Saturday, 28 April 2012

Drop those bottoms!

I've posted the occasional picture of young women being spanked  in their pajamas. It's a very cosy image to me, and it brings up memories of my own spankings growing up. My sister and I were regularly spanked at bedtime and we were usually in pjs for them. I never had a pair of dropseats as a child, but I love them and the image, they seem tailor made for little girl or boy spankings. Just lower the flap and spank away. They're not quite as practical as they sound, because unless they're a little large you don't get good access to the upper thighs and as I've discussed here the past any proper spanking is not complete without a pair of red hot stinging thighs to match the buttocks glowing above them. Over at Spanking Teen Brandi they made a decent fist of it, and there are few more expressive spankees than young Brandi as I believe these images display. Plus 'Mum' using a wooden spoon or spatula and that is always a winner for me.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don't gloat too much!

I found the below picture on Sarah Gregory Spanking. I think Sarah is one of the best spankees out there, she has such an expressive face, and the spanker in this one is Chelsea Pfeiffer at her bottom burning best. Both of Sarah's friends here have also been over Miss Pfeiffer's lap, and you can see the redness on the bare bottom of the one on the left. What interests me is their obvious gloating. If I were there then those two ladies would be over my lap and that of Miss Pfeiffer's whilst Sarah cooled off in a corner.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Double Act

There are many ways to administer a good old fashioned bottom warming, whilst I favour the old fashioned over the knee position as I find it not only traditional, but intimate, others have their own methods. Another childish position, not to mention uncomfortable is the so called 'diaper position'. In this position the naughty one is positioned as if they were about to have a nappy (as we call them down here) or a diaper fitted. I find it rather hard to put someone in this position if I'm the only one present, as it's not easy to hold someone'e legs up, especially once the sting settles in and they start to try and avoid it. It does have advantages though as it gives you areas to smack that the traditional over the knee does not. The way it's being done in this picture from Vixen Spanking is a perfect example of how to give a good spanking with a friend to help you.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Great Outdoors

We're having a lovely indian summer here at present. The weather is so pleasant that tomorrow I may see if I can take a naughty boy or girl outside and give them a leisurely spanking out on the porch. The photo below from Spanking Dollars isn't quite what I was thinking of, but it is outside, and it is using a switch, which is one of the implements you're most likely to find and use outdoors.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Spanking on the bare

Hello to everyone! As you all know I'm a firm believer in spanking on the bare, the bare meaning the bottom to be spanked. I've also featured pictures and stories that concern spanking girls who have bare breasts as well as bottoms. This picture from CF Shots reverses that scenario. I think it's really lovely if a bit risque.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

'The Spank Shop 25 - Birthday Special'

I'm absolutely delighted to present this, the 25th Spank Shop story. Seegee has outdone himself this time. This is a significant milestone for the series, and I hope there are another 25, for now sit back and enjoy a little trip down memory lane from the Spank Shop.

A sign like the one that adorned the window of the shop.

The groaning present table, with it's gaily wrapped burdens.

From Sarah Gregory Spanking, the birthday gets her rear heated up.


Andrea Mahony settled back in her chair and crossed one long, shapely nylon sheathed leg over the other as she watched her most recent client mince painfully from the room, her hand and paddle scorched rear end throbbing under her tight skirt, and tears still decorating her pretty face.

Andrea let out a put upon sigh, and looked over to the calendar on the wall. It was not just that today had been busy, although it had. Her part time employee; Gabrielle Kennedy, had joked during their all too brief lunch break that they should invest in a revolving door. It was what today was that had the tall, willowy disciplinarian down. It was her birthday, and not one person had remembered it. She had taken her annual call from her sister earlier, at least she had remembered what the day was. Andrea didn’t mind that none of her clients had said anything, after all it was hardly fair to expect someone who was about to have their bottom soundly smacked to wish her many happy returns for the day. It was Kimberley. The blonde teenager was like a little sister to Andrea, and she thought of all people that Kimberley would have remembered her birthday, she would remember Kim’s, she even had it on her phone. Then again the receptionist was eighteen years old and possibly had other things on her mind than her employer’s birthday.

The jangling tones of the telephone interrupted her reverie. I do hope it’s not another unscheduled appointment, Andrea thought, I’m really not in the mood. She picked up the receiver and said “Yes Kim?”
“Can you come out here, ma’am?” the girl trilled.
“I need you out here, please Aunty.”
“Kim, please can’t you just handle it?”
“Ummmm…not really, miss.” Kimberley insisted.
“Oh for goodness sake!” Andrea snapped and hung up.
As she stalked from the room she muttered direly “If there isn’t a genuine emergency out there I swear I am going to tan that child’s bottom!”

