Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013 everyone!

I extend my warmest wishes to all of you, long time followers and newcomers.

Young Kimberley will be along in the next day or two to let everyone know what's in store for the month ahead, but I am anticipating a wonderful year for the blog. There will be more Spankees of the Month and the announcement of who won the 'honour' for this year. Just as a little inducement to nominate and vote I will let you know that the 'winner' will feature in a story written by yours truly regarding their visit to the Spank Shop to collect their 'prize'. I may also do another sequence after that featuring a Spanker of the Month.

Seegee will continue to contribute fiction, there are ideas fermenting in that fertile mind as we speak I am certain.

I also hope to keep producing the occasional Glowing Globes article. If there's anyone out there who thinks that they may be able to produce work in that style that I can use I would be more than happy to hear from you. Once Debbie Downunder recovers from her Christmas and New Years Eve excesses I'm sure she'll have some more salacious celebrity gossip with which to regale us.

I'll now allow you all to ease into the New Year and maybe this image from CF Shots will help you do just that.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

'Pop Idol'

As Kimberley promised yesterday there's an unexpected treat from Seegee today. This is a story written some time ago, it was recently rediscovered and edited. I present it now for your enjoyment.

Pop goddess Honey Bee.

The mischievous backing singers Shailyn and Niamh.

From Sassy Bottoms and Strict Women. Honey deals with her naughty house guest.

The smiling hostess of the music video program beamed out at the audience as she opened the barrel full of letters and reached in deeply, her arm rustling around amongst the envelopes as her hand searched for the winning entry. "And the person whose name is on the letter I pull out will be the winner of the month living with pop idol Honey Bee. They'll get to be at the premiere of her first movie and also her forthcoming album." A picture of the beautiful singer flashed onto the screen briefly as the hostess' fingers closed around an envelope and pulled it from the overflowing barrel.

At his home fifteen year old Sean Chalmers stood in front of the TV and watched the screen intently. His lips moved fervently as he muttered over and over "Please let it be me. Please let it be me." like his own personal mantra. For as long as he could remember, well the last five years, which spanned the sweetly named Honey Bee's entire career, Sean had been in love with the singer. His bedroom wall was plastered with her pictures, he knew everything there was to know about her and he even operated a website in homage to the pop goddess. When the contest offering as a prize a month with his idol was announced he had been one of the first to enter and he shuddered to think how many weekly allowances he had spent on postage sending in entries. Sean would simply die if he did not win this contest.

The hostess looked down at the crumpled envelope in her hand, and scanned the name and address. She raised her eyes to the camera and said "The winner is," she paused for effect, and at his house Sean shouted at the television set. "Read out the name for God's sake!"
"Sean Chalmers."

Sean's slender shoulders rose and fell with a heavy sigh, and he reached across to switch off the TV and then the name that the girl had just read out hit him. Sean Chalmers. Wait a minute. That's my name. I won! That was the last thought that reverberated around his head before his legs collapsed under him, and he hit the floor with a thud, as he fell in a dead faint.

A flush crept into Sean's cheeks as he remembered that day and the fact that the news he had won the contest had made him pass out. He chuckled. His greatest dream for the past five years had been to spend time with the gorgeous Honey Bee, and when he finally won that chance he fainted. The pretty female flight attendant saw his flushed and slightly perspiring face, she leaned over and asked gently "Would you like a drink, sweetie?"

"Uhhhh yeah," an embarrassed Sean admitted. "A glass of ice water would be nice."

As Sean sipped the cold water he still had trouble believing that this was actually happening. Ordinarily on his summer vacation he would be spending time in his family's beach house with his mother, father, brother and sister, this year he was on an airplane and flying to spend a month with one of the world's premier entertainers. Could life get any better?

The plane touched down smoothly, and Sean followed the rest of the passengers out of the plane and through the corridor to the pickup area. His brown eyes scanned the waiting crowd of relatives and friends for someone bearing a card with his name on it. Aaaahhhhh there it was. A tall black man, dressed in a sharp suit was holding up a card with the name Sean Chalmers neatly lettered on it. "Hey!" he shouted, waving his hand at the man. "I'm Sean Chalmers."

The black man took his hand in a firm grip, and welcomed him "Good morning, Mr Chalmers."

Sean chuckled "Mr Chalmers is my Dad, I'm just Sean."

"Levi," the man introduced himself. "Ms Bee's driver. Do you have luggage?"

"Yeah," Sean answered, thinking 'Man, is this guy uptight or what? Ms Bee? Do I have to call her that? Her real surname isn't even Bee, it's Brown.' "It should be on the carousel."
Sean went with Levi to the baggage carousel, and the two of them stood there uncomfortably as they waited for Sean's backpack and suitcase to roll out. Sean pointed them out, and Levi reached out his long arms and easily hefted them onto a luggage trolley. Sean followed him as they went to the car park. Levi stopped by a long, white limousine, opened the boot and tossed Sean's baggage into it. He stopped around to the side of the car and opened the door, motioning Sean inside. The teenager peered into the car's cool, dark interior and there she was. Honey Bee. His breath caught in his throat. The golden skinned goddess reclining on the limousine's leather upholstery uncoiled her long, slender legs, and favoured the boy with a stunning smile "You must be Sean. I'm Ali, come on in, baby." 

Sean just stood there, frozen in time. He had dreamt about this moment for years and now that it was happening he did not know what to do. She had used her real first name, or rather the diminutive of it: Ali, short for Alicia. It was then he noticed the perfectly manicured hand with the hot pink nail polish held out to him, he extended his own sweaty palm and was gently drawn into the car and he stumbled over the door, ending up in an undignified sprawl on one of the long leather seats. The door closed with a soft chud as Levi shut it behind him. Sean scrambled to a proper sitting posture, and rearranged his tousled brown hair as he stared at a smiling Honey Bee.

