Monday, 25 November 2013

'Four for Spanking' - Guest Fiction

Hello! No, I am still alive and have just got my head above water, so I hope the postings will become a little more frequent from now on.

A little while ago I posted some Sassy Bottoms art and one of the pictures had four youngsters being spanked. I issued a challenge to anyone to write a story around it. Phil took up that challenge and Four for Spanking is the result. I do hope you enjoy.

Three of Sassy's pictures that capture the spirit if not the actual scenes from the story.

Frances Puccinelli, third grade teacher at Middleview Elementary School, was beside herself.  She was an excellent teacher and well loved by both students and colleagues alike.  She wasn’t the strictest teacher at the school (that position belonged to Eleanor Mannheim, who taught the sixth grade and kept a wooden paddle prominently displayed in her classroom for use after school or sometimes even during class if warranted) but she was a no-nonsense teacher who didn’t tolerate much in the way of classroom misbehavior.  She really loved her students and was reluctant to punish them, but she expected order in her classroom.  She sometimes swatted the more rambunctious ones on their bottoms, bent over her desk in front of the class, with her hand but usually she assigned extra work or writing lines on the blackboard after school.  Occasionally she administered spankings in private after class as well.

Frances was young, only twenty-four, and very beautiful and many of her male students (and even some of the girls) had open crushes on her.  She got a lot of kidding from other teachers about the boys that followed her around like puppies to do her bidding.  She was flattered, but a bit uncomfortable for a couple of reasons by this, not just the gentle teasing from her colleagues. It made it harder to discipline them when they stared at her with adoring eyes and she felt a little guilty when they cried. This was only if she spanked them of course; writing lines, while difficult for them as they were still learning to print and still couldn’t spell, didn’t cause tears and her crushes didn’t mind staying after to do chores of various kinds for her.  It was almost a reward for them, so she felt the need to spank them to really punish them.

Owen Reilly was eight and one of her “crushes”.  He was a kind and hard-working little boy, but quite mischievous and even daring in his misbehavior and, to her despair, she often found herself having to keep him after school.  

The old-fashioned school was private, though not exclusive and had an equally old-fashioned discipline policy.  Teachers were allowed to spank as they saw fit, as long as it wasn’t excessive. Bare-bottomed spankings weren’t allowed in class and were expected to be carried out in private.  

Frances was the oldest of five children and had helped raise her younger siblings and was taught by her mother that the only proper way to spank was on the bare bottom, and she was quite a formidable spanker if she wanted to be.  

Even Eleanor Mannheim, observing one of her spankings, had congratulated her on her technique. She was a bit prudish and dressed conservatively: knee length skirts, never any shorter and she always kept her blouses buttoned up to the top. She was rather naïve about sex and men in general and couldn’t understand why so many little boys had crushes on her. Anyone else could have told her that her abundant black hair that she kept mostly up and her startlingly lavender eyes that reminded people of Elizabeth Taylor, her kind demeanor and her beauty might have had something to do with it.  

Frances had been patrolling the hallways during lunch period after she noticed several of “her” children missing late in the period in the lunchroom.  It had been raining and all the kids were inside and it worried her that Owen and at least a couple of other boys weren’t evident, so she elected to nose around to see what they were up to. She noticed a girl, one of hers, named Cheryl Tunstall, looking around warily, and then slipping into a storage room that Frances knew was vacant and should have been locked. 

She immediately approached the room, looking around for other children. She listened at the door before opening it and heard muffled voices and giggling. Opening the door suddenly, Frances was treated to the sight of three of “her” girls standing with their skirts pulled up and their panties pulled down facing in her direction. Facing them and away from her was Owen, pants and briefs down and bare bottom visible. The girls gasped and tried to cover up as she came in and Owen spun around in surprise, revealing his little penis dangling limply. His eyes went wide and he immediately tried to pull his pants up, finally succeeding after some awkward maneuvering. All of them looked down in shame as she approached them, eyes narrowed in anger and disapproval.

“What’s going on here?” she demanded loudly.  They all shuffled their feet and wouldn’t look at her.  She recognized the other girls as Louella Louise “Lulu” Jones and Molly Madison, two girls who were very well behaved and never in trouble.  She immediately focused on Owen as the instigator of this outrage and stood in front of him, hands on hips, frowning and speaking sternly to the cowering boy.

“OWEN REILLY!  What is this about?  Why are you and these girls in here with your underwear down and your bits showing?  What is the meaning of this, young man?” she said angrily.  

Owen, knowing he was in trouble and knowing he had no excuse, muttered his answer, looking at his shoes.

“Nuthin’, Miss Puccinelli,” he mumbled guiltily.  

Her eyebrows nearly reaching her hairline, she replied, “NOTHING?” she hissed, “is that really what you want to say to me?  Standing there with your pants around your knees and your little thing exposed to these young ladies?  And you girls!  Showing off your private parts to him!  What were you thinking?” she said harshly.  

