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'Phi Gamma Beta #3'

The third of the adventures of the sisterhood Phi Gamma Beta, please enjoy your stay at the sorority house!

From Premium Spanking. One of her new sisters welcomes Sally to the sorority Phi Gamma Beta girl style.

From Quality Spanking. Sally and Jessica are paddled the morning after their big night out.

From Spanking Money. Amy shows her displeasure as she is punished.

From Punished Brats. Jessica clutches her burning buns in the corner.

It was only a handful of days before the new semester was due to begin and the girls from the sorority Phi Gamma Beta were all returning from their break and as a result the sorority house was a hive of activity with the girls unpacking, rearranging class schedules, exchanging study texts, redecorating their rooms and renewing old friendships with stories of what had happened over the holiday.

In the relative quiet of her office the sorority's elegant, black housemother Stevie, sat behind her desk, and thoughtfully regarded the sheet of paper in front of her.

Dear Stevie, it began in the flowing script that the housemother knew belonged to the sisterhood's flame haired actress and 'big sister' Nicole.

I am writing to inform you that I will not be returning to school at the beginning of the new semester. I have been offered a position with a travelling theatre troupe playing Kate in their production of The Taming Of The Shrew. This is a great opportunity for me and one that I simply cannot pass up. Please believe me when I say that my decision is entirely influenced by what I want to do with my life and career and not the unfortunate events of last semester. I will continue my studies and complete my course via correspondence. My father will arrive early in the new semester to collect any of my belongings that are still there.

Yours respectfully,

Nicole Kettering.

Stevie frowned at the polite, neatly written letter. The news that Nicole would not be returning left the housemother with mixed reactions. As Nicole so diplomatically alluded to it there had indeed been some 'unfortunate events' last semester, Stevie squirmed uncomfortably in her deep leather chair as she reflected that she was partly to blame for the incident. The sorority had long had a tradition that the first year girls were assigned to the senior girls who had been accorded the status of 'big sister'. The 'big sisters' held a position of some influence and power within the hierarchy of Phi Gamma Beta and were answerable only to Stevie herself. Even before she had appointed Nicole a 'big sister' Stevie had been aware that the girl enjoyed having power over others, and may in her attempts to exercise that power be a little over zealous. Discipline within the walls of Phi Gamma Beta was of the old fashioned kind. 

All sisters, be they first years or even final year students, were subject to regular spankings and paddlings for misbehaviour, there was even a scheduled Friday night paddling where every sister, including the 'big sisters' were soundly paddled as a matter of routine. It was common knowledge that the 'little sister' assigned to Nicole, Emma was subjected to more severe and stringent discipline than any girl in the house, including the other two first years: Amy and Jessica, but Stevie had not intervened, believing that Nicole just needed to get it out of her system. Stevie's final mistake had been to attend a conference on the same weekend that two of the other 'big sisters': Shauna and Naomi, had been out of town. Control of the house had fallen to the two remaining 'big sisters': Nicole and Denise. As there were only three first years and four 'big sisters' Denise had foregone the privilege of having a 'little sister' assigned to her and concentrated on her studies, as she had a very good chance of being named school valedictorian come Graduation Day. With Denise at the library for the day, Nicole had chosen to set the three first years an impossible task, and then punish them severely for not completing it satisfactorily. 

The girls would not talk about it much, and Stevie did not know the entire detail of what had transpired, but a switch had been used. Despite Nicole and Denise being put in charge for the weekend, switches and canes were not to be used by anyone other than Stevie. Amy's 'big sister' Naomi had arrived back early from a volleyball tournament, and had flown into a rage when she discovered how the petite, shy redhead had been abused. With Denise and the wronged girls formulating a plan Stevie had been called back early, and vengeance had been exacted on Nicole. Part of that vengeance had been stripping Nicole of her 'big sister' status, and having her spend the rest of the semester as a 'little sister' under Stevie's close and personal attention.

Stevie had certainly been strict with Nicole, and she knew that the red headed senior chafed under the tight rein she had been kept on, but she did accept it with good grace and in any case her status of 'big sister' would have been returned to her this semester, although Emma was now under Denise's care and this would not have changed. In many ways it was just as well that Nicole had made the decision she had, to describe the atmosphere in the house as tense with the fractured relationship between Nicole, the three first years and the other 'big sisters', especially the athletic Naomi, would have been making a great understatement, in fact it was only fear of retribution that kept Naomi from attacking Nicole physically. Nicole's non appearance also allowed Stevie to do a favour for a friend. 

A former classmate and fellow Phi Gamma Beta sister was working as a housemother at a campus across the other side of the country. One of her first years; Sally Fairweather, had decided to switch schools and wanted to become a member of Phi Gamma Beta, unfortunately at the time they had a full house. Once Stevie received Nicole's letter, and had contacted her parents to find out that they had agreed, albeit reluctantly, with their daughter's decision, she had then offered Nicole's spot to Miss Fairweather. However with Sally being a first year it left Stevie in a bit of a quandary.

Sally would have to be given 'little sister' status, otherwise it would not be fair on Amy, Jessica and Emma, but without Nicole they had four 'little sisters' and only three 'big sisters'. Denise had her hands full with her studies and Emma, she could not accept another 'little sister', Shauna would do it, but her own 'little sister'; Jessica, was high maintenance, and the somewhat scatter brained cheerleader simply could not handle the additional responsibility. Naomi would also take on Sally, as she was competent and compassionate, and Amy required very little supervision, but part of the sorority tradition was that each 'little sister' had her own personal 'big sister. 

Stevie had two options open to her: one was to mentor Sally herself, it was not a favoured choice, she had more than enough on her plate, and the task of watching over Nicole for part of a semester had made her remember how tough being a 'big sister' could be. The other option was to promote another senior to 'big sister', it was just a matter of which girl to promote. She had no intention of making the same mistake she had with Nicole, and for that matter she sometimes wondered whether even Shauna was really 'big sister' material at times. Ever since receiving Nicole's letter and accepting Sally's application, she had been reviewing the other seniors. All had qualities that recommended them, but Stevie had settled on Veronica; a statuesque brunette. The girl was intelligent, as her marks from her chosen course of biochemistry proved, she intended to embark on a PhD when she finished her course, and as Sally was majoring in veterinary science the two may have some interests in common. Veronica had also run very close to getting Shauna's spot as 'big sister' early in the year too. All that remained was to see if the brunette science major wanted to take on the task.

Stevie poked her head out the door, and smiled at the scene of gentle chaos that met her eyes. "Shania!" she called softly to the girl nearest the door, and the dark haired medicine student turned her head, her brown eyes wide. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Could you please tell Veronica I'd like to see her in my study as soon as possible?"

Shania nodded and headed off to locate the tall senior.

After the message had been relayed there was a lot of good natured teasing of Veronica asking what she had done wrong, and wondering if the first spanking of the new semester was about to take place. Veronica had a keen and unpleasant memory of her last encounter with Stevie's wicked, little, rubber paddle; Ms Sting, and had no wish to feel it again, she was however confident that there would be no reason for any chastisement as she had only arrived back at the campus that morning. With the whispers and giggles of her sorority sisters behind her, Veronica strode straight backed and proud through the common room and into Stevie's study, closing the panelled door behind her.

The housemother was sitting on one of the couches in the well appointed room, sipping a tall glass of iced tea "Good afternoon, Veronica."

"Hello, ma'am." the girl replied politely.

"Would like some refreshment?"

"Just a glass of iced water."

"Help yourself." Stevie offered, indicating a frosted jug on the coffee table.

Veronica poured herself a glass of water and settled into the other couch across from Stevie.

"I suppose you're wondering what this is all about." Stevie began, patting her short hair on one side.

Veronica sipped her water, and set the glass down saying "It did kind of occur to me, ma'am. All the girls are saying I'm going to get a paddling."

