Thursday, 30 May 2013

Singing for a spanking

Yes, it is the end of the month and that means it is time to unveil this months SotM. Phil suggested this young woman. We've often heard of asking for a spanking. In fact it's a phrase I am quite fond of using. Maybe this young lady can sing for a spanking.

Unfortunately I can remember a song called Achy Breaky Heart, it was sung by a man with a rather impressive mullet hairstyle and a triple barrelled name; Billy Ray Cyrus. After his runaway hit disappeared from the charts, I think we all thought that would be the last we would hear of him.

It was for a while, then one of his children hit it big.

This was how many of us first saw Miley Cyrus, in the popular children's show Hannah Montana. The show was even more popular than her father's hit song had been and spawned a movie. Miley became the idol of many young teenage girls.

When a girl becomes famous early and makes her name as a child star something seems to happen to them as they get older and they try very hard to break away from the squeaky clean image they have cultivated. This was one of Miley's many attempts to do so.

She had such lovely hair and really who told this looks nice. It doesn't. It looks trashy and cheap. I'd take those horrible low riding jeans right off and paint her bottom red if I could.

If it had ended with the clothes and the look it may have been acceptable, but shots like the one below have made Miss Cyrus fodder for the tabloids.

Life choices young lady, life choices. They also so often don't think how what they do influences their many fans. The shame of Miley is that she genuinely is very pretty and does have talent, but is wasting it in some vain attempt to 'grow up'.

Miley and Dad Billy in happier days, although I rather think Mr Cyrus' attempts to make his daughter famous have contributed to her current state of affairs.

If Miley wants to be really grown up maybe she should present herself at the Spank Shop and ask to learn a long hard lesson over my knee.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Spank Shop 35 - Lynette and Carlie

It's been almost a month since Seegee favoured us with another tale of the Spank Shop and so the month is ending very like it was started, with a Spank Shop story.

A young lady wearing an apron similar to those used at The Spank Shop. She has of course not yet been spanked as evidenced by the pristine condition of her bottom.

From Cutiepie's Sexy Spankings. Carlie displays her toasted rear end.

From Spanked Sweeties. Gabrielle heats up Lynette's behind.

“So how are you liking Clarkstown so far, Lynnie?” Fiona Kendall asked as she poured her friend a cup of tea and handed it across the kitchen table to the other woman.

Lynette Edwards accepted the steaming cup, blew on it to cool it, then sipped and answered, “We’re all really enjoying it so far. Dave loves his new job, Carlie seems to have fitted in nicely to the nearby university and the town itself is so relaxed. There’s such a sense of community here. I had two neighbours welcome me to the street with a pot plant and a basket of baked goods and another one invited Dave and I to dinner. I lived in our previous street for ten years and never said more than the occasional hello to our neighbours if I happened to see them out in the front yard.”

Fiona sipped her own tea and nodded sagely. “Yes, I found the same thing when I married Ken and he moved me here. Our neighbours were invaluable in those early years when we were just setting up house and Misty was a toddler.”

“I did have one question I wanted to ask, though Fi.”

“Of course, what is it?”

Lynette frowned and looked around as if she wondered if anyone could overhear her, she even leaned forward and lowered her voice. “That shop in the main street.”

Fiona smiled, she thought she knew what her friend meant, but wanted her to say it. “What shop, Lynnie? The street is lined with them.”

Lynette sighed, pushed a hank of her straight blonde hair back behind an ear and said softly, “You know the one next to the hairdresser.”

“The Spank Shop?”

“Yes,” Lynette answered, relieved that Fiona hadn’t made her say the name.

“What do you want to know about it?”

“What does it do?” the woman asked, her blue eyes showing confusion.

“Largely what the name says,” Fiona replied benignly, sipping tea.

“That’s what I can’t believe. That a town like Clarkstown has a bondage parlour in its main street.”

Fiona burst into peals of delighted laughter. “It’s not a bondage and discipline shop, Lynnie.”

Lynette’s frown deepened. “Well, with a name like that what else could it be?”

Fiona wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. “Oh, I’d love to hear you tell Andrea that.”

“What do they do, Fi?”

“Andrea does hand out spankings there, but it’s not at all kinky. Most of her clients are sent there because they’ve done something wrong. In fact I think she even has a policy about it.”

“Adults go there to be spanked?” a confused Lynette asked.

Fiona shrugged. “Adults, teenagers, even kids. If you go to Andrea you get a smacked bottom and you generally come out changed for the experience.”

“That’s extraordinary.”

“I will admit it is different and not every place could actually have a place like it, but she does perform a service.”

“You said adults who’ve done something wrong,” an interested Lynette pressed. “Surely you’ve never been there?”

“No, I haven’t,” Fiona admitted. “Ken’s made the suggestion once or twice, but I think he was joking. We have sent Misty there, though.”

Lynette choked on her tea. “You’ve what? Why on earth did you do that?”

“It was her fault,” Fiona explained to her friend. “She got into a bit of a fender bender in a carpark.”

“Surely damaging her car would have been sufficient punishment,” Lynette said.

“Oh yes, it would have,” Fiona agreed. “It was what happened after that earned our little girl some quality time over the lap. She tried to intimidate the other driver, who was an older and smaller woman. Fortunately the whole thing was seen by one of our local police constables Tania Wheeler. Misty was the one at fault and her little episode of ‘road rage’ was not at all appreciated. We were rather fortunate that the other driver didn’t want to take things further than a visit to the Spank Shop.”

“So Misty got her bottom spanked like a child?” a shocked Lynette asked. “She’s over twenty now, isn’t she?”

“Twenty two,” Fiona confirmed. “Yes, she did. As we stopped spanking her when she was eleven, it was quite a culture shock for her. I think what made a real impression was that she was spanked by Kimberley…”

“Kimberley? I thought you said the lady’s name was Andrea?”

“I did, it’s Andrea’s shop, but Kimberley Kennedy is her eighteen year old receptionist.”

“Oh my goodness!” Lynette’s mouth dropped open. “That must have been mortifying for poor Misty.”

“Oh, yes it was, but it was also highly humiliating for the family having her involved in an incident like that in the first place.”

“Kennedy?” Lynette said. “I know that surname. I think Dave said that is his bosses name.”

“Bruce, yes. He’s Kimberley’s father. Her mother, Gabrielle, who you will most definitely meet at some stage, also works at the shop, part time.”

“So, it smartened Misty up?”

“Absolutely. It also made us reconsider the decision to not spank her. She’s had a couple of trips over my knee since then, and if that doesn’t have the desired result then we mention young Kimberley and The Spank Shop and she amends her behaviour quick smart.”

Her friend’s words made Lynette think about her own daughter; Carlie. The girl was nearly twenty and quite snippy and sometimes mouthy with her parents. They had never spanked her beyond an occasional smack when she was a child, but Lynette knew that her own mother would not have hesitated to turn her over the knee and had in fact suggested that she do the same with Carlie on more than one occasion.

No sooner had Fiona told Lynette about her daughter’s maiden journey to The Spank Shop than the girl appeared in the sunlit kitchen. “Mum, I’m just…oh hi Mrs Edwards.”

“Hello Misty.”

“Are you settling into Clarkstown, ma’am?”

“Very well.”

“I should call Carlie and see if she wants to come out with us sometime. I’ve seen her at uni, but haven’t been able to hook up.”

“I’m sure Carlie would like that, Misty.”