Kimberley heard the phone click loudly in her ear, and her face lost a shade of colour. She looked nervously up at the tall, elegantly dressed brunette who smiled down at her. “She sounded pretty cross, Mademoiselle Clemenceau. I hope we haven’t pushed her too far.”
The Frenchwoman laughed musically “Andee ‘as always ‘ad a temper, cherie. She will be fine.”
“I hope so,” Kimberley murmured, and added under her breath, “it’s not my bum that’s getting warmed if she isn’t.”

The girl looked at the assembled crowd in reception, and said brightly “Okay everyone, she’s coming out. Just try and be as invisible as possible, and shhhhh.” Kimberley placed a finger over her cherry red lips to emphasise the command, and aimed a frosty blue-eyed glare at some of the younger members of the group that promised retribution if they did not as she had ordered.

Andrea opened the door to her parlour and stood framed in the doorway, her green eyes blazing, and demanded “What is it that simply could…”
The disciplinarian’s question was cut short by a joyous shout of “Happy Birthday!” from the assembled throng as they revealed themselves. Andrea blinked and then noticed that there was a rainbow coloured HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign across one window, gaily coloured streamers hung from the ceiling, draped over the light fittings, and fittingly bunches of red and white coloured balloons had been taped in the corners.

“Oh my goodness!” was all Andrea could say, before she was swamped by well wishers and soundly hugged and kissed by Joelle Clemenceau, Kimberley and Priya Balakrishnan.
“I…uhhhh…I don’t know what to say.” Andrea said, waving her fingers at eyes that had suddenly filled with tears. “I think I’m going to cry.”
There were some sympathetic murmurings amongst the guests, and young nurse Tiffany cried out “You’re not meant to do that until the birthday spanking, ma’am.”
“I thought everyone had forgotten.” Andrea tried to explain, looking around at the beaming faces of all her friends. “You,” she said wagging a finger at a grinning Kimberley, “did all this, didn’t you, you little minx!”
“I can’t lie, Aunty,” Kimberley responded, “so, yes I did.”
“Oh Kimmy!” Andrea exclaimed, and enfolded the girl in an embrace. Then she turned her attention on a tall, dark haired lady with two pre teen children; her sister Sarah, and her niece and nephew Hayley and Brett. “You rang me this morning and didn’t say a word!”
“There’s a reason it’s called a surprise party, Andie.” Sarah replied with a smile.

Once Andrea had recovered from the initial shock of having the party sprung on her, she was relaxing with a bubbling glass of champagne and looking around at her guests. The people were a mixture of friends and clients, Andrea regarded many as both, and they covered a genuine cross section of the town’s community.

The local high school was unsurprisingly well represented. There were the Sullivan twins; James and Courtney, with their mother Donna. All three had been turned over Andrea’s knee on a relatively regular basis, the children more than their pretty mother. Robin Carter was there with his girlfriend Diane Hurst and his wheelchair bound mother; Helen. The two teenagers had been brought together at the shop, because they had discovered that by being sent to Andrea they had something in common. Kimberley’s younger sister Chelsea was also in attendance. Her mother Gabrielle kept her in line at home, but she did occasionally help out as a receptionist when her big sister was otherwise occupied. There was a small group comprised of former bully Eric Stadler, his apple cheeked mother Dorothy, three of Eric’s former victims, now friends; Paul, Missy and Ernie, they were being supervised by the school’s headmistress Sharon Johnson, and the stunning young Indian history teacher Priya Balakrishnan. Two of the older students in the sixteen-year old twins Darcy and Devon Waynwright were present with their older cousin Katherine and their mother Martha.

The nursing intern Tiffany was chatting happily to a member of the local law enforcement in Constable Tania Wheeler, the police officer had not even had time to change out of her uniform before coming to the shop and joining in the party. Also involved in conversation with those two were local judge Sandra Thornley and her assistant, bubbly blonde Melanie. Tiffany had a weekly appointment at the shop and was also good friends with Kimberley. Tania had personally been responsible for at least two of Andrea’s clients in the past, having been the arresting officer when Robin Carter stole some items from the nearby supermarket. Sandra had been involved in one of those referrals, sentencing irresponsible party holder Cameron Worth to the shop for a session with Andrea, she’d done the same with her graffiti artist nephew Nicholas and Melanie was occasionally booked in for an attitude adjustment with Andrea.