Stevie smiled indulgently "I do have that reputation, don't I? No, you are not here for a trip over my knee this time. I have not officially announced what I am about to tell you, though and if a word of this conversation is so much as whispered outside these four walls before I do so, the your panties will be coming down and you will be stretched over my lap for an extended conversation with Ms Sting. Am I making myself clear?"

"Crystal, ma'am." Veronica gulped, her bottom tingling at the mention of the horrid little paddle.

"Good. I received notification that Nicole will not be rejoining us this semester...."

Veronica's black eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open in an O, as she interrupted "But this is her last semester."

"I am well aware of that, Veronica," Stevie said, her eyes flashing a warning, "and I'd thank you not to interrupt me, young lady. Nicole's decision left me with two positions to fill. One was a new member of the sorority, fortunately I knew of a young lady transferring colleges and wishing to become part of our sisterhood, however she is a first year, and as such requires a 'big sister'. I have thought long and hard on who should replace Ms Kettering and be our newest addition's 'big sister'. If you would like to accept the position it is yours, Veronica."

Veronica flushed with pleasure and embarrassment, she smoothed her hands over her dress and her prominent bosom, and said breathlessly "I'd be delighted, Miss."

Stevie made the announcement that night at dinner, and also reminded the girls that as the semester did not officially begin until Monday that there would be no Friday night paddling, a piece of news that was met with sighs of relief and much rubbing of bottoms as the weekly ritual and the stinging it generally produced was remembered around the table. The three first year girls were very excited at the prospect of another girl who was in the same place in the pecking order as they were, in fact as they had spent time as full members of the sorority and successfully negotiated their pledge period at the beginning of the year, Sally may even be beneath them for a week or two, at least.

Sally Fairweather was a petite blonde girl with blue eyes, a clear complexion and a remarkably expressive face, she also had an interesting turn of phrase, as Stevie was discovering. "Do you know how hard this place is to find?" she demanded of Stevie, as she set her bags down in the housemother's office, and dropped loosely into a chair.

Stevie hid her smile, her friend had advised her that the strict and somewhat old fashioned discipline and traditions adhered to by Phi Gamma Beta may be new to Sally.

"My name is Stevie, Sally, you may use it, but I do insist that you preface it with Miss or alternatively you will address me as ma'am. Is that understood?"

Sally wrinkled her pert nose, and her blue eyes widened as she answered "Uhhhh yeah...,"then remembered to add, "ma'am."

"Wonderful." Stevie said. "Would you like some tea?"

"Oh God! Yes, Miss Stevie." Sally replied gratefully. "The trip here was like so long, it totally did my head in."

Stevie could not suppress a laugh as she depressed a button on her desk.

Sally looked around the room, and was wondering how pressing a button would magically make tea appear when a tall, slender girl, with long lustrous brown hair, and wearing a spotless apron entered the room, carrying a tray on which was a pot of tea, with steam curling gently from the spot, cups, saucers, milk, sugar and a small plate of tempting cakes. "Thankyou, Jessica."

The tall girl gave Stevie a smile, and a shyer one to Sally.

Jessica poured a cup of tea, added milk and sugar, then handed it to Stevie. "Thanks, darling." Stevie took the cup and blew on it gently to cool it, before sipping.

"How would you like your tea, Sally?" Jessica asked, turning to the new arrival.

"Ummmm...milk and two sugars, thanks. Wow! You have maids here and all, this is cool!"

Stevie grinned and looked into the depths of her cup, before answering for a furiously blushing Jessica as the girl prepared Sally's tea. "Jessica is not a maid, Sally. She is one of your sisters. All first years help with the housework and the cooking, they also serve at table."

"Oh." a somewhat mollified Sally replied, as she accepted the steaming cup that Jessica held out to her. "Sorry about that, sis."

"It's okay," Jessica said as she gathered up the tray, "I made the same mistake on my first day, too."

Once Jessica had been dismissed, and Sally was happily enjoying her tea and a cake, Stevie thought that she had better bring the new girl up to speed on how things worked at Phi Gamma Beta.

"Now you have been made aware of one PGB tradition, I had best apprise you of some of the others."

Sally looked up from her tea and raised an eyebrow, this was proving to be a surprising meeting.

"I'm not sure exactly what you were told about our sisterhood, I suspect from your mistake about Jessica, not a lot."

"That's pretty much it, ma'am," Sally admitted, scrunching up her nose as the unfamiliar form of address slipped past her lips, "I know that this is the sorority to belong to, it was highly recommended as the place for all the best 'betties' to be at."

"Best 'betties'?" a completely confused Stevie enquired.

"Yeah, 'betties'." Sally confirmed. "You know, us, girls. Girls are 'betties'. Boys are 'barrys'."

"Oh, I see." Stevie replied, filing the information, and smiling at Sally, if nothing else the girl was likely to amuse her sisters. "Well, you are right there, Phi Gamma Beta only accepts the best 'betties'. Our current membership boasts the volleyball captain, the star of the college swim team, the captain of the cheerleaders and the girl most likely to be valedictorian, we also have the highest grade point average of any society, sorority or fraternity on campus. PGB girls generally go on to highly paid jobs, and often reach the top of the tree in their chosen profession."

"Wow!" Sally breathed, obviously impressed.

"However these advantages and achievements are not without a price, and I believe that the strict discipline we employ at Phi Gamma Beta is why we have such high achieving members, and it is also why they continue to achieve long after having left the bosom of our sisterhood."

Sally could not explain why, but she felt a little thrill go through her body as Stevie mentioned the word 'discipline', and there was something in the way that the housemother emphasised the word that made Sally feel it was a very important part of the conversation that they were having.

"Discipline?" Sally croaked, suddenly dry mouthed.

"Interesting that you should choose that particular word to remember, Sally." Stevie responded. "It is a very important part of life here. Every Friday all our members are required to present themselves for a paddling...."

"What?" Sally blurted, half rising from her seat.

Stevie fixed her stern brown eyes on the blonde girl, and Sally slowly lowered herself and dropped her eyes demurely.

"As I was saying paddlings are administered on a weekly basis."

"This is a hazing initiation thing, right?" Sally asked weakly.

Stevie chuckled "Well, your first Friday night paddling most certainly is a special one, dear, but after that, no it is not a 'hazing thing', all the girls get them, every Friday. You may ask your sisters if you do not believe me."

"What if I don't want to be paddled every Friday night, ma'am?" Sally queried.

"It's really not your decision, Sally. If you wish to be a Phi Gamma Beta girl then the Friday night paddling is all part and parcel of that, if you do not want to submit to our traditional discipline then I am afraid we will need to part company here and now, but that also means giving up all that Phi Gamma Beta can offer you now, and also in the future."

Sally shifted uncomfortably under the housemother's gaze, as she considered her next move.   

Stevie had more than a few things right about Sally on first impression. The blonde had never been physically disciplined, she got a few paddle swats when she first entered her sorority at the previous campus, but those had been over jeans and they had not been anything like full strength. She could feel an unfamiliar tingle rising in her bottom as she thought about the weekly paddling sessions, she did not want to submit to that every single Friday night, but on the other hand Phi Gamma Beta was the best place for an ambitious, high achiever. Sally made the decision to stay at Phi Gamma Beta. How bad could it possibly be?

"A wise decision, Sally." Stevie complimented the girl sagely. "Now we come to another thing about PGB that I believe is unique."

Sally swallowed hard, and wondered out loud in a small voice "What is that ma'am?"

