Saturday, 30 June 2012

'Aunty Spanks'

This is another of smuccatelli's wonderful picture posts. This time the art is by Barb, and the subject is something near and dear to my heart; an aunty spanking.

Hope you are all having a lovely spanky weekend.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

'A Lesson He'll Never Forget'

I have another of smuccatelli's wonderful picture essays for you today. This one has a young man getting a lot more than he bargained for.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'A Brat's Comeuppance'

Good afternoon on this chilly day! I have another of smuccatelli's drawing essays today. I'm not sure of the artist, maybe one of you can enlighten me, but I have seen the picture before. Please enjoy! If you do let smuccatelli and I know by leaving a comment, I'm always pleased to see people joining in.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

'A Boy's Spanking'

One of my lovely followers; smuccatelli, does little stories to go with some classic spanking artwork. He has given me permission to place some of it here on my humble little blog.

I decided to begin with one he simply entitles: A Boy's Spanking. The accompanying artwork is by the very talented Ann.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


As I ventured out today into our wet windy wintry weather I shivered and thought how much I dislike the season, but then I thought about all the good things about winter and thought I'd share them with you.

Rain, yes I know it can be tedious, but we need it. It nourishes our gardens and fills our dams. Where would we be without water?

Crackling log fires. Is there anything more cosy than cuddling up in front of a roaring log fire while the rain falls outside?

A steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, absolutely the best thing to warm you up inside on a freezing cold day outside.

From CF Shots. Glowing red bottoms all hot and stingy from a soundly administered spanking. Winter is the ideal season for spanking. Spanking warms up both spanker and spankee.

And the last word belongs to Collegeboy. Many of us could use such a loving mother as the nights grow longer and colder.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spankings required

I saw these two pictures and they set off my spanking gene.

This one is of the delightful Princess Kate, also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, it made me wonder if she lit any campfires of her own on the bottoms of the girls on the trip. It also made me remember a few trips I took over the lap of our Brownie mistress when I was a girl in the Brownies.

This is pop princess Kylie Minogue, displaying her delightful derriere. Made my palm itch. I know if I'd ever been photographed like this I wouldn't have been sitting down for some time once my parents found out.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

'The Spank Shop - Cheryl'

Seegee has come through for his Aunty again! I proudly present the 26th Spank Shop story. A cautionary tale for any parents who make trouble at their children's sporting events.

Some youngsters enjoying their sport.

A rounders bat makes a very effective paddle.

From Spanked Call Girls. Cheryl Miller howls her displeasure as Andrea goes to work on her bottom.


Andrea Mahoney looked into young Kaitlyn Miller’s large brown eyes and asked the obviously nervous eleven year old “Now why exactly did Mummy send you to see Aunty Andrea, sweetheart?”

Andrea generally knew ahead of time why a customer had come to see her and be spanked by her, whether they were a child like Kaitlyn, or an adult. Sometimes even when she knew why they were there she liked them to confess their crimes to her, it helped with taking responsibility for their actions, and in some cases made the punishment easier to deal with. In the case of Kaitlyn Miller, Andrea was genuinely curious. The girl had been a last minute appointment, and when taking the booking Andrea’s receptionist; teenager Kimberley Kennedy, had been doing eight things at once, and been unable to get a reason.

“It was the softball match, ma’am,” the girl answered in a soft voice.

“You were naughty at the game?” Andrea probed.

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl replied.

“What exactly did you do, darling?” Andrea continued to tease the answers from her young client.

Kaitlyn looked a little uncomfortable, and her eyes darted uneasily around the room. “Mummy said I didn’t try hard enough.”

Andrea became rather concerned, this was starting to sound less and less like a standard reason for discipline. “You didn’t try hard enough,” she repeated slowly.

Tears spring into the pre teen’s chocolate coloured eyes “I did!” she insisted fiercely. “I did try!”

“Of course you did, sweetie,” Andrea tried to reassure the girl. “Tell Aunty exactly what happened, Kaitlyn.”

“I missed a catch,” Kaitlyn elaborated, “but I picked it up and we got the runner out. I struck out once too, but I don’t think they were all strikes, I didn’t swing and the ball was low.”

“So Mummy sent you to get a spanking for this?”

Kaitlyn didn’t reply, but nodded her dark head.

Andrea didn’t say anything, but crossed her long slender legs and laced her fingers together while she considered how to proceed. “Do you like hot chocolate, Katie?” she asked the girl.

Kaitlyn nodded vigorously.

“I think I need to talk to Mummy.  You can wait in reception and I’ll ask Miss Kimberley to get you some hot chocolate.”

Kaitlyn jumped to her feet and almost skipped to the door. Andrea picked up the phone that connected her to reception, and spoke to Kimberley “Kim, I’m sending Katie out, can you get her some hot chocolate please, dear? I want to speak to her mother when she arrives to pick her up, too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the blonde girl said in an efficient tone.

“Who coaches Kaitlyn’s softball team?” Andrea asked, as a thought came to her. Kimberley had a mind like a computer when it came to the events and residents in the town of Clarkstown.

“That’s Mrs Price,” Kimberley answered immediately.


“Yes, ma’am.”

“Can you get her on the phone for me please Kimmy? Just put her through when you’ve got her.”

