Monday, 30 May 2011

'The Spank Shop - Marc and April'

This particular story features an encounter with two delightful college students and afforded me the opportunity to do a favour for an old friend.

Image from Clare Fonda Pass. April displays her recently toasted buns.

April's partner in crime takes a journey over Aunty's lap.

Professor Julia Harrison arrived at the neat Clarkstown coffee shop early for her appointment, fussed with her long wavy black hair, and checked her cell phone for any messages, before sitting down and waiting for the woman that she had arranged to meet.

"Andrea!" Julia called, and half rose to alert the other lady to her presence as she saw her friend enter the cafΘ.

The new arrival was a tall, elegant, well dressed, willowy woman with a mane of thick, lustrous chestnut hair and piercing green eyes. She acknowledged Julia with a wave of her hand and a generous smile. Andrea politely waved off the attentions of a blonde waitress, and made her way to the table that Julia had chosen.

"Julia!" she greeted the university professor with a light hug, and a gentle buss on the cheek. "I'm not late, am I?" Andrea asked as she took her seat.

"Oh no," Julia reassured her friend, "I'm early."

Andrea laughed richly "You haven't changed, Julie. You were always the first to class back at school too."

Julia Harrison joined in the laughter "One of us had to be." She countered as the two ladies reminisced briefly about how they had met when still in college.

"Is it too much to hope that this meeting is just for coffee?" Andrea asked, perusing the selection of drinks available on the menu.

"Oh goodness!" Julia exclaimed, a delicate flush entering her olive complexion. "Am I that transparent?"

"Not really," Andrea put her friend at ease with a soft smile, "it's just that we rarely meet midweek. You're usually busy at work and so am I, this is mid term too."

"Andrea, I do hope you didn't have to turn away any business just to meet with me."

"Not at all, Julie. My receptionist, Kimberley can hold the fort for an hour or two, and her mother Gabrielle is a part timer, who is also working today."

"I'd hate to be the cause of that, Andy."

Andrea shook her head, and put her friend at ease, as the blonde waitress arrived at the table to take their order.

"Hi Mel!" Andrea greeted the girl brightly.

"Miss Andrea," Mel said politely, "what would you like ma'am?"

Andrea wrinkled her nose, and then ordered "Latte, please Mel."

"Yes, ma'am." the girl answered, writing it down on her order pad. She turned her attention to Julia. "And you miss?"

Julia gave Andrea a look of surprise, she had come to this cafΘ before, and the waitress had never been this deferential, overcoming her initial shock, she ordered "Cappucino, please."

"Right away, ma'am." Mel replied, noting down Julia's order and leaving to get them filled.

"That was interesting." Julia commented, after the waitress had left.

"What was?"

"That girl, the waitress, what was her name? Mel? She's never been that polite before, in fact she's usually downright rude."

Andrea laughed "She did have a bit of an attitude, but we had a 'chat' that adjusted her outlook somewhat."

Julia knew what Andrea did for a living and that she ran an extraordinary establishment called The Spank Shop. The college professor found it amazing that such a place could even exist, let alone thrive in this day and age. To tell the truth it made her a little uncomfortable, and she always had trouble reconciling Andrea's professional image with the softly spoken, sophisticated woman she knew as a friend. "You don't mean to say she visited you at...."

"The Spank Shop." Andrea finished for her friend. "Yes, as a matter of fact, she did. The owner sent her to me."

"And she went?"

"It was either that or she lost her job. Customers don't want to be treated the way Mel behaved. It's surprising how things look different when you talk them out."

"But you didn't just talk to her?"

"No, I spanked her as well and she had a good cry, but a talk combined with a smacked bottom and a cry can really help a struggling young lady or young man out. It was Mel's first visit and it probably won't be her last, but I doubt we'll see the surly young lady of a month or so ago return."

Mel returned with the ladies coffees. She gently placed the serviette wrapped glass of cafΘ latte in its saucer down in front of Andrea and then set Julia's frothy cappuccino, dusted with chocolate flakes on the table. "Thanks, Mel." Andrea said.

"My pleasure, ma'am. Please let me know if you and your friend want anything else."

Andrea picked up one of the paper sugar straws supplied with her coffee, shook it, ripped off the top and tipped it into her latte. Copying her friend Julia did the same, only she used both straws. While Julia watched the sugar slowly sink below the cappuccino's foamy head Andrea picked up her glass and sipped delicately. Nibbling on the tiny chocolate biscuit that came with her drink, Andrea asked "So why are we here, Julia?"

"Two of my students."

Andrea raised an eyebrow "You can't handle them yourself? I do occasionally see college students, but they generally come to me voluntarily."

It was the turn of Professor Harrison's eyebrows to climb into her hairline "They do? Who are they?"

Andrea laughed musically, and wagged a red lacquered fingernail at Julia "Discretion. Professor Harrison. That remains between my customers and I."

"Of course," a flustered Julia Harrison said, hiding her red face by staring down at her cup, "I shouldn't have asked. Sorry."

"Maybe I need to book you in for a 'chat'." Andrea suggested playfully, green eyes sparkling.

"Andrea!" Julia exclaimed, her cheeks flaring red.

"Sorry," Andrea apologized, "you set yourself up for that one, my dear."

"I suppose I did." Julia confessed, biting the biscuit that had arrived on the edge of her saucer, nervously.

"Now how can I help you out?"

"As, I said its two students," Julia began to explain, "or more correctly one student and one TA."

"TA?" Andrea interrupted.

"Teachers Assistant," Julia told her friend the meaning of the acronym, "they're post graduate students, they help out with the preparation of classes, tutoring struggling students, all that sort of thing."

"What have they done that you want to send them to the horrible Andrea Mahoney's Spank Shop?" Andrea asked, still teasing.

"It's really the student, her name is April Chang, she's a first year student. She doesn't want to do my course, but has to for the rest of her curriculum. She'll drop it at the end of the year when it's no longer required, but until then we're stuck with each other."

Andrea shrugged "Okay, student that doesn't want to learn, but I can't see where that needs my intervention or where the Teachers Assistant fits in."

"You will," Julia assured her friend, sipping her drink to moisten her lips, "be patient. April and my TA: Marc Blosic are in a relationship...."

"I think I am beginning to see the problem." Andrea murmured.

"April's last assignment was not original. She'd tweaked it a little, but it was not her work."

"How do you know that?"

"Marc was one of my best students, and I could clearly remember that assignment. I even cross checked it against Marc's assignment. It wasn't in April's style at all."

"Couldn't he have helped her out?"

"I'm sure that's how it started and then she sweet talked him into just letting her copy one of his assignments."

"Is he that pliable?" Andrea asked, clearly surprised.

"He's not all that worldly. April is his first serious relationship and she can be very persuasive when she wants."

"Why do so many men think with one part of their anatomy?" Andrea sighed, remembering her ex husband.

"I don't know, but the fact remains that they do." Julia agreed with her friend.

"Couldn't she have gotten it somewhere else?"

"There are only two copies of that assignment. I have one and I certainly didn't give it to her. Marc has the other one. The possibility remains that she took it unasked or didn't tell him that she was going to copy it, but I rather doubt that."

"Can't you just fail her?"

"I'd love to," Julia admitted, "but it's not quite that simple. If I give her a failing grade I have to give a reason and that will implicate Marc. Plagiarism is a very serious offence, he's a good TA and a friend, I don't want to lose him as a TA and there is a very serious possibility that if he's kicked off the TA program then he'll lose his funding and have to drop out."

"Hmmmmm....," Andrea mused, "a real dilemma."

"That was what I thought when April turned the assignment in. I can't let this pass, they've both been very stupid and need to pay for what they've done, but any official punishment or sanction will hurt Marc far more than he deserves."

"So I'm the unofficial punishment?" Andrea asked, her lips quirking upwards in a smile.

"Yes." Julia replied.

"Well, if you're going to become an official customer then I need to explain a few things to you." Andrea said, her tone becoming more business like.

"All ears." Julia replied eagerly, leaning forward to listen to Andrea.

"Firstly you'll need to speak with April and Marc, explain the situation with them and the consequences of reporting it officially and then what you propose to do with me. I can't do anything unless they agree to it. With kids if I have the parent or guardians consent its okay, but with adults they have to agree to things of their own free will. That is up to you, Julia."

The raven haired professor nodded.

"Now how I normally do things is have a face to face prior to the actual session to decide what form the session will take and how they will be punished. That probably will not be possible in this case."

"No, I doubt that it will." Julia agreed with pursed lips.

"That will mean that we'll have to add some time to explain things and sign release forms...."

"Release forms?" Julia queried, her eyes troubled.