The engine rumbled as Levi brought the car to life and Sean barely felt it move. He just sat there staring at the beautiful woman across from him. Alicia Honey Brown or Honey Bee, as the image makers at her record company had rechristened her, was a stunning looking lady and she would have made male heads turn whether she was a world famous recording artist or not. She was not overly tall, at five feet ten inches Sean topped her by a few inches, she had long, slender arms and legs, and her body sported a golden tan, her breasts were high riding and full, her waist tiny and her midriff flat and firm, her hips flared slightly and she had a perfectly rounded little bottom. Her complexion was clear, her lips soft, pink and kissable, a dusting of freckles sprayed across her pert nose, and her green eyes were bewitching. As her name might have suggested she had a mane of wavy, honey blonde hair.

"Sean, sweetie," Honey said softly. "If you don't close your mouth the flies will get in."

Sean swallowed as he suddenly realized his mouth was open and he closed it with a snap.

"Alicia Honey Brown," he breathed and then in a rush, facts and figures about the singer tumbled out. "Five feet six, star sign Gemini, favourite colour cyan, favourite food Thai, most admired artists Barbara Streisand, Gladys Knight and Billy Holiday, top selling album 'A Taste Of Honey',  went platinum six times."

"Wow!" Honey laughed. "I think you know more about me than I know about myself. This isn't about me, though. It's about you. I want to know who Sean Chalmers is. I get so tired of hearing about myself, why don't you tell me about you?" the singer suggested.

Sean stopped mid ramble and blinked his deep brown eyes. Him? She wanted to know about him? She was the world famous Honey Bee, and she wanted to know about some dorky kid from the burbs? No, this was not happening, it could not be, this was a dream and soon he would wake up with his mother telling him that it was time go to school.

"Ow!" Sean yelped, as his nail pinched the flesh on his forearm sharply.

Honey's tongue flicked out and licked her lips quickly "I can understand if you're a little tired, Sean. It's a long flight, and they always tire me out. Honestly, I hate flying. It is so boring. What can you do except sleep, watch the movie, which is always awful and hard to hear, read or look out the window?"

Sean nodded wordlessly.

"Do you want something to drink?" Honey asked, reaching to the car's built in bar. "Juice, Coke, water?"

"Coke." Sean croaked, just wishing for something to wet his throat and if he was drinking, he did not have to talk.

Honey extracted a small bottle of Coke, beads of water trickling down the distinctively contoured glass, and then handed it to Sean. Sean uncapped it and feverishly put it to his lips, chugging it down as if his life depended on it.

As the teenager slugged his Coke down Honey examined the boy that she had agreed to spend the next month of her life with. She hoped he was creative. She really would have preferred that a girl won the competition, but a boy would be good if he was creative. If he was another sex crazed Honey fan then this was going to be one of the most unpleasant months of her life, however if he had some spark of creativity Honey could nurture it and maybe make a friend and a star.

He was tall for his age, tall and slim. His colour suggested that he did not spend a lot of time in the sun, he was rather pale, although she suspected some of that was due to nerves, not a naturally pallid complexion. He had long, lustrous, thick brown hair and she liked that. So many youngsters these days favoured short hair and those that did allow it to grow generally did not take good care of it. The length and style of Sean's hair indicated to Honey that he was somewhat of a non conformist and the thickness and cleanliness of his hair told her that he was proud of his appearance and took good care of himself. His cheeks were smooth and hairless and he seemed to have escaped the teenage scourge of acne. It was his eyes that Honey really liked, they were big, brown and expressive, she could just about drown in those if she looked into them long enough.

"This is some car," Sean told Honey as he polished off his Coke and looked for somewhere to deposit the empty bottle.

Honey nodded her agreement and pushed a button.

Sean jumped as a rubbish receptacle popped out of a hitherto unnoticed panel in front of his seat.

Honey laughed "You can put the bottle in that, Sean."

Sean frowned at the bin and dropped his empty bottle in it. "Yeah, some car,"  he muttered.

Honey shrugged "It tends to come with the lifestyle."

"I'm more used to family wagons and sedans," Sean murmured, pushing brown hair out of his eyes.

"I notice you have long hair, that's unusual," Honey attempted to start a casual conversation.

"Yeah, it kind of is. My parents keep telling me to get it cut, but I like it. It's kind of my trademark. It's never given me any trouble, unless you count that football game when some kid tackled me using it."
Honey's musical laugh was Sean's reward for the anecdote.

The car drew to a smooth halt.

"This is our stop," Honey told Sean and she helped him out of the car as Levi held the door open.

"Levi, take Sean's bags to his room, please," Honey instructed her driver.
The black man nodded and went to do his mistresses bidding.

Sean stood in front of the mansion, on the paved circular drive, and looked up at the big house, one hand shading his eyes from the bright sunlight "Wow!" he murmured. "This is the picture from the cover of the 'Sweet Honey' CD."

"Yes, that's it," Honey agreed with Sean. "It looks even better from the inside."

Brown eyes wide, and staring at everything, Sean allowed his idol to lead him into the house's cool interior.

"So, I guess you want the tour?" Honey asked, leaning her golden body languorously against an elegant table in the entrance hall.

Sean nodded.

"Okay, I'll go slow and please stop me and ask any questions you want to."

"This is big, huh?" Sean asked, trailing behind Honey.

"The house?" the singer remarked, tucking a tendril of golden hair behind one ear. "You better believe it. I lost count of how many times I got lost when I first moved in here. Do you know how embarrassing it is to ask one of your own maids the way to your bedroom?"

"Ummmm,no," Sean replied. "We don't have any maids at home."

Honey giggled "I'm being a snob, Sean. Smack me if I do that again. I've been doing this for a few years now and I tend to forget that I'm just a normal girl who got really lucky. My Mama would give me a spanking if she heard me talking like that."

As Sean allowed Honey to show him the house his mind kept throwing up images of a bare bottomed Honey draped over her mother's knee.

"This is the gym," Honey showed him a large, high ceilinged room with an array of start of the art weight training equipment and free weights, the glass doors led the patio and the sparkling blue pool. "Feel free to use anything and everything here. I like to workout and I'd like you to as well."

Sean nodded "Thankyou Honey."

"Call me Ali. Honey is really a stage name, I prefer Ali."


