Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Naughty and Nice

Yes, this is an update and it's also the announcement of October's SotM. No, I didn't win it! I wasn't even nominated. I'm not famous. It's just that we're so behind time Aunty asked me if I could make the announcement and also do my update in the one post. So here goes.

Firstly our winner this month is the marvellously talented and very pretty (and spankable) Jennifer Lawrence! She just beat out some other very worthy nominees. I personally wanted Amanda Bynes.

Now I have a few aspects of Jennifer that amy explain why she won on more than one ground.

Firstly she is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to see Aunty turn her bottom the same colour as that stunning dress.

As this shot shows she can even carry off the pixie cut and not everyone can do that. I wouldn't even attempt it.

Her role as Katniss Everdeen in the smash hit Hunger Games movies have shown her with darker hair. I've always though that Katniss could use a good spanking, so there's also that.

I think this final image is what got her both the nomination and probably won her this month.

Really Jennifer? Did you have to? I'm not sure what happened here, but there was a confession that she partied very hard after last year's Academy Awards and there's no need for that.

Next month, or this month really I guess, we're looking for ladies you want to see give a spanking. I know we've done that before, but Aunty wants more, so put your thinking caps on and consider carefully.

To the business of the blog and the shop. Posts may continue to be a little scarce I am sorry, but like most in retail this is our busy time of the year. Why does everyone have to do everything in the months just before Christmas?

I believe Seegee has another Spank Shop story ready to go and from what I've heard it's a bit of an odd one. More on that when it appears.

If anyone out there wants to write a story for the blog please feel free. Aunty is happy to post it as long as it's not too explicit and doesn't require extensive editing. She did a challenge based around a picture last year and she's thinking of doing that again. We just need the right image to use for that.

I'm busy, busy, busy and we're slammed at the shop at present, all of my corners are full and both Aunty and my Mum are spanking away soundly as I type.

I'll leave you with an image to consider.

Love the picture and the sentiment. I'm thinking of getting 4 made up for reception. Each one will feature either Aunty Andrea, myself, Mum or Aunty Maria, what thinkest thou? Set bottoms tingling out here?

Kimberley Susan XXXX


  1. If I'm not mistaken, young Jennifer also admitted to throwing up on someone's front porch after getting hammered on Oscar night. All things being equal, I don't see her as being especially deserving, but there IS the matter of her having an exceptionally nice backside that I'm sure you're curious to see...

    Love the idea of the posters with photos of the Shop ladies. Should be easy enough to do on the computer and a local printer should be able to make poster-sized prints for you. Maybe sell them on the website too. I'm sure all the ladies have their own "fan bases". Autographed ones are extra cost, of course... ;-)


  2. I'd like to nominate Jennifer Garner for female spanker since she really, really makes me want to be a very, very BAD little brat! Especially in her Elektra outfits! Although with her guns a wooden hairbrush maybe overkill!

    I'm with Phil on the posters, including selling them on the website along with your signature line of hairbrushes and after-spanking cream, too.