"Well," Stevie began, sitting back and crossing her long, slender legs, "most sororities have a mentoring program in place, here at Phi Gamma Beta we take it a little more seriously. First year girls are in need of more supervision than their classmates, and as a result all our first years have a 'big sister'. Big sisters are seniors who are accorded special status within the sisterhood and they are answerable only to me, do you understand that, Sally?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. This year the other three first years: Amy, Jessica and Emma have the respective big sisters of Naomi, our school volleyball captain, Shauna, the cheerleading captain and Denise, our prospective valedictorian. The one big sister without a little sister is Veronica, she's a bio chem major and intends on completing a Phd when she finishes her course. Would you like to meet her?"

"Yes, please, ma'am. " Sally said quickly, and took a swallow of tea to moisten her very dry throat.

Veronica entered the room, looked Sally up and down, and then seated herself next to the nervous first year. Veronica put an arm around Sally, drew her in close, and asked gently, with a smile playing across her full lips "Did Stevie freak you out?"

Sally regarded Stevie, who was seated across from them, and admitted "Kind of, yeah. Do you really get paddled once a week? That's doing my head in."

Veronica nodded "Yes, we do, but don't worry sweetie, as long as you keep your nose clean you'll be fine. Do you want to finish up your tea and meet the girls? I know Amy, Jessica and Emma can't wait to meet you properly."

Sally nodded eagerly, she had a lot to think about, but meeting the other sisters would help to settle her down.

Sally's bright nature and quick wit made her a popular person among her new 'sisters', and she quickly bonded with her three fellow first years, especially Jessica. As they crowded around her, with Veronica standing by protectively, Jessica announced wickedly "She thought I was the maid!"

The joke was turned on the tall brunette as a pretty second year by the name of Heather remembered "That's what you thought I was your first day here, Jessie."

"That was nothing to her reaction when Stevie told her about the paddlings." Emma said with a laugh.

Amy giggled.

"Sally is a little weirded out by that, too." Veronica confided for her charge.

"I bet she's a 'virgin'." a tall, powerfully built blonde by the name of Johanna called out, with a smile playing across her full lips.

"Am not!" a furiously blushing Sally asserted.

Shauna leaned close to the new girl and whispered "She doesn't mean a virgin, virgin, sweetie, she's talking about a 'spanking virgin', but thanks for the information. You'll have to tell me all about him, later."

Sally blushed even deeper as she replied "Oh." 

Sally fitted in seamlessly over the next few days. She and Veronica got along well, and the older girl took on a real mentoring role, hoping that she would not be required to discipline the younger girl too strenuously. There were elements of Jessica's rebelliousness about her, but she doubted that Sally would prove to be the handful for her that Jessica had been early on for Shauna. In fact the hardest thing about Sally was getting used to her unusual method of speaking, within a day or two every girl in the house was talking about having their 'heads done in' and calling each other 'betty'. The captain of the football team, Scott, who was also a 'big brother' at the sorority's brother fraternity: Phi Sigma Tau, was somewhat bemused when he dropped over for a pre semester visit, and had the girls all calling him 'barry' and giggling.

It was the last Friday before the beginning of the semester, and Sally was in the room she shared with Veronica chatting to Amy, Jessica and Emma. The girls had bonded well, and were already close in the short period that they had known each other. Sally herself felt closest to Jessica, the two had similar backgrounds, although Sally's parents were not quite in the Sterling money league, they were affluent. The two girls had some friends in common and came from the same city, they were actually surprised that their paths had not crossed before. Emma tended to be a little world weary and jaded, she was also somewhat driven when it came to academic achievement, but Sally still liked her and saw her as a prospective 'study buddy'. It was impossible not to like Amy, the petite redhead was so cheerful and pleasant, although her willingness to please and do the right thing could become a little wearing if one was exposed to it too much.

"Thank God the semester hasn't started for real." Emma said laying back on one of the beds, and staring at the ceiling.

"I thought you were keen to get back to your courses." Sally said quizzically to the strawberry blonde.

"Yeah, she wants to get back to studying," Jessica explained, "what she's happy about is there's no paddling tonight."

"They're not that bad." Amy pouted.

"You actually like them, don't you?' Jessica accused the pouting redhead.

"It's not the paddling she enjoys," Emma said, sitting up, "it's what her and Naomi do beforehand."

"What?" Amy asked. "Naomi and I don't do anything." however the girl's blazing cheeks made a liar of her.

"Oh c'mon, Amy!" Emma exclaimed. "I went to an all girl boarding school, do you think no one else has heard the little slaps and giggles from your room before the weekly paddlings?"

Amy did not respond, but blushed even more furiously.

Sally's blue eyes lit up. Gossip! She was now interested.

"Naomi just warms me up before, it makes the paddling easier to take." Amy mumbled at her feet.

"Yeah, yeah," Emma waved her off, "it doesn't bother anyone, Amy, but just don't deny it."

Sally shrugged "Amy, honey, I don't care if you're wired that way."

"Me either." Jessica agreed.

"I am not a lesbian!" Amy declared, standing up.

"Jeez, chill, Amy." Sally told her. "We don't mind. I am interested in this paddling thing, though."

"Why?" Jessica asked.

"Because it sounds like it's gonna hurt."

Emma chuckled "Johanna was right, wasn't she? You are a 'spanking virgin'."

"Ahhhhh sweet eighteen and never been spanked." Amy giggled, altering the time honoured phrase.

Now it was Sally's turn to blush "My parents didn't believe in it. I mean, I got the occasional swat here and there, and my other sorority paddled us for initiation...."

"Then what are you worried about?" Jessica asked. "You know what it'll be like."

"Honestly, Jess," Emma drawled at her friend, "you are so naive sometimes it scares me. Phi Gamma Beta is a great sorority, and I am very proud and pleased to be a member, but do you think any other sorority anywhere in the world still has paddlings like ours?"

"I dunno." Jessica said with a shrug of her slender shoulders.

"I'd be willing to bet my next semester's tuition that they don't. What happened at the other one, Sal'? How many whacks did you get?"

"Three, I think." Sally admitted.

"Three!" Amy and Jessica chorused.

"They hurt!" Sally defended herself.

"Yes, I am sure they did." Emma said with a grin. "Must have been really embarrassing too, pulling down your pants in front of all the other girls and...."

"What pulling down my pants?" Sally asked. "They were up the whole time."

"Holy shit!" Jessica exclaimed, ignoring Amy's scandalised "JESSIE!"

"You are in for one rough Friday night, sister, if you think three on a clothed bottom is a paddling." Jessica advised her new friend.  

"Okay, now you're really doing my head in," Sally said seriously, using her own unique vernacular, "what really happens?"

Amy looked uncomfortable, and said in a small voice "We can't tell."

"Why not? It's my backside on the line."

"True," Emma agreed with the blonde, "however it'll be ours that get busted if anyone finds out that we told you about the Friday night paddling before you received it."

"Yeah, it's the whole sorority mystique initiation thing." Jessica backed her two 'sisters' up.

"Oh right," Sally said sharply, "what happens? Does Stevie come in wearing a black hood and a cape and brands the sorority's initials on my rear end?"

Amy giggled at the image, and said "She'll brand your bottom all right, but not with the sorority's initials."

"Look, its long and its hard, and it involves a lot of paddles and every sister in the house." Emma finished.

"I dunno." Sally replied nervously, unconsciously rubbing her bottom.

Amy's green eyes lit up as she got an idea "Hey!" she exclaimed, bouncing up and down on the spot in excitement. "Why don't we do what Naomi and I did before the first one?"

"Which was?" Jessica asked.

"She spanked me a little just so I would have some idea of what was coming."

"You want Jessica and I to give Sally an erotic spanking?" a confused Emma asked.

"No!" Amy squealed. "They are not erotic, and if you say anything else about it I'll tell Denise what really happened to her sweater last semester."

"Oh, you little witch!" Emma snarled. "You would too, you tattler."

"Amy," Jessica asked, hand on hip, "can you please explain what you mean?"

"Okay, well we know Sally hasn't been spanked, and that first paddling is going to really shock her if she's never felt anything like it before. Why don't we give her a moderate spanking just so she's got some idea?"