All of them looked down, two of the girls starting to cry, and Lulu looking wildly around as if for an escape route.  Owen just stood quietly as she scolded them about their shameful behavior.  Now she was even surer that he was responsible for corrupting “her” girls and she grew angrier.  He really was a sweet boy but now she was determined to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget and teach the girls to stay away from him.

“I don’t know what to do with you, Owen!” she said pointedly to him, surprising him with her seeming focus on his actions.  He retreated a little from her fury, as did the girls.  Molly and Cheryl sniffled a bit while Lulu looked even more panicky.  She cleared her throat and spoke their fate.

“All of you will stay after school today and you will be spanked, by me, over my knee, on your bare bottoms!” she intoned.  “If you want to show each other your private parts, you can see each other get it on your bare backsides!”  She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that lunch period was nearly over.  Telling the girls to get back to the classroom, she mentioned to Owen to stay behind.

“Owen, I am so ashamed of you!” she said, shaking her head sadly.  “I didn’t think you were this kind of boy! To pressure these girls into showing you their private parts! What a bad boy you are!  How could you do this?”  

Owen shook his head in denial, starting to protest that he wasn’t at fault. When he started to speak, she shushed him dismissively, knowing that the mischievous boy must have been the instigator. She grabbed him by the collar and marched him back to class with her and shoved him inside. All the other students, having noticed the three, clearly upset girls, widened their eyes at their angry teacher propelling Owen towards his seat and waited to see what would happen.

Frances pointedly avoided any mention of what happened and carried on with their lesson for the day as if nothing had happened.  During the afternoon break, all the other kids were allowed out but the guilty four were kept behind and scolded further.

“All four of you will stay here after school lets out and sit your little behinds at your desks and wait for me to come fetch you, do you understand me?” she said sternly.  

They all nodded sombrely.

The rest of the day went uneventfully. The lesson finished and Frances assigned some homework to her pupils and dismissed them, with the exception of, “Owen Reilly, Molly Madison, Cheryl Tunstall and Lulu Jones!” who were directed to remain after class. They all avoided looking at each other or their classmates as they filed out of the classroom. After the others had left, Frances told them she had to “make some arrangements” and ordered them to remain in the room and stay at their desks and warned them not to talk or get into mischief. As soon as she left, the girls started whispering to each other.

“What do you think she’s going to do to us?” hissed Cheryl to Molly.  

Molly shrugged her shoulders.  

Lulu stared at the door in dread. 

Owen sat quietly.

“Owen!  OWEN!” Molly and Cheryl hissed to him. He turned to them.  “Do you think she’ll really spank us?” they both whispered looking at him imploringly. He looked at them and shrugged.

“Yep!” he said matter-of-factly.  “She’s done it to me a few times already. Me and Eddie Burke and Tommy Matthews and…”  

They interrupted him with frantic questions.

“Bare bottom? With your pants pulled down?” they inquired fearfully.  He nodded his assent and they asked if it was over her lap and if it hurt.  

He smiled ruefully and said, “Yes” to both questions.  

They looked at one another in alarm.  

Lulu, meanwhile, rocked back and forth repeating “No, no, no, no…” to herself, at first quietly and then with increasing volume and desperation.  

They all looked at her with some concern.  Molly and Cheryl had, of course, been spanked by their mothers and had found Miss Puccinelli to be kind and friendly in class so they weren’t too scared, but Lulu was a “virgin” and had never been spanked and she was terrified, tears already running down her face.  

Owen asked her what was wrong and she finally explained she’d never been spanked before, much less on her bare butt. She shivered and bit her lip, looking at him as if he might save her or something.  The other two girls wrinkled their noses at her “acting like a baby”.  Owen tried to reassure her, explaining that it wasn’t as bad as he got it at home. Cheryl and Molly were relieved by that a little, but Lulu was still very concerned, trembling and whining that she “couldn’t take it”.  Owen patted her on the back and put his arm around her. Molly and Cheryl looked at one another in surprise. Frances came back in suddenly.

“Now what?” she said, seeing them huddled together.  “I thought I told you to sit quietly and not talk!” she said sternly, hands on hips.  

Owen stood and approached her. “Lulu’s scared, Miss Puccinelli,” he said quietly, “she’s never been spanked before,” he almost whispered.  

She looked at him in surprise, wondering if he was trying to pull something.  Then she gestured to them. “All right, let’s go!” she said, “It’s time for your punishment! Follow me and bring your bags…,” she said, turning on her heel and standing by the open door waiting for them.  

Cheryl and Molly silently shuffled past her, not looking at her and Owen hesitated for a moment next to the distraught Lulu. Frances frowned impatiently and went over to Lulu and held out her hand, smiling gently and the trembling girl finally took it and allowed herself to be led out of the room, followed by Owen carrying his book bag and hers as well.