“Mum,” Misty said to her mother. “I’m going out tonight, so don’t worry about dinner for me.”

“Thank you for letting me know, sweetheart. Who are you seeing?”

“Jacinta. We’re going clubbing later.”

“Clubbing on a school night?”

The girl blushed. “I don’t have any lectures until afternoon tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Fiona gave her approval. “You know what time you have to be home and what will happen if you’re not. Mrs Slipper has been getting quite lonely these last few weeks.”

“Mum!” a scandalized Misty said, her cheeks aflame at seeing the smile Lynette Edwards hid in her teacup.

Fiona shrugged. “You know the rules, sweetheart. As long as you are living here and not paying rent you’re subject to our rules. If you want to find a place of your own and a job to pay for it then you are welcome.”

“Yes, Mum,” the girl said demurely.

“Have fun, darling. Say hello to Jacinta for me.”

“I will, Mum. Goodbye Mrs Edwards.” The banging of the screen door signaled that the girl had left the house.

Lynette shook her head. “I can just imagine what sort of reaction I’d get from Carlie if I tried that with her.”

“Maybe a young lady needs a meeting with our Aunty Andrea,” Fiona suggested.

Lynette laughed, but her friend had not been joking. The two women continued their conversation and Fiona asked, “More tea?”

Lynette was about to say yes please, then she looked up at Fiona’s kitchen clock and said, “Oh goodness, is that the time? I really need to get home and make a start on supper.”


Lynette Edwards juggled her shopping bags in one arm and checked the mailbox with the other. She removed a few letters and then did some more one handed maneuvering to get the front door open.

Once the groceries had been stowed away and she had a start on the evening meal, Lynette examined the mail. A utility bill, a catalogue and a rather official letter addressed to her daughter. Lynette frowned as she recognized the letter addressed to Carlie came from the department of motor vehicles. The registration on the girl’s car wasn’t due. She knew that, because it had been paid only weeks ago.

“If that is another speeding fine…” she muttered ominously as the door opened and a female voice called out.

“Hi Mum!” Carlie greeted her mother. “How was Aunty Fiona?”

“Fiona was well and Misty said she’ll try and touch base with you,” Lynette told the curly haired blonde teenager.

“Oh cool, we always got along really well as kids,” Carlie said happily.

“There was a letter for you, too,” Lynette said to her daughter.

“Me?” Carlie frowned, accepting the letter from her mother, one look at it and her frown deepened.

“It’s another speeding fine, isn’t it?” Lynette asked as Carlie read the contents.

“Yeah,” the girl confirmed softly.

“How many is that now, Carlie?” Lynette pressed her lips pursing in annoyance.

“A few,” Carlie admitted doubtfully.

“Too many.”

“It’s not my fault!” the girl protested.

“How on earth do you work that out?” a shocked Lynette asked. “It’s your car, you were driving and you were over the speed limit. This is far from the first time your father and I have had words with you over that lead foot of yours, young lady.”

“It’s the stupid speed limits here,” Carlie argued stubbornly. “They’re too low.”

“Plenty of other people seem to stick to them,” Lynette told her daughter, turning to check a simmering saucepan. “Your father and I are getting sick and tired of paying these fines, Carlie. Maybe we should confiscate your licence or car for a period.”

“You can’t!” Carlie squealed. “I need it to get to uni.”

Lynette fumed, the girl was right, she did need the vehicle to get to and from school. Living in Clarkstown did have advantages, but an efficient public transport system was not one of them. She could ferry her daughter to and from school, but one of the pluses of the girl attaining her licence had put an end to the days of Mum’s Taxi Service and she had no desire to return to them any time soon. Her mind went back to her conversation with Fiona earlier and she said, “Maybe a trip to The Spank Shop would make you slow down a little.”

Carlie stared at her mother, blue eyes wide, her face had also gone a shade paler under her makeup and she gasped, “Mum! You wouldn’t!”

Lynette hid her smile and thought to herself, so she does know about the place. “How do you know about it?”

Carlie blushed. “Some of the kids at school have been sent there. It doesn’t sound like fun.”

“No, it does not,” Lynette agreed. She had not been serious with the threat, but the reaction had been interesting.

Mother and daughter were prevented from continuing their conversation by the door opening and a male voice calling, “I’m home!”

Lynette’s first reaction was to check the clock. It wasn’t even five. Her husband; David, rarely left the office before then.

“You’re home early,” she said as David entered the kitchen and put his briefcase on a chair.

The tall, slender man nodded and explained, “The blasted computer systems went down again, so I thought I’d take an early mark and come home. There’s a few things I need to do before dinner, though.”

“Well, I’m happy to see you here,” Lynette smiled, raising up to plant a peck on her husband’s cheek.

David returned the kiss and said, “I’m just going to go upstairs and change into something a little less formal and retired to the study before dinner.”

Lynette bit her lip and then told David, “Carlie got another speeding fine.”

“Another one, Carlie?” David fixed his daughter with his brown eyes.

“It’s the speed limits here,” Carlie grumbled.

“It’s not the speed limits, young woman,” her father told her sternly. “It’s the heavy foot of the driver. Speaking of unexpected expenses I had an interesting  call earlier.”

“Oh,” Lynette asked, turning from the stove.

“The decorator called me.”

This time it was Lynette’s face that lost a shade of colour and Carlie snickered to see the shoe on the other foot. “What did he say?” Lynette tried to brazen it out.

“He wanted to make sure I had signed off on the new floor covering.”

“You did, didn’t you?” Lynette asked, her voice wheedling.

David sighed. “I didn’t have a lot of choice. It was either that or leave the dining room floor uncovered. I thought we agreed on the less expensive option, Lynnie?”

“Oh, I know, but it looked so tacky, David.”

“You’ve gone over the decorating budget a few times, Lyn. Maybe I should send you to that shop Bruce’s wife works at.”

“Bruce Kennedy?” Lynette queried, her bottom tingling as she went back to her conversation with Fiona Kendall.

“Ahhhh you’ve heard of it?”

Lynette nodded, Carlie also looked rather concerned.

“From what he says that Andrea lady could probably whip the two of you into shape, quick smart. In fact the more I think about it the more sense it makes.”

“Oh David,” Lynette protested.

“No,” David said firmly, warming to his subject. “Don’t ‘oh, David’ me. Do you have the number of the shop?”

“Ummmm…no, but Fiona said something about it earlier….”

“Call her, get the number,” David ordered, crossing his arms.

In some ways David getting all head of the household on her was rather exciting, but the knowledge that this particular exhibition of male authority could end up getting her a sore bottom was less arousing.


“Lynnie!” Fiona Kendall exclaimed as she picked up the phone. “Did you forget something?”

Lynette sighed, “No, Fi, I actually wanted to know if you had the number of the shop, the one that Andrea lady runs.”

“The Spank Shop?” a clearly intrigued Fiona asked for clarification. “Why on earth do you want the number? You weren’t too keen on the place earlier today.”

“Yes,” her friend answered, clearly not happy about it. “It’s rather a long story. I’ll tell you when I have time. Do you have the number handy, please, Fi?”

“Certainly, do you have a pen?”


“Well?” David asked.

“I’ve got it,” Lynette confirmed.

“Go on, call them,” David ordered.

Carlie watched the exchange between her parents, eyes as wide as saucers, desperately hoping that her mother could somehow change her father’s mind.

“David, it’s nearly five,” Lynette pleaded. “Why don’t I call them tomorrow?”