Kimberley smiled at Kaitlyn as she exited Andrea’s parlour, and directed her into a seat. The girl sat and extracted a book from her schoolbag, which she immediately lost herself in. Kimberley ran a hand through her honey gold locks, and frowned as she caught sight of herself in a reflection from the screen of her computer monitor. She stood and went to the kitchen to make Kaitlyn’s chocolate, she was desperate to know what had happened, but having already been told off for her inquisitive nature already once that day she felt it was best not to push the issue. Andrea had sounded a little annoyed, and when she was in a mood like that it didn’t take much for a certain blonde receptionist to earn herself an attitude adjustment over her employer’s stern knees.

While Andrea waited for Kimberley to get hold of Desiree Price, so that she could get an objective opinion about the game Kaitlyn had been involved in, she fretted. It sounded as if Cheryl Miller was an ‘ugly’ parent when it came to her daughter’s sporting pursuits. Andrea had first hand experience of ‘ugly parent syndrome’. She had been a talented tennis player as a child and into her teens, and contested a lot of tournaments. Her own parents had been supportive and encouraging, and they took pride in her achievements, but they never pushed her or abused her. Other girls were not so lucky. The aggressiveness of some parents and their abusive attitudes had been downright scary. It had not been pleasant to witness, and Andrea had hoped she had gotten away from it since her junior tennis days.

The phone rang, and Andrea snatched it up “Yes, Kim?” she answered.

“I’ve got Mrs Price for you, ma’am,” Kimberley told her employer.

“Thanks Kimmy. Put her through please.”

“Hi Andie,” came the bright voice of Desiree Price on the other end of the line.

Andrea liked Desiree Price, the tall, tanned blonde was a keen and talented sportswoman. Andrea had played with her, and against her at the local tennis club, and found her to be both a valuable partner and a tough opponent. She had also been a good softballer, and still played socially, in addition she coached Kaitlyn’s under 12 team, and was a teacher at the local high school. She had two children in their early teens, and as a result was one of Andrea’s clients when the children needed their bottoms set alight. “Good afternoon, Desiree,” Andrea greeted her friend genteely with her soft drawl.

“What’s up?” Desiree asked. “I hope the kids haven’t been up to some sort of mischief I don’t know about. You’ll have two customers as soon as I can arrange it if they have.”

Andrea laughed “No, it’s nothing to do with your two. I actually wanted to discuss Kaitlyn Miller.”

“Katie?” Andrea could see Desiree’s eyebrows rising in her mind’s eye as she framed the words. “What on earth could she have done to get sent to you? She’s an angel.”

Andrea frowned at that, it appeared that her hunch about the girl’s mother had been correct. “She was sent to see me this afternoon.”

“What for?” Desiree probed.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Andrea explained. “When I asked her why she said it was for not trying at the game on the weekend.”

Desiree was speechless for a minute, before finally choking out “Not trying! What on earth? If I had a team full of Katie’s we’d never lose a game. What did that idiot mother of hers say this time?”

“I haven’t spoken to Cheryl, yet, but I intend to. Your reaction indicates that she’s a little prone to doing less than rational things where Kaitlyn’s softball is concerned.”

Desiree sighed “Oh God yes. Look I like Cheryl, we grew up playing together, but she was always pushed really hard by her Dad, in fact her brother was too. No matter what Cheryl did it never seemed to be enough for him. She got an injury and kept playing with it to please her Dad, it eventually wrecked her knee and any chance she had of going on with the sport. She seems to have inherited it and makes Katie’s life on the field pretty difficult.”

Andrea considered her friends words, and said “I suspected something like this, so I didn’t spank Kaitlyn.”

“Oh thank goodness!” Desiree exclaimed. “We’re so lucky to have you Andie.”

The tall willowy disciplinarian blushed at the compliment, and then followed up “I’ve asked Kimmy to send Cheryl in to see me when she comes to pick Kaitlyn up.”

“Good,” Desiree confirmed. “Pity you can’t tan her tail, she’s the one that needs it.”

“Oh don’t be too sure about that, Desiree,” Andrea agreed with her friend, smiling as an idea took root.

“I’ve got some footage of the game,” Desiree told Andrea. “It’s got Katie’s two errors on it, it also has some candid Cheryl moments. It’s on a disc. I could send it over there, and it may help if you both and Cheryl saw it, actually.”

“Desiree, you are a darling. I think that would be excellent.”

“No problems, honey. I’ll send it over with a student right away. It’s one of the perks of being a teacher.”

Kimberley looked up from her computer monitor as the bell over the door tingled to signal the entrance of someone. “Oh hi Mrs Miller!” she greeted the slender, well made up, neatly dressed blonde lady who entered.

Cheryl Miller was about to return the receptionist’s polite hello, when she caught sight of her daughter. Kaitlyn was seated on a chair, reading a book, sipping hot chocolate and kicking her legs. Cheryl had never been sent to anyone like the feared Aunty Andrea for a spanking, in fact she had rarely been spanked as a child, and they had never been as ritualized as what she had been told Andrea Mahony did at her rather unique establishment, however her daughter’s demeanour did not seem like the sort of behaviour for a soundly spanked young lady.

“Uhhhh, Mrs Miller,” Kimberley began rather hesitantly, seeing the blonde lady’s expression change, and her lips compress into a thin line, she knew what an angry woman looked like, and Cheryl Miller was just starting to steam. “Miss Andrea said she wanted to see you when you arrived to pick up Kaitlyn.”