Half an hour later Honey had shown Sean the entire house and his head was spinning. She had a theatre room, a games room, innumerable bedrooms and bathrooms, his own room had an ensuite that was bigger than his entire room back home. She had a music room, a huge kitchen, dining room and a fully equipped bar. She even had her own recording studio. Sean had the run of the entire house. The only areas that were off limits were Honey's bedroom and the recording studio and bar unless Honey was there. "I don't even really drink, but I entertain business associates and have parties here and they like the bar. You're underage, and if I catch you drinking without permission that voids the competition contract you signed, and you're on the first plane back home. The rest of the rules, and there won't be many, we can make up as we go along."

"Okay," Sean said with a smile.

"You want a swim?" Honey asked, her green eyes sparkling.

"Yes!" Sean replied enthusiastically.

"Cool. Go put your trunks on and meet me by the pool. We can have some lunch afterwards and really get to know one another."

Honey was in the pool by the time Sean, clad only in his boardshorts, with a towel draped over one shoulder, arrived poolside. "C'mon in," she urged, waving him in with one slender, glistening wet arm. "The water's great."

Sean needed no further urging, he dropped his towel and launched himself into the pool, his slim white body making little splash and knifing through the water, he emerged, water streaming from his hair, to bob up near Honey. The girl looked at him and smiled. God! She was beautiful, Sean thought. That was the last thought he had before Honey, with a mischievous smile playing across her lips, placed both of her hands on the top of Sean's sodden tresses and firmly shoved him underwater.

"Hey!" Sean said, when his head came back up out of the water. "That wasn't fair!"

Honey laughed in response.

"Right!" Sean exclaimed.

Honey squealed and turned her back on Sean, quickly stroking away from the teenager. Sean was a strong swimmer, and caught Honey in a few strokes, he pushed her underwate,r and then as she rolled beneath the water he suddenly realized what he had just done. He had dared to dunk Honey Bee! He immediately removed his hands and allowed her up again.

Honey bounced up, grinned at her young guest and said with a laugh "That's better! You've stopped treating me like I was made out of glass. I'm not an ornament, Sean. I hope we can become friends and maybe even closer. To do that you have to forget something. I am not Honey Bee here, baby. I'm Ali and I like to play."

They spent over half an hour mucking around in the water, swimming, chatting about silly things, telling each other bad jokes and tossing a ball to each other. A servant came out of the house and placed a platter of fruit and a tray of drinks on a glass topped table in between two banana lounges.

"Ahhhhh lunch!" Honey exclaimed enthusiastically. "Thanks Maria," she called to the departing servant. She swam to the pool's edge and easily lifted her toned, tanned body out of the water. Sean followed her example, and as he towelled himself off Honey took a good look at him. He did not have much of a tan, but he was a well developed boy, he was finely muscled and would fill out nicely as he grew.

Sean blinked and tossed wet hair out of those gorgeous eyes, and then they widened as he looked at Honey. She was wearing a very small two piece bikini and it showed that world famous body off to its best advantage.

The two of them lay on the lounges nibbling fruit and sipping at the long cool drinks that Maria had left for them. "Aaaahhhhh," Sean sighed. "I wonder what the poor people are doing today."

Honey laughed musically "This is a bit different from your usual summer, huh?"

"Yeah, normally now I'd be in our beach house. I mean it's nice, but it's not this."

"So what do you want to do, Sean? I mean with yourself after school."

Sean wrinkled his nose and blushed "You'd think it was stupid."

"I betcha I don't."

"What do I get if you do?"

"How about a kiss?"

"Okay, that's a deal. It'll be worth it if you do. I'd like to be in your business."

Honey's curiousity was piqued "You sing?"

"Well, I can hold a tune, but not really. I write music and lyrics."


Sean nodded vigorously.

"I'm always on the lookout for good music and songs."

"But you write your own stuff, that's one of the things I first really liked about you. You wrote and performed your own music."

"Even the best of us need help, my dear. I'll introduce you to some of the people I work with while you're here."

"That'd be great!"

"You have to make me a promise, though."


"Before you leave I want to hear one original Sean Chalmers composition, words and music."
"You've got a deal!"     

The sun had dried both of them off by the time they finished lunch. Honey took Sean by the hand and led him back into the house. "Can you find your way back to your room?" she asked.

Sean looked around the huge mansion, blushed and shook his head.

Honey giggled "It takes a few days to get your bearings."

"I'd like a place like this one day," Sean said quietly.

"If you're a really good writer you can have one, Sean."

"Really?" Sean asked, his eyes registering his disbelief.

"Oh yes, totally serious. Good writers do very well for themselves, if they can produce even better. I sometimes think they have it made."

"How so? You're the one who gets all the press. All a writer is, is a few words in a CD booklet."

Honey's pink lips curved upwards in a smile "That, my dear, is why they have it made. They can walk down the street without bodyguards. People don't pester them for autographs all the time. All of the benefits and none of the unwanted glory."

"I guess it's different if you look at it that way."

"Welcome to my world," Honey said with a half smile. 

"Whoa!" Sean jerked Honey to a halt as they passed one room.

"What is it?" the singer asked. "I hope you didn't see a spider. They creep me out."

"No, there's a grand piano in that room there.'

"Of course it is. What else do you think I use to test my stuff out on? I always wanted to be a guitar legend growing up, but my mother refused to entertain the idea. Piano lessons were ladylike. Guitars on the other hand were for delinquents or alcoholic bluesmen. The stories about Fats Domino and Fats Waller didn't help my argument about the piano being just as bad either."

"I've never actually played a grand before," Sean said with longing in his voice. "They had a baby grand at school, but mostly I used my electronic keyboard at home. Synths are good and you can make them sound almost like anything, but nothing beats the real thing."

"Do you want to play it?" Honey asked.

"Can I?" Sean said, incredulity colouring his tone.

"Of course!" the singer affirmed. "My casa is zu casa, baby."

Sean approached the large, shining instrument reverently, the piano reflected in his eyes. He looked down at it and licked his lips. Honey watched him, amusement flickering across her face. Sean pulled out the piano stool, seated himself and pulled it back in. Trembling hands opened the keyboard cover and laid it gently across the front of the piano. Sean cracked his knuckles, making Honey wince, flexed his fingers and then placed them on the keyboard. They danced across the ivories and Honeys jade eyes opened wide in recognition "Hey!" she exclaimed. "That's one of mine!"