"I have to protect myself from possible legal action," Andrea advised, "with minors a parent or guardian signs the release, but with adults like April and Marc they have to sign it."

"Okay," Julia nodded, "that makes sense. Now what about payment? I'm sure you don't do this for free."

Andrea chuckled "No, I don't. It's hard for me to really decide what I'll do to your two without having met them, but knowing the offence I can take a pretty accurate guess. Who's paying?"

"Them, of course," Julia said firmly, "they are the ones who got their little behinds into this mess."

"Love be a fly on the wall when you tell them that not only are they going to be spanked they have to pay for the privilege." Andrea murmured, finishing her coffee. She picked up a napkin and wrote on it. She placed the serviette on the table and slid it across to Julia.

Julia examined the figure on it and said "That seems reasonable."

"It's just a guesstimate. Kim, my receptionist, is far better at working out accurate quotes than I am. That'll be close, it may be a little out one way or the other, but I'll let Kim handle the payment side of things."

"Well, I need to have a talk to April and Marc. I'll give you a call when I've done that to let you know whether they've agreed to it or not and if they have find out when I can bring them in for a 'chat'."

Andrea noticed that Julia's face coloured as she said the word 'chat'; she was already using one of Andrea's favourite euphemisms.

Kimberley Kennedy collected payment from Andrea's most recent customer, put the money away and updated her spreadsheet to denote that payment had been received. A smile crossed her face as the mother led her teenage daughter out of the shop and the girl's free hand was still vigorously rubbing the seat of her skirt. A sure indication that Andrea had given her a stinging pair of bright red cheeks.

Once the customers had left the shop Kimberley's thoughts turned to lunch. She had one blissful free hour. No crying kids, no annoying customers, no ringing phones. Kimberley fluffed her clouds of golden hair and sighed in contentment as she stood and turned to the shop's kitchen where her lunch awaited. Then the phone rang, its harsh jangling tones entirely spoiling the girl's mood. Lips pursed, Kimberley glared at the offending object. For a moment she debated whether to actually answer it or not. Unfortunately although it was past noon, Andrea still considered this business hours and she would have heard the phone in her parlour. Although if Kimberley did not answer it Andrea probably wouldn't discipline her beyond a scolding she still hated to disappoint her employer, who she looked up to as a mentor and they also shared a rather close relationship almost like favourite aunt and niece or even big sister and younger sibling. With a put upon sigh Kimberley snatched the phone off the cradle, muttering to herself "If this is some mother asking if we can fit her little darling in, I swear....", she cut her own grumbling off to answer brightly "Good afternoon, Spank Shop This is Kimberley, how may we help?"

"Good afternoon, Kimberley," said a pleasant, cultured female voice on the other end, "I would like to speak to Andrea."

Kimberley frowned, it was not often that people she did not know rang asking to speak to Andrea, the only other person who had done that was Miss Andrea's horrid French friend Joelle Clemenceau and this was most definitely not her. "May I ask who is calling?" the receptionist said politely.

"Of course," the voice said, "I should have introduced myself. I'm Professor Julia Harrison. Andrea is expecting my call."

"I'll just check if she's free to take your call Professor Harrison." Kimberley told the lady and put the teacher on hold. She connected to Andrea's parlour. There was a pause and a click as Andrea tried to work out the phone system. She preferred it to the intercom system they had used previously, but was still not good at using it. Although Kimberley would never show it to her employer's face she did find Andrea's struggle with modern technology amusing. "Hello." an obviously flustered Andrea snapped.

"I have a Professor Julia Harrison on the line for you, Miss Andrea." Kimberley said brightly.

"Julia!" Andrea exclaimed warmly. "Please put her right through, Kim."

Kimberley retrieved Professor Harrison from hold and told her "Putting you through now, ma'am."

"How are you, Julia?' Andrea asked.

"Fine." Julia said with a smile in her voice.

"How did things go with Marc and April?"

Julia chuckled "Oh there were excuses and 'but I nevers' flying around all over the place, April even produced a few tears, but in the end they accepted that your alternative was preferable to me handling it through official channels."

"Wonderful, it would appear that I will soon have my hands and my lap quite full, then." Andrea chuckled throatily.

"Ah yes, I think so. Where do we go from here?"

"I'm assuming that April and Marc want this all handled as quickly as possible and want to make only the one visit?"

"That would be preferable. I know you said you like to do a face to face, but I'd like to be present for some of this, especially for Marc's sake, and neither my schedule nor that of my students really allows for more than one session."

"I totally understand that, Julia. If you can just hold for a minute I'll see if I can get Kim to help me work this blasted phone and set up a three way conversation so we can book Marc and April in. As everything is being handled in the one session, we'll need to block out a good long time for it. Kim's the best one to arrange that."

In no time at all, due to Kimberley's skill with the phone system, the three ladies were in a conference call. "Kim, I know you've already spoken to Professor Harrison, but she's a good friend of mine and has two students she'd like to bring in for a little 'attitude adjustment'."

Kimberley had to smile at Andrea's way of describing what she did for a living, but at the same time winced as her own bottom recalled her last 'attitude adjustment' with Miss Andrea.

"Pleased to meet you Professor Harrison," the receptionist said politely, "you're a university professor?"

"Delighted to make your acquaintance Kimberly, and yes I do teach at the local university."

"College kids, cool." Kimberley pronounced, delight obvious in her tone.

"Yes," Andrea broke in, "Kimmy shares quite a good relationship with our college clients."

"Sammy is so cute," Kimberley said with a grin, remembering a regular client, who was a sophomore at the college, "such a nice round bottom."

"Kimberley Susan!" Andrea said sharply, reminding the girl that she should not be mentioning other clients with a non related customer.

"Sorry, ma'am." the contrite receptionist apologized and heard Professor's Harrison's chuckle on the other end of the phone.

"My two are called April and Marc, they're nineteen and twenty three respectively."

"Oooohhh nice spread of ages." an appreciative Kimberley cooed.

"Professor Harrison would like them to come in for a session as soon as possible, Kim. It'll need to be a long one, because we're doing it all in one hit." Andrea advised her employee.

Kimberley brought up the appointments on her computer screen and scanned it, a frown creasing her pretty brow "We're pretty busy. I can't do an appointment for that long this week. Tuesday next week is pretty quiet. You've got a four hour window ma'am, between eleven and three."

"Does that work for you, Julia?" Andrea asked.

"If that's the earliest you can do it, it will have to." Julia Harrison conceded.

"What about April and Marc?"

"Oh, they got themselves into this," Julia said grimly, "they'll go along with whatever I arrange or else."

"So can I book it in?" Kimberley asked, fingers poised over the keyboard.

"Please do." Julia confirmed.

Once Kimberley had made the appointment she joined Andrea for lunch in the parlour and over the meal Andrea explained the particulars of the case to her receptionist. Due to the ages and what she intended to do she felt that Kimberley's presence would be both necessary and helpful. Kimberley was being trained to help out with the shop's disciplinary needs and was already proving talented at it, she regularly dealt with some of the younger clients during busy times and her efforts as a full time disciplinarian when Andrea had taken a recent break had been very well received by the clientele. Assisting with this session would be a good step for the teenager and help with her training.

At eleven thirty on the designated Tuesday a beaming Kimberley greeted Professor Harrison warmly as she ushered her two nervous students into the shop. "Good morning Professor Harrison!"

"Good morning, Kimberley."

"This must be April and Marc." the adolescent receptionist said, favouring the college students with a reassuring smile.

"Indeed they are." Julia Harrison confirmed, while April and Marc looked around the shop trying to reconcile the unremarkable interior with its fearsome reputation. As there were no customers at the time the waiting room looked like a converted drawing room, there was a cheery fire burning in the grate that took the chill off the early spring morning.

"Miss Andrea is ready for you if you'd like to go right through, ma'am." Kimberley extended the invitation to the college professor and her two charges.

Andrea was seated in her favourite armchair by the fire, nylon sheathed legs elegantly crossed. She looked up from her book as Kimberley brought the professor and her students into the parlour. "Good morning and welcome to the Spank Shop." she said with a gentle smile. "Please take a seat." she offered, indicating one of the couches and the remaining chairs. Once everyone was settled; April and Marc sitting very close on the couch and Julia in a comfortable chair, Andrea asked "Would anyone like some refreshment? Coffee? Tea?"

April looked up and said in a clear voice "I'd love a cup of tea."

Marc nodded silently to indicate that he too would welcome a cup of tea.

"Tea would be nice." Julia agreed.

"Kim, can you make a pot of tea, please dear. A cup would be very relaxing right now, and I find things are much easier to discuss with a nice hot cup of tea."