“Did she just?” Cheryl replied tartly.

“You can go right in,” Kimberley said, her voice trailing off as Cheryl Miller entered Andrea’s parlour without waiting to be given permission.
Andrea looked up from her seat by the fireplace as Cheryl Miller stormed in to the room. “Cheryl, isn’t it?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes,” a highly agitated Cheryl answered. “I suppose you’re Aunty Andrea.”

Andrea’s full red lips twitched with amusement “Yes, some of my clients do call me that, but you can call me Andrea or even Andie if you’d prefer.”

“You didn’t spank Katie,” Cheryl immediately accused Andrea.

“Guilty as charged,” Andrea admitted.

“You came highly recommended, Ms Mahony, and yet the first time I use your services, you don’t even do the job you were paid for!”

“Cheryl,” Andrea began, without losing her temper. “Please sit down. A few things need to be straightened out here. You have not paid me anything, I do not accept payment until the job is done. Part of why I received the recommendations that encouraged you to send Kaitlyn to me is because of my thoroughness. I do not spank anyone without good reason, and after speaking to young Katie about why she was sent here I came to the conclusion that she had not given you a suitable reason for wanting her bottom reddened. I do hope that I have made myself completely clear.”

Cheryl Miller’s mouth dropped open, she had been intending to give Andrea a piece of her mind, yet she had just been scolded as if she were a cheeky child. She was trying to think of a reply, when Andrea spoke again “Cheryl, please sit down. We need to talk, and that will be better accomplished if you’re seated. I can have Kimberley bring in some coffee or tea if you want.”

Cheryl thought of challenging the composed brunette sitting by the fire, but something in Andrea’s steady green eyes told her that would not be a good idea. She saw a conveniently placed sofa behind her and seated herself delicately on it.

Andrea smiled at her guest and asked “Coffee, tea?”

“Coffee, please,” Cheryl murmured.
“How do you take it?” Andrea asked.

“White, two sugars,” Cheryl replied automatically.

Andrea picked up the phone, and spoke to Kimberley in reception “Mrs Miller would like a cup of coffee, dear, white and two please. I’m fine thank you, Kimberley.”

Once Cheryl was supplied with a steaming cup of coffee and a biscuit, Andrea invited her to give her version of the event at the weekend’s game.

“I would caution you Cheryl that I haven’t just spoken to Katie about it. Desiree Price has also told me what happened, and I’ve even seen some video footage.”

“Oh yes,” Cheryl said, “Desiree’s training videos. If you’ve seen that, and spoken to her then you know that Katie dropped a fairly simple catch and struck out.”

“Yes, I did see both incidents,” Andrea agreed. “I also saw Katie follow up the catch with a retrieval that led to an out, and she was at bat three times and got on to first base the other two times, which I believe is a positive strike rate in the game, is it not?”

Cheryl sipped her coffee, and nodded.

“Well, I am pleased I understood that much,” Andrea said with a grin. “If you’d like to turn your attention to the television screen I have Desiree’s disc loaded. You should know that whoever made the video didn’t just film the children, they also got some candid crowd shots.”

Cheryl put her coffee down, and Andrea watched the colour drain from the woman’s face as she pressed the play button on her remote control.

The replay started with the previously mentioned ‘candid crowd shots’. They were mostly of Cheryl Miller. Her usually composed face was contorted in rage, spittle flying from her mouth, face red with anger, as she screamed at her obviously flustered daughter.

Andrea stopped the video and looked at Cheryl Miller’s stricken expression.

“Oh my God!” Cheryl exclaimed, her cheeks flaring red with embarrassment. “I had no idea.” Tears started to leak from her eyes and she covered her face with her hands.

Andrea let Cheryl Miller have a cry and then went over to her. She patted and rubbed the woman’s back and handed her a tissue so that she could dry her tears and clean up her face.

“I think you owe a little girl an apology,” Andrea told Cheryl once she had settled down.

Cheryl sniffled, and nodded wordlessly.

“You may not want to hear this Cheryl, but it’s been my experience about parents who behave in the way you have don’t generally mend their behaviour just because it’s pointed out to them.”

“What do you mean?” a swollen eyed Cheryl asked.

“Well,” Andrea began, crossing one nylon sheathed leg over the other, “do you think that next week when Katie drops a catch or misses a ground ball, or whatever else a child can do wrong on a softball field that you’ll simply change your character by thinking back to a video I showed you?”

“I…I don’t…,” Cheryl stammered.

“I’ve seen it before, Cheryl, not just with sporting parents, but in all kinds of situations. People need a tangible reminder of their bad behaviour to stop them repeating it. Actions have consequences is the lesson I always try to teach here.”

“Surely you can’t be suggesting what I think you are,” a slightly stunned Cheryl Miller accused.

“I’m not suggesting anything, but you may find it easier to keep your resolution to Katie if you have a reminder that you can feel. Better behaviour at the games will improve your relationship with your daughter. I think it will improve her game and probably lower your stress levels at the same time,” Andrea said calmly.

Cheryl worried her lower lip with her upper teeth and looked like a young girl trying to make a difficult decision. She stood and started for the door.

“Kimberley’s very helpful when trying organize appointments,” Andrea said. “She’s also quite discreet.”