She led them to a back office that was no longer in use. There was a room walled off with a low wall and windows to the ceiling and a door and a set of benches outside of it. It had once been the teacher’s lounge with a couch and coffee table and a coffee machine in it but now there was a new teacher’s lounge nearer the principal’s office and the filing rooms. Inside the room were several sturdy armless, wooden chairs. Owen was familiar with it; it was informally dubbed “the Spanking Room” as it was somewhat private from the main part of the school and relatively soundproof. Only those with keys could get into it and it was not readily accessible from the main hallway so it was unlikely that a teacher giving a spanking to a deserving student would be interrupted and the only witnesses were those present in the room.  

The girls gasped at the sight and Lulu looked like she would flee at any moment. Frances conspicuously locked the door after her when they were inside. She surveyed the four miscreants and asked if any of them needed to “go potty”. They all shook their heads nervously and she asked if they were sure and they all nodded. With a sigh, she opened the door to the interior room and asked who wanted to be first. None of them volunteered so she chose arbitrarily, intending Owen to be last.

“All right, Miss Tunstall, you can be first!  The rest of you, have a seat on the bench here and wait your turn!” she said, seizing Cheryl’s wrist and leading her into the room. The girl looked desperately at her friends as she was led to her doom and the others sat on the bench to wait.  

Frances sat on one of the chairs and, reaching for her purse, produced a large hairbrush that caused Cheryl to step back in alarm and the others to react similarly, except Owen. He’d been spanked before with the brush and remembered it less than fondly, but he only frowned and sighed, while Molly’s lower lip trembled and Lulu went white as a ghost and she seemed to shrink visibly. Cheryl begged Frances not to use the brush.

“Oh, please, Miss Puccinelli!  Please don’t spank me with that thing!  Please, I won’t do it again…” she whined, backing away towards the door.  

Frances merely waited, an impassive look on her face as Cheryl finally gave up hope and approached slowly again as she crooked her finger at her. “Come on honey, let’s get this over with!  You were all very naughty showing off to each other and especially to him,” she said, jerking her head at Owen, “and I’m going to make sure you don’t do something like that again!”  

Pulling the reluctant girl over her lap, she lifted the skirt of her jumper up over the bottom and unceremoniously tugged her panties down around her knees, rewarded by the sight of her delicate pink chubs quivering with anticipation.  She couldn’t resist rubbing them lightly with the back of the brush while Cheryl started to protest again.  

Frances smiled to herself and brought the flat of the brush down with a loud smack!  on her right cheek, causing Cheryl to howl as soon as it registered on her brain. Her cry of pain occurred simultaneously with the second smack of the brush as Frances began peppering her bare, little, bottom with loud, but not especially hard spanks from the brush. She squirmed and wriggled desperately, sobbing loudly and begging for relief while Frances imparted her lesson very vigorously, moving the brush around Cheryl’s bare buttocks and even the backs of her thighs, spanking deliberately but somewhat rapidly.  She had no intention of dragging out the punishment but she wanted to make an impression on the girl, and she was doing so, no pun intended.  

Cheryl howled at the top of her voice and the others reacted to the sight and sounds of their co-conspirator having her bare backside properly reddened. Owen looked down, Molly looked terrified and Lulu put her face in her hands and rocked back and forth. It was over in a matter of minutes, but to Cheryl it seemed like an eternity.  

Frances let her sob for a minute on her lap and then gently helped her up. As soon as she got on her feet, Cheryl began to skip and dance, rubbing her scorching bottom cheeks and vocalizing her discomfort. Frances watched with satisfaction at a lesson well learned, and finally stood up and approached the crying girl with some tissues, wiping her face and helping her blow her nose.  She stopped dancing and stood, sniffling and frantically trying to rub the heat from her rosy, hot bottom, looking reproachfully at Frances.

“Your turn, Molly Madison!” Frances said briskly as she went to the door and crooked her finger at Molly, who hesitated and then with a resigned sigh, got up and followed her into the glassed-in room.  

Owen realized he needed to pee even though he turned down the chance earlier. He figured it wouldn’t make Frances any madder so he thought he would ask. 

Lulu kept her head in her hands, moaning and keening incomprehensively as he approached the room and he looked at her with concern.  

Molly was already over Frances’ lap, her skirt up and her panties pulled down when he poked his head in. Frances looked at him with annoyance at his interruption.

“Umm, Miss Puccinelli?  Um, I think I need to go to the bathroom now, Ma’am…  I’m sorry I didn’t go earlier…  Umm…” he said hesitatingly.

“Oh, very well, Mr. Reilly!” she said, “But be quick about it and don’t think you can get out of this!”

“Uh, uh…  I need you to unlock the door, Miss, uh, Ma’am…” he stuttered.  She stared at him with annoyance as she had poor, bare-bottomed Molly over her lap.  She reached into her bag and tossed him the keys.  He caught them in mid-air and then waited.  She frowned at him.

“What NOW, Owen?” she said peevishly. He nodded towards Lulu, still rocking back and forth.