"Yes, Miss Andrea." Kimberley said, giving her hair a quick fluff before turning to the kitchen.

As Kimberley made tea for everyone Andrea turned her attention to April. The girl was a very pretty Eurasian, clear olive skin, sparkling black almond shaped eyes and long dark hair that was cut in a fringe above her eyes, she was petite and wore a pouty expression. "April, I know you weren't to know this sweetheart, but when you're here as a client you will refer to me as ma'am, miss, Miss Andrea or even Aunty Andrea if you wish and although I know Kimberley is younger than you she is also to accorded the same respect and that goes for you too Marc. Are we understood on that point?"

April and Marc looked at their feet and murmured "Yes ma'am."

"Good," Andrea beamed, "I do like to set the tone early and have people know what I expect."

Kimberley reappeared at the door, carrying a tray laden with a pot of tea, steam curling gently from the spout, she had cups, saucers, a milk jug and a sugar pot. The girl set the tray down and poured tea for Andrea first, adding milk and sugar as she knew her employer to prefer her tea. Andrea accepted the cup with murmured thanks, and as Kimberley inquired how Julia Harrison took her tea, blew on it to cool it and sipped delicately. Julia's first sip of the hot beverage was met with an approving sigh of contentment. "May I have it white with two please, Miss Kimberley?" April asked politely, remembering Andrea's earlier admonition and receiving an approving nod from the disciplinarian as she added the honorific to the teenage receptionist's name. "Of course, darling." Kimberley told April as she added milk and sugar to the girl's steaming cup.

"Marc?" she asked, turning to the graduate student.

"Milk and one, thanks." he said casually.

Kimberley did not act on the request, but fixed Marc with her clear blue eyes, hands on hips, the boy looked up startled and as he realized what was expected blushed, saying "Miss Kimberley."

"Much better." the blonde girl murmured, pouring a cup and handing it to Marc.

Once everyone else had been served Kimberley made herself a cup of tea and faded into the background to sip it and watch Andrea go to work.

"This is cosy," Andrea commented, her green eyes sparkling, as she looked around the room, "I think everyone would have to agree that the civilized act of sharing something as simple as the humble cup of tea has made this entire experience so much less intimidating. I do like my older customers to understand why they are here and give me some reasons as to why they require correction."

April and Marc exchanged a worried look over the rims of their cups. Andrea looked and sounded so urbane, but there was definitely something slightly threatening about her and the way she spoke.

Andrea's attention turned first to April "April, would you like to tell us why you're here, or rather why you think you're here."

The expression on the Eurasian girl's face said that she would rather do almost anything other than explain how she found herself at the Spank Shop this early spring day, but she knew that she was in a lot of trouble already and to get defiant and smart mouthed now would only add to her woes "Well, ma'am," she began, putting her tea down and self consciously smoothing her skirt over her knees, she had not felt like this since she was fifteen years old and had been summoned to the head mistresses office to explain her part in a schoolgirl prank that had gone horribly wrong, "I handed in work that was not my own in Professor Harrison's class."

"I know that's what you did, dear," Andrea told the girl, "but you don't seem to really have grasped the concept of how wrong that actually is."

April frowned, how did she tell Andrea that she did not actually think she had done anything that was so terribly wrong without being rude? "Miss Andrea," she started, "meaning no disrespect to Professor Harrison, I don't want to take her class, and I have to as part of my own course for this year only. I won't be taking it for the rest of my degree and I doubt that I will ever require to use the knowledge again. Why should I spend as much time on it as one of my other classes that I will be taking over the next few years and using again?"

"So that excuses cheating, does it?"

April frowned again and pouted, the woman had twisted her words, that was not what she had meant "No, ma'am." was all she could say, dropping her eyes to the floor.

"No it does not, young lady," Andrea scolded, and April felt a shiver go through her with the words 'young lady', "you will find in life after school, April, that we are sometimes required to do things we don't want to do or that we cannot necessarily see the point of, but we have to do them nonetheless and cheating and trying to find the easy way out does not help. It is a shame that I have to teach that to you in this manner, and I can promise you, miss, that it will be one of the harder, more painful lessons that you will learn in your life."

April gulped at the implication of Andrea's words and whispered "Yes, Miss Andrea."

Andrea sipped her tea before continuing her lecturing of the girl "There has been nothing said of the situation you put your friend Marc and Professor Harrison in. If Professor Harrison had done things by the book you would have been failed and had to repeat the year and Marc would have lost his teaching assistant position, his funding and possibly been expelled. You were selfish and lazy. What happens here in this room today will hopefully impress upon you in the future to consider the consequences of your actions very carefully before acting purely to benefit yourself."

April's cheeks were blazing and she was near tears, she had never in her life been scolded so comprehensively and Andrea had made her see the full impact of her actions and she did not like what she had heard, but she had to admit that it was all true.

"Marc," Andrea turned her attention to the boy next to April, Marc had not been expecting it and he was so startled by suddenly hearing the gorgeous, mature lady seated across from him say his name that he nearly spilled his tea, "why don't you give us your thoughts on what brings you to me?"

"Yes ma'am," the post graduate student said politely, trying to work out what to say, he normally prepared when he spoke, but how did one prepare for this, "I let Professor Harrison down."

Andrea lowered her cup and cocked her head to one side "How exactly did you do that, dear?"

The elegant disciplinarian studied the boy as he thought about the question. He was tall and well built with a deep chest and broad shoulders, Julia had told her that away from his studies he was a keen basketballer and Andrea could certainly see evidence of that in the boy's build. Thick, dark wavy hair, bright blue wide set eyes, generous lips and his teeth were white and even. April definitely had taste, Marc would be considered a fine catch for any girl and that was even without his teaching assistant status.

"Professor Harrison trusted me, Miss Andrea," Marc replied slowly as he thought his words out, "and by allowing April to copy my work I betrayed that trust."

"How exactly did April get you to let her use your work?"

Marc blushed deeply and said in a soft voice "Do I have to answer that, Miss?"

Andrea chuckled throatily and Kimberley giggled from where she stood, sipping her tea "No, dear. I think we can guess. It will be your bottom that pays the price later on."

"I'm glad that's out of the way and that you both have accepted your need for correction." Andrea said, pushing her tea cup and saucer away. "Kim, do you have the forms, dear?"

"Yes Miss Andrea." the blonde teenager answered brightly producing some printed sheets of paper with cheap disposable pens clipped to them.

Andrea took the forms from her receptionist and set them out on the table in front of April and Marc. "I need you two to sign these release forms and then we can get down to business."

"Release forms?" Marc asked with a frown, picking up a sheet of paper and studying it intently.

"It's a legal document, Marc. It's protection for me. It says that you're authorizing me to spank you and that you won't turn around and charge me with assault. Generally a client's guardian signs them, but as you and April are legally adults you have to sign them yourselves."

A ray of hope leapt into April's dark eyes "So if we don't sign the forms you can't spank us, ma'am?" she probed.

"Not so much can't April, as won't." Andrea corrected the girl.

"However," Julia interrupted coolly, "if you're not spanked then I'll have to fail you and while I know that doesn't concern you overly April the consequences for Marc could be disastrous."

The light in April's eyes faded and her shoulders slumped "Yes Professor Harrison." she sighed and picked up a pen.

"Marc," Julia Harrison snapped, her eyes flashing, "I think Miss Andrea would appreciate you signing the form some time this century."

"Actually Julia," Andrea told her friend as the handsome post graduate student continued to read the fine print on the document in front of him, "I think it's good that Marc knows exactly what he's getting himself into and doesn't just blindly sign something because he was told to. Take your time, darling."

Marc shook his head, his dark hair shaking with the movement "No, ma'am. I'll sign, this is all totally above board."

Although obviously disappointed that her last loophole had been neatly closed April signed at the same time as her boyfriend.

"Excellent," Andrea commented, filing the signed forms, "we just need to get you two prepared and then its spanking time. Julia you have some options open here. You can stay if you wish. Kim will ensure that you are comfortable and provide refreshment. If you want you can go shopping or deal with some other business, I can personally recommend the hair and beauty salon next door. We'll be busy for at least the next hour or so and you can return to two well spanked sets of cheeks."

"I do need to get some groceries and a coffee would be nice." Julia mused.

As Julia Harrison made her decision Andrea reminded her two prospective spankees "Even though you've signed the forms you can opt out of this right until you're over my lap, that's the point of no return."

"I can assure you Andrea that will not be happening." Julia warned, getting to her feet.

"No ma'am." Marc also agreed and this was followed by a glum "No Miss Andrea." from April.