The cheerful jingling of the bell as Cheryl Miller walked through the door of the Spank Shop on a sunny midweek afternoon, sounded to the attractive young mother like the knell of doom. She looked around the shop’s reception area as Kimberley Kennedy greeted her with a bright “Hello, Mrs Miller, you’re early! Aunty will be impressed.”

Cheryl nodded and took a seat, picking up a magazine and burying her blazing cheeks in it. Kimberley smiled at the blonde lady and assured her “I’ll just let Aunty know you’re here. She’ll be a few minutes, if you want a cup of tea or coffee I’m happy to get it for you.”

“No thank you, Kimberley,” Cheryl croaked out, she was too nervous to drink or eat anything.

She heard a gentle noise like a sob emanating from one of the corners in the room, and her eyes were drawn to it. There was a young man standing with his back to the room. He was wearing an apron, which covered his front, but left his back and bottom completely exposed. His bottom and upper thighs were an angry red and his hands were on top of his head. “Oh come on, Joseph!” Kimberley scolded. “You’ve been out here for a good ten minutes, Aunty didn’t even use her strap, it can’t still hurt that much.”

Cheryl stared at the unfortunate young man, she knew him. He was in his late teens, he worked as an apprentice mechanic at the local service station. He had a tendency to be a little rude to clients at times, and she knew that his employer had complained of laziness on more than one occasion. He had obviously pushed the envelope just a little too far and earned himself a visit to the famed and feared Spank Shop.

While Cheryl was still trying to process the fact that Andrea had just been able to reduce a fit and strong young man in his late teens to a sobbing mess with a spanking, the phone rang loudly. The noise made the already nervous young mother jump. Kimberley picked it up and answered cheerfully “Spank Shop, this is Kimberley, how may I help you?”

Cheryl listened in as Kimberley took details from the caller.

“Hello Mrs Jamieson, you want to book Mr Jamieson in? We can certainly do that. What time and day is most convenient? Are there any specific instructions you have for Miss Andrea? Type of implement? Corner time? Lovely, okay, he’s all booked in, and we’ll see him on Thursday afternoon.”

Cheryl’s head was spinning. Susan Jamieson was a friend of hers, she had just made an appointment to have her husband disciplined by Andrea. It was surreal. She was seriously considering getting up and walking out when Kimberley spoke again “Miss Andrea’s ready for you, Mrs Miller. You can go right in.”

Andrea was seated in the same chair as she had been the last time Cheryl had seen her. “Good afternoon, Cheryl. I hope you’ve been well. Did you have a chat with Katie?”

“Hello Andrea, I’ve been good, and yes Katie I did speak, she’s happy that Mummy will be a little less vocal at her games from now on.”

Andrea smiled at the news, and replied “I’m very pleased to hear that. Cheryl, I will have to insist that from now until our meeting is over that you call me Miss, ma’am, or even Aunty if that makes you feel comfortable.”

Cheryl blushed at the command that she had to call this woman by a title that she would usually reserve for an authority figure or an older female relative.

Andrea pushed a clipboard and a pen across the table to Cheryl, and answered the lady’s quizzical look with the explanation. “It’s a release form. I use them with all my adult clients. I’m sure Kimberley asked for verbal approval when you booked Katie in, she would have retrieved your signature had I actually spanked Katie. If you’d read that and sign it we can get underway.”

Cheryl scanned the document, it was a typical release form, not a lot different to the ones she signed when she competed in tournaments. She signed with a slightly shaky hand, and pushed the clipboard back across to Andrea. Andrea looked at it and put it aside, saying “I’ll just put that in your folder after. I’m sure you’ve heard about the aprons.”

Cheryl nodded. She had been told about the aprons Andrea used to protect modesty of clients as well as to humiliate them and foster a certain frame of mind.

“Ordinarily I wouldn’t use one in a situation like this. We’re both adult women, and you being nude or partially in front of me should not be a problem, but I have something a little special planned for today, and I think for that case you’re going to want to wear an apron.”

Cheryl gave Andrea a questioning look, but did not say anything. Andrea continued “Kimmy should have one laid out for you in that room just through the door. There’s a bathroom there too, and I’d appreciate it if you’d take care of any pressing needs before coming back out here in your apron.”

Frowning Cheryl did as she was told, and entered the room just off Andrea’s parlour. It was a bedroom. There was a closet and on the bed lay a white garment. Cheryl picked it up and studied it. It was a full-length apron. The predominant colour was white, the red lettering made Cheryl smile, despite the situation. The apron bore the legend ‘The Spank Shop’, only the shop’s name had been done in a style that evoked the team names found on many baseball and softball uniforms. Cheryl put the apron back on the bed, and made a quick visit to the bathroom. She was nervous, and a bathroom break often helped with that.

Kimberley was in the room when Cheryl exited. “Hello Mrs Miller,” the girl said brightly. “I hope you like the apron. I picked it out specially. If you’d just like to take your clothes off I’ll put them away for you, and you can have them back once Aunty is done with you.”

Cheryl couldn’t say she was overjoyed that the girl was there, but she commenced disrobing. Kimberley gathered the clothes as they were placed on the bed, and began to fold them. Once she was down to her bra and panties Cheryl began to put the apron on, but was interrupted by Kimberley “Mrs Miller,” the girl said. “Aunty wants you nude under the apron.”