David Edwards shook his head. “I know you, Lynnie. You’ll hope I’ve forgotten all about it by then and it will just blow over. Call them now.”


Kimberley Kennedy finished an entry in one of her extensive files on the shop’s clients, saved it and then looked at the clock. The girl ran a hand through her immaculately cared for honey golden locks and wondered if this day was ever going to end. It was almost five o’clock, only five minutes to go. All the clients had been dealt with and no more were due. Surely it wouldn’t matter if she put the answering machine on five minutes early? Ordinarily the teenage receptionist didn’t mind staying until closing time, and she often stayed longer if it was required, but this evening she was going out with her boyfriend; Evan Masters, and every minute preparing counted. The earlier she was ready the less time her somewhat intimidating father had to grill her boyfriend.

The girl’s finger was poised over the button to switch on the answering machine when the phone rang loudly. Kimberley’s blue eyes opened wide and she looked around guiltily, she examined the number and frowned. It wasn’t one she knew. That meant it wasn’t a regular client, but it was a local area number, so that was interesting. Kimberley was torn by indecision. On the one hand answering the call would mean she would definitely be here past five, on the other hand if she let it go through to the answering machine then her employer Andrea, or Aunty Andrea as the girl often referred to her, would probably discover her small deception and that could quite possibly make sitting down a very uncomfortable activity in the teenager’s near future. Kimberley sighed and muttered, “This had better not be a telemarketer.” Then answered the incoming call.


The bright voice saying, “Spank Shop. This is Kimberley, how may I help you?” was not what Lynette Edwards had been expecting and she was taken aback for a moment.

“This is Lynette Edwards, I was wondering if I may make an appointment.”

“Certainly Mrs Edwards,” Kimberley answered firmly. “May I ask if it is for yourself or someone else?”

“Uuuuhhhh….its for myself and my daughter,” Lynette ignored the cry of ‘Mum!’ from Carlie.

“We can do that, ma’am,” Kimberley obliged, opening up her appointments spreadsheet on the computer and scanning it for available timeslots. “When would you like to come in?”

“When is most convenient?” Lynette asked, thinking how like this was booking an appointment with the hairdresser or the doctor.

“As you and your daughter, may I have her name and age please, are new clients Miss Andrea likes an introductory interview, and that will probably take half an hour or so. I can do ten thirty tomorrow morning if that suits.”

Lynette was struck by how frighteningly efficient the girl was and remembered Fiona saying that she was only eighteen years old. Her Carlie was nearly twenty and Lynette doubted she would do such a thorough job if she held the same position. “My daughter is Carlie and she’s nineteen.”

“Excellent,” Kimberley purred, tapping the name and age into her spreadsheet. “Ten thirty tomorrow morning works for you, Mrs Edwards?”

“Yes, it does,” Lynette answered rather reluctantly.

“Wonderful. New clients have a questionnaire we like filled out before Miss Andrea sees them, would it be possible for you and Carlie to arrive fifteen minutes early?”

“We can do that, thank you, Kimberley.”

“My pleasure, ma’am. We’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

As Kimberley completed the call and entered the appointment on her spreadsheet she reflected on the name. Kimberley had lived in Clarkstown all her life and she knew everyone who was in the town for any length of time. The Edwards family were new. As the girl tried to mentally place them she remembered a dinner table conversation the previous week. Her father had said that he had a new workmate and that the man’s name was David Edwards. Lynette and Carlie must be his wife and daughter. This would be an interesting way to make their acquaintance.


Lynette looked up at the shop’s unassuming sign and nervously tugged her clothes into place. When she had first asked Fiona Kendall about the shop yesterday afternoon she had no idea she would be presenting herself as a client the following morning.

“This is it, huh?” Carlie asked glumly.

“Yes, it is,” her mother answered crisply.

“Why did you have to spend so much on the floor, Mum?”

“Me?” Lynette asked in a scandalized voice. “Who was it who racked up enough speeding fines to pay off the debt of a small country?”

Carlie didn’t answer the question, but pouted and entered the shop huffily in front of her mother.

The bell above the door tingled merrily as mother and daughter entered The Spank Shop. Lynette found the bell’s cheery sound in complete contrast to her rather grim and nervous mood.

“Good morning!” an attractive blonde girl seated behind a desk greeted the two ladies. “You must be Mrs Edwards and Carlie. I’m Kimberley. Welcome to The Spank Shop.”

Lynette nodded weakly. As the two women stood at the desk Kimberley produced two clipboards with questionnaires and pens attached, handing to the mother and daughter with a bright. “One for you, Mrs Edwards and one for you, Carlie. You can sit just over there. Would either of you care for a tea or coffee while you wait?”

“No, thank you Kimberley,” Lynette answered for herself and her daughter.

The girl smiled at them both. “If there are any queries just let me know, and Ill do my best to help you out,” then went back to concentrating on her computer screen as Lynette and Carlie resumed the indicated seats on side of the cheerfully crackling fire in the grate.

Lynette scanned the form, absentmindedly nibbling on the end of the accompanying pen.

“Mum!” Carlie hissed and tugged at Lynette’s sleeve.

Lynette clucked her tongue in annoyance and turned her daughter. “What is it, Carlene Barbara? You can’t be stuck already.”

“Look!” the girl insisted and pointed at a corner of the room.

Lynette followed her daughter’s pointing finger and her eyes widened a little. The corner was occupied by a gently sobbing girl. She had long wavy, dark hair and looked to be around sixteen years of age. Her hands were clasped together on top of her head. She was wearing a neck to knee apron covered with pictures of gamboling cartoon rabbits, this left her back bare and her brightly glowing red bottom was clearly visible to the room. Lynette suppressed a shudder.

She had been the same age as the corner’s unfortunate occupant the last time she had been in that position. She hadn’t been wearing an apron at the time, she had been nude below the waist though, and her bottom had been the exact same shade of red. That had been after breaking curfew, and her partner in crime that night had been Fiona Kendall (although her surname had been Smart then), and she’d undergone much the same ordeal at the hands of her annoyed parents Lynette found out when the girls compared war stories later on.

Kimberley was humming contentedly to herself as she tapped keys on her keyboard and entered data into her computer.

Lynette tore her eyes away from the strawberry red buttocks in the corner and advised her daughter to do the same as she concentrated on filling in the form on the clipboard.

The two women finished at almost the same time and Lynette returned the clipboards to Kimberley. Carlie couldn’t stop herself from staring at the girl in the corner.

The blonde teenaged receptionist scanned the forms and said to Lynette, “I’ll just see if Miss Andrea is ready for you now, ma’am. Are you sure you wouldn’t like some refreshment?”

“No, thank you, dear.”

The girl nodded and as she got to her feet asked, “Can you please keep an eye on Brenda and let me know if she moves so much as a muscle? She hasn’t finished her corner time yet.”

Lynette and Carlie didn’t have to wait very long. Kimberley returned and said, “Miss Andrea can see you now. Brenda was okay for you, wasn’t she ma’am?”

“Yes,” Lynette said slightly flustered. “Not a twitch.”

“Good,” Kimberley said. “I’d have to give her the ruler and I’m sure she doesn’t want that on top of the slippering Aunty Andrea gave her.”

“No, I’m sure,” Lynette replied in a faint voice, tugging Carlie behind her into the inviting parlour.

A fragrant blaze crackled in the grate and an elegantly dressed woman with a luxurious mane of chestnut hair sat in an armchair by the fire.

“Please come in,” she invited with a warm smile and indicated the couch across from her.”