Kimberley took Julia outside and Andrea ordered Marc into a corner. "You just stand there and face the wall, sweetheart. You can have some thinking time."

April looked confused and wondered why she too was not being escorted into a corner, until Andrea spoke to her. "Once Kim returns I'll send you to get ready, April."

"Get ready, Miss?" April queried.

"Miss Kimberley will explain all that to you in a moment, sweetness." Andrea told her serenely and poured herself a fresh cup of tea.

Kimberley reentered the room with a smile and said "Professor Harrison is really nice. I hope I have lecturers as good as her when I go to university."

"I'll pass that compliment on, Kimberley." Andrea grinned. "Could you take April through to a changing room and get her ready, please?"

"Delighted, ma'am!" Kimberley beamed. She held her hand out to the nervous girl and said "C'mon April."

Feeling her bottom tingle uncontrollably April took the blonde girl's hand and followed her denim clad bottom into the changing room off from the parlour.

April looked around the room. It was disconcertingly normal. It had a single bed, there was a wardrobe with a sliding door across from the bed, mirror on the wall and a door that led into an ensuite bathroom. Kimberley crossed to the wardrobe and slid the doors open. April sat down on the bed and peered curiously around the blonde to see a row of aprons. "What are they?" she asked, forgetting that she was meant to address Kimberley as ma'am or miss.

"Spanking aprons." Kimberley replied, simply. "April you're meant to call me ma'am or miss, too dear. I'll let it slide this time, but if you keep doing it then I'll have to tell Aunty Andrea and your bottom will burn for it."

"Yes ma'am." April replied meekly, gritting her teeth, it was embarrassing enough to have to call Andrea that, but to do it to this girl who was younger than her was beyond humiliating. Curiousity got the better of her and she asked "What is a spanking apron, Miss Kimberley?"

Kimberley turned to the girl on the bed, blue eyes shining and enthused "They're just the best idea ever! Aunty Andrea uses them specifically for the older kids, mostly teens. They cover up your front, but still allow easy access to the bottom." Kimberley stepped aside and asked April "Would you like to pick one out?"

It did seem odd to the girl that she was being asked to select her own punishment garment, but at least she was being given a choice. April stood up and started to flick through the aprons, she settled on a light pink one with little cartoon kittens on it. "Can I have this one, ma'am?"

"Oh, that's cool." Kimberley complimented her. "I like Hello Kitty stuff too."

Kimberley laid the apron out on the bed and told April "You get undressed and I'll put your clothes away."

"Do I have to do it here in front of you, miss?"

Kimberley frowned and crossed her arms over her chest "Honestly, April, do you think you've got something I haven't seen? I'm sure you're not this modest around Marc. Now strip or I'll do it for you and I don't think you want that, because there are likely going to be slapped thighs if I have to do that."

April felt a chill run down her spine as the extremely capable receptionist mentioned slapping her thighs and immediately began to obediently disrobe.

"Does it hurt?" April asked as she laid her clothes out on the bed.

"Does what hurt?" Kimberley asked, thinking about the question made her forget that April had yet again omitted the honorific when asking her something.

"The spanking." April clarified, reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra.

The question stunned Kimberley so much that she simply blinked and stared at the partially nude Asian girl, her mouth open. Finally she answered "Yes, it hurts, that's the point of it April. It wouldn't be punishment if it didn't hurt."

April twisted her bra in her hands and looked as if she were about to burst into tears.

Understanding dawned on Kimberley; April had never been spanked before, although this was an alien feeling to the pretty blonde receptionist, having grown up with regular trips over her parents laps, she took pity on April. Kimberley put an arm around the other girl's slender shoulders and sat down on the bed with her. "You're a virgin, aren't you?"

Spots of colour leapt into April's cheeks "I am not!" she insisted hotly. "Marc and I have...." Kimberley's peal of delighted laughter alerted her that they were talking about different things and she fell silent.

"Oh honey," Kimberley explained gently, "I didn't mean that kind of virgin. I meant a spanking virgin, you've never been spanked before, have you?"

April shook her head wordlessly, she was obviously wondering what to expect.

"What is Aunty Andrea going to do, miss?" April asked in a small voice.

"Well," Kimberley replied, she did not want to give away too much, Andrea would be annoyed if she spoiled the suspense, which she felt was part of any good spanking, "she'll definitely warm you up with her hand and then...."

"Warm me up?" April interrupted, and seeing the look on the blonde's face, added, "Ma'am. Isn't the hand going to be all of it?"

"Oh goodness no!" Kimberley exclaimed. "You cheated on an assignment. That's really serious. Even if it were a lesser offence the hand is almost always only a warm up to get your bottom ready for the rest of the spanking."

"What is the rest of it Miss Kimberley?"

"I don't know exactly what Miss Andrea has planned, but you look like a brush girl to me."

Although April did not have any idea what Kimberley meant by the term 'brush girl' she nodded as if she understood and the receptionist continued "You may be lucky and get off there, but I doubt it. As you're a virgin I don't think you'll get the switch or the cane, but I can see the strap coming into it."

April felt her bottom clench reflexively as Kimberley said the word strap. Her older brother went to a school where they used the strap, he had never received it personally, but his horror stories of other boys who did had made April respect the term. Kimberley squeezed April's shoulders and said encouragingly "Now, come on out of your panties and into this pretty apron so Aunty Andrea can spank your little bottom up all hot and red."

The first thing April saw as Kimberley led her back into parlour was her boyfriend standing in the corner, hands laced over his wavy dark locks. Her attention was drawn to Andrea as the disciplinarian clapped her hands and exclaimed "Don't you just look darling? Kim, that's an adorable apron."

"Thankyou ma'am. April chose it herself."

"Good girl." Andrea complimented the furiously blushing university student. "Now you get your nose into the opposite corner from Marc and Aunty Kimberley will get him ready for his bottom warming."

As April faced the corner and put her hands on top of her head at Andrea's instruction Kimberley went to Marc and took him by the hand murmuring "Come on with me, Marc."

As Marc turned from the corner he first saw his girlfriend's cute, pale oval buttocks in the corner and took a deep breath. Although he found the sight extremely arousing the thought of exactly why she was in that situation put an immediate end to any stimulation he may have felt otherwise. Tearing his eyes away from April's rear end he was confronted by Kimberley Kennedy's extremely fetching rump twitching enticingly in a snug pair of jeans and followed it into the bedroom adjacent to the parlour.

"You're a real cutie," Kimberley told Marc as she closed the door and regarded him through azure eyes, "April's a lucky girl. Take your clothes off please and we'll pick out an apron."

Although Marc had been fully aware that the spanking would be administered on his bare bottom he had not thought he would have to get undressed in front of a gorgeous teenager like the blonde receptionist imperiously demanding that he disrobe.

When Marc made no move Kimberley rolled her eyes and said "Please don't tell me you're a virgin, too."

"Virgin?" Mark queried confusion evident in his blue eyes.

"Never been spanked."

"Oh no," Marc said as it was explained, "I've been spanked before. Not for a long time, but I have been spanked."

His voice died out as he became uncomfortably aware that Kimberley was glaring at him, cornflower eyes flashing "What exactly," she said icily, "did Aunty Andrea tell you about addressing her, me or any other adult in here?"

"Oh God, sorry. Ma'am, Miss....."

"Either one will do fine," Kimberley said, "forget it again and one little boy is going to get a sore bottom earlier than he expected. Now get your clothes off before you make me really cross!"

Although it was extremely embarrassing Marc was all too well aware that the adolescent in front of him was not only authorized to follow though on her veiled threat, she was also extremely capable of it. With one rueful look at the shut door Marc sighed and began to remove his clothing. Kimberley leaned against the wall and watched with an appraising eye as Marc's very attractive body was gradually unveiled.

Marc got down to his underpants before modesty forced him to risk upsetting the watching girl. "Miss Kimberley?"

"Yes Marc?"

"Do I have to lose the underpants in front of you?"

Kimberley sighed, what was it about boys that made them so reluctant to show off their equipment in front of girls? "I suppose not." she said rather snippishly. She picked an apron with a spiderman motif on it, and held it out to him. "Put this on and then drop your undies."

"Thankyou, ma'am." Marc said gratefully, putting the apron on and then Kimberley watched as his briefs slid down his legs to pool in a puddle of coloured fabric around his ankles. Gingerly Marc stepped out and placed them on top of his pile of neatly folded clothes on the bed.

"Turn around, sweetheart," Kimberley said, running a hand through her meticulously cared for mane of honey hair, "and I'll do it up for you."