The girls all smiled at each other, and were agreeing on the plan.

"Aaaahhhh girls, betties, aren't you forgetting one little detail?" Sally interrupted.

"What?" the other three chorused.

"It's my bum you're planning on smacking."

"Sally, sweetie, I had never been slippered before I went to boarding school. The first time I got called up by one of the prefects for a slippering I was so scared I wet myself. I went through the rest of that semester with the nick name of Miss Wet Knickers. Hard spankings tend to make you lose control the first time you experience them. You do not want to embarrass yourself. We won't hurt you, just give you a hot, stinging bottom. You never know, you may enjoy them....just like Amy."

Sally sat on the bed, and wondered what sort of lunatic asylum she was joining as she heard the other three run out of the room and into the hall, with Amy and Emma having a playful 'slap fight' as they went to collect things to spank her with.

Emma returned with a long, heavy wooden school ruler, Jessica was brandishing a slipper, Amy was empty handed. "What happened?" Emma asked.

"Naomi keeps all the stuff in her drawer, I didn't want to use my paddle, that's too much."

"She needs a hand spanking anyway, just to warm her up." Jessica gave her opinion.

"That's actually a good idea Jessie." Emma agreed. "Amy sit on the bed, Sally lay over her knee."

"Oh, you have got to be kidding." Sally groaned, looking at the expectant Amy, patting her lap invitingly.

"I most certainly am not, young lady!" Emma snapped. "Get over that knee now!"

Sally squealed and fell across Amy's knee in an undignified sprawl, as Emma punctuated each word with a stinging swat from the ruler to Sally's legs, which were bare beneath the tight shorts she was wearing.

Amy settled Sally in over her knee, smooth brow furrowed in concentration at the round globes jutting out cheekily from the small, bottom hugging orange shorts, took careful aim and let go with a smack that landed dead centre across Sally's firm buttocks. "Ouch!" Sally squealed, and bucked.

Amy held on tight, and landed her next slap on Sally's right cheek "Bloody hell!" Sally exclaimed.

"Oooohhh bad word!" Amy gasped. "Soap and water, Miss Fairweather!" she scolded playfully in imitation of Stevie's stern tones, and let fly with a barrage across Sally's squirming rear. "Aimmmeeee!" Sally wailed. "It hurtsssssssss!"

"Oh, for Gods sake, Sally." Emma said. "Don't be such a baby. You're not even bare yet."

"The shorts don't cover anything." Sally protested, waving her legs around, as Amy smacked away determinedly.

"You'll be bare on Friday night." Jessica informed Sally gleefully.

"What?" Sally yelped, fighting back tears as Amy's little hand really began to sting and ignite a blaze in her rolling backside.

"C'mon, Amy you've warmed her up, I want a go now." Jessica ordered the redhead.

With one last, loud crack Amy ended Sally's spanking, and allowed the blonde off her lap. Sally's hand flew to her abused rump and began to rub vigorously. Amy, Jessica and Emma did not say anything, but exchanged knowing looks. Sally Fairweather had a lot to learn about how Phi Gamma Beta girls received their punishment. They did not rub. At least not until they were given permission.

A smiling Jessica took Amy's place on the end of the bed, and tapped her thigh with the toe of the slipper "C'mon over you go, Sally."

"Oh please, Jessie," Sally begged, "I'm on fire down there."

"If you can't take a little hand smacking from Amy over shorts and panties," Emma informed her, "then you won't even survive the paddling. Go on, be a big girl, get over Jessica's knee and take your medicine."

With a deep exhalation Sally regarded Jessica's long, denim covered legs, and started to lower herself over them. "Waitaminnit!" Jessica said, with her brown eyes sparkling wickedly, "you said you didn't like the shorts."

"That's right." Sally confirmed with a trembling voice.

"Take them off." Jessica commanded.

"Jessie!" Sally begged, her hands clamped over her bottom.

"Off!" Jessica ordered sternly.

"Friday night is bare." Amy confirmed.

With a whimper Sally squeezed out of the shorts, and handed them to Amy, who folded them neatly and placed them on the chest of drawers. With a put upon sigh Sally lowered herself over Jessica's knee. "Lovely." Jessica breathed, gliding her hands across the red satin of Sally's panties. "You've got her blushing nice and pink, Amy," she informed the redhead, who beamed back at her, "but we want her as red as these panties, and stove hot." Jessica continued, raising the flat, leather soled slipper to shoulder height.

SSMAACCKK! The slipper cracked smartly across the tight double bulge of Sally's buttocks. Sally squealed and arched her back. Jessica pushed her back down, and swept the slipper through the air and over Sally's upturned sit upon. The blonde over Jessica's knee wailed, her fists clenched and her legs kicked wildly. "She's such a wriggler!" Jessica commented cheerfully, relishing her role as spanker, rather than the one of spankee that she was so used to filling. Jessica brought the slipper swinging up this time, catching the underhang of Sally's tender bottom, making her roar and kick. By the time Jessica was done with the slipper, tears were rolling freely down Sally's cheeks, she was making no other sounds than gasping and sobbing, the exposed skin around the edges of her red satin panties was a bright glowing scarlet. "Done to a turn!" Jessica said, underlining the comment with one last firm spank of the slipper. She helped Sally to her feet as she stood herself. Sally went into the spanked bottom boogie, hopping from foot to foot, hands clasped to her abused rear, desperately trying to rub the sting away. Her eyes were red rimmed and streaming, as was her nose.

"Come to Aunty Emma, honey." Emma said kindly, holding out her arms.

The distressed Sally almost ran to the strawberry blonde, falling into her arms. Emma plucked a tissue from a nearby box, held it to Sally's nose and instructed gently "Blow."

Sally did as she was told. Emma discarded the tissue, and used a fresh one to dry Sally's eyes, and clean her face up. "Now, feel better?" she asked.

Sally nodded.

"Good," Emma said with a smile, "because it's time for the final part of your spanking."

Sally's face fell.

"Now be a big, brave girl for Aunty Emma, bend over the bed and push that rosy little bottom up nice and high."

Sally was too tired and sore to argue, she had agreed to this, she had a sinking feeling that next week's paddling was going to be far worse, and her standing in the eyes of her three first year friends would drop dramatically if she could not even take what they seemed to regard as a fairly trivial spanking.

Amy and Jessica, eyes shining, joked and teased each other, as an aching Sally bent in what she was sure was a very undignified position over the bed, and pushed her bottom up for Emma's attentions.

"Right," Emma said in businesslike tones, "these are coming down for a start," and before Sally could protest, Emma had taken a firm hold of the waistband of her panties and whisked them down to her knee hollows.

"Wow!" Jessica breathed. "She really hasn't been spanked much, look how red she is."

"Like a fire hydrant." Amy elaborated.

"She'll get redder and hotter." Emma promised. "Brace your legs girl, get that bottom out!"

Sally sobbed, and tensed her legs, the ruler in Emma's hand whistled through the air and made contact with Sally's bottom. Sally howled, and collapsed onto the bed. "Sally," Emma told her, "if you cannot support yourself I will ask Amy and Jessica to hold you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Emma." Sally blubbered into the bedspread.

"Then get back into position, now!" as soon as Sally had done that, another stroke from the ruler seared her hindquarters.

The three girls were having so much fun that they were unaware that Sally's concert had been heard all over the house, and had drawn an audience. Shauna had been the first to hear and see it. She cracked the door open and peered in, what she saw forced her to clap a hand over her mouth to muffle her giggles. Naomi was next on the scene, "Shauna, what is going on? Is Veronica walloping Sally already?"