“Tea?” she asked when Lynette and Carlie had seated themselves.

Although she had refused the offer in reception, Lynette suddenly felt the need for the effects of a soothing cup of tea and nodded. Carlie said, “I’d like a cup, too, please.”

Andrea smiled and filled two cups from the pot on the table by her side. She handed them over and told the two ladies to help themselves to milk and sugar. Once they had done that, she turned a green eyed gaze on Carlie and said to the teenager, “Sweetheart, you were quite polite in saying please, but while you’re here I’ll have to insist that you call me Miss, ma’am or Aunty, okay?”

Carlie’s blue eyes widened, but she nodded and said demurely, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Lovely,” Andrea pronounced, sipping her tea. “Now let’s get started. Why do I have the pleasure of your company this morning?”

Seeing that her daughter was not going to speak Lynette decided to take the initiative. “Carlie has managed to earn herself a few speeding fines and my husband and I decided enough was enough.”

Andrea nodded and said, “Well, she’s far from the only young lady or man whose posterior I’ve had to heat for that particular offence,” she looked at Carlie and said sternly. “There is a reason we have speed limits, young lady and you really need to follow them. I think I can make you think twice before you’re tempted to press down too hard on the at accelerator again.”

Carlie sipped tea nervously and nodded.

“That explains Carlie, but why are you here Lynette? Kim said that you did book a double appointment for both Carlie and yourself. Were you speeding, too?”

“No,” Lynette said with a sigh. “I spent more than we had budgeted for on our flooring at home. My husband was quite upset. It’s not the first time, either, unfortunately.”

Andrea didn’t comment, but hid a smile in her teacup. Overspending was another common offence at the Spank Shop. A good percentage of her older female clientele was sent to her for that very reason.

“You’re new to town,” Andrea stated. “May I ask how you found out about me? I do like to find out how new business is referred.”

“I’m friends with Fiona Kendall,” Lynette began.

“Oh Misty’s mother,” Andrea immediately made the connection. “I must thank her next time I see her.”

Lynette gave Andrea a tight smile over the rim of her teacup.

“I’m not sure how much Kimberley explained about how we do things when you made the appointment. I believe it was a last minute sort of thing from what she said.”

“Yes, it was rather,” Lynette admitted with a blush.

“That said, I’ll try and explain a little about how we do things here. I have been known to spank on first referral when the situation is right, unfortunately today isn’t one of those. I’m quite busy after this and a double session would be out of the question. Gabrielle also isn’t working today so that makes it even more difficult. What we’ll do is have a chat, get to know each other and I’ll think on what needs to happen going forward.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Lynette agreed, the tingling in her hindquarters dying down with the information that she was not going to be spanked here and now.

“I see from the questionnaires that you both filled out that you have been spanked before, Lynette, but Carlie never has. Is that correct?”

Both ladies nodded.

“When was the last time you were spanked, Lynette?”

“I was sixteen,” the blonde lady answered.

“What was it for and who did the honours?”

“Curfew violation,” Lynette sighed ruefully. “Mum gave me a good going over with her hairbrush over her lap.”

“Bare bottom?”

Lynette felt her cheeks catch fire, but nodded and said, “Mum always did it that way.”

“Grandma spanked your bare bottom?” Carlie croaked.

Lynette nodded and Carlie blushed as Andrea rebuked her gently, “Please don’t interrupt when we’re speaking, Carlie, It is very rude. If you do it again I’ll need to smack you and stand you in the corner.”

Carlie didn’t reply, but her mouth dropped open, Lynette had to fight to hide a smile. She wished she’d treated Carlie the same way more often when the girl was growing up.

“Your mother is a wise woman, Lynette,” Andrea said. “A spanking is not a proper spanking unless it is administered to a bare bottom. Now no one has ever spanked Carlie?”

“No,” Lynette answered. “David, my husband, and I just never felt it was right. She got the occasional smack when she was very small, but I doubt she even remembers that now. After hearing about Fiona’s daughter, Misty, and seeing the effect a visit here had on her, I’m starting to wonder if we did the right thing.”

“Mum!” Carlie squealed.

“Last warning, young lady,” Andrea said sharply. “The next time you’ll be facing the corner with a smacked backside, am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Carlie gulped.

“Now, seeing as you are so eager to enter the conversation I will give you the opportunity. Are any of your friends spanked?”

“Ummmm…not for years, but some were, miss.”

“How did that make you feel, hearing about it?”

“Nervous, ma’am.”

“Relieved too, I am sure,” Andrea said, her green eyes sparkling.

Carlie nodded.

“Any of your friends from university still spanked?”

“I think some are, Miss Andrea.”


“A few of them come here,” Carlie admitted, dropping her head so that her long curly hair covered her face.

“As I value discretion and my clients privacy I won’t pry any further. What do you think of being brought here?”

“I’m not very happy about it, ma’am.”

Andrea laughed richly. “No, I suppose you’re not. A smacked bottom isn’t meant to make you smile, darling, quite the opposite. For what it’s worth I think Mummy and Daddy have made the right decision and a hot bottom will do you a world of good, young lady, especially if it can put a stop to those speeding fines.”

Lynette finished her tea and put her cup down, Carlie did the same.

Andrea glanced up at the clock. “I think we’re just about done. I’ve got what I need from the both of you. What I’ll do is think about what you’ve told me and devise what I believe to an appropriate punishment. A normal session generally takes me thirty to forty five minutes from beginning to end, as there are two of you I’d need to allow at least double that and two hours may even be more ideal. If you can give Kim your email address and a contact number when you leave she’ll contact you with an appointment time and date as well as a quote for the cost. If everything is agreeable then you’ll both soon be bottoms up over the lap on the way to the Land of Spank.”

The childish euphemism made both mother and daughter squirm in embarrassment.


“You should get an email in a day or two, Mrs Edwards,” Kimberley assured the woman as she took down her details.

Lynette nodded wordlessly and she and her daughter left the shop with the bell above the door bidding them a fond farewell.


The following week that bell sounded to Lynette and Carlene Edwards like the knell of doom as it announced their arrival to The Spank Shop. There were no glowing bottoms in the corners this time, but a plump, apple cheeked woman had her arm around a crying boy in his early teens, who was rubbing the seat of his trousers vigorously.

“Aunty Andrea had to give him a really good hard spanking, Mrs Stadtler,” Kimberley was telling the lady.

“Oh, I agree, Kimberley. Only two weeks since his last visit, Eric really needed it.”

“Now Eric,” Kimberley said to the boy, her finger wagging sternly at him. “We like you here, sweetness, but please do try and stay out of trouble. I may have to ask Aunty Andrea if I can spank you as well if we see you too soon.”

“Yes, Aunty Kimberley,” the sturdy boy sniffled and mother and son went past a shocked Lynette and Carlie, out the door and into the brisk Clarkstown autumn afternoon.

“Mrs Edwards!” Kimberley exclaimed brightly, turning her thousand watt smile on the new arrivals. “You and Carlie are right on time. You can go straight through. Aunty Andrea is ready for you both.”

Despite the icy fingers of anticipation that were creeping down her spine and tickling her full womanly buttocks, Lynette Edwards appreciated not having to wait. She knew from her long ago teenage experience that what she was about to go through was going to be quite painful and intensely humiliating. She wanted to get it over and done with. The rather sick expression on Carlie Edward’s pretty face said she was not quite so eager and would have preferred some more time to try and compose her nerves. Nonetheless the teenager trailed her mother into Andrea’s parlour, or ‘spanking room’, as many of it’s occupants referred to the innocuous looking sitting room.