Sean stopped playing and looked up at her, adoration obvious in his face.

"Play something else," she ordered.


"Do you know any classical?"

Sean nodded, and calmly reeled off some Mozart.

"Oh, you're good," Honey laughed.

Sean giggled, and played 'Blueberry Hill'.

Honey leaned on the piano, and asked "Is there anything you can't do?"

Sean considered the question for a moment, and replied "I can't cook."

"Neither can I," Honey confessed, and the two of them both cracked up laughing.

When they had finished with the piano it was almost time for dinner. Honey showed Sean back to his room, he showered and redressed, and after getting lost twice, finally found the dining room. Honey was seated at the end of the impossibly long, polished dining table. Sean was not sure of protocol, and was about to pull out the chair at the other end of the table, before Honey told him "Come and sit near me, Sean. I like to converse during dinner and I'd prefer not to shout. By the way you're late, young man," she mock scolded, wagging a perfectly manicured forefinger at him.

"I uhhhh got kind of lost," a blushing Sean admitted.

"I'm teasing, darling," Honey reassured her guest. "Remember what I said at the pool: I'm Ali and I like to play. We don't stand on ceremony in this house." She clapped her hands and Maria and one other girl, Sean would later learn that her name was Francesca, brought dinner out.  
After dinner as the night was balmy and it was still warm they had another swim. Following the evening swim they finished the day off with something that would become one of Sean's favourite things at Alicia's palatial house. They wrapped up in thick, fluffy toweling gowns, and settled down by the fire with brimming mugs of hot milk and chatted. Because of Ali's lifestyle it was not possible to do this every night, but when she could this was how she liked to end the day, reflecting with a mug of hot milk by her fire. This became even more enjoyable with Sean. The boy opened up to her and she to him and they discussed every facet of their lives as they sipped their milk and stared into the flickering flames.

Sean was, as Honey had hoped, a creative and sensitive boy. He was absolutely infatuated with her, but there was nothing at all grubby about it. It was simple adulation, there was quite a crush there, but Honey found that sweet. Sean himself loved hearing about Honey. She really was not that different from him. Well, at least until she had been given a recording contract aged seventeen. Her upbringing had been very normal, her parents had been strict and demanding, but it was obvious from the way Ali spoke about them that they only wanted the best for her and knew that she would have to do something about that, despite them giving her as much help and support as they were able.

Ali's mother was the disciplinarian and she had instilled strong morals and somewhat old fashioned views in her daughter. Honey had set down the rules early for Sean, the one big rule that he was not to break was to lie. She did not appreciate lying and she would not tolerate liars. Sean felt that was fortuitous, because he had always been a truthful person. The nights in front of the fire bonded them and they became like big sister and little brother. 

Sean had the run of the house, except for Alicia's bedroom and the recording studio unless he was supervised. They regularly worked out in her gym and they spent a lot of time playing video games together. Sean was delighted to discover that the recording star was an accomplished gamer. They split the results of the games fifty fifty. Alicia's lifestyle as international superstar Honey Bee saw her attend a lot of parties, dinners and premieres and as the winner of the competition Sean was entitled to be her escort at these functions. It would culminate with the red carpet premiere of Honey's first feature film. When he walked into an event with Honey on his arm it made him feel ten feet tall and he did not even mind the envious eyes of older, successful men. He also established important contacts for his future career as a lyricist.

Sean was no trouble and not likely to be until he met Shailyn and Niamh. They were two of Honey's closest friends, they were also her backing singers. Sean met most of Honey's regular musicians. Sometimes they were at the events that he and Honey attended, but usually it was because they came to the house to record with Honey. Sean loved to sit in on the recording sessions and he formed a friendship with her keyboardist: Sonny. The man was amazed at Sean's skill for his age and told him that if the lyrics thing did not work out he would do his best to get him work as a session musician.

Shailyn and Niamh could not play any instruments, neither could read or write music, they did not have the creativity to write lyrics nor did they have the drive to become headliners the way Honey had, what they did have were clear, stunning voices and extremely good ears. They were wild girls and both very attractive.

Shailyn was a tall, slender black girl with lots of tight braids and shining ebony skin. She had experienced a rough upbringing and had no illusions that if not for her singing ability she would have wound up on the streets.

Niamh was from Britain, she was a petite girl with long, light brown hair and mischievous green eyes, if there was trouble to be found, then Niamh would find it.

They delighted in teasing Sean, they liked to make him blush. Honey usually came to his rescue. Then one day they were alone in the control booth, Honey was laying down a track and Niamh suggested something to Shailyn. The black girl got a sly smile, and whispered to the British girl "Oh girlfriend, you are evil!"

Niamh giggled, and said "It's gonna be fun, though, right?"

"Oh yeah," Shailyn agreed with a wicked grin.

"Hey, Sean!" Niamh called in her gentle accent.

The boy was staring out the control booth window, adoring eyes on Honey. The singer caught his eye and winked at him, he blushed and smiled at her, then turned to the British backing singer. "What?" he asked warily.

He could not deny that he found the girls attractive, but they bothered him. They were always teasing and he knew that they considered him a bit of a joke, he had heard them refer to him as 'Honey's Pet'. They did, however, know Honey very well and were a useful source of information as to how he could impress the object of his affections.

"You like Honey, boyfriend?" Shailyn asked.

Sean nodded, and mumbled "Yeah."

Niamh giggled.

"You know what she likes?" Shailyn followed up, her dark eyes sparkling.

"I think so," Sean replied uncertainly, one finger unconsciously and nervously playing with a lock of hair.

"I know what she likes," Niamh murmured.

"What's that?" Sean asked, wondering if he was somehow setting himself up.

"Bad boys," Niamh answered with a wink.

"Bad boys?" Sean echoed, it was news to him and certainly nothing that Honey had mentioned during their fireside chats, then again come to think of it, she did not really talk about what she found attractive in men at all.

"Oh yeah," Shailyn confirmed eagerly, licking her lips. "The badder, the better."