Andrea’s old friend and former babysitter and tutor Joelle Clemenceau was enjoying a glass of champagne and a conversation with Priya, Jennifer Travers and her young stepmother Gloria. Andrea blushed as she saw who the elegant French fashionista was speaking with. She and Joelle had been and still were occasional lovers, the same situation existed with Priya, so she hoped they weren’t telling tales to the Travers’ women.

There were three young married couples: Ashleigh and Daniel Summerton, Ashleigh had received her first ever spanking from Andrea. The recently married Millicent and Brian Taylor. Brian had been brought by his new wife to the shop just prior to their wedding, and Millicent had made a visit since they had married. Joining them were Polly and Michael Wilson, the Wilsons came from Andrea’s hometown, and had been her babysitting clients when she was a teenager, she had recently renewed acquaintances with them. Ashleigh, Millicent and Polly had agreed to meet for coffee and the men had organized an afternoon of golf.

The new slim line Rhonda Middleton was speaking to Gabrielle, and casting occasional anxious glances at the kitchen. Andrea was not sure why she was behaving that way, but she had to admit since she had been spanking the woman for dietary and exercise regime infractions she had certainly lost weight, and was looking both happier and healthier for it. With Rhonda and Gabrielle were two of Andrea’s overseas guests; Marta van Rensberg, and her adopted son Mario. Andrea was touched that they had made the journey all the way from South Africa for the party.

Her sister Sarah was with a group from the local university; Andrea’s old school friend Professor Julia Harrison, her post-graduate teaching assistant Marc Blosic, his girlfriend April Chang, and the British student Roddy Mackay-Stevens, who was being supervised by Professor Harrison. Kimberley’s boyfriend Evan Marsters was with them, and managing to keep Sarah’s children entertained. Marc and April had only visited the shop once, but knew that Professor Harrison would not hesitate to send them back if she thought it was required. Roddy presented himself for a caning on a regular basis, he seemed to need the additional motivation to keep himself focused on his studies. Evan had only been the once for a birthday spanking, and although the girl never said anything Andrea had the distinct impression that Kimberley did spank Evan from time to time.

After everyone had partaken of some refreshment Kimberley disappeared into the shop’s kitchen with Rhonda, and the two women soon emerged with two cakes. They were Rhonda’s contribution. The matronly redhead was a talented pastry chef and she had whipped up two cakes for the guests. One was to have candles and the other was to feed the extra guests.

Kimberley and Rhonda had wisely decided not to draw attention to Andrea’s actual age, but rather ringed the cake with flickering candles. As she carried the glowing cake to the table at one end of the shop, Kimberley started to sing in a high clear voice “Happy Birthday, happy birthday to you, dear Aunty Andrea…” before being joined by the rest of the gusts singing lustily. Andrea stood by, blushing furiously. Being made such a fuss of was not her style at all. She was not about to complain, because she was extremely touched, by the people that had made the effort to attend, and by the lengths Kimberley had gone to in order to get her guests. Particularly impressive was that she had invited Joelle Clemenceau. Kimberley made no secret of the fact that she did not like the French woman, so for her to swallow her pride and ask Joelle to attend was something that made Andrea’s heart swell.

“Blow out the candles, Aunty Andrea!” Courtney Sullivan urged.
“Make a wish!” Gloria Travers advised.
“Big breath, Andie!” Julia Harrison suggested.
Andrea stepped up to the blazing cake, and as Julia had suggested inflated her lungs with air. The action drew some approving looks from the adult male guests as it gave prominence to Andrea’s not unimpressive chest. Millicent caught her husband leering, pursed her lips and smacked him smartly on the upper arm. The look in her eyes promised retribution at some stage in the near future. Andrea bent over the cake and let out her breath in a large exhalation. Everyone held their breath as most of the candles were blown out, except for one, which stubbornly remained flickering for a moment before it too gave up the fight, and it’s flame was extinguished. The assembled guests cheered and clapped Andrea. “What did you wish for, Aunty?” Missy asked.
“If she told you it won’t come true, Missy.” Chelsea Kennedy told the younger girl.
“I bet it was that her birthday spanking won’t hurt.” Eric commented cheekily.
Dorothy Stadler glared at her son, and gave him a swift, sharp slap on the seat of his pants. “I know a little boy who if he doesn’t keep his smart alec thoughts to himself will be getting a spanking even if it is not his birthday.” The mother muttered.
“Sorry Mum. Sorry Aunty Andrea.” Eric apologized.
“That’s quite alright, darling. Aunty understands you’re a little excited.”