“Uh, I think Lulu needs to go too, Ma’am.  Um, she’s uh, really nervous…” he said, the words trailing off.

“Oh, very well!  But hurry up!  I don’t want this to take all day!” she snapped dismissively, turning her attention to the goose-pimpled bare buttocks over her lap and picking up the brush. As Molly started to vocalize her indignant reactions to her spanking, Owen unlocked the door and then went over to Lulu and gently pulled her to her feet. She stared at him uncomprehendingly, flinching at the cries coming from the inner room and trembling. He led her out the door and she momentarily thought they were escaping or something, so she eagerly followed him.

“Oh, Owen, thank you!  Let’s get out of here!” she said urgently.  

He stared at her questioningly. “Uh, what do you mean, Lulu?” he said.  “We’re not leaving.  I just thought you needed to go…”

She started to cry immediately as he led her to the bathrooms and begged him to let her go. “I, I can’t do this, Owen!” she said desperately.  “I, I, I can’t be spanked!  Please!” she whined.

“We can’t leave, Lulu!  We’ll just get into more trouble!  It won’t be so bad, you’ll see…” he said, trying to reassure her.  He stopped at the girl’s bathroom and urged her to go in.  She shook her head vehemently.

He sighed and went into the boy’s bathroom and relieved himself as quickly as possible, fearing she would bolt. He went back out to find her hugging her shoulders and leaning against the wall in dread, but at least she hadn’t tried to escape. Putting his arm around her, he led her back towards the Spanking Room, speaking gently to her and telling her it would be okay, it would all be over soon, etc...  They arrived to find Frances waiting impatiently at the door, hairbrush in her hand. She raised her eyebrows at the sight of the boy leading the clearly terrified girl and whispering to her.  She stood aside to let them enter and held her hand out for the keys. Owen handed them to her and she re-locked the door behind them.

Molly and Cheryl were in two respective corners in the inner room, skirts rolled up and panties around their ankles, with their rosy, spanked bottoms on display, hands on their heads and sobbing and sniffling.

Frances took Lulu by the hand and immediately led her into the room, telling Owen to sit down “while he still could”.  He did so, while Lulu frantically dug in her heels and forced Frances to drag her over to her chair.  She was wailing and blubbering even before anything happened, begging loudly not to be spanked. Owen shook his head while the two girls in the corners wrinkled their noses in disgust at Lulu’s cowardly behavior.

“No!  No!  Nonononononono!  Please, Miss Puccinelli!  Don’t spank me!  Please, please PLEASEEEE!” she pleaded with increasing desperation as Frances hauled her bodily over her lap, yanking her skirt up as she kicked and squirmed and nearly ripping her panties as she tugged them down, then pinning her down with her leg over Lulu’s kicking ones and twisting her frantically waving hand up behind her back.

“My goodness, Lulu!” the annoyed teacher said, “you’d think I was about to murder you!  Let’s get this over with, young lady!  Now hold still or I’ll have to take more time to make sure you get what you deserve!”

She grabbed her hairbrush with difficulty, Lulu still struggling and hollering even though she’d yet to feel a single spank on her unblemished, little, pink bottom. Frances, increasingly impatient now, forgoed any lecturing and got right down to business, administering a solid blow with the brush dead center on the panicky little girl’s bottom.  

Lulu went still for a moment, and then reacted with an earsplitting scream, causing everyone to flinch, even Frances, who looked at the glass panels and wondered if they’d shatter if she continued. They didn’t and she did, methodically smacking Lulu’s pumping, bouncing little buttocks to a burning, fiery red.  

Lulu never stopped screaming, not even to breathe, her eyes screwed shut and copious tears and snot dripping down her face. Frances treated Lulu’s lower thighs to the ministrations of the brush, eliciting, if possible, even louder and more piercing screams. Molly and Cheryl took their hands off their heads and covered their ears in reaction to this. Frances noticed this and wished she could emulate them but her hands were otherwise occupied. She should have worn earplugs, she thought, distractedly.

Lulu was finally forced to start gasping for breath as her screams trailed off. She had simply run out of breath and she exhibited symptoms of distress. Frances stopped paddling her as she coughed and gasped and struggled to breathe. Frances, alarmed, started pounding her on the back to help her.  Finally, the girl found her breath and inhaled prodigiously until she got somewhat back to normal and then she started to immediately scream and wail piercingly again.  

Frances, understandably, decided to call it a day and tried to comfort the frantic girl, rubbing her back and shoulders while Lulu’s cries died down to helpless sobbing as she lay over the teacher’s lap.  Frances let her cry and calm down some, and then helped her up from her lap. As soon as Lulu stood up, she started jumping up and down and frantically rubbing her burning little bottom cheeks, bellowing her distress at the top of her voice, while skipping around doing the spanking dance. Frances would have been somewhat amused but for the volume of sound emerging from the deceptively slight little girl. She put her hands over her ears too and let her yell.  