"Oh, and if they can hold their liquor, she's impressed by that. Real men can drink," Niamh said embellishing the lie.

"Really, she never seemed to like alcohol," Sean challenged.

Niamh shrugged "That's what she tells you, sugar. You're just a kid, though. A bad girl like our sweet Honey wants a man."

"I'm fifteen, not a kid," Sean asserted.

"No need to tell us, boyfriend," Shailyn advised. "It's Honey you want to convince. She's a bad girl, she wants a bad boy."

"How do you mean, bad?"a somewhat flustered Sean asked the black girl.

"You ever seen what she wears on tour?"

"I've seen her perform."

"No, we mean what she likes to wear closest to her skin, her underwear," Shailyn said with relish.

"No," Sean confessed.

"Dirty!" Niamh exclaimed. "Absolutely filthy stuff! It even makes me blush."

"I dont believe you!" Sean denied the claim hotly.

"Check out her underwear drawer, boy," Shailyn taunted. "Unless of course Mommy Honey keeps you on a tight leash."

Sean's eyes glared hotly at the black girl, he sniffed and stormed from the control booth, the mocking laughter of the two girls ringing in his ears.

Sean did not mention the conversation to Ali. He did not want to let her think that he was not adult enough to handle Shailyn and Niamh's teasing and the other reason was he did not want her to admit that everything they had said was true and shatter all his illusions.

Honey noticed that he became a little more withdrawn, but he was a pubescent boy, they go through changes all the time and this had been an eventful summer for him. Sean's time with Honey was drawing to an end and as the premiere of her movie grew ever closer Alicia herself found that she had to spend a lot more time promoting it and that meant she had less time with Sean and was out more and more often.

Sean had plenty to keep him occupied, but one day the comments from Shailyn and Niamh played on his mind, and he found himself loitering near the bar. He was bored and he kept thinking about what the girls had said. Looking around furtively to make sure none of the servants were nearby, he opened the door to the bar and slipped inside, making sure to shut the door behind him.    

He looked at the bar and the bottles behind it. If he was going to drink, and he never had before, it would be best to begin with something a little milder like beer. However the only beer Honey had at the bar was on tap and Sean did not know how to work the taps properly. He supposed he could get the hang of it after a little while, but getting it right was bound to be messy and that would give him away. A bottle of spirits would be best. His eye lit on the gin. It was clear, he could sneak some of it, get a nice little buzz and then fill it up again with water and no one would be any the wiser.

Heart pounding wildly, he unscrewed the cap on the gin bottle and poured himself a tumbler full of the clear liquid. He took a big slug and immediately gagged. It took a supreme effort to swallow it and not spit it out all over the bar top. How could anyone enjoy drinking this stuff? As he waited for his head to stop spinning and his throat to stop burning he felt a small little glow kindle in the pit of his stomach and he smiled. That did feel good. He took another drink, being careful this time to sip, not gulp at the liquor and it was not so bad at all.

He wandered over to the piano that Honey had in the bar, set his glass on a coaster on top of the instrument, seated himself behind it, opened the top and began to play. At first he was just messing around with it, but by the time he was on to his second glass of gin he was working on a composition of his own, something that was called 'Just Ali'.

In Sean's evening conversations with the beautiful star she had expressed regret that she was always publicly Honey Bee and could never be 'just Ali'. Sean had disagreed with her and asked her why she could not simply drop the façade and be what she wanted to be. Ali had laughed and stroked his hair, and told him with sparkling green eyes that he did not understand image making. It was at that moment that Sean had begun to write a song that would tell the world what he knew about Honey Bee and that was that she was still 'just Ali'. When he was done, before he left he intended to show it to the international musical performer that he now considered his big sister.

Two more glasses of gin later Sean's head was swimming. His speech was slurred, and his movement slow and clumsy. He giggled at his efforts to play the piano, the white and black keys blurred into each other and he could no longer tell which was which. "Nogonna pla muchmor," he muttered drunkenly. "Wha's tha Goddamn unnerware?" he asked himself. He threw back his head and drained his glass. He left the half empty gin bottle sitting on the bar top, and staggered out of the room.

The stairs were a chore, but Sean managed to stumble up them, he barked his shins a few times tripping over the steps, which suddenly seemed to be much higher than he remembered them.

On the landing he stopped, shook his head to clear it and headed in the direction of Honey's room. He entered the room and made for the girl's wardrobe. He feverishly ransacked the drawers, flinging clothes all over. What had Shailyn and Niamh been talking about? Honey certainly had underwear, but it was not particularly revealing or scanty, certainly nothing filthy. He picked up a pair of sheer, filmy panties and some of her nylons and took a few uncertain steps backward, before reaching the bed and falling back onto it, panties over his face and nylons still clutched in his fists. He tried to rise, but he had no balance, and he was suddenly very tired. Sean's eyes closed and he was soon snoring drunkenly.

Honey walked into the house and was greeted by Francesca with a tumbler of ice cold orange juice "Oh Francesca! You are an angel! Gracias," she thanked the smiling maid as she took the glass and a deep draught. "Aaaahhh, that's good! You would not believe the day I've had. Do you know where Sean is? I'd love a swim."

The maid frowned "Mister Sean? No, I have not seen him for hours. Maybe he is taking a nap?"

Honey giggled "A fifteen year old boy, taking a nap in the afternoon on a day like this? I don't think so. No problem Francesa, I'll ferret him out."

Ten minutes later Honey had still found no sign of her adolescent guest. She frowned, sighed and wandered to her room to change. She would continue the search afterwards.

Green eyes opened wide as she took in the sleeping boy with the underwear over his head and the nylon's draped over his body. "Sean Patrick Chalmers!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing in my room? And why do you have my underwear all over you?"

Honey looked around the room and slowly took in the carnage. The boy had ripped everything out of her drawers and strewn it everywhere. What on earth had come over him?

Sean slowly roused himself, and regarded Honey through blurred eyes. He sat up awkwardly "'Lo Honey," he mumbled.

The girl's eyes narrowed "Have you been drinking?"

Sean shook his head "Nah, just some lil sips of gin."