Kimberley handed Andrea a silver cake knife to cut the cake. “If you touch the bottom you have to kiss the nearest boy.” Darcy Waynwright said, as Andrea put the knife into the cake.
“Oh dear,” Andrea said in mock distress, “I’ve hit the bottom.”
Interested in the proceedings James Sullivan was unaware that he was standing closest to Andrea when she made her faux pas with the cake knife. The willowy disciplinarian’s arm snaked around the boy’s waist ,and she gave him a resounding kiss on the cheek. “In our house you get a smack when you do that.” Andrea’s niece Hayley offered.
“Oh yes, I’d forgotten that custom.” Andrea said.
In shock from the kiss, James was not listening to the exchange between the chestnut haired beauty standing next to him and her niece. The boy jumped and yelped as a loud smack rang out in the room when Andrea’s hand swatted James’ firm young bottom. Laughter and giggling erupted from the room as Andrea cuddled the young man and reassured him “Love you, sweetie. You were just standing too close and it was so tempting.” She gave his bottom a quick rub to underline her words.

While everyone enjoyed their cake, a creation that all agreed was truly scrumptious, Andrea unwrapped her presents. The guests had done her proud. The Kennedy women had pooled their resources and given Andrea a custom made tea set with a wall hanging and a new apron for use in the shop. On first look the items appeared to be part of the popular ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ range, but closer inspection revealed that the Carry On had been replaced by the words ‘Carry On Spanking’. The predominant colour in the items was red, with the lettering in white. Andrea folded the apron after showing it to her guests, complete with approving laughter, and mused to herself  “I wonder who here is going to christen that?”

Joelle had actually given two gifts, one; an exquisite silver necklace had a beautifully wrought and intricately detailed miniature silver hairbrush hanging from the chain. Andrea exclaimed in delight and immediately fastened the item of jewelry around her neck where the hairbrush dangled provocatively above her full breasts. The second gift was not from Joelle, but one of Andrea’s former clients; high fashion model Karen ‘KM’ Moore, it was a bottle of perfume from the model’s own range. Joelle made apologies for the girl’s absence, she was doing a shoot overseas and simply could not get back in time for the celebration. The perfume was actually quite special, it was part of a new line and hadn’t even been released for purchase yet.

Other absentees had also sent presents. Sandra gave her a graffiti style painting with the shop’s name done by her nephew Nicholas. The boy was studying art at college and had not been able to get the time off to attend. Andrea liked the painting and intended to hang it in her parlour, she even had a spot picked out for it.

There was a tennis dress from rising tennis tyro Marta Helmsley. The young tennis star’s one visit to the Spank Shop had made an impression on more than just her talented bottom and she credited Andrea with helping her state of mind when she played. She had just released her own line of clothing and the dress was part of that. She and her aunt and coach Marilyn sent their apologies, but were competing overseas and unfortunately could not be with Andrea on her special day.

Another absent guest was Cameron Worth. The young man worked as an apprentice carpenter and his employer had not been willing to give him the time off to attend Andrea’s party. He had sent a gift however. He had used his skills as a carpenter to craft a caning horse for Andrea, it was well made and looked quiet sturdy. Andrea had found it necessary to cane the young man as his punishment was court ordered, but she was not a big user of the cane overall. After having thought about the horse which was in her parlour at present she was considering using it mainly to assist with the punishment of older and bigger clients. It would be useful for canings, switchings and even strappings.

There were assorted other gifts. People knew of Andrea’s tastes, and so exotic blends of coffee and tea were amongst them. The high school students and their headmistress Sharon Johnson had presented Andrea with a genuine Board of Education paddle. All the attending students and the headmistress had signed it and then lacquered it so that the signatures would remain on it. Sharon had urged her to use on the first misbehaving Clarkstown High student sent to her after her birthday.

Once the cake had been eaten and the presents had all been opened, Kimberley took centre stage. The girl announced that there was a special part of the celebration which was only for Andrea and the adult female guests. Any guest who was either male or under the age of eighteen was welcome to go to the Kennedy house and continue the party where Andrea would later join them. Chelsea enlisted the assistance of the Waynwright twins, Evan and Marc to look after the juveniles, and herd everyone out of the shop and to the Kennedys.