Cheryl turned and fixed the teenager with her eyes, but the look in Kimberley Kennedy’s blue eyes told her that no argument would be brooked. Cheryl sighed and removed the underwear before putting the apron on. “Oh, that’s really cute!” Kimberley exclaimed, adding Cheryl’s bra and panties to the pile of her clothing. “Just turn around and I’ll do you up,” the girl offered.

Cheryl was still blushing as she exited the bedroom and reentered Andrea’s parlour. “Oh aren’t you just adorbs!” Andrea told her, which only served to make the blonde woman blush even hotter.

Cheryl stood in the middle of the room, awaiting further instruction. “Give me a twirl, sweetie,” Andrea ordered.

Cheryl did a turn, and Andrea nodded approvingly “Oh very nice.”
Andrea was not lying, Cheryl Miller had always been active and continued to exercise to keep her figure. One of Andrea’s most attractive married mothers was Donna Sullivan, and Cheryl gave her a run for her money, she was also taller than the Sullivan twins’ mother.

“Now, I’m sure you’re curious why I insisted on the apron when it’s just us girls,” Andrea started.

“I was actually, ma’am,” Cheryl replied, remembering to give the correct form of address to Andrea. She wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, but something about the tall chestnut haired woman told her that she wouldn’t like it.

Andrea stood gracefully and took Cheryl by the hand. Cheryl allowed herself to be led out to the shop’s back garden, conscious that she was being treated like a very small child. The two women stepped out of the glass doors that opened onto the covered wooden verandah into bright sunshine. Cheryl looked around and asked “What are we doing out here, miss?”

Andrea gave her a gentle smile, and explained “You enjoy the outdoors, don’t you Cheryl?”

Cheryl nodded, but her smooth brow furrowed with a concerned frown. She did not like the direction this conversation was taking.

“Seeing as softball is an outdoor sport, and it’s such lovely weather I thought it would be nice to deal with your back verandah on the back verandah,” Andrea told the mortified woman.

“But, but I…,” Cheryl stuttered. “What if someone sees? The neighbours…”

Andrea quickly dealt with her client’s protests “My neighbours do know what I do here, Cheryl. You’re far from the first naughty girl I’ve dealt with outside. I like to take the sun sometimes, and you may actually appreciate that gentle cooling breeze after I’ve heated your hindquarters. They’ll more than likely hear proceedings, but people are well aware of how I view peeping and will know that any peepers could find themselves replacing you over my lap in short order.”

Cheryl still wasn’t happy, but she knew that arguing was pointless. She looked around at her surroundings. There was a small glass topped table on one side of the verandah, a paddle shaped object lay ominously on the top of it. On the other side was a comfortable looking swing seat. One of the outdoor chairs that Cheryl assumed went with the table had been placed in the middle of the verandah, and looked out over the steps that led to the leafy sun drenched garden.

Andrea let go of Cheryl’s hand, and settled herself into the chair. She patted her lap, and said with an encouraging smile “Come here, sweetheart.”

Cheryl tottered the few steps to stand at Andrea’s side, looking nervously down at the sundress covered lap, over which she would soon be draped.

Andrea took a firm grip on one of Cheryl’s wrists, and tugged sharply. Cheryl sprawled gracelessly across the firm thighs and heard Andrea say cheerfully “Upsa daisy!” Cheryl felt herself being arranged so that Andrea could get better access to her exposed buttocks. Andrea’s palm travelled teasingly across the white hillocks, watching them twitch and pimple with goose flesh at the fondling.

“Have you ever been spanked before, Cheryl?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Cheryl answered.

“Tell me about it,” Andrea invited, as she continued to fondle and caress Cheryl’s bottom and upper thighs.

“Ummm…Mummy and Daddy would smack my bottom,” Cheryl replied.

“Your bare bottom?” Andrea probed.

“No, miss. Over my skirt or pants.”

“Oh dear,” Andrea sighed. “You don’t know what a real spanking is, darling. How old were you the last time?”

Cheryl squirmed a little as Andrea tickled her cheeks, and tried to remember the last smacking she had received from her parents “I think I was 10, miss.”

“You haven’t had a smacked bottom since you were 10!” Andrea exclaimed. “This is overdue. Why did you get spanked then?”

Cheryl was glad Andrea couldn’t see her eyes roll or her eyebrows raise. The incident had been over 20 years ago, how on earth was she expected to remember it now? “I think it was for backchat, ma’am.”

“You do have a temper, Cheryl,” Andrea commented. “It was your mouth and your inability to manage your temper that got you a smacked bottom from Mummy then, and it’s what has earned you a trip over Aunty’s lap this afternoon, young lady.”

Cheryl had actually been starting to enjoy Andrea’s cool long fingered hands fondling and stroking her buttocks, and had totally relaxed over the brunette’s lap. For this reason Andrea’s hard palm exploding across the middle of one upturned cheek came as a total shock to her, and she kicked and yelled with the impact. Before she could totally recover from the first slap, it was joined by a twin on the opposite globe. As Andrea’s hand rose and fell with metronomic regularity and laser accurate precision Cheryl reflected that Andrea’s words had been very true, she did have no idea what a real spanking was like.