“Welcome,” Andrea greeted the mother and daughter as they entered the room slowly.

Once again there was a cheery blaze kindled in the room’s fireplace and Andrea herself was seated in her armchair by the fire. A magazine was open in her lap and she had been reading it while she waited for her clients. Lynette noticed that there were two folders on the coffee table. One had her name on it and the other had Carlie’s. Her eyes flicked from them up to Andrea’s face.

“I keep files on all my clients, Lynette, old and new,” the chestnut haired woman explained. “Yours and Carlie’s are still quite slim. It’s just the details that you already gave me last week and a little bit about what’s going to happen here today. Kimberley will update it after. Please take a seat, may I offer tea or coffee?”

Lynette’s tongue moistened her lips as she sat down and she said, “Tea, please Andrea. Hot and sweet. The same for Carlie.”

Lynette had always found that hot, sweet tea settled her nerves. She’d noticed the same for her daughter, although Carlie had never drunk it just prior to enduring a smacked bottom.

“Lyn, I will have to ask that from now on you call Miss or ma’am. The same goes for Kim and any other adult present.”

Lynette’s face whitened a little, her mother had always been a stickler for rules like that, and partway through a spanking she was usually bawling like a six year old and calling her mother Mummy, rather than the less formal Mum or the very grown up Mother.

“Uhhh…yes, Miss Andrea.”

“Lovely,” Andrea pronounced and then said into the telephone she had just picked up. “A pot of tea, please Kim. Are the aprons ready?”

“You two are an interesting case,” Andrea said, putting her magazine aside and replacing it in her lap with the Edwards women’s files. “You’re far from the first mother and daughter I’ve spanked, but we don’t often have the pleasure of disciplining the two together.”

She was interrupted by the arrival of Kimberley, bearing a tray with a gently steaming pot and cups, as well as a milk jug and a stout little sugar pot. The teenager set the tray down, poured her employer a cup and handed it to her, then poured cups for Lynette and Carlie, asking them how much milk and how many sugars before adding them into the steaming cups and passing them over. This done, she tucked the tea tray under her arm and left the room.

Lynette blew on her tea to cool it, sipped and then sighed. Carlie copied her mother, but she was operating on autopilot and was a little numb.

“Kim does make a lovely cup of tea,” Andrea said, sitting back with her own cup. “Now,” her manner became businesslike. “I discussed your case with both Kimberley and her mother Gabrielle. We decided to do something a little different.”

“Different?” Carlie croaked, seeing Andrea’s eyes flash she quickly added a, “Ma’am?” to her question.

“Yes,” Andrea confirmed. “Seeing as you are mother and daughter and I have a mother and daughter on staff I thought it may be fitting if one pair punished the other.”

Neither Lynette or her daughter protested verbally, but their eyes widened and their eyebrows rose sharply at this piece of news.

“Gabrielle is a similar age to you, Lynette and Kimberley is only a year younger than Carlie. It will be a nice way for you to meet as well.”

“Nice way to meet,” Carlie muttered into her tea, but quickly said. “Nothing Miss Andrea,” when questioned about the comment.

“Please speak up, Carlie,” Andrea reprimanded the girl. “Aunty Gabrielle won’t stand for that sort of muttering and you do not want to get on her bad side, young lady. I’ll be looking after reception while Gabrielle and Kimberley heat things up in here. I’ll just call them in.”

A moment or two after Andrea had rung through to reception again the attractive blonde receptionist appeared back in the room alongside a taller, older buxom blonde woman, who could only be her mother, judging by the resemblance between the two ladies.

“You’ve already met Kimberley,” Andrea performed introductions. “This is Gabrielle Kennedy. As well as being one of your neighbours I believe your husband Lynette and your Dad, Carlie works with Mr Kennedy.”

“Yes, he does,” Gabrielle agreed. “Bruce has remarked that he’s been very happy with David’s performance at work. He was pleased to hear that I would be making your acquaintance today.”

Lynette blushed deeply. She had not thought that this day could possibly be any more embarrassing, but it was exceeding her expectations.

“Well,” Andrea said rising to her feet. “I’ll leave you in the very capable hands and laps of Gabrielle and Kimberley now. Is there anything I need to know about in reception, Kim?”

“No ma’am,” the girl replied politely. “I’ve done the paper work for Lynette and Carlie, they’ll just have to pay when they leave. We don’t have any business scheduled for the next ninety minutes or so.”

“Excellent, thank you Kim,” Andrea ensured that Lynette and Carlie were finished with their tea and cleaned up, before exiting the room.

As Gabrielle and Kimberley turned their shining blue eyes on the mother and daughter seated nervously on the couch, Lynette couldn’t help by feeling like a mouse that had just been cornered by a pair of cats.

“Would either of you like to visit the bathroom?’ Gabrielle asked. Seeing that Carlie was about to answer in the negative, the elegant blonde woman continued. “If you have an accident over either mine or Kim’s lap we will be quite cross and you don’t want that.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Lynette said quickly, rising to her feet and pulling her daughter up with her. “The bathroom is an excellent idea, thank you very much.”

“It’s just through there,” Kimberley said, indicating a door to the side. “I’ll come in with you. I need to fetch the aprons in any case.”

Neither Lynette or Carlie spoke, but a questioning look passed between them wondering what on earth the girl had meant by fetching the aprons.

“Which of you would like to go first?” Kimberley asked as she shut the bedroom door behind her.

Neither Lynette or her daughter answered, but did appear flustered. “Why don’t you let your Mum go first, Carlie?” Kimberley suggested. “We can have a chat while she’s spending a penny.”

Lynette couldn’t help her lips quirking up in a small smile as the eighteen year old used a phrase that was probably old fashioned when her mother was a child. She immediately fled for the privacy of the toilet.

Carlie looked around nervously and she appeared to be lost. Kimberley was sympathetic. She’d been in the girl’s position more times than she cared to remember, but at least she knew what was coming. Gabrielle believed in old- fashioned child rearing methods and that meant plenty of smacked bottoms. Even though she was an over the lap veteran Kimberley still knew that someone couldn’t help but be nervous about it. In Carlie’s case this would have considerably magnified. The girl was nineteen years old, had never been spanked and not only was she going to get her first ever spanking, she was going to receive it from someone she had only recently met and who was actually a year younger than her. It was a humiliating and nerve wracking experience. For Kimberley the only thing she felt could come close to matching it was being spanked by one of her younger sister’s friends.

“Do you like this?” Kimberley asked brightly, picking an apron out of the closet and holding it up for Carlie’s examination.

The girl looked up and wrinkled her nose.

“Not a Hello Kitty fan, then? Okay. How about this one?”

The new garment had pictures of three of the Disney princesses on it.

Carlie’s expression said that this was better.

“Cool!” Kimberley said and lay the apron down on the bed. “That means I can put your Mum in the other one. Do you want the newer princesses or would you prefer old school?”

“Newer ones,” Carlie said softly.

Kimberley nodded. “I prefer the older ones, but that’s just me. Your Mum will probably be more comfortable with the ones she knows.”

“Why are we choosing aprons?” Carlie asked.

Kimberley stopped and faced Carlie, her fists were on her hips and her lips were pursed. “Why are we choosing aprons, Miss Kimberley?” she said firmly.

Carlie’s blue eyes showed her confusion.