Marc stood obediently as Kimberley tied up the back of the apron with a neat bow "Oh, you look wonderful." the girl said and could not resist giving the exposed, muscular round bottom a firm slap, which made Marc gasp and jump. "Good enough to spank!" Kimberley finished. Marc turned around to face her and became aware of an involuntary reaction in his groin. Kimberley's eyes followed Marc's down to where the apron was noticeably tented "Oh dear," she murmured, "can you make it go away?"

Marc closed his eyes and desperately tried to think of the unsexiest images he could conjure up, but Andrea's long, nylon sheathed legs, Kimberley's full high riding breasts and April's pale oval buttocks kept intruding and if anything his erection grew rather than diminished. "No luck?" Kimberley asked after a minute or so.

Miserably Marc shook his head.

"Aunty Andrea won't like that at all. Just stand there for a second and I'll see if she'll let me help you out here."

Kimberley opened the door out and called to her employer "Aunty Andrea?"

"Yes, Kim dear?"

"Marc has become a little excited about his spanking, do you mind if I take a few minutes to relieve him?"

"Oh please do, darling. It'll be so much more comfortable for me and him if you do."

"Thankyou ma'am. It shouldn't take long." the teenager said with a beaming smile as she closed the door again.

"Now you come with me, sweetie." Kimberley said, taking Marc's hand and leading him into the bathroom next to the changing room.

The girl guided her extremely embarrassed charge to stand in front of the bath. "Can you take care of it yourself, or would you prefer me to do it?" she asked.

Marc could not believe what he was hearing. He had thought that coming here and having an elegant, sophisticated lady like Andrea put him over her lap and spank his bare bottom as if he were a ten year old brat would be about the most embarrassing thing he would ever experience in his life, but now a drop dead gorgeous eighteen year old blonde was offering to give him a hand job and making him feel as if he were a child that had just made a mess in his pants, he could not imagine anything more mortifying.

Kimberley shook her golden head and said "You have until the count of three before I take matters into my own hands so to speak."

Marc hung his head and just knew that he could not jerk himself off in front of Kimberley. She firmly counted out "One. Two. Three." there was a pause. "Alright, it looks as if Aunty Kimberley will have to do it for you."

Kimberley stood behind the boy and reached around in front of him, she twitched the apron out of the way, saying "Aunty Andrea won't like it if you make a mess of the apron and neither will I, young man, because I'm the one who has to wash it."

As soon as the apron was moved aside Marc's hands shot to his groin in an attempt to shield it from Kimberley's eyes and her questing hand. Making a noise of disapproval Kimberley slapped Marc's hands away and her slender palm curled around the thick throbbing shaft of flesh. Marc gasped. The blonde girl pushed her body up against Marc and as her hand pumped smoothly away at the pulsating member she whispered into his ear "Once we get you pumping all that sticky boy milk out we'll have you over Aunty Andrea's knee in no time and she'll soon be spanking your pretty round buttocks to a deep, rich glowing cherry red."

A combination of the girl's words and the images that they produced pushed Marc over the brink. His painfully erect penis shriveled briefly and then grew rapidly again, the boy shuddered and moaned as thick, hot gouts of sperm jetted out of it to soak Kimberley's hand and spatter against the white porcelain of the bathtub. "Oh yes!" Kimberley cooed. "That's it you spurt it all out for Aunty Kimberley."

The streams of cum became a trickle and the last drops dribbled out.

"Hold your apron out of the way, sweetie and I'll get a cloth to clean us up." Kimberley instructed Marc.

Thoroughly humiliated, but feeling somehow strangely satisfied Marc did as he was told. Kimberley ran a wash cloth under some warm water, cleaned off her hand and then gently wiped the tip of the boy's penis and washed his nest of curly pubic hair and his upper thighs that also had residue of his 'milk' on them. "Boys are such messy creatures." the girl said with a smile. She tossed the cloth into the bathtub and then used a soft fluffy hand towel to dry her hand and Marc's damp nether regions. "Okay, darling you can let the apron go now. You're all clean down there."

"Now we've kept April and Aunty Andrea waiting long enough, Marc. Come with me."

She took his hand and led him back into the parlour.

Andrea was seated in her favourite armchair, sipping tea and leafing through a fashion magazine, occasionally looking up at April, installed in the corner. "Well, aren't we a nice looking little boy?" she pronounced, studying Marc, "and such a thoughtfully chosen apron. That colour will provide a very good guide for the exact shade of red I want your bottom to be."

As Marc blushed furiously Kimberley said "I picked that one out, ma'am."

"Thankyou Kim, its perfect. Marc if could go to a corner for me please. Hands on head and although I should not need to remind you, no peeking."

"Yes Miss Andrea." Marc said obediently, going straight to a vacant corner, placing his hands on his wavy locks and staring at the wall.

Andrea set her cup down and Kimberley took it away and placed the magazine back in the rack. "April." Andrea said clearly and the girl immediately sprang to attention. "You may remove your hands from your head and come to me please, dear."

Heart beating wildly, April unlaced her hands and let them dangle at her side, she turned and walked to stand by Andrea on legs that had gone suddenly wobbly.

The elegant lady seated in the chair by the fire looked up at the girl standing next to her and smiled reassuringly.

"Professor Harrison tells me that you have never before been spanked, April. Was that correct?"

April blushed becomingly and murmured "Yes ma'am."

"And you are how old, darling?"

"Nineteen, miss."

"My goodness!" Andrea exclaimed. "We do have some lost time to make up for. Let's have you over my lap, sweetness."

April did not move, but a look of confusion crossed her pretty features.

"Give me your hand, dear." Andrea asked, holding out her own hand, palm up.

April placed one slender hand into Andrea's and let out a squeal of surprise as she was jerked forward and wound up sprawling across the soberly skirted lap. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"No, ma'am."

"Lift your hips please, April, we need to arrange you properly for the attentions of Aunty Andrea's palm."

Obediently April pressed her toes onto the floor and pushed up so her hips were elevated. Andrea's strong arm went around her waist and shifted her into position, so that her bottom was pushed up high and formed the apex of a triangle, pointing directly at the ceiling. April was not a tall girl and with Andrea's legs crossed she dangled in mid air. "Lower now." With that command April settled her weight across Andrea's lap. Andrea stroked the upturned mounds tenderly. "So nice and soft," she murmured, "so very white and tender. I do love a virgin bottom. You'll redden up beautifully in no time, sweetie."

As she lay over Andrea's lap with the older lady's long fingers caressing her bottom April began to enjoy the sensation and despite the promise of pain in the disciplinarian's words the student was soon positively purring. Her bottom tingled with anticipation, but her cheeks completely relaxed, and there was no warning before the spanking began, so the first explosion of stinging, burning pain that cracked across her right half moon took her entirely by surprise. "Owwww!" April squealed and jerked.

"That was a love pat." Kimberley informed the girl from where she stood observing the punishment. "Wait until Aunty Andrea gets warmed up, then you'll howl."

"Hush, Kimberley." Andrea scolded her assistant gently.

There was another yelp from April as the red hand print on her right buttock was joined with a twin on the left.

Andrea settled into a steady rhythm, her hard experienced palm rebounding crisply first off one cheek and then the other. As she had promised the girl's bottom did colour quickly. April's legs flailed about, she did not care what a sight she was making and as the aching burn settled in and she felt heat spreading throughout her nether regions she fulfilled Kimberley's earlier promise and opened her lungs in a full throated howl. April had never felt physical sensations like this before and unbidden tears formed in her dark eyes and began to stream down her cheeks. "Owwww! Owwwww! Aunteeee Andreaaaaa! It hurrtttssssss!" April wailed.

Without breaking her spanking pace, and actually concentrating a volley on the girl's upper thighs, Andrea calmly told the distraught teenager over her lap "It's a spanking and that is what they do, darling."

The spanking arm stopped swinging and April bawled as she felt the back of Andrea's hand being gently dragged across her burning hemispheres "Ohhhh you're simmering nicely." Andrea pronounced and then invited "Come and have a feel, Kim. Do you think she's warmed sufficiently?"

April flinched as Kimberley's palm glided across her glowing cherry red buttocks. "Good job, ma'am. She's bubbling away beautifully."

Andrea nodded, smiling "I think that will hold her whilst I bring Marc to the boil. Help her up please Kimberley and take her back to the corner."

Kimberley assisted April back to her feet and walked her over to the corner, with her arms around her. Reflexively the girl's hands went to her sore backside. "Uh uh," Kimberley warned, "no rubbing. I'll put you over my knee if you do that. You stand there, nose in the corner and put your hands on your head. I will be watching, so if there is any peeking or surreptitious rubbing you will be one very sorry little girl."