Once the shop was cleared of all, but women over the age of eighteen Andrea looked at the smiling faces around her, and asked “What’s going on?”
Kimberley, who was still in the middle of the room, looked at her employer with a smile, and said “There’s one birthday custom we haven’t yet observed.”
One of Andrea’s sculpted eyebrows rose sharply. She had a fair idea of what Kimberley was getting at, and she was not entirely sure she approved.
“What would that be Kimberley Susan?” she asked, trying to assert her authority by using the both the girl’s first and middle names.
“Oh Andee!” Joelle exclaimed. “Do not be so sillee! You know what Kimberlee means. La fessée d'anniversaire!”
Andrea raised her eyes skyward as anyone who knew French immediately translated the festive sounding phrase as meaning ‘The birthday spanking!’ and anyone who didn’t quickly had it explained for them.

Andrea knew plenty about birthday spankings, she and Sarah had received them growing up. She had been involved in many of them, a lot of her clients at the shop received them from her. They were mostly playful affairs and could not be associated with a genuine punishment spanking, but thinking about the various ones she had received and given, or heard about, it all added up to a rather sore bottom for her. Even with all the juveniles and the male guests gone there were still over twenty women present, some of whom were absolute experts when it came to lighting fires on tender bottom cheeks. The thing about birthday spankings was that the older one got, the more they hurt, because the amount of spanks increased with every additional year of age. As the ladies regarded her with predatory smiles that reminded her of nothing so much as a cat playing with a mouse Andrea’s bottom began to tingle in a very familiar and not at all wanted manner.

“Birthday spankings are for children.” Andrea tried to prevaricate.
“That’s not what you said at my last birthday.” Donna Sullivan reminded her friend and occasional disciplinarian.
“Well, that was just you and me, Donna.” Andrea explained. “We’ve got a lot of guests here and I only have one bottom. One very tender bottom.”
“Come on, Andie.” Julia urged. “You were always first in line with the paddle at college. Now get that dress up and the pants down and bend over!”
“Julia!” Andrea squealed, then a startled “Bare? You want to do this bare?”
“Is there any other way, darling?” Gabrielle asked, a wolfish smile playing across her generous lips.
“That’s how we always got it at home, sis.” Sarah reminded her sibling.
“But there are so many people here.” Andrea protested.
“You can wear an apron, ma’am.” Kimberley suggested, and then immediately retreated behind her mother as Andrea shot her a look that could have killed.

Sharon Johnson stood up “If I may offer a suggestion,” she began in her best school teacher voice, and all eyes turned to her, “I think it’s the sheer number of guests that is overwhelming our birthday girl. We used to do this a certain way when I was at school, and I did the same thing as a teacher until they outlawed corporal punishment at school. The birthday girl or boy would be placed over the teacher’s lap in the time honoured traditional spanking position. Each child would come forward and plant two swats on the upturned behind, then the teacher would finish off with the child’s age and one for luck while the rest of the class sang Happy Birthday. We didn’t do it bare of course, but we can make that concession to our ages and the occasion here I’m sure.”

Andrea still had a rather worried look on her usually serene features. She had done a quick headcount. There were in excess of twenty people here, if each guest gave her two swats she was going to get nearly fifty smacks, and that was before whoever was chosen as her designated birthday spanker gave her her newly attained age, plus one for luck, as Sharon put it, her mother had always referred to the final spank as ‘one to grow on’. Then there was also the matter of exactly who was going to fill that role. People like Gabrielle and Joelle, even Marta van Rensberg, were spankers of no mean ability, and she didn’t think they’d go easy just because it was Andrea’s birthday. Sister Sarah could spank up a storm when she was in the mood, too and sisters always competed with each other, then there were some of the ladies present who previously hadn’t spanked much, but sending their offspring to see Andrea had somehow empowered them and they were now experienced with battle hardened palms.

Andrea spoke quickly and put her case succinctly “I’ll go along with this, because it’s all in good fun, even if I have to sit on a pillow tomorrow, “ there was good natured laughter at this, “but I think seeing as Sharon suggested the method and that she has personal experience of it that I should be over her lap as long as she is willing to act as the ‘teacher’ on this occasion.”
“Andrea, I would be honoured.” Sharon replied with a gracious smile. She didn’t add that it was her pleasure, she was not a lesbian, but she did find Andrea very attractive and had fantasised more than once about having that womanly bottom nestled into her lap and taking on a rosy hue under her palm.
For her part Andrea had some very pleasant daydreams both about spanking Sharon and being spanked by her. A revelation that one of her former head mistresses had actually spanked her staff regularly as a matter of course had only fuelled those fires in Andrea’s mind.