Kimberley sighed and mouthed, “Virgins!” Nearly every time they got a new client who had never been spanked she had to explain to them that if they were at the shop for discipline then the preferred form of address for her was the same as if she were her mother or Aunty Andrea. Their age was immaterial to it. It was a respect thing. Carlie nodded as this was outlined to her and Kimberley said, “So do we want to try that again?”

Carlie frowned, but said haltingly, “Why are we choosing aprons, Miss Kimberley?”

“Much better,” Kimberley smiled warmly. “Here’s your Mum, too, so I don’t have to go through it twice. As you can see, Lynette we have two aprons here. They cover your from neck to knee, but leave your back bare for easy access. Aunty Andrea originally brought them in to preserve modesty for those occasions when there were clients of opposite sexes being spanked together and they’re also good for public corner time as I think you noticed the other day when you first came in to talk to Aunty.”

“Ahhhh yes, Miss,” Lynette said gently. “Why do they have pictures of Disney characters on them?”

“That’s me,” Kimberley offered up happily. “I like to give people something other than the same boring old thing, these are fun. Carlie wasn’t too keen on Hello Kitty, so I thought this would be better.”

“Are we doing public corner time, Miss?” Lynette asked.

Kimberley’s brow furrowed. “Not unless you want to. If you want we could probably pop Carlie into a corner in the shop. Do you want to do public corner time?”

“Oh God no!” Lynette burst out, spots of colour rising to her cheeks.

The blonde girl’s brows drew in sharply. Lynette gasped and immediately altered her form of address. “Sorry, ma’am. Just a shock.”

“Aunty, Mum and I thought the aprons would be a nice touch. If you really want we can do you nude, but your bottoms will be bare.”

“Can’t we just get everything off below the waist, ma’am?” Carlie suggested.

“You could,” Kimberley allowed. “However clothes on the upper body can get in the way and it’s such a bother. Mummy said this will also bring home to you that you have behaved like naughty children and will be treated that way.”

Lynette shook her head, but knew that arguing with the girl was pointless. She was going to be spanked and arguing would only bring her mother, who looked like a formidable woman, and Andrea who was not someone Lynette wanted to tangle with, so simply nodded.

“I’ll leave you and Carlie to get changed,” Kimberley beamed. “If you’d like to leave your clothes neatly folded on the bed I’ll ensure they’re returned after your smacking. Just come back out to the parlour once you’re in your aprons.”

Gabrielle and Kimberley were sitting in the chairs by the fire talking calmly and in low voices when Lynette and Carlie reemerged, wearing their humiliating aprons and blushing furiously.

“I know I’ve seen them before, Kim,” Gabrielle said coolly as mother and daughter stood uncomfortably in the middle of the elegantly appointed room, “but I always really like those particular aprons. I think it brings back memories of seeing the films with my own mother and you and Chelsea.”

A soft pink flush crept into Kimberley’s cheeks as her mother reminded her that it wasn’t so long ago that she was attending Disney feature length cartoons with her.

“Give us a little twirl,” Gabrielle commanded. “I’d like to see how they look, please.”

Lynette frowned, but didn’t argue. Carlie opened her mouth to protest, but saw her mother’s warning glance and snapped it shut before doing as Gabrielle Kennedy had ordered.

“Adorable,” Gabrielle breathed. “Now why don’t the two of you take a seat on the couch and we’ll explain what’s going to happen?”

Carlie again was going to protest, she just wanted to get this over and done with and she was sure that the composed blonde lady was drawing it out for her own pleasure.

“I’d do all the sitting you can now, young lady,” Gabrielle said to Carlie, seeing her reluctance. “You won’t feel much like sitting when we’re done, I can assure you of that, my girl.”

Wilting under Gabrielle’s steady blue-eyed gaze Carlie sank down gingerly onto the edge of the couch. Once the two ladies were seated Kimberley placed forms with pens attached under their noses.

“What are these?” Lynette asked and then seeing the petite blonde’s eyes flash, added. “Ma’am.”

“I thought we filled in the forms last week, Miss,” Carlie backed her mother.

“They’re release forms,” Kimberley explained. “They say that you are here of your own free will and won’t turn around and sue Aunty afterwards.”

Lynette sighed and picked up the pen. She vaguely remembered Fiona saying something about release forms. She signed the form and pushed it across the table.

“Wait,” Carlie said, reading through the writing on the paper. “If I don’t sign this you won’t spank me.”

“No, we won’t,” Gabrielle answered softly. “You live at home, Carlie?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl answered, puzzled by the random change of subject.

“Do you pay board?”

“Ummm….no. I’m still a student, Miss Gabrielle.”

“If any of my girls tried to get out of being punished for something that they had done I’d be very disappointed,” Gabrielle said.

“I got fined for speeding and I lost demerit points on my licence, ma’am!” Carlie defended herself.

“You paid the fine yourself, sweetheart?”

“Well, no, Miss. I couldn’t afford it. I don’t have any money.”

“So Daddy paid it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Carlie admitted, dropping her head.

“So, you haven’t been punished at all, have you?”

“I guess not, Miss Gabrielle.”

“No, you have not,” Gabrielle said, a tone of command creeping into her voice.

With a small defeated sigh, Carlie Edwards affixed her signature to the bottom of the form and pushed it across the table to join the one her mother had already signed.

Kimberley collected the releases and placed them neatly in the files that had Lynette and Carlie’s names on them.

“Excellent!” Gabrielle said, clasping her hands over a knee. “Now I imagine the two of you are rather eager to find out what Kimberley and I have in store for you this afternoon. I take it that you’ve been spanked before Lynette, but Carlie never has. Is that correct?”

The two ladies nodded their agreement.

“Did you ever discuss your childhood lickings with your daughter, Lynnie?” Gabrielle asked.

“Beyond telling her that she might want to be careful of grandma’s wooden spoon when she stayed with her grandparents, no,” Lynette answered with a smile.

“And you never fell foul of grandma’s spoon, Carlie?”

The girl shook her head gently.

“She was more lenient with her than she ever was with me,” Lynette muttered darkly.

Gabrielle laughed. “I find grandparents far more indulgent with their grandchildren than they ever are with their own. It’s something I’ll have to watch once Kim and her sisters start popping out little ones.”

Kimberley brushed to the roots of her hair and it was only sheer force of will that stopped her from loudly protesting, “Mum!”

“We thought it would be fitting if daughter dealt with daughter and mother with mother,” Gabrielle explained. Carlie let out a long breath, although she had guessed that she would be getting spanked by Kimberley from the moment Andrea had announced her plans that didn’t make it any less embarrassing. Lynette too frowned, despite the additional humiliation she had almost hoped the younger Kennedy would be the one to spank her. Gabrielle looked like she knew what she was about. She felt a tingle go through her buttocks and they clenched reflexively.

Lynette raised her hand.

“Yes, Lynnie?” Gabrielle asked.

“Miss Gabrielle, what sort of spanking are we getting?”

“I don’t very often volunteer that sort of information, Lynette, but as you are a grown woman and you have asked politely I’ll be nice on this occasion. You overspent your husband’s money and Carlie ignored our laws on speed limits. We look dimly on both of those here. I myself have been disciplined for speeding,” Gabrielle ignored the raised eyebrows of Lynette and Carlie Edwards and shot her daughter a dirty look at the muffled snort of laughter that the girl let out remembering the incident that had led to the mother of four being put over the lap and under the strap by local policewoman Tania Wheeler. “So firm discipline is called for. You’ll be given a warm up by hand and then our hairbrushes will come into play,” Lynette winced, she had been spanked with a hairbrush growing up, it was not a pleasant memory. “After that we’ll just see if anything else is required. Hopefully not for the sake of your bottoms.”