The willowy blonde cheerleader turned, hushed Naomi with a finger over her lips, and motioned her to the gap in the door. Naomi looked inside, and her green eyes widened in surprise and amusement, but she stayed glued to her vantage point, her little Amy was becoming a real PGB girl. Denise strolled by, and saw the other two, she wandered over, peeked in and was only just able to stop her laughter. The three big sisters had to admit that they were proud of their charges, spanking amongst years was very common and was not frowned upon, it was considered natural and while not encouraged, was not discouraged as long as it was not bullying and all the viewers, which by now was half the sorority, including Stevie, had no doubt this was entirely consensual, although Sally was probably getting a little more than she had bargained for. Veronica was one of the last to appear on the scene, and when she saw what was going on she nearly barged in to put a stop to it, until Stevie pointed out that it was four first years sorting things out amongst themselves, and if Sally needed her big sister to pull her out of this the girl's standing would be considerably lowered amongst her peers. Veronica then remembered undergoing a similar initiation prior to her first Friday night paddling at the hands of Naomi, Denise and Nicole in her first year too, and simply watched the show.

As Emma tossed the ruler aside, and gathered Sally into her arms, the crowd around the door realised that the show was over and drifted away, with the four first years none the wiser. Amy and Jessica closed in, and the two of them joined Sally and Emma on the bed, and the three spankers were soon hugging and soothing Sally and her cherry red, glowing, hot, throbbing bottom.

"That happens every Friday night?" Sally asked thirty minutes later, sitting on a pillow.

"The first one is worse," Amy said, "because everyone gets a go, but after that it's not so bad."

"It's not as bad as Miss Sting." Jessica muttered.

"Miss Sting?" Sally asked, intrigued.

"It's Stevie's paddle. A little rubber thing, but it apparently hurts something fierce." Emma explained.


"We've never felt it." Amy told Sally.

"I have," Jessica murmured, remembering her encounter with the horrid little paddle, "and words do not do it justice. Believe me, its bad news. You do not want to ever meet up with it."

"So what happens tonight? Seeing as there's no group beating planned?"

"I dunno," Amy said with a shrug of her shoulders, "free night, I guess."

"What do you do on free nights?"

"Watch a DVD." Emma suggested.

"Oh get real!" Sally said scornfully. "We're young, we're sexy betties, tuk tuks and bevvies I say."

The other three looked at her blankly.

Sally sighed and translated "Four sexy, young girls, I say we go out for food and drinks."

"Sounds good." Jessica agreed enthusiastically.

"Food is good." Emma confirmed.

"So where do we go to eat?" Sally asked the other three.

"The pizzeria does good gourmet pizzas." Jessica said, as a smiling Amy nodded.

After a quick check to make sure it was okay to go out that night, and being reminded that although classes had not yet begun curfew for first years was still midnight, the girls changed into clubbing clothes, and laughing amongst themselves headed out the door and to the pizzeria for dinner. Free Fridays were a rarity at the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house, and as result the majority of the sisters were making the most of the opportunity and blowing off steam. Even Stevie was spending the evening with friends, and was not expected back until the following afternoon.

Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally shared a large pizza and garlic bread, washed down with ice cold beer, and after it was recommended by a Phi Sigma Tau brother, who was also eating at the pizzeria, the girls decided to check out Midnight; a local nightclub. They hailed a taxi and pulled up outside the club, the line outside was long, and the girls were a little dismayed, but when the doorman saw the four girls alight and how attractive they were, he smiled at them, waved them over, stood aside, unclipped the velvet rope and waved them inside. "Looks do have their advantages!" Sally laughed as she led her friends onto the pulsating dance floor.

After thirty minutes of non-stop gyrating to the pumping dance beats the girls were hot and sweaty. "I need a drink!" Emma gasped, wiping a hand across her forehead.

"Me too!" Amy agreed.

Dragging Sally and Jessica behind them, with Sally desperately trying to commit the numbers of a few guys she had just met to memory, they approached the bar. Their faces fell as they scanned the board and the prices of the drinks. They could afford water, but that was about it. The rest of the drinks, even soft drinks, were outrageously overpriced. "Oh, you have got to be kidding!" Sally exclaimed. "If I want water I can get that in the bathroom."

"If I buy even one round I'm cleaned out." Emma complained.

"If we drink here we won't be able to afford the taxi back." Amy moaned.

"I've got a credit card," Jessica admitted, "but Daddy will hit the roof if he gets an enormous bar bill."

"Come with me!" Sally shouted at her friends, making a bee line for the bathroom.

Wondering what she was planning, the other three followed her.

Once in the bathroom Sally went into a cubicle, and frantically waved the other three in. "Sally!" Emma hissed. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Do you want to leave and go back now?"

"Of course not!"

"Does anyone?"

Amy and Jessica shook their heads vigorously.

"Good. Now we can't afford to drink at this place, but we can still have a good time without that."

"How?" Jessica asked.

"Look at what Aunty Sally has." the blonde girl whispered, opening her purse, and letting the girls peer inside.

"Cigarettes?" Amy asked. "What are they going to do?"

"They're not cigarettes," Emma said, understanding in her voice, "but you do smoke them."

"Grass." Jessica breathed, a wicked grin playing across her red lips.

"No way!" Amy said, backing out the door.

"Why not?" Sally demanded.

"It's illegal." Amy countered.

"Strictly speaking, yes," Sally admitted, "but couldn't you smell it out there? Half of this crowd is smoking."

Jessica nodded, she did not take drugs herself, but a lot of her friends back home did, and she had recognised the sickly sweet smell of marijuana wafting across the dance floor.

"If we get busted we are in huge trouble." Emma mused.

"How are we going to get caught? We're off campus, we're not doing it in the house. A couple of hits and we're all flying, we just buy water when we need a drink, and we all have a good time and a cheap night."

Amy still did not like it, but because Jessica and Emma were so eager, she agreed to go along with it.

Sally had four joints in her purse. During the course of the night the girls smoked three of them, and had a wonderful time, they were also extremely giggly and light headed, they did not see the hours slipping away, and eventually staggered out of the club at near three in the morning.

Jessica was the first to notice the time, and she did so as she stumbled out of the taxi, and fell to her knees on Phi Gamma Beta's neatly manicured lawn. Sally fell over the tall brunette, and lay on her back, looking up at the stars and giggling. Jessica peered at her watch and frowned. The numbers kept slipping in and out of focus. "Emma," she asked her friend, "what time is it?"

"Nine." Emma replied, blinking owlishly at the watch face.

"Oh we're back in plenty of time!" Amy declared happily, throwing her arms wide.

"If it's so early," Jessica wondered, "why is the house locked?" as she leant against the house's locked door.

"Guys, I need some help here." Jessica bleated, trying to unlock the door.

"What with?' Emma asked.

"Finding my keys." Jessica replied, dropping to hands and knees to look for them.

"Stay there." Emma instructed, resting her elbow on the brunette's back as she attempted to use her own keys to unlock the door. Amy weaved up to the other two, and leaned in. "Amy," Emma complained, "you're in my light."

Sally stood back, and watched the rather comical scene. She had a buzz on herself, but Jessica, Emma and Amy were completely hammered. As Emma tried to get her key in the lock, the door opened, and Amy fell over Emma, and the three girls all tumbled into the house, and found themselves looking into the face of a less than impressed Denise.

The curly haired girl glared down at the three giggling girls lying in the doorway. Sally sauntered up as well and offered a hand to Amy, who allowed herself to be pulled to her feet. With difficulty Emma and Jessica got to their own feet, using each other for support. "What time do you call this?" Naomi demanded, her green eyes flashing.

"Ummm....nine." Amy mumbled, remembering how Emma had read Jessica's watch.

"It was nine six hours ago!" Shauna snapped.

"Then...then....that means it's....ummm....three now." Jessica said hesitantly as her muddled mind tried to do the math.

"What time is curfew?" Veronica asked.

"Midnight." Emma, Amy and Jessica all answered quietly.