Andrea sat back and enjoyed the scene in the room. Kimberley had become quite the stern young disciplinarian and she handled the nineteen year old tertiary student as if she were a freshly spanked prΩ adolescent. "Kimberley, could you please bring Marc to me, dear?"

"Yes ma'am." Kimberley answered, fluffing her blonde hair as she crossed from April's corner to where Marc stood trembling with anticipation. "You heard all that didn't you?" the girl whispered into the attractive young man's ear. Marc nodded wordlessly. "Go on have a look." Kimberley urged, turning the boys head towards where his red bottomed girlfriend stood sobbing in the corner.

"Oh God!" Marc said a small voice as he took in the sight.

"Looks sore, doesn't it?"

Marc nodded weakly.

"Hot and stinging."

"Yes, ma'am."

"That'll soon be you sweetheart."

"Yes, Miss Kimberley."

Andrea shook her head listening and watching the exchange, she had to admit to feelings of pride at how well Kimberley handled the clients, even the adult ones. The girl would make an excellent proprietress of a similar establishment one day if she ever wanted to do so. "Here he is Aunty Andrea. One naughty little boy all ready to have his bottom soundly smacked."

Marc looked down at Andrea's lap and a whirl of thoughts went through his head. He had known for some time how the visit to the shop would end, but it was only now that the event was so imminent that it was really penetrating through to him. The last time Marc had been face down over a ladies lap he had been ten years old and the lap belonged to his mother. He and a friend had been playing catch; a wayward ball had broken a neighbour's window. Marc had not been spanked for breaking the window, that was an unfortunate accident, what had earned him the painful journey over his mother's lap was electing to run away from the scene of the crime and not immediately own up to it. Marc had truly believed it would never happen again, but here at the age of twenty three it was going to recur.

"You do know what to do, don't you, Marc?" Andrea asked, her cool green eyes looking up at the nervous young man.

Marc nodded, licked his lips to moisten them and croaked "Yes, ma'am, but it has been a long time."

Andrea chuckled throatily "It's like riding a bike, sweetheart, you never forget. Over you get."

Marc shuffled closer and awkwardly bent his tall body over the ladies lap. "Good boy," Andrea complimented him, "rest your weight on my thighs. I can handle it, you're not the first grown man I've had in this position and you won't fall off."

With a miserable sigh Marc slowly lowered himself so that he was resting mostly on Andrea's thighs. His feet were on the floor and his hands were also flat. Andrea put an arm around his waist, drew him in close and shifted him a little so that his buttocks were centred on her lap. "There we are," she said with an exhalation of effort, "comfy?" she asked Marc.

"Yes, Miss Andrea." came the slightly muffled reply.

"Well don't relax too much." Andrea advised. "I'll soon be making it good and hot for you."

Marc tried to compose his feelings as he lay in the time honoured and traditional position over Andrea's knee. He fought down the fluttering butterflies in his stomach and attempted to stop his bottom cheeks from reflexively clenching. Andrea's long, red laquered fingernails scraped gently across the globes presented so delightfully in her lap and Marc felt another part of his body respond to the teasing. Andrea felt the hard throbbing length of flesh press insistently against her thigh and a smile spread across her generous lips slowly. Marc was most certainly a boy. Kimberley had relieved him not much more than half an hour ago and he was ready to go all over again. Impressive. However Andrea was not here to arouse the boy, she made a small moue of disappointment and sighed. Her nails stopped teasing and Marc's erection shriveled almost immediately. Andrea's palm cracked sharply over the tight double bulge of the boy's buttocks and he yelped and jerked.

From where she watched Kimberley grinned and shook her head. She knew little kids who refused to give Andrea a reaction with the first slap and yet she had gotten a yelp from a twenty three year old. Nice butt, though, she had to admit. It was quite fun watching those firm, round muscular glutes bounce up and down over Andrea's lap and change colour from an alabaster white, to a softly glowing pink, to a blazing angry red. At first Marc yelped and gasped, then he started to grunt and moan and finally howl and wail as tears streamed down his cheeks to mix with his snot and sweat as Andrea skillfully turned him from a good looking, confident twenty three year old to a sobbing, hot bottomed little boy.

Andrea gazed down at the glowing, throbbing glutes in her lap and sighed contentedly, she knew that she should not feel this way, but there was something so very satisfying about spanking the bare upturned buttocks of a fully grown man until they were a blazing crimson and positively radiated heat. Marc lay limply over the disciplinarian's lap and blubbered. "Okay, sweetness. You can get up now." Andrea told Marc and gave him a hearty slap which made him gasp and yelp. He slowly and painfully lifted himself off Andrea's lap. He wobbled a little before he stood and Andrea thoughtfully steadied him. "Back to your corner, darling. Hands on head and if you rub or peek I'll have Miss Kimberley slipper you." Those words and the images it evoked made Marc blush even more deeply and brought a beaming smile to Kimberley's face and sparked a glint in her sky blue eyes. Tears still rolling down his face Marc limped to the corner and stood to attention, facing the wall, with his hands on his head.

"Kim," Andrea called to her grinning assistant, bringing the girl out of a blissful daydream in which she was cracking a slipper gleefully over Marc's firm, round red, rump, "can you get me the clothes brush from the cupboard, please?"

"The clothes brush, ma'am?" the girl queried.

"Yes, are you questioning my judgment, young lady?" Andrea asked, one sculpted eyebrow raised.

"No ma'am!" Kimberley answered quickly, her bottom tingling with remembrance of the consequences last time she had questioned her employer too strenuously. As the blonde went to the cupboard where Andrea stored her 'tools of trade' she whispered to herself "The clothes brush. Ouch!"

"April." Andrea said clearly to the trembling girl in the corner.

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." April said very quietly.

"Remove your hands from your head and come to me please, darling."

April lowered her hands and took a deep breath before walking stiffly to the pretty, smiling woman in the armchair, nylon sheathed legs crossed elegantly.

As the Asian girl stood in front of Andrea, eyes lowered and hands clasped in front of her Kimberley came up behind her, carrying a large wooden, oval shaped brush, it was made of two different coloured woods, most of it was the same deep chestnut as Andrea's hair, but the back and the sides had inlays of a honey coloured wood. It was obviously quite heavy and the back shone with a rich luster and was nicely patinaed. "Pop that on the coffee table, please Kimmy." Andrea ordered her assistant. With a pout, she had been hoping to get at least one swat in, Kimberley lay the clothes brush on the table.

Andrea rose smoothly to her feet and took one of April's hands. "I think we're going to need the couch for this one, April. I can generally brush the younger clients over my knee in the chair, although you are a petite child I think we'll both appreciate the support the couch provides once the sting settles in and you start to kick."

Andrea walked April over to the couch, she seated herself and in a smooth practiced motion guided the nervous teen over her lap. "Here we are again." Andrea said cheerfully, lifting the girl's slender legs so that they were supported by the couch. Andrea patted April's upturned moons gently and told her "Mmmmmm....still toasty warm and delightfully rosy, but I am afraid that what little plagiarists get, and richly deserve, are sizzling hot, fire engine red cheeks."

Andrea watched the shiver go through the girl's body at the words and reached across her to pick up the big brush. She glided the smooth, cool back across April's bottom and asked "You'll find that the clothes brush has a very different feel to the hairbrush, sweetheart."

"Aunty Andrea," Kimberley interrupted, "April has never felt the hairbrush before, this is her very first spanking of any sort."

"Oh yes!" Andrea exclaimed, a slightly sheepish look crossing her serene features. "I totally forgot that I have another occasional client who has exactly the same slender, pale, oval buttocks as you, April. After a while everything looks the same from this vantage point."

"Only April's bum isn't so pale any more." Kimberley giggled.

"No, it is not, although I intend to make it a lot redder than it currently is. Would you like to hear what the clothes brush feels like, April?"

Wanting to delay the ordeal for as long as possible April answered in a quavering voice "Yes please, Aunty Andrea."

"Well, darling," Andrea began patting the brush almost absentmindedly on April's twitching mounds, "the hairbrush is smaller and they come in a variety of shapes, round, oval and rectangular...,"

"They're called paddle brushes and they're horrid!" Kimberley interrupted, earning herself a glare from Andrea.

"Because of their smaller size they concentrate the sting into a tighter area and it takes a lot more smacks to properly cover the entire surface, it can be quite a chore if I have a big wobbly bottom to spank. The clothes brush is bigger and heavier. With a little thing like you a couple of slaps will more than sear an entire side. The weight creates a real burn and a long lasting effect. You'll be eating your dinner standing up tonight, April."