Andrea monitored the condition of Cheryl’s bottom closely as she spanked it. Cheryl was blonde, unlike her daughter, who was a brunette, but they both had fair skin. Cheryl’s bottom was firm, round and pert, her regular physical activity kept her in good shape and allowed her to maintain a toned rear end, it was also pristine alabaster white, because she was not used to spankings, her bottom had reddened up very quickly, and it was now becoming quite hot to the touch under Andrea’s ministrations. Andrea wanted Cheryl to feel the effects of this chastisement when she sat for the next few days, but she didn’t want to cause extensive bruising, she also had something rather painful planned for after the hand spanking, so had to be careful that she spanked soundly enough, but at the same time not too much. Because Cheryl had not been spanked in over twenty years, and even then she had not experienced what Andrea regarded as a proper spanking, her reactions were off, they were in excess of what Andrea would expect from an adult who knew what a real spanking felt like, so Andrea couldn’t use those to judge either.

Cheryl kicked, yelled and squealed as her nether regions caught fire under Andrea’s merciless palm. She had not been aware how much pain could be concentrated in the one area before. Andrea was good at her job, she knew where to spank, how hard to spank and how long to spank. To Cheryl it felt like her bottom was about to burst into flame, and tears streamed down her cheeks as she pumped her buttocks up and down frantically trying to escape that hard spanking hand.

Cheryl’s bottom looked like two scoops of raspberry ice cream as she gyrated over Andrea’s firm thighs. Andrea herself had to work a little harder to ensure that the blonde lady didn’t manage to wriggle herself right off. She had made absolutely sure to cover every single inch of those tender white cheeks, and the sit spots and upper thighs had also gotten a good work out. They weren’t quite same shade of red, but they were simmering nicely, and Cheryl would have a very real reminder of her visit to the Spank Shop for the next few days.

Andrea swept one last smack across the surface of Cheryl’s steaming hams, and once the woman’s howl had died down, announced “You’re cooked. You can get up now, sweetheart.”

For a moment or two Cheryl simply lay limply over Andrea’s lap, blubbering and hiccupping, occasionally whimpering “I’m sorry. It hurts. I won’t do it again, ma’am.”

“Did you hear me, Cheryl?” Andrea asked. “Your hand spanking is done, darling. You can get up off Aunty’s lap.”

The words took a full thirty seconds to penetrate to Cheryl’s mind. It was over. Good God! It was over. Cheryl had thought it would never end. Her bottom throbbed, and felt like she had spent the last few minutes sitting on a hot plate. Still crying she managed to get herself upright awkwardly, and then not caring what it looked like or who saw it, she went hopping and howling around the porch, her hands clutching her burning buttocks and trying to rub the heat out of them.

Andrea watched the show with a smile, ordinarily she reprimanded clients for doing the ‘hot bottom boogie’ without permission, and she had been known to take them back over her knee for an extra dose, but Cheryl had been spanked very soundly, and Andrea found her performance highly entertaining.

She spoke firmly and clearly “Cheryl.”

Cheryl stopped her dance and stared at Andrea, her made up face a ruin with tear tracks running through the make up, and her eyes a mess of ruined mascara and eyeliner.

“Now stop that silly dancing and come to Aunty,” Andrea commanded.

Cheryl hobbled to Andrea, hands still clamped to her fire engine red, sizzling bottom.

“Move your hands,” Andrea ordered firmly.

Cheryl shook her head vigorously.

“Do you want to go back over Aunty’s lap?” Andrea demanded, her green eyes flashing.

Another vigorous head shake.

“Then move your hands before you make Aunty very cross, young lady!”

Reluctantly Cheryl took her hands away from her aching backside, and let them dangle twitching, at her sides.

“Put them on your head, and don’t move,” Andrea told her.

With a sheer effort of will Cheryl did as she was told and looked at Andrea. She was the very picture of a well-spanked little girl. Bottom glowing, hands on head and tears trickling down her cheeks, eyes swollen from crying, strands of her blonde hair plastered to her cheeks with a mixture of tears, saliva and mucus.

Andrea took some tissues from a box on the table, and held them up to Cheryl. “Come here and let Aunty clean your face up a little, sweetness.”

Although Cheryl was still a touch defiant, the offer of comfort held some appeal, so she did as she was told and sighed as Andrea gently wiped her tears away, cleaned her face and blew her nose.

 “Now how do we feel?” Andrea asked.

“Sore, ma’am,” Cheryl murmured.

Andrea’s generous lips split in a smile, and she replied “Well, that was the intention, darling. I mean emotionally and mentally.”

Cheryl took a deep shuddering sigh, and tried to marshall her thoughts. Andrea should have been a school teacher, she had the knack of being able to ask tough questions that made the recipient work for the answer. “Silly, naughty, ashamed.”

Andrea nodded sagely “I was aiming for something like that. Many of my clients feel that way. It’s the beauty of a spanking, Cheryl. It does far more than just give you a hot glowing caboose.”
Cheryl nodded, and then asked “May I go now, ma’am?”

“Go?” Andrea asked, her eyebrows rising. “Oh no, sweetness. We’re not done yet, far from it.”

Cheryl swallowed hard, and repeated “Far from it?”

“I know you’re a little overwrought, so I’ll ignore the fact that you neglected to show me the required respect just then,” Andrea told the stunned blonde woman. “Go to the rail and bend over it, please. Straighten your legs, and push that bottom up nice and high for Aunty.”