Kimberley clapped her hands in a businesslike manner, and said brightly “We need to pop you into an apron, ma’am.”
Andrea’s face grew firm “No, Kimberley Susan. I will simply not have that. I am a grown woman, the aprons are a device to preserve modesty and remind people of just how childishly they have behaved.”
“Would it be more dignified to have your dress raised and panties pulled down over Sharon’s lap as Professor Harrison said earlier?” Marta van Rensberg asked in her soft South African accent.
Andrea sighed and asked “What aprons do we have that won’t make me feel like I’m 6 years old, Kim?”
“There’s the one we gave you.” The girl said brightly, and smiles broke out around the room.
“And I wondered who was going to christen it.” Andrea murmured to herself as she snatched up the apron and retired into a changing room.
“I’ll be in to do you up, ma’am.” Kimberley’s voice assured her as she closed the door.

When Kimberley lead a furiously blushing Andrea out by the hand the majority of the ladies were seated and enjoying tea and coffee that was being served by Jennifer Travers and April Chang. Once everyone had been supplied with a steaming cup, the girls served themselves and settled down to watch the show.
“Andee,” Joelle remarked, stirring her coffee calmly, “your face is as red as your le joli fond will soon be.”
The French reference to Andrea’s ‘pretty bottom’ only intensified the waves of heat emanating from her glowing cheeks.

A sturdy wooden chair with a low back had been placed in the middle of the room and a smiling Sharon Johnson was seated on it. She smoothed out her dress, grinned at Andrea, patted her lap and crooked her finger at the chestnut haired lady “Come on birthday girl, it’s time to be welcomed into the next year of your life.”

Andrea bent herself over Sharon’s waiting lap and obligingly moved up a little so that she was positioned in the middle and so that only the tips of her toes and the tops of her fingers could touch the reception area’s hardwood floor. The room was not at all cold, the fragrant and crackling fire in the grate saw to that, but Andrea still shivered a little as a stray breath of air found it’s way through a crack in the front door and blew across her very vulnerable feeling buttocks.

“We never had this problem at school, as all the kids were roughly the same age,” Sharon began as she absentmindedly patted and fondled Andrea’s twitching cheeks in order to relax her, “but I think for today we’d better do things in order of age. Youngest to oldest.”
“Excellent idea!” Rhonda Littlemore exclaimed before turning her attention to the contents of her teacup.
Kimberley looked around the room “Kathy, April and I are all eighteen.” she observed. “Do either of you mind if I go first?”
The other two girls shook their heads and so Kimberley stood up and crossed to where Andrea lay draped over Sharon Johnson’s rather comfortable feeling lap.

The information that it was Kimberley who would be administering the first two slaps did not do anything for Andrea’s peace of mind. The girl had of course never spanked her employer, but Andrea had seen the teenager in action and had tearful reports from those who had accepted bare bottom discipline from her, and the girl could spank. Andrea had hoped to start this with someone less experienced like April. Even now Andrea could hear Gabrielle urging Kimberley to smack Andrea good and hard and not to go easy just because this was her boss and friend. Andrea grit her teeth and regretted that she had not been present the time Constable Tania Wheeler had put her part time employee under the strap for her frequent speeding infringements.

SMACK! CRACK! The twin slaps rang out around the room and there was a smattering of polite applause. They had stung and pink handprints were filling in on Andrea’s creamy white buttock flesh, but the blows had been of medium intensity and Kimberley had been careful to land them on the fleshiest part of the bottom, where they would be felt, but not bruise or linger too long. Katherine was next. Andrea simply could not get a break here. Ever since she had been living with her aunt and going to university locally the eighteen year old had been looking after her two mischievous cousins and the Waynwright twins needed plenty of spanking. Andrea had thought April Chang stepping up to the plate may mean a slight respite, but the girl obviously remembered her own trip over the brunette disciplinarian’s lap keenly and was eager to take some small measure of revenge, her little hand sizzled two slaps right on Andrea’s sit spots which elicited a surprised ouch from the woman over Sharon Johnson’s lap.