Although she had not yet felt the impact of the described brush Andrea's vivid description started April's tears anew. Andrea heard the first sob and cooed "Oh, aren't you adorable? You do cry prettily April. Well, let's give you something to bawl about."

She unleashed the brush. Loud splats that got howls from April and even sympathetic winces from Kimberley echoed around the room. April forgot where she was and whose lap she was over as she bounced up and down and her legs scissor kicked frantically. The fourth heavy slap gave April intense feelings of fiery pain that she was not aware had existed before that moment and she let go of her emotions in a full throated yell of "Ohhhh FUCK! That huuurrrtttttsssssssssss!"

Kimberley gasped and her hands flew to her mouth. Andrea stopped the spanking and the brush paused midair "What exactly was that word, missy?" she asked icily.

April was so scared that she nearly wet herself, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." she repeated over and over again.

"Oh you will be." Andrea vowed ominously, just before she was drowned out by April's roared response to another blistering volley from the brush.

When Andrea was satisfied that her job was done April's buttocks were a pulsating scarlet and the heat positively shimmered off them. Kimberley's cheeks were flushed with excitement and she could barely contain the feelings she was having in her loins. As April lay across Andrea's lap and bawled Andrea ordered "Go to the bathroom Kim and bring me a fresh bar of soap. Little Miss Potty Mouth is going to learn what happens to foul mouthed young ladies."

By the time Kim reappeared a new bar of wrapped soap in hand April was standing in front of Andrea crying and apologizing through her tears. Andrea took the soap from her assistant, unwrapped it and held it up in front of the crying student. "Do you know what this is, April?"

"Yes ma'am." the girl gulped.

"Well tell us," Andrea prompted, her green eyes hard, "Marc is not allowed to look, but he can still hear you."

"It's a bar of soap."

"Yes it is. Little girls who use disgusting words like you have to be taught to clean their language up and I have always found that soap is an excellent cleaning agent. Open up."

What was about to happen to her hit April and she begged "No, please Aunty Andrea. Not that. I won't swear again, I promise."

"It is amazing," Andrea said to the room, "how little ones suddenly promise not to do something after they have already done it and are suddenly faced with the consequences. April, I will ask you one more time. Open up."

April's mouth remained resolutely shut.

"I will not ask again, April. You will open your mouth or I will ask Aunty Kimberley to go outside and cut me a whippy green switch....."

The threat had the desired effect. April opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Fat tears spilled out from between her tightly shut eyelids and Andrea inserted the bar of soap. "Now close your mouth, but do not bite down, April." The adolescent did as told, but her facial expression was evidence of how unpleasant it was. "Kim, take her to the corner please. April, you will put your hands on your head and you will leave the soap in there until I give you permission to remove it."

April's response was a muffled sob that created soapy little bubbles around the corners of her mouth.

"Kim, could you please bring me a glass of water? April was extremely vigorous during her brushing and it was very strenuous exercise."

Andrea sipped her cold water and relaxed, alternating her gaze from corner to corner. Marc's bottom was cooling rapidly, but was still a fetching shade of rose and April's was the colour of two overripe tomatoes. The jiggling of her half moons as she sobbed was also very pleasant to look at. Andrea set her glass down and stood. She replaced the clothes brush in the cupboard and selected a large paddle. It was made of cedar wood and three quarters of an inch thick. It had begun life as a sorority paddle and had seen plenty of pledges bottoms in it's time. After Andrea had purchased it she had repainted it a colour she called 'spanked bottom red' and the handle had the words Spank Shop decaled neatly on it. Andrea felt that for Marc, being a college student, this was a fitting implement. The boy did not belong to a fraternity and to the best of her knowledge never had, but the association still remained. Andrea's paddle was from a girl's sorority, but from what she had been told when talking to members of both fraternities and sororities during her own college days, the paddles were the same, what made the difference was that boys tended to paddle harder than girls. As Andrea lifted up the implement a smile quirked the corners of her lips, she'd had a few young college boys bent over her sofa who would disagree with that long held belief.

"Marc," Andrea's cool voice spoke into the silence, "you may remove your hands, turn around and come to me please, young man."

Marc did as he was told and faced Andrea. The first thing he saw was the formidable paddle in her hand and it made him gulp and sent a shiver running down his spine. He had never been paddled before, but he had heard horror stories from high school and friends who had belonged to fraternities, although they rarely received more than a few pops and even those were over clothes.

"You know what this is, don't you, Marc?" Andrea inquired.

"Yes, ma'am."

"They really only have one use, don't they?"

Marc nodded wordlessly.

"I bet your bottom is really tingling now." the woman observed, tossing her mane of thick chestnut hair.

Although Marc did not reply, his hissed intake of breath was all the response Andrea required.

"Go to the middle of the room and bend over, please dear. You may find it easier if you grab your ankles, I'll leave that up to you, but I'll inform you that if you break position you'll pay for it with extra swats."

Desperately fighting down the sick feelings of anticipation and trying to ignore the fingers of anticipation that were crawling through his still warm and suddenly very vulnerable feeling buttocks, Marc bent at the waist and touched his toes.

"Good form," Andrea complimented him as she took up position behind him, "you must work out."

"Yes, ma'am." Marc replied.

"Lovely," Andrea murmured, "now push you bottom up nice and high for Aunty Andrea's paddle, please darling."

Flexing his legs Marc thrust his backside up high and proud to receive the paddle's attention.

Andrea tapped the blade of the implement gently against the proffered cheeks. "You must have known when you gave April your assignment to copy that you would have been found out."

"I hoped Professor Harrison wouldn't pick up on it if we made enough small alterations, miss." Marc confessed.

"Silly, silly boy," Andrea scolded, "well now I am afraid that your rear end is going to pay the price for your foolishness. You will be required to count each stroke, thank me for it and request another. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Andrea."

"Please tell me what I want you to do." Andrea commanded, sliding the paddle's surface across the young man's tender posterior.

"I'm to count each stroke, thank you and ask for the next one, ma'am."

"You are a clever boy!" Andrea exclaimed patronizingly.

"Ma'am, Miss Andrea?" Marc inquired deferentially.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"How many strokes will I get, ma'am?"

A slow smile spread across Andrea's face "That is for me to know and you to find out, little boy. If you forget to count, thank me or ask for another, or miscount then we'll have that smack over until you get it right."

With resigned sigh Marc murmured "Yes, Aunty Andrea."

"Wonderful, we'll begin shall we?"

Before Marc could answer what was a purely rhetorical question the paddle swept down and cracked firmly against his bottom. Marc cried out as the sting settled in about the same time the sound of the paddle's report died away and just remembered to shout "One thank you ma'am! May I have another?"

SPLAT! The paddle connected a second time with the post graduate student's glowing derriere. There was a painful hiss of indrawn breath and then a reluctant "Two thank you miss. Please give me another one."

"Delighted." Andrea acquiesced, swinging the paddle toward the red target again. This spank smacked up the under hang of Marc's glutes and elicited a howl before he yelled out the number, thanked Andrea and asked for more.

Andrea had intended to give the boy an even dozen; she knew that it was highly unlikely having had no previous experience of the paddle that he would be able to take the twelve swats without miscounting, forgetting to follow the instructions or breaking position. Although she had done this many times Andrea was always fascinated by the physical effect of a full sized sorority paddle on a set of mature male buttocks. Marc was a particularly handsome example and Andrea's green eyes shone as she whacked away with the paddle, watching the flat of it strike home, flatten out the firm, rounded globe, making it flare a hot, bright crimson and then seeing the cheek spring out resiliently again as the paddle rose for it's next journey. When Andrea was done Marc had received nineteen strokes in total. He was a blubbering mess. His bottom glowed scarlet and pulsed, waves of heat radiated from it, his position had altered, his knees were no longer straight, but bent and his legs were close to buckling. Tears streamed down his cheeks and his nose was running freely. Tears, sweat, snot and saliva made a sticky mess on his cheeks and chin.

"Kimmy?" Andrea asked her assistant.

"Yes ma'am!" the blonde said perkily, reluctantly dragging her gaze away from Marc's blazing bottom.

"Would you please take April into the bathroom and fix her up while I deal with Marc?"

"No problem, miss." Kimberley answered.

April showed visible signs of relief at hearing that her ordeal was nearly over.

Kimberley took the girl's arm and led her gently to the bathroom, scolding her softly as they went.

Andrea went to Marc and putting her arms around his waist helped him upright "There, there, sweetness," she murmured as if to a small child, "it's all over now. You're Aunty Andrea's good boy, again." The stern disciplinarian took the sobbing young man to the table and taking some tissues from a box cleaned up his face. "Now there we are," she said brightly, "much better." she held a tissue to his nose and instructed. "Blow."

