed to be very capable and was about halfway between reserved and friendly. She was about 5' 6" barefoot, a good size to put someone over her knee or over one thigh if standing. She came across as balancing kindness and consideration with good sense and an underlying firmness. She showed a great deal of patience and calm which is always intimidating when you're really in for it, isn't it? I'd be surprised if she was mistaken for "maternal" so if – or when - that's your thing she wouldn't be at the top of the list.

    I have since easily imagined her normally relaxing after a demanding day but on occasion making the small shift essential to administering some much-needed discipline. No doubt she is familiar with even strong medicine being required in full doses at times, you know?

    So in Jenny's honor I'll cast my vote for Jennifer Garner and hope they share as many personality traits as physical ones.


    1. John, I thank you so much for your reasoned and well thought out post. I'd love to have you make a guest post for the blog some day if you were so minded. Since doing this particular poll I've developed quite an interest in being spanked by Ms Garner myself.

  3. Dear Aunty,

    While Miss Madonna is certainly a worthy runner-up, there is only one Jennifer Garner, the woman I most wish to be spanked by and would probably most regret the first and each and every subsequent impacts of her Ms. Big Mean Wooden Bath-brush!

    Go Jenny! I sense a landslide!

    1. I think you may get your wish, little brat, and I'd like to thank for making the nomination in the first place, because Jennifer is an excellent and worthy choice.

  4. I still believe Keith Urban warms Nicole's bottom on a regular basis to keep her in line!