Once the eighteen year olds were seated again there were more girls to take their place. This time it was nineteen-year old Jennifer Travers and pretty nurse Tiffany. Jennifer had obviously learned something from the journeys across her mother and stepmother’s laps, because her smacks made Andrea wince. Tiffany was worse than useless though. She kept giggling until Andrea snapped “Oh for goodness sake, Tiffany, get on with it! For every second you delay I’m adding a minute with the paddle on Friday morning.”
As Tiffany’s ineffectual slaps landed on her bottom Andrea mused on how ridiculous it was that she had to scold the girl to help with her own spanking.

Quite a few of the ladies in attendance were in the 20 – 30 year old range and it was their turn next. This group included Tania Wheeler, the policewoman may have been small, but she was mighty and those little arms packed quite a wallop. Andrea almost felt sorry for Gabrielle having been turned over Tania’s lap some time ago. Pretty blonde court assistant Melanie, Andrea could not really begrudge the girl taking the chance to scorch her nates, she had spanked the aspiring legal eagle often enough. Millicent Taylor, Andrea felt for the girl’s future children, and maybe even her husband Brian, she suspected Brian had been over his wife’s lap, because she had learned where and how to spank somehow and she had never administered a spanking prior to her recent nuptials. Ashleigh Summerton, her spanks not only got an ouch and a squeal they made Andrea’s legs kick. She was followed by Gloria Travers and as Andrea grit her teeth and felt the fires in her backside raise she regretted teaching the trophy wife and stepmother how to spank. “I have make these count sorry, darling.” Priya Balakrishnan told Andrea as she raised her hand high and brought it sweeping down twice across Andrea’s now throbbing and glowing mounds. “Goodness, Priya!” Sharon Johnson exclaimed. “I’m sure our students are glad teachers can’t spank them anymore with a talent like that dear.”
Andrea silently agreed as she tried to bank down the fires in her backside and get her breathing back under control. The 30+ age group was where most of the real spanking talent lay.

“Let’s let Andrea simmer down and take a little break before we continue,” Sharon said, sipping her tea, and massaging Andrea’s simmering bottom gently, “we’ve got you nice and rosy, sweetheart, and you’re just on a low flame at present, but I’m sure after the next round of spankers you’re going to be fiery hot back there.”

Sharon’s words were going to be prophetic, because the next group of birthday spankers included in no particular order: Donna Sullivan, not a regular spanker personally, but she knew the theory behind it and she worked out regularly, plus she had a killer tennis forehand. Helen Carter, being in a wheelchair made it hard for her to get a good swing going, but she did her best and on an already bubbling set of hams her smacks still stung. Gabrielle Kennedy, oh God that woman knew how to spank. Andrea thanked her lucky stars that the Kennedy matriarch wasn’t administering the full birthday paddling. Joelle Clemenceau, the French lady may be one of Andrea’s lovers, but she did not let that have any bearing on how hard she smacked her. Rhonda Littlemore, she hadn’t thought the vivacious redhead would be any more effective than Tiffany, maybe she wasn’t, but by that stage Andrea’s bottom was so hot and sore that even a light smack stung considerably. Judge Sandra Thornley. Sharon had said it was just as well for the students that Priya Balakrishnan was not allowed to administer corporal punishment to them, the same went double for the  local judge. Dorothy Stadler, from not spanking Eric to regularly disciplining him, the concerned mother had come a long way in a short space of time and if what she did to Andrea was any indication no wonder the boy had started to behave himself. Her old friend Professor Julia Harrison, the college teacher was being actively urged on by Joelle who clapped and shouted ‘Tres bien, Julia!” with each scalding stroke that Julia landed right on her good friend’s sit spots, making her yell and kick so that Sharon had to tighten her grip to keep Andrea in place. Martha Waynwright, she and her niece must have certainly been spanking up a storm at home, because there was no way the woman that gave Andrea two roasting swats that forced tears from her eyes was someone who hadn’t spanked for some years. Polly Wilson. Andrea knew that Polly spanked her husband and she showed what she had learned in the years since Andrea had babysat and spanked her when it was her turn. Marta van Rensberg, oh that woman could spank, she was strong and stern and had an iron hard palm, little wonder that Mario big and all as he was did as his mother told him. Andrea’s sister Sarah. They had only ever play spanked as children, Sarah wasn’t playing now and Andrea felt the weight of her spanks very keenly.