Knowing that she was in for some new torture Cheryl started to cry again, but did as she was told. Despite her whirling mind and the feeling that she couldn’t take any more pain and humiliation, Cheryl did still appreciate the feeling of the cool breeze that swept across her steaming bottom as she bent herself over the rail of the porch, the wood pressing into her firm flat tummy beneath her apron.

Andrea rose from her seat and picked up the paddle shaped object that lay on the glass-topped table. She stood by Cheryl and began to rub the object’s flat surface over the blonde lady’s crimson buttocks. Cheryl shivered and tried to maintain position.

“Cheryl,” Andrea began. “What’s the maximum you can make with one hit in softball?”

“Four runs, miss,” Cheryl answered dutifully.

“Can you explain it, dear? I’m not an aficionado.”

Cheryl actually appreciated this conversation, she was able to speak confidently on a subject she had a good deal of knowledge about. She had coached in the past, and Andrea wasn’t the first novice she had spoken to about softball. Despite the situation her voice took on a lecture like tone “It’s called a grand slam. All bases are loaded. If the batter can hit a home run, then all four runners can come home and it adds four runs to the team’s total.”

“Well, that certainly sounds exciting!” Andrea said enthusiastically. “Have you ever hit one?”
“Yes, ma’am. They are rare, but I have done it.”

“Has Kaitlyn?”

“Not yet, but she is a strong batter, so as she progresses through her ranks she may be able to score one.”

“So it’s the softball equivalent of a six in cricket?” Andrea probed.

Cheryl considered the question before replying with a firm “Yes, miss.”

“Four runs is it, though?” Andrea pressed.

“Yes ma’am.”

“That’s a shame,” Andrea said, half to herself. “I’m going to need to be creative here.”

Cheryl felt the gentle circles that Andrea had been describing on her tender buttocks with the wooden object in her hand cease, and the object was dangled in front of her eyes.

“Do you know what this is, Cheryl?” Andrea asked, her voice challenging.

Cheryl looked closely at the piece of wood in Andrea’s hand. At first she had thought it was a paddle, but seeing it like this she knew it wasn’t. It was certainly paddle like, and she had not seen one for years, but she knew what it was. “It’s a rounders bat, ma’am,” she answered in a shaky voice.

“You’ve played rounders?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am. At school, when I was little.” Rounders was a very common game at Cheryl’s school. The boys played cricket right from the get go, although there were schools where boys played rounders as well. The game was similar to softball in many ways, and it had in fact sparked Cheryl’s interest in softball. The bat was like a mini cricket bat, but it resembled a thick medium size paddle. Cheryl had never been struck with one, but she could imagine they hurt.

“We used to play it at school, too,” Andrea told Cheryl. “Our teacher was very keen on it. He had a bat like this and he used to apply it to naughty little bottoms. No more than a swat or two and it was over clothes, but my goodness it stung.”

“I can imagine, ma’am,” Cheryl murmured with a sinking heart.

“Of course you’re a good deal older and bigger than I was then, so I don’t think a swat or two would really get the message across,” Andrea continued.

Cheryl wanted to voice her opinion, but given her current position, she felt it best to keep her mouth shut.

“I’d hoped to tie it in with softball somehow, as essentially that’s why you’re here today. The traditional six of the best was my preferred option, but you don’t score sixes in softball, and four simply doesn’t seem sufficient,” there was a thoughtful pause, and then Andrea asked. “You get four runners home, but you also run four bases yourself, correct?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Cheryl replied.

“What is four plus four?” Andrea posed.

“Eight,” a slightly confused Cheryl supplied the answer.

“Eight good solid swats,” Andrea added enthusiastically. “Bottom up good and high.”

As soon as Cheryl braced her legs and thrust her aching hindquarters up the rounders bat landed firmly on her bottom with a meaty THWACK! Cheryl howled and didn’t care who heard her, that paddle hurt!

Andrea followed the opening stroke up with seven more of the same intensity, the first few swats were spaced out across Cheryl’s scarlet globes, but after that they hit on already spanked areas, and the pain was excruciating. Cheryl’s tears were flowing freely again, her mouth was constantly open as she squealed her displeasure to the sunny garden. She had stopped counting after the second stroke, and it came as a surprise to her when Andrea shouted “Eight!” and placed the paddle back on the table with a firm click.

Cheryl lay over the rail of the porch, gasping and sobbing. Andrea stood back and examined Cheryl’s rear, the buttocks were a pulsing scarlet, and were searing hot, but the sit spot and thighs were merely a gentle pink. Andrea wanted Cheryl to recall this afternoon every time she attempted to sit down for at least the next 3 days, so corrective measures were required for the backs of her legs.

Andrea’s hand closed around a 12 inch long wooden ruler. The thin slat of wood was the type that used to be found in the pencil cases of students all around the country until they were replaced for the most part by plastic. Andrea didn’t like to spank with plastic rulers, they were less durable than wood, the sting was different as well and they had a tendency to break.

Andrea placed her hand on the small of Cheryl’s back to keep her in position, and murmured “Not yet, darling, not just yet.”