"Do you have any explanation for this, then?" Denise questioned.

Sally stepped forward "Okay, okay, this is my fault."

Four sets of eyes swung towards her.

"Great start." an angry Shauna muttered.

"Shauna, let her speak." Veronica leapt to the defence of her 'little sister'.

"That curfew thing, I thought that was just kind of a guideline. We didn't have one at my last sorority."

"That won't wash." Naomi said brusquely. "I am sure Amy, Emma and Jessica would have made it quite clear to you that the curfew is strictly enforced."

"Time kinda got away from us." Jessica muttered.

"Are you drunk?" Denise asked, her curiousity piqued by the girls giggly behaviour.

"No." the four girls chorused.

"Amy?" Naomi questioned, her green eyes boring into her young charge, she knew that the redhead was incapable of lying to her.

"No, ma'am," Amy answered in a quavering voice, "we're not drunk." 

Veronica was walking up and down in front of the girls, and sniffing "They're not drunk." she pronounced.

"Told you." Sally said triumphantly.

"They're toasted."

"Toasted?" Shauna asked.

"High?" Denise breathed. "You mean they're high?"

"Yes." Veronica snapped disgustedly.

"You can't tell that just by sniffing us." Sally challenged.

"You reek of it, young lady, all four of you do. Where were you tonight?"

"Midnight." Sally answered sullenly.

"Midnight?" Denise and Veronica asked.

"It's a club." Shauna replied.

"Some of the Phi Sigs go there." Naomi added.

"The place can get pretty hazy at times, and I know it's not all cigarette smoke." Shauna volunteered.

As the seniors seemed to accept that as a valid excuse, Sally's bag strap slipped off her shoulder, the bag gaped open, and her purse fell out, the small purse opened, a poorly made 'cigarette' rolled out and lay there on the carpet.

Veronica bent over, picked it up and examined it critically "I think you four have some explaining to do. In the common room. Now!"

Heads down the four younger girls followed their older 'sisters' into the common room. The first years stood in a line, eyes examining their feet, whilst the older girls glared at them. "This is bad." Naomi pronounced. "Really bad."

Amy started to cry.

"Oh, I'll give you something to cry about, young lady," Naomi scolded, "don't you worry about that."

Then Jessica felt tears start to slide down her face.

Shauna turned on her 'little sister' "Crying won't help you, my girl." she told the brunette.

Denise shook her head "Look, we're not going to get anything done tonight. They're all too muddled to really understand what is going on, and I'm tired." she fixed the girls with her brown eyes "Get to bed all of you. We'll discuss this tomorrow morning."

"And rest assured, Sally," Veronica told the new arrival, "that will be a long, hard discussion."

Once the younger girls had gone upstairs to their rooms the four seniors looked at each other, and Veronica asked "What do we do now?"

"We can't tell Stevie." Denise said.

"Why not?" an indignant Shauna queried.

"Think about it, Shauna," Naomi advised, "you know how strict she is and marijuana, I know it's a light drug, but it's illegal and I can imagine Stevie's reaction. Sally would probably be expelled, and that's assuming Stevie wouldn't take the evidence to the police." Naomi continued.

"That won't happen." Veronica stated confidently. "Once I've confronted her with this tomorrow morning," she held up the remaining joint, "it's getting flushed."

"Stevie will come down hard on the other three, she may even have them taken out of the sorority, and we don't want that to happen." Denise wound up.

"Like it or not we have to deal with this." Naomi decided.

"Tomorrow is going to be a rough day." Shauna finished mournfully, and the girls all headed for their own rooms to finish their interrupted sleep.

The four seniors woke early the following morning and used the time to firstly hustle the other girls out of the house, they wanted it deserted at least until early afternoon. The incident with the four first years had to be kept between them and their 'big sisters'. They knew the other girls would not mean to let the cat out of the bag, but someone would say something sooner or later, and once Stevie found out that a transgression this serious had been kept from her, her reaction would be something none of them would want to witness. Fortunately it was a pleasant day and most of the sorority members were only to happy to spend it out of the sorority house.

Shauna, Denise, Naomi and Veronica had a leisurely breakfast, and discussed their plans for dealing with their disobedient 'little sisters' over coffee as they allowed the four younger girls to sleep off the previous night's excesses. The punishment had to be long and hard, severe enough to impress upon them the seriousness of what they had done, but not vicious in the way Nicole had beaten Amy, Jessica and Emma the previous term. They also wanted to show Sally exactly what a Phi Gamma Beta girl could expect if she so openly and flagrantly flouted the rules, but not scare her off altogether, they did bear in mind that she still had her welcoming Friday night paddling to come and it would be a somewhat unsettling experience for a girl who had little knowledge of corporal punishment previously.

The four seniors were finishing their coffee when Sally, Amy, Emma and Jessica stumbled into the kitchen, still dressed into their nightclothes, yawning, stretching and rubbing recently opened eyes. "Morning, sleepy heads." Naomi smiled at them over the rim of her coffee cup.

"Morning." the girls mumbled, eyes going longingly to the coffee pot.

"You all look like you could do with some breakfast." Veronica remarked, finishing her coffee.

"I do." Sally agreed.

Her three friends nodded.

"You get some breakfast, then." Denise told them.

"After that have a shower and get dressed, meet us in the common room." Shauna instructed.

"What for?" Sally asked, as the faces of the others fell.

"We have a little unfinished business from last night, young lady." Naomi informed her.

There were worried looks and noises from Amy, Emma and Jessica.

"Oh girls,' Denise threw over her shoulder as she glided out of the kitchen, "don't bother putting on anything below the waist, you won't need it."

"We are so busted." Emma groaned, as she scrambled eggs.

"Think it'll be worse than last semester with Nicole?" a worried Amy asked, as she slapped bacon into a pan.

"I don't think it'll hurt as much, they won't use a switch," Jessica assumed, laying out plates, "but in a way it is worse, because this time we deserve it."

"Are you betties totally serious?" an incredulous Sally asked, pouring coffee. "They're really going to spank us, just like we were little kids?"

She shook her head in disbelief as the looks in the faces of her friends told her that the answer was definitely yes.

Amy was the first to finish her ablutions and appear in the common room. She had done as Denise had instructed, and wore only a t-shirt, she held her hands over her genital area as she walked awkwardly down the stairs, and occasionally a flash of fiery curls could be seen through the protective covering of her hands. The girls looked her up and down critically, making her blush and ordered her to stand in front of the fireplace. Amy shuffled to where she was directed and stood with her hands clasped in front of her, head down.

Next to make her way into the common room was Jessica, the tall girl had managed to find a way to obey Denise's command and still maintain her modesty. A long t-shirt hung to mid thigh. Shauna clicked her tongue in disapproval, but Naomi flipped the shirt up as Jessica walked past to join Amy, and the glimpse of bare flesh that the girls were rewarded with confirmed that she had nothing else on under the shirt.

Emma had dressed in a blouse and a tiny pair of purple panties. "Emma," Denise said sharply, stopping the strawberry blonde in her tracks, "what did I say about below the waist?"

"Ummmm...not to wear'am." Emma mumbled, her tongue thick.

"You generally wear panties below the waist, don't you?"

"Yes, Denise."

Denise nodded and stood, she took Emma by the arm, and ordered the girl "Take them off!" each word was emphasised with a stinging smack to the totally inadequate seat of the lacy undergarments. Emma squealed, and with tears standing in her eyes quickly divested herself of the offending article of clothing, and cheeks flaming scurried over to join Amy and Jessica.

Sally appeared defiantly at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a midriff baring top and a pair of boxer shorts over her plump bottom, she sashayed down the stairs, tossed her mane of blonde hair, and looked the older girls in the eye. Veronica sighed "Sally, what are you wearing?"

"Boxers." the girl answered.