Lulu’s performance after her spanking actually took more time than actual punishment, all the rest of them looking at her with amazement at her antics until she finally calmed down, whimpering and blubbering incoherently and never ceasing rubbing her throbbing buttocks and thighs. Frances folded her arms across her ample bosom and observed the animated girl as she capered around the room, finally sinking to her knees, rubbing and still crying with gusto. She waited for Lulu to calm herself a little.

“All right, Lulu, calm down dear…” she said gently, “it’s over now.  Come on, get up now and come over to me.  Come on…”  Lulu rocked back and forth, still rubbing fiercely but her crying had died down to blubbing and sniffling.  She looked warily at Frances smiling sympathetically at her with outstretched arms. Finally, she got up with some difficulty and approached her slowly and cautiously.

“There, there dear.  Come to me,” she said gently.  “That’s right, come here…” 

Frances embraced the girl and held her while she continued to sniffle and blubber, never removing her constantly rubbing hands from her burning nates.  After a few moments, Lulu could finally talk and blubbered out an apology and a complaint that “it really, really hurts, Miss Puccinelli.” 

Frances smiled. “It’s supposed to hurt, honey.  It’s supposed to make you not want to misbehave again…  Now, let’s have you in the corner with your friends and we’ll deal with Mr. Reilly!” Frances said, leading her gently to a free corner and telling her to face the corner, keep her hands on her head and “no more rubbing!”

“All right, Owen Francis Reilly!  Now it’s your turn!  I’m going to make sure you don’t do something like this again; pressuring these little girls into showing you their private parts!  You should be ashamed of yourself, young man!”  

Owen stood mute as she lectured him angrily.  When she finished, he spoke, “I didn’t Miss Puccinelli!  It wasn’t my idea and I didn’t force them to do anything!  Ma’am!” he added.

“Well, whose idea was it then, if not yours?  Who’s responsible for this?” she demanded.

He looked around at the girls and then at the floor, shrugging his shoulders helplessly and saying nothing.  She asked again, with more emphasis, only to get the same result.  She set her mouth in a thin line and frowned at him. “Well, if you’re not going to say anything, I’ll just have to believe that it was you and punish you accordingly, do you understand me, you naughty boy!” she said, hefting the hairbrush.  

He shrugged his shoulders again and slowly approached her as she sat on her chair waiting.

“Let’s have those trousers down, young man!  Underwear too!  I’m going to light a fire in your naughty bottom to make sure you don’t do this again!” she said sternly.  

He started to comply, undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants when a small voice emanated from the corner.

“He, he, he d-didn’t d-dooo anythingggg, Miss!  It, it w-was meeeeee!” squeaked Lulu from her corner.  

Both Frances and Owen stared at her, still standing in the corner with her hands on her head.

“What do you mean?  Explain yourself, young lady!” thundered Frances as Lulu flinched at her voice.

She slowly turned, taking her hands off her head and twisting and rubbing them together in front of her nervously while she screwed up her courage to answer. “I, I heard some of the, some of the... other boys talking… and… they said… they said that Owen…  Owen had…  Owen had… a big one!” she said, flushing with embarrassment.  “And, and…  I’ve never even… even… seen one!  And, and…  I, I… asked… asked Owen to… to show me and… and… he s-said noooo!  So, so, I talked to Cheryl and Molly and, and, we t-told him that… that… we’d show him, show him ours if, if he’d show us his!  And, and… we, we… bugged him and, and… bugged him and he, he finally said “Yes”, and, and, that’s, that’s w-what happened!  It’s not his, not his… his fault!” she said desperately, wringing her hands and starting to cry again.

Frances, hearing this compelling confession, took great effort, including biting her tongue until she drew blood, not to laugh with delight. Owen looked gobsmacked at this revelation, staring in wonder.  Frances wasn’t an expert on adult penises by any means, but with two younger brothers and her babysitting career and her spanking of several of her male charges here at school, she knew that Owen had nothing to be ashamed of in that department. Of course, at his age, a “big one” was a relative term but she was utterly tickled by Lulu’s observations and her confession and at Owen’s reaction (he was blushing fiercely from his neck to his hairline). It took all her powers of concentration not to laugh out loud and she had to hold her hand in front of her mouth to conceal her grin of amusement. Lulu seemed to be inconsolable though, her face in her hands and sobbing with emotion. 

Frances tried to comfort her again. “Is this true, Lulu?” she said gently.  “Is Owen really not at fault here?”  

The girl sobbed out that it was true and it was “all my fault, Miss!” As Frances patted her on the back, Molly and Cheryl took advantage of the distraction to turn and rub their bottoms while watching Lulu cry. 

Frances noticed and looked inquiringly at them, not mentioning their leaving their positions in the corner and rubbing and both looked at each other and blurted out confirmations of Lulu’s story. “It’s true, Miss!  It wasn’t Owen’s fault!  Lulu talked him into it!” they both said urgently, and then looking guilty added, “And we helped.  A little…” they said, looking down at the floor, then at Owen, still industriously rubbing their hot little bottoms.  