"Oh my God, you're hammered. I don't believe this. Why Sean? What the hell possessed you?"

"I dunno," Sean said, standing up and throwing his arms wide, he still did not have his legs back yet and had Honey not caught him he would have fallen flat on his face.

"We need to get some black coffee into you."

"Honey, I'm not feeling too good," Sean announced to the floor.

"Oh oh!" the singer exclaimed as she hustled the boy into the bathroom and got him to the toilet just in time for him to be noisily sick into the bowl.   

Honey held the back of Sean's head as he retched and heaved the contents of his stomach into the porcelain bowl, she brushed his sweaty hair back to make sure that he wasn't sick over it.

Sean eventually raised up from the bowl and leaned against the toilet, his face was white and his forehead had a sheen of perspiration over it. Honey stood up, and regarded him through blazing green eyes, her face was flushed and her hands were balled up into little fists on her hips. "C'mon up!" she commanded, hauling a protesting Sean to his feet by his ear and dragging him to the kitchen. She pushed him into a chair, and commanded Francesca "Black coffee and lots of it!'

Sean was pushing away from the table, and using his hands to protest "No more, no more coffee!" after Honey had poured three cups of the bitter mixture down his throat.

Honey lifted him to his feet, and ordered "You are going to shower and go to bed to sleep it off. We will discuss this in the morning, young man."

Sean stood in front of her swaying slightly looked at her rather stupidly. The alcohol in his veins was still befuddling his senses somewhat.

"NOW!" Honey barked, spinning him round and pointing him towards the door, sending him scurrying out with a firm smack to his tight rear end.

Sean snorted in his sleep and rolled over onto his back. His eyes snapped open and he stared at the ceiling. Suddenly the events of yesterday came clear in his head. Oh dear God! It was not a dream, he had gotten drunk, invaded Honey's room, gone through her underwear and then fallen into a drunken stupor.

Someone had found him later in the day, as his mind sorted through events his face flamed red as he remembered that the someone was Honey. He could not remember the events all that clearly, but he was pretty sure that she had been majorly pissed off. "Oh how could I be so frigid' stupid?" he moaned. "Even Honey told me to take everything that Shailyn and Niamh say with a grain of salt and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Oh yeah Honey likes bad, hard drinking men and sexy underwear! Like bloody fun she does!"

Sean lay there wondering if he could somehow talk his way out of it, and how he could ever face Ali again. He felt so ashamed and stupid, and he knew that he had broken the trust she had in him. He did not have to wait long. Francesca bustled in, she gave him a knowing smile and said gently "Mister Sean, you need to get up and get dressed. Miss Honey wants you to have breakfast with her on the lanai."

As Sean threw on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans he asked Francesca, who was making the bed, "She wants to have breakfast with me, that's all?"

"She wanted to talk to you also," Francesca replied with a grin and then murmured. "If I'd been you my Mama would make my bottom smart."

Honey was seated at the table on the lanai sipping coffee when Sean wandered out there. "Coffee, juice?" she inquired coolly, taking in the coffee pot and the juice jug with a wave of her hand.

Sean blanched at the thought of coffee, and poured himself a glass of orange juice.

"Yes, you had a lot of coffee yesterday," Honey observed. "The vitamin C will do you good. I hear it's very useful for hangovers."

Sean sipped his juice, and tried to make himself smaller in his chair.

"You should eat something, toast maybe, or perhaps a nice greasy pork chop and some fat bacon?"
Sean gulped and felt his stomach rising, he quickly bit into a piece of toast thinly spread with butter and immediately felt the nauseous feeling recede.

The rest of breakfast was spent in a chilly silence. Honey completed her own meal whilst she watched Sean miserably deal with his.

"How do you feel?" she asked at length.


Honey shrugged.

"Pretty weak and still upchucky. My head hurts too."

"Good. I'll give you this, Sean, at least you went for the top shelf. That gin is pretty expensive."

"Sorry," Sean mumbled. "I'll pay for it."

Honey shook her golden head "Don't worry about it. I can afford it and I hardly ever drink it anyway, it's for guests and for when I have parties. What bothers me is why you did it. You're not stupid, or at least I never thought so until yesterday, and I don't think you're an alcoholic, if you were you would have polished off more than half a bottle of gin before winding up that tanked. So you want to tell me why?" 

Sean wilted under the steady gaze, and whispered "Not really."

"That was not the answer I was looking for, my boy," Ali said sternly.

"I know," Sean said, close to tears. "Shailyn and Niamh told me that you liked guys who could drink and that you wore naughty underwear."

"And you believed them?" Honey asked incredulously.

"Ummmmyeah, they're kind of persuasive."

"I'm gonna kill them. I swear."

"No!" Sean blurted. "Please don't. I don't want them to know they got me."

"Yes, I guess that would be like punishing you for what they did. I will get them, though." Honey vowed.

"How?" Sean asked, intrigued through his misery.

"I pay them. They'll have to wait for their money this month. I can keep that held up until they're desperate for it," she smiled wickedly. "I may actually send them the cheque stapled to a pair of sexy undies."

Even Sean had to giggle at that.

Then Honey turned clear green eyes on Sean. "That does not get you off the hook, young man. I appreciate that Shai and Niamh lied to you and led you on, but you knew that you were not to drink or to go into my room and yet you did it all the same. I cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour."

"What are you going to do?" Sean asked, wishing a hole would open up in the earth and swallow him.

"I need to think and explain some things to you," the girl told her guest, rising and walking into the lounge area inside.

Sean followed, they flopped onto the plush leather couch.

Honey turned to look at Sean, and he fidgeted nervously under that gaze "You know what you did was wrong and that you disappointed me, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes!" Sean blurted. "Yes, I know and I feel rotten. I won't do it again and I'll do anything to make it up."

"I believe you, darling, I genuinely do, and that's what makes this so hard." Honey said sadly, tears misting her eyes.

Sean looked confused "Hard?" he repeated.

"When you won the competition you signed a form, didn't you?"