By the time every woman present had given Andrea their allotted number of smacks the birthday girl was a blubbering mess over Sharon’s lap. Her bottom throbbed and steamed. “They’re lovely,” Sharon cooed, “we could boil the kettle on them. Ladies give yourself a hand, you have all done very well!”
April, Jennifer and Kimberley served fresh tea and coffee to those who wanted it while Andrea was allowed to rest and get herself ready for the final ordeal at the hand of Sharon Johnson.

Sharon poised her hand over Andrea’s still stove hot buttocks and prepared for the birthday spanking “Kimberley, would you mind standing by me and keeping count, dear. We wouldn’t want to overspank our birthday girl here. I want to hear everyone else giving me an enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday. If I catch anyone other than young Kimberley not singing they can replace Andrea over my lap and I may have to put that Board of Education we gave her to use.”

Sharon took her time, ensuring that each slap was hard and deliberate, and that Andrea felt it even through the numbness that the initial spanking had instilled in her gluteal muscles. She was careful where she placed the smacks, making sure that she covered the entire crimson expanse of Andrea’s tender hindquarters. Up high, the fleshy crowns which wobbled like a raspberry blancmange when struck fiercely, the sometimes overlooked lower bottom, the sit spot where thighs and buttocks join and even the still milk white upper thighs which made Andrea roar and buck uncontrollably. Andrea lay limply over Sharon’s lap and cried miserably. Sharon helped the woman to her feet and cleaned her face off gently while everyone else clapped and cheered. She had been brave and given them a wonderful show and a highly entertaining afternoon.

Andrea was taken to her parlour by Priya and Joelle, who spent time soothing her very sore and roasting hot bottom, gentling her down and helping her get dressed for the evening out she was spending with most of the ladies at a special celebratory dinner.

As Andrea eased herself into bed that evening, wincing a little as her still aching hindquarters came in contact with her mattress she pulled the covers over herself and thought how lucky she was to have such wonderful thoughtful friends and that she was hard pressed to remember a birthday she had enjoyed more.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Framed for the cane

As many of you know I'm not really keen on caning. I think it has a time and a place and it can be very effective if administered safely and judiciously, plus the effects can be rather eye catching. I saw this picture and I just fell in love with it even though it featured one of my least favourite implements.

The image is from Dreams of Spanking.

The girl has been positioned on a caning horse by the looks of it (it's a bench designed especially for the purpose of positioning someone for a caning). The red dress that she's wearing has perfectly framed her bottom, plus it's the best colour for spanking someone in, provides a wonderful guide. It's a rather thick cane, so must burn like fire, despite that she is taking it very well. Whoever is wielding the rod must be an expert they've laid the lines on so well, you can see each separate stroke, that takes talent. This young lady will have a lovely set of blue black tramlines later on and she'll probably feel the hot swollen ridges whenever she sits down for the next day or two.

Ohhhh Aunty has the chills now!

I realise I'm a little late (I think I was on a chocolate high yesterday), but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Mother and daughter

It's no secret that mother daughter spankings are something that I have a great deal of personal knowledge of and they're something I enjoy seeing depicted. I've found some pictures that I think illustrate them perfectly. They're from Spanked Sweeties, and speak for themselves.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tears before bedtime

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope the furry long eared egg layer is hopping your way as I write.
Aside from a glowing red bottom that is positively radiating heat, how does one tell if a spanking has been truly effective? Oh  yes the legs can kick and wave, the feet can drum the floor and there are all sorts of yells ranging from 'Owwww! That hurts!' to 'I'mmm sorrreeeee!", but for me the real indication is tears. I love spanking a naughty one to tears. Spanking is, as I am sure, many of you agree an intensely emotional experience. Tears are an emotional response. I don't enjoy hitting someone so much that the pain forces them to cry, and I don't believe that is an appropriate response once you're over a certain age. What I do like is knowing that I have taken someone or been taken myself to the point of bawling. It's actually quite hard to fake tears and to wring tears from an adult, especially someone who is used to being spanked either as part of their lifestyle or because they're in the entertainment industry, I think you would need to cross a certain line, so it's all about head space and emotions.
These two pictures from Girl Spanks Girl made my day. I don't think the young lady is acting, and judging by the state of her bottom and that Clare is only using her hand, these tears aren't entirely due to the fire Clare Fonda's hand is igniting on her full half moons.

It begins and while Celia can feel Clare's hand she's not crying yet.

Isn't that lovely? I think it is. Celia is going to feel physically and emotionally cleansed when she's allowed up off Clare's lap and maybe after her corner time.