Frances tried to calm Lulu’s hysterics while she considered how to react to this new information and Owen waited nervously. Finally, Lulu’s sobs trailed off into hiccups and snorts and she stopped crying, looking pleadingly at Frances for confirmation of her guilt. Frances again availed herself of the box of tissues and wiped Lulu’s eyes and helped her blow her nose. 

“Is this true, Owen?” she said gravely, looking at the now embarrassed boy. Owen shrugged his shoulders again, prompting a look of irritation from her.  

He hastily answered her, “Y-yes, Miss.  More or less…” he said, his voice trailing off.  He was blushing fiercely at the mention of his “big one” and didn’t want to talk about it, but Frances prompted him gently and then a little more firmly.

“Lulu, Lulu a-asked me about my, my…” he stammered.  Frances held up her hand and nodded that she understood and gestured for him to continue.  With a visible effort, he finally did.

“Lulu asked and I was, I was… embarrassed and I, I said…  “no!” and she and, and, M-molly and Cheryl said they’d show me their, their, theirs if I showed them m-mi-mine!” he blurted out, looking down at the floor miserably.  

Frances looked at the three girls, all three looking ashamed, and cleared her throat.  They looked up and nodded in confirmation.  She looked thoughtfully at the miserable boy and the three teary-eyed, trembling girls and decided on a course of action.

One by one, she told the girls to turn around and display their rosy backsides to her and she examined them, placing her hand on their bottoms to gauge the heat of their spanked buttocks.  Satisfied that they had been well spanked, she asked them if they thought they’d been punished sufficiently.  They looked at one another uncertainly and then unanimously confirmed that they were quite well punished, all still rubbing more or less surreptitiously. Frances agreed and told them to pull up their panties and that they were “done”. The girls eased their underpants up over their sore, burning buns, still sniffling. She offered them tissues from the box, which they all took, wiping their eyes and noisily blowing the noses.

“All right, you three!” she said imposingly, “time for you to go home!  I’m sending a note with you for you to show your parents and I want you to have one or both parents sign the note acknowledging that you’ve been spanked.  You can bring it back to me on Monday.  Do you understand?”  They all nodded solemnly, red-rimmed eyes open wide, wiping their noses and blinking back tears.  Molly hesitated.

“Miss?  What about Owen?” she asked curiously.  

Frances frowned at her. “Never you mind about Owen, young lady!  He’ll be well taken care of, don’t you worry about it!”

“But, but we, but we got spanked, Miss!  And he didn’t!  And it’s not fair!” she said petulantly. 

Frances’ eyebrows rose nearly to her hairline in outrage and Molly stepped back in alarm.  Lulu and Cheryl looked at her as if she’d lost her mind and put some distance between her and them.  Owen was shocked.

“What’s the matter, Molly?  Are you upset because you didn’t get to see me spank Owen?” Frances said scathingly.  “I’ll take care of Master Reilly, don’t you worry about that!  Now I suggest you get your little behind out of here before I decide to spank you again for your impertinence, is that clear?” she snarled.  

Molly quailed and nodded fearfully and the other two nodded as well, all three gathering their notes and book bags and scuttling past Frances and out through the now-unlocked door and down the hallway, looking back over their shoulders several times.  Frances locked the door again and turned to the now confused-looking boy.

“Well, Mr. Reilly, what am I to do with you?” she said, folding her arms over her chest and looking thoughtfully at Owen.  

He didn’t know whether to shit or wind his watch, paralyzed with indecision.

“It seems as though I was wrong about you, although in my defense, you and Trouble seem to be constant companions, isn’t that right?” she said evenly.  

He nodded dumbly.

“And you were in that room with your pants and underpants down showing off your willy to the girls, weren’t you?” she said.  “I suppose you did do wrong, even if it wasn’t your fault.  Why didn’t you tell me the truth from the beginning, Owen?  Why didn’t you tell me it was their fault?” she asked with concern.

He shrugged his shoulders again, prompting the same response as he had earlier.

“Didn’t want to blame it on the girls?  Didn’t want to “rat your friends out?” she inquired.  

He nodded with relief.  She understood!

“Well, I’m actually relieved, Owen.  It doesn’t mean you didn’t misbehave.  You could have come to me about this instead of doing something you knew was wrong, isn’t that right?”  

He nodded again, a little more shamefully this time.  She pondered what to do about her young miscreant.  She couldn’t just let him off without punishment…  Could she?  

She cleared her throat again, “Very well!  I’m afraid I’m going to have to spank you, young man.  Come over here and drop your pants and underwear and get over my lap!” she said sternly.  

He hesitated momentarily and then complied obediently, laying over her lap and waiting for his punishment. 