"That form was a legal document. Although it did not state it in so many words it said that you would abide by my rules whilst you were under my care. I'm angry that you went into my room and went through my things, but that wasn't really breaking the contract. There's no law against that, as you are living in this house as my guest it can't be called trespass, however the drinking is an entirely different matter. You're fifteen, a minor, under the legal drinking age. You broke the law and you did it my house, and whilst I was looking after you."

Sean looked at his feet and felt tears prick his eyes.

"I mean imagine if this hit the tabloids. The headlines would read 'Honey Bee lets young friend get drunk!' I think I'm actually being generous there. This could seriously damage my career. Your parents could, quite rightly, sue me for not supervising you. Sean, sweetie you broke the contract."

"I won't tell them!" Sean shouted.

"I know that," Honey assured him with a gleaming smile.

"So what happens?" Sean asked in a small voice. 

"It's over," Ali explained simply.

"What's over?"

"This," she said gesturing around her. "Everything, the summer, the premiere. You'll have to pack and leave. I can get you on a flight home tonight."

"Oh no!" Sean howled, he threw himself at Honey, clinging to her legs. "Please no. It's only a week! Please, I'll do anything, but don't send me home early. Everyone will laugh at me, my parents will want to know why, I'll never live it down. I'll never ever drink again. I promise."

Honey looked down at the boy hugging her legs and sighed. She really liked Sean, he was a nice, gently child and he had a bright future, she had also come to regard him as like the little brother she never had.

Deep brown eyes stared pleadingly into clear green ones. "Oh Sean!" Honey sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"

"You're not going to send me away?"

"No, but I should."

"Oh thank you, Ali! Thank you!" Sean bounded to his feet, and kissed her soundly on the lips.

"Whoa there!" Ali cautioned. "I can't just let you off scot free."

"I'll do yard work, clean the pool, the cars, help Francesca and the girls out, anything," Sean promised.

Alicia sat back, crossed her legs, steepled her fingers and regarded the hopeful boy "Well, baby, the reason I employ a gardener, a pool cleaner, a chauffeur and maids is because they do all those things and they do them very well. Honestly, you'd just get in their way. That won't do it."

"What then?"

"Well, I do have one idea, but you are not going to like it."

"What is it? I'll do anything!"

"You really don't know what you're letting yourself in for, my dear. You remember I told you that my parents were strict and old fashioned?"


"Did I ever tell you what happened to my cousin when my mother caught him smoking behind the house one school vacation?"

Sean shook his head "No."

"Well, he was almost your age, thirteen, maybe fourteen. I didn't even know what had happened. I was at a piano lesson when he got busted. I was in my room listening to music when I heard this odd noise from downstairs. I crept out and looked down. What I saw nearly made me fall down the stairs. My mother had my cousin stretched out over her lap, his pants were around his ankles and his bottom was bare and she was giving him an absolute humdinger of a spanking. She was smacking her hairbrush across those two plump little cheeks again and again, that was the sound I heard. The thwack of the brush and his yells. His bottom would have glowed in the dark it was so red!"

"Wow!" was all a wide eyed Sean could say.

"Yes wow. I never told my cousin I saw it, but I asked my Mama, and she told me about what had happened and what she'd done. He never smoked again. What you did was even worse and Sean I think there is only one way we can deal with it. A good, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom, spanking." Honey stood and looked down at Sean as the last word hung in the air.

Sean gulped and could actually feel his bottom tingling.

"Do you agree?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Well you can go home or you can have a sore bottom."

"I'll take the spanking."

"Brave boy," Honey smiled and gathered him into her arms.  

As Honey had another full schedule that day they decided that the spanking would have to wait until after dinner. Sean was confined to his room until Honey returned.

He spent the day reading and trying not to think about the spanking. He had never been spanked before, he may have received the occasional smack from his parents, although he could not remember it. Spankings these days, were something you read about in books about times gone past, not a reality of modern child rearing and especially not administered to a fifteen year old male bottom.

To take his mind off the impending chastisement Sean worked on the song he was writing. He actually managed to complete it lyrically. All he needed to do now was match it to music, however until Honey arrived home and allowed him out of his room he would not have access to a keyboard.

The singer arrived back at her house at around five that afternoon. She sought Sean out and smiled at him. "You're still okay about later?" she asked, concern in her voice.

Sean forced himself to smile, and nodded bravely.

"Good boy. What did you do with yourself today?"

"I finished a song," Sean told her, holding up the completed lyrics.

"Really? Wow! Can I hear it?"

"Do you really want to?"

"Of course I do silly, we made that deal on your first day. Come on let's go down to the music room."

Sean settled behind the piano and told Ali "Now remember I don't usually do music as well and this is just a rough draft."

"Oh, stop being shy and play it for me," the girl scolded, cuffing his shoulder playfully.

Sean peered at the keys and started to play, then broke into song. He had a good voice, nothing outstanding, but it was easy enough to listen to.

"Is that about me?" Ali asked when he had finished.

"D'uh, it's called 'Just Ali'."

"Cheeky brat!" she laughed.

"What did you think?" Sean asked anxiously.

"I think after you're done with school you have a future as a lyricist. Leave it with me. I may just be able to use it. Now we need to have dinner and get your spanking over and done with."

Sean followed Ali to the dining room, holding his hands over his bottom protectively.

Once they had completed dinner Ali took her coffee into the lounge room, and settled down by the fire. "Sean, can you please go to your room and change into your pajamas. You will go to the corner and stand there with your hands on your head. I'll be up soon to administer your spanking."

"Yes, Ali."

"That's ma'am or miss until this is done with, young man," the generally bright singer told him sternly.

"Yes, ma'am," Sean replied obediently, dropping his head.

"Off you go then," Alicia told him and watched him. She could not help it, he had such a cute butt.

Sean changed quickly into his pajamas and chose a corner. He went there and laced his hands over his head. His mind full of fearful thoughts about the spanking, bottom tingling uncontrollably.

Alicia finished her coffee, placed her cup on the table, stood and sighed. She knew that Sean would not know this, but she was as nervous as he was. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Sean deserved the spanking, she knew that, but she was not at all sure she could administer it properly. She stopped in her room, changed into a sober skirt and blouse, picked up her large, solid cherry wood, oval hairbrush. She cracked the brush into her palm and winced at the sting. If this did not teach Sean the error of his ways then the boy's bottom was made of titanium.