Marc obediently did as she was told and Andrea discarded the tissues.

"Now let's put you back in the corner for a bit and we'll soon be able to finish up."

Once Marc was crying gently with his nose pressed into a corner and his roasting bottom glowing like a beacon from there Andrea went to her cupboard and opened it. She placed the paddle back in its spot and with her hands on her hips examined the rest of its contents. At length she pronounced "Yes." and reached into the modified wardrobe's depths.

When Kimberley returned with April in tow, the girl's face freshly scrubbed, she saw what was in her employer's hand and gasped. April did not see before she was steered back into her corner and her hands replaced on top of her jet black hair.

Andrea grinned at Kimberley who returned a weak smile. "Can you fetch the baby oil please, Kim?"

"Yes, ma'am." the receptionist said obediently and then asked. "You're really going to make the butts fry, aren't you?"

"Do you disagree with me, dear?"

Kimberley frowned as she considered the question and what April and Marc had attempted to do, then answered "Actually no. They deserve it."

Once the bottle of baby oil was sitting on the coffee table Andrea ordered April and Marc out of their corners and directed them to bend over the back of the couch, side by side. "That's it," Andrea encouraged, "get up nice and close to each other."

As their steaming bottoms came in contact with each other both April and Marc felt some levels of arousal. Andrea saw the smiles on their faces and quickly slapped the thighs hard eliciting howls and immediately reminding the students that they were there for punishment not pleasure. "Kim," Andrea asked her assistant, "could you please oil up April and Marc's bottoms for me?"

"My pleasure, ma'am." a broadly smiling Kimberley said, picking up the bottle of baby oil and walking around the sofa to examine the brightly glowing bottoms arranged over the cushioned back.

Marc and April exchanged quizzical glances at the command, but shrugged as they had no idea what Andrea and Kimberley were talking about.

Although the two students were convinced that Andrea had further chastisement planned they could not help, but sigh and moan gently in relief and pleasure as Kimberley's sure hands gently coated their steaming rumps with soothing baby oil. Kimberley had oiled the bottoms of many of Andrea's clients and she was expert at it now. April and Marc's recently spanked buttocks were soon glistening under a thin film of the slippery oil. Kimberley stepped back and wiped her hands clean on a towel as she admired her handiwork on display over the back of the sofa. The two bottoms shone and looked as if they had a coat of red lacquer freshly applied to them.

"Thankyou dear." Andrea told her assistant as she took up position behind April and Marc. "You may have a seat and enjoy the show, Kimmy."

"Thankyou Aunty Andrea." the blonde teenager said with a smile as she took up a seat with best viewing position and crossed her long, slender legs one over the other.

Andrea shook out the strap, lifted it high and it sang through air.

There was a loud double crack as the length of thick, supple black leather wound around the upturned buttock cheeks and slid across them. As droplets of baby oil flew through the air April and Marc felt the intense sting of the strap and howled as it was amplified by the oil. Marc suddenly understood what Kimberley had meant by the comment 'make the butts fry' As Andrea blistered their backsides with the strap the oil made their rears feel like they were actually frying. April was having great difficulty in holding position and not dancing on the spot as her bottom felt like she was sitting on a hot plate and the cracking of the strap only made her feel even worse. April and Marc's eyes and noses were streaming and their throats were raw from wailing.

After twelve searing strokes of the strap Andrea decided that they had had enough and dropped the length of leather on the seat of the couch in front of the two bawling students. Marc saw it first through blurred eyes and he sagged over the sofa as he realized what it signified. His backside was on fire and he started to wonder if he was ever going to be able to sit down again comfortably. He squeezed April's hand gently, she opened her eyes saw the strap beneath her and murmured "Oh thank God!"

"You both may stand." Andrea told them and her voice sounded as if it were a million miles away. Marc and April stood stiffly and the pain flooded through their bottoms and upper thighs, which had also received a thorough grilling with that wicked strap, wielded by a true artist like Andrea. Unable to fight the impulse hands flew to aching derrieres and they began to rub vigorously and hop up and down in what was regularly referred to as 'the spank dance.' Kimberley could not resist, seeing the two so grown up university students dance around the room, trying to rub the sting out of their thoroughly spanked rears, tears rolling down their cheeks, made her giggle. Andrea watched indulgently for a few minutes, a smile playing across her generous lips, green eyes sparkling.

"That's enough of that silliness," Andrea said, when she judged that they had rubbed and danced for long enough, "now lets get you back in your corners so Professor Harrison can examine your lovely glowing cherry red bottoms when she returns."

Marc and April had just been installed in their corners and were crying softly, feeling their bottoms throb, sting and burn, Andrea was about to send Kimberley to make some tea when the doorbell rang and seconds later Julia Harrison strode in "Oh my!" she exclaimed as the first thing she saw were the brightly glowing globes in the corners. "You did do a good job, Andrea."

"Thankyou Julia. They behaved beautifully for me and Kimberley was also a great help."

The stunning blonde receptionist blushed becomingly and basked in the praise that her employer paid her.

"I think they'll have learnt their lesson." Julia Harrison agreed.

"Kim, could you put the kettle on please, dear? I know I'd love a cup of tea and I am sure Julia would enjoy one. After a good spanking there's very little as enjoyable as relaxing with a lovely hot cup of tea and the view of pretty glowing bottoms warming up the corners."

Smiling to herself Kimberley trotted to the kitchen to make tea.

Very soon after Andrea, Julia and Kimberley were sipping delicately from their tea cups and admiring the fiery red jiggling rear ends that decorated two of the corners. To make things more humiliating for April and Marc the three women discussed them and their behaviour, the recent punishments were described in great detail for Julia Harrison and the university students were continually referred to as if they were children, with constant references to their naughtiness and their soundly smacked bottoms.

After what seemed an eternity Andrea called Marc and April out of the corners and asked them to face her and Professor Harrison. Kimberley busied herself with cleaning up the tea things and was soon preparing cocoa for Marc and April in the kitchen.

"Do you have anything to say to Professor Harrison?" Andrea asked.

"Yes ma'am." Marc and April chorused.

"Well go on, then." Andrea encouraged them.

"You go first." April muttered to Marc.

"I'm sorry for trying to fool you Professor Harrison, it was very wrong of me to allow April to turn in work that was mine and I can assure you that it will never happen again.'

"I'm sure of that, Marc." Julia Harrison said, sipping her tea. "I doubt you want to pay another visit to Aunty Andrea."

"No ma'am." Marc said vehemently, shaking his head, droplets of sweat from his soaked hair flying around.

"I'm sorry for not respecting you and your class Professor Harrison. I'll never cheat again ever in any class."

"Good girl." Julia said. "I forgive you. Now don't the two of you have something you need to say to Aunty Andrea?"

Marc and April exchanged confused looks.

Julia Harrison clicked her tongue and sighed "Manners. Children these days have no manners. Shouldn't you be thanking Aunty Andrea for giving you the discipline you needed?"

April and Marc turned to Andrea and said together "Thankyou for spanking us Aunty Andrea. We're sorry that you needed to."

"It was my pleasure darlings. You were both adorable and I'm glad I could show you the error of your ways. Here comes Aunty Kimberley with some nice hot cocoa for both of you. Now you sit down on the couch and drink that down and we'll get you changed soon."

Marc and April sat gingerly on the couch, even though the cushions were soft, they still winced as their sore bottoms came in contact with the material and took any weight. They accepted the steaming mugs of cocoa from Kimberley with murmured thanks, wrapped their hands around them and blew on the hot liquid to cool it before sipping gratefully.

April was the first to finish and follow Kimberley to the bedroom, her red bottom cheekily shining out at the room as she did so. Her face had been cleaned free of traces of tears when she returned and although she was dressed it was obvious from the look on her face she was wishing that she had chosen looser fitting jeans. Kimberley held her hand out to Marc. "Come on, cutie, let's get you dressed again."

There was genuine regret in her voice as she said it and the three ladies watched admiringly as Marc's firm, round, muscular crimson buttocks made their way to the bedroom. Marc was glad to be dressed again, but he knew that he and April would be out of their clothes as soon as was possible and would be soaking their aching bottoms in a cool bath to soothe and cool them.

"They were nice, weren't they?" Andrea asked Kimberley as they watched Julia Harrison drive away with Marc and April squirming on the back seat.

"They were," Kimberley agreed, "I hope the boys in my classes at college are as cute as Marc." the girl admitted with a blush.

"If you pay more attention to cute boys than to your Professor young lady," Andrea reminded her receptionist, "you may be the one sent to me for spanking."