"Why? Denise told you not to wear anything below the waist, Emma just got her bottom smacked for wearing panties that covered a good deal less than those boxers."

Sally frowned "They're like underwear, they don't cover much."

"Don't cover much!" Shauna echoed. "You were flitting about the house yesterday in a pair of shorts smaller than those."

Sally pouted "You're gonna spank me bare bottom, aren't you?" she challenged. "Why should I stand here bare arsed? It's embarrassing!"

Veronica went to Sally, she held the girl firmly as she removed the boxer shorts, and explained to her "Embarrassment is part of the punishment, young lady. If you act like a child, then you will be treated like one, and in this house both spankings and pre spanking scoldings are conducted sans panties."

She then propelled Sally to where the other girls stood, with a hard smack to her bare bottom. Sally yelped and stumbled over to join her friends, rubbing her backside.

Naomi began the scolding "Do you know why are you are here like this?"

All of the girls, except for Sally, nodded.

"Would anyone like to vocalize the response?" Denise requested.

Emma looked up, and worried her bottom lip with her teeth, before saying quietly "Because we broke curfew, and were smoking marijuana."

"Thankyou, Emma." Denise told her 'little' sister.

Veronica broke in "Speaking of the marijuana, is there any more?"

The other three looked at Sally, who rolled her blue eyes, and sighed "No."

"Glad to hear it." Veronica said. "I'll be searching our room, and believe me I will turn it upside down and you will put it back exactly the way it was, Sally."

The girl blew out an exasperated breath, but managed to mutter "Yes, Veronica."

"Do you know why you're going to be punished?" Shauna questioned.

"I thought Emma answered that." Jessica spoke.

"She only partially answered that question. What you girls did last night was not only stupid, it was also illegal." Shauna advised Jessica, with a toss of her wavy blonde mane.

"That law is what is stupid!" Sally flared up.

Veronica regarded the girl coolly "I actually agree with you, Sally. In the long term marijuana is less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, however it is still illegal, and if you wish to have that law altered then there are other ways of doing it, rather than simply flouting it. I would be happy to help you look into that after if you like. We have law majors here in the sorority who would also assist you with that."

"If you agree with me then why are you going to punish us?" Sally asked.

Naomi took over "Sally, I think you need a little assistance with listening, you seem to have selective deafness. If you had taken the legal," and she emphasised the word legal, "action to change the law, and then taken your sisters out for a smoke once it was declared legal then there would have been no problem, although breaking curfew would have still earned you a sore bottom."

Sally did not reply, partly because she knew she was in the wrong, but stared sullenly at the rug beneath her toes.

During the scolding Amy's, Jessica's and Emma's eyes had been nervously straying to the four objects propped up on one cushion of the couch. They were long, broad, light sorority paddles. They were bright yellow with the sorority's Greek letters of Phi Gamma Beta emblazoned on them in red, each paddle had a name on the handle, the names were: Naomi, Shauna, Denise and Veronica. The twitching bottoms of Amy, Jessica and Emma were intimately acquainted with the paddles belonging to the three longest serving big sisters.

"I see you have noticed the paddles," Denise said, standing and pacing in front of the girls, "they will be put to use this morning, but not just yet."

Sally looked worriedly at the other three, wondering exactly how much of an ordeal this was likely to be, the wide frightened eyes and gulps of her sisters confirmed that the pending spanking was not going to be at all enjoyable.

The four big sisters had all taken seats around the room. Shauna and Veronica had seated themselves on the couches, Naomi and Denise were settled into sturdy, straight backed chairs. Shauna smiled at Jessica, and patted her lap. Jessica took a deep breath and walked over to Shauna where she stretched her long, slender body across the blonde cheerleader's, toned, tanned thighs. Naomi looked at a nervously shifting Amy, and crooked her finger meaningfully, and with tears already spilling from her jade eyes Amy went hesitantly to the raven haired girl and was arranged bottom up over Naomi's muscular brown legs. Denise did not need to say anything to Emma, a look was all it took, and the strawberry blonde first year strode over to her curly haired big sister and bent over her knee without hesitation, Denise calmly shifted the plump bottom into position, and waited for Veronica to deal with Sally. Veronica raised her eyebrows at Sally, and invited "Well, the others have shown you what to do, Sally. Come and get your pretty little rear over Aunty Veronica's lap."

Scowling Sally went to stand by Veronica's knee, and allowed the brunette to guide her over the knee, she compared being over Veronica's knee to being over Amy's the previous day, and noted that the older girl had a broader lap and that she was held far more securely, she also had an unpleasant tingling in her bottom that had not been present the afternoon before.

Naomi gave the order to commence punishment "Hand spanking to begin with, ladies."

The words had no sooner left the tall girl's lips, than four hands rose and fell firmly across the upturned bottoms over their laps. The reports of the smacks rang out around the room, and were answered by the squeals and yelps of their recipients. The rhythmic slapping and yelping continued, bottoms pinkened and reddened, legs kicked and tears began to fall. Scolding voices were raised above the resounding spanks being crisply administered. "Think it's clever to smoke weed, young lady?"

"Stay out past curfew, will you?"

"I'll make your bottom smoke!"

"Put that hand back one more time, Sally and you won't sit for a week!"

When the bottoms were dancing and glowing, and the girls were all blubbering, the four seniors stopped spanking and shook their stinging hands. Naomi nodded, and the girls were released to stand and regard their elders through streaming eyes. Veronica held Sally's hands to prevent her from rubbing, and whispered to her, "No rubbing."

With a sniff Sally nodded miserably, and Veronica released her hands, which she clenched into fists by her side to prevent them from flying to her roasting backside.

"It's not over, is it?" Sally sobbed hopefully.

Shauna's laugh broke the silence "Oh no, darling! Not even close. We've got a very hot morning planned for you four yet. Haven't we, girls?"

The cheerleader's delight was infectious, and with grins Denise, Naomi and Veronica answered "We most certainly have!"

Veronica opened a drawer under the coffee table, and retrieved four objects. The girls suppressed groans as they saw what their sisters were arming themselves with. Naomi was holding a broad backed, rectangular paddle style cherry wood hairbrush. Amy knew from brief, but bitter experience that the brush packed quite a wallop. Shauna had a sandal in her hand, she held it by the heel, the sole was flat and firm and made of a highly polished and lacquered wood. Jessica shuddered, that sole really stung. In Denise's hand was an object Sally was already familiar with, it was a long, thin length of wood, an old fashioned school ruler, Emma had certainly spanked Sally with it smartly the day before, but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Denise would be a somewhat sterner proposition. What Veronica brandished made the girls go weak at the knees, it was a short, broad strip of leather, split at the end to form two tails, the feared Scottish tawse. Each girl imagined that curling and cracking across their tender, burning buttocks and trembled, hoping that they would not be the unlucky recipient.

The four girls looked at each other, wondering what would happen next, and Jessica started to cry hard, Amy's control broke, and she angrily wiped the back of her hand under her nose as she felt it start to run unbidden. Emma had her lips compressed into a tight line, and she was mentally forcing herself not to lose it and break down into sobs the way Jessica and Amy just had. Sally could feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach, her knees were jelly and her bottom tingled uncontrollably.

"Amy, sweetheart, come to me, please." Denise commanded gently.

Confused, Amy tottered over to the curly haired brunette.

"Good girl." Denise complimented the petite redhead, as she encircled her waist, and drew her onto her lap in the time honoured over the knee spanking position. She rested the ruler on Amy's glowing red bottom, and began to rub it in slow circles as the rest of the girls were assigned spankers. 

"You're with me, Jessie," Veronica said, not unkindly, and then at the girls fearful glance at the tawse, "believe me, this thing looks nastier than it actually feels." The tall brunette's expression indicated her scepticism, but her time at Phi Gamma Beta had taught her to not argue with seniors and she lay herself over the newest big sister's knees.