Frances smiled to herself, looking down at her sometimes nemesis’ blushingly bared bottom, quivering in anticipation.  “Such a cute little bottom you have, my boy!” she thought to herself.  She’d always thought so, from the first time she’d bared his bottom for a spanking.  The fact that he took spankings from her without resistance or complaint endeared him to her even more.  She rubbed his goose-pimpled cheeks gently, causing him to gasp a bit at the sensation and then brought her palm down firmly on his right one with a loud smack as he jerked in reaction.  She followed up with another to his left cheek and then gave him eighteen more, evenly spaced between right and left, slowly and deliberately.  

He grimaced and “ouched” as she applied her punishing palm. Then she stopped and waited while he slowly realized that she was done. He looked over his shoulder at her in surprise. He hadn’t even cried!  She helped him stand up, and he stood before her, rubbing his barely spanked bottom while she smiled.  She told him to pull up his pants and he did so, buttoning and buckling as quickly as he could.

“Now you’ve been punished, Owen.  I think that should be sufficient, don’t you?  Or do you want some more?” she asked the surprised boy.  

He shook his head vehemently and declined her kind offer...

“Okay, young man.  Does your mother still have a policy of “spanked at school, spanked at home?” she inquired.  He nodded, sighing with regret.  

She smiled again. “Well, I think we can pass on your taking a note home to your mother.  No point in you getting smacked again is there?” she said brightly.  

He shook his head again and she looked questioningly at him.

“My Mom, my Mom, she, she… says I have to tell her if I get into trouble at school and, if I don’t, I’ll really get it so…” he trailed off again.  

She nodded her understanding and smiled again.

“Alright, Owen,” she said, “take the note home and tell your mom but I want to write down my phone number and I’d like her to call me before she does anything, okay?”  

He nodded, looking uncertain.

“I want you to know I’m proud of you, Owen.  I’m not too happy you did what you did, but I’m glad you tried to protect the girls and tried to help Lulu get through her spanking.  I’m sorry I thought you were the one to blame here, but you do get into your share of mischief and then some, and I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, all right?” she said kindly, holding his hands in hers encouragingly.  

He almost grew six inches in pride at her compliments, standing up straight and beaming.  While he stood waiting, she took his note and wrote her cellphone number on it and handed it to him with a smile. She took his hand and led him out of the Spanking Room in triumph, a broad grin on his face.

“Owen, you can go now. But, I expect you to behave yourself. And no more of that kind of thing, do you understand?”  

He nodded eagerly and apologized for “playing doctor” with the girls and promised to be good.  She looked a bit doubtful, but smiled anyway and gave him a hug and then sent him off with a not-so-gentle smack to his blue-jeaned bottom.  He looked over his shoulder in surprise and then trotted quickly down the hall and out the door.

Returning to her second-floor classroom to gather her things, she could see him in the parking lot with all three girls. They had waited for him!  She was surprised and watched them. Lulu and Cheryl were talking to him while Molly stood off at some distance from them. He seemed to listen, especially to Lulu who was very animated, looking back and forth between them. Suddenly Lulu hugged him and he hugged her back after a moment’s hesitation. They separated and Cheryl leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek, causing more surprise on his part. Molly looked longingly at the group but seemed reluctant to approach him, turning away. Owen walked over to her and touched her shoulder.  She spun around and he leaned in close to her and spoke into her ear as she hugged her book bag to her chest. Finally, she turned around and smiled at him, then gave him a kiss on the cheek too. Frances watched with a growing sense of wonder.

They gathered together, Cheryl and Molly holding their books and Lulu saying something while rubbing her bottom ostentatiously and Owen slung his book bag over his shoulder and picked up Lulu’s to carry it for her. She seemed to be happy over that and, as they started to walk down the street, she took his free hand in hers and walked very close to him, their hands swinging together as they walked. Cheryl and Molly followed them, looking less than enchanted by this development. At the end of the block, where they would normally go in separate directions, Owen living further down the street, while the girls would turn the corner to walk to their homes, Lulu tugged at his hand, seemingly urging him to come with them and, after some hesitation, he complied and accompanied them around the corner beyond Frances’ view.

She smiled and shook her head in delight at the sight.  “Eight years old, and he’s already got three girlfriends!” she thought with a grin.  “I hope those girls don’t get him into more trouble…” she thought as she gathered her classwork to grade tonight at home and readied to leave school.  

Walking downstairs, she stopped at the principal’s office to fill in the punishment reports that would go into their permanent records and notify the office of what had occurred. She said goodbye to the secretary, confirming the names of those involved. The secretary’s eyebrows rose at the mention of Owen’s name and they both chuckled ruefully and then Frances made her exit.

She drove back to her house contentedly, looking forward to a relaxing bath before a light supper and correcting papers from that day and then a good night’s sleep. She pulled into her driveway and got out of her car with her purse and briefcase of schoolwork, unlocking her front door and grabbing the mail on her way in. She dumped her burden on the coffee table and sighed, when she was startled out of her reverie by her phone ringing. She checked the number on the Caller ID and didn’t recognize it but answered anyway.