The sound of Cheryl Miller’s wailing and howling filled the back garden as Andrea attacked the woman’s tender legs and the crease where bottom met thighs, the ‘sit spot’ with the ruler. Andrea methodically spanked Cheryl’s legs, moving from her knee hollows all the way up to her sit spots. Cheryl’s legs kicked and flailed as flash fires broke out all down her upper legs, and if not for Andrea’s hand holding her in place she would have fallen off the verandah. When Andrea had Cheryl’s legs glowing the same fire hydrant red as her bottom, and she could feel the waves of heat shimmering off them, she set the ruler down and stepped back.

Cheryl lay over the rail and blubbered until she worked out that her punishment was completed. She lifted herself off the rail and faced Andrea, hands rubbing her super heated derriere and legs. She looked so pathetic that Andrea’s heart went out to her, and she opened her arms “Come to Aunty, darling.”

Cheryl fell into Andrea’s arms and sobbed into her bosom as Andrea drew her down on the swing and cuddled her, gently rubbing her back and bottom, and telling her that it was all over and she was a good girl again.

After some comfort time, Andrea installed Cheryl in a corner of the porch, with her hands on her head, facing the side of the house. Satisfied that Cheryl would not attempt to rub or ease her scalded rump, she went into her parlour and rang Kimberley for tea.

The girl brought the tea to Andrea, and set the tray down on the table, she whistled appreciatively at the state of Cheryl Miller’s bottom, collected the rounders bat and the ruler from the table, and asked “Would you like me to make sure that Mrs Miller’s clothes are laid out on the bed in the changing room, ma’am?”

“Yes, please Kimberley. Thank you, dear.”

Cheryl lowered herself carefully onto the cushion of the outdoor chair. Andrea poured the woman a steaming cup of tea and asked “Milk and sugar?”

“Yes, please, two sugars thank you, ma’am,” Cheryl answered politely.

Andrea added the milk and the sugar to Cheryl’s cup, and told her “It’s over, Cheryl. We can go back to being Andie and Cheryl mother of one, now.”

“Oh really?” Cheryl asked relief in her voice. “I’m still wearing this,” she indicated the apron.

Andrea shrugged “You can continue to call me ma’am or miss if you wish, but as far as I’m concerned we’ve completed your discipline. You misbehaved, you recognized the fact, owned up to what you had done and accepted correction. I’m actually rather proud of you, Cheryl. Not everyone in your situation would be so sensible.”

Cheryl blew on her tea to cool it, and sipped, the feeling of the hot liquid warming her inside, had the effect of calming her and making her feel more like an adult and less like a naughty girl nursing a smacked bottom and legs.

“That was quite a spanking,” Cheryl commented on her chastisement.

Andrea sipped her tea, and answered “I do try to make an impression. I admit I’m probably harder on the big ‘kids’ than I am on the little ones, but you’re bigger and older and can take more.”
Cheryl considered the elegant woman’s words, and asked “What could Kaitlyn expect if she were sent here?”

Andrea fixed Cheryl with one emerald eye “You mean for a reason that actually merited a good hot bottom?”

Cheryl nodded, and immediately looked into her cup to try and hide her blush.

“Well, she’d get a good hand spanking at the least. If she’d been really naughty she may make the acquaintance of Mrs Hairbrush. More than likely a taste of the wooden spoon or a slipper. The ruler I used on your legs has also warmed many little sit upons, too.”

The two ladies discussed Andrea’s business and Cheryl’s interest in sport and her daughter as they took their tea. Cheryl finished her tea and went into the changing room to redress, Andrea smiled as she heard the ‘owwws’ and ‘ouches’ as Cheryl eased her panties over her still hot and sore bottom, and compacted the stinging flesh with her skirt.

“When you get home, Cheryl. Have a hot shower, hot as you can stand it, make sure plenty of the water gets on your rear. It’ll come up really red, but it will minimize the chance of bruising and swelling. You may want to also apply some ice. I’ve never really done that, but Kimmy swears by it, as does her younger sister Chelsea.”

“Thank you, Andie for everything,” Cheryl said seriously. “I really do mean that.”

“My pleasure, darling,” Andrea accepted the compliment graciously. “Please remember that my lap is at your disposal any time young Kaitlyn needs her seat heated.”

That weekend Andrea attended Kaitlyn’s softball game. The girl was instrumental in her team’s win over their rivals, and Andrea was delighted to see that even when Kaitlyn made a mistake her mother was supportive and encouraging, she also politely refused the offer of a seat, preferring to stand instead by the fence to support her daughter.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The natural progression

Two in the one day! I don't think I've done this since the blog's very early days, and I had work backed up. Amazing what a rainy day and some downtime browsing through the web will do to one's mind.

I uncovered these 3 shots from CF Shots which show what I believe to the be the natural progression of a spanking. It's a school setting too, and they're always fun.

I generally start with a bare bottom, I like to get straight to the heart of things, and of course I do have the aprons, so that helps, but a lot of photo shoots like to tease things out, so these two young woman get a layered spanking, it begins over skirts and panties. I don't know what miss with the tattoo is howling about, it's going to get a lot worse soon.

Up go the skirts and it's the tight white panties getting warmed. The ladies have made a flying start, as you can already see the red around the panty edges. Headmistress Clare observing her teachers at work is also a nice touch.

And now they're bare! The young woman with the tattoo really should have removed her glasses. It's not like she needs to see what is going on. They're only going to get steamed up and smeared, she may also throw her head around and they could fly off and break. Of course she's probably more concerned that her teacher is trying to turn her bottom the same colour as the dress she's wearing.