Kimberley held her hands out to the mother and daughter and coaxed them up from the couch. She settled herself in the middle cushion of the generous three- seater.

“Kim prefers the couch when she’s disciplining an adult,” Gabrielle explained.

The girl frowned. “I’m a little on the small side, so this helps give me support. I can fit the little ones over my lap just fine on a stool or a chair, but older clients I need something else. Come stand by my knee, please Carlie.”

A stunned Carlie got a nod from her mother and shuffled over to stand where the younger Kennedy woman was pointing.

“That means you’re with me, Lynnie,” Gabrielle grinned and crooked her finger at the nervous blonde.

Lynette took a deep breath and tried to still the madly fluttering butterflies in her stomach. She had truly never thought this would happen again.

“I can see you’re an old hand at this,” Gabrielle said as Lynette came to a halt a few inches from her crossed legs. “Mum was an otk spanker?”

Not trusting herself to speak without bursting into tears of shame, Lynette nodded.

“Why don’t you show Carlie what’s expected and get over Aunty Gabrielle’s lap?”

Lynette laid herself over the other lady’s lap as she had remembered doing when her mother gave the same command.

“Come on, Carlie,” Kimberley encouraged the shame faced nineteen year old and patted her own lap.

Carlie didn’t have her mother’s grace or practice at this so she ended up half lying on the couch and half over Kimberley’s lap. The receptionist laughed, put her arms around Carlie’s thighs and said, “Let’s get these up and out of the way. You’ll be glad of the couch once it starts to sting. You can kick and wriggle to your heart’s content.”

“Oh yes, she will, Kimberley,” Gabrielle cooed from where she was arranging Lynette in her own lap.

Kimberley glanced across at her mother, one arm around Carlie’s waist and the other hand poised in the air above the teenager’s rather cute round backside. Gabrielle nodded and Kimberley’s hand fell across the cotton ball white rear end with a loud crack. The noise was joined a second later by the impact of Gabrielle’s hard and experienced palm landing on Lynette Edward’s left cheek.

Carlie squealed and jumped as the sting of the first blow registered on her. Lynette let out a hiss of pain. “You’ve got a wonderfully toned bottom, Lynette,” Gabrielle said, landing another fusillade of stinging hand spanks. “Do you work out?”

“Not at the gym, ma’am,” Lynette ground out from between clenched teeth, trying to shut her ears to the ringing smacks that Kimberley was raining on Carlie’s gyrating rear and her daughters frantic pleas for mercy.

“You certainly keep in shape somehow,” Gabrielle continued, making Lynette’s legs kick with a vicious volley to the sit spots.

“I power walk each morning, Miss. Owwww!” Lynette managed as the familiar burn of a soundly administered spanking began to kindle in her rump.

“I’ll have to have you down at the gym,” Gabrielle said, her hand not missing a beat as she scorched the desperate woman’s tender upper thighs. “We have a pool there. Nothing better for keeping a body nice and toned than a few laps each day.”

Carlie was kicking and wailing. Tears streamed down her face and her nose was running, she bucked up and down. She had never felt anything this awful before in her nineteen years. Her back end was on fire and it stung abominably. Kimberley Kennedy didn’t look like much, but she was strong for her size and that little hand knew exactly where and how to hit.

For her part Kimberley found Carlie Edwards to be one of the biggest babies she had ever had over her lap. Even for a virgin the girl was kicking up an awful fuss and this was just the warm up by hand. She could only imagine what she’d do when she felt the brushes kiss. If the silly girl didn’t want to get her bottom spanked then she should have stuck to the speed limit. That thought made the petite blonde double her efforts and she had to actually lock one of her legs over Carlie’s to keep the girl in position on the couch.

Gabrielle had painted the entire surface of Lynette Edwards’ firm womanly backside a shining scarlet. The upper thighs came close to matching, but while the tears were flowing Lynette had taken it a good deal better than her daughter. She was wriggling and squirming, but that was an unavoidable part of any thorough spanking, whether it was with the hand or an implement, and Gabrielle never gave anything less than a very thorough spanking.

Gabrielle and Kimberley locked eyes and they came to an unspoken agreement that the bottoms over their laps had been nicely primed.

“Well, you’re simmering nicely, Lynette. Well ready for the brush.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Lynette sobbed, relieved that at least the assault with the hand had come to an end and she had a few moments to try and compose herself and let the fires raging through her hindquarters die down a little.

“Now your real spanking starts, Carlie,” Kimberley said.

The girl’s flooded eyes opened wide. “Real spanking, Miss?” she blubbered.

“Mummy told you that you and your Mum were getting the brush. My mother doesn’t tell fibs, Carlie. Stand up for a moment and I’ll get my brush. No rubbing,” Kimberley cautioned as she helped the curly haired blonde to her feet. Despite Kimberley’s warning as soon as Carlie was standing up her hands flew to her abused posterior and began to vigorously massage the cheeks. Kimberley grabbed her wrists and began to slap the squealing girl’s backside while scolding, “What did I just say, young lady? No rubbing. Put your hands on your head and if you do it again I’ll go outside and cut a switch for you!”

“Carlene,” Lynette said in a low voice from where she stood by Gabrielle’s chair, her hands laced over her blonde locks. “Do as Miss Kimberley says, please dear. She’s not talking about the switch just to hear her own voice.”

With an obvious effort Carlie copied her mother’s example and put her hands on her head with a shuddering breath.

“Thank you, Lynette,” Gabrielle said.

Kimberley had opened a cupboard on one wall and was peering into its depths. Lynette was able to get a glimpse of what the piece of handsome furniture contained, and it sent a shiver down her spine. She could see a selection of canes and straps as well as paddles of various sizes and designs. The blonde girl rummaging in it made a noise of satisfaction and withdrew from the cupboard, then closed it so that it’s horrors were once again shielded from Lynette’s eyes.

The girl handed something to her mother and then resumed her seat on the couch.

“Lynette you and Carlie are no doubt curious as to what Kimberley found in Andrea’s ‘little shop of horrors’,” Gabrielle said in rather amused tones. “We three Spank Shop employees have our own favourites of all the things we use to train the bottoms that visit us. The hairbrush is far and away the weapon of choice for all of us and I was kind enough to let you both know that’s what you were in for, but there are all kinds of brushes. Hairbrushes made of plastic, wood of various kinds and shapes. I favour the traditional wooden oval brush as do Andrea and Kimberley. Each of us has our signature brush.”

Kimberley’s lips twitched upwards and her mother handed her the floor. “Aunty has Mrs Ebony. Mummy has Mama Mahogany,” Gabrielle laid the implement in her lap and Lynette mouthed, “Oh my God!”

“I have Mademoiselle Cherry,” Kimberley said revealing her own brush. It was slightly different in shape to her mother’s and the wood was darker, it also looked newer.

“My own dear mother used to use Mama Mahogany to warm my derriere,” Gabrielle explained. “When she passed she left it to me. I was quite touched. It’s heated many a rear over the years and it never fails to provoke quite a spirited response. Let’s have you back over Aunty Gabrielle’s lap for a chat with Mama Mahogany,” Gabrielle used to brush to motion at Lynette.