Honey was pleased to see that he had done as she had told him,  changed into jambes, and had installed himself in a corner. She sat down in the middle of the bed, placed the brush on a bedside table, and asked gently "Sean, do you know why you are in the corner?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Why is that?"

"Because I was naughty and you are going to spank me."

"Good boy, turn around and come to Aunty Ali."

Slowly Sean turned and walked to her on wobbly legs.

He looked so frightened and young that what she really wanted to do was just hug him and stroke that lovely long hair, but she set her face and said nothing.
Sean had never seen her look lovelier. That usually smiling face was stern, her green eyes flashed, and her blonde hair was brushed back. Her full breasts poked gently at the thin material of the white blouse, she had crossed her long, slender golden legs and her skirt rode up, displaying a generous length of creamy thigh. Sean swallowed hard, a flush crept up his neck and into his cheeks as he felt something stir and rise in his loins.

Honey put her hands on his hips, and murmured "Now, we just need to get these out of the way and get you over my knee."

Sean and Honey both gasped as she swept his pajama bottoms down to his knees. Sean because of the sudden rush of air down there, and because he knew how exposed he now was in front of a girl he had a crush on. Honey because she was looking right at his erection. "Sean!" she exclaimed.

"I cant help it," the boy mumbled, mortified.

"We'll soon see about that," she said firmly, jerking on his wrist and causing him to sprawl awkwardly over her knee. She put an arm around his waits and using those gym toned muscles hauled him into classic spanking position with his bottom laying in her lap and pointing up at the ceiling. She looked down at the firm, round alabaster buttocks nestled in her lap and stroked them tentatively, then stiffened a little as Sean's erection came back to life and pressed insistently into her thigh. She gave a shocked little gasp and smacked down hard, her palm crisply rebounding from one cheek to the other as she scolded "This is not fun! You will not get excited! Do you understand me?" she underlined each word with a firm spank and Sean's bottom was soon glowing pink.

"Ouch! Yes ma'am! Oooohhhh! No ma'am! Aaaaahhhhh! I'm sorry!"

Alicia felt the stiffness in the boy's member slowly recede and she examined the bottom in her lap, it was reddening up nicely, and as she continued to slap it smartly, she became almost hypnotized by the way her hand first flattened the globe out and then how it slowly filled out and was flaring red with colour as she lifted her hand. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The smacks rang out, and echoed around the walls, as Sean began to yelp and squirm under the punishing palm. "I'm sorreeeee!" Sean wailed. "I won't do it again."

Alicia reached across the now steaming bottom, and picked up her brush. She glided the smooth, hard back across his gently pulsating red bottom, and watched it twitch. "Do you know what this is?" she asked teasingly.

"Noooo," Sean said in a shaking voice
THWACK! Honey smacked Sean's bottom hard with her hand, let him squeal and kick, then asked "No, what?"

"No, ma'am."

"Better," she complimented him warmly. She turned the brush over and began to scratch the bristles gently over the buttocks in her lap. "Do you what it is now?"

Sean took a deep breath, and answered slowly "A hairbrush?"

"Clever boy," Honey said in delight. "But it's not going to be used to brush hair, is it?"

"No, miss."

Honey turned the brush again, and let the back rest on Sean's twitching backside.
"Tell Aunty Ali what it is going to be used for," she commanded.

"To spank my bottom," Sean sobbed, his voice breaking as the tears began to flow.

Ali picked up the brush and began to crack it down hard over the naughty adolescent bottom in her lap. Sean yelped and squealed, he wriggled and squirmed, he howled and bawled, he bucked and kicked.

Ali held him firmly and spanked even more firmly. Sean roared as the brush kissed the tender area between thighs and buttocks, that crease known as the sit spot. Sean rolled to avoid the brush and Ali smacked it down rapidly, watching his bottom go from a roseate glow to crimson to a throbbing ball of scarlet agony. Tears streamed down Sean's face and mingled with the steady flow of snot from his nose. Sweat soaked his hair and his face contorted in pain. Ali continued to spank until her blouse was wet with perspiration and she was breathing heavily. She set the brush down and Sean went limp over her knee. "Sean, baby," she said affectionately and he heard it as if she were a long way away.

"Yes, ma'am."

"It's over my darling. You have been very well spanked. You may get up from my lap and go to the corner. Press your nose into it and put your hands back on your head, we don't want you rubbing away any of the fire I have carefully lit there.'

Sean sniffled, and clambered painfully off the girl's lap. He hobbled to the corner, hampered by the pajama bottoms pooled around his ankles, and winced as his cherry red buttocks rubbed together.

Ali watched, a smile playing across her lips as he sobbed in the corner with those oh so red cheeks lighting up the room. Spanked boys were amusing, she thought wickedly. Satisfied that he would not move, she took the brush back to her room and changed her blouse. When she returned he was still in place. He had learned to do as he was told.

Alicia sat back on the bed, and called Sean over. He came to her, no sign of embarrassment at his partial nudity and she knew what his thoughts were focused on his stinging, blazing rear. She smiled up at him, held her arms out and he climbed into her lap and snuggled against her breast just like a little boy. She rocked him and held him, she stroked his hair and kissed his tears, and lay his damp cheek against her warm breast. After some time he sighed and fell asleep. Alicia left him there for a few minutes, then tenderly disengaged and put him to bed. It had been a rewarding night for the both of them she thought as she climbed into bed and felt a delicious moist warmth flood through her own loins.

Sean spent the rest of the week at Honey's mansion, and they enjoyed each others company immensely. He was also a hit at the premiere of her film which was a huge summer favourite amongst all her fans young and old alike.

The two of them remained in touch by email after Sean left, and he was the first to receive an advance copy of her new CD. The cover showed her dressed in faded jeans and a favourite old shirt, her hair was loose and she wore no makeup. The title of the CD was emblazoned across her bare midriff: Just Ali. That was also the title track. The dedication read: 'To my lil bro Sean, who encouraged me to be just Ali.'