Emma and Sally looked at each other, and then at the smiling faces of Shauna and Naomi wondering who would end up over whose knee. Emma was praying it would not be Naomi. The athletic brunette was a nice girl and she was fair, but she was very strict and she could really spank hard. Shauna certainly never went easy, but she had nothing like Naomi's strength and power. "Emma," Shauna's sweet voice said and the strawberry blonde heaved an inward sigh of relief, although she felt a pang for Sally, whose bottom was really going to burn under Naomi's hairbrush, "you're mine, darling." Emma went to the cheerleader, and calmly arranged herself over the waiting lap. "Such a compliant child." Shauna cooed, repositioning Emma's upturned globes, and stroking them fondly.

"Sally, I'm afraid that means your situpon is about to be acquainted with Aunty Naomi's hairbrush." Naomi told the blonde.

Sally had not had a lot to do with Naomi since arriving at the sorority, but she had no doubt the senior was a strict disciplinarian, and that hairbrush certainly looked wicked. She was trembling as she stood by Naomi's knee. Naomi guided her over the knee, and commented on the shivering "I know you're scared, Sally, and this will hurt, but you only have yourself to blame and listen to your three sisters wail, because you in part are also responsible for the sore bottoms they're getting."

No sooner had Naomi told Sally off, than the loud report of Emma's ruler cracking across Amy's jiggling hemispheres rang out, and the little redhead jumped and squealed. This was closely followed by the sound of Veronica's tawse singing through the air, and then sizzling its path across Jessica's cheeks, the rebellious brunette howled, and her clenched fists drummed the arm of the couch she was draped over. Shauna swept the sandal up and then down, first catching the lower part of Emma's plump bottom and then the crowns, Emma roared and twisted, as the fires kindled by Denise's hand reignited in her backside. Naomi raised her hand, and set to paddling Sally's pulsating red bottom with a will. The hairbrush's unyielding wooden back visited fire into every single inch of Sally's tender rear end, and the fair girl felt it intensely. A few minutes later four seniors had flushed cheeks, and were perspiring and the girls over their knees were sobbing loudly, lying limply and unresisting over the laps of their punishers. Their bottoms throbbed, burned, stung and ached. Denise laid down her ruler, and let Amy bawl. Veronica put the tawse aside, and held Jessica as she blubbered incoherently. Shauna put her sandal on the couch, and allowed Emma to compose herself. Naomi set the hairbrush on a nearby table, and listened to Sally sob and sniffle.

Amy stiffened and then relaxed, sighing in relief as she felt the blissful coolness of soothing cold cream being applied to her steaming bottom and gently massaged in. Sighs of pleasure and relieved sobs echoed around the room, as the four roasting bottoms were tenderly soothed with cold cream. It was not the first time the older girls had soothed aching younger ones, and their experienced hands soon eased the pain being felt by the four first years. Sally surprised herself by feeling a familiar, but slightly embarrassing moist warmth engulf her neat triangle of tawny curls. Naomi smiled, and said softly "Don't be embarrassed, sweetheart, it's a natural reaction to the stimulation."

Once the girl's bottoms were no longer throbbing, but still retained a pleasant warmth, and glowed cherry red they were allowed to stand up and stood in front of the older girls, hands clasped in front of themselves. Amy and Emma were even smiling. Although the worrying thought was in the back of their minds. Why were the paddles out here if they were not going to be used?

"As you may have guessed," Denise told them, "we're not quite finished. You have been very soundly punished and it was completely earned, but we believe young Sally has been very curious about what a Phi Gamma Beta paddling feels like. Well, young lady, this is your lucky morning, because you are going to experience a good, old fashioned Phi Gamma Beta bottom warming nearly a week before schedule. Amy, Jessica and Emma please turn around and go to a corner. Put your hands on your heads, get your nose in those corners, and do not even think about turning around until instructed to do so."

The girls scurried to do as Denise had told them and almost ran to the corners, pressing in tightly.

Sally stood alone in the centre of the room, first casting confused glances at the three scorched bottoms in the corners, and then at the smiling girls seated around the room. They were looking at her the way cats look at a stranded mouse, and in fact Sally felt very like that unfortunate rodent. Veronica uncoiled herself from the couch, and took Sally by the wrist, she led her unresisting to the back of one of the couches. "Bend over please, darling." she told the nervous blonde, as she placed a hand on the small of Sally's back, and applied gentle pressure. Sally bent over the couch, and felt the thick cushion press into her flat stomach. "Brace your legs and push your bottom up." Naomi barked.

Gulping Sally pushed back with her legs and elevated her still simmering and now tingling backside. "Good girl." Shauna complimented her.

From her bent over position, Sally watched wide eyed as the four 'big sisters' retrieved their personalised paddles from the sofa they had were propped up against. The bent over pledge stared at the four sets of shapely legs as they walked slowly past her and took up position behind her very vulnerable feeling rump. "You're going to get forty swats," Veronica announced Sally's sentence, "ten from each of us. We'll keep count, you can amuse yourself during the paddling trying to work out which one of us is smacking you."

The last thing Sally thought before the paddle crashed into her aching hindquarters was how an odd a choice of words 'amuse yourself' was. That thought was driven from her mind with the stinging impact of the paddle, and the scream that was pushed out of her lungs.

"Oh my God!" she howled. "That hurtssss!"

"That's the idea, little one." Denise sang as she let fly with the second swat.

KERAACKKK! "Owwwwwwwwwwww!" that firm, powerfully driven wallop could only be Naomi, Sally thought as her eyes filled with fresh tears.

SSMMMAAACCCKKKK! "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sally did a little dance as the paddle swept upwards, and caught the underhang of her buttocks. That was Shauna, she did not hit as hard as the other three, but she more than made up for it with technique by aiming for the tenderest parts of the bottom on offer. It was strange, Sally mused as her bottom began to dance under the swinging paddles, when you could forget about the intense pain and raging fires that were being lit in her blazing bottom, you could work out which girl was doing the paddling. They all had different techniques. Veronica whipped the paddle across the surface of the bottom, sizzling the cheeks. Denise had a flicking action which tended to impact more on the closest buttock than its twin. Naomi swung wide and landed each stroke dead centre, she also left the paddle on the bottom a split second longer than the other three just to let the full impact settle in. Shauna swept the paddle upwards and aimed for the areas that the other three tended to miss, just to make sure her entire bottom got a good going over.

In the corners Amy, Jessica and Emma shivered, shuddered, trembled and sobbed with each cracking paddle stroke. It was partially relief that it was not them, and partially shame that they were not sharing in their sister's punishment, although Sally was the one who had encouraged them to smoke the joints the previous night.

Forty sizzling, roasting swats of the sturdy paddles later it was over. Sally lay over the couch, eyes and nose streaming, strands of her dirty blonde hair plastered to her face with a mixture of tears, mucus and perspiration. She hiccoughed and sobbed, trying to get her breath back. Veronica helped her to a standing position, and she stood there, knowing she looked a fright, but not caring. Veronica rubbed her back gently and let Sally lean against her reassuring, buxom presence. Naomi held a tissue to Sally's running nose, and advised "Blow." Sally did as she was told, and Naomi wiped the tears from her face. The girls 'big sisters' led them upstairs to their rooms, and told them that they had twenty minutes to rest and cry it out, then they were going to clean the house from top to bottom until it sparkled. 

As Sally rearranged the room she shared with Veronica under the science major's stern supervision, her tomato red bottom twitching and stinging, she wondered how she would get through the semester under the strict rules of Phi Gamma Beta, but as she listed the accomplishments of past members in her head, and then remembered that delightful warmth that had flooded her nether regions when she lay over Naomi's lap, and the explosive orgasm that had accompanied it she thought that life in the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house did have its compensations.