“Oh!  Mrs. Reilly!  Yes, this is Frances Puccinelli.  How are you?  Yes, yes I did want to speak to you about Owen…”

Friday, 22 November 2013

Speeding and Spanking

This is a story about why one shouldn't speed or lie to their husband, even if it is a lie by omission.

I also apologise for taking so long to get this up.

You never want to see this in your rear vision mirror.

Image from Spanked Call Girls. Paying the price over hubby's lap.

From Spanking Dollars. Our heroine clutches her well spanked bottom afterwards.

This is a situation that took place last week. I am a youngish wife who lives with my husband about twenty miles outside of our town.

 Last Tuesday evening I was driving down a country road, listening to music, with random thoughts going through my mind when I was jolted back to reality by a car coming up quickly from behind me with a red light flashing.

This caused a great many feelings to rush through me all at once, one being our rules of behavior contract that my husband and I put together early in our marriage.

The important rule at this moment was that a moving traffic violation would result in a spanking!

   I slowed down, pulled over and stopped the car. This being the first time I had been pulled over I also exited the car, I felt I could talk better with the police officer if I was standing face to face with him.

   I am a fairly tall woman and the officer asked if I had played volleyball for the college team, which I had. He remembered me because he used to take his daughter to our games. He said I was his daughter's favorite player and after a brief conversation he told me to watch my speed and let me go. I had gotten off with a warning!

    I was elated, I knew I had been really lucky. I was so filled with joy that I made the foolish choice to not tell my husband.

   He was leaving the next morning for a short business trip and I wanted this night to be fun, I certainly did feel like being paddled for a silly mistake caused by my absent mindedness and I had been let off with just a warning in any case.

    One of our unwritten rules of behavior is to always be honest with one another, no secrets, no lies, just be open and tell the truth to each other. Our whole relationship has been built on this trust.

    My husband gives me the freedom of choice to do anything I want as long as it is legal because of this openness. Now I had broken this vow and had two days to stew over it until his return. I knew I had really screwed up and would be in big trouble when he got back home. I thought about calling him and confessing but decided it would be best done face to face.

    When my husband arrived home on Friday I didn't really have a clever plan on how to tell him about my little problem, so after dinner I simply opened up and told him what had happened and that I was very sorry for not letting him know before now.

   My husband is very cool and never raises his voice, he simply said that we had to talk, and we did for over an hour.

   The speeding situation was secondary. His emphasis was on our relationship and how it is built on a No BS policy. I had no excuse. I could make no case on my own behalf on why I didn’t tell him straight away. I said that I felt so good not getting a ticket that I wanted the evening to be a happy one.

    Of course, near the end of our discussion my husband did tell me that I would be given a very good spanking! I felt so relieved to have ‘come clean’. It was such a relief from the guilt I had been feeling for breaking our unwritten bond. I accepted the punishment without any arguments.

   However I did have one issue that needed to be resolved, on Sunday morning I had an appointment scheduled to do a photo shoot with a member of the local art club and I couldn't show up with my bottom all marked up! My husband understood and agreed to postpone my spanking until Sunday afternoon

    It is amazing the feelings one has and the thoughts that go through your mind while they wait for something to take place, especially when that something is a spanking.

   I was angry with myself for getting into this position in the first place. Then I would think about the spanking itself and how I would have to be brave or I would be so glad when everything is over and we could put all this behind us. Saturday was a tough day.

    Saturday finally came to an end, and Sunday morning passed quickly, then it was Sunday afternoon and time for my punishment to begin.

  It may sound odd but I was glad the time to "take my medicine" had finally arrived.

   It began with a short talk from my husband once again stressing the importance of our being open with one another, all I could do was nod and tell him that I promised to never do it again. What else could I do? this was no time to be a wise ass.

   Finally I was instructed to take a hot bath and report to the bedroom after. When I arrived in the bedroom I noticed everything was in place for my punishment.

   For me this again a time of mixed emotions, it is exciting, a little fearful and my anticipation level is off the chart.

    My husband sat down and helped me draped myself over his lap for the first of twenty to thirty swats with his hand on my bottom. When the warm-up was over he helped me to my feet and told me to please go over to the dresser and bring him the hairbrush.

   I can survive the warm-up but the second phase with the hairbrush puts me into a frenzied state because I know I will break down completely.

However like the obedient girl I am I once again went over his knees to have my tail roasted. I couldn’t think straight, but after a few strokes with the brush I was crying and hoping it would end soon. This time for some reason it seemed to go on forever until I was a complete mess, then I heard the dreaded command to spread my legs for the inner thigh spanking.

I was getting really loud now and thankfully my husband finally halted the barrage and the paddling ended. I was finally let up off his lap and performed the post spank dance before I was lead over to the corner to think about my behavior and how I will not repeat this offence.

    After a long time my loving husband finally came back into the bedroom with ice bags and a soothing lotion. I slowly made it over to the bed and lay down with two ice bags on my burning cheeks. All I could think of is was why was I such a fool!