“Mademoiselle Cherry has been very curious about you, Carlie,” Kimberley said. “Now make Mummy proud and take your spanking like a big brave girl.”

Once the two ladies were arranged over Gabrielle and Kimberley’s laps their still steaming rears were patted and stroked and remarked over, then the brushes cracked down sharply over the upturned backsides.

Lynette started to yell right from the get go and her eyes were leaking from that first searing stroke, but she still took it better than her daughter. Carlie had not been prepared for the rise in intensity between Kimberley’s hand and her wicked cherry wood hairbrush. Her response after the second stroke had seared both cheeks was to roar, “Oh shit! That hurts!”

Both Gabrielle and Kimberley paused their hands at the profanity. It was not an unknown occurrence, but that did not mean it was something either lady would let pass.

“What was that, young lady?” Gabrielle asked. “What did you just say?”

Carlie sniffled miserably and hiccupped, “That hurts, ma’am.”

“Oh yes, I heard that. Before that you said something else, what was that?”

Carlie honestly couldn’t remember, but she had the sliding feeling in her already roiling belly that she had let a swear word slip out. “I swore ma’am,” she whimpered, knowing that the response to that confession was going to be very unpleasant.

“Yes, you did, miss,” Gabrielle said crisply. “Kimberley and I appreciate that this hurts, spankings are meant to, but there is no excuse for that sort of language. Kimberley what do we do when something is dirty?”

“We wash it, Mum, to make it clean again,” the girl answered her mother.

“How do we wash it?”

“With soap and water.”

“Having heard that Carlie, what do you think Miss Kimberley now has to do with your dirty little mouth?”

“Wash it out with soap and water,” Carlie sobbed.

“Yes, she does. Kimberley could you please take care of Miss Potty Mouth while I finish Lynnie’s blistering.”

“Delighted, Mum,” Kimberley acquiesced. She gave Carlie’s stinging orbs a healthy slap with her hand and said, “Up we get Carlie. Let’s go to the bathroom and lather up a washcloth for that naughty little mouth of yours.”

Over her own yells and the rhythmic sound of the brushes unyielding wooden back slapping down across her glutes and the tender expanses of her upper thighs, Lynette could hear Carlie crying and begging as Kimberley washed her mouth out thoroughly.

“Legs apart, please Lynnie,” Gabrielle ordered.

Lynette was suddenly very glad that she had gone to the bathroom earlier. She knew what Gabrielle meant and this had always been the worst part of any spanking for her. The inner thighs and buttocks were usually protected, and they were very very, tender so hurt like fury when they were spanked.

“Please ma’am, please,” she begged. “Do we have to?”

“Did your mother ever consider a spanking finished without roasting the inner thighs and bottom, Lynette?” Gabrielle asked seriously.

“No, ma’am,” Lynette blubbered, remembering how fiercely this part of the punishment had stung.

“No, I did not think so. Now what sort of a job would I be doing if I didn’t do that?”

“Not a good one, Miss.”

“I pride myself on my thoroughness, Lynnie, so get those legs apart. I don’t think we want to ask Aunty Andrea in here to hold them open do we?”

With a small defeated sob Lynette spread her legs wide enough that Gabrielle could use the brush on her previously untouched thighs.

Lynette roared and howled as Gabrielle attacked the new areas that had been offered up to her for the mahogany hairbrushes attention. She was not even aware that a bawling Carlie had been led back into the parlour and placed back over Kimberley’s lap for the rest of her spanking.

Gabrielle let the woman cry it out for a moment or two and then told her that she could close her legs. Gratefully Lynette did so and then frantically crossed and uncrossed her ankles as Gabrielle gave her buttocks and upper legs another brisk going over with the brush.

Carlie wailed as Kimberley diligently used her hairbrush to thoroughly scorch every inch of the girl’s flaming bounding hindquarters.  Gabrielle let Lynette blubber over her lap for a moment before gently assisting her to her feet and then enfolding her in a loving embrace. ”You’re all spanked out now, darling,” she murmured into the crying woman’s ear. “You’re Aunty Gabrielle’s good girl now. I think David will be very happy with you from now on. You’ll remember this afternoon every time you look at that expensive floor and whenever you’re tempted to order something that you haven’t budgeted for or discussed with him first.”

Lynette sobbed, “Yes ma’am.”

“I think you can call me Gabrielle now, dear. I think we’re going to become good friends and I look forward to it.”

“Thank you Gabrielle,” Lynette sighed.

Gabrielle held the blonde woman at arms length and examined her tear, snot and saliva covered face. “Let me clean you up a little and then pop you in the corner for some cool down time.”

While Gabrielle was soothing and cleaning Lynette’s face Kimberley was bringing Carlie’s spanking to a searing crescendo. “Legs apart, please Carlie,” the girl requested coolly.

Although Carlie Edwards had never before been spanked there was something about that command that didn’t sound like it boded well for her. Her legs remained clamped together.

Kimberley sighed, this happened so often, although normally with younger clients. Virgins like Carlie were especially bad at doing as they were told. “Do you want me to ask Mum to hold them apart?”

“No, Miss Kimberley!” the girl answered vociferously.

“Then open them quick smart!”

“Trouble, Kim?” Gabrielle asked casually.

“I don’t think so, Mum,” Kimberley answered with a smile as Carlie’s legs reluctantly parted.

The curly haired blonde shrieked and threw her head from side to side as Kimberley used the brushes back to set her inner thighs and buttocks alight. After what the eighteen year old deemed was a sufficient set she allowed Carlie to mercifully put her legs together. The girl bawled and kicked the air as Kimberley brushed her smartly from her upper thighs right to the base of her spine, leaving them shimmering scarlet balls of fire.

Kimberley set Carlie on her feet, then reached across the couch to pick a white bar from a dish on a side table. “Open,” she commanded.

Carlie eyed off the white bar and keeping her mouth firmly shut shook her head.

“Do you want to come outside with me to cut a switch?” Kimberley asked.

Carlie shook her head vigorously.

“Carlie,” Gabrielle said softly, but with an edge to her voice. “If Kimberley has to take you to cut a switch I will make sure that it’s a nice whippy green one and I will be the one switching you. Kim needs a lesson in switching and you would make an excellent model for her to learn on.”

Carlie swallowed hard, obediently opened her mouth and kept it open as Kimberley slid the bar of soap in. “Close,” Kimberley said gently. “Don’t bite down too hard, though.”

Kimberley led the sobbing teenager to a corner and arranged her hands on her head while trails of soapy drool collected at the corners of her mouth.

“Kim,” Gabrielle said, settling herself into the chair by the fire. “Could you put the kettle on, dear? Spanking is such thirsty work. I’d kill for a cuppa and I’m sure Lynette and Carlie would appreciate some warm milk.”


Andrea smiled at Lynette and Carlie as they limped out of her parlour, the grimaces on their faces evidence that Gabrielle and her daughter had done a fine job.

Kimberley said to her employer, “I can sort this out, ma’am.”

“Thank you dear. I took a few calls and made notes for you.”

“Thanks, Aunty.”

Aunty fixed a nervous young man with her emerald eyes and said, “Come on, Simon. Aunty has a nice little paddle waiting just for you.”

“You’re with Aunty Gabrielle, young lady,” Gabrielle said, taking a crying brunette by the hand and leading the girl into her own parlour.

“Will that be cash or credit, Mrs Edwards?” Kimberley asked, smiling serenely up at